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Nature's Destiny #2

Sapphire's Divinity

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I was a hybrid werewolf with a secret destiny shadowed by a prophecy the Ancient Guardians foretold. The same Ancient Guardians that had organised the annual Alpha summit Riley had been summoned to.

Since Jackson’s demon threat everyone was powered up on overtime at the gym. Train, sweat, repeat. Train, sweat, repeat.

But all that rage-filled preparation wasn’t enough. We were being targeted by something new, and it didn’t stop there.

The summit was proving to be my nemesis. Egotistical morons challenged me with threats to the one I loved, and I knew I couldn’t endure a life without Riley.

Besides all of that, there was one thing I was finally understanding about the supernatural. Nothing was as it seemed.

Not even me.

First published August 25, 2014

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About the author

Justine Winter

24 books195 followers
I’ve always lived a life based on my imagination, from hopeless dreams of romance to concocting alternate realities involving supernaturals. I’m completely fascinated with anything hero-related, and often speculate which superpower I’d possess. I haven’t settled on one yet.

I was born in England, and currently reside in Wales, UK. I love to write, and most days you’ll find me happily tapping away at the computer whilst in my pyjama-clad bubble. I also spend my time reading, and if that isn’t enough I’m often in the kitchen baking up a treat.

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758 reviews168 followers
August 22, 2014
Favorite Lines “Unfortunately, our minds are our greatest assets, and our biggest flaws.”

“I was losing the fight, losing the will to live.”

“It’s to remind you that your wolf has always been a part of your heart. You may have been turned against your will, but it was always your destiny to become one of us.”

“My final act as her friend was the gift of keeping her safe.”

“Shh, sweetheart. I know. I love you, too. This goodbye isn’t for forever so don’t give me your speech. Tell me when I win, when I come to claim my prize. Tell me what I mean to you then.”

“She must mate with her one true love.”

I am kinda frozen right right now by the last sentence! I'm praying it means what I hope!
Riley and Luna are a fabulous couple. In this book there are incubus after Luna and she's coming into her new power. The alpha summit takes place and while there so much happens and is revealed. Luna is amazing, she's so confused about what is going on inside of her.
Riley goes through an alpha challenge in this one and he's so awesome! He's every bit the alpha I knew he was. In the ending of this one Luna fall in pain and Riley finds out she must mate her true love. Does that mean Riley? God I hope so! I can't wait for the book in the spectacular series!
Amazing author, fantabulous series!

I was given book by author in exchange for an honest review

257 reviews40 followers
August 21, 2014
Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better. Justine hit it out of the park with Sapphire’s Divinity. All I can say is WOW. The fact that Luna is becoming a kick ass character is what makes her so enjoyable to follow. I did find one flaw in her with this story, she has become secretive and doubtful. Where her intentions are admirable for wanting to be independent and solve her own issues, she also puts a rift between her and Riley. I almost thought that might be the relationship breaker for them, but Riley is such an awesome guy, he takes it in strides. Although the story takes place away from Nature’s Destiny and at the Alpha Summit, you still have some connection and interaction with support characters. I loved the relationships, I loved the drama, and I loved seeing the strength in these characters. For me this was a building book. It was the building of Riley and Luna’s relationship, the building of the pack and their bond, and the building of the prophecy for Luna and key players. It was all set up beautifully and will lead you into book 3. There were some unanswered questions, some development left unfinished and a definite cliff hanger ending but well worth the read.
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1,063 reviews
August 11, 2014
** ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review **

Action-packed. Emotionally charged. Well-written. A worthy sequel!

While book one focused on Luna getting used to her new life and the changes that came with the transformation, she is very much in tune with her inner wolf this time around. I loved how confident and bold she was. Keep in mind that she has only been a wolf for about a month and the progress that she made is stunning. Talking about character development here! I bet we haven’t touched the tip of the iceberg with this character and the events that took place in this book, including the cliffhanger, only showed the potential that Luna has.

I loved Riley in book 1, but now? Wow. Riley is just utterly swoon worthy. He is everything you want, and the best Luna can have. A fierce leader and protector and yet passionate and loveable and kind and honest…I absolutely adore him and I swear if anything happens to him in the next book, I will not stand for my actions.

“Luna, the thought of losing you is like losing my heart. You have me completely, and if you died because I wasn’t there to protect you, it would kill me. I know you're strong, I know you're different, but that doesn’t change my natural instincts. I still have to protect you."

The moments between Luna and the others were so comfortable. The dialogue is sharp and fun, making me laugh and grin throughout. Without spoiling the plot, I’ll just say that you will be turning page after page in order to continue.

Since the time span of this book is only one week, and most of it took place outside Nature's Destiny, I did miss the other characters. I’ve especially grown to love Roxy, Shane and Faye. I do hope to see more of them in the next book.

