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As a teen, Dawn ran from a life on the streets straight into the arms of Jimmy “Mad Dog” Sanchez, a biker who promised to be her knight in shining armor. But his love was just another cage. Years later, Dawn’s former life still has its hooks in her and she’ll do whatever it takes to break free. When Cade “Raider” O’Connor, a member of a rival club, makes her an offer, Dawn finds herself in a different, hotter kind of trouble with one irresistible Sinner…

Cade is an outlaw biker with allegiance to one thing and one thing only: The Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club. But when it comes to the stunningly sexy, fiercely independent Dawn Delgado, Cade finds himself…hungrier for more. Trouble is on Dawn’s heels and he wants to be the answer to her prayers, whether she wants him to be or not. What can’t be denied is the red-hot attraction between them. However, as they fall deeper, the danger rises and Cade may have to sacrifice it all…

384 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published June 2, 2015

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About the author

Sarah Castille

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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Sarah Castille, writes contemporary erotic romance and romantic suspense featuring blazingly hot alpha heroes and the women who tame them. A recovering lawyer and caffeine addict, she worked and traveled abroad before trading her briefcase and stilettos for a handful of magic beans and a home near the Canadian Rockies.

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June 1, 2015

** 4 “You light up the darkness.” STARS **

“You’re filthy.”

“And you love it.”

“I love you,” she said, “but the filth is a close second.”


Escaping the horrors of her home and being thrown into a life in the streets, just to be “rescued” by Jimmy “Mad Dog” Sanchez, a biker that promised the sun and the skies…but only brought a world of pain into her life, Dawn Delgado has had a tough start at life. Like that is not enough, the price of leaving her horrible abusive husband has been devastating: Losing her two beautiful girls.

Now, all Dawn wants is to get her girls back but there’s one particular distraction in her life that she just can’t get out of her system: Cade “Ryder” O’Connor, a biker from her ex-husband’s rival MC and a man that is supposed to be the wrong guy for her, pulling her into the wrong life and the wrong world...once again.

Cade “Ryder” O’Connor , a member of “The Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club”, has always been known as quite the playboy, a beast in bed and a heartless b*stard out of it. But when it comes to Dawn Delgado, everything about him changes in a heartbeat.

Now, he has turned into a man that pines after a woman that warmed his bed only 2 nights, a man that goes to parks and zoos with little girls and eats pink candy floss with them, a man that trembles at the thought of Dawn or her daughters getting hurt.

“My beautiful girl. What is it about you that makes it impossible to stay away? From the moment we met, I had to have you. Every day after you left, I thought about you. And when I saw you again, I knew I would never let you go.”


All Dawn needs to do is trust Cade...trust him with her safety, with her girls' well-being and with her heart. But how can she do that while he is part of the world that she despises?

“You are mine. Mine to hold. Mine to protect. Mine to love.”


OVERALL: Definitely better than Book#1! A proper MC Romance with a badass heroine that doesn't take anyone's BS, a hard on the outside but soft on the inside hero, hawt steamy sex and tons of biker action! The only thing that bothered me was the number of men pining for Dawn, which was ridiculous, but oh well...

P.S: I can NOT wait for Zane's story!!! Why do I always have to adore the one guy in MC series that is tortured by his past and will have his book later, dammit?!

** ARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review **
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June 3, 2015
Story Rating ~ 4 Stars!
Hero Rating ~ 4.5 Stars!
Heroine Rating ~ 4.5 Stars!
Romance Rating ~ 4 Stars!
Heat Level ~ 4 Stars!
Action Level ~ 4 Stars!
Ending ~ 5 Stars!
Overall Rating ~ 4.5 Stars!

This was my first read from author Sarah Castille and I already want MORE. What surprised me the most was that this was not some sugar coated motorcycle romance. This book was gritty, witty, sexy and hot. It also brought a lot of violence which is a realistic part of most Motorcycle clubs. I loved how we get a deep understanding of how a motorcycle club runs on a day to day basis.

The characters were all fleshed out. Even the secondary characters, the good and the bad were all very well done.

Right from the start my heart springs were pulled in for the heroine Dawn. I felt so bad for her with what was going on. She was in constant danger throughout this read and I loved watching how she toughened up as the story moved along.

Our hero Cade was also an excellent character. He was so very protective of Dawn and then later on Dawns daughters were also included. For such a big tough and rough Motorcycle man he also had such tenderness towards Dawn and her daughters. OH MAN, he was one Horney guy, when it came to Dawn, all’s he had to do was look at her and he was hard and ready to go no matter where they were at, he was so darn SEXY!

The heat level was VERY HOT! Once these two finally got it on, they had a hard time keeping their hands to themselves. So if you like your romances spicy, you will definitely get it here.

There were a couple of really good action scenes that kept me glued to the pages. There was quite a bit of violence but for me that just made this read all the more exciting.

In the end, we are treated with a FANTASTIC epilogue that wrapped this book up perfectly and had me grinning ear to ear.

Beyond the Cut is the second book in the Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club series. I have not read book one, Rough Justice but I easily read Beyond the Cut as a standalone.

Now my wait is on for book 3 Sinners Steel which should be release 10/6/2015. This will be Zane’s book and I can hardly wait to find out his story.

*I received an ARC from St Martin’s Press via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*
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May 25, 2015
"You are mine. Mine to hold. Mine to protect. Mine to love."-Cade

Beyond the Cut is the second book in the Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club Series. It can be read as a standalone. This book contains all of the ingredients of a great MC book. It is chalk full of fast bikes, brothers, steamy scenes, a sassy heroine and a tender protective hero!


Dawn is done with motorcycle clubs and their caveman ways. She has one goal and one goal alone. She wants to get her daughters back. After escaping her abusive MC husband, her children were taken away from her. Now she is being blackmailed by her sister in law. If Dawn brings her money then she can spend time with her girls. Not only is she isolated from her children but her ex-husband still looms on the periphery. He is abusive and not afraid to hurt Dawn in order to get what he wants. Yet she refuses to give up!

"Sometimes sh*t happens that we can't control. You trust yourself to make the best decision you can in the circumstances and then you deal with the consequences. But you don't let it bring you down."-Dawn

Cade is a member of the Sinner's Tribe MC. He is quite the playboy. Although he could have any girl he chooses, he has his heart set on one. Dawn! He has only spent two nights with Dawn and yet he cannot get her out of his head. As soon as Cade finds out Dawn's plight, he makes it a priority to help her get her girls back and keep her safe from her violent ex.

