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Witch-Hunter #2

The Shadow Reigns

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The world has been thrown into darkness by the Shadow Witch's revolution. The witch-hunters are scattered, but still strong.

The race is now on to gather allies and win the war. New enemies will arise; loyalties will be pushed to the limit.

And an important question will be answered: can a witch-hunter that practices magic ever be trusted, or will he be persecuted?
It is said that 'love conquers all', but this twisted love must stay secret, locked away with the past.

230 pages, Paperback

First published December 7, 2013

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About the author

K.S. Marsden

19 books718 followers
Kelly S. Marsden grew up in Yorkshire, and there were two constants in her life - books and horses.
Graduating with an equine degree from Aberystwyth University, she has spent most of her life since trying to experience everything the horse world has to offer. She is currently settled into a Nutritionist role for a horse feed company in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.
She writes Fantasy stories part-time. Her first book, The Shadow Rises (Witch-Hunter #1), was published in January 2013, and she now has several successful series under her belt.

Visit her blog for book reviews and inanity:
The Northern Witch's Book Blog

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1,589 reviews155k followers
December 9, 2020
3.5 stars

"The witches have us surrounded."
Mrs. Astley blinked..."How very inconvenient, I've just made a pot of tea."
After barely surviving his most recent battle, George "Hunter" Astley must contend with a myriad of problems.

His body is in shambles and his heart in pieces.
No, it had been worse. The woman he loved had turned out to be the Shadow Witch.
Every minute he wastes on recovery is another that Sophie, who turned out to be the shadow witch, has to plan her next move.

He has nothing to do but think endlessly on the great battle. And soon, Hunter comes to a startling realization.

Between Hunter's budding powers and the race to recruit for the war, he has little time to think of anything else...except, for the one thing that was bothering him most of all...
Hunter felt a stab of uneasiness. It was far too quiet.
Ultimately, I enjoyed the first one a bit more than the second.

Hunter and his mother (bless her soul) were fabulous characters - their lively banter gave the book some much-needed levity.

However, some of the relationships in the book felt a bit rushed - too much telling, not enough showing. For example, Hunter thinks about Sophie's betrayal:
It sickened him to think of the nights spent together, the caresses, the half-asleep conversations.
But for the life of me, I can not remember actually seeing them have any of those interactions.

Being told that those events happened didn't allow me to connect to the relationship, so I was mostly ambivalent when it came to the Hunter/Sophie fiasco.

The same thing happened with Hunter's new witch-fighting crew. We are introduced to many characters rather quickly, and they are almost immediately best of friends. Without seeing that relationship develop, it was a bit hard to feel any sort of attachment to them.

In addition, the book makes a very clear point that practicing witchcraft is pure evil and that the hunters must put a stop to all witches.

Which brought up a very interesting dynamic when Hunter runs into a few young orphaned witches:
"We don't have no family. You killed them all."
I wish the book would have expanded on that a bit more. If the hunter society really was as strict as they claimed, why let the orphans go (only to presumably recapture them as adults)...?

That being said, I'm rather interested in what the third novel has to offer!

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

YouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Snapchat @miranda_reads
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January 27, 2018

Firstly, a HUGE thank you to the wonderful author who sent me a review e-book of this novel!

Characters: 5/5
Plot: 5/5
Style: 5/5
Originality: 5/5

This is the second book in the Witch-Hunter trilogy and it couldn’t be better!
We continue with the story of the Witch-Hunters and the war against the witches. We learn about the tyrannical reign of the Shadow Witch. But, there’s a twist- we learn about the power of love, whether it can conquer all and whether love is always right, especially if this love is twisted and dark.

I was actually worried about reading this book because I feared it wouldn’t live up to my high expectations. However, it surpassed my expectations and was a stunning continuation of the first book! I cannot believe how incredible it was; the way we dive deeper into the story and plot and how full of action it was! There wasn’t one boring or slow part to this book!
The first book ended on a cliff-hanger and this book continues so well that I could barely put it down!

This book was well-written and it both complex and simplistic- a combination that I adored! The sentence structure, vocabulary and description was commendable and I truly believe that we need more authors like K.S. Marsden as she cannot disappoint!

