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Postcards from Asgard

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Magic goats are a lot more trouble than they're worth.

Ordinarily, Gwen likes goats, even makes her living by milking them, but these two are some kind of devil-spawn, and one of them is pawing the ground, horns aimed at her guts. The fact that they were followed by a blonde farmhand with a much too charming smile isn’t all that much of an improvement, either.

But Thjalfi makes himself useful. He's lean and smart, with a warmth in his pale blue eyes that makes her shiver, and she can't deny that he has a way with her horses. He seems to have a way with her, too.

There's just one problem: Thjalfi's a slave, a bondservant to the god of thunder, Thor, and no matter how far they fall in love, he can't stay.

But this so-called god who owns him? He’s about to learn just how far a Midwestern girl will go to free the boy she loves.

175 pages, Kindle Edition

First published November 27, 2014

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About the author

Amalia Dillin

27 books286 followers
Amalia Dillin began as a Biology major before taking Latin and falling in love with old heroes and older gods. After that, she couldn't stop writing about them, with the occasional break for more contemporary subjects. She lives in upstate New York with her husband, and dreams of the day when she will own goats--to pull her chariot through the sky, of course.

Amalia is the author of the Fate of the Gods trilogy, and the Orc Saga, beginning with HONOR AMONG ORCS. She also writes historical fiction under the name Amalia Carosella.

You can find links to all her work online at http://blog.amaliadillin.com/p/public...

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924 reviews602 followers
March 16, 2019
New adult fantasy/mythology is decidedly outside my usual stomping grounds, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying this charmingly amusing play on Norse mythology.

At one hundred and eighty-two pages, the book is a quick read that highlights the author’s humor and creativity. The romance is swift to develop, but I found the characterizations well-drawn and liked how Dillin used the story to showcase her take on the ancient legends.
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Author 49 books264 followers
May 21, 2015
I love Norse mythology and retellings so I was thrilled to be given an ARC to read and review.

Author Amalia Dillin had me at the dedication. Because Thor. That hammer. Right?! No doubt.

As I dove into Gwen's story I found the writing to be clear, concise, and crisp. There weren't any wasted or frivolous words which made reading highly enjoyable. Dillin painted a world rooted in our own and colored with the fantastical. The magic woven through out was beautifully done.

I loved Gwen's world; her big sky farm life, grit, and stubborness. She came across as authentic and lovable. Then there was Thjalfi- dreamy and brawny and he cooked. Humor kept the mood in check.

Dillin also skillfully incorporated the pronunciation coaching for the Norse words into the story broadening the reading experience.

Thjalfi's story of the old world was fascinating and heart rending, which had me rooting for Gwen and her Norseman

I adored the sweet, quiet moments on the farm and all that came after ;)

This is an indie author winner and I strongly recommend for those who enjoy mythology set in the modern world. (And the editing was impeccable!)
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86 reviews1 follower
September 1, 2014
I was eternally lucky enough to be given an ARC of this marvellous novella, and I am honoured to be able to give it a glowing review. ♥

Gwen is a normal, unremarkable Midwestern girl. She rides horses, raises goats, makes soap and cheese. So when she discovers two goats from hell doing their best to destroy her barn, and receives a mysterious postcard from their apparent owner, she is understandably angry. Even when they are followed by a farmhand with the looks of a Norse god and the manners of a knight in shining armour, she is still less than impressed. If you want to know what happens next, you'll just have to read the book. ;)

If you can read this and not fall head over heels in love with Thjalfi and/or Gwen, you are clearly a stronger person than me. As with all her books, Amalia's characterisation leaps off the page/screen. Reading her words is like watching the best kind of movie. She knows just how to fire your imagination.

The perfect novella for anyone who wants to escape real life for a while!!
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2,324 reviews33 followers
December 27, 2014
I am in love with Amalia's writing. Everything of hers that I pick up I don't want to put down until I'm done with it. This book was no exception. It's a short read, but it doesn't feel incomplete or underdeveloped like many novellas feel. I love the characterization, the goats, the postcards. A fun read that's totally satisfying.
Profile Image for Charlene.
470 reviews
March 29, 2019
this is a cute short story. Supposedly Thor's war goats have gotten loose and he sends his hunky servant to collect them and right any wrongs. And the postcard delivers the messages to and from Thor to Gwen. It is really quite diverting and to read how Gwen handles this or not is funny. But in the end she become a believer and we all get our HEA.
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Author 68 books299 followers
May 31, 2016
3.5 stars

Ha! This was a cute novella. I'd give it a four, except that I'm not a big fan of "love at first sight, let's get married" - even though it does work for the story.

