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The V-Spot

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How hot is your night going to get? Take the quiz and find out!

1. You're a curvy, cute and practical nurse, ready to unleash your inner naughty nymphette for your 25th birthday. You start with...
a. Chocolate cake.
b. Champagne. Lots of it.
c. A blind date set up by your daring best friend.

2. Your guy turns out to be popular (and insanely hot) wrestler Brody "The Bull" Bullock. You...
a. Run for the door.
b. Admire his hotness, then run for the door.
c. Imagine him naked.

3. You're meeting Brody at The V-Spot, a "Voyeur Motel." What are you wearing?
a. A cute sundress with wedge sandals
b. You're not going anywhere without Spanx
c. Doesn't matter. Brody is sexy enough that it's all coming off!

If you selected all of the above, you're in for the night of your life....

84 pages, ebook

First published January 1, 2014

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About the author

Wendy S. Marcus

70 books266 followers
Wendy S. Marcus is an award-winning author of contemporary romance who lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley region of New York...where she spends way too much time indoors on her computer. Writing. Really! Okay, more like…where she spends way too much time on Twitter and Facebook! To learn more about Wendy and the books she’s managed to write, in spite of her social media addiction, visit http://WendySMarcus.com.

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736 reviews374 followers
August 13, 2016

Hot, sexy, but amazingly sweet!

This was my first book from this author so I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I went into this novella blind but came out with a big smile on my face. From the very first page, I was literally pulled into the story and it had me hooked from chapter one right through to the end.

In this book, you’ll meet Emma Master, a size 16 pediatric nurse, and Brody “The Bull” Bullock, a sexy professional wrestler.

On her twenty-fifth birthday, Emma was set up on a blind date by her best friend, Sadie, at The V-Spot, a voyeur motel. And since it was her birthday, she planned to do exciting things she’d never done before, like having one night of wild sex with stranger. No questions. No seeing each other again.

After standing alone, waiting for forty-five minutes for her date, she thought she got stood up and started to head home. But then out of the blue, Brody, the last person on earth she expected to see that night, just stood in the doorway. She didn’t want him to see her in a place like this, but the moment he spotted her, he smiled like he expected to see her there. Just then she came to realize that he was her date. She couldn’t believe her friend would set her up with Brody because guys like him never paid attention to fat women like her. She thought this had to be some kind of prank and there was no way she would have sex with him, not to mention letting him see her naked.

Brody was tired of women who were only interested in his celebrity status rather than in him. He wanted someone to truly care about him and want him just the way he was. He first met Emma at the hospital where he routinely visited her pediatric floor to entertain the children. The more he saw her treat her patients with kindness, the stronger his attraction to her grew.

About a month before Emma’s birthday, he overheard her talking to her friend about her special plan, he secretly convinced Sadie that he would make Emma’s night the best night ever. And he’d made a promise to himself that he would use this opportunity to prove to her that he wasn’t a man she thought he was, and to prove that he was a perfect man for her.

After watching all sexual intercourse that took place in ten exhibitionist rooms, Emma gave in to her own desire to do some of those things with Brody. They had scorching hot night together in which both of them didn’t want it to end. They felt the bond between them, but somehow true love wasn’t that easy. How can Brody make Emma believe in his love for her?

I found myself thoroughly enjoying reading this novella. Brody totally won me over with his sweetness, tenderness, and kindness. The story moved along at a nice pace, and it was very well-written and entertaining. The ending was surprisingly impressive and reasonable that I couldn’t help but agree with Emma that Brody is such a thoughtful person.

My only complaint was Emma’s attitude toward herself. I didn't like that she never felt happy with her body. She thought that Brody was absolutely out of her league and he would never be interested in her because she’s fat, which in fact, wasn��t true. It made me sad that she thought so low about herself.

All in all, this was a lovely, sexy, quick, and fun read. Highly recommended!
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Author 33 books122 followers
October 3, 2014
This is the story of Emma who is a very efficient nurse but has struggled a little...a lot...in her personal life because she is a little more than cuddly.

Her best friend Sadie...attractive best friend...wants her to have a great birthday treat with maybe a little hot smexy thrown in.

The V-Spot is where it's all going to happen. Sadie's choice but hey, the blind date is a one off so maybe something a little kinky will help get things going.