“I thought you guys could detect witches." Jonathan muttered as soon as he got over his shock at seeing two people materialise in front of him. The wiccan sat on the floor, his shoulder being strapped with a makeshift bandage, by the ever-practical Ian.
"We detect magic, not witches." Hunter clarified. "We can't feel anything out of the ordinary, unless they start casting."
"Oh fantastic!" Jonathan groaned. "I'll remember that excuse later.”

Hunter, the main character, discovered strength and he showed his true capabilities. I honestly love Hunter so much and this book truly increased how much I love him! Hunter’s character was both tragic and beautiful- I felt so bad for him at times and I believe he really is misunderstood.

Let’s talk about the Shadow-Witch. She is cruel, evil and dark- I would say who she is, but that would be a huge spoiler! In this book, we see a side to her that I was surprised to see and I really do hate her!

Adam is adorable- there truly is nothing more to say! Who’s Adam? I can’t say- that would be a massive spoiler, but READ THIS BOOK to find out. You won’t be disappointed!

Now back to my favourite character, James. I love James and I always will- he has a humorous side and he is too precious for this world. When reading this book, I cried at a certain part- anyone who’s read this book will know what I’m talking about. It’s hard to find a book that can be action-packed and make me cry and this book ticked both of those aspects!

“A wiccan?" Ian's deep voice rang out. Hunter did not have to look to know that his friend was tense with the idea of the unknown.
"Relax." James answered. "It's like a witch without powers... or a human with magic. Something like that."
Jonathan looked as confused by James' description as the rest of those present.”

This ending of this book was intense. I couldn’t believe how powerful it was. I loved the variety of themes used throughout this novel: love, revenge, vengeance, hatred and death. This book is one-of-a-kind and I couldn’t have read a better book! The cliff-hanger at the end had me start reading the third and final book straight away! But, WHY DID I HAVE TO DIE AT THE END? THE ENDING KILLED ME!

It’s safe to say that I am in love with this trilogy and always will be. This book wasn’t the typical ‘slow, middle-book.’ It was just amazing.

I can’t wait to start writing my review of the third and final book!

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Author 1 book101 followers
January 9, 2023
Really enjoyed the way the story developed from the first book in the series. The battle scenes reminded me of Breaking Dawn - I'd love to see this series filmed!
985 reviews3 followers
May 6, 2019
I absolutely love this series, but I wish there wasn't such a long wait between books. This book is so good, but heart-breaking. too. A slower pace gave me the chance to feel like I really knew everyone. I was a bit surprised at the end. I don't want to give anything away, but not everyone I had really come to love survives.

After the rise of the shadow witch Sophie, the world is plunged into darkness, technology destroyed, and the witch hunters scattered. Hunter and his remaining allies struggle to gather the survivors to mount a defence and prepare for a counterstrike. The witches have gone silent, but there is no truce. Merely the calm before the next storm.

This book is a little darker than the first one, and the feeling of desperation is palpable as it seems the witch hunters have no chance of winning, or perhaps even surviving. But, they have Hunter, and he has powers he is just coming into and still has much to learn. Can there be any hope for peace between witches and hunters? The line blurs between oppressed and oppressors, heroes and villains. It is easy to see why the witches feel justified in their attacks, but equally hard to fault the hunters who strive to protect common people and their homes. I eagerly await more of the story!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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Author 1 book14 followers
August 29, 2019
The pace from volume 1 remains. This is a good volume 2 in that we do not 'need' volume one, but we benefit from it. The introduction is a brief 'story so far', which is good, both for the reader and technically. The ending is couplete enough but attracts us to volume 3.

I'm not sure, now, who is the enemy. I see the story pitched as the persecution of a minority. We are on the side of one minority against the minority on the other side. Who is right? Is anyone right?

Come to that, might Mrs Astley be pivotal? She's surely more than the cameo she appears to be
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806 reviews72 followers
May 7, 2015
Enticing read

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book.

