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Tangled in Texas #1

Rules of Protection

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It's rule breaker Emily Foster's birthday, and like everyone at The Jungle Room, she just wants to get some action. Unfortunately, she stumbles on the wrong kind, witnessing a mob hit. To protect her, she's entered into the Witness Protection Program with by-the-book Special Agent Jake Ward as her chaperone.

When the location of their safe house is compromised, Jake stashes Emily deep in the Texas backwoods. The city-girl might be safe from the Mafia, but she has to contend with a psychotic rooster, a narcoleptic dog, crazy cowboys, and the danger of losing her heart to the one man she can't have.

Jake's as hot as he is infuriating, and she can't help but push all his buttons to loosen him up. Their mutual, sizzling sexual attraction poses a dilemma: Jake's determined to keep her safe and out of the wrong hands; she's determined to get into the right ones—his.

Each book in the Tangled in Texas series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 Rules of Protection
Book #2 Playing With Fire

392 pages, ebook

First published August 18, 2014

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About the author

Alison Bliss

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Alison Bliss is a best-selling, award-winning author of humorous, contemporary romances. A born and raised Texan, she currently resides in the Midwest with her husband and her two kids. The youngest of five girls, she has never turned down a challenge or been called by the right name. Alison believes the best way to know if someone is your soul mate is by canoeing with them because if you both make it back alive, it's obviously meant to be. She enjoys writing fun, steamy love stories with heart, heat, and laughter. Something she calls, "Romance...with a sense of humor."

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Shelved as 'i-m-a-quitter'
August 15, 2014
DNF @ 11% - Chapter Three

You know, sometimes you can just tell right off the bat that a book's not for you!


...it wasn't working for me.

I was intrigued by the blurb. It sounded fun, yet at the same time sexy and maybe a bit suspenseful.

For me, the humor in the first few chapters felt forced. And just too OTT to where I just had to shake my head because it was stuff NO ONE would or should say.

"When I got to the end, I wasn’t sure what to do. I could go left or right, but had no way of knowing which way Jake
had gone. So I used logic. The bulge in his pants had hugged one side more than the other, suggesting he was a righty. Therefore, I ended up going to the right..."

Maybe I have no sense of humor???

This leads me to my second problem, the heroine. Who was just plain stupid.

It's not a good sign, if I am already annoyed by the heroine in the first chapter.

I just don't think it would benefit anyone for me to continue on.

ARC kindly provided by Alison Bliss in exchange for an honest review
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September 30, 2014

"Honey, you may have the face of an angel, but that halo of yours is awfully crooked."

Oh my gosh, guys!! This book was SO MUCH FUN!!! I was in the mood for something totally light-hearted and this hit the spot -- an awesome romantic comedy with a dash of suspense mixed in.

The story focuses on a romance between a seriously sassy heroine who unluckily witnesses a mob crime one night and is placed in Witness Protection, and the badass Special Agent assigned to protect her.

The hilarious banter started right from the start! When she first meets Jake at the bar, she has no idea who he is but the sparks immediately start to fly...

"You think I turn heads?"

"Sweetheart, a man would have to be blind or stupid not to look." He smiled again… "Definitely a looker, but that makes you trouble. I don't need the unwanted attention you crave."

"I'd swear there's an insult somewhere in there."

But when he rescues her from the murder scene she witnessed, he expected someone a little more grateful, but instead she fights him tooth and nail every step of the way. This was no damsel in distress! However, when he fully impresses upon her the danger of her situation, she begrudgingly decides to accept his help.

"We can give you a new identity and put you in a safe house."

"You mean the Witness Protection Program?"

"That's the one."

"Nuh-uh! No freaking way!"

His steely gaze fixed on me, and his jaw tightened…. "Three other witnesses have died in the past year. You want to be number four?"

"Should've put them in the program."

"We did."

She may have accepted his help, but ohhh my, this girl gave him soooooo much trouble every single step of the way!!! It was absolutely hilarious to see their personalities bounce off each other!!!!

