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Co-creating at Its Best

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     What happens when you bring together one of the most inspirational spiritual teachers of all time and the Master Sages of the Universe? A magical, insightful, invigorating encounter you will never forget!
     In this awe-inspiring book based on a live event in Anaheim, California, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer sits down with Esther Hicks and the wise Collective Consciousness known as Abraham. Wayne asks all the questions he has accumulated from his more than 40 years of teaching others about self-reliance and self-discovery, and Abraham delivers the answers we all need to hear. Topics include:
• Parenting, parents, and the continuum of life
• Can we reach the state of “love that has no opposite”?
• Dharma, destiny, and being on your path
• Dealing with bad news
• Are there ascended masters and guides?
• Monsanto and GMOs
• and many more!
     While Wayne and Esther have been friends for years, this is the first time that he engages with Abraham in an extended dialogue about life’s many lessons and perplexing questions. Read this book and experience this extraordinary meeting of the minds for yourself!

192 pages, Hardcover

First published December 2, 2014

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About the author

Wayne W. Dyer

343 books3,039 followers
Wayne Walter Dyer was a popular American self-help advocate, author and lecturer. His 1976 book Your Erroneous Zones has sold over 30 million copies and is one of the best-selling books of all time. It is said to have "[brought] humanistic ideas to the masses".

He received his D.Ed. degree in counseling from Wayne State University. He was a guidance counselor in Detroit at the high school level and a professor of counselor education at St. John's University in New York.
He first pursued an academic career, publishing in journals and running a successful private therapy practice, but his lectures at St. John's, which focused on positive thinking and motivational speaking techniques, attracted students beyond those enrolled. A literary agent persuaded Dyer to package his ideas in book form, resulting in Your Erroneous Zones; although initial sales were thin, Dyer quit his teaching job and began a publicity tour of the United States, doggedly pursuing bookstore appearances and media interviews ("out of the back of his station wagon", according to Michael Korda, making the best-seller lists "before book publishers even noticed what was happening"

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9 reviews2 followers
January 9, 2015
I've delved into the teachings of Abraham for a few years now and am in resonance with so much of it. In fact my night usually ends listening to Abraham. To read Wayne Dyers perspective and understanding was very interesting. There are great teachers among us, guiding us and inspiring us but what I feel is that we all have this divinity within us. We only need to find our access to it. Perhaps that's the teachers role. To open our hearts so that we may receive it. Dyer is an influential teacher in our time and Abraham is collective consciousness. The conversation exchanged between both is exceptional and masterful. I've added this book to my collection.
Profile Image for Zoe.
763 reviews172 followers
December 19, 2017
This book is basically a documented conversation between Esther Hicks and Wayne Dyer. Wayne is the interviewer, raising all different kinds of questions to Esther, who is speaking as Abraham in this book.

Now it may sound a little cuckoo. Sometimes I get into reading different theories about life. And this book was my initiation into the so called "Abraham" way of thinking. It seems very similar to me to the Secret, or ho'oponopono kind of thing. And in a way I can see the sense in what they are advocating. Your life is the manifestation of your feelings and emotions. I think it is very natural, at least for me, to go into the negatives right away when I find a situation restraining or confining. And I desparately want to break free. According to this school of thinking, by projecting what you do not want, you are adding vibration to that and thus bring out similar events and people into your life. The way to combat it (for the lack of a better word), is to project what you want.

This simple enough practice requires concentration and practice. Even though I remain undecided about this way of life, I see no reasons why not. This way of thinking has a powerful message: that you have the power to decide what you want in your life. And in a way it is kind of true.

