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A Perfect Home

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Life is never as perfect as it looks! When Claire’s house is featured in a glossy interiors magazine her life appears to be idyllic. No one would guess that she’s spent years hiding her unhappy marriage and broken heart. Claire puts all her energies into making a family home but now it looks as though enigmatic photographer Stefan can see more than just the beautiful facade. Claire appears to have it all - a beautiful cottage, three gorgeous children, a successful husband and her own flourishing vintage textile business. But when an interiors magazine sends a good-looking photographer to take pictures of Claire's perfect home, he makes her wonder what she really wants. This is the beautifully observed and poignant love story of a woman who has to find out if home really is where the heart is. What people are saying about A Perfect Home... A Perfect Home by Kate Glanville is one the best stories that I have read so far this year. This is a book that I will treasure for life. I loved this story from page one. It really grabbed my attention. To me Kate Glanvillie is a brilliant story teller. It was amazing - ireadnovels.wordpress.com This book for me was an excellent read, I warmed to the characters easily and was unsure of the outcome until just before the end. This is the first book I have read by Kate Glanville courtesy of lovereading.co.uk but it will not be my last. - Christine Phillips It's a must read! Beautiful story, wonderful characters and plenty of twists in the tale. - 5 star Amazon review A real page turner. Ideal holiday reading. -- Celia Cohen, Lovereading.com This book was a delight to read, well written, smooth, seamless, engaging and so difficult to put down, resulting in a feeling of loss when I reached the end. --Maggie Crane, Lovereading.com Having the perfect house does not always make a perfect home. A story of finding yourself and finding love...A love story that gently unfolds, with humour and compassion. With characters who feel as real as your neighbours, and a message about how perfection is often only on the surface. --Anne Cater, www.randomthingsthroughmyletterbox.bl...

400 pages, Paperback

First published August 1, 2012

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About the author

Kate Glanville

7 books11 followers
Kate Glanville was born in West Africa to Irish parents. Kate now lives in the small town of Llandeilo on the edge on The Brecon Beacons National Park with her three children, two cats and two dogs . She graduated with a degree in fashion design at Central St. Martins and worked in the textile industry before becoming a ceramic artist. Kate's tableware designs have been sold in shops and galleries all over the world including Liberty, Conran Shop, Fortnum & Masons and Fired Earth. Among her many customers Kate has produced ceramics for The Prince of Wales, Madonna, Roger Daltry and Robbie Williams. Despite a successful career as a visual artist Kate has been writing stories since the age of eight. A Perfect Home (published in 2012 by Penguin US under the name Kitty Glanville)and Heartstones are her first two novels, both published by Accent Press in the UK and in Germany and Norway. Stargazing was published by Accent in the UK in 2016 and also in Germany. Kate’s fourth novel, The Cherry Tree Summer, was published in May 2021 by Headline and The Peacock House will be published in September 2021.

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Author 14 books318 followers
March 1, 2017
I started this book thinking it would be light and amusing read. Claire and her husband William have renovated their home in the country. But lately it seems William spends all his time either at work or working on the house. William is quite frankly a pain. He and his parents are controlling and only concerned with what they want. Claire doesn’t get much of a say in anything, except her kitchen which she loves. Even the three children are expected by William to be clean and never make a mess. As if! Children need to be children and part of that means sometimes there will be a mess or a house may not always be tidy. So in a way, it’s hardly surprising when Claire’s head is turned by Stefan, the photographer who comes to photograph their home for the magazine Idyllic Homes.
I felt quite sorry for Claire initially with her control freak of husband, but as the book went on I was appalled at some of her impetuous, selfish and reckless decisions that end up having consequences she could never have foreseen. As I found myself losing sympathy for Claire, I found myself not reluctant to keep reading. However I did read to the end. Those who are into chick lit and romance may like it better than I did.
Profile Image for Janssen.
1,606 reviews3,968 followers
August 14, 2012
Read half of this on the airplane and finished it up that same day. Just a nice fluffy read. Reminded me a bit of Emily Griffith where I couldn't tell where it was going.