"You may not want my help and protection, but you will have it. Even if it means going against my club so you never have to face Mad Dog again."-Cade


When Cade spends time with Dawn's girls, the tough exterior begins to strip away. Cade recognizes the tenderness that is missing in his life. Even a rough and violent MC man needs a good woman by his side! Cade is extremely protective of Dawn.


There is an intense push and pull between Cade and Dawn. Dawn knows the feelings she has for Cade are sincere. She knows that they have amazing chemistry while they are together. Yet, how can she possibly return to the life of an old lady? She is terrified that she will end up in the same violent cycle that she has been trying so desperately to escape!


Overall, Beyond the Cut is a fantastic read. It is written in dual POV which gives you dual perspective on both of the main characters. The writing style is natural and quite colorful. Although the plot was relatively simple, the tension between the main characters and their inner struggles gave it depth. The action was intense and evenly paced throughout the read. I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys reading on the wild side!

"ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review"
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May 22, 2016
ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

If you are a fan of raw, gritty MC books, then I highly suggest you to read Beyond the Cut by Sarah Castille. In this dark and dangerous world of bikers, Ms. Castille was able to lure and engross her readers in this raw and captivating tale of bikers, rival clubs, and a mother's fight to protect her children from their monster of a father.

"What's mine is mime and I shall strive to protect it the best of my ability." ~Sinner's Tribe Creed

In this second installment of the Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club, it chronicles the tale of Dawn Delgado and her pursuit of getting her children back from her ex-husband, Jimmy "Mad Dog" Sanchez. Jimmy is nothing but a monster, who abused Dawn for years and wants nothing to do with his twin daughters. He just kept the girls away from Dawn in spite after she decided to divorce him. Dawn wants nothing but to get her babies back. But that was easier said than done since Jimmy was able to manipulate and pay people off in helping him gain full custody of the girls. When Dawn's outlook seemed to dim without any hope in sight, another outlaw biker from a rival club called the Sinners showed her that he will come to her rescue. Cade “Ryder” O’Connor was the man Dawn needed and wanted. He showed her true compassion, love and passion. Cade wanted nothing more than to protect Dawn and her baby girls. So with danger and a war brewing between the rival clubs, how far will Cade go to protect the ladies in his life? Beyond the scars and heartbreak, can Dawn open herself to let love in once more?


Beyond the Cut was such an intense, raw, gritty perspective of the world of bikers and biker clubs. The writing was so gripping and riveting that you can't help but be immersed into the story line as you await what danger and unexpected surprises awaits for Cade and Dawn. What I enjoyed about this book was that Ms. Castille was able interspersed a raw, brazen, gritty, steamy love affair of two characters finding hope, solace, and comfort with one another. Beyond the scars, cuts, heartaches, loss, and sadness, lies a story of what it means to go beyond the means to show how deep you would go to protect the ones you love even if it means death.

So if you are looking for a book that is dark, gritty, bloody, and action packed then look no further than Beyond the Cut by Sarah Castille. Ms. Castille will have you beyond amazed on her raw and yet sexy writing and story-telling.

 photo f850f66983e102a20a1876a49cde93_zpstmvn0dma.gif

Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages:http://fourchicksflippingpages.weebly...Sarah Castille
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October 4, 2015
I gave this audiobook a B for both the story and narration at AudioGals*

Proving that not all Motorcycle Clubs (MCs) or bikers, for that matter, are alike, Beyond the Cut, Book 2 in Sarah Castille’s Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club series, provides an interesting comparison between the “good,” if not necessarily completely law abiding, MCs and the “bad” MCs. Beyond the Cut also straddles the line between a light and dark romance, covering some of the typical dark romance themes that are prevalent in the MC romance sub-genre, including domestic violence, without being so overly descriptive as to alienate some of the more adventurous, mainstream romance listeners. As for the erotic content that typically is synonymous with this sub-genre, well, there is plenty of that – so much so, that I did find myself fast-forwarding through a couple of the scenes. This MC romance also sports a complementary, above-average narration by Chandra Skyye, whose performance helps bring this story to life.

See the full review at AudioGals.
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August 22, 2015

Just when I thought I could only love Jagger, I met Cade, the MC's treasurer and former army buddy. Beyond the Cut is his story.

[image error]Gold Harley On Fire

You met Cade and Dawn (a friend and co-worker of Arianne) in book #1.
After two nights of some hot sex, Dawn has nothing she wants as part an outlaw life. There is only one goal she has in mind and it's the most important thing in her life so no man, especially the notorious Cade is in her near future for she once was involved with a man named Jimmy, a member of the Devil's Brethren, a rival club and was subjected to abuse. Cade couldn't get Dawn out of his mind. Dawn on the other hand had no intentions on a round three. The story begins with a year gone by and the two come face to face again with Jagger and Arianne appearing quite a bit.

Oh my how hot Cade got me.

"Here's the problem with that plan."
"First, the minute I see you I am seduced, so no effort required there. Second, you don't strip off my clothes unless you're naked, else I'll be ripping things off you. Third, no one ties me up and and lives to tell the tale. And fourth, I never lose control."

Ok Cade, sign my ass up!

[image error]Diamond frames

The story continues on as the rival gangs are going to patch new members from the opposing club, teaming together to tear down the Sinners unless they can win them over first. In this case two are included the Devil's Brethren and the Black Jacks, who we met in book #1 with Arianne's evil father Viper being the President. While tackling this Cade is drawn to Dawn even more but she denies herself any sort of relation with Cade until Jimmy, her ex enters the picture again claiming she is still his old lady and torments her but not if the badass Cade can help it. He shows so many different sides in this book you fall in love but one particular sealed the deal.

"Not us?" Her mouth turned down and Tia's mouth turned down, too. One voice with two faces."

"Fuck. Don't look at me like that. You'll break my goddamn heart."

As you can imagine, take rival outlaws, gun smugglin', sweet butts, old ladies, lays, bikes, tattoos then you have an action packed MC read! I have a feeling Zane is going to be my favorite, he's mysterious, he has no interest in the tramps in the club house, he's strong, loyal, cocky yet quiet but strictly business and snorts at things occasionally, I love it. To top it all of, he's large and dark featured, a dark haired tatted biker is my favorite kind of bad boy.

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August 19, 2015
This book was absolutely amazing! And as much as I loved its predecessor, Rough Justice, I loved Beyond the Cut even more. Consider me a Cade fangirl for sure!

I fell in love with Cade in the first book, even though he was only a secondary character in it, so I was very excited to finally read a book in his and Dawn's point of view. I definitely liked this book more than I did the previous book, even though I consider Rough Justice as one of my personal favorites.

