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Confessions of a Ghostwriter

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The new book in the bestselling Confessions series.

A fascinating insight into the world of a ghostwriter. From glamour models to diplomats, Andrew Crofts has worked with an array of interesting characters. These are his confessions.


250 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 30, 2014

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Andrew Crofts

53 books6 followers

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Profile Image for Edoardo Albert.
Author 49 books129 followers
May 21, 2017
There are times when you just want something light and fluffy and gossipy to read and what could be better, I thought, than the confessions of a ghostwriter. Surely we'd get to hear the dirt dished on people who hid behind someone else's words and some insight into the world of high-money vanity publishing? Well, we get a bit of the latter but unfortunately Andrew Crofts is far too discrete to name any of the names you actually want named. When he does drop a name, it's only to tell us about a time when he nearly got to write somebody's memoir. So, it fails on the gossip front. But it also, and most surprisingly, fails on exactly the front that Crofts warns against with respect to people wanting their stories told. As he says (on page 94) 'anecdotes alone will not hold a reader's attention for 200 or more pages'. Turns out, he's quite right. I gave up at page 158.
Profile Image for Joanne.
56 reviews1 follower
October 5, 2020
If you would like to read a book about an arrogant middle aged man then this is the book for you! After calling people who do a lot of work behind the scenes basically jobsworths, mice murderer and failing to listen to his wife - probably because of his outdated opinions of women. Oh and then not to mention the smug tone of 'I lived in an area of London most of you can't afford' eurghh!! Uninteresting, flat and a slog to get through! Do not recommend! Must have missed the confessions part!
10 reviews
February 8, 2021
An interesting insight into the life of a ghostwriter. What I really enjoyed about this book was Andrew Croft discussed his personal journey to his chosen craft. The anecodotes and experiences he mentions were fascinating at first, but then they pretty much follow the same theme throughout. Nevertheless, it was a good read for a subject I know very little about.

I would recommend this book to those readers who want a light read and curious about ghostwriting.
Profile Image for Frankie.
200 reviews1 follower
February 23, 2020
I enjoyed reading this but I felt it was less confessions of what he had done & the celebs he had been with and more of just the job in general which is not what I thought it would be especially compared to other confessions books.. Kept losing my grip on the book, didnt really pull me in like others. Interesting read all the less just not what I expected 😊
Profile Image for Robin.
Author 8 books21 followers
June 20, 2018
A quite interesting and entertaining book about the author's experiences as a ghostwriter, which I read because I have just branched out into that area myself. Some of the chapters were very short and ended up in the air, giving the book a somewhat disjointed feel overall.
Profile Image for alesssia.
91 reviews24 followers
August 18, 2019
I cannot say it with better words than the author himself: 'anecdotes alone will not hold a reader's attention for 200 or more pages' -- especially if they also repeat the same few concepts over and over again.
12 reviews
February 13, 2019

Just wasn’t for me. Meant to be an easy read but I struggled to not get distracted while reading it. Did not finish.
Profile Image for Jo.
3,252 reviews117 followers
September 14, 2014
Crofts has written more books than you've had hot dinners but you won't have heard of him. Crofts is a ghostwriter which means he's responsible for all those celebrity autobiographies that their adoring public think they wrote themselves. While not naming all the names, here we get a taste of life as a ghostwriter as Crofts takes us on a humorous journey through his life. I read this for a bit of fluff to compensate for the more serious historical fiction I was reading at the same time and it certainly lived up to that fluffiness.
Profile Image for Amy.
123 reviews2 followers
January 24, 2015
More snippets and anecdotes than anything, he doesn't dish the dirt on who uses a ghost and who doesn't. Still it has its entertaining moments, particularly when he talks about the super-rich who feel the need for an autobiography and show off by having him ride on their yachts, helicopters, use their spas, inspect their ginormous fountains, etc. Not a bad way to make a living.
Profile Image for Mary.
131 reviews15 followers
August 19, 2014
Interesting but without the depth I was hoping for. His wife sounds great, would like to read more about her.
Profile Image for Jay.
591 reviews
February 17, 2015
Boring. Dead boring. You would think it would be interesting, but it's the opposite.
Profile Image for Ben Baker.
Author 10 books4 followers
August 16, 2016
Too bitty and naturally guarding the identity of its subjects to be truly satisfying but a lot of interesting insights into a little known area along the way.
Profile Image for Maja Dezulovic.
Author 4 books9 followers
November 17, 2017
Reading this reminded me about why I love writing and ghostriting. It is sure one heck of an adventure!
Displaying 1 - 17 of 17 reviews

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