"I want to see your badge."


"You heard me. How do I know you are who you say you are?"

… He held it up for me to get a closer look.

"Could be a fake," I told him with a shrug.

… a vein popped out of Jake's temple.

And it aaaaaaall gets even more complicated when the location to their safe house is compromised prompting Jake to take matters into his own hands and take her way off grid, into the forest to hide...

“Hold on, I’m lost…”

“I could tell you where to go.”

I swear, these two couldn't go even five minutes without bickering. Emily literally had a snappy comeback for everything (much to Jake's intense frustration) and when she wasn't sassing him out loud, her inner monologue kept me smiling and laughing non-stop!! Jake certainly had his hands full!

Jake flashed a grin. "I love the sound you make when you're silent."

Now, throw in loads of sexual tension and a forbidden romance (because remember, as a Special Agent, he's not allowed to fall for his witness) and you have the recipe for a seriously fun love-hate relationship!!

"You're prolonging this because afraid of being *that* guy."

"Which guy?"

"You know, the one who falls for the witness who gets killed."

"Damn it, Emily. I'm responsible for your safety."

"Then wear a condom!"

"Jesus," he said, breathing out hard. "I was right before. You definitely have multiple personalities."

My eyes narrowed. "Yeah, well maybe I do, and none of them like you!"

All in all, this book was awesome!! I'd say the first 60% was more "pure, HILARIOUS fun" (honestly, the funniest stuff I've read since Wallbanger) and the last 40% was a little more "drama-focused" (there's trouble with an ex-girlfriend, a wild boar, a few other things, and of course the bad guys). In an ideal world, I'd have preferred that the book had been more "fun" the whole way through but I still loved it.

There are some things that are absolutely more than a little over-the-top but they totally didn't bother me because this is meant to be light-hearted, entertaining fiction!!. Like, yes suuuure in real life, a woman who was literally hiding to save her life would probably not have given the guy protecting her that much trouble. But this wouldn't have been a fun book if she just sat there and did what she was told. And let me tell you, some of her antics had me in stitches. I was laughing SO hard that I'd have to take a breather before going back. Then I'd start reading again and burst out laughing two lines later. Like I said, FUN!!

If you like any of the quotes I've posted, then definitely give this book a try because those are just a tiny fraction of the hilarity in this story!! I'd highly recommend this for anyone looking for a witty, well-written romance with great banter and loads of sexual tension that is guaranteed to make you smile :D

Rating: 4.5 stars. Standalone (with epilogue).


For more of my reviews, book news and updates:
Main blog: Aestas Book Blog
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October 24, 2018
"What about the momma duck? Are you going to catch her?"
"Why would I do that?" Hank asked.
"How are they going to suckle?"

That's right, the main character in this book doesn't know that baby ducks don't suckle. Seriously? What age did we learn that only mammals suckle? Definitely before the age of 10.

If you want your ducklings to drink milk, you have to take them to a better source.

Our main character, Emily (not her real name, but we never find out what her real name is), is a moron. And, not just a moron, but a loud-mouthed, crass, rude, selfish, insensitive moron. I actually cannot think of any other character I have read that is as stupid as this woman.

He doesn't count. He is somehow a real human.

And, that is the biggest problem with this book. But, it's not the only one. Oh no.. basically if you have a brain, you need to check it at the door before you read this book. Because, not only is the girl a moron, and the guy insane for liking her, but the story is unbelievable in every way. There is no way in hell an FBI agent would take a girl from the witness protection program home to meet his family....while he's supposedly protecting her! And, that's what we are to believe. He goes "rogue" and steals this witness because he knows that there is a leak in the FBI. Okay, I might be able to buy that. But, where does he take her? To the farm he grew up on. And, that's where they lost me. So, the entire FBI is looking for this rogue agent and witness, but they never consider checking the place where the FBI agent spent his school-years?

If the FBI is that inept, we are all in trouble. Let's just go ahead and give all of our stuff to the terrorists.

