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Ms. Marvel by G. Willow Wilson

Ms. Marvel, Vol. 2: Generation Why

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Who is the Inventor, and what does he want with the all-new Ms. Marvel and all her friends? Maybe Wolverine can help! If Kamala can stop fan-girling out about meeting her favorite super hero, that is. Then, Kamala crosses paths with Inhumanity -- by meeting the royal dog, Lockjaw! But why is Lockjaw really with Kamala? As Ms. Marvel discovers more about her past, the Inventor continues to threaten her future. Kamala bands together with some unlikely heroes to stop the maniacal villain before he does real damage, but has she taken on more than she can handle? And how much longer can Ms. Marvel's life take over Kamala Khan's? Kamala Khan continues to prove why she's the best (and most adorable) new super hero there is!

Collecting Ms. Marvel(2014) #6-11.

136 pages, Paperback

First published April 7, 2015

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About the author

G. Willow Wilson

499 books3,151 followers
Hugo, World Fantasy and American Book Award-winning author of novels and comics, including THE BIRD KING, INVISIBLE KINGDOM, and ALIF THE UNSEEN. Co-creator of Ms Marvel. Honorary doctor of letters, Rutgers University. I accidentally started a dutch baby baking cult during quarantine. Not very active on here right now, but often found on Twitter.

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468 reviews176k followers
February 25, 2016
SUCH A GREAT SEQUEL. If you're not on the Ms. Marvel train yet, hop on, because it's great. My only complaint with this was the ending, it kind of went in a CHEESEBALL direction with Kamala giving this unnecessary motivational speech.
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4,060 reviews69.5k followers
September 3, 2015
Please don't hate me, but...
I didn't love this as much as everyone else.

The first part with Wolverine was a lot of fun, and, at the same time, sort of touching and sweet. The art was pretty ugly in spots, but I'm learning to suck it up and move past that sort of thing. Kinda.


Warning: Some Spoilers Ahead!

I also enjoyed Lockjaw showing up to be her pet, but the whole 'he couldn't come inside because he was unclean' thing sort of threw me. I guess this is part of her religion, but I wish it had been explained better. Then again, a lot of people don't allow animals in their house for one reason or another.
I have to say, between the clothing restrictions, dietary restrictions, drinking restrictions, sex restrictions, and now pet restrictions, I'm certain I'd never be able to hack it as a Muslim.
Heh. Who am I kidding? I'd never be able to hack it with any religion!
Anyway, back to the point, I liked Lockjaw & Kamala.


Ok, Kamala finally finds out that she's not a mutant, but an Inhuman. That was an alright storyline with some cute moments. I didn't love it or hate it. It was just...there.


Then we move on to the Grand Finale with the Inventor!
By the time I got done with the whole Kamala's Nemesis Showdown, my eyes were rolling out of my head.
First off, he's a bird.


But I could have given that a pass, because lots of villains are kinda stupid.
Professor Pyg, anyone?
The thing that really made me sigh and moan was getting beat over the head with the Moral of the Story.
Our generation isn't lazy and whiny. We have lots to offer the world!
And that is true about some kids.
Also, Kamala's face in the panel below me just begs me to punch her. That's the face every annoying kid makes when they're wah-wah-wahing about how undervalued and underrespected they are.
*strangle, strangle*
Ugh. You have no idea, you little shit!


But after the millionth time Kamala gave that speech, I was over it.
Yeah, yeah, I get it. Shut the fuck up, and punch something already.
And I totally realize that I'm a crotchety old fart for feeling that way, but I just can't help it. It was annoying and ham-fisted.
Plus, the resolution was a We Can Do It If We Work Together! cliche.


Sorry. That just wasn't my cuppa.
Now get off my lawn!

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3,619 reviews986 followers
November 22, 2022
The origin arc is done, and now they set to set out the pattern of this book with some core New Jersey based action as - the mysterious Inventor enters the fray; Kamala gets advice from an X-Man Avenger; and finally gets to meet her people, her fellow Inhumans.

An almost Stan Lee-esque Spider-Man debut style, with its focusing on Kamala's crime fighting in her local neighbourhood, balanced with her trying to maintain her real life alongside her secret one. The portrayal of an authentic, non stereotypical Muslim community in a Marvel book, is a sight to behold! I rate this a Three Star 7 out of 12, as this is not as good as the first volume Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1: No Normal.