One thing I have found very helpful is the idea of allowing, allowing life to happen. Life happens, sometimes good things happen, sometimes bad things happen. This Abraham thinking encourages people to take an active role in where their thoughts are going, which I think, is sound advice. At the same time it also encourages us to allow. Stop pushing against unwanted things. Instead, allow whatever is to come, simply arrive. What we need to do is to project what we want, so that what comes becomes what we want. It is all very abstract and spiritual. I think one needs to have somd kind of faith. Overall I find this an interesting thought and worth considering.
Profile Image for Heidi The Reader.
1,372 reviews1,419 followers
March 27, 2015
I wish I could have seen the video tape of this event rather than reading it because Abraham in action is a lot more exciting than Abraham on paper, but there's still wisdom that can be learned from these pages. I also wish that Wayne Dyer could have finished more of his questions before Abraham put in their two cents. It felt like he was interrupted in the second half of this more than he was able to finish his thoughts.

My favorite part of Co-creating at Its Best is when Dr. Dyer starts to talk about genetically modified food and Abraham essentially derails the train. I think that even spiritual teachers still have a thing or two to learn about themselves and it was fun reading that particular interaction.

If you've never read anything by Esther Hicks, Co-creating at Its Best isn't the place to start. She uses very different vocabulary and meanings when she's channeling Abraham and you'd be better served by starting with her book: Ask and It is Given than by picking up her (Abraham's) teachings at this point. However, if you've enjoyed her other books in the past, you'll love this too. As for fans of Dr. Wayne Dyer, I don't think that this work allows him to show off his knowledge to its best advantage. If you're looking for something more about him by him, I'd recommend Getting Into the Gap, I AM Wishes Fulfilled Meditation, or the video The Importance of Being Extraordinary that has him and Eckhart Tolle exchanging ideas.
Profile Image for Dustin the wind Crazy little brown owl.
1,044 reviews142 followers
July 19, 2020
You are not facers of reality.
You are creators of reality.


A short, inspirational transcript of a live event from 2013.

I listened to the recording while I followed along in my book, so I noticed some minor editorial changes. I also noticed that Abraham did not usually let Wayne Dyer finish what he was saying before cutting him off and/or correcting him. I'm not sure this is the greatest collaboration, but it was interesting and inspirational. I don't think Esther has published any new books since her husband Jerry Hicks passed away, but she has continued to hold events and do recordings.

Another thing that I noticed was the Number 13. This is a number I've been connected to for a while. 2013 was a remarkable year for me - that year I bought my first home which is unit 13. At the theater in my neighborhood, there are 16 screens - many of my favorite film experiences were in Auditorium 13. The live event of this book took place on November 13, 2013. During the program, Wayne told a story of when he was 13 years old.

I will be reading Wayne Dyer's book, I Can See Clearly Now, which was promoted in this presentation.

Favorite Passages from Wayne Dyer:

So God will send you smarter people if you stop thinking in dumb ways.

Well, I find in the last few years, especially the closer I get to what I think of as Divine love, living from a place of oneness, that I'm not nearly as interested in hearing the news, or in hearing other people's sad stories.

"This is Wayne Dyer that you've reached. And I want to feel good. So if your message is designed to do anything other than that, you've reached the wrong number. Perhaps then you want to call Dr. Phil or someone, you know, who wants to hear bad news." And that's still my message on my answering machine, because I want to feel good.

Favorite Passages from Abraham:

When you stand in your now moment and you have practiced yourself into a high-flying vibration where you're not ornery, or you're not upset, or you're not worried about anything, you then allow inspiration to flow. Now, you are so much more than what you have thought yourself to be. Now, you are the extension of Source Energy. That's when you feel clarity and passion. That's when your timing is good. That's when you're at your funniest. That's when you feel the best.

"Well, you can always begin again tomorrow with more positive thoughts." And Esther said, "I refuse to accept that I have to wait all the way until tomorrow to get back on my high-flying disc. I know I can do it by focusing."

You are Source Energy, and there is a trajectory of ease. It is a path of least resistance, and you can feel when you're on that trajectory, and you can feel when you get off it.

Humans often believe that the continuum of life is about one generation being born and then another and then another, but that is not the true continuum of life. The true continuum of life is that you come forth into a physical body; you explore contrast and variety and you find things that interest you and delight you, that amaze you and that encourage you; and you continually give birth to new desires.