Except it doesn't start off well when Brodie is late. Emma's self esteem is already at an all time low when he arrives and she recognises him as sizzling hot celebrity wrestler, The Bull. Worse still, she knows him from the visits he makes to her children's ward at her hospital.

I was a little wary at the choice of venue but it worked well for a blind date between two people who don't really know each other but had put some smex on the menu for the date. It gave them a chance to find out a little about each other and about their sexual tastes before the big event...though when Brodie is recognised...it may be all over.

This was actually a very sweet story with lots of emotions despite the short length. The smexy, though hot, never overwhelmed and I liked the combination of Emma and Brodie. Nicely done. It's good to read more from this author who wrote some unique and compelling Medicals for Harlequin Mills & Boon prior to this.

Oh...the disclaimer...I got this free from the author because she dedicated it to me to thank me for retweeting about her fantastic books...I know who the winner is here...
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490 reviews35 followers
October 9, 2014
2.5 Stars for me, personally....A decent read, but not quite what I expected. If you are into stories with a very plus-sized lead female, this will be fine for you. I didn't necessarily think that the 'curvy' mentioned in the synopsis meant there were a lot of body image issues involved. I think that the intimate scenes lost a lot steam, because Emma was worried about her extra weight. I just wasn't engaged. This was a good read for the right audience, though!
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Author 25 books402 followers
September 26, 2014
I really enjoyed this quick, sexy read! I was drawn to this book the second I saw the cover and the story did not disappoint! Emma is just a normal girl looking for a little adventure on her birthday and Brody is only too happy to be the one to take her for a ride. Together they definitely earned their "Red Hot Read" status. Highly recommend this quick, satisfying, and super steamy book!
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758 reviews76 followers
September 14, 2014
Let's start off my giving you a short description of our heroine in this read. Emma is a curvy, cute and practical nurse, so life is not exactly off the charts hot every day. Now for a little quiz.

It's Emma's 25 th birthday and she wants to spice up her night and unleash her inner naughty nymphette just for the night, does she start with :

a. Chocolate Cake
b. Champagne, and I mean lots of it
c. A blind date set up by her best but very daring friend

She makes selection C, but when he turns out to be the very popular and insanely hot wrestler Brody " The Bull" Bullock what does Emma do?

a. Run for the door
b. Admire his hotness and then run for the door
c. Imagine him naked and her begging him to take her over and over again

She again hits the C spot or rather the V Spot, for this is where they will be meeting and it ain't no regular club, this is where reality stays outside and fantasy comes to life.

Emma is in the for the night of her life, but will be able to go back to being practical Emma again in the morning or will wild and naughty Emma come out to play some more?

This was a short yet very powerful and super hot read. I have always loved this author's writing style but of course seeing a erotic glimpse in her previous books I have always wondered if I would still feel the same way about her writing if she let's loose and hits all the dirty spots.

I can with all honesty say she was unleashed and it totally worked out perfectly! The read was as hot as can be, and with that super special form of sentiment mixed in that made this one heck of a read.

I adored the hero, so sweet, so kind and so in touch with Emma's emotions it brought me to tears and I fell for this man hook, line and sinker. Emma was such an almost too sad character that she broke my heart, I really wanted to somehow tell her that it does not matter what she looks like , it's more important what's on the inside, so of course I was over the moon delighted when the author let the hero bring that message home for Emma.

But if from my above mentioned lines you're thinking this book is a too hot and heavy erotica read with too much sappy romance sentiment you could not be more wrong, this read was the perfect balance of hot and sweet and the perfect escape into a wilder and naughtier side of life.

Oh and before I sign off I 'll wet your appetite by saying, Brody " The Bull" didn't get that name by only being a wrestler, he has a secret of his own.

4.5 star review
" Forget the G-spot the V is where's it's all happening"
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723 reviews19 followers
October 23, 2014
October 2014 new release by Cosmo Hot Reads by Harlequin.

Good golly Miss Molly. Is it getting hot in here or is that just summer hitting my part of the world! Turn that fan on because I need an ice tea to cool down after reading this little gem! Cosmo Hot Reads are not called Cosmo Hot Reads for nothing!!!

Plus size Emma, (Nurse by day, newbee-voyer by night) is out celebrating her 25th birthday but not in the usual way, no! She's at the V-Spot - about to embark on a blind date - litterally a blind date due to the masks that all visitors must wear. The V-Spot is a Voyers Club where couples go and watch other couples.