So, why did I give this book 2 stars instead of the dreaded 1-star rating? Because, in spite of the stupidity, there were some pretty funny scenes in this book. I threw in an extra star for that. If you make me laugh, you get a star for it.
You're welcome.
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August 11, 2014
How on earth can this be her first book??!! I received a copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review. Actually, they sent me this accidentally and then sent me the one they meant for me to read. After reading the other first and it being just ok, I decided to give this one a shot as a bonus. O. M. G. I'm so glad, because I needed a really good book to make up for some meh-type books lately.

I am a huge fan of Rachel Gibson, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and Jennifer Crusie. I love their sense of humor, snappy dialogue and how they're able to simultaneously weave in a serious suspense or mystery and make it all work. This book has all that and I'm stunned this is her first published book.

I loved Emily's sense of humor and wit and how she used humor and sarcasm as her defense mechanism. The only thing that irked me during the whole story was when Jake would do the same. So many times he cut her down by saying she was irresponsible, immature, or selfish. Considering her situation and background, I really didn't see it to the level he took it. So many times I wanted her to walk away or make him understand how hateful and cruel he could be with his words. Also, was it my imagination or did we ever know "Emily's" real name before she was put under witness protection?? Once she was given the name Emily, I immediately thumbed back to the beginning to see if it was revealed. Since the story is from her perspective, we never did learn it - so clever!

I can't wait for her next story, and I'm crossing my fingers Ms. Bliss stays in this world and we see one of Jake's Texas friends - Cowboy, Judd, Gina, or even Bobbie Jo.
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August 12, 2014
~*~My Thoughts~*~
A 5 star rating
HOLY FREAKING COW!!! This book was absolutely amazing I didn't want to put it down and I didn't want it to end. Alison just skyrocketed to the top of my author list anything else she writes I am reading. These characters were absolutely amazing I love it when characters fight and these two do can do it like no other lol. Emily also has to be one of my absolute favorite female characters she's nuts but in a completely lovable she can't help she's nuts kinda way. Jake all there is to say is swoon he was absolutely wonderful. The storyline is amazing I cracked up so many times I'm sure my husband thought I had issues lol. All in all this was an amazing book and all I can say is read it now.

received a complimentary copy from NetGalley for an honest review.
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October 1, 2014
3 Tangled Stars.

Emily got herself in trouble seeing what she shouldn’t have seen. Now she’s in the witness protection program and Jake is the FBI agent responsible for keeping her safe.
When their location gets compromised he takes her to his hometown deep in Texas and things starts to get, well… tangled. She wants him, he wants her but he has a job to do. Even when she can be annoyingly persuasive.


But as danger surrounds them, feelings also start to grow and soon they will become very hard to ignore.
And as they fought what they both know to want and can’t resist what will catch them faster? Their love or the trouble who is after them?


Rating: 3 Stars.
Storyline: A fun and sweet story, but there was something missing. I would gladly give it 4 stars if it wasn’t my itch with Jake. His feelings for Emily just weren’t believable. Not even in the epilogue. I love alpha-males, they are very often unable of being romantic but when it’s time for them to prove their feelings they do it fiercely leaving no room for doubts. I never got that feeling for Jake. Ever. And I really can’t give a higher rating when I don’t felt the hero’s love.
Writing Style: First Person. Female POV. Well written and with pretty funny remarks.
Character Development: Emily was nice but she was a little annoying at some moments. Jake was also good and I liked him. I would definitely love him if his feelings had been more realistic. A great and funny group of supportive characters.
Steam: Hot.
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August 8, 2014
What a story! Full of suspense, humor, drama, love and good old fashioned country goodness. Emily sets out to enjoy her birthday. While there she bumps into a very sexy man (Jake). The attraction is strong but it's obvious from the start these two don't see eye to eye. Jake disappears from the bar and while searching for Jake, Emily sees something she's not supposed to see and ends up stuck with none other than Jake to protect her. How does he protect her? By taking her to the back-woods country where Emily is NOT so comfortable. Enjoy the ride as Jake and Emily do their best not to kill each other and enjoy the humor and love of the amazing supporting cast. Did I mention the steamy scenes? Yeah, those are in there too. :)

Rules of Protection is sweet, funny, suspenseful and just plain awesome.