2016 read
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1,390 reviews6,967 followers
February 9, 2016
If comic book characters actually aged in real time then the Marvel universe would be filled with a superheroes more worried about changing their adult diapers and making the early bird special at the local buffet than saving the world. That’s not how it works, but it’s still nice to know that the next generation of costumed crime fighters includes people like Kamala Khan because she seems more than up to the job.

Kamala continues her adjustment to being a superhero in this collection in which she gets her first team-up with Wolverine, learns more about her origins as an Inhuman,and tries to stop her nemesis, The Inventor. She’s also still struggling to explain her odd behavior to her parents without revealing her powers. Oh, and Kamala gets a dog in the form of Lockjaw, a giant slobbering teleporter with a tuning fork coming out of his head who is sent to keep an eye on her by the Inhumans. The pairing of Ms. Marvel with Lockjaw is one of my favorite parts of this, and may replace Hawkeye and Pizza Dog as the best superhero/pet team in Marvel.

One of the great things about a brand new teenage character like this is that it brings a lot of freshness and enthusiasm to the stories. Wolverine may be an overexposed hero that I’ve gotten kind of bored with, but seeing Ms. Marvel’s adorable fangirl reaction gets me excited about him for the first time in a long while. Her youth also pays off later when part of the story becomes about showing that her generation has been unjustly maligned as a bunch of slackers who barely look up from the smart phones. If all the kids in the Marvel universe are as awesome as Kamala Khan then maybe they’d be better off if the Avengers retired and let them take over.
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4,541 reviews12.9k followers
November 23, 2015
Kamala Khan: Muslim? American? No – Inhuman!

Kamala, a teenager from New Jersey, gets superpowers after encountering the Terrigen Mist (the fallout cloud from the Terrigen bomb detonated by Black Bolt during Thanos’ latest invasion of Earth). She has a healing factor, she can grow large or small, and she can shapeshift; Kamala Khan is the new Ms Marvel!

In this second book, Kamala’s still on the trail of The Inventor, a mad villain with the head of a cockatiel who’s been abducting school children with his robots – but for what sinister purpose? Also, because Kamala’s new at this superhero-ing stuff she gets a helping hand and paw from two veterans of the Marvel Universe: Wolverine and Lockjaw. It’s team-up time for Ms Marvel as she makes the jump from writing Wolverine fan-fiction to saving his ass for reals!

The two-issue team-up with Wolverine is so good, it made me wish Wilson had written Death of Wolverine instead of Charles Soule. Soule’s a fine writer but his Wolverine was cold – Wilson made me care about Wolverine in a way I hadn’t in some time.

So obviously this is pre-latest death of Wolverine and he’s lost his healing factor. On the trail of a missing student from the Jean Grey School, Wolverine and Kamala’s paths cross and the two fight urban legends come true: crocodiles in the sewers. With cybernetic implants courtesy of The Inventor, of course!

It’s not so much the story but the interactions between Wolverine and Kamala that’s awesome. Wolverine alone is usually always boring and a good Wolverine solo comic is rare (ditto the movies). Put him with a kid he has to look after/mentor? Watch him shine. Kitty Pryde, Jubilee, now Kamala Khan – there’s something about pairing Logan with a young girl that brings out the best in his character. He finds out Kamala has a healing factor like he used to and, when she’s about to do something dangerous, he says “It’s gotta hurt. That’s how this works. You just gotta trust yourself to come through it.” – it sounds true and wise even though it’s impossible. That’s why I like Willow’s treatment of Wolverine so much.

You might think with a bigger name, Kamala would be overshadowed, but she’s not. She doesn’t get saved by Wolverine, she saves him – it’s her story all the way through, he’s just along for the ride. As if to emphasise the relationship, there’s even a Luke on Dagobah-type scene where Kamala carries an injured Wolverine on her back!

But the best team-up in the book is Kamala and Lockjaw. Who’s Lockjaw? A giant bulldog-type creature with a tuning fork on his head and teleportation powers, who is the Inhuman Royal Family’s escort and the most adorable, cuddly, beautiful Marvel character ever! Lockjaw’s sent by Queen Medusa to watch over Kamala, protecting her and eventually guiding her to Attilan where she discovers her true nature as an Inhuman.