With her knees already shaking Emma is mortified when handsome, hot and giant 6-pack wrester Brody noisily arrives. Surely he cant be her blind date! Emma makes a mental note to never let her best friend talk her into anything ever again. Side-tracked by a medical emergency Emma assists then hightails it out of there. No way does she want Brody knowing it's her. They see each other during the day enough times when Brody is visiting her hospital, granting wishes for sick kids.

What Emma doesn't know is Brody is haaaawwwt for her *cue fan* and coaxes her out and back into the club. From there they embark on the path of voyers with sizzling results!

What I liked about this fun, fast paced, attention grabbing hot read was how real Emma is. She's plus size, not just "curves" but actually plus size. Emma's size is not shyed away from in the story, it's celebrated by the author and it's worshipped by Brody. It was written well into the book and i love that modern day authors use genuine and realistic descriptions of their heroes or heroines. Nowdays you have scarred heroes, disabled heroes and plus size heroines and a truely talented author makes you feel comfortable reading about it and differences enjoyed.

The V Spot by Wendy Marcus is fun, exciting, hot and for me an eye opener . It's the third Cosmo Hot Read I've read and has some pretty phenomenal descriptions. The characters of Emma and Brody are fun and even though it's of generous novella size there's enough info in there to learn about the characters and what makes them who they are.

I love that Brody was honest and to the point and I think he totally made Emma's experience unforgettable.

If you like a quick read, a read full of spark, a read with two awesome characters (and one naughty best friend) don't go past The V-Spot by Wendy S. Marcus.

P.S LOVE the cover!
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706 reviews42 followers
October 26, 2014
How's this for a set of unconventional romance characters? Emma, a capable nurse, struggles with self-esteem because she wears a size 16. Brody is smitten with Emma, but she won't give him the time of day because he's a professional wrestler and known for being a ladies' man. The line between preconceived notions and reality disappears as Emma and Brody are set up for a date on the evening of Emma's birthday.

I made the same mistake as Emma when I assumed that Brody is just a big oaf. He's actually a well-educated, considerate, and articulate guy. He also proves to be a huge sweetheart.

Emma is simultaneously strong and vulnerable. Although she's intelligent and capable at work, she's also insecure in her personal life because of her appearance. It takes a bit of coaxing, but Brody helps her to see herself as more than just the sum of her superficial parts.

This book has an interesting mix of themes--especially body image and voyeurism. I think this story would've worked especially well as a longer book, in order to fully explore all of the themes. But I really like the book as it stands.

Brody has a lot of depth as a character.

I liked the supporting characters and hope that we'll be seeing them in a future book. There's a romance hinted at between Sadie, Emma's best friend, and one of the other wrestlers. I'd like to read their story next.

The resolution is fast, but it feels realistic without being too perfectly wrapped up in the end. I'm glad that Emma wants to start taking better care of her health. I think it will be extremely difficult for her to date Brody since he is a celebrity, but hopefully they will be able to make the relationship work.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my review.
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Author 4 books81 followers
September 11, 2014
Emma Masters is a big girl with equally big plans for her 25th birthday.

According to her best friend, Sadie, "Every woman deserves a good f#*k on her birthday. If she's not in a relationship, it's her best friend's responsibility to see that she gets it." What Emma really needs is a man who can handle a big girl like herself. With that in mind, she sets Emma up for an evening at the V-Spot, a voyeur motel, and to make sure her evening is as absolutely big as it can be, also sets her up on a blind date with Brody "The Bull" Bullock, a professional wrestler who pays monthly visits to the pediatric ward where Emma works as a nurse.

Brody won me over from the moment he crashed through the door of the motel lobby. He's big alright, muscled and as straight forward as they come, but the largest thing about him is his heart. Emma has all the insecurities that most full figured gals harbor, but all Brody sees is a desirable, caring woman.

I love the way Emma is open and honest with her experience at the V-spot, and the way Brody urges and seduces her, and then makes all her fantasies happen.

There are laugh out loud moments, make you reach for a fan moments, and moments when you just sigh.
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815 reviews37 followers
September 18, 2014
THE V-SPOT by author Wendy S. Marcus is a Cosmo Red-Hot Read is October 2014 release.

Emma Masters falls in with her friend’s plan to celebrate her birthday by having a wild blind date. She is pissed when her date is late. And more pissed when he turns out to be the over-confident, full of himself professional wrestler, Brody Bullock.