Can Jake save Emily from the evil searching for her? Can he save Emily from herself? You'll have to read and find out. I promise, this book does NOT disappoint.
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December 29, 2015
Well...this started off great. The H/h had amazing chemistry and fought like cats and dogs... you could tell once they finally got together that they would be combustible ... then , ALL THEY FREAKING DID WAS FIGHT! She was a spoiled brat that had an epic case of verbal diarrhea and he wasn't just an asshole.. he was an asshole that had a broom shoved so far up his ass I'm surprised he could walk. I love a sexy asshole alpha, but this guy was just a jerky asshole that constantly talked down to the h like she was an idiot. And sure, a lot of the time she acted like one but.. jeez. I got tired of all their constant bickering. It wore me out. There were several laugh out loud moments and some great lines.. but just not enough to overcome what assholes they both were.

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Author 16 books399 followers
August 8, 2014
I received an advance copy of this title in exchange for my honest review and wow. Just WOW! In my opinion, this book deserves more than a five. If you like a fast paced story with blood pumping suspense, steamy romance and in-your-face funny dialog that makes you pee your pants laughing, Rules of Protection is your ticket to a raucous good time.
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August 29, 2014
Alison Bliss – Rules of Protection
I received an ARC for an honest review so here it is.

Alison’s debut is amazing!!

It’s Emily’s 28th birthday and she is out with friends – they are trying to get her laid and she does not have much interest. While trying to avoid a guy, Sergio, who is creeping on her, she ends up kissing a tall, dark and handsome stranger. The guy leaves her to her friends and she thinks that’s that, but something happens during that night that turns her world upside down. You will have to read the book to find out what.

Now Jake, the handsome stranger who turns out to be a FBI agent, and Emily are headed to Texas in an attempt to keep Emily safe. They are like oil and water with sparks flying from the first moment. Emily has no problem saying anything out loud (think no filter, lol) while Jake just wants her to keep quiet. The dialogue between the two of them is pretty great as it sounds incredibly real in my head.

When they reach Texas, Emily is introduced to “country living” and needless to say, she is not very pleased about it. In the beginning. But as her feelings for Jake grow, so does her love for the family that surrounds him. Jake and Emily both have reasons for holding themselves back from one another and it is a roller coaster ride watching them maneuver their way around.

There were a couple of times when I was thinking to myself, “Emily, you are an idiot, why are you doing that?” But that was only because I knew something that she did not – not because she was actually an idiot. She was actually much stronger than she gave herself credit for and she was definitely not a quitter. I completely related to the characters of the book, especially Emily, and laughed out loud several times.

I don’t want to ruin anything about this story because I do believe that the book is worth reading. The characters are exceptionally well-written and the dialogue is exceptional. I did not find any editorial mistakes or typos which I found incredible considering this is her first book. So, kudos to her editor!

Alison – thank you so much for sharing your gift with me. I am so proud to be part of your team and can’t wait to read the next story you have in store for us!!
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4 reviews
August 24, 2014
I just read Alison Bliss Rules of Protection. I don't usually read Romance novels, I like Sandra Brown. Alison sent a ARC to me to read I found Rules to be a great read and a wonderful story. I was drawn in by Alison"s style,humor and intriguing plot The book is fast
pace. I had a hard time putting it down to go to sleep. I read well into night
Emily and Jake are funny and witty. I really began to care about them. Alison Bliss has became a author I would like to read and explore more of her writing. That why gave her book five stars. It is a hit and it rocks!
August 10, 2014
Feels. This book made me feel them all. Laughter, happiness, sadness, love, hate, frustration, hope, shock.

The biggest one of all was relief. After a 3 months of anxiously awaiting the ARC I was so relieved that this book was a good as I hoped it to be and that Alison would hit it out of the park. It surpassed my expectations and girl got a home run. Because awesome!