I had fallen for the series right from the first page of the first book, The Shadow Rises. In fact I had fallen in love with the series so much that I had begged her for the sequels but it took a long time for me to return back to the series and now that I have returned back, all those emotions that made me fall for the book in the first place is back. I realized how much I had missed Hunter, the main character and his entourage

I dreaded that the book would go for a middle book syndrome where a second book suffers with low deliverance after an illustrious first book. Fortunately the second book retains every pinch of salt and flavor from the first book. Also there were enough cheat sheets for those who are returning to the series after a long time to recollect events from the first book

The book out and out shines with its velvety narration. In the first book too, I was floored by the simplicity and the silkiness of the narration and language. Things move smoothly and in a rich creamy form.

Now let us come to the plot. The last book ended right under fire with a kind of revelation that was kind of shocking and the second book kind of pick up on the aftereffects of this revelation. There are lots of things that is happening but as I said the narration power just keeps you gripped.

When dealing with Paranormal stuff, there are lots of stuffs and elements that can be a little hard to grasp or relate too and it is how easily an author make it sound realistic or plausible that makes or breaks a paranormal series and that is why I love the author for not complicating things and making this world of witches and witch craft easy to absorb

What a fantastic series. Even if you are not a fan of paranormal fiction or the world of witches, you should give this series a try. I fell in love with the series solely due to the beauty of the narration and its strong power to hold me till the very end. The book is alluring with its simplicity in narration and treatment of the plot and does not make things complicated enough to lose interest. Plot is equivalent factor as to why you should try this book.

how was it ?

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196 reviews13 followers
October 21, 2019
Regrouping, strategising, some banter and utter turmoil

Since I listened to the audiobook, I’ll review that performance as well:
Love that the same narrator tells the second book. Lovely portray of the accents, can’t judge the accuracy one bit, can only tell that it’s nice hearing a British voice telling a story located in Britain.
All the different voices and accents make this story a joy to listen to. It’s a breeze to follow the dialogues.

This book was a bit weird at the beginning for me. For a while it felt like it would be an entire book about re-organizing the society after the devastating events from book 1. Of course, picking up where book 1 ends means it needed to have a start of some regrouping and strategising unless the story would’ve jumped in time but I prefer this over a jump. But after that much needed regrouping, that I needed to adjust to shall we say, the story continues. The new formed group was hilarious at times, the banter adding lots of humor and sometimes the group brought some depth to the story as well. Which was a nice addition because, as I said, for me, after the action in the end of book 1, the first part of this book felt kinda plain. The group was given a very important but somewhat boring task and I’ll admit that I didn’t like the book as much as the first one due to the regrouping and strategising. Those things just aren’t my favorite so I got scared it would be lots of that. Also, the first one wasn’t as dark as this one, there was still a search and some mystery going on and a bit of romance in the background so it takes some adjusting to the darkness. This one is more preparing for the fight and the fight itself. The doomed vibe of it all is captures very well. Storywise, I think the author did a great job of continuing the story. I just loved the few lighter bits in book 1, they made a nice addition to an otherwise evenly dark storyline, so I guess that’s why this one needed to grow on me. Apparently I love me some light parts in my dark stories lol.
But anyway, it’s captivating for sure after some chapters where the characters needed to scrape themselves together. It is more devastating than book 1. There is definitely a war going on and it’s not a pretty one. I do wonder how the story will develop from here on out. The ending leaves you wondering just how it can possibly end well. So it might have started out a bit less for me personally but I did love this book as well and can’t wait for the sequel!
27 reviews
March 10, 2019
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I look forward to reading the next one in the series. Hunter is an interesting character and I can't wait to see what powers his son will possess.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,811 reviews13 followers
May 3, 2019
This was a great follow up to book one, the Shadow Rises. I really enjoyed the continuing story of Hunter, a bit slower paced than book one but still enjoyable. The characters were very engaging and the storyline kept me interested until the very end and left me in a hurry to read book three.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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477 reviews3 followers
December 28, 2018
This is my review of the audio version as posted on Audible:

The second book in the Witch-Hunter series is dfinitely better and definitely darker than the first one, and it makes you want more... I rated the story in the first one at 3.5 stars, this installment is somewhere between 4.5 and 4.9:)

Hunter and Sophie are now on two opposing sides of the war - both equally powerful, though Hunter is still to learn everything about what he is capable of doing and acting on instinct rather than knowledge. One thing is certain - it's either life or death for them, no compromise possible at all...