I saw several flaws after the fact, but during the actual reading, I was really caught up in it.
45 reviews2 followers
August 25, 2014
Claire has three beautiful children, a gorgeous husband, William and a growing vintage textile business. The photo shoot by Idyllic Homes of their stunning cottage gives her more than she expected.
William has a busy job by day and evenings and weekends he is passionately extending their home, with a new conservatory, a new kitchen etc.
Stefan the photographer for the magazine is gorgeous and charming and makes Claire laugh, he is good with the children and the cat. There is a definite spark between them and Claire begins to question her perfect life.
Claire's spare time is taken up with creating and sourcing things for her new business,'Emily Love'.
Her and William don't spend much time together like they did before the children came along. Her favourite room is the kitchen filled with colour and fittings she chose and made. The rest of the house has been William and his mothers vision.
Life has a way of moving you in different directions, some of those not planned. This book for me was an excellent read, I warmed to the characters easily and was unsure of the outcome until just before the end. This is the first book I have read by Kate Glanville courtesy of lovereading.co.uk but it will not be my last. I have already downloaded her other book to start next. I recommend you to read this I am sure you will enjoy.
A perfect home is where the heart is.

5 reviews
September 10, 2023
Loved it!
On the face of it a romantic novel (as a standard bloke this is not my usual go-to genre), but I'm so glad I took the plunge! This is so compelling and full of spot-on details and humour that it doesn't matter what genre it is, it just seems effortlessly well written from someone who was obviously born to write. I found myself sneaking in a chapter or two at every opportunity. Thoroughly recommended.
Her next book is on order and I can't wait!
65 reviews1 follower
March 6, 2019
For me the book shows the strengths, weaknesses and emotional roller coaster of us females. How we look after everyone around us and forget about the badge that reads- MOM!!
Profile Image for Bernadette Robinson.
920 reviews11 followers
March 1, 2015
A strong 7/10, that might have made 8 if it hadn't been in need of better proof reading.

I enjoyed this easy to read rom-com style story. It proves to us that the grass is not always greener on the other side and that we should sometimes allow people the benefit of the doubt.

Claire and William appear to have it all, a perfect home, a happy marriage or so it seems, three lovely children and jobs that suit them both well.

Appearances are not always what they seem and when a photographer arrives at the 'Perfect Home' to take some shots for a magazine article, Claire's world is rocked a little, as she begins to wonder if the house means more to her husband than she and the family do.

I found all the characters engaging and at times I just wanted Claire to wake up and smell the coffee to be honest. The children were adorable and I think deep down that William would have preferred them to have been seen but not heard.

Well worth picking up if you get the chance in my opinion.

523 reviews15 followers
August 19, 2014
I read this on the sunbed on holiday as this popped through the letterbox from Lovereading as I was about to leave to fly off for a much needed break.

I did enjoy this book, it is chick lit and a bit gooey like a marshmallow. After the strains of work this was easy to read.

Claire the main character has the life we all want, fab home own business,kids and gorgous husband you think what more do want I would settle for that.

Then along comes a photographer to shoot photographs for the predictably named Idyllic Home magazine in the middle of a heatwave for the christmas edition.

Predictably again Claire realises life may not be as perfect as she once thought.

This is a good summer book it is esacpism and a good romance.
Profile Image for Bookread2day.
2,311 reviews63 followers
March 12, 2015
A Perfect Home by Kate Glanville is one the best stories that I have read so far this year. This is a book that I will treasure for life. I loved this story from page one. It really grabbed my attention. To me Kate Glanvillie is a brilliant story teller.
Claire has it all a beautiful cottage that you can just picture, and a handsome husband and three children. Claire runs her own vintage textile buisness. But when her house appears in an interior magazine she falls for the photographer. This is certainly a must a read for readers that like marriage and family problem stories.
Profile Image for Janet.
241 reviews1 follower
March 25, 2015
I loved this story. I read it in no time and couldn't put it down. It is an easy, "frothy" read which would be great for holidays. Sometimes I am in the mood for a light, easy read and this kept my interest and I went to bed early to read it! I have already bought her other book on my kindle as I really enjoyed this.
Profile Image for Theresa.
38 reviews
April 2, 2015
I didn't like this book at all. This woman who had a perfect life,home , marriage and children had her head turned by a photographer from a glossy magazine. At no time did she show in any way that she was unhappy within her marriage. It just annoyed me. I know that you should suspend belief when reading but I just couldn't with this
343 reviews1 follower
February 24, 2016
Nice story of a couple with children in a home suitable to be photographed for a home magazine. It is the perfect house, but not the perfect home as husband gives more attention to house than his family.
Profile Image for Sinead.
216 reviews
August 24, 2014
Excellent love story proving that material possessions are not the be all and end all!
52 reviews
July 2, 2015
Little bit of an uncomfortable read, given my many years of marriage, but it did speak to me of the effort needed to keep the relationship in front of our daily lives.
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