Of course, the book isn't all about Cade. Dawn is also a big part of the book and I really enjoyed reading in her point of view. She's definitely a good match for Cade because she doesn't let him boss her around or take his crap. I loved that. I also really enjoyed the scenes with Dawn's twin girls and Cade - he was pretty damn adorable with them. And can I just say how freaking hot Cade and Dawn are together. All that chemistry. Damn!

I also have to say that Zane (who will be featured in the third book) was in it quite a few times also. I can't help but wonder who it was that hurt him so much that he doesn't want to get close to women. In this book we got a few hints to it, so I can only guess at what really happened to him. I, for one, can't wait to read his book!

All in all, Beyond the Cut had its fair share of violence, suspense, drama and steamy scenes. I felt like with Beyond the Cut things got kicked up a notch, it had everything and so much more.
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May 12, 2015
ARC received for review

Loving this series and the seriously hot bikers. Cade was amazing with Dawn, her girls, and the club business. He sure didn't want to put up with any sh!t from her ex. Dawn was a little wishy-washy about going back into the biker world, but only a little. Her girls, Tia and Maia, were so stinking cute.

I'm so excited that the next book will be Zane.
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July 9, 2015
Once again, you can't help who you fall in love with and when you find that one person you should hold on tight! Sarah Castille is an author I like, I've read two of her books prior to this one, and I'm pleased to say she didn't let me down with Beyond the Cut. A strong standing 4 stars is my rating. I've found myself partial to biker gangs and MMA fighter books lately so this sits right there with the best of them. The premise is interesting because Dawn isn't some simpering innocent who doesn't know the way of the biker life, rather she's someone running from it as she's seen nothing but darkness come from it.

The book starts off strong, weaves Cade in right in, and continues rolling the on the heat. Dawn would rather ignore the two nights of passion that she had with Cade than give in and have him again because he's everything she's trying to get away from. Dawn's lived a life of hell from a young age and is smart, determined, sweet, sassy, and compassionate. Cade chose the biker life to be free and to have a family. He's sexy, possessive, passionate, demanding, and protective. He can't let Dawn get away this time and does everything he can to become a piece of her life.

The chemistry between the two is red hot, so hot that Hell has nothing on these two. They bend, press, and curve to one another much like the perfect fitting pair of leather gloves. Cade needs someone who challenges him and Dawn is all over that. She's willing to call him on his bull shit and then some. Dawn needs someone who can show her that she is worthy and Cade worships her.

A favorite scene: His groin tightened and he leaned over to whisper, "Next time I get you in bed, I'm gonna show you just how evil my biker ways can be."
He threw back his head and laughed. Really laughed. He loved the way she shrieked his name.
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2,184 reviews365 followers
May 14, 2015
I have been known to read and love Sarah Castille's fighter books. I have also been known to read and love MC books. Combine Sarah Castille's writing and MC books and I am, without a doubt, in reader heaven. I decided after reading all of her fighter books that I needed to give her The Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club books a try. They are amazing! Beyond the Cut is the second book in this series it can totally be read as a standalone. I actually loved this one even more than the first one, Rough Justice.

There were quite a few factors that made me enjoy Cade and Dawn's book just a tad more than the first book in this series. I think part of it was Cade was simply just so darn alpha and committed to the club. He came off really authentic and quite bikerish. He was just so cocky.

"Maybe you should drop a napkin and bend over and pick it up so I can show you just how cocky I can be."

Also, I loved that Dawn had kids. I really do have a soft spot for children in these books. Especially if you have a big biker alpha dude that loves them. It makes my heart melt. Hard. I think maybe the third thing that made me love this book so hard was Dawn. She has lived this biker life. She wants no part of it. She wants to get her and her kids out. She is trying to be strong and do this all on her own but for some reason she just cannot stay away from Cade. And I can say for sure that I do not blame her. The man is ridiculously sexy and wicked smart and funny.

"Dawn, babe. You are so beautiful you could make a priest sin."
"Good thing then I already have a Sinner."

Their story was set up nicely in Rough Justice and I was so excited for it. I love when I am ecstatic for a book and it is everything that I thought it would be. Beyond the Cut is dark and gritty in that special MC way and was loaded with action; blood and guts and all. I loved getting to revisit with old characters and getting to meet new ones. I am particularly excited for Hacker's book. I do love me a nerdy biker bookboyfriend! This one is simply a fantastic Motorcycle Club romance. A must read!

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June 19, 2015
Initially during the halfway point I wanted to rate this at three and half to four stars. Since then I have revised my opinion. So drum roll please....five golden beauties! While there are a few issues I have with the story, ultimately it was intense, action packed and suspenseful. Everything a good story should have, Sarah Castille did an outstanding job bringing an MC club to life. Now onto the review.
 photo BYTC 0.gif
Dawn knows all about club life, been there done that, thank you very much! Courtesy of Jimmy ‘Mad Dog’ Sanchez, VP of the Devil’s Brethren. She's witnessed first hand the violence and cruelty that goes along with club life. After crawling out of a disastrous marriage, she has one goal in mind. Reunite with her children and keep the three of them as far out of his reach as she can.

(Beyond the Cut) “Well, as long as you’re wearing that cut, you have nothing to worry about from me. As you can see, my life has already been totally messed up by a biker. I’m not interested in getting involved with another one.” “That why you walked away?” He stroked his thumb over the apple of her cheek, and warmth pooled in the pit of her stomach. “’Cause I’m a biker? We’re not all the same.”
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725 reviews
July 11, 2015
Hated this book, the hero, and the heroine.

I thought she was an absolutely terrible mother with the worst priorities. Your kids are being held for ransom and you're more concerned with getting fucked by some disgusting trashy biker?

Fucking revolting. She was a ducking joke. She won't use violence against the woman holding her kids ransom because it's "not who she is" but she's okay with beating the shit out of her boss that was recording people naked in the locker rooms?

What a stupid dumb fucking bitch. Glad she had her kids taken away. she's too busy being a whore for a guy who she wasn't even she wasn't sleeping with club whores than doing everything to get her kids.
She could have easily recorded the aunt demanding ransom money and gave it to the police the same way they planted that hoax video to get her to lose her kids.

I hated the nasty hero and honesty both of them were trash so I guess they deserved each other.