City girl, rule breaker and tells it like she sees it Emily is out celebrating her birthday when she accidently witnesses a mob hit and is forced into protective custody guarded by the rule enforcer Jake.

Taking her to the country, Emily tries to assimilate to life on the bird farm. Tries being the key word. Here we meet the best supporting characters I have come across yet, both human and animal.

While Jake, Cowboy, Ox and Judd are sexy as hell and I'm sure will make book boyfriend lists, I have a major crush on Hank. Oh Hank. Love him. Junior makes my heart burst and my eyes wet. Not forgetting the girls, the women are strong, sassy and amazing as well.

Although I picked the informant pretty early on, it didn't detract from my enjoyment of this book. The writing flows, the editing is spot on and the story is great.

I am really looking forward to the next book in the series.

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63 reviews8 followers
August 8, 2014
I love a book that captures all my emotions, and this was one of them. Emily a city girl see something she shouldn't have and end up under witness protection being watched by the very sexy FBI agent Jake. The safe house being found they head to the country ... yep a city girl gone country. I couldn't help but laugh at the antics Emily gets herself into, she is quite devilish in what she wants (Jake). But can she have him? or has she pushed him to far away. There were tears for reasons I wont add to this .. you will have to read it for yourself to find out.
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1 review4 followers
August 11, 2014
This book was fantastic! Right from the get get go, I was sure that I was not going to put it down until I was finished. It sucked me right in. Alison's style of writing, makes you feel like you are right there with each of the characters, and know them on a personal level. The chemistry between Mr. Sexy and stubborn, Jake, and "Emily", makes this book a five star in my opinion. But hey, don't take my word for it, check it out yourself! I will be looking forward to more from Alison Bliss in the future.
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5,055 reviews37 followers
August 18, 2014
Fantastic debut novel from author Alison Bliss. A great combination of small town romance, suspense, and snarky humor that kept me turning the pages. After witnessing a horrific crime our heroine is whisked away, given a new identity, and temporarily put under the protection of Jake Ward. When Jake realizes she is still in danger he takes matters into his own hands and does the only thing he can do. Kidnaps her!! Really a very entertaining read that I recommend to everyone!
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August 26, 2014
Let me begin this review by saying that if I could give this book all the stars in the world, I would. It blew me away with its magnificently developed characters possessing some pretty distinctive personalities, its upbeat and highly engaging story, and the fact that it had more southern charm than you can shake a stick at.

Rules of Protection had everything that makes a book exceptional, and Alison Bliss hit it out of the park with her debut novel. I couldn’t get enough of it, and even after finishing it, I can’t get the story or its seriously charming, authentic, and hysterical characters out of my head.

Something tells me they’re going to stick around with me for a while too! And I LOVE that because they’re all out of this world awesome.

Emily is as snarky and sassy as they come. She puts the out in outspoken, and I freaking loved that I never knew what would come out of her mouth! That girl likes to ruffle some feathers, and she definitely has a pretty tough defense mechanism when it comes to her “word vomit”, but I heart that girl something fierce! I especially loved that no matter what situation Emily was in, she was still her. It didn’t matter if she was in a moment of pure pain or pure passion, she was still her tried and true spitfire self all the way.

Jake is my kind of male character. Jake had buckets of personality, and I loved that about him. He was charming and he could be stubborn as all get out, yet he was definitely a true southern gentleman with a little bit of a twist. He’s also just a seriously good guy who just melted my heart. There were time when his character had such a rough exterior, and he could be one helluva hard ass about things, but when he felt, he felt hard. There isn’t one thing I didn’t like about him. Did I also mention he’s good looking as all get out, and knows how to woo your pants off? Literally.

I couldn’t get enough of reading how these two attempt to come together. They face a crap ton of obstacles between their pasts and presents, and they are both stubborn as all get out, but reading the building of their relationship was just extraordinary. The doubts they had, the hesitancy that happened every time they got close to one another, and the emotional pushing and pulling they both did in the building of their relationship was utterly authentic and so enthralling to read. Reading these two get close to that edge over and over again made me love them more, and their banter was fanfreakingtastic.