Without giving away where the story’s headed, it’s a wonderfully, embiggeningly positive message to send to younger readers as well as fitting in with the fun, light tone of the series. Kamala is quickly becoming a lightning rod of attention for Marvel to the wider world and it’s great that they’re using her in such an inclusive way with other non-super-powered characters her age as well as the rest of the Marvel Universe.

Terrific writing from G Willow Wilson aside, how’s the art? I really liked Jacob Wyatt’s work on the two-issue Kamala/Wolverine story. It’s a good blend of comical cartoonishness and solid superhero artwork, and I loved Kamala’s goofy fangirl dance when she first meets Logan! Series regular Adrian Alphona picks up art duties for the rest of the book and it’s as delightful as ever. There’s also giant robot action, and the most delightful scenes between Kamala and Lockjaw, heart-warming for dog lovers everywhere. The Jamie McKelvie covers are awesome as always and Kris Anka’s covers are brilliant too. The art team is first class all the way on this one!

G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona’s Ms Marvel is the finest comic Marvel is publishing right now. That’s it. Go read Volume 2: Generation Why, it’s THE BEST!
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567 reviews3,195 followers
August 1, 2018
This review contains *spoilers*.

Ms. Marvel, Vol. 2 continues with Kamala Khan's mission to protect her hometown, Jersey City, and the people she loves. And she'll do it as Ms. Marvel!

Too bad being a hero comes with a downside: mysterious, creepy villains who are set on taking her down. First up: The Inventor. And finding out that he is a bird/ human hybrid clone of Thomas Edison is surprisingly not the weirdest thing about him... He's using runaway kids to power his robots.

Things get worse when Kamala discovers The Inventor has kidnapped even more kids than she first thought.

P.S. He also dognapped Lockjaw! THE NERVE!

That royal dog is the ball of happiness we all need:


He's too good, too pure. My heart.

Along the way, Kamala learns she's a descendent of the superhuman race known as the inhuman— and that her power may be in flux.

I’m still loving Kamala’s humor. I can always count on her on-point remarks to lighten any situation.

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate just how many panels there are to choose from of Kamala being almost blown away:





Speaking of blowing things up... that ending felt kind of rushed and wrapped up too quickly for my liking. I mean, I am glad we won't be seeing more of The Inventor. But I'm curious to find out what's next in story for Ms. Marvel and her city—her home. Plus, I'm really looking forward for more scenes with her family because I really missed them in this volume.

3.5/5 stars

*Note: I'm an Amazon Affiliate. If you're interested in buying Ms. Marvel, Vol. 2, just click on the image below to go through my link. I'll make a small commission!*

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1,116 reviews353 followers
November 4, 2015
Kamala has a lot to learn as a superhero, but in this volume she's fortunate enough to get some help from Wolverine and some Inhumans most notably Lockjaw in her quest to defeat The Inventor.

I'm not sure why, but I liked Generation Why considerably more than the first volume No Normal. Perhaps the goofiness was more manageable or perhaps thanks to my Marathon Marvel Unlimited month I've found new appreciation for different storylines.

First I have to say I appreciated the message that young people aren't smartphone wielding parasites. Some intriguing points were made and I wish more decision making adults read this comic volume.

Second I liked Kamala and Lockjaw together. They were a fun pairing.

I appreciated the humor much more in this volume than the last, even though at times it was silly.

I must say I'm looking forward to the next adventures of Kamala Khan the new Ms. Marvel.
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674 reviews532 followers
January 3, 2016
Fantastic. This is such a great sequel! I loved seeing another *famous* superhero come into the story and I can't wait to see the next chapter of Ms. Marvel's journey. There are a lot of great life lessons in this graphic novels and I think they would be great for all ages :)
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Author 3 books5,637 followers
June 13, 2018
Great followup to Vol 1 where Kamala Khan teams up with her favorite hero Wolverine to stop a giant alligator in the first part, and gets a new pet and a first direct conflict with The Inventer (“I’m not a bird!!”) Entertaining, well-drawn and humorous as always. A great read!
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1,341 reviews441 followers
October 9, 2019
Hello, I'm Erica and I'm coming to you today from way out in The Minority, reporting on what it's like to not like this volume.

I'd put on the cone of shame for this but I'm currently in the position of believing it's not me, this time, and that everyone else is dazzled by some spell that doesn't get through my hard noggin' into my shriveled little brain.