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February 21, 2016
Book Review-Beyond The Cut I received this ARC in return of a honest review, thanks to Netgalley.
Dawn, is the mother of two twins girls, and when she left her ex husband and divorced him, he was able to get her kids from her and she only gets to see them once a week, and only if she gives up a large amount of funds every week. So she works three jobs trying to pay off her ex’s sister, and trying to find a way through the system to get her kids lawfully back. But one day while spying on her kids at school, she runs into Cade. Cade is a man she had two incredible nights of sex with, and even though it was over a year ago, she still remembers it. But her daughters are her top priority and she vowed she would never get involved with another biker again. But her ex Jimmy, is out for revenge, and Cade is determined to protect Dawn…no matter the cost even if it means giving up his brothers, his club…his family.
The Hero 
Cade went from having nothing to everything from the moment he joined the Sinners. The Sinners….his brothers are everything to Cade. Cade is man that loves his women, he refuses to stick with one however, he loves the variety and can’t get enough of them…until Dawn. Dawn makes him want more than just a one night stand. And it still bothers him that she left him not the other way around. Cade is a hero that is sex on wheels…fiery hot and passionate and loves everything sex, dangerous and has a bit of a temper when riled, but is huge on defending women and children. He is a charmer and and a rogue of the highest order…but he also is loyal and dedicated to those he calls family.
The Heroine 
Dawn came from the streets and had nothing, until she met Jimmy who brought her to his club and made her his “old lady”, but after seven years of abuse, and the moment she realized her daughters were in danger of his fists and rages, she left him. But that cost her the only two people who she has ever loved…her twin girls. She was framed in the court, and had her girls taken away from her, and now is working herself to death, trying to see them every week and get the case re looked at. She will fight with her dying breath to reclaim her daughters, and to clear her name. She wants to fight and get back what was taken from her. Dawn at first I felt a kinship toward her, the author does a great job in portraying her character and emotions real well, and you see that even though she wants to fight, she doesn’t know how she can beat a man who has more money and connections than she ever will. But we a change in her from the moment Cade enters her life…her fighting spirit blossoms and returns to her tenfold…and she starts to embrace who she really is.
Plot and Story Line 
Beyond The Cut I wanted to really love, and after having a great time with the previous book “Rough Justice” I was very excited for this one. It seems like I have been waiting for it forever. However I hate to say it but I just “liked it” and didn’t “Love it” like I wanted to. I have read many of Sarah Castille’s books and so I know that this isn’t her way…but this story felt flat to me. Its more along the lines of Erotica than an actual romance novel. Now I don’t mind the sex scenes, but it felt like it was way more sex than plot or development of a relationship. There is a plot, we have the conflict of Jimmy and boy he is one crazy villain. So having that element of danger and suspense is what had me keep going with this one. The writing and style are very Sarah Castille and it was fairly easy to get into the story. My issue of the book was the over done sex. In my mind it was all lust and no love. Most of the book seemed to be just sex scenes and it got annoying after the first little bit, I wanted to see more emotion from the characters…you see emotion just not what I like or even expect from Castille. Pretty much all they do together is have sex…I just didn’t see how they could go from having sex all the time to loving each other. It wasn’t a transition I could see happening.  I will say it was fun seeing the club members again, and I am looking forward to “Sinner’s Steel”.
The Cover
I love it and I don’t. I really like the tats on this…very unique. And i love the blue themed colors, but the guy here has some nice muscles…but looks too “skin and bones” for me…not enough flesh on him. It could be me I suppose…what do you guys think?
Overall View 
Beyond The Cut was a story that is about fighting for those you love, redemption and coming to terms with your identity. Fiercely passionate and fiery hot!! Sizzles and Burns.
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2,195 reviews289 followers
June 3, 2015
Dawn is trying to get her twin daughters back from her loser ex, who happens to be part of a MC and a rival of the Sinner's Tribe. He’s the type who smashes his toys, and women and kids, because he if can’t have them, he doesn’t want anyone else to enjoy them either. Dawn has a torrid two night stand with Cade, the Sinner's Tribe man-ho, and he can’t get her out of his mind. When he offers her his protection, things begin to heat up between the clubs, and Dawn and her girls are trapped in the middle. Somewhere along the way, romance happens.

The Good, The Bad and Everything In Between

Conundrum’s an interesting place : I liked the first book, Rough Justice, and you don’t need to read the first book to read this. There’s good relationships between the bikers, and their friendships feel authentic.

Dawn’s sympathetic heroine : Dawn’s in a bad situation and I felt for her, trying to break away from a psychopath. Her desperation to reunite with her daughters and paying her ex’s loser of a sister, goes beyond what I would personally tolerate, and there are moments when I questioned her intelligence, especially towards the end.

Dirty talkin’ bikers = Sexy times : I enjoyed the chemistry between Dawn and Cade, and Ms. Castille did well with their love scenes and yes, Cade’s as dirty a talker as you’d expect from a biker hero. Well, he’s had lots of practice since he’s basically free with his favors, as a card-carrying member of the man-ho club.

Cade’s a classic manho : A hero who’s known as the winner of “Most Sweetbutts in the Bed at One Time” and the type to research beds for six, is definitely a man-ho hero. This is a personal preference, but I’m not into heroes that interact or even think about being with other women. I’m in this for the fantasy - if it’s a fantasy that the biker would be faithful, so be it. Give me the fantasy, not the reality. That said, Cade does grow throughout the story and his relationship with Dawn’s daughters was adorable. Perhaps not my favorite character type, but he really comes through in the end. Speaking of….

Politics dominate the narrative : Bike politics that is. Though it’d be funny to see them debating Republican vs Democrat or perhaps obamacare. *blinks* But I digress. No, I had real trouble getting into this book, and it took me quite a while to finish, which isn’t something that happens often. The beginning dragged some for me, and I think it was because I was distracted by the focus on the club and its tenuous position in Montana. I mean, there’s biker life, and then there’s biker politics. There’s violence, drug running, crooked/obsessed cops (Benson, you weird guy you) and on the WTF-ery scale it’s a 3, verging on 4 and that’s ok with me. But I’m not as interested in the obsession with which particular secondary club was going to patch over or under or whatever it was. I wanted more of the romance (as I always do), and it felt more about the club and retribution, and how to strengthen their position, etc.

The Bottom Line
It was a bit slow to start, but I ended up liking the story. I definitely liked the first book alot, and I’d visit Conundrum again.

**ARC provided by publisher via netgalley for review**

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970 reviews849 followers
August 5, 2020
3.5 stars

Another really enjoyable installment in the series. I don't know what it is about these books, but while I like them...I don't love them. I think it's something to do with the plot mechanics, because I love the romance and characters.

