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Serenity's Plain Secrets #2

Whispers from the Dead

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Some Amish communities aren't so cozy.

Whispers From The Dead is the powerful and thrilling sequel to Lamb to the Slaughter in the Amish mystery series, Serenity’s Plain Secrets.

Sheriff Serenity Adams and Daniel Bachman are once again partnered up in a criminal investigation, when they travel to a northern Amish settlement that has been riddled by arsons for the past two decades. Serenity quickly discovers that there is a lot more going on than just barns being set on fire in the touristy community of Poplar Springs. And this group of Amish has their own secrets to hide. Serenity begins to unravel an extensive criminal underworld that threatens to destroy everything that the simple people of Poplar Springs hold dear, and once again puts her own life in jeopardy.

And even though Serenity tries desperately to avoid it, things begin heating up between her and Daniel, making her wonder if true love and happiness are really within her grasp.

*Some language and romantic sexual content.

277 pages, Paperback

First published January 6, 2015

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About the author

Karen Ann Hopkins

30 books1,363 followers
You can visit Karen Ann Hopkins at her website: www.karenannhopkinsfiction.com.

"I loved joining Rose and Noah during their journey in the Temptation series by Karen Hopkins."-Katie McGarry, acclaimed YA author

Karen Ann Hopkins resides in northern Kentucky with her family on a farm that boasts a menagerie of horses, goats, sheep, peacocks, chickens, ducks, rabbits, pigs, dogs, and cats. Karen rescues and fosters a variety of pets and farm animals, but she also finds time to give riding lessons, coach a youth equestrian drill team, and of course, write. She was inspired to create her first book, Temptation, by the Amish community she lives in. The experiential knowledge she gained through her interactions with her neighbors drove the story of the star-crossed lovers, Rose and Noah.

Karen grew up about a mile from Lake Ontario in Upstate New York. She was bitten by the horse bug at the age of five, and after diligently taking riding lessons for several years, was rewarded with her first horse at the age of eleven. The feisty horse’s name was Lady, a Quarter Horse-Thoroughbred cross, who became Karen’s steadfast companion. Through the years, the constant force in her life was horses. Eventually, she found her place as a riding instructor herself. Before accepting her fate in the barnyard, she worked a short stint as a paralegal, traveled abroad, and guided tourists on horseback riding tours in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

Karen is currently working on her bestselling Amish mystery series, Serenity's Plain Secrets, along with several new projects. Karen is also excited to announce there will be more books in the Temptation series.

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Author 30 books1,363 followers
August 17, 2014
I've never rated one of my own books before, but I felt compelled to do so this time. It's REALLY annoying when someone gives your book a one star when the book is months away from being released. The rating system is for readers to help other readers find the right books, NOT as a get-even tool. My rant is done. I feel much better now. I can't wait for reviewers who have actually read the book to rate it. It will be out in December :)
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547 reviews643 followers
January 24, 2015
Don't you just love it when the author can write in different genres and for different age audience and STILL be good? This is why Karen Ann Hopkins is one of my favorite author ever! She can kickass in any genre she wants to write. I enjoyed her Embers which is a YA paranormal and this book is not an exception. Even though its an Adult mystery/thriller.

Whispers from the Dead is a great follow up to an incredible ongoing series. Its amazing how Hopkins made me so excited to read the third book already. The same package that came from the first book is still here and it just doubled up. The thrill, the mystery, the authentic characters and the incredible writing.. Whispers from the Dead is jam packed!

Serenity is still as badass as ever. And I love how Daniel is growing on her. I remember how stiff and off she was at the first book.. but after reading that last chapter???! Okay, I'M READY FOR MORE DANIEL AND SERENITY. JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN THANK YOU. The Amish community is still realistically portrayed as well. Its a bit different from Blood Rock which makes the atmosphere of the book more distinct from the first one.

But of course, the nail biting mystery is the trade mark of this series. I think my head almost cracked from coming up ideas, situations and and from guessing who the culprit is. I don't know who to point finger to. Is it him? Her? Is it me???! Everyone is acting sketchy. Everyone is suspicious. Everyone could've done the crime! And when the answer to everything went above the surface and when I found out that everything has something to do with the Amish communities' past.. I was just blown away. Hopkins made me sit at the edge of my seat.