That is why we like to remind you that when you wake up in the morning you have the potential of pushing the reset button, because that is what happens when you reemerge back into Non-Physical. You push the reset button.

. . . when you forgive someone, you let go of the resistance that is keeping you from your alignment.

You were asking for a feeling of forgiveness, but you were hanging around in something that felt quite different. And it is that vibrational gap that is the reason for any discomfort.

. . . you feel clarity! You feel no confusion. Things are working out in your life experience on all forms. And you can tell that you have shifted, like you said. You have made a dramatic vibrational shift. And now it is sustainable, because you did it on purpose. You practiced it and now you own it. It is yours.

If contrast were to cease, expansion would also cease.

You gave up bondage.

So you take a little tributary where you choose some other things. And you give it everything you've got. But the whole time you do it, you can feel that your natural path is calling you. And ultimately the trajectory of who-you-really-are always, always wins.

But what we have noticed is that as you sift through the details of your life for a longer and longer time, and more personal preferences are born with you, you become clearer and clearer about who-you-are and what you want. And then that is usually when we begin to meet you, because now that you are beginning to desire the ability to have more control in your own reality.

So when you care about the way you feel and you come into alignment with what feels good, you also become that expanded version right her and now. And then the first thing you feel is clarity. Clarity about which way to go. Clarity about whether to do this or not. Clarity about whether to have this conversation. Clarity about whether to invest in that, whether to marry them! Clarity. Because Broader Prospective knows who-you-are, knows everything about you, and is offering a very strong, very clear opinion.
But you've got to practice tuning in to the vibrational frequency of your Source if you want to have keen awareness of that Guidance.

For you, it is an uplifter. For you, it a keeper of the light so that others may find it.

. . . if you were more unwilling to put up with negative emotion, your lives would go a whole lot better for you. You have trained yourselves to be willing to endure misalignment.

Staying in a state of appreciation would take care of everything because appreciation is the way the Source within you feels all the time, about everything. So it would be constant, continual, chronic alignment.

Sometimes, if your desire is very strong, in a moment when you are not arguing for your limitations or noticing what is missing from your life, you can catch a glimpse of who-you-really-are. We like to say that your Inner Being is always there with the expanded version of you keeping the light on for you to help you find it.

. . . be a selective sifter.

All of you are powerful creators. All of you are meaningful and important. All of you have come with great reason and purpose. And if you don't feel fabulous, you have deviated form the path of who-you-really-are. It's time to wake up in the morning and reach for the high-flying disc and train yourself back onto it in order to be who-you-are.

When a little child is just learning to walk and falls down, you don't disapprovingly say, "Get up, you little dummy!" You understand that falling down is the way he learns to find his balance.

The frequency is always there and can be received by you, but for you to realize it, you've got to be up to speed with it. And when you are, then that clarity that you were talking about, that realization, happens to you.

Now alignment or not. Now alignment or now. Now alignment or not.
And when you show yourself that you can have now alignment, now alignment, now alignment, now you're living the way you intended to live.

The fear is the result of the misalignment. It is to help you to redirect your thoughts toward what you want, and not so much toward what you don't want. But that is going to require a lot of people to be willing to reach for better-feeling frequencies.
And for many of you, until the stakes are really high, most of you are willing to put up with being on the ornery disc. You see, the reason that so much of what you are living is such a departure from what you really want isn't because you are terrible people. It isn't because you've done terrible things. It's because you're chronically holding yourself away from the vibration of alignment that is natural to you. And so just a little bit of attention to the way you feel, and a determination to feel better more of the time, will get you back into alignment with Well-Being.

. . . as more know what they don't want, then more will know what they do want, and there will be a tipping point. We just don't think you should suffer so long before the tipping point.

