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Superman: Doomed
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Superman: Doomed

(Superman (2011) (Collected Editions))

3.44  ·  Rating details ·  691 ratings  ·  114 reviews
Its name is Doomsday. It came from the Phantom Zone, where the Man of Steel had banished it once before. Bigger. Deadlier. Capable of killing life on Earth.
Only Superman can stop it. But even that is not the end. Evil is in its blood. And when that blood is spilled, the innocent will fall and Superman himself will discover the monster within. The Last Son of Krypton
Hardcover, 544 pages
Published March 31st 2015 by DC Comics
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Average rating 3.44  · 
Rating details
 ·  691 ratings  ·  114 reviews

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Superman must face threats outside and inside of him!

This collected edition includes: Superman: Doomed #1-2, Action Comics #30-35 + Annual #3, Superman #30-31, Superman/Wonder Woman #7-12 + Annual #1, Batman/Superman #11, Supergirl #34-35, making an impressive number of 21 comic book issues for the storyline. Curiously the title of Justice League isnt used on the event while the team appears during the story.

Creative Team:

Writers: Greg Pak, Charles Soule, Scott Lobdell & Tony Bedard

Apr 08, 2015 rated it really liked it
If you're a fan of Big Blue, then I think you'll enjoy this one.
I'm sort of surprised that this played out as well as it did, to be honest. I was sort of expecting more flashbacks to Krypton or something.
But they kept this about Clark, and the story was pretty darn good!


Wonder Woman & her relationship with Superman plays a Huge role in this one, and if you were planning on reading Superman/Wonder Woman, Vol. 2...don't. Everything but a Future's End issue is already packed into Doomed, and
Jul 27, 2015 rated it it was ok
A decent read about what would happen if Superman became Doomsday. Would be better if the stories were more connected. I feel like the story made big jumps forwards and backwards between issues, made for a disjointed read. DC needs to have a heavier hand editorially when it decides to do these big crossovers between titles, to make the story flow better. The various writers and artists really need to sit down for a writers summit before they tackle these stories. You finish one issue on a ...more
Sam Quixote
Sep 21, 2015 rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Remember The Death of Superman? I dont recall what happened in it (prolly nothing important) but alls I know is Superman and this Kryptonian monster called Doomsday fisted each other a lot. So those fresh, radical thinkers at DC put down their empty whiskey bottles and decided hey, before we get fired, why dont we do The Death of Superman storyline but for the New 52? - and so we have Superman: Doomed.

The New 52 Doomsday is apparently a virus or something because when Superman kills him (yeah -
Apr 09, 2015 rated it did not like it
This started off with Doomsday being released in the Antarctic by what looked like the Government. For what reason you may ask? I have no idea! It was a good start none the less, but then for the majority of this story I felt like I was watching a chick flick. So I was like


It just got silly. It was like three girls scoring points over who liked Clark best.
"Im Wonder Woman I'm his girlfriend"; enter Lana Lang "I used to date Clark! enter Louis lane, I know Clark he wouldn't do this!" Yadda yadda!
1.5 rounded down because this became a chore to finish.
Me trying to figure out the single issue order:

I found a couple of different guides and they sometimes contradicted each other, but I needed this because I'm going to continue reading all of the series's issues after this event.

I would go in-depth about the things I hated about this but honestly this is old and I'm probably the only one that would care about my dissection of it.

Main reasons I wasn't a fan (these don't apply to every
Apr 23, 2015 rated it liked it
Well, this was epic, to be sure. But it was all over the place: Superman is fighting Doomsday, he is Doomsday and is fighting General/Senator Lane, he's fighting Doomsday in his head, wait, Doomsday is an anti-hero and we are now fighting Brainiac. And somehow Lois has the telepathic ability to beat Brainiac at his own game. Or something.