Luna and the pack are still facing the threat of the demons and who knows what else is out there in this creative supernatural world. I can only conclude that the next book is going to be gut wrenching, just like this one was.
Profile Image for Kay (❦ ᴗ ❦ ✿) BooksandMe.
470 reviews7 followers
February 18, 2015
I received this book in exchange for an honest review (LoP)

I give this book a 3.5 to 4 stars.

Riley. I still feel the whole-alpha-I'm-an-animal vibe is missing. I can't feel the alpha vibe/possessive type/animalistic attitude with him. I guess it goes with the way of love of the pack and family and his upbringing? But I want him more powerful than how I was able to feel him.

Luna. The character is strong. I think I'm liking her here. But, those omissions of her, I actually hate her during those scenes. It hurt Riley. But I understand anyway, with all that's been happening, its understandable.

So the events, I feel there's a great improvement with compared to the first book. The events are not rushed and I quite got the feel of the scene.

Something with Nick and Sky, I think there's a possibility there for the book 3.

More into the end of the story, I do get what the Ancient Guardians are saying. But something about the disease is quite a surprise for me because I didn't expect that and there is a cliffhanger! Beware!

This can be read as a stand-alone.
But to better get the feel of the series, it should be read as follows:
1. Nature's Destiny
2. Sapphire's Divinity
3. Guardians Dynasty
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214 reviews16 followers
September 10, 2014
A Promising series that gets better with each book.

In Sapphire’s Divinity, we are once again thrust into the new life of Luna, newbie werewolf, with powers she didn’t even know she possessed.

Before you even begin to read this review, if you haven’t read book 1, Nature’s Destiny, you need to. It does start off a little bit slow, but stick with it, you’ll be so happy you did because by the end you’ll be gripping the sides of your reading device.

Then comes Sapphire’s Divinity, set against a new setting with new dangers, you forget that the timeline actually is only over a month. Justine’s writing takes you to a different place, and all you can do is sit back and enjoy the ride. There is such description that you can’t possibly say you don’t connect with the characters and the story.

A setting so original, yet the same shape-shifter mindset. If you like werewolves and their bonding of their pack, the breakthrough of finding who you are and who you’re meant to be, then this series is for you.

Let me say that book three should take us for a nice little run and I am curious as to how far I am about to travel!
A howling good time!!
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92 reviews5 followers
February 9, 2015
I received this book in exchange for an honest review from LoP or Lovers of Paranormal.

I was a hybrid werewolf with a secret destiny shadowed by a prophecy the Ancient Guardians foretold. The same Ancient Guardians that had organised the annual Alpha summit Riley had been summoned to.

Since Jackson’s demon threat everyone was powered up on overtime at the gym. Train, sweat, repeat. Train, sweat, repeat.

But all that rage-filled preparation wasn’t enough. We were being targeted by something new, and it didn’t stop there.

The summit was proving to be my nemesis. Egotistical morons challenged me with threats to the one I loved, and I knew I couldn’t endure a life without Riley.

Besides all of that, there was one thing I was finally understanding about the supernatural. Nothing was as it seemed.

Not even me.

What a great book! I really love the series so far, and I am definitely looking forward to reading Book 3. Justine Winter is a great story teller, and writes a kickass book! Winter's style of writing is humorous and very creative. She captures you into the story from the moment you pick up the book. Sapphire's Divinity is a well thought out book, with a very strong plot. If your looking for action, adventure, passionate love scenes (who isn't?), and a great story line ending in a cliffhanger then this is the book for you! Sapphire's Divinity will leave you wanting for nothing...except Book 3, as soon as possible.

Luna is a great lead character. She isn't whiney or annoying, in fact it's quite the opposite. She is strong willed, doesn't take shit from anyone, and is a very entertaining narrator. She is witty, charming, and down right badass.

Riley, Luna's love interest and pack alpha, is just plain sexy. Actually there is nothing plain about him. He is the perfect Alpha male, and one hell of gentleman. His and Luna's relationship is very sweet, if not steamy and hott. They have a great dynamic, and are a lot of fun to read about.

Sapphires Divinity is an awesome read and I would recommend it to all lovers of the Paranormal, and romance lovers as well!
5 stars
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1,301 reviews1 follower
October 5, 2014
Well holy hot damn, this is a fantastic sequel! Luna is now adjusting quite well to her new life, but she is now learning to live with the consequences both good and bad of those changes. She has transformed into a wonderful woman, and I love how she has become so much more. She has done a wonderful job with all the changes occurring in her life. She really is a wonderfully written character. And of course the author has left us wanting so mure chore. And Riley, dude I am having horrible thoughts about how to get rid of Luna to steal Riley. LOL Actually I am thinking that I like Luna too much that Riley is just going to have to find me a wolfy boyfriend so I can have my own :) Riley has become one of the best male characters I’ve read in a long time. Of course he has some flaws, but everyone does. But he’s turned into a wonderful person, not just a wonderful alpha, and he’s definitely a mate worthy of Luna. They are one of the most amazing couples every.