This is the world that is possible for you, and it only takes a handful of you to focus in that way, you see. But as long as you are beating the drum of what's wrong with the politicians, you will add momentum to that, and you will defeat your own purpose. And you distract yourself from your true trajectory, and you feel bad in the process. And you blame the others for the way you feel.
You are powerful creators, you see. You're not facers of reality. You're creators of reality.
Profile Image for Robin.
810 reviews21 followers
December 1, 2015
This book is the transcription of a meeting that took place in 2014 between authors Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks. Dr. Dyer has written over 40 self-help books, beginning with “Your Erroneous Zones,” way back in the mid-1970s. Ms. Hicks and her deceased husband Jerry have written books such as “Ask and It is Given,” and “Money and the Law of Attraction.” The Hicks’ books are largely based upon material supplied by Abraham, a non-physical, spiritually evolved entity who speaks through Esther. This book will be of interest to readers who are familiar with Wayne Dyer and/or Esther and Jerry Hicks. For those unfamiliar with either, I’d recommend reading any of the books above first, or Dr. Dyer’s latest, ��The Power of Intention,” to get a sense of the authors.

In the book, Dr. Dyer asks questions, which Abraham answers. Among other topics, they talk about how to begin your day right to set it up for happiness, how to not get depressed by news and world events, the purpose of life and what happens after death, and how to address the rise in genetically modified foods in our world (Dyer was recently asked to work with an activist group). Those familiar with Abraham will note that as always it is recommended (1) to do whatever you can to be as joyful as you can, and (2) to accept and love yourself, like Source (God) does, even when you’re not feeling and acting like the person that you want to be.

This is a pleasant read for those versed in Abraham and/or Wayne Dyer. There’s nothing particularly new (except perhaps for the GMO conversation), but the interaction (co-creation) aspect makes the book interesting for the initiated. If you haven’t read or heard any material by either author though, I would not begin with this book.
Profile Image for Joyce.
425 reviews56 followers
February 12, 2015
There's a good message here.

"And so just a little bit of attention to the way you feel, and a determination to feel better more of the time, will get you back into alignment with Well-Being."

"But once you understand the correlation between how you are feeling and the thoughts that you are thinking, which are the reason you feel the way you do, then you can change the way you feel by changing the thoughts you are thinking. And then events change, too. Then you are off and running. It is just a matter of practicing your thoughts on purpose. Think and feel. Think and feel."

"Why not be the human form that focuses on the solution rather than the problem." Yes!
Profile Image for Kathryn.
3,094 reviews29 followers
December 31, 2014
As always Esther Hicks and the teachings of Abraham continue to give me food for thought. This time Abraham is in conversation with Wayne W. Dyer and what a conversation it was. Abraham's way of clarifying their thoughts on Source Energy is no different for Wayne Dyer than it is with any of us; simple and clear and constant.
Profile Image for Mitzi.
396 reviews33 followers
December 20, 2014
This would better be titled an argument between master teachers... I couldn't help giggling as I read, how Wayne Dyer would say something and Abraham would (gently, usually) shoot him down. Otherwise not much of interest here, mostly Wayne talking about his life and Abraham being pretty repetitive in answering.
Profile Image for Pamela Hamilton.
Author 8 books122 followers
April 20, 2016
I thought what a nice idea to have two major authors, as well as renown figures bring this beautiful book together. I have read this a couple of times already and know I will read it again. Abraham fans and Dyer fans will be delighted with this collaboration of explosive thought provoking insights, I'm sure.

It's very short and easy to follow.
Profile Image for Namita Mahanama.
Author 2 books78 followers
March 2, 2022
I love both of these spiritual guides in their own right, and this compilation together was certainly filled with so much insight and pearls!