Loads of Norse fun, plus goats. You can't go wrong with goats.
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Author 7 books53 followers
June 25, 2018
Postcards from Asgard was charming. I was amazed at how much I learned about goats, farm life and Norse gods. I'm excited to read more from Amalia Dillin.
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189 reviews26 followers
February 8, 2015
Thjalfi is a minor character from the Prose Edda (and an even more minor character in the Poetic Edda) but Dillin took the character and definitely made him her own. She turns him into a charming farmhand who surprisingly turned out to be a deep thinker and loyal. Not to mention he sounds easy on the eyes.

Gwen is a hard working farm-girl who is as stubborn as the goats she milks. She’s completely independent and comfortable with her lifestyle tending to her goats, horses, chickens, and cats.

The two characters as a couple are very well matched. Thjalfi is very giving and Gwen is very stubborn which makes for an interesting pair. The romance starts off tentative but turns sure and sweet.

The goats, Blender and Masher, sealed the deal for me. They are horrible, demonic monstrosities that add so much humor to the story and actions cause emotional situations between the characters that I couldn’t help but love the beasts.

Dillin also incorporated a small guide to pronounce Icelandic/Norse words without it sounding like an information dump! Information dumps are hard for authors to avoid when need-to-know information has to make the story and somehow still be seamless.

Overall, Postcards From Asgard defiantly satisfied my love for Norse Mythology and in a modern, non-superhero fashion! I recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the old Norse myths and wouldn’t mind hearing them with a twist, or for paranormal romance readers in general.

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1,591 reviews48 followers
July 21, 2021
I'm not usually a big romance fan, but I rally enjoyed this book. I mean, there was sexy language learning and magic postcards and angry goats and Thor. How could this be bad? Very fun story :D
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Author 5 books2 followers
November 29, 2016
Cute little story with a fun twist in the form of the postcards.
January 26, 2023
A great introduction to Amalia's Asgardian stories. This novella is short, sweet, with a hint of spicy. Thjalfi is so sweet and earnest, Gwen is no-nonsense and so very relatable. Her exasperation with Thor's war goats is palpable and hilarious. While I wished that they'd been given a bit more time to breathe as characters on the page, knowing that there was a full length novel waiting for me after this made the relatively speedy introduction to Asgard and its magic a fun dip into the world and I can't wait to get back to it!
Profile Image for Jan.
4,932 reviews57 followers
October 8, 2019
Where are you from? Canada? Minnesota? Who knows what they get up to in Minnesota?
And then there's the postcard that keeps putting itself back together and with a new message. It's a fine fun fantasy romance for this Wisconsin Norse!
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96 reviews7 followers
February 22, 2020
This is a short, but beautiful combination of Norse mythology and romance, with a tough as nails heroine to root for. Moreover, no knowledge of Norse myths is required to enjoy this lovely novella, as the author manages to introduce fascinating facts without making it a boring info dump.
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122 reviews
August 9, 2021
Good story

Enjoyed the well written story with its links to the Gods of Asgard - I even looked up the story of Thjalfi. Nice, gentle read.
13 reviews4 followers
August 4, 2021

I do love a good story about myth and magic. A nice love story that made !y cry made it a good book to read.
28 reviews
March 2, 2015
Thor is so yummy :) I have enjoyed this story through several edits and I still love the goats.

Profile Image for Marti.
164 reviews
March 12, 2019
A very sweet novella. I'm not a huge fan of instalove but it's hard to have it another way in a romance novella.
October 9, 2019
Worth the read

It was so amazing how you felt like you was there on the farm with her. It’s a Unique take on the gods n how they look or act. Loved it.
37 reviews
November 10, 2015
Another good story

I love her stories. Good character development, nice plot lines, good flow. My only complaint was that I was checking my progress on my kindle and it looked like I was at 75%. Then all of the sudden, the story was over! The rest of the book was excerpts from the author's other books. I was left wanting more.
Profile Image for Jami.
537 reviews7 followers
February 16, 2015
Fun little romp, though the MC rather made me roll my eyes a lot. Eh, for a fun little book I snagged as a freebie, worth the day of intermittent reading time.
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