Brody just wanted a chance to show Emma that he was a regular guy apart from the celebrity who visited the children in her ward. Would Emma give him this chance?

THE V-SPOT is a very sexy and sensual read. The reality of being a plus size woman looking for a date and love is shown sensitively. Author Wendy S. Marcus has become a master story-teller and readers would love this story by her.
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1,028 reviews23 followers
January 25, 2016
This book really wasn't for me right from the beginning, still I couldn't do a DNF.
I think is me is not you.
Sure I wanted a quick read and also cleaning my library. So there....

Whay wrong? I don't know the style? The story? maybe I was expecting some little fun.

So the book, for what I quickly read was about a birthday where a girl met her blind date in a kinky hotel. Actually, it was all planned by the blind date. And then there were some convincing for this part and that part and happy ending!! Tada
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Author 68 books239 followers
November 19, 2014
This is a fun, quick, romantic read and I loved it. Wendy S. Marcus has a way with characterization that makes you root for the characters from the start; this book was no different. I liked that the heroine wasn't the perfect/skinny heroine type and I loved that the hero had an alternative career - who knew a wrestler could be so romanctic?!?

If you're looking for great characters, strong writing and a sweet happily ever after, give this one a try.
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Author 156 books238 followers
December 8, 2014
The V-Spot is such a HOOT!! Sparkling dialogue and sexy fun with a smidge of poignancy. I knew I was hooked when the heroine took off her Spanx in the parking lot. The V-Spot is the perfect, bite-sized morsel!! Can't wait to read more from Wendy S. Marcus!!
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3,669 reviews86 followers
September 13, 2014
I thought this was a cute yet really steamy novella. I loved the relationship between the main characters. Any guy who sees through to the real woman is a keeper in my book!
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719 reviews
October 21, 2014
Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley.

I've previously read a book by this author and was blown away by it. This book was much shorter and it was good but this one was much more fun to read. The characters in this book were real and funny and I definitely got a kick out of them!

I really dug Emma. I thought she was hilarious and real and had a good grasp of how the world works. See, she's a self-proclaimed "big girl" and big girls have to navigate society in a different way. I liked the fact that she didn't hate herself and that she wasn't constantly dieting or disparaging herself. She didn't feel bad for herself or have a pity party every other chapter. She was who she was. But, thankfully, she wasn't ONLY a big girl. She was also an excellent nurse in the pediatric section of a hospital. She has friends and she's excellent at her job. She's bratty at times and empathetic at other times. Ya know, like, a REAL person.

Brody was pretty cool as well. He's a wrestler but he's starting to want to break out of this role he's made for himself. I mean, he enjoys wrestling and his fame (and fortune) allows him to do the things he wants, like visiting sick kids in the hospital and having them excited to see him. But he's ready to meet someone real, someone who likes him for who he REALLY is, not just for the personality he plays for the crowds. I liked that Brody WAS more than just a dumb wrestler, as many people thought. He's intelligent and is capable of holding up his end of a real conversation. Oh and he sounded incredibly sexy! LOL! You know that NEVER hurts a man's chances!

I really liked these two together. Brody was all hot and sexy and muscular and just yum! And Emma was not perfect by today's beauty standards. It was refreshing to see a big girl in the starring role AND to not have her apologizing for her size. But the body image issues did not affect my enjoyment of the story at all. I thought the premise was a teensy bit far fetched but I still loved it! Yes, I realize the irony of that statement since I read paranormal romance and have no problem sinking my teeth into those stories (yeah, that pun was on purpose). But I occasionally have a hard time with outlandish setups in contemporary romance. I'm happy that it was easy to slip into this one.

