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Walls #3

Behind Closed Doors

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My name is Roman Cavenaugh and I’m kind of an asshole.
Running a company isn't easy, especially when everyone expects you to fail, so being a jerk? It comes with the territory.
I don't have time to mess around, and I sure as hell didn’t see her coming.
Cara Hamilton—she was supposed to be off limits…a temporary employee brought in during my assistant’s maternity leave.
But, in the blink of an eye, she became so much more.
An obsession I couldn’t shake.

So yeah, I may be an asshole, but now, I finally had a purpose, and soon, she would be mine.
All’s fair in love and war…

***Behind Closed Doors is a spinoff of the Walls Duet and can be read as a standalone.***

282 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 11, 2016

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About the author

J.L. Berg

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J.L. Berg is the USA Today bestselling author of the Ready series, the Walls duet and the Lost & Found series. She is a California native living in the beautiful state of historic Virginia. Married to her high school sweetheart, they have two beautiful girls that drive them batty on a daily basis. When she's not writing, you will find her cuddled up, watching a movie with her family, obsessing over minions or devouring anything chocolate! J.L. Berg is represented by Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC.

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July 13, 2018
DNF 27%
Hero sleeps with ows after he met the heroine and he already feels attraction for the heroine.
First time the first day he met her at work he sees her at the club and he hits on her she slap his face he doesn't remember who she is but he had ow waiting for him in the VIP area the next day he's leaving for a meeting and she told him that before his meeting he needs to take a shower because he smells like a hooker.
Second time he tries to sleep with another woman but can't because the woman has to leave to pick up her son.
And the third time the heroine's boyfriend goes to her job and watches the heroine giving the hero a massage so the hero calls this ow to his apartment where he mindless fucks the same woman with the kid thinking of the heroine.
I decided to quit there too much sleeping around from his part and although there's no detailed sex scene but he's talking about it and the heroine knows too. And plus I don't even know if this heroine going to cheat on her boyfriend who's not a bad person unless the author later in the book makes him a bad person. So I'm out.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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February 7, 2017
➳I'm going to be honest here, at first I thought this story was not going anywhere because of the one scene Roman has with the accounting lady and then that other women named Jo who he sleeps with just for the pleasure, no personal dilemma. Yes, he is a player who slept around before he meets Cara, the female protagonist, but his bachelor ways move forward out of his mind when he meets Cara and he realizes that his emptiness and loneliness which is something that struck me and made my mind change into finishing the book

➳And I do not regret it one bit! Yes, this book is not a safe book but it is a second chance book with a story that is told with two beautiful perspectives; Cara's and Roman's. Their chemistry game is not as strong as other stories I have read before, but the unique aspect of both Cara and Roman is that they both have something to hold onto; a future. A future of possibilities that they both did not expect to have when they arrived and made a home in New York City.

➳At the end of the day, I enjoyed their story and it was a wonderful read!

This was a quick and short review
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1,434 reviews619 followers
September 30, 2016
There will be OW.
There will be OM.
There will be random fucking.
By everyone.

Still here?

Don't worry. It's all pretty much G rated anyway. Kinda sad when I was looking for an angst filled novel :(

So my rating has nothing to do with my SG affiliation ;) and everything to do with:

Writing was mediocre at the start.
Writing better towards the middle.
POVs were hard to tell apart.
H was NOT a convincing male POV.
h wasn't TSTL, just young and dumb.
Plot was transparent to non-existent.
Insta-Lust-Love reigned supreme.
The whole evil Lauren thing, eye roll.
Fluffy Bunny :(

I started skimming.
I. Got. Bored.

OW for the H
Morgan at club - not graphic
His FB/GF, Jo - sorta graphic

OM for the h
Her boyfriend...no sex scene tho.

OW for h's BF
Random off page hook-up
(cuz he has to cheat to absolve the h from her desire for her boss.)

H's quotes to or about OW:
--These are stellar, Ladies ;)

“You made your intentions at the bar perfectly clear. I liked what you had to offer and took you up on it. Is there anything else to discuss? From the brief knowledge I have of you and the vast knowledge I have of myself, I don’t think we’ll be seeing each other past this evening, so in reality, unnecessary words are just prolonging the inevitable.”