Romance: ★★★★
Plot development: ★★ 1/2
Characters: ★★★★

This is the second book in the Sinner Tribe Motorcycle Club (MC) series, but like most romances you ~technically~ could consider it a standalone. I would strongly recommend you read Rough Justice first, but you do you! (My review of Rough Justice here.)

Dawn is stuck—she fell in with a bad biker years ago, and when he threatened her and her twin girls, she knew she needed to get out. But her ex-husband, Jimmy, paid off the courts and declared her an unfit mother, so she was unable to stop him from holding her girls hostage. Years later and barely making ends meet, Dawn is in desperate need of an escape. She needs a new plan.

And then Jimmy tries to take Dawn back into the fold.

Cade is a member of the Sinner's Tribe MC, and he's used to his world of eat or be eaten—and he's content to be one of the top dogs in town with women at his fingertips. A few nights of passion with Dawn, though, and Cade finds he can't stop thinking about her. When he finds out about her problem with Jimmy, he realizes (to his surprise) that he can't let that stand.

It's time to save Dawn from the demon at the door, and Cade's the man for the job.

But Dawn has spent years trying to get out of the biker fold. She's not about to let another biker—especially one with the same outlaw values—coerce her into taking up the life again. When Jimmy forces her hand, though, Dawn realizes that its better to go with the devil you know...

My thoughts:
Fast paced, sexy, and filled with the good MC drama that the trope is known for, Beyond the Cut was a fun and fast read. I enjoyed it, and thought it was a very good follow up to the series opener.

That being said, I still couldn't get over the hurdle of "like" to "love" with this one. For one thing, the plot bothered me—the obstacles were pretty straightforward. I felt the plot as it stood could have been wrapped up a LOT sooner, so most of the story felt like filler waiting for the extremely easy-to-predict ending.

But, like I said with the first book, there's something in this series that keeps me coming back. I'll definitely finish it out, and do recommend it for other MC fans!

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July 14, 2015
The good girls always want the bad boys...
Me too! Sarah Castille has got the bad boy characters down to an art form. She has me panting in delight while reading all of her books. Whether they are sexy badass MMA fighters or sexy badass bikers they all have muscles and filthy mouths and big hearts. Get ready to be entertained, to escape the worries of the real world, to become a 'sinner'. I guarantee you're gonna love every minute you spend with the Sinner's Tribe MC. You'll be glued to your kindle from beginning to end, with the exception of potty breaks and 'time-outs' to 'cool-off' (wink-wink). And let me tell you, the cooling off won't be just for the heat factor when Cade is "taking care of business". You will need to cool down when Jimmy (aka Mad Dog) gets your temper heated up, you're gonna be a mad dog too! He's the reason that Dawn is so disillusioned with the biker world. He took everything that most would like about the biker lifestyle and twisted it, causing her to swear off having anything to do with it ever again. She is just trying to survive, struggling to make ends meet, working three jobs. Well, there was that brief moment of weakness...make that two nights of weakness...and hotness. You remember, right? When she met Cade in Rough Justice? She knew it was just one night. She knew that Cade had been voted Manwhore of the Year, and Most Sweet Butts in the Bed at One Time, and that he had researched beds big enough for six. She ran out after their one night, twice. But she never forgot the best sex she'd ever had. Neither did he. But, like I said, she wants no part of the biker lifestyle and Cade is all biker. It would be easier to forget him if he didn't keep popping up, right when she needed him. If he wasn't able to melt her resistance with a single smoldering look. If her clothes didn't fall off every time they were alone, and sometimes when they weren't. But, hey, there's no fun in easy, right? We like all the sexual tension, and the fights, and the making up, and the suspense as we wait for it. Yes, us readers enjoy the hell out of the love and the hate and the drama and the danger and the action and the surprises and the sweetness and the sexiness and the witty banter and the humor and the teases, the hints, the peeks that keep us looking forward to the next book in the series. We are slaves to our addiction, dependent upon the author, our dealer, to keep us strung out. Keep them coming, I'll be here, waiting, ready, willing, and flexing my itchy clicker.

Check it out here: http://goo.gl/fMcbRm
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May 23, 2016
*Complimentary ARC received from publisher via Netgalley

3.5 ★

Sarah is another author for me whose writing has not totally endeared itself to me yet there’s something there that makes me want to keep coming back.

Seeing that this is a 2nd Sarah read for me, I admit, it started rough as all the things that bugged me in my first read seem to be present here too, like the stilted dialogues (not all the time, mind you) and the prolonged hot/cold actions by the h (less so now at least, mind you). But I kept reading because I also remembered the things I liked, like the heat b/w the H&h and the H himself who Sarah, I find, manages to imbue with enough shades of swoonalicious, just saying *g*

I remember liking Dawn in the first book. I remember liking Cade. I remember liking Dawn and Cade together. I started not liking Dawn as the story progressed, but luckily, I felt she smartened up enough to realize certain things. I remember her being quite feisty in the first book which is why I was looking forward to this one, but I didn’t like her thoughts/actions as much here especially when dealing with people in her past. I understand what’s at stake but it almost felt stupid the way she dealt with some people and her antagonism towards Cade felt misdirected at times. Now Dawn and Cade together, yup, still smoking hawt! And Cade, Cade I like him even more here now. Dude just knows what to say and do in his own alpha ways.

Also, as gritty as the first book in the series is, this has a grittier feel for me, especially when I think of some of the events. And really, putting it all together, it would’ve so totally worked for me, if only Sarah didn’t get heavy-handed with the h’s waffling, some of the H’s emo moments, and the way the villains were painted which almost felt caricature-ish at times. That’s how it came across to me anyways. My issues, I’m finding, are not necessarily with the story line itself but more with the execution, which in my mind can always be worked on. Will I keep reading Sarah’s books? I wasn’t sure before, but now, I’m almost certain I will.
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May 15, 2015
This is the second book in the Sinner Tribe Motorcycle Club series but truthfully works as a standalone which was a relief as I've only recently discovered this author! I do enjoy dipping into these MC type books and it's quite easy to get drawn into the world that Ms Castille has created. It's without doubt a violent world depicted but there's a strong sense of "brotherhood " and as this story progressed we saw more and more of just how the dynamics work.
Dawn has escaped her abusive ex husband Jimmy and the Club he rides for but through underhand tactics he managed to convince the judge that their twin daughters belong with him. Dawn works three jobs in order to be able to spend time with her beloved girls but has no time for romance or does she? A year ago Cade spent two hot nights with Dawn in his arms and has quietly been watching out for her ever since. Dawn has enough on her plate without getting involved with another biker but this cocky bad boy is determined to literally charm the pants off her! Dawn is independent and has no intention of bowing down ever again but fate steps in and just throws this couple together and the fiercely protective Cade is everything Dawn needs and so much more!
It took me a while to really connect with these characters if honest but it's well written with plenty of good dialogue. Yes it's a hot romance but there's also the tricky issue of Dawns twin daughters Tia and Maia and truthfully the scenes with them are beautiful. Cade's interactions with them steal the show and really make this a fabulous book to read. Add in two (yes two!) rival motorbike gangs and the suspense and action just keeps coming. Yes Dawn is strong and as a mother torn but she does make mistakes and I really felt for her. Cade you beautiful passionate man you really needed someone to challenge your alpha male ideas but I forgive you as you truly redeem yourself when confronted by seven year old cuteness! Interesting supporting characters added to the enjoyment and an ideal read for those who enjoy gritty MC stories.
I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review
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June 2, 2015
I became a fan of Sarah Castille's writing when I first read "Against The Ropes" and so far with this new series Sinner's Tribe MC she hasn't disappointed.
In fact, I think her writing simply becomes better with every book she puts out.