I would absolutely recommend this book BUT be aware that it's a shorter one. I don't know the exact page count but it can't be too much above 100-150 pages. I was pleasantly surprised at how much story the author fit into this novella. I had a good feel for the characters and who they were and I was totally invested in their story. In fact, a few other wrestlers show up in the story and I would NOT mind a few full length novels about them! LOL! A few laughs made this book even more enjoyable and I am 100% an official fan of this author. If you haven't tried one of her books before, this is a good (and inexpensive) way to try her out. I don't think you'll regret it!
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2,328 reviews10 followers
December 16, 2014
Emma Masters was a loving, caring pediatrics nurse at a hospital in New York. Not only did the children love her but the parents, co-workers, and doctors loved and respected her. She had a big heart to match her voluptuous figure. You better watch your P’s & Q’s. She ran a tight ship in order to keep her little ones on the ward healthy and happy.
No one knows this better than Sadie her best friend. Sadie knew Emma’s birthday was coming up, the big “2-5.” So, she wanted to make it special and exciting by signing her up to get her a blind date for her birthday. Sadie took this job seriously. She met every guy, they had to show their full physical exam was done, and STD screening too. What’s funny is that Sadie’s boyfriend told her of the perfect place for their first date.
You see Emma wanted something fun and exciting on her birthday. With Sadie’s persuasive persistence as to what she knows Emma needs she says, “Every woman deserves a good f--k on her birthday. If she’s not in a relationship, it’s the best friend’s responsibility to see that she gets it.” Hence only giving Emma the address for her GPS leading her to The V-Spot a voyeur motel 3 hours from home.
Although she felt like the token fat chick she waited for her late blind date. Emma told Sadie no one who works at the Hospital could be included on her list. She was not just getting more and more embarrassed waiting, she was, “A size-fourteen woman-well, a size sixteen spanxed-down to a fourteen-in a sea of pert, scantily clad sixes.” Love the humor in this book.
When her blind date arrives she is wanting to die, bail, or magically disappear. She can’t find an exit to save her life. It is Brody “The Bull” Bullock, one of the wrestlers that comes to the hospital to entertain the children on her ward. She wants to die and not be caught there. Not knowing that he is her date until he walks up to her and starts talking to her about why he was late. She thinks of him and his pals as loud mouths jokers like the guys back in high school who used to tease her about being fat. So she wants no part of him. Although she thinks he is handsome and very sexy.
Brody really wants this date with her and pleaded with Sadie (when he had heard the two of them talking about her party plans.) He asks to be put at the top of the list. He has seen her gentle kindness with her patients and their parents and knows she’s the type of person he wants in his life long-term. He has known her 4 years but really never met her. He needs her in his life.
I loved this story. Yes, it was very erotic in places but it was also funny, thoughtful, and hard to put down. It was a nice short story. I give this 5 stars. Provided by Net Galley.
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1,504 reviews106 followers
October 14, 2014
So do plus-size women ever get the hot guy? The guy that has it all going on? The one that all the skinny babes with long golden hair go after? The guy that’s so freakin’ good-looking with muscles galore and that infectious smile that everyone just loves him? Well, that’s what nurse Emma Masters questions. She could just never see someone like that being interested in her. Let’s face it, she’s far from skinny. She lacks confidence with her looks, and when she looks at herself in the mirror, she sees nothing even remotely attractive. That's why when Brody "The Bull" Bullock makes known that he's interested in her, she's totally shocked. Her twenty-fifth birthday is sure to be an adventure when her friend, Sadie, hooks her up with a night to remember at the V-Spot, a voyeurism hotel. She’s shocked to see Brody is there as well. This just cannot be happening!!! And, to her horror, he’s headed straight for her. Get out! Get out! Get out now! But, what happens between the couple is phenomenal! And, when the two take their budding attraction to the “erotic zone” it promises to be earth-shattering for both. Unfortunately, when a miss-communication puts the dampers on their relationship, both Emma and Brody are clearly miserable. Will they eventually find themselves back to each other?

I read this novella in two hours! It totally kept me interested and entertained! No way did I want to put it down until I turned the final page. Both main characters were caring and respected individuals. Both excelled at their jobs. But, both needed someone to want them for who they really were within. Not like people judging Emma for her looks and her size. What was on the inside is what was most important. And, Brody wanted someone to see him for the man he was – just giving so much of his time to individuals who supported his sport not just the money and clout that it brought along with it. And, oh my, was Brody one sexy male! And, sweet and considerate too... (sigh) . And, I just love that name! They both were good-hearted individuals, and Ms. Marcus writes them exceptionally!

The only complaint that I have is that I wish it was longer. Hence the 4.5 star rating... Yeah, I know, it’s a novella and it’s supposed to be short. But, that still doesn’t keep me from wanting more. Ha! Ha!

Another fabulous read penned by author, Wendy S. Marcus!