That's the basic idea behind the plot - but the book goes so much deeper. What I like about this dark tale is that somewhere underlying the story is a vital question: can injustice and cruelty be fought with reciprocating injustice and cruelty? Can violence and vengeance rectify centuries of witch-hunting? When I was listening I kept thinking of all the wars in human history, of how cruelty breeds cruelty and hatred only brings more hatred, and how, when the wheel of Fortune turns, victims become oppressors... The story woven by K. S. Marsden brilliantly shows that mechanism, the mechanism that results from the in-bred dark side of the human nature, the human need for revenge and the human hunger for power...

Why then did I stop myself from giving the book a 5-star rating for the story? Well, it's almost perfect, but I still found the pace of the book uneven. There are short passages that slow you down a bit - they have their purpose; they allow you to understand the characters better, they serve as a kind of respite between action scenes, but some of them are a bit too long. On the other hand, they add the feeling of reality to the tale of war - every war is 90% waiting and only 10% fighting, still, I'd like for those parts to be less of them and shorter. That's the only fault of the book I can pinpoint for you.

The narration by Mr Ip is very good, as with the first book. I can only repeat what I already wrote about him once before: he is great at male voices, doesn't try to overdo female voices and his interpretation adds emotions when necessary and makes the listening a very relaxing experience.

DISCLAIMER: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.
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Author 21 books174 followers
December 30, 2017
Book 73 of my Goodreads Challenge

This is the second reading of this book but this time I bought it from the lovely author when I met her at a book signing I now have the complete series in paperback. They sit on my shelve of all time favourites.

I first read this book in ebook format in 2015 after I could not put down book 1. This time it is all out war between the witches and the witch-hunters but do we know who is friend and who is foe. The world as we know it has been plunged into darkness the use of technology has terminated there are no phones, no electricity nothing we are used to. Can Hunter and his team change this?

Well I highly recommend you read the book and find out for yourselves.

A completely enthralling series.
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Author 12 books71 followers
January 17, 2020
“The Shadow Reigns” begins with a message from Sophie ~ the Shadow Witch, explaining how for hundreds of years the witches were persecuted, and how she was born to free the witches from oppression.

This brings us to where the first book left off, with Hunter and the witch hunters working with the military to head off a war with the Shadow Witch and her kind.

Sophie has finally gained the power she always desired and turned into the Shadow Witch. There’s just one problem… she’s pregnant with Hunter’s child.

There have been heavy casualties, and the MMC (Malleus Maleficarum Council) and the British military are all housed at Astley manor. Hunter struggles to regain his strength after his injuries. After the devastating battle with the Shadow Witch, everyone needs time to regroup and reassess the dire situation.

During this time, we delve deeper into Hunter’s character, revealing more of who this mysterious man is, including his magical abilities. He seems more witch-like than human, and those powers cause him plenty of pain.

Hunter searches for a way to kill the Shadow Witch. When his research dries up, he decides to hunt down the mysterious Bernandanti whom he believes holds the key to crippling the witch’s powers.

K. S. Marsden is a master at describing magic. Her spells seem to roll off her tongue with an innate sense of realism. Not only that, I could feel the “waves of energy” and visualized how she perceived this magic to react. The descriptions will leave you breathless!

While this second book is slower, it mimics the character’s pacing. This is the buildup to the climactic ending. The reader will learn much more about the characters and if you think you have it all figured out… read on, because this series has an ending I never saw coming. Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author as a gift.
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Author 4 books29 followers
August 13, 2015
The Shadow Reigns is the sequel to book 1 The Shadow Rises in K.S. Marsden’s the witch hunter trilogy. Originally, K.S. sent me the digital copy of books 1, 2, and 3 so that I could read them and review them. Unfortunately, without a kindle or tablet, it was impossible for me to read these books in a timely fashion. So, rather than never finish I decided to buy both books so I can read and write the review this author deserves.