"Beyond The Cut" is the story of Dawn and Cade, a couple who've 'hooked up' twice in the past, created fireworks and permanently lodged themselves in the other's memory. Dawn walks away. Twice. She has good reason given her history with MC-life. Cade is firmly embedded in 'the life' and Dawn can't seem to see beyond it. A stale mate of sorts.
But when their lives intersect again, and Dawn's sordid history with 'Mad Dog' comes back to haunt her, Cade makes his move. Mad Dog is threatening not only Dawn, but the Sinners as well. Getting Dawn to see Cade and the Sinner's MC as allies instead of just another 'enemy', is not an easy task. But his persistence is too hard to resist for Dawn, who needs all the help she can get to stay out of the clutches of her ex. Even if it comes in the form of Cade and his MC.

Many MC series are written and with a bit of a market 'overload' in which sadly few of them are written well, Sarah Castille's Sinner's series is a bright light, raising the bar substantially when it comes to this particular genre.
Flawless writing, believable characters and an airtight storyline make this one of my favorites in the MC genre.

Even if the MC world is not something you would normally be interested in, I'd still highly recommend reading Beyond The Cut. It's simply that good a story.
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November 7, 2018
I liked book 1 in this series but I've paused both book 2 and 3 for now.
In this book I did not like Dawn, I found her slutty and an uncaring and incompetent mom which is a hell f**king no in my book. With all the danger to her and the kids because of Jimmy even thinking she'd moved on with Cade her being around him, riding off in a high speed chase and shooting behind guys then stopping to have sex just made me want to reach into the book and strangle her. She was very contradictory with her decisions to not be with another biker then being quick to hop on Cade's dick....... definitely not a fan.In the year between having 2 separate one night stands with Cade and present it's said that she slept with other guys in between,yet of course no one made her burn as Cade does 🤦
Cade of course was a manwhore, he too slept with others( maybe they'd have mutual STDs) during their time apart apparently but again no one does it for him as she did.
At probably about 30% and already hating both mcs I was still reading on until they made the decision to patch over the Brethen. The very club of which Dawn's ex is the VP, he is declared untouchable for now never mind that he'd kidnapped Cade and beaten him up.Then Jagger announced that the club wouldn't be able to help Dawn. This is the same Dawn who is his wife's best friend and stood by her so much in book 1.At this point I wanted to strangle Jagger too so I had to put a pause to this book before I cracked my Kindle.

To be continued............maybe
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May 14, 2015
Review for Beyond the Cut (Sinner’s Tribe MC #2) by Sarah Castille

Beyond the Cut is book two in the Sinner’s Tribe MC series by Sarah Castille, it can be read as a stand-alone, but because of the continuation of the conflict between the different MCs. You’ll appreciate Beyond the Cut’s storyline more if you’ve started from the beginning.

Oh, Miss Castille, you never cease to amaze me with your words. This book has all of the grit and alpha male goodness that one comes to expect in an MC novel, yet has a sweet and emotional romance tied into it which provides a perfect balance. Cade is every bit the bad boy biker and manwhore, big time. Then he reunites with Dawn and everything starts to fall to pieces around him. Literally.

Dawn is a heartbreaker. This chick is a survivor. There isn’t a single moment where I stopped rooting for her and her happily ever after. There are times she frustrated me, but then I remember her past and forgive her for everything.

Everything from character development to storyline is perfectly executed. There is subject matter that may be a trigger to some readers so please tread carefully if you are sensitive to violence. If you enjoy suspense, romance, and alpha heroes then scoop this book up now you won’t be sorry! Five heartbreakingly emotional stars and five drenched panties. A must for all MC readers!

ARC Review by Miranda at Mommy’s a Book Whore.
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May 5, 2015
Case is a protective man, "how the eff am I supposed to get it together when I walk in here and see your face all banged up? I don’t see you for one day and look what happens." Sometimes Dawn has to put her man in his place, "you have a wet old lady. Soon to be a pi**ed-off old lady who will be closing the heavenly gates if you don’t get down to business." Dawn's kids I loved they were entertaining, "why is he sleeping in your bed?” Maia asked. She could feel Cade chuckling behind her, his chest warm against her back." I enjoyed this book I loved Cade I loved Dawn's kids to me those two made the book.
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June 7, 2015
This was another Good MC read loved the main characters and the over all flow of the story..
It was Hot and had some violence going on..
BUT there were a few things that bothered me though - Jagger not making a few calls he should have and somethings just felt out of contents for me..
It all ended as it should and I am definitely picking up the next in this series!

Blog Review Here..
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June 10, 2015
Cade is truly the perfect biker book boyfriend...... this sexy alpha is the total biker package & I just love him. Dawn is finally an awesome heroine who stood her own against rough bikers n tough circumstances. Cade & Dawn really belong together & deserve an extremely HEA!! Bring on Zane's story next!!!!
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June 1, 2015

4 1 loved Cade Stars!

Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of St. Martin's via NetGalley

Once an old lady always an old lady.

Dawn has vowed never to return to the MC life.  Especially after her nasty ex Jimmy “Mad Dog” Sanchez.   But that's easier said than done.  Cade and Dawn have had a brief tryst but can't get each other out of their minds.  However, that didn't stop Cade from still sampling all the goods laid in front of him.  Dawn is trying to do the civilian thing and win her girls back from Jimmy but he's not playing fair.  Now she needs the help of Cade and the Sinner's. 