And what's with the Supergirl story thrown in at the end that really had nothing to do with Doomsday at all?
Jesse A
Not bad. Kind of an 'Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink' story.
Oct 25, 2017 rated it really liked it
Good event. There were a few things I could nitpick about, but overall I enjoyed it.
Oct 05, 2014 rated it it was ok
The wackiest, zaniest, haphazard, and "WTF" inducing Superman story (maybe even superhero story) you will ever read. This is one roller coaster of a story arc, and that is not necessarily a good quality. With that being stated, "Superman: Doomed" had some great moments. Quick breakdown:


- EPIC and Sprawling in scope; battles seem potentially world-ending
- Huge character cast; Superman's "family" play pivotal roles (i.e. Batman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Lois Lane, and MORE)
Nicolo Yu
Sep 10, 2015 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: comixology
This is a worthy successor to the original Death of Superman storyline. It re-imagines the monster Doomsday in a new and refreshing way; in this manner, it truly has become unkillable.

I bought and read this as a digital comic on COmixology during one of its sales for a great deal; 500 pages of comics with a 40 dollar value for less than 5 dollars. I initially had reservations regarding this purchase as I perceived the new DC 52 Superman line of books as one of the weakest of its offerings; but
Mar 05, 2019 rated it it was ok
Shelves: comics
Superman Doomed had the potential to be amazing. But, it never truly realizes its potential. The story arc is huge and the different writers doing the same arc can break the story up (since some scenes are retold from various perspectives).

Doomsday is back. Again. Superman fights him and kills him, but gets infected by the Doomsday virus. Superman morphs into a Doomsday-like Superman. Oh and Brainiac is coming. Yeah..that's a lot of stuff going on. Add into this fracas, several different writers
Doomsday escapes the Phantom Zone and Superman literally tears him in half. But that's only the beginning, as Clark is seemingly infected by a virus that slowly begins turning him into Doomsday. Meanwhile, the population of Smallville begins succumbing to mysterious comas. This epic story has a massive scope and feels like a pretty complete "kitchen sink" combination of most of Superman's greatest allies (Lois, Lana, Batman, Steel, Supergirl) and enemies (Doomsday, Lex Luthor, Mongul, (view ...more
David Dalton
Apr 04, 2019 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
What an epic story!

So much more than just Doomsday! Action galore. A great lot with Doomsday and tons of other heroes and villains. This story further develops the relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman. Well worth the price.
Jun 22, 2015 rated it it was ok
Recommends it for: People Who Don't Like Superman as it Will Make Them Smugly Satisfied. All Others Flee.
Shelves: dc
And so it all ends, not with a bang, but a squabble over failing to water oil a gifted houseplant...

This crossover volume was just too damn crossover-y, man.

Was it a Doomsday story? eh, not really. I mean, he's in it, and he looks mean as hell...but then in his greatest yet humiliation he gets literally disintegrated and inhaled by Supes, engendering the whole Superdoom thing.

A Brainiac story? Umm, kind of? he shows up, anyway. And then won't go away.

A story in which both Superman AND Lois Lane
Justin Vessel
Jun 22, 2015 rated it really liked it
Originally I thought 3 stars but then analyzed a little more and I'm going to up it to 4 (I'm so nice.)
It's a really crazy, fun story that is very expansive and builds to a huge near destruction of all kind of climax.
There were what I thought a lot of inconsistencies and weird moments but I've have an off few days so there's no telling where my comprehension skills are. (Except for Venus. I know I'm right about how wrong that planet is in this book. So wrong.)
My favorite part though was Wonder
Mar 10, 2017 rated it did not like it
pfff what .. the .. *%*^$ was this........ it was completely over the top, sometimes difficult to swallow all of it...

Nope, better to avoid this and pick up something else!

*Drop Mic*
Feb 27, 2015 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: comic-books
Poor Greg Pak. Turned in gem after gem at Marvel. Issue after issue. Title after title. Year after year. Nearly going into decades. But Marvel never gave him a top title to romp around with as he chose. DC wisely picked him up and give him their biggest gun right out of the gate. Smart thinking DC. So, how'd he do? Pretty well! SUPERMAN: DOOMED is a creative evolution in the Doomsday story. Doomsdays reappeared a ton of times since he killed Clark back in the 80s and he's pretty much changed ...more
TJ Shelby
Jul 13, 2015 rated it liked it
Shelves: dc
I enjoyed the intro and the build up. I detested the endings.


At one point, it even read like Kal-El/Clark Kent was Bruce Banner and Doomsday/Superman was the Hulk. It was annoying.

I enjoyed the artwork but still couldn't get over being disappointed with the final arc.
An enjoyable read, if totally over the place and I'm really, but really not at ALL into the Superman/WW pairing mymy why would you do that to me?