I will still read the third volume but if things don't pick up by then, I'm done.

This book is pissing me right off.
To me, the story is super weak, the writing sloppy, the characterization lacking in the extreme, the plot hole coverings far too convenient, and the Power of Youth positivity message preachy. And what's with the wish fulfillment fantasy regarding Wolverine? Granted, I haven't kept up with the last two universe re-writes so maybe Wolverine really is a shlumpy old dude who looks a bit like a squished toad

 photo 89a2ed4a-cf4b-4153-baa6-7955b9be0235_zpsysmvdmya.jpg

but the Logan I knew would not accept that much help from a teenager, nor would he have been so perky. I kept thinking it was a set-up, that he'd been hired to help Kamala level up, as it were, but no. He showed up accidentally, got hurt, and Kamala saved him and the day over and over and I was all, "Am I in an alt-universe right now? This is not standard Woverine behavior" though, as I said, maybe it is in this iteration of MarvelLand. Maybe this is the new AARP Wolverine which is cool. If we're going to represent spunky young Muslim girls, we should also represent has-beens who are in the retirement home. It's only fair.

You know what saved this insipid story?
 photo SAM_7150_zpsrehearso.jpg

Not the first story with AARP Wolverine but the rest of the piece. I love how wacky it is and the little tiny bits and pieces that you only see if you're looking for them are HILARIOUS, like the classroom fish who goes flying in the explosion and a few panels later, it's sitting there, out of water, looking all pissed-off.

 photo 667a2296-e054-4e58-b4b4-196f0a2a7d9f_zpsx8yi3nc0.jpg

 photo d811a616-fa70-4fa2-b441-cd2e024a4276_zps3zfgloom.jpg

I loved that stuff. It brought me so much joy. In fact, it's the only reason this story has any stars at all.

 photo a1863798-1bc1-4a04-9f06-6cd1a1bf6b49_zpsfuptgloc.jpg

We'll see what the third volume brings.
I admit, I don't have high hopes.
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Author 5 books4,100 followers
June 10, 2015
I'm all goopy eyed over this last volume. It was great except for one small tiny detail. Wolverine looked like shit. Proportions all wrong and sad and so not right.

Other than that, I love seeing the Inhumans and Lockjaw. He really is cute and cuddly.

And as for the MESSAGE, well, I'm just gonna say it. You youngins are pretty worthless. I'm on the side of the Inventor! Muahahahaha

Fun stuff!
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1,223 reviews949 followers
March 9, 2017
Ms Marvel needs her own movie asap. It's just a scientific fact. Ms Marvel needs her own movie.

This was fantastic, another brilliant edition to this graphic novel series which has very quickly become my favourite.
This was packed with action, humour and insight into society and culture.

One of the things I adore about this series is the insight we get into Kamala's internal struggle figure out and balance her identities in her culture, religion, society and of course, the whole new world of superhero's she has found herself in. Whilst also getting to see the every day, sixteen year old, who (quite rightly), majorly fangirls over meeting Wolverine and makes Star Wars references!

I couldn't recommend this series more highly and I'm very much looking forward to continuing with it.

I also went into more depth about why I think Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel is so fantastic in my most recent blog post for International Women's Day here... http://girlreading.co.uk/bookish/best...
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845 reviews164 followers
May 5, 2015
No Normal is a basic narrative about a likable heroine still finding her way and still at odds on how to best define herself, but it's a riveting read that you should all keep going forward with. Sure, she's catered to be a representation of a certain minority and that may come off as pandering to some but that's not all she is. She will grow over the course of the issues and for me that does happen in Generation Why, the second volume collection that proves to be a stronger installment of the series.

In Generation Why, Kamala learns more about the nature of her powers. It turns out she's not completely human. After her encounter with Wolverine during a rescue mission, she became more curious of her possible origins. Her newly formed role as New Jersey City's superheroine has called the attention of some other interested parties who want to safeguard her so they sent a super-powered watchdog named Lockjaw to protect and aid her in her missions. Of course, any superhero must have a villain to battle it out with, and for the second volume Kamala goes head-to-head with what she considers as the "boss" monster to fight (being a gamer herself, this is a reference Kamala is often fond of making; it's just a personality quirk of hers).