You can also cut the sexual tension between these 2 with a knife. The sexual tension and chemistry between Jake and Emily sparks off the page, and builds and builds until it explodes. If you thought fireworks were fantastic, you haven’t read this book and felt that connection and tension between Emily and Jake. (Oh, and I’ve never been jealous of a deer stand until I read this book…)

The vivacious supporting characters in this book glued themselves to my heart. I absolutely freaking adored every single supporting character. I want to read a book about each one of their distinctive and remarkable little selves. I want to know the story behind Ox, Judd, Junior, Bobbie Jo, Gina, Dale, Hank, Floss, and most of all, COWBOY! They were all utterly fantastic, and so well developed. I felt like I knew each and every one of them personally, and I connected with them in such a way that made them all seem so real to me. All of these glorious characters make up one helluva family that I just adored spending time with.

Rules of Protection had me laughing and smirking more times than I could count. The humor and banter was right up my alley, and I couldn’t help but laugh at the hysterical things these characters were saying and doing. The one liners in this book were simply the best, and I don’t think I’ve laughed this much while reading in a very long time. I especially loved the unique humor each character had, as it added a distinct piece of wit to the already fun filled story.

This book is also bursting with southern charm, and I ate up every single bit of it. The country living, the sayings, the twang, the lovely animals, and everything else in between had me loving all of the southern aspects. It brought a smile to my face, and the world of this book to life from the page. I felt like I was there and could wholly imagine and feel the characters and southern setting so well, and that was just remarkable and so enjoyable to experience.

This book will make you feel every emotion under the sun. You will feel the love, the passion, the pain, the emotion, the vulnerability, the sass, and everything else these characters and story feel. You feel it all, and even when it sometimes sucks because the characters are going through so much, you will love it because you will feel and understand everything they feel. There were also so many instances that sped my heart up. Some were from the love going on or the action and suspense I was reading or just from the lovable craziness, but I loved it all. That excitement and vivaciousness just thrilled me and engaged me fully within this story. It also had me dying to know how it would all come together.

Bottom line: this book will just blow you away with how outstanding it is.

It has everything going for it. The main characters are absolutely wonderful in every way, the family that makes up the supporting characters will have you feeling the love, humor, and the southern awesomeness, and the story itself will hook you in from the first word to the very last. It’s also magnificently balanced with the love story and suspense, and you’ll want to fight for Emily and Jake and what they have together throughout the entirety of the book.

I honestly couldn’t recommend this book to you more if I tried. It was exceptional in every way, and every aspect of this phenomenal book made me love it whole heartedly more. Alison Bliss wrote an outstanding book, and her thoughtfully crafted and beautiful writing will make you a fan of hers for life.

Rules of Protection will suck you in in the best possible way, and it won’t let you go until long after you’ve finished. That doesn’t happen every time you read a book, so relish in that because that’s rarer than you think.