"Sometimes, I wondered how she did it. Sometimes, I wished I could be the man who swept her off her feet and took care of her and that little boy. But I wasn’t. I couldn’t. Because both of us were too selfish, too real. We knew things like that just didn’t happen in a city like this. At least, not for people like us. So, I would give her this, and she’d give it back in return. A few stolen moments, a brief period of closeness, before the world caught up to us again. It was enough."
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2,101 reviews1,254 followers
September 19, 2016
Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review

 photo 350fa241cf1214470773d73c4d0823_zpsafkyexf8.gif

Behind Closed Doors by J.L. Berg is a sexy, sizzling emotional romance that reminded me of the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast as Ms. Berg brought forth a story of an arrogant closed off hero, who needed a quirky and lively girl to bring him out of the shadows.


While this book may have the similar elements of office romance and stubborn workaholic boss, J.L. Berg was able to incorporate her own sexy and raw twist to the storyline. I love when an author can incorporate heart, heat, passion, and understanding into a story and that’s what J.L. Berg did and so much more. Ms. Berg showcased a heroine who had the right touch to break through the steel armor of Roman. So if you are looking for a romance with all the feels then this book is definitely for you.

 photo MICHELLE1_zps3515xymk.jpg J.L. Berg

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2,081 reviews25 followers
Shelved as 'no-dnf-zzz-avoid'
September 26, 2016
DNF. Too much drama, plus h and H are having sex with others and in H's case - many others even after meeting h...not for me.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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2,285 reviews107 followers
September 20, 2016
***ARC Provided by the Publisher***

DNF at 51%

I was not able to connect with the characters. At all. I gave the book until the point where they started to interact as more than boss and temp employee, and unfortunately, this did not get any better for me.
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2,346 reviews213 followers
September 13, 2016
3.5 Stars

This is a book, that as far as I'm aware, can be read as a stand alone. However it was whilst reading this book that I got a strong sense that some of the characters in this book feature in JL Berg's, Walls Duet series. I felt like I was missing something for having not read these books.

Roman initially was your stereotypical CEO. Totally unapproachable, that is until Cara comes along. I definitely felt a sense of their chemistry, maybe not as much as I'd have liked, but it was there all the same.

I'm not really sure I totally got two other characters, Lauren and Tyler. They played a huge part in the story, but I just didn't get to know them enough to form any feeling towards them, which is a shame because I feel had they been more prominent then this book could have been so much more for me.

Overall I did enjoy this story, but major events were detailed by either Cara or Roman recalling the details rather than them being told in the present tense. This, for me, affected greatly, the emotion of such scenes, but still not a bad read at all.
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938 reviews118 followers
September 8, 2016
WOHOO! I am so ecstatic I finally read one of J.L Berg books. I have met author J.L at one of the signing events and I was introduced to this book Behind Closed Doors (she was super nice btw). So I am very happy to finally get my hands on this baby. I understand that this book is part of The Wall Duet series but can be read as a standalone (story of Roman and Cara). The first book Within these Walls is about Roman brother Jude and his leading lady Lailah which I have to go back and read pronto because they sounded like incredible characters. Their story was quite heart-felt. Jude and Lailah were mentioned a little in this book and I was instantly intrigued by them. With that said, I am falling in love with J.L writing and I absolutely adore Roman and Cara’s love story. Goodness! It was fantastic!

Cara is small town girl from Nebraska with impeccable manners, charming, sweet and adorable. She rambles a lot and has a horrible sense of fashion. Cara followed her boyfriend Tyler to NY with the intention of starting a new life. Unfortunately not everything turns out as rosy as Cara hopes. Even though Tyler and Cara have known each other a long time, the distance might have changed them both in what they want out of each other and life. Tyler works late hours entertaining his clients and perhaps maybe enjoying his own entertainment a little too much.