She did not disappoint.

The Shadow Rises is a big improvement over the first book but also takes a few steps back in terms of pacing and character agency. I could see just from the first paragraph alone that Marsden practiced her craft and improved on creating visuals rather than telling about them. Her prose is light and enjoyable and distinctly British. So for you American readers out there, THOSE ARE NOT TYPOS!

Let’s talk about pacing first because I felt that this book moved a little slow. Though I liked the direction the book was going in, I couldn’t help but feel that most of this book had trouble finding its rhythm. The intro and middle is a slog because our hero, Hunter Astley spends most of his time milling about his mansion and recuperating from his injuries in the previous book.

This also led into the problem of character agency because both the MMC (Witch hunting group) and the British Military are all housed at Astley manor. Why is this an issue? Well because instead of hunting down the witch threat, they are just sitting on their asses (or arses if you prefer)!

This was very similar to a problem I had with the previous book. The reasoning and logic behind the military action didn’t feel very believable. Military’s are known for their go-get em attitude regardless of nation and when teamed up with an organization that HUNTS witches, it would make more sense for them to attack the Shadow Witch rather than wait for her to make an appearance.

I understand that the events from book 1 made it more difficult to hunt the witches but they would hunt them with sticks and stones if they had to. Instead they were passive as if locked down by the plot or the need to make the main characters more important. Unfortunately, because this is such a short book it felt like the reason the beginning of this book was so slow was because there wasn’t enough content to justify an entire novel. It’s a novella disguised as a novel.

However, once the magic showed up, then things got interesting again. Describing magic is what Marsden does well and when you read her descriptions you feel that the spells have a logic that make them seem real. From waves of energy rolling off the shoulders, to how magic is perceived when pushing through a magical wall, the description of magic is as vivid as the spells they’re describing.

A quick aside: to me the magic always seemed purple. Anyone else get that vibe? I like that I can ask that question.

Though her descriptions of magic were amazing, there were some bits in the action scenes that left me super confused. In one section of the book there is a bit where a military character dies. I wasn’t sure where they were in the world, what they were doing, and even after re-reading the section I couldn’t visualize what was happening in the scene. To this day I’m still not sure why or how the character died and I think that section needed a bit more polish.

Thankfully, this is the only notable section of the book where I got confused. Everything else fell into place like it should have and as a nice little bonus, Marsden added some character development that was sorely lacking in the first book. Hunter’s mom stole a few scenes by being a horrible human being and a stubborn old mule but entertaining nonetheless. James continued to have great comebacks and witty remarks that left me chuckling and a few new characters helped make a trip to the pub into a fun little diversion to get to know everyone and even watch some romance develop.

Sadly, this leaves Hunter to be the wallflower of the group. The cocky, arrogant witch hunter that believed he could defeat the world had become more quiet this time around. He wasn’t somber or anything like that but you could tell that his personality shrunk inward. This makes sense from a story perspective and it really made me root for him to get his old charm back.

Oh wait, there’s one more character I failed to mention because she went MIA for 99% of the book. WHERE . . . WAS . . . SOPHIE!?!?!?! Oh my gosh, I was so bummed that Sophie wasn’t featured as prominently in this book! I needed more Sophie in my life because she was such a cool and fun character and yet she was gone! Man, what a disappointment!

Finally and most importantly. I felt like there wasn’t enough conflict in this book. The stakes weren’t high enough and in terms of content, nothing much happened. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed reading the book but I almost felt like this whole thing could have been put into the beginning of book three.

But hold on, though I don’t think book 2 is the strongest entry in the trilogy it is absolutely one of the most emotionally gripping. Beware, spoilers ahead.

(No but seriously, skip the spoiler section if you want to read the trilogy. The best part about these books is the fact that they keep you guessing.)



The ending of this book was so powerful that I wanted to cry. I was way too attached to what I was reading and I just couldn’t believe what had happened. The stakes went so high up and left on such a powerful note that I literally sat there, staring at the book, wondering, Did she really just do that to me?