The choice of villain for this story was in line of the general forces Kamala faces in her own life as part of the youth which is the seemingly shallow adversity of how teenagers of her generation are discriminated against by the previous one because they are viewed as a self-entitled, lofty, unambitious flock who would rather numb or entertain themselves with their gadgets and other reclusive preoccupations. I thought this is a worthy theme to tackle for her series, seeing as generation gap is not a new thing by itself but a rather recurring theme we see in our own lives between parents and their children, so it's only natural to discuss this in a comic book series which stars a teenager who is also inquisitive enough to admit to the flaws of her generation but not necessarily condemn nor excuse them either.My favorite moment in the volume comes in issue #10.

In this issue, it was revealed that a horde of teenagers just volunteered themselves to serve as "batteries" to the villain's scheme, stating that it was the only way for them to make up for their simple crime of being your average teenager who is apparently perceived to be a burden who has wasted all of his or her potentials away. Understandably, this outwardly angers Kamala, and she passionately refuses to believe that she and her fellow teens are a lost cause; that they are as unimportant and as vain and neglectful as they are portrayed in media and such. She gives an unexpected yet rightfully timed speech, expressing her most earnest sentiments regarding the passivity of the other teens around her, and that she's no longer going to contribute to that number--and neither should they.


It's a great self-aware and crowning moment for Kamala's character which only solidified my growing admiration for her. I hope they keep this up because Kamala Khan is slowly but surely proving herself to be a wonderful, awe-inspiring role model. So go on and pick up Ms. Marvel and see for yourself what you've been missing out on. Read today!!



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5,329 reviews343 followers
May 11, 2015
How awesome is Kamala? She's so awesome that not even Wolverine can upstage her. Yes, she fangirls him at first, but they end up working very well together. And Wilson is incredibly adept at writing Wolverine teamed up with an excitable teenage girl, something he's historically been good at. Those two issues are so much fun to read, and they'd be my first choice to hand off to somebody who hadn't yet gotten hooked on Ms. Marvel.

Wolverine is the banner character, but the Lockjaw appearances are every bit as fun. Who's Lockjaw? He's an enormous, teleporting bulldog/mastiff/whatever, and he's fantastic. He makes for a great sidekick for Kamala, who absolutely adores the giant, slobbering thing on first sight. Honestly, I did, too. His presence in the book is a great way to get around bringing Kamala into the greater Inhuman community without stretching how far I'm willing to believe she can fly under the radar.

I've been loving Ms. Marvel all along, and I'm so happy that I'm still loving it all the way through this volume. Kamala is adorable, the book is filled with humor without becoming a comedy, and the story is both weird and engaging. It's great comics, on any level, and it makes so very happy that it stars a non-white teenage girl on top of that. Kamala is important for many reasons, and not the least of them is that Wilson writes her masterfully. I hope she puts in a very long run on this book.
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199 reviews5 followers
February 9, 2016

This is the first time I find a comic sequel as good as the first one, even better maybe.

Nerdy interests, conservative parents and poly morphing super powers, Kamala Khan sure had an adventurous volume one. And now in this sequel, Ms. Marvel, our very own Jersey City superhero, finally come face to face with the Inventor!

Ms Marvel gets her shoes dirty as she descents into the sewers of Jersey City and faces the Inventor. What I thought was a chicken at first sight turned out to be a Bird…err…correction, not just any bird but a cockatiel. Inventor may not be the baddest of the super villains we have seen Marvel throw at us, but he sure knows how to create nuisance with his bionic alligators.

But that’s not all in store in the sewers. We have Wolverine!!!

*Such Athletic* *Very Claws* *Much Amaze*

Even though she doesn’t like punching animals, Ms. Marvel and Wolverine team up to fight the bionic alligators. The writing is amusing and the artwork, remarkable. Especially the scene where Ms Marvel and Wolverine are climbing out of the sewer and you can see the dinosaur bones in the background buried in the ground. It is this sort of attention to background details that I find astonishing.

Just when I thought this issue can’t get any better, enters LockJaw! The cutest and most humongous thing you would have ever seen. Lockjaw like hugs and can teleport.

But things get serious soon enough, as serious as they can get in this funny series. Ms. Marvel must put an end to the bird’s menace, err…I mean Cockatiel’s menace, before he brain washes any more kids into doing his bidding.