There’s a whole lot going on here. There’s fall out from the incident at the end of book one. And now, Luna and Riley have to not only take care of their pack, but go meet with the big Council. And let’s just say that there’s some horrible people who need to die. But we also get to meet new characters who are just as awesome. I loved the conversations between Luna and the Ancients. It made me giggle when it wasn’t making me have heart failure with all the big bombs dropping. The plot for this story has added even more action and mystery around these characters. It’s quite an amazing ride.

There’s still threats, and there’s still love. I can’t wait to read book three. Really, this has become a need to have series for me. Well done Ms Justine!! Amazing! 5 FANTASTIC WOLFY PAWS!!!
Profile Image for Sinistre.
37 reviews
February 13, 2015
So like I said in my review of the first book Nature's Destiny I loved it. Sapphire's Divinity was not a dissapointment either, it was fast paced with lots of excitement. It takes part away from their home because Riley and Luna go to the Alpha Summit, where needless to say life gets busy and stressful. Luna is still a strong and capable character who is still struggling with understanding her powers and what is happening to her. Riley puts up with alot of secret keeping that Luna does and manages to stay patient with her. I felt a rift in Luna and Riley's relationship which is maybe tied in with the ending of the book and the setting for the third book but I sure hope not. I cannot see the answer to all Luna's problems being as simple as her and Riley marking each other and completing the mating ceremony which means that since the "cure" for Luna's impending death is to mate with her one true love it must not be Riley. If the third book is going to see Riley and Luna split up, as much as I love Justine Winter and her books I could not buy that book. I am impatiently waiting for the third book and I hope I will not be dissapointed.
Profile Image for Jenny.
167 reviews3 followers
February 22, 2015
I was given this book in exchange for an honest review (Lovers of Paranormal aka LOP).

3.5 stars

I still like Luna in this second book but she does seem a little clueless in this installment. She is still courageous, outspoken and feisty but I didn't like how she treated Riley during the story. There was a lot of new information that Luna withheld from all the characters and I thought it was odd. Since she is new to the paranormal world, shouldn't she be asking more questions about all the experiences she's been going through? I kept wondering during the whole story if she was going to talk to anyone about all the strange events that she encountered. I events eventually get explained very later on in the story, it was a little frustrating.

I enjoyed getting to know all the characters more and seeing the strengths of the relationships growing. This second story has a lot more actions going on which is awesome. The whole story will keep a reader guessing!

I would like to thank Ms. Winter for sharing her work with me, it was a pleasure once again.
Profile Image for Myra Espino .
1,167 reviews64 followers
September 12, 2014
Sapphire's Destiny, another book with a SLAM!
Ms. Justine did it again.
From the start up to the last, I enjoyed reading this book.
Sapphire's Divinity is the second book of Nature's Destiny.
Luna's adventure continues.

The characters, Luna as usual rocked it.
She's strong and I love how she handled things.
Riley, hot as hell alpha and strong.
Both characters made the story interesting plus another set of new characters
added the book more spice!
The new characters are amazing!
I love them all!!!

The story, gah! Loved it!
From the start up to the last everything is great! 
There's no dull moments and I was definitely hooked!
This book is packed with hotness,
romance and ACTION!
Oh and let's not forget the supernaturals!
I got chills on the action parts... brrr..
I feel like I was one of the characters!
Anyway, the way the story goes for this book is great.You will never be disappointed!
Ms. Justine nailed it again!
She rocked my world!
WOOHOO wolves!!
95 reviews3 followers
February 16, 2015
After Riley and Luna dispatch the alpha of the London pack a Alpha Summit is called for in London presided over by the Ancient Guardians. We are introduced to more super naturals (vampires, demons, aliens, etc.). Riley has a lot of time for lovemaking but apparently not enough for telling Luna about the world she has entered. Guardians are really aliens that are guiding our world through the werewolves. The Guardians begin to train Luna for her role against the Demons out to destroy everything. The book leaves us with the cliffhanger of what will become of Riley and Luna. Will they survive? Will their love survive? Why is she chosen as the savior? What else is in this prophecy? I’ll read the next installment to find out how all this ties together. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review by LOP. This book is fairly well edited and fast paced. The Author does a good job of painting the scenery with her words.
Profile Image for Rachel.
8 reviews3 followers
August 8, 2014
Loved it! I can't wait for book 3. As Luna's life changes, her Luna relationship with Riley changes and grows. In fact, a lot of her relationships change. Much of this book is about her finding her way and learning who she is and what she can do. This life challenges her again and again. With each triumph she gains confidence and I can't wait to see where the craziness in book 2 leads her.
Profile Image for Deborah.
1,245 reviews34 followers
June 30, 2015
I enjoyed this book I think slightly more than the first book, as the storyline takes it's own way. Away from the much written about plot of the first book. Also we get a cliff hanger luckily the next book is out and ready to be read.
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