Though the book is admittedly light, it sure ended with a bang. The bang was so great that I had to read the third and final book right away.
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588 reviews
June 25, 2019
I received this book for free. I am voluntarily leaving this review and all opinions expressed herein are mine.

This is the second book in the series Witch Hunter. It is not a standalone book and has a cliffhanger ending. The author does provide a summary of the events in book 1 at beginning of this book.

Here, Hunter and his crew are recovering from their last battle with the Shadow Witch. Things did not go well for them so they must formulate a plan where they might have the upperhand in their next meeting. In the meantime, Hunter is exploring his new found powers.

This is a great follow-up to the first book. It is much darker and a bit slower paced than the first book. But, that does not mean that there aren't heart wrentching moments which steal your breath away. Most of this book focuses on the witch hunters with the addition of some new characters - the Shadow Witch [Sophie] is not at the forefront here. I absolutely adore Hunter's mother and her droll sarcastic comments and she does not disappoint.

I listened to this book - the narrator is perfect. I absolutely love his speaking voice, which is very easy on the ears.
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2,175 reviews44 followers
September 2, 2018
Have just read this very thrilling book in one sitting. The shadow witch is back and she is still aiming on taking down the whole witch-hunter team. She has had her baby, a son whose father is George Astley the 7th gen witch hunter himself. Sophie has tried to persuade Hunter to join the witches since his newly discovered magical abilities evolved however, he chose the other side, the side he had been trained for as a witch-hunter all his life. Hunter fights with all his might against the witches attacks but ends up seeing all the people he cared for killed in front of his very eyes and there was nothing he could do to stop this. Seems like the witches win this round once again but Hunter knows he has to come to grips with his new found abilities and be able to use these to serve his purpose. I loved this second book in the series even though I hate to see witches die. I am still rooting for Sophie and hope that in the final book the witches win the fight against what is left of the hated Malleus Maificarum council but I know this is not how this trilogy will end.
665 reviews8 followers
November 5, 2018
For me the series has highlighted how difficult it can be to identify who is in the right, who is the good guys, it beautifully illustrates that history is written by the victors. While the good guys seem obvious at the beginning of book 1 the further into book 2 I got the less obvious it is.

Both sides do things that are morally questionable and both sides believe passionately that their cause is the right one. As the reader probably supposed to side with the Witch Hunters and yet at times this is difficult to do.

Book 2 has me desperately wanting book 3, to know what will happen next, and to hopefully find out who the good guys are.

This book to be on an emotional journey, a journey that had me conflicted because I want Hunter and Sophie to win and they're on opposite sides.

The narration is well done, the character voices are clear and distinct. The pace and tone of the narration matched that changed pace of this book.

I received a free copy of this book from the author and/or narrator and/or publisher and I voluntarily wrote this honest review.
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1,073 reviews2 followers
May 2, 2018
This is the second story in this series and continues with the awesome characters that Marsden introduced to us before! I really like what she did with the plot twists in this one. I do think there could have been a little more description and slower pacing to get everything in, but overall it's a good story that has a very fun premise!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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900 reviews
April 29, 2019
In the second installment of the Witch-Hunter trilogy we find the world dealing with the catastrophic aftermath of the witches’ revolution. The remaining witch-hunters and the army form an alliance to plot the downfall of the powerful Shadow Witch and her followers. Hunter and his stalwart companions are tasked with the search for MMC survivors. As Hunter embraces his newly realized anti-magic abilities, will his inexperience with these skills impede their chances for success in the ongoing war? It’s a well written story that covers a range of emotions and features plenty of drama, action, intrigue, and suspense. While I may have found this story to be slow-going at times, I’m looking forward to The Shadow Falls for the conclusion of this entertaining tale.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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1,444 reviews24 followers
October 11, 2019
Oh Hunter...I love that man. I listened to this series and man it was so good!! It ended too soon!! The battle continues on this book and man you are in for a surprise I think. Ha!
I’m very excited and eager for the third book! I hope it comes to audio! Great series!!