The dynamic duo, Wilson and Alphona, have penned another great volume of Ms Marvel. So much is packed in these five issues that collects #6-11, there is humor, action, wolverine, lockjaw, cockatiel villain and new realizations for Ms. Marvel as to who she really is!

You can also read the review here: Argumentative Watermelon
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2,084 reviews5,041 followers
April 26, 2022
3.5 stars! Once again another cute volume of the Ms. Marvel series. The bird guy was really strange but I have a feeling his story isn't over. I'm really interested in learning about the origins of Kamala and her family based on some statements that were made in this volume. I also liked the introduction of Wolverine and Lockjaw (he's so cute to be so big). I'll be checking it out from the library once again.
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2,770 reviews1,770 followers
May 13, 2015
I was a pretty big fan of the first Ms. Marvel starring Kamala Khan, but it seems now that Wilson has Kamala’s origin story out of the way, it’s really just time to have some fun. I LOVED this. Kamala is adorable. I love her stupid face. She’s sweet and funny and enthusiastic and deadpan and so determined.

A lot of it is that Kamala is so young. She’s only sixteen and full of notions about what a superhero should be. She’s still learning her powers, which are largely untested, but bad guys are coming at her anyway, and she feels obligated to meet them face to face. She’s also still in the process of learning what kind of superhero she wants to be. There’s this lovely scene where Kamala is called in by her imam because her parents are worried about her, sneaking in and out of the house and hiding things from them, but instead of a lecture, when she tells him she’s keeping secrets because it’s the right thing to do, he actually gives her helpful advice and doesn’t tell her to stop disobeying her parents. He simply tells her that if she’s going to continue in her behavior, to make sure she’s being the best version of herself that she can be. He also suggests she seek out a teacher of some sort, but we’ll get back to that later.

We got a hint of Kamala’s new nemesis The Inventor at the end of the first volume, but here he’s front and center. And he turns out to be a bird. Well, not really. Actually what he is is a clone of Thomas Edison who got contaminated by cockatiel DNA while he was growing in his little clone vat. He even has giant bird claw hands. First of all, I can’t even express to you how happy it makes me that Thomas Edison is a bad guy here. And even if I didn’t know the historical context, I still really dig this bird as a villain. There’s just something about the way he talks and the things he cares (coughcoughinferioritycomplexcoughcough) about that is simultaneously funny and terrifying. He’s not a mondo-level supervillain or anything, but he’s still a real danger, so he’s a good first test of Kamala’s powers.

The Inventor is also ultimately responsible for one of the greatest superhero meet-ups of all time, and that is Kamala Khan and Wolverine. They have SUCH a good dynamic. She’s such a fangirl, but she’s also really competent herself, and her youth and invulnerability make a good contrast to Wolverine’s tired veteran persona, especially now that he’s . The Wolverine meet-up issues had a different artist than most of this volume (and volume one) but I really liked the aesthetic of it, even if I did miss the way that Adrian Alphona draws Kamala’s face.

She has some really kick-ass moments in this book, and they only made her more likeable for me. I also really really liked her interactions with all the other characters: her friend who knows her secret (whose name I am forgetting . . . is it Bruno?), her first meet-up with the Inhumans (she’d been thinking she was a mutant), and her interactions with all the teenagers she saves by the end of the book. I can see why people would be a little bit off-put by the on-the-nose message of this about young people not being a waste, but I didn’t mind it all. It felt like the kind of thing Kamala would say, being a teenager herself, and struggling all day every day not to be discounted for it. Ooh! Ooh! And I almost forgot! She gets a dog in this one! An alien dog that’s huuuuge and has teleportation powers.

Also, she really hits the bird with some top shelf insults. This panel made me spit iced tea in a restaurant:

I can’t wait for volume three.
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4,067 reviews31.3k followers
December 12, 2017
Ok, I finally get it. I read the first volume of Ms. Marvel and I wasn't impressed. Why was this so popular? I kept seeing the love this series got and I thoroughly enjoyed this second volume. Her origin story is out of the way and we get to see Ms. Marvel. This was really a great time. Wolverine shows up and the Inhumans show up at times. Lockjaw is a whole lot of fun. I guess I am going to have to read the inhumans now too.