Thanks to the author for gifting me a copy for an honest review...
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3,187 reviews26 followers
July 23, 2015
The V-Spot is actually a voyeurism hotel and Emma Masters is there waiting for her blind date that her friend Sadie set for her on her 25 birthday. Emma is a Pediatric nurse in a New York hospital and she runs a tight ship, so when any stars or professional athletes come in they have to go through a series of tests first and then if approved she makes sure they wash their hands and put on gowns. The children’s health is first and foremost. Waiting she is starting to get the feeling that she is going to be stood up when she is about to leave and she realizes who is walking through the door. Brody “the Bull” Bullock, the wrestler and one of the guys she deals with for the last year or so. Yes he is her date and though she tries to get away he will not allow it. He tells her that he had to go through Sadie or she would have never met him. Once they finish talking in the parking lot and some people take some pictures and say some mean things about her she begins to feel better once they are alone. They have one more run in with some people when they are walking outside by the windows before they decide to stay in and he begins to tear down her walls. This takes a little bit of time but he does make her feel comfortable and very sexy for the rest of the night. The night is great and she has had a fantastic time when he begins to talk about dating and she is all for it until the last words out of his mouth are not in public right now just us. He then goes to take a shower and thinks about the words and by the time he thinks of what he said he realizes she is gone. The pictures taken of them make the tabloids and she does not answer or return any of his calls. By the third week the wrestlers are back for a visit and she thought she had it worked out for Sadie to handle them but she gets called away. Not wanting to see him she does everything to avoid him and begins to think he will not show up until at the very last he comes in with a bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries and starts to break her down. She realizes that he really does want to be with her and that they both need to communicate better. This is a very good story, a fast read and does have some erotic parts to it, but overall a good book. I got this book from net galley.
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1,200 reviews383 followers
October 30, 2014
This is a score sheet review. For the full review with scores visit the blog! Below is the score sheet summary.

Emma Masters is a nurse, known as the pit bull of the pediatric ward. A little bit on the plus size, Emma suffers a lot from body image issues. On Emma’s 25th birthday, her best friend gets into her head to give no holds barred sex of the panty melting variety a go. And that is how Emma finds herself at a voyeur motel called The V-Spot, waiting for a blind date who turns out to be none other than Brody Bullock, a professional wrestler known as The Bull.

Brody is tired of the life that he has been leading, the meaningless hookups that leave him feeling a bit hollow, the women who only look up to him because of who he is. Brody wants someone who would look beyond all that, someone like Emma whom he would have no issues with taking home to see his mother, only if Emma would give him the time of day.

Emma’s insecurities regarding her body is the one constant factor that gets in the way of the seduction that Brody plans for her. Emma was a tough nut to crack, and Brody, well, Brody is a patient man if ever there was one. I had a bit of a hard time with the way Emma lashes out at Brody at the beginning and lets say all throughout the story, for no apparent reason on his part. I couldn’t find any reason why Emma had to be so hard on Brody because if he were to be any sweeter, I would have grabbed him for myself and left Emma alone. But even then, Wendy being the skilled storyteller that she is, managed to give a read worth sinking myself into. I wished the story had been longer, to carve out Emma’s character just a little better so that I would have loved her as I did Brody.

Recommended for those that love stories featuring plus sized heroines and sweet heroes!

Rating = 3.25/5

For more reviews & quotes, visit www.maldivianbookreviewer.com
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2,484 reviews247 followers
March 31, 2015
This sexy novella treats us to the story of Emma and Brody. Emma is a practical no nonsense nurse. When her best friend treats her to a blind date at a voyeur motel for her birthday she's determined to enjoy herself - until her date turns out to be Brody, a pro wrestler she sees periodically at the hospital. Suddenly her plans of hot sex with a stranger are thrown into disarray. Can she let Brody prove to her that his interest is sincere and worth more than a one night stand?

I loved this story! Emma is delightful as a friendly and self assured woman - except when it comes to her looks, being self conscious of her plus sized figure. When strong, handsome and confident Brody shows up as her blind date she has trouble believing he's really interested in her, though Brody does his best to show her with his words and actions that he means what he says. I liked the premise of the story and the setting was definitely unique, having the main characters meet up at a voyeur motel where you can watch or be part of the action. The sexual chemistry is evident between Brody and Emma from the beginning and the love scenes between them are steamy and fun. Emma's internal monologue rings true as a woman who has felt the sting of her weight problems and is trying to overcome her negative feelings about herself and believe in her own worth. Brody is tender and caring with her, a wonderful man who sees her beauty inside and out. He is willing to go all out to prove to her that she is someone he wants to be with in public and private.