But separately (meaning not related to their relationship) I found them to be true to their characters so that's good. I enjoyed to see the new 52 of the characters. And Lois was still in the story (in the most confusing way but I'll take what I can) so that's good.
So I'm giving this book 3 stars because I enjoyed the read and also seeing lots of DC
May 27, 2018 rated it did not like it
This book is a mess.

Superman: Doomed is a crossover event that essentially provides a New 52 version of the famous Death of Superman story from the 1990's. As is typical for New 52, they bring back most of the same familiar elements but with a new twist.

This time around, Doomsday is a virus that infects Superman and turns him into a Doomsday monster. They call him Superdoom (seriously). We are given numerous scenes inside Supermans head where Clark Kent is struggling against Doomsday for control
Jeremy DeBottis
Picked up this little treat in a Comixology sale for $4.99. Granted, that was before the Chinese government devalued the yuan, but I still feel like it was a worthwhile purchase.

There is a ton of content. Crazy over-the-top (Lincoln Hawk shout out!) amount of content. In fact I'd argue there's too much and this book falls victim to quantity over quality.

The premise is cool. What would happen if Superman became unstoppable? As opposed to how easily stopped he is now.
Gosh I'm funny.
Anyway. He's
Jul 08, 2015 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
The basic premise of this is: What if Superman were like the Incredible Hulk? Basically after he's infected with a virus after killing Doomsday, Superman starts to become Doomsday himself. So then you have Clark Kent who's the human, reasonable part like Bruce Banner and Doomsday who's the pretty much mindless engine of destruction and mayhem like the Hulk--if the Hulk could fly and shoot heat beams and stuff, which would be awesome. Like Banner, Clark Kent finds it difficult to rein in the ...more
Emmett Spain
Mar 20, 2015 rated it really liked it
3.5 Stars.

So... Wow. That was kinda wacky!

Supes battles Doomsday, Supes gets infected by Doomsday, all sorts of chaos reigns, and Brainiac shows up, also Non and some guy called the Phantom King, and Mongul, and Lois and her psionic powers... what exactly is happening?

This is a real throw-it-all-at-the-wall treat for those Superman fans who are happy to just switch off and bounce between the explosion-filled pages. And when I say explosion-filled, I mean even Michael Bay would look at this and
Mar 25, 2016 rated it liked it
I like a lot about this story. The idea of what'd happen if Superman lost his shit has been played with, but this is his power doubled, him struggling for control, and all of Earth at stake. There are great character moments from Clark, Diana, Lois, Lana, Kara, etc. The whole thing is brought down to 4 stars by some really ridiculous plot points, and then to 3 by being twice as long as it needs to be. I'm glad I read it, but I don't plan on doing so more than once.
Feb 22, 2015 rated it it was ok

The first collection of Pak's run on Action Comics, What Lies Beneath, was a brilliantly fun old-school adventure story. I loved it.

This was a typical crossover nonsense disaster, very slightly elevated by Pak's solid handle on the characters and some interesting art.

A giant step down from the last book.
Ryn Miller
Jan 21, 2016 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Superman always made a better villain than a hero. An unbeatable foe is more interesting than a hero that can't lose. Red kryptonite was the best plot device. This doesn't quite reach that level. Superman seems to fight himself more than his allies. But it's still a good time. Classic villains and great super sized throw-downs. This doesn't need to be the best to just be a fun read.
Dec 28, 2015 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: comics, comixology
Not, bad. Action packed, with a who's who of the DC universe. Art was the DC house style. Story started tired, then twisted into something better, then contrived itself into a better bow.
Yosef Donald
Oct 16, 2017 rated it it was amazing
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Clay Bartel
Apr 04, 2020 rated it it was amazing
A number of years ago I re-enter the world of comic book collecting and I began that journey by collecting the hardcover of Superman Wonder Woman Vol 1 Power Couple...

Among other books I collected Superman Wonder Woman Vol 2 War and Peace... but unlike Vol 1, Vol 2 felt hugely disjointed...

Superman is sick, Superman is Doomsday, Superman is well and has a beard and is publicly professing his love for WW, Supes and WW are arguing over a killer flower, and the romantic conclusion felt rushed and
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