Cade has his own issues but what he knows and loves is the Sinner's no matter what.  Now that Dawn is back in the picture he starts to want different things.  But that's not always easy when the situation with Dawn has brought on a MC war.  Now he's torn between his brothers and his girl.

"Lotsa brothers got just one girl.  Why not me?"

"'Cause you're you,"  Gunner said.  "Voted 'Least Likely Ever to Settle Down' five years in a row.  Winner of the 'Most Sweet Butts in the Bed at One Time' prize.  'Biker Manwhore of the Year' prize.  Author of "how to Get Laid in Less than Thirty seconds and Leave Your Friend Drinking Alone at the Bar.'  The man who researched beds big enough for six. The list goes on."

Dawn keeps trying to stay away but can't.   Cade's different. He's sweet and charming and he would never hurt her like Jimmy did but that still doesn't make her trust easily.  Cade knows what he wants so now he just has to convince Dawn to come back this world.   He will do whatever it takes to make Dawn and her girls safe.

"I'm saying I'm here for you.  Anything I am and anything I have is yours.  However you want to deal with this situation, I'm on board.  And when we both get what we want, when you've got your girls, and I've got justice, I'm not gonna let you go."

Dawn puts up a good fight but just can't especially when the Sinner's are her key to freedom where it comes to her and her girls.  She knows Cade is different but what can it mean?  Can she be happy in this world when she's not forced to be there?

"That's sweet in a fucked-up-violent-biker-gets-revenge kinda way."

Cade's willing to give up everything for Dawn no matter what, but maybe he can have both his brothers and his girls.  Cade may be a bad ass MC but he's still sweet to the core under his killing machine persona. Dawn tried to be someone different but once an old lady always an old lady.

"You trying to turn me on, babe? 'Cause I'll let you know a secret.  That fire of yours, when it gets going, makes me hot like nothing else.  Nothing a biker likes more than soft and sweet with a sassy inside."

Gah! I loved Cade and his sweet heart.  He's may not be perfect but he's perfect for Dawn and her girls.  Enough to make her trust and take the leap.  They all make such a cute family that you can't help but love them all together.

"You are mine," he whispered.  "Mine to hold.  Mine to protect.  Mine to love."

There was a bit of running and assumptions in this book but it was well balanced with drama, suspense, bad asses, steam and love.  

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May 21, 2015

3.5 stars.

Dawn has had it with bikers, she's done with the lot of them, she used to be an old lady and look where that got her, divorced and without her kids. She now pays a fortune just to see her two girls for a few hours a week after her ex Jimmy 'Mad Dog' Sanchez set her up and gained custody himself even though he doesn't want or even like his daughters. The girls Maia and Tia are left with their Aunt Shelly-Ann who uses them to extort ever increasing amounts of money from Dawn just to see them for a few hours.
Cade is a biker and despite Dawn swearing off the lot of them Cade is hard to resist and she does love a bad boy but after a two night fling she knew she had to get away and that's exactly what she did, this doesn't mean she doesn't still want him but she can't go down that road again.
Cade has no problem with women or he didn't before Dawn, in his own words "Never had a woman refuse to see me again.....Interesting experience. Not one I'm keen to repeat."
Despite her leaving him Cade's not finished with her yet, he wants a little more and that little more is going to complicate his life more than he could ever have imagined.
I have very mixed feeling about this book, I loved the previous one 'Rough Justice' and there's a lot I really liked about this one too but there's also a lot I didn't.
I loved most of the characters particularly Arianne, Banks (I know he's not a biker but I would love it if he got his own book or novella.....please) Gunner, Zane and of course Cade who wouldn't love Cade. I liked the humour that comes from knowing someone well, there's so many parts that made me smile and while I don't generally fill my review with quotes I couldn't resist the one below when Cade mentions he has a girl:

"Your girl" (Jagger)
"You have a girl? What does that mean in Cade speak?.......Just one?" (Zane)
"Lotsa brothers got just one girl. Why not me?" (Cade)
"Cause you're you," Gunner said "Voted 'Least Likely Ever to Settle Down' five years in a row. Winner of the 'Most Sweet Butts in the Bed at One Time' prize. 'Biker Manwhore of the Year.' Author of 'How to Get Laid in Less than Thirty Seconds and Leave Your Friend Drinking Alone at the Bar.' The man who researched beds big enough for six. The list goes on."

See what I mean, there's a lot to like here but, initially I felt annoyed that Dawn had allowed her life to become such a mess but then as we discover more about her past we understand that ultimately she had no choice, she'd been dealt a very bad hand and was playing it the best she could....or was she, she continued to make some very dubious decisions.
I felt such a sense of frustration to the extent where it started spoiling the book for me, I felt frustrated that Mad Dog was left to do as he liked and Shelly-Ann was ripping Dawn off and she was paying it over and over again and while you can argue she had no choice it still annoyed the hell out of me.
I found myself skimming parts of this towards the middle but then it picks up about 60 - 70% in and I really enjoyed the end and I absolutely loved seeing Cade with Maia and Tia.
I finished this book last night and since then I've been trying to work out why it didn't fully work for me, yes parts of it I found frustrating and annoying but I think it comes back to Dawn I just didn't like her enough.
Despite the fact that I don't like including spoilers I can't explain what I mean without them, so look away now if you haven't read the book.

########## SPOILERS ########

Dawn knows she's in danger she knows her ex is after her but when she finishes her shift she walks out to catch the last bus alone....and yes you can guess how that worked out.
Then when her ex catches her and her daughter's at home and starts dragging Dawn from the house leaving the girls he doesn't want behind, then knowing he hates the girls, knowing that he's cruel, evil and sadistic Dawn unbelievably says "Please. Don't leave them. They're too little to be left on their own.......Please, Jimmy. Let them come with us......" WHAT....is she crazy a mother is supposed to protect her children not try to drag them into hell and this I think was the point of no return for me, I was struggling with Dawn as it was but after this I was done.

I received ARC copy via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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2,440 reviews41 followers
May 30, 2015
Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarain I Dig Good Books.

Dawn ran from an abusive uncle, to the streets and then to Jimmy's arms and his bed. Turns out, it was a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire. Now she has to buy time with her twin girls, who Jimmy managed to gain custody of by playing dirty, and is barely holding it together. Last thing she needs is a man, much less an Sinners man. But Cade worms his way in. Two nights with Dawn wasn't enough, he's not sure what he wants, he just knows he wants more. When Dawn and her girls are threatened by Jimmy and his rival MC club, Cade may well have to leave the Sinners to save Dawn.