Overall I found this story to be an entertaining and fast paced read, full of humour and steamy scenes with a delightful and convincing romance. 5 stars!
October 8, 2014
Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviews
by Kim

The V-Spot marks my first time reading a book from Wendy S. Marcus. I seriously LOVED the book.

Hmmm. Let me count the ways.

Emma Masters. Emma is a plus-sized pediatric nurse, who use to do some plus-size modeling. She’s beautiful, even if she doesn’t think she is. Emma has a wonderful personality and she’s caring. She goes above and beyond for her patients and their parents.

Brody Bullock. Brody “The Bull” is a professional wrestler. For months he’s had a thing for Emma, but she refuses to give him a chance. Brody is so nice and sweet, he makes your teeth hurt. He has a reputation, but no one knows the real him. The one who’s actually smart and has a college degree.

Emma’s best friend Sadie. Every girl should have a best friend like her. Sadie is also a pediatric nurse. She convinces Emma to go on a blind birthday date. In fact, it’s Sadie’s idea to choose The V-Spot as the meeting place.

Chemistry. I love the chemistry between Emma and Brody. I will admit, though I shouldn’t, I was surprised by how hot this book was. I mean really, the title itself should have clued me in.

The Characters. Yeah, I’ve already mentioned Emma and Brody. But, I really really like them. Emma tries her best to not let her size affect her life. She takes mean comments in stride. Brody is all kinds of protective. He doesn’t care about Emma’s size. To him, what’s important is the person on the inside.

I didn’t want the story to end. My only complaint is that there wasn’t an epilogue.

**Received a copy from Harlequin in exchange for an honest unbiased review.**
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October 30, 2014
4.5 stars!
Wendy S. Marcus always brings something a little different into her books, and always something deeply emotional. The first different is the venue for a first date, and the second a plus-size heroine. The author is a pro at adding heat, and this one is way hot!

Controlled and efficient at work isn't enough for Emma - or so her friend says. Which is why she ends up agreeing to a blind date at a Voyeur Motel as a birthday gift. She's having major doubts when she gets there, especially as she recognizes a face from work (or rather, the muscles).

Wrestler Brody 'The Bull' Bullock has had a crush on Emma for a while, but she doesn't take any notice of him when he visits the hospital, and now she's out of her comfort zone she's still not too happy to see him. Especially when she finds out he's her date.

I loved Brody from the start, and it takes a little while to realize that Emma's defensiveness is actually her insecurities rising to the surface. Brody's reputation makes Emma wary. She doesn't want to be a joke between the guys. Her curves have made her the victim of many a cruel joke in the past, so why should Brody be an exception. It's these insecurities that make Emma so real and you just know Brody, lovely lovely Brody, is just the man to cast them aside. If she'll let him.

This story might be a short read, but it's packed with emotional depth as well as heat. The ending is just so sweet! And of course there is Wendy S. Marcus's usual amazing voice that makes me want more and more.
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385 reviews
October 26, 2014
Imagine this... It is your 25th birthday and your best friend sets you up on a blind date. Not just any blind date. Oh no, this blind date is at The V-Spot, aka the Voyeur Motel, a place where you check your inhibitions at the door for one night of steamy, hot sex. Thanks to her hyper-sexed best friend, this is exactly how Emma Masters will be spending her birthday. Having the best sex in her life with a total stranger... Until that total stranger turns out to be Brody "The Bull" Bullock, a sexy wrestler that volunteers at the hospital she works at. No way, she can't spend the night in his arms... Can she?

I am addicted to Harlequin's Cosmo Red-Hot Reads. The V-Spot was fun, sweet, and incredibly sexy. I adored Emma and Brody. Emma was sweet, curious, and a little insecure about her body. Brody, on the other hand, is sex on a stick. It was sad that Emma didn't believe that a guy like Brody would be interested in a girl like her, but we learn very quickly that Brody has his own motive for being Emma's blind date. I loved that Brody spends the novella helping Emma lose her inhibitions and open herself to him, both emotionally and sexually. He wants to teach her things, to bring her out of her shell. And after their amazing night together, he's determined to prove to Emma that he's the man for her. Yum!! I loved this little novella. It had funny moments, sexy moments, and a lot of sweet moments as Brody and Emma got to know each other. The V-Spot has the perfect amount of sizzle to make erotic romance fans happy and a dash of romance to make you swoon.
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May 28, 2015
*I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

I really liked “The V-Spot”. Despite being a novella, its story is sufficiently developed and it works.