I enjoyed it, though it has been some time since reading it...however, still has left a mark with me! An illustration of his wisdom lasting forever, with the passing of Wayne Dyer, but his legacy and mark lives on.
Profile Image for Catherine Carrigan.
Author 11 books380 followers
January 1, 2015
Basic message of this book: Raise your vibration and take all your actions from this "high flying disc" if you choose to live the most spiritually rewarding life.
210 reviews3 followers
February 25, 2018
So simple to understand, so difficult to practice! I LOVE Abraham and have both seen video and heard recordings of conversations with them, but this is my first book. It actually seemed familiar to me as I read, and I coincidentally (is there such a thing?) popped a Wayne Dyer/Abraham discussion I had heard before into the cd player of the car only to find that it was the same one! I almost put the book aside, but I’m glad I didn’t as the recording only covers a portion of the discussion and the end of the book was as compelling as the beginning. I’ll definitely be picking up more Abraham books in the future.
33 reviews
December 1, 2020

Quite interesting conversation between Dr Wayne Dyer and Abraham. It teaches so much more about life and the law of attraction. It was such a pleasure.
Profile Image for Karl.
Author 2 books13 followers
December 18, 2014
**I just want to say up front that when doing a review for a book that is essentially written by 2 people I found it difficult to give a rating for the entire work when the contributions were significantly different. In this case the 4 star rating for the entire book is an average of the two authors contributions (I would give Esther a 5 based on her contribution.)**

This book, “Co-creating at its Best”, is derived from a live presentation/discussion between Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks (channeling Abraham). For those that are unfamiliar with Abraham, it is a name given to a group on non-physical entities that Esther Hicks communicates with in order to bring more awareness to humanity and while this book gives a brief introduction to Abraham, this book does not extensively present background information on either Esther or Abraham.

Now, I realize that there is a great deal of apprehension when the term ‘channeling’ is used and this review is not intended to debate, for or against, the concept of gathering information from a non-physical source, I am only sharing my views as it relates to the information in this book.
The information itself is presented in a simple question-answer format with Wayne Dyer asking the questions and Esther/Abraham providing the answers. This easy to read format, combined with the fact that book is physically small and approximately 160 pages in length, makes for a leisurely read. The structure of the book also enables the reader to skip segments/questions that don’t interest them and yet still be able to follow the general flow of the discussion.

Some of the specific questions and topics covered in the discussion include: what is inspiration, can a few people influence the many, dealing with bad news, past regrets, dharma, overcoming obstacles and, for me, the 2 most important concepts; the power of ‘thought momentum’ (essentially the idea that, as we continue on a particular train of thought those thoughts become more powerful and have a greater impact on our lives and it is far easier to change our situation if we become aware of the negative thoughts before they get going too quickly) and the idea that, “ …the Universe doesn’t hear what you say; the Universe hears how you feel.” This is to say that hollow words don’t have anywhere near the power to create that our emotions have.

Not being overly familiar Esther/Abraham I can’t say if fans of their material will be happy or not, I personally liked her part of the dialogue and I feel that I benefited from the information. On the other hand, being more familiar with Wayne Dyer’s work and generally a fan of his writing, I can’t say that his part of the dialogue was his best work. Although I have no way of knowing what the directive was for how the questions were supposed to be phrased, I would have preferred questions that didn’t include so much of his personal journey.
Profile Image for Stephanie Thoma.
Author 1 book16 followers
March 19, 2020
This is a quick read of a conversation between Dryer and Hicks. It includes some useful reframes and reminders, especially considering the current state of international health.