And when in doubt, just think of what Cowboy would do, because that gem will never steer you wrong. :) 
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Author 2 books160 followers
August 13, 2014
An astounding debut! As a writer myself, I've been told I write "witty banter" well, but Alison Bliss puts me to shame! This book is exciting, suspenseful, emotional, and laugh-out-loud FUNNY! I instantly connected with the characters, and I'm not ashamed to admit I miss them already now that I've finished them book. Emily is hysterical as a young woman who tries so hard not to fall for the FBI agent assigned to keep her safe in the Witness Protection Program, but she just can't help herself. And who can blame her? Jake is the perfect alpha hero - strong-willed, fiercely determined and smokin' hot - but most of all, he has a good heart. With a supporting cast of kooky characters who will have you in stitches, this was such a fun read. I have a list of one-liners that had me in tears! Can't wait to see what Alison has in store for us next!
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13 reviews
August 23, 2014
I absolutely loved this book from beginning to end!! I was hooked from the first couple pages and did not want to put it down! I fell in love with Emily from the start and the sexual attraction between her and Jake was electric!! It was so fast paced and full of suspense, there was never a dull moment. The humor was laugh out loud funny and all the characters were so lovable and believable that I quickly became attached to every one of them! What an awesome story! I would recommend that everyone read this book, you'll be missing out if you don't!!!
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1 review1 follower
August 11, 2014
Rules of Protection is a definite "Can't put down book"! Love when I get one of these and the whole world stops until I'm finished! If you're looking for a 5 star read.......this is IT! The author was able to combine humor, romance and a little suspense all in one. I highly recommend this book but advise you to set aside time because you WON'T put it down :-)
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1 review7 followers
August 11, 2014
Rules Of Protection is definitely a 5 Star book in my opinion!!! From the very beginning I was hooked.I Could not stop reading! This book has it all; Humor,Drama,Sexy Romance and Suspense.I fell in love with all the characters.I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book. I can't wait to read more from this author. Well done Alison Bliss!
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1,216 reviews2 followers
June 26, 2016
Wow, what a totally awesome book from debut author Alison Bliss! Rules of Protection grabs you right from the beginning and the spine-tingling roller coaster never lets up. The two primary characters, Emily Foster and Jake Ward, have amazing yet complicated chemistry and their journey is replete with desire, loathing and love. Ms. Bliss is an excellent storyteller and her words kept me mesmerized from the very first chapter.

I loved Emily's character. Not only is she smart, slick and sexy, she has a lot of spunk and determination. She lost both her parents in a tragic car accident and was placed in the foster care system when she was fourteen. So forming and maintaining friendships is hard for her because she fears losing them. She always says what's on her mind which sometimes gets her into trouble. Now Emily is 28, hiding from the mob, and falling in love with her FBI protector in rural Texas.

Jake's character is intriguing. He is a hot FBI agent who does everything by the book. Rules and regulations are his mantra, that is until he becomes Emily's protector. He is knowledgeable about everything and anything, and as a result, tends to get on Emily's nerves. So Emily pushes his buttons with her tenacity, as Jake struggles to maintain his calm. When Jake finally puts the rules of the FBI aside and gives into his lust, sparks ignite. Above all, he is good to his family and protects those he cares about with a vengeance.

The secondary characters are wonderful foils for Emily and Jake. Junior, Cowboy, and Hank are insightful and entertaining. Their personalities intertwine perfectly with the plot and the conflicts that are going on. Overall, this is a suspenseful, sometimes laugh-out-loud romantic adventure that kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. Don't pass up the opportunity to read Rules of Protection.

Complimentary copy provided by Entangled Publishing.
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August 9, 2014
Emily is put in the Witness Protection Program after witnessing a mob hit. Jake is part of her detail, duty bound to protect her with his life. What neither expected was to have to guard their hearts too.

I had so much fun reading Rules of Protection, it was action packed with the right amount of sarcasm injected. And I fell in love with all the characters (minus Germy, I didn't like him).

Emily was just amazing, she was so witty and full of sarcasm. I knew every time she opened her mouth I'd be giggling away to myself and I was right. She just didn't have a filter, she said what she wanted as soon as it popped into her head. It was so refreshing, and it drove Jake nuts which was a HUGE bonus.

Jake, that man drove me batshit crazy. I didn't like him at first but warmed up to him eventually, I think he's one of them who you love to hate. He's yummy, a smart ass and a control freak, he'd take a bullet for those he loves and would do anything to protect what's his.

Cowboy has got to be mentioned! I loved that man, he was funny, flirtatious, gorgeous, loyal and protective. He had me swooning a lot, especially towards the end when he told Jake to fuck off and leave Emily alone, he was my favourite character by far. Even if he is a ladies man ;)

Rules of Protection had a bit of everything; action, murder, fighting, romancing, love, sarcasm, hurt, betrayal and sexy men (can't forget them). If you're a fan of romance you should definitely read this one.

**A copy was provided for review purposes**
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August 17, 2014
Hooked from the first page to the last!