Shortly after arriving in NY Cara landed a temporary job as an assistant to a corporate CEO. Roman is hot, sexy, successful and an intimidating young CEO. But behind his tough facade, he has a sweet and gentle side. Most days, Roman hides behind his office walls and is oblivious to anything and anyone around him. He does not even realize that he just acquired a new assistant. When he found out he is not pleased with the new development. Roman finds Cara annoying with her constant interruptions -- intruding, wasting his precious time, and refurnishing his office. What Roman did not expect is that slowly Cara wiggles her way into his heart and secretly he begins to love all of her quirkiness. Roman could not resist her charm so he is determined to make claim to her even if that involves lying and cheating (not the kind you think) . What will happen when Cara finds out the truth? Will she able to forgive him?

I love the characters in this book – Roman and Cara are both likable. Yes, he acts like an arse sometimes but we know the real him so what’s not to like! He is easy on the eyes and sweet when he wants to be. I love the funny, quipped banters between all the characters. The chemistry between Roman and Cara was obviously undeniably sexy. The whole story flows nicely from beginning until the end. As soon as I read the first few chapters I knew I had to finish it and I did in one day. My only hiccup is that I thought the relationship between Cara and her boyfriend dissolved rather quickly given the fact that they had been together nearly a decade. Same goes with the declaration of love between Cara and Roman. But really minor details because the chemistry between Cara and Roman is definitely unquestionably scorching hot. I think these two bring the best out in each other. Cara can be herself and comfortable in her own skin around Roman because he adores her for who she is. Cara in turn helps Roman come out of his grumpy self into a sensible, sexy and genuinely nice boss. If you are looking for a sweet, heart-warming, sexy, low drama, hot office romance story with a bit of a twist - this is for you. J.L writing is fantastic and I am definitely going back for the Jude and Lailah story. Highly recommended!!!

ARC was received in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to the author and publisher.

Reviewer for AC Book Blog @ http://acbookblog.com
FB page ~ https://www.facebook.com/AC-BookBlog-...

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58 reviews3 followers
September 21, 2016
"Cute, but dumb."

These are the words that Roman Cavenaugh's father used to describe him.
But i honestly think that they are more suited for our heroine instead of him.
She's in a relationship for eight years now. Happy one, as she describes it in the beginning. Moves from her home town in New York, following her boyfriend.
Everything is fine until she finds a job at Roman's firm as an assistant. She all but changes her life, getting more interested in interacting and knowing her boss, than investing in her own relationship.
What bothered me was that she never did seem to love her boyfriend (for whom she moved in NY) or even remotely being close to him, intimately or otherwise.
They barely interact, which is really strange since they live in the same apartment.

I found her lacking of backbone and personality.

Now, Roman?
He started out nicely. Beginning with how poorly his father treated him as a child, favouring his younger brother instead. Now he's all grown up and trying to fit into the box his dad choose for him.
I understood how the author made him a sort-of reformed bad boy and he's the moody boss and badass business man, but that didn't come out right.
He's plain uncivil, if you ask me, and as much as she tried to make him a good person, how can you not notice that your assistant is pregnant?? For the whole nine months. You can hide a grown belly under the desk. Not.

And the manner in which he choose to make her his was stupid and a d*ck move and he only proved to be a coward. Where did his "bad boy" character disappeared?

I liked "Forgetting August" and i still have to finish "Remembering Everly", which so far it's as good, but this book has nothing on them. :|
I think i'm in the minority case here, sorry guys, but i won't be satisfied with just this.
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1,233 reviews118 followers
December 21, 2017
So this goes against my believes a bit, but I liked this one better than the other two. That doesn't say that I give an okay for what happened at the beginning. There wasn't any cheating but still there was flirting and I don't condone any behavior off that kind. Still I really liked this book very much.

I think Cara does have to be thankful to Roman that he did the plan he did, because of that she discovered the real deal with her boyfriend. If it wasn't than it would've been a bit later on probably and that would be such a waste of time and heartbreak.
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386 reviews141 followers
September 8, 2016
3.5 Stars. Review to come.

*ARC was received from the author in exchange for an honest review.
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1,512 reviews493 followers
September 15, 2016
ROMAN CAVENAUGH!!!!!!!!!! <---- I think this says it all?