- “the morning breeze has secrets to tell you. Do not go back to sleep. - rumi
-film - the shift
- being on the high flying disc is when you truly feel abs act out of love vs. hate even if you’re seemingly surrounded by it. What makes hate painful to experience is that the non physical compensates w more love and those will feel even less aligned.
Profile Image for Joeann Fossland.
82 reviews13 followers
December 17, 2014
The book is a transcript of a live event with Esther Hicks/Abraham and Wayne Dyer, with Wayne asking questions of Abraham. It's a perfectly marvelous overview of many of the challenges we face and the combination of their wisdom left me feeling energized! If you don't know the teachings of Abraham, you might want to read some of the other Law of Attraction works by Esther and Jerry Hicks first! This is a nice, fast read. Gonna be on my gifting list for several people?
Profile Image for Pam.
17 reviews
January 27, 2015
This is a well written and understandable book! Easy reading, BUT this the type of book you want to read some and then take a little time to digest. Go back and do the same until completed. I will be revisiting this book many times. :-)
Profile Image for Olwen.
744 reviews12 followers
February 6, 2015
Another fabulous Abraham book. It seems that with every new book the Abraham messages become clearer, easier to understand. For me, it reinforced concepts that have been set out in earlier books, but somehow in this book I 'got it'.
Profile Image for Jules.
379 reviews10 followers
December 29, 2020
I'm a huge fan of Abraham-Hicks. I've read all their books and listen regularly to their seminars. I've played with these ideas and practices for a long time and they have been instrumental in my own spiritual seeking. This is the first new book in a long time. I admit I would have preferred something more leading edge with information that was new to me. While I did come away with one or two new insights, I didn't find this book particularly inspirational. Additionally, it's a short book the price a bit high. In my reading, I perceived A-H disagreeing with most of Dr. Dyer's perceptions and ideas, which didn't make him come off very well. Again, I love A-H, but this book fell really flat for me. Very disappointing.
329 reviews
December 18, 2022
I'm a huge fan of Abraham-Hicks. I've read all their books and listen regularly to their seminars. I've played with these ideas and practices for a long time and they have been instrumental in my own spiritual seeking. This is the first new book in a long time. I admit I would have preferred something more leading edge with information that was new to me. While I did come away with one or two new insights, I didn't find this book particularly inspirational. Additionally, it's a short book the price a bit high. In my reading, I perceived A-H disagreeing with most of Dr. Dyer's perceptions and ideas, which didn't make him come off very well. Again, I love A-H, but this book fell really flat for me. Very disappointing.
Profile Image for Felicity.
104 reviews
August 13, 2020
I listened to this audiobook because the LOA Abraham Hicks audiobooks really got on my nerves after a bit mainly because of Esther’s thick accent in the earlier books which just doesn’t sound right and was totally distracting from the theory.

I really enjoyed some of the Abraham Hicks you tube things so I thought I’d finally do the books. I really didn’t like them as much so I thought I’d give this a go because I love dyer so much and this is certainly an interesting discussion and he brings his warmth, humour and humanity to it.

Really, really beautiful and interesting
Profile Image for Tina.
27 reviews14 followers
December 7, 2018
I am an old fan of Wayne Dyer and a new fan of Abraham Hicks, so I was excited to find this book. It was an easy read since I'm familiar with the concepts already. If you're not familiar with both Hicks and Dyer, this book might be confusing or challenging. While I didn't find anything earth shattering in this book, fans of Abraham Hicks and/or Wayne Dyer will likely find it a pleasing read, if nothing else.
Profile Image for Peri Kinder.
378 reviews2 followers
January 2, 2020
Always fascinating to read or listen to Esther Hicks and Abraham discuss living in alignment. She/they make it sounds SO easy. And I guess by saying that, I'm making it SO easy. Damn right.

Learn how to live now, do things that feel good, find thoughts that feel good, let go of thoughts that take you away from alignment. It's just so f$ing easy!!

Right? Right???

We have enjoyed this interaction immensely.
Profile Image for Waad Adel.
15 reviews
August 27, 2020
Abraham talking like she is God, Wayne Dyer God bless his soul talking like an ignorant person trying to learn from Abraham.
When I bought the book I thought its gonna be a conversation between two enlightened beings, not that one of them is acting like they are not.
Dr Wayne was talking like he is somebody else, was like hiding his knowledge, Abraham was literally bragging.
An audiobook that is supposed to be spiritual but ended up being very egotistical.
Profile Image for Caitlin.
269 reviews
November 14, 2021
I listened to a lot of Wayne Dyer and Abraham several years ago while I trained for running races. So glad to return to their voices after creating everything I wanted at the time. Grateful for their wisdom!
August 9, 2017
Great conversation

This booked helped me refocus and get away for things that were simply not important to me. Thanks forms great conversation.
52 reviews1 follower
August 10, 2017
Interesting book.

This book helped me to better understand the concepts of the law of attraction. I like the discussion between two of the great teachers like these two.
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