This follows on from Rough Justice, but its not necessary to have read Rough Justice, but it helps. It will give you a better reader experience, if you do though.

Dawn's experience at Jimmy's hand is dark and deadly and is difficult reading. That she finds the courage to stand up to him shows what an extraordinarily strong woman she is. That she knows she can't do it by herself anymore, that she goes to Cade and, more importantly, the Sinners for the help she needs, shows how far she will go, and what she will do to get her girls back. Cade is, in my opinion, in love with Dawn from those very first two nights a year ago. She makes him feel, makes him question, makes him want to settle down and have the family life he never had, with Dawn, and yes, with her girls too.

Its dark and deadly and again, pulls no punches. Gun running, drugs, gambling, prostitution, abuse, blackmail and murder are all in this book. It makes for difficult reading in places, but thats not a bad thing, not at all.

I wasn't able to read this book in one sitting, as I planned, Life got in the way! But it means I found I did not enjoy it as much as Rough Justice HOWEVER I'm not deducting anything off for that, its not the book's fault, and I do plan to *wait for it, wait for it....* re-read *GASP!!!* this at some point, and in one sitting, and stuff life at that point! I am not a re-reader, so for me to say that, its a good thing. I just need to find the time.

I am sooooooo looking forward to Zane's story, which is next. I desperately need to know what happened to him, who hurt him so badly, and who manages to gain the heart that so badly needs love.

5 full stars

**same review will appear on Goodreads, Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk**
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May 13, 2015
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.

Dawn ran away from an abusive home situation, deciding nothing else could be worse. Only it could. Jimmy "Mad dog" Sanchez lured her into his life with promises to make her life better. After a few years she became pregnant and he tried to beat the babies from her but it didn't work and she had her twin girls. After putting up with Jimmy's abuse for close to 10 years she finally decided she'd had enough and left him. When she wouldn't come back, he went after her the way he knew would hurt her and had the twins taken away from her, setting her up with a videotape of her buying drugs, which she wasn't. The twins were staying with his sister, another whack job, and she was making Dawn pay her to see her kids.

Dawn had been with a man or 2 but never for more than one night When she met Cade, that changed. She was actually with him for 2 nights and then she refused to see him. He was a biker( different MC) also, like her ex-husband, and she swore she would never be in that lifestyle again.

Cade never stopped thinking about her. A year later he sees her at the twins school and stops. He sees her fighting with Jimmy's sister about money and seeing the kids and later she tells him a bit about what is going on. He has decided he won't let her go again, he wants to protect her and her girls.

When her ex gets word that she has been seen with Cade, he steps up with trying to bring her back home, however he has to do it.

Will she finally get away from Jimmy and get her girls back? Will Cade win her heart?

I liked this book, it was a very good read. I have no first hand knowledge of a Outlaw Motorcycle club but I know it's a rough life, often violent. It was very well depicted in this book and I feel like I got an idea of how it could be. Being in a MC is becoming a "brother" and brothers take care of one another.

As a mother, I could certainly feels Dawn's pain at having her kids taken away. What's even sadder is that Jimmy hated them and he told them when he saw them. She was grasping at straws because the legal system wasn't helping her but could the illegal? As in the MC?

I would recommend this book. I really enjoyed it and didn't want to stop, even when I found myself nodding off! I am looking forward to more stories about the biker men!
1,812 reviews54 followers
May 11, 2015
Advanced Readers Copy Courtesy of Netgalley...:)

I have to start off by saying that this is fast turning into one of the better MC series out there....and that is high praise when you consider just how many are out there at the moment....the book world seems to be flooded with them, yet Sarah Castille is slowing blowing them all out the water.

This is the second book in this nitty/gritty series and its about Cade and Dawn. Now you will remember these 2, as Dawn is best friends with the heroine from the fist book and Cade, well he was described as looking like Thor in the first book....and let me say YUM!!! It was sure fun to picture Thor, the whole time I read this one.....

Now Dawn has found herself in a tough spot. Her douchebag ex husband has taken her twin daughters away from her, by setting her up and making it look like she is a bad mother. He is in a rival MC club to the Sinners and he is real asshole....no two ways about it. He treated Dawn like dirt when she was with him, and when she got out of that world, she vowed never to go back....She was done with being a Old Lady and that was that.

Cade cant get Dawn out of his mind. Even though he had 2 nights with her a year ago this manwhore of note, still craves Dawn like you cant believe.

When fate throws the 2 of them back together, will Cade be able to convince Dawn to give MC life another go with him, and will Dawn be able to get rid of her ex and get her girls back.

I really loved this one, and I like how there is no pretense with the Sinners. They are who they are, and they skirt the law as they see fit....This is definitely a more grittier MC than some out there....

I cannot wait for the 3rd book, because holy hell its going to be Zane's story and ooohh boy is it gonna be a good one, from the little snipped at the end....Bring it On!!!
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June 6, 2015

So, let me tell you how much I knew I was going to love this story. I preordered it immediately after reading Rough Justice, and then, when it was listed on Netgalley, I requested it. Soooo, I have two copies of this amazing book! Lucky me! Now, if only I could have another copy of myself so I could read it again, and again, and again :)

Cade and Dawn were great together. They spent two nights together and then didn't see each other for the next year. But that doesn't mean they didn't think about each other. Well, when they finally meet up again, sparks still fly between them. However, Dawn has a LOT of stuff going on. She has a horrible ex who managed to get custody of their kids and pawned them off to his sister. This horrible ex also happens to be in a rival biker club of the Sinners.

I get the whole club loyalty thing. I do. But I wanted to throw my Kindle several times cause Cade's loyalty to his club kept putting Dawn in danger and Jagger wouldn't let Cade do anything to Jimmy (aka Mad Dog, who is Dawn's ex). Cade deserved retribution. Not just for Dawn, but for what was done to him, and Jagger kept telling him to hold off. That just irritated me beyond belief! When Cade finally gave his cut to Jagger to go after Mad Dog and save Dawn I actually cheered out loud!! Thankfully, my kids have learned to overlook these types of outbursts while I'm reading ;)

Needless to say, I loved the way it ended (I'm keeping my lips zipped on that LOL). I'm so thrilled that Zane is getting the next book. I can't wait to see what happened that made him the way he is. And was that little snippet during the epilogue a true hint of things that might be coming????

Sarah Castille is an amazing writer and I love the world she has created. Thank you, Sarah! Amazing job!
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