I recommend listening to the audio. It’s quite fascinating with the accent. #Swoon. I love it.
11.5k reviews50 followers
May 2, 2018
the shadow witch has scattered all the hunters but they are still strong. he is no longer trusted and he has a love which he has to keep hidden. he needs to gain allies so they can fight the next battle. see if they will win this time

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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3,780 reviews19 followers
January 10, 2019
This was a really good follow up to The Shadow Witch.There is so much packed into the 4 hours,you really need to keep up! Jonathan Ip was a fine narrator.I was given this book by the narrator,author or publisher free for an honest review.
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4,044 reviews14 followers
October 23, 2018
My fourth read/listen from author K.S. Marsden was well-written and entertaining. Narrator Jonathon Ip’s British accent made for enjoyable listening. I'll be reading more by her in the future. (RIP Marley January 20, 2014 - July 24, 2018)
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237 reviews1 follower
August 9, 2017
Didn't see that coming.

Holy crap! Another good one! I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't that! I didn't see that coming! Totally bums me out that some faves in the series are gone.
July 29, 2017
Another Good Book!

This series is amazing! I read the first two books in two days. I'm now on to the third. It is extremely rare for me to read more than one book at a time in a series. That's how good this series is.
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Author 4 books16 followers
May 16, 2016
I received a review copy from the author for an honest review.

This is the second book of the trilogy. While there is a good introduction, it is a direct continuation and should be read only after absolving the first one.

I read the first book, gave it five start and was happy to get my hands on this. The story continues where the previous one finished. The world is in a disarray, the Shadow Witch has the upper hand and the MMC is just the shadow of its former self. (No pun intended :) )

As with many trilogies, the first book is a 'setup' and the second book is more about 'struggle'. As the title also implies, there is a slow, but steady tendency to lose for the hunters, while Hunter is still undecided about how to handle his capabilities, situation and status. The appearance of the wiccans provides help, but also adds another factor. Loosening views for the hunters in general. Indecision about his capabilities and place for Hunter.

Without adding too many spoilers: The situation by the end of the book is even worse than at the beginning, but this is the catalyst for Hunter to finally make a long delayed step.

About the book in general:

It is well written just as the first book. I still like the amount of description given or the lack of it. Everything essential is described and it leaves things open to personal imagination where freedom is due. Good language, well edited.

The only reason I gave four stars for the second book is a personal one. I think that problems are to be solved and investigation/preparation is important in most areas of life. ('Seize the day' and improvisation are also due of course, but right now, I'm thinking about the war situation of the story.)

The main character, Hunter Astley, found his new capabilities in the first book and used them well as the war broke out, but then he failed to capitalize on them. Caution is due as he could become a target himself, but in the new situation everybody is apparently looking at him as a key person and possible saviour. Still, he spends a whole year with apparently unsuccessful library investigation, while he has the chance to go and do some on location search in Italy. With his blinking capability, his everyday chores and the investigation could coexist. This type of stagnation and delay is something I don't like.

I'm looking forward to read the last book of the trilogy.

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October 5, 2015
K.S. Marsden's The Shadow Rises
It is about a witch hunter who has been called Hunter, though this is no his true name; his name is George. He is a 7th generation witch hunter which makes him powerful, witty, and sharp-edged to a witch and their influences. He is hardcore, staying away from emotions, though he still has them. He is human after all but shrouds his in his work. He protects a girl, Sophie, in the begin of the book but she will come back to haunt him. She ends up wanting to become a witch hunter. She is a strong willed girl and is not going to take no for answer. Though he doesn't like the idea much, he puts in a good word and she is being trained by his old trainer, Brian.
Brian is a long-standing which hunter, one of the elders, which is blessing and a curse. He is set in his ways, and comes off rough but makes no excuses. Brian is killed but Sophie survived. There's something about her I didn’t like from the very beginning but that is something I will not dub into. They find the location of a group of witches, teaming up with a couple other which hunters—one of which, rubs Hunter the wrong way. One of the witches is killed by a gun happy idiot along with one of the witch hunters being hurt. Then they find out about The Shadow Witch about to appear again.
Trying to hide his feeling for Sophie…well that doesn’t work out so well. It is Hunter's responsibility to protect humans, keep all witch hunters around the world informed, and create attack proposals. With all this responsibility falling for some woman is just a distraction. Is that what Sophie is a distraction to catch Hunter off guard? Will the Shadow Witch continue to evade him?
K.S. Marsden’s has brought together a delightful story that is well written and keeps the reader wanting to know what will happen next. This one is a good weekend read.
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January 22, 2016
I would like to thank the author for offering this book in exchange for an honest review.