Okay so I love love fictional asshole guys and Roman Cavenaugh just might be my favourite.

"Cute, but dumb."

Hearing those words as a kid from his father's mouth changed Roman's life. Now, his entire life has been dedicated to prove that his father wrong. The pressure of managing a company and the constant struggle to make it strive have hardened Roman. But he didn't see her coming and now his whole world has turned upside down.

Cara Hamilton is as off- limits as one can be. But that doesn't stop Roman from going after her. She soon becomes an obsession he can't shake. Now, he'll go to any lengths to make her his. Love has no boundaries and Roman just made sure of that.

I adore J.L. Berg so much. Her writing is so emotion filled and raw. I loved every minute of this book. My heart ached for Roman and his insecurities when it came to his dad. I was in awe of how fiercely he loved. It made my heart race and made me swoon. Cara was AMAZING!! She is such a pure and nice soul. The way she grounded Roman and made him happy, made me wanna hug her. Such a great story! ~Sonal
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807 reviews38 followers
February 9, 2017
I really enjoyed the Behind these Walls and was very interested in getting Roman’s story. I feel like I never really got to know Roman and I still feel that way after reading this book. I can see that he has always felt inferior to his brother Jude but I don’t think I got to see the core of Roman. Cara was nice too. I just couldn’t really see them as a couple. I see the physical attraction but I didn’t get how they fell for each other. There were a few other things that just rubbed me the wrong way in this story but would probably not be an issue for anyone else. At its core this was a good book, I just had trouble connecting with the characters like I did with Jude and Lailah (Roman’s brother and sister in law from the other series). I would still recommend this book to others because I see a lot in this book that would other readers would like. 3 stars

A copy was provided for review
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842 reviews60 followers
September 18, 2016
***Review can also be found at Jackie's Book World.:)***

From the cover to the synopsis, I was immediately intrigued with the story and it did not disappoint at all. Right at the beginning of the story we get to meet Roman Cavenaugh, a successful businessman whose CEO status makes everyone afraid of him. He is ruthless and always has high expectations, but that all comes to a stop when he gets a temporary assistant. It's all supposed to be business, but Cara Hamilton is different, and that is exactly what he wasn't expecting at all. Now as the two start to spend more time with each other, the more chemistry starts to grow, and soon he has to find a way to make Care his.

For Cara Hamilton moving to New York has been a huge step, especially moving from a small town in Nebraska. Now following her dream to the big city along with her boyfriend, she is ready to start a new life. Yet, after trying to find a stable job, she gets a last minute offer to be Roman's temporary assistant. This would have been perfect for her, but she never imagined just how much her life was about to change.

I absolutely loved reading Behind Closed Doors, there is a lot of chemistry between the characters that had me reading non stop. There is also character development in the characters throughout the story. Cara is nice and caring, she wants to make a name for herself in the big city, but transitioning from her old life to her new one has proven to be a bit hard. She has a boyfriend to think about, and their relationship is put to the test when they start to drift apart. On the other had, there is Roman whose past have made him the way he is now. He wants to prove to the whole world that he is capable of making the family business grow, and will not stop at nothing until he succeeds. It is when Roman finally meets his match that he is able to slowly let go of his past. Ultimately they have to decide whether they can be together or not. The ending was my favorite part, it's sweet and ties everything together. I would highly recommend reading this book, you will not regret it. :)

**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.***
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3,749 reviews442 followers
September 15, 2016
Roman’s story nearly broke me right from the beginning. When a child hears what a parent had to say about them, it affects us greatly, even if we say we don't care. Because believe me, WE CARE!!! Well, poor Roman's heart was broken the moment he heard those words, and from then, on his life was nothing more than a great disappointment…

My heart ached for Roman, wishing I could soothe him. His self-confidence had been ruined at a young age, and no matter how much encouragement he got from his brother, Jude and his sister-in-law, Lailah, it was still not enough to help him see that he had truly turned out to be an amazing person.