Alison Bliss brilliantly weaves a story that’s a masterful balance of laugh-out-loud funny and curl-your-toes-sexy. The heroine, Emily, kept me laughing at her sassy antics, and the hero, Jake, is completely swoon-worthy. He’s the FBI agent with an inner country boy that every woman wants to have protecting her.

The chemistry between the two of them sizzled off the pages. They were a perfect match for each other—Emily is a rule-breaker and Jake is a play-by-the-rules kind of man, so every time they clashed, it made for the kind of sexual tension that makes you stay up late just to finish the story. With Emily’s no-filter mouth and Jake’s dry wit, the banter was absolutely hilarious.

The other characters are so vivid as well that I felt like the town and the people in it really exists—and they’d be a blast to hang out with! I’d love to see a story with Junior in it, and definitely more Cowboy!

From the lively dialogue, to the steamy love scenes, and the HEA ending that pulled at my heartstrings, I loved every word of Rules of Protection. I recommend this book to every fan of romance!

*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*
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August 9, 2014
I absolutely adore this book. It has everything I look for in a good book: humor, romance, characters that are a little peculiar, and suspenseful events. I love all of the oddness that made up this zany cast of characters. There were times when I laughed out loud and times when I cried. Alison Bliss truly created characters that I want to invite into my life and spend more time with. What I enjoyed even more though was the writing style of the author. This book was written as though I was sitting down listening to someone tell me a story. There weren't ridiculous amounts of time spent on details that distracted me from the story being told. There was no fluff, just pure storytelling, and that is what I like when it comes to a good book. I cannot wait to read more from the Tangled in Texas series.
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August 9, 2014
Wow...just WOW!! This is my newest favorite book! I laughed so hard I almost wet myself over and over again! This book made me long for someone to call me "Emily" and look at me the way Jake looks at her. Alison writes like a seasoned author and I can't wait to see what she puts down on paper next! This story will draw you in, wrap you up like a warm comfortable blanket and have you longing for more long after the last page is turned. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a really great book.
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August 26, 2014
I absolutely loved this book! It's the first book in awhile that has actually made me laugh out loud. Love the dynamics between Emily and Jake. I feel like they are now personal friends. I love the fact that it is so realistic and that I can actually relate to everyday life. Truly a wonderful 1st book for author Alison Bliss, and I can't wait for the next one. If you like a fun-filled romance with a little bit of mystery thrown in (and of course a hot FBI agent and a beautiful, outspoken woman), then this is the book for you!
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August 10, 2014
WOW! What an amazing debut for Alison Bliss. I received an ARC of this book and what a great book. Lots of steamy romance, suspense and a bonus, a main character who isn't afraid to go after what she wants. I love how she has NO filter and will tell it like it is. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I look forward to reading more of Alison's books.
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August 9, 2014
WoW!!! I got an advanced copy of the book and i'm just in love.This book has sex, drama, humor, and suspense all rolled into one. You can't help but fall in love with emily and jake. Emily is a spit fire with a nack for breaking the rules while jake is a easy going play by the rules kind of guy. There are other characters in the book that you can't help but fall in love with. I couldn't put this book down. I think my kids/husband hated me for the week haha. I also think alison gave a great idea on how country living really works. I wish I could give the book more then 5 stars. It would be well worth it. I would also like to say if we could rate this author I would give her 5 plus stars as well. She is the sweetest ones I have talk to. She cares about her readers and is very much involved in them. She gives us feed back anytime we give it to her. That as a reader means a lot.
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August 16, 2014
I was gifted a copy from author for an honest review . This book is not what I normally read , however it sucked me in from the first page. Parts had me laughing , some had me mad as heck at both Emily & Jake. If you like a good suspense with a hard head female and a total Alpha male this is the book for you. I liked how everything didn't just happen the story took it's time to tell you what was happening . Nothing was all cookie cutter happy and the author didn't have the main characters falling in love within the first chapters . The author took time to build a relationship and story I like that . This is a must read.
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