I enjoyed the art and I enjoyed the bad guy or bad bird. Who would have thought of making a villain out of a cockatiel. Not me. It worked. I also thought it had some deep messages to youth and being in process. That impressed. I have read a lot of Marvel's new line of comics and I thought they were pretty bad and this lives up to the Marvel name. I might have to give some other comics another chance too.

I was entertained.
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988 reviews368 followers
October 8, 2020
Really enjoyed this. I'm interested in seeing where it goes. It's a lot of fun and Kamala is a wonderful character. I loved the Wolverine appearance and Kamala's reaction to him. And the introduction of Lockjaw was great.
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1,208 reviews87 followers
July 29, 2015
Gleefully, this arrived at the library for me in record time...I think less than 3 weeks since I read vol. 1?

Anyhow, I'm happy to say there's no sophomore slump for Ms. Marvel Vol. 2.

I also think that while not perfect, the problems are good problems to have, and not major issues.

The art in the Wolverine team up was OK, but Wolverine looked like a Box with a head pasted on, and what was with that costume? However, must say the story was cute and feels-y enough that I didn't really mind, and the end made me think the art was kinda fun in an offbeat kooky way.

Wolverine as role model is funny, and whoda think he'd be a lot more important than Cyclops when it came to moulding young minds? Well, me for one. He's not vanilla, and didn't have to go nuts to be taken seriously. Wolverine just reeks of authenticity, and kids sense that. Earnestness is all fine and good, but when you're more famous for your crazy ex wife? Not so good. Enough on that though...

There's also a good mix of humour and solid advice from Logan's appearance. Highlight of the book for me, in a very good book.

The next arrival is everyone's favourite transporting Royal dog, Lockjaw! Minor Cap and slightly more Medusa appearances too.

We explore identity, teamwork, friendship, and other good life lessons, but we manage to avoid being smarmy or preachy, or boring. That's quite an accomplishment. We get to see a family that cares about each other and is believable, as well as a police officer who's not a total douche.

The bad guy is a laughable fool, but that's ok, it's more about character development than archenemy this early in Kamala's run anyhow.

What I came across in a few other reviews was that some people felt like Kamala was a 21st century
Peter Parker, for our time. A young teenager, with great power, who learns of great responsibility. That being said, if she keeps up with this run, she could be around for a while, as she's getting as much mainstream exposure for Marvel as anyone could have expected, even more I dare say, and that's a great thing.

Don't praise Marvel for having a well written female Muslim teen, praise them for having a character like that who appeals to old white men and all the other comic readers out there as well. Progress comes when we don't even need to talk about her religion or gender, and how nice it is to see in a book, but rather, just accept it as totally normal. I think in that regard, volume 2 of Ms. Marvel is an embiggening success!
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May 27, 2019
The first 2 issues were pretty good as they had a decent artist. I did not care for the last 4 issues though. I find Adrian Alphano's art very distracting. I hate when artists can't draw basic anatomy. I also find his art to be very two-dimensional. There's no depth to it and it makes it very difficult to process what's going on in each panel, especially in fight scenes.
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May 30, 2015
5 Words: Respect, realisation, comic, strength, WOLVERINE.

Even better than the first!

Honestly, I have the biggest girl-crush ever on Kamala. She's awesome.

And she gets more and more awesome as I read on.
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July 7, 2015
Bullet Review:

Sooooooo much fun. Now that origin story is out of the way, we can have these fun stories of her own - such as teaming up with Wolverine! (My fav storyline - and I'm not even a Wolverine fan girl!)
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June 16, 2015
I still think this is one of the best comics going, but I just didn't like it quite as much as the first one. One thing I liked was her two issue escapade with Wolverine that she goes all fan-girl on, and its pretty entertaining. In this volume she is still trying to figure out identity issues, meets with a spiritual advisor, who helps her realize she needs someone to help her become the superhero she needs to be. Her origin story is okay, we see how she got her powers, okay, standard, but this bulldog she is assigned to as helper, eh. Maybe awesome for dog-lovin' teens, though. I like Alphonse as artist more than Wyatt in this volume. The basic plot of her rescuing teens who are giving their life energy to the older generation, who have just given up that they can be other than phone-wielding kids, talking them out of this… okay, a little preachy for me, but it's for YA, okay… but just okay. Still, I love her character, the dialogue. I'll read on… check this out, folks!
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