Sweet naïve Cara, from a small town, took a leap and followed her boyfriend, Tyler, to the city that never sleeps. She had her own goals and aspirations but first on the list: getting a job. When a temporary job fell into her lap, Cara didn’t realize her world was about to be turned upside down in a blink of an eye. One thing I loved is how Cara gave it back to Roman when he would get all "bossy", yet she didn't realize that she was turning on a side of Roman that had been dormant for a long time.

Misunderstandings happen, tempers are tested, and true feelings are brought out, and it's a perfect combination for Cara and Roman. I loved seeing their interactions and how Cara brought out Roman's true self. She helped him to see the real him that was been hiding below everything negative.

J.L. Berg, once again you have brought us an emotionally beautiful story that shows us that there is beauty in every single one of us. At times, we need someone to help us see that, and help us to bring it out. I cried, laughed, blushed and fell in love along with Roman and Cara.

In a nutshell, this story reminded me a bit of Beauty and The Beast, where Beast needs affirmation that underneath it all, he has beauty that needs to be let out to shine for the world. ~ Kara, 5 Beautiful stars
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2,395 reviews205 followers
September 18, 2016
This book is part of a duet, however I had not read the first story. It isn't necessary to read the first book to enjoy this but there are major spoilers about the people from book one so you may wish to read that first :-)

Carla and Tyler have been together since high school and after 8 years of being in love they are pretty settled with each other. Carla has recently moved to New York to be with Tyler permanently after long-distance dating while they were at different colleges. Moving to New York is a huge change for her, Tyler has already adjusted to city life and his career has really changed him.

When Carla is placed in a temp's role for an Assistant to a CEO she knows it's sink or swim time, crowded pavements, heavy traffic and figuring out the subway are soon part of her daily life. And then there is her new boss. Roman Cavenaugh is an arrogant grumpy arse. He has no redeeming features to his personality and Carla is going to dig deep if she is going to get through this job placement.

Roman gets out of bed every day to go to a job that he despises. He never wanted to work in the family business but after his father died and his brother's personal life changed, he agreed to step up and take the helm. He is impatient, has no time for incompetent people and his staff pretty much hate him. He is also extremely good looking, incredibly sexy and most of the woman who work for him would jump at the chance to spend a night between his sheets.

Then Carla walks into his life. She is young, beautiful, sweet, kind, thoughtful, polite and is not afraid of him. She takes her role seriously and genuinely cares for him - in an employee/employer way. Okay, she thinks he is really gorgeous too - nothing wrong with a bit of office eye candy right? Day by day however, there is a shift between them, Roman seems to be softening his mood swings when he is around her. Carla is beginning to see other sides to Roman that no one else has.

Could this be the woman that Roman has been waiting his whole life for? Carla has her whole life pretty much mapped out so what is it about this man that has her questioning everything?

The best thing about reading, for me, is when I can connect to a character because of my own personal life experiences, it really helps me understand the emotions and feelings involved. Having done the whole high school sweetheart romance myself I really understood Carla's mindset and found myself completely invested in this life changing part of her life. Great read that I found very hard to put down :)
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266 reviews
March 5, 2017
From an objective point of view I can definitely see why this book would receive 5 star reviews. But for me specifically, I didn't quite enjoy it. What I absolutely hate about these kinds of books are the ridiculous intimate scenes where the girl always gets the "Big O" under a minute or two. Or where she receives said "Big O" when the guy simply fondles her boobs. Like really? Or when the guy is always so well-endowed.

Let me just talk about this specific book and not all erotic/romance books in general. Cara and Roman's relationship flourished and went deeper than the professional relationship that was featured in the beginning. Now, this is where it got confusing for me, one minute the professional relationship was there then by the next page it became personal. I've read enough books and have enough experience with humans (of both sexes) to know that there is always a transition. Its never an abrupt change as was featured in the book.

I also didn't see why Roman fell for Cara or why she fell for him beyond mere physical looks.

I do understand the purpose of erotic/romance books though - they're supposed to transport us into another world/life where we see ourselves as the female character who has her fantasies come true. Everyone wants a satisfying read that can help them escape for just a few hours. I get that.