Emma just turned 25 and her best friend and fellow nurse Sadie’s present is a blind date at the V-Spot, a voyeur club. Emma is excited with the date but only until she realizes the stranger she’s meeting is Brody "The Bull", the famous wrestler that comes to visit the children that are hospitalized at the hospital she works at.

Brody is incredibly sexy, but he’s also famous and can get any woman he wants, and that is why Emma has a hard time understanding why he would agree to be her birthday present. Because, you see, Emma is fat and has self-esteem problems. But what she doesn't know is that it was Brody who asked Sadie to let him be Emma’s present, when he heard a conversation between them at the hospital, because he finds Emma’s curves incredibly sexy and sees in her a strong and capable woman, someone who could deal with the heartaches of dating a celebrity.

I thought the author did a great job portraying the issues of an overweight woman. I really liked Emma and, inevitably, saw a lot of myself in her. And I loved Brody, who worships Emma and, at the same time, gives her the experience of a lifetime. That is, unless he can convince her to give them a chance…

The romance is very hot and, at the same time, sweet. That balance is not always easy to achieve, but the author manages it perfectly.
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October 8, 2014
"The V-Spot" by Wendy S. Marcus 4.5 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed this book. Wasn't sure what to expect when I was asked to read for a honest review, but I really liked it. It was sexy, sensual, and takes the reader into the world of erotica.

Emma Masters is reserved when it comes to dating. Her friend sets her up for a blind date, and a little fun on the side with a stranger. She is upset when her date is late, and then pissed when Brody Bullock (professional wrestler) shows up. At first she thinks that it's a joke on the plus sized girl, but it turns into much more. Brody noticed Emma at the hospital, but wasn't confident enough to come out and tell her that he was interested.

If you enjoy erotica, books about romance, and knowing that sometimes you need to look at what is inside a person before making a judgement of how they look outside you'll enjoy this story. I was pleasantly surprised.
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2,078 reviews
October 24, 2014
Actual Rating: 4.5 Stars

‘Rather than dwell on the differences between them, Emma decided to appreciate her good fortune in having him handy and put his beautiful body to good use for the rest of the night. Or until she passed out from exhaustion, whichever came first.’

The V-Spot is an oh-so sexy contemporary novella that had me laughing and sighing happily. It is, to me, the quintessential Cosmo Red Hot Read: Fun, flirty, and full of naughtiness! Oh, and chocolate. Lots of chocolate…

You know, I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this story aside from knowing it would obviously be hot. As I began reading, I very quickly was drawn into the plot. There was something about Emma that struck a chord with me.

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September 14, 2014
I've always loved Wendy's work, and the fact that her love scenes were hotter than your average M&B. So when I heard she was 'upping the sexy' I couldn't wait to get my hands on The V-Spot. And it didn't disappoint!

Yes, the story is erotically charged, but that doesn't detract from the heart of the story. It is still very much a romance, with the depth of characters I've come to know and love from this writer.

Emma is a full-figured chocoholic I can empathise with, and Brody is a hunk-with-a-heart hero I can fantasise about. Their escapades at the V-Spot make for a fun, sexy read, that leaves us with a smile on our face, and a twinkle in our eye.

Looking forward to reading more in this line :)
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October 10, 2014
Emma is a plus size nurse. She meets wrestler Brody when he visits her pediatric patients in costume and doesn't care much for him. But Brody liked what he sees and when he hears her friend is arranging a blind date for Emma for her birthday he asks to be at the top of the list.

I really enjoyed this story that has a very unique main location: a Voyeur Motel. ;) I loved that these were real characters and I couldn't help falling for Brody who just wanted Emma to see the man behind the character he played in the ring.
15 reviews
November 30, 2014
Wendy S. Marcus does it again.

I love her books and, once again, this story did not disappoint! For a story short enough to read in one sitting, it tackles the big issue of self-image. I identified with Emma and her insecurities about weight and trust, and loved how perfect Brody was in knocking down her walls.

Great story!
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