The Shadow Reigns is part 2 of the trilogy. It comes off a bit stronger than the first book. The characters are more developed as we Learn more about them. There is a reason I especially like trilogy's or series, in that characters become like old friends. Hunter is a chum we come to understand. He grows up more in this book, he starts to put others before him. His leadership of his little group is formed on respect and camaraderie.

Sophie seems to be going further away into a darker realm. Her ambition to change the world overshadows her former feelings for Hunter.

The wiccan group was interesting but I always thought of rose quartz being a mineral for channeling self love not communication, amethyst being a psychic stone I could see. And opal a fiery mineral tends to be easily broken. The wiccan rede was a nice touch. Though the wiccans I know would feel no problem in fighting to protect those they love and bind those who try to harm them, mirror spells for instance.
I found myself becoming engrossed with the story wanting to know what will happen next. There were of course those silly little typos missing letters, wrong words, just had to re-read them and insert corrections so as to make sense of the sentence. But even when typing spell check will insert words it thinks you want to write so I can see how it happens.

All in all will definitely be hoping to read the next tale, after all I have to know what Hunter will do to revenge those he lost, and what new skills he will acquire. Will Sophie be stopped and will Adam be introduced and what will his special powers be since he will be an 8th gen and a witch too.

Kudos to a well told story.
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May 7, 2016
I read the three books in the Witch-Hunter series back to back.
The Shadow Rises drew me in after the first few pages and wouldn't let go so I moved straight onto The Shadow Reigns, quickly followed by The Shadow Falls.
These books now make up one of my favourite trilogies!

The second book in the series starts with Hunter recovering from the revelations and after-effects of book ones' ending. It moves at a slightly slower pace, but with more descriptive writing. The details of the magic make it completely believable.

K.S. Marsden continues to develop the main characters, allowing them to grow with their actions and circumstances. I enjoyed getting to know Hunter much better in this book.

The ending of this book was so amazing that I was reaching for the third book as I closed this one.

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September 22, 2014
I quite enjoy Marsden’s writing style. She draws you into the story with her inviting yet dense and thought-provoking writing. A sense of darkness winds its way through Marsden’s descriptions painting this world in shades of red and grey. Everything is very easy to picture, and the storyline definitely sparks your imagination. The story definitely ends a bit harshly at the ending without being a definite cliff-hanger, leaving you reaching for the next novel in the series.

I quite enjoyed getting to know the characters in this novel a bit better. Marsden continues to develop these individuals, allowing them to grow based on their circumstances and trials. You also get to know the characters not just as individuals, but as a group and as friends. Their interactions with one another are just as revealing about who they are as their individual histories are

Overall, I quite enjoyed this story. It didn’t capture my attention quite the way the first one does but I have high hopes for the third novel in the series.

Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.
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June 30, 2016
I did not read book 1 of this series The Shadow Rises, this is a review for book 2 The Shadow Reigns. The two main characters fell in love in the first book. Hunter is a witch hunter and Sophie is a Shadow Witch ~ both are loyal to their own families and sides, both have special powers. The story follows Hunter and his search for Sophie as he is suppose to kill her. He has great leadership skills and I really enjoyed how he interacts with his team. Sophie is very powerful and vows to destroy Hunter, and is pregnant with his child. They do end up meeting in this story several times and I can't wait to read what comes next! Will Hunter get vengeance on what he's lost or is it possible for him to find something to keep his love for Sophie and get together?? Will we meet Adam and find out which side he's more a part of ?? This book is for everyone who likes paranormal stories, witches, good vs evil, romance.... Really enjoyed it! I was given this book by the author for an honest review.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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