The book dragged on and on and it felt like 600 pages when it was only 280- something.
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839 reviews19 followers
September 15, 2016
No depth to the story. Very light on details. At times it felt like it was a first draft or outline. A bit of quasi cheating going on as well. DNF 65% in.
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2,496 reviews150 followers
September 13, 2016
4.5 stars

Roman Cavenaugh is a tough CEO of his family company. He's known as "The Dickhead of the East" and is feared by his employees. He is considered a grumpy a** that hides behind his closed office doors unless he is coming out to yell at his employees.

Cara Hamilton has just moved to New York City from Nebraska and she just landed a job as Roman's temporary assistant. She's awkward, naive, unsure, and a small town girl. She is honest, sincere, and different. But she's got a live-in boyfriend that she followed to New York.

We begin to see the more human side of Roman who he usually only shares with his brother, Jude and sister-in-law, Lailah. But something about Cara gets to him and makes him want more and inspires him to do unexpected things. He is her boss + she has a boyfriend + he does not do relationships = off limits. But for some reason that does not seem to compute, and she begins to become more of an obsession and she in turn begins to infiltrate his walls.

He actually seems to understand Cara in more ways than her boyfriend does. But he is a businessman and is used to getting what he wants. What happens if he uses those skills to acquire the woman he wants? And what will he do with her if he ever does?

Roman is a man who has felt undeserving and rejected most of his life so he hides behind walls of isolation with single minded focus on the family business. He is always trying to prove that he is not just the "cute, but dumb" son. But Cara sees under his facade and begins to break down the walls. She brings him back to life with feelings, lust, need, and hope. But the way he goes about winning her is not something he is proud of and could end up as another form of self-sabotage that he is known for.

Cara's world has had many recent changes. He life with her boyfriend was safe and easy, but life together in a new city came with new challenges. Life with Roman makes her feel spontaneous, alive, and understood. But how will she handle knowing the full truth about Roman?

I really felt for Roman. He was the sad, lost boy who grew up to be a lonely, angry, misunderstood man. He was afraid to want anything and risk rejection or hurt someone else. It was easier to be a loner and not let anyone get close. I liked seeing his relationship with Jude and Lailah continue to improve. And I was happy to see his layers be pulled back and his more vulnerable sweet, and playful side show. But heroes with his issues usually make mistakes and have to deal with the consequences, so I was interested to see how their story would play out.

I really liked these characters, their dynamic, and getting both of their points of views. It was the"sweet secretary thaws the ice king boss" trope, but it was done well with complex characters and some unique back stories. We got to really figure out what made Roman tick and see changes in him. This is about the characters opening up, living for themselves instead of following other's expectations, and fighting for their own happiness in order to plug up the holes in their lives.

It can easily be read as a stand-alone, but fans of Jude and Lailah's books Within These Walls and Beyond These Walls will be glad to see the softer side of Roman we got glimpses of before.

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review
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4,088 reviews314 followers
September 20, 2016
This review was originally posted on Cocktails and Books

I was so happy when I discovered this book was about Roman Cavanaugh. He was the elusive older brother to Jude Cavanaugh in the Walls Duet and I wanted to know what his story was.

Roman is a self-professed asshole. He knows it and he doesn't hide from it. His assholishness is a front. A way to build a wall around himself to keep everyone out. A way to ensure he can't be hurt. He was hurt by words he overheard his father say when he was younger. Those words molded him into a man who didn't know his own self-worth and believed no one would love him because his own father didn't. So he became an asshole and built his wall. For the most part, the wall worked...with the exception of a few: his brother, his sister-in-law and his temporary secretary, Cara.

Cara arrives in NYC hoping to start her life with her long-term boyfriend. She's hoping temporary work will tend her over until she finds a job in her field. She's naive about a lot of things and it was hard for me to embrace Cara because of that. Maybe because I have had more of a plan when I moved thousands of miles from my house. Living with my boyfriend and hopefully getting a job wouldn't have cut it. But that's what Cara did. She believed things were going to be OK because they always were with a guy who's always lived apart from her. It's no wonder that when she's suddenly faced with Roman she doesn't know what to do with herself.

I will admit, for some reason these two worked together. Cara humanized Roman. Brought out his caring nature and changed how he interacted with others in his family. And that caring nature showed Cara what it meant to be truly loved. To be cherished by a man for who she is, not how she looked.

I liked this story, but I had an issue with Cara's boyfriend and how they broke up. That whole scene played out in a way that I felt was unrealistic. Would a guy you dated since high school, who supposedly loved you mere hours before, really toss you out on your ass in the middle of the night when the reason he was tossing you out was because of his dumb actions? I would hope not. And it's that little plot twist that left me scratching my head and leaving me less than satisfied with how the romance between Roman and Cara unfolded. He still could have done what he did, but make it plausible (he'd done this before, etc) but not just something out of the blue like that and without a conversation later that ended the relationship permanently before moving on.

This was still a good read, it just wasn't one of my favorite JL Berg books. It lacked the angsty feel her other books had. I didn't find myself emotionally attached to either of the characters or the storyline. In the end I was happy for Roman and Cara, I just wasn't rooting for them to get that HEA.
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583 reviews51 followers
April 26, 2021
I think the thing about this book is that you need to understand it is very different from the walls duet that preceded it and it has a different vibe to it
The H is Roman – Jude's brother but you can read it as a stand alone
It is the cutest office romance between a shy' close to himself' caring man that constantly try to prove himself worthy and a small-town H with a loving heart and the worst wardrobe

for my review of within these walls - (walls#1)

for my instegram: https://www.instagram.com/oritty_book...
for my blog לסקירה בעברית : https://www.facebook.com/orittybooks/
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December 15, 2017
There were so many parts of this story I enjoyed. This was a bit of a slow burn but, once these two got together, it was great. They build a sweet relationship in the end.
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April 9, 2017
Pretty good! That's all I'll say....
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July 10, 2017
So very much more than I could have imagined!! Hot chemistry with a twist that I didn't see coming!!! Loved it!!
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September 12, 2016
Reviewed on behalf of The Book Boyfriend Addict (www.bookboyfriendaddict.com). A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

4.5 Stars!

She was quickly becoming an obsession I couldn’t seem to shake, and sooner or later, I’d have to figure out why.
Only problem?
I wasn’t sure I’d like the answer.

Roman is finally here! I loved his character in Within These Walls and was very intrigued to get his story. I wanted to know how he and Jude ended up so different and to see what was behind that mask he wore. Well, the wait is over and Roman definitely didn’t disappoint! I really enjoyed this story, learning more about the mysterious Roman Cavenaugh and meeting the woman who finally tamed this man. It was actually a really beautiful journey with a great message of staying true to yourself, regardless of other’s expectations. You’re definitely not going to want to miss finding out what happens when a closed off NYC mogul meets a sweet and innocent girl from the Midwest!

And just like that, I’d crossed the line.
I’d hit on an employee.
And there was no going back from that.

Roman Cavenaugh, the once reckless and bad boy of the Cavenaugh family, has finally assumed his role at the helm of his family’s company. Determined not to fail and in turn prove his father right, he pours all of his energy into running the company even though he hates it. Because of this focus he has effectively isolated himself from everyone, his employees and even his family to an extent. His closed off and gruff demeanor has made him the mysterious and feared leader of his company, but that’s just fine with him, less distractions that way. Cara Hamilton is a recent transplant from the Midwest, only having been in NYC for a few weeks when she lands the job as temporary assistant to none other than Roman Cavenaugh. He is vastly different than the people she is used to dealing with back home, but she can’t help but be intrigued by the mysterious and gorgeous man that keeps himself locked away in his office. To his end, Roman finds himself captivated by this naïve, polite and beautiful woman. She should be off limits, but Roman is used to taking what he wants. As he sets a plan in motion to make sure that Cara ends up his and realizes that she’s what he’s been missing in his life all these years, how will Cara react when she finds out just how far Roman was willing to go in order to make her his?

There was something about this man, this boss of mine, that intrigued me. What was hidden behind all those grumpy layers of protection he’d built to keep everyone in the world at a distance? And just how would someone break through?

My heart broke for Roman right in the prologue. Knowing that was the impression that he had to deal with growing up really shed a lot of light onto his character and helps you understand the motivation for his actions, both past and present. This book really was a journey of self-discovery, for both Cara and Roman. For Roman it was trying to live up to a legacy (that he may not necessarily want) all the while trying to figure out who he actually wants to be and for Cara it was stepping outside of her comfort zone and taking a risk, all while trying to not lose who she already knew she was. I loved the contrast of their two journeys and I think that they complemented the other so perfectly along the way. Cara taught Roman to not settle and to find what he was passionate about and to go after it, rather than simply living in his father’s shadow. Roman taught Cara the importance of staying true to herself while not being afraid to take a few risks in life. Their relationship was definitely a slow build, there were several obstacles standing in their way but I loved the pacing and how everything played out. I’ll admit I was nervous when we first met Cara and learned of her living situation (I won’t say what it is and spoil anything but you find out pretty early on what I’m talking about), but I know I should never doubt J.L. Berg because she navigated that obstacle perfectly.

I loved seeing Roman’s transformation over the course of the book. You just knew that amazing guy was buried beneath the gruff exterior, I mean he is a Cavenaugh after all. It was great seeing Lailah and Jude too and the small part they played in pushing Cara and Roman towards each other. There wasn’t any over the top angst, but there were a few twists towards the end that I really enjoyed. This book had a little bit of everything, it was sexy, sweet, funny and had a lot of heart. I got a little teary eyed in the epilogue, it was perfect! I’ve been waiting for Roman’s story since I met him in Within These Walls and I have to say, he was definitely worth the wait! J.L. Berg never disappoints and this book is no exception.

“There was a day when all I wanted was to be remembered for how well I ran my father’s company. It was my only ambition. But then a young woman from the Midwest showed up and changed my entire life.”
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September 17, 2016

Beth's Review 3.5 STARS

I first fell in love with JL Berg`s writing after reading With In These Walls. That book was truly an amazing story that I absolutely fell in love with. JL Berg then followed it up with the conclusion to their story with Beyond these Walls. Lailah and Jude`s story was definitely an emotional roller coaster but I loved every minute of it. This is when we first got to meet Roman Cavenaugh in their story. So when I saw that were getting his story in Behind Closed Doors I was definitely very excited.

Roman Cavenaugh is all business, a man that has no personality and someone you don`t mess with. His father never saw him as the smart one but when Jude walked away from the family empire, it all soon fell on Roman and he carried that wait now for many years. Cara is new to the big city and has just landed a temporary job as Roman`s assistant. But there was something about her, something that Roman couldn`t stay away from and he was determined to make her his.

After falling in love with The Walls Duet, I couldn`t wait to see more Jude and Lailah but also couldn`t wait to get Roman`s story. I must say he first came off as a true asshole with no personality but there was just something about him that made me feel for him. He never really got a chance to live his life the way he wanted, he was living the life he was expected to have and he was miserable. I was instantly pulled into this story and I couldn`t wait to see how things would play out between Cara and Roman. I kind of loved how broody Roman was and I did like the initial dynamic that the author built between him and Cara. Sadly though, this one began to quickly fall flat for me and I found that I couldn`t warm up to Cara at all. I liked that she challenged Roman to be a better person and that we began to see a bit of a different Roman with her but for me the change in him felt a bit too much too quick. I also just couldn`t feel that connection between them and it ended up feeling very insta-love. I found myself wanting more depth to the story and more angst, for his broody nature it was just a bit too sweet of a romance for me.

Overall this was just an okay read for me. It had a good story, but too predictable and a bit too sweet for my liking. I know I am probably in the minority and maybe I went into the book expecting too much, expecting it to be more of an emotional roller coaster like the first two books and that is why this one didn’t really work for me. This one is listed that it can be read as a stand alone but I have to say I honestly think you would be missing the background of the story for Roman and his relationship with Lailah and would end up not enjoying it as much as if you read the first two and I must add, those two books in The Walls duet are absolutely must reads.
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