From all the good things I've said, I'm sure you've gathered that I loved the book. My only complain is the Daniel-Serenity romance. Hopkins just keeps teasing us! I am so ready for things to happen. But that's just a minor thing and besides that, the book is just perfection. Whispers from the Dead is a success!
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2,999 reviews637 followers
May 17, 2016
Five Caffeinated reasons to read Whispers of the Dead

Sheriff Serenity Adams worked a case in Lamb to the Slaughter surrounding a murder that took place in the Amish settlement within her jurisdiction. She enlisted the help of Daniel Bachman a former Amish member and together they solved the case. When an Amish settlement in northern Indiana is riddled with a rash of arsons that have escalated to possible murder they call Serenity and ask for help. Serenity takes her vacation and along with David travels to Popular Springs.
All of the stories take place within and surrounding Amish communities and Hopkins does a wonderful job of sharing insight into these close-knit communities. The stories are well researched and share the differences between each sector. There is a religious aspect to these tales, but it would be unrealistic not to mention religion in an Amish community. The stories are not preachy and mentions of God where in context with the characters.
In Whispers of the Dead, a rash of unsolved barn burnings recently escalated when an unknown female was found burned beyond recognition. The local Amish feel that Popular Springs Sheriff is doing little to solve the case. Hopkins introduced characters and suspects within the community and I found them to be well-developed and interesting. She weaved in different threads about the families, the Sheriff’s resistance and more giving me a wonderfully detailed and suspenseful read.
Since Lamb to the Slaughter, there has been delicious chemistry between Serenity and Daniel. Serenity has some hang-ups but the more time they spend together, the more she lets her guard down. This is a slow-burning romance and the reader is rewarded in Whispers of the Dead. I am looking forward to spending more time with this couple in the next book. I picture Daniel as Jeffery Dean Morgan (John Winchester; Supernatural) and can I just say- Yum. He is patient, soft-spoken and sexy. Serenity is compassionate, sensitive and a total kick-ass when on a case making both of these characters likable.
The mystery in Whispers of the Dead was well done and I liked how Hopkins weaved in events from the past into the crime. We had plenty of suspects and dealing with a tight-knit community gave Serenity some difficulties but she is tenacious. Red herrings, twists and reveals made the story a page-turner and I enjoyed how the pieces clicked together.
This review was originally posted on Caffeinated Book Reviewer
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1,306 reviews149 followers
March 30, 2018
Sheriff Serenity Adams and Daniel Bachman are once again partnered up in a criminal investigation, when they travel to a northern Amish settlement that has been riddled by arsons for the past two decades. Serenity quickly discovers that there is a lot more going on than just barns being set on fire in the touristy community of Poplar Springs. And this group of Amish has their own secrets to hide. Serenity begins to unravel an extensive criminal underworld that threatens to destroy everything that the simple people of Poplar Springs hold dear, and once again puts her own life in jeopardy.

Sorry just a short review here since I read this while on vacation.

Whispers from the Dead was a good second installment to the series. I'm enjoying the budding relationship between Serenity and Daniel and the Amish and their secrets continue to keep me on the edge of my seat in these books.

This series is a light vacation read for me and I'm completely enjoying it. Still the same issues with the typos, but otherwise no complaints.

Review also posted at Writings of a Reader
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180 reviews7 followers
February 11, 2017
1. Not all Amish are good-guys (or gals). 2. Not all English (euphemism for non-Amish) are bad guys (or gals). 3. Not all police, or in this case sheriffs, know right from wrong. 4. Sometimes a sheriff doesn't save all the good guys and gals. Or, does she have a say in it? (Remember, in any Amish theme book, God has a role by the end.

Serenity (what a name for a female sheriff who has a brain and a gun and knows how to use both!) is invited to a barn burning. Or, more accurately, she is invited to investigate a series of barn burnings outside of her jurisdiction in an Amish community a couple hours from home. She does.

The price was right and I'd buy it again. I'm a sucker for Amish theme stories and for action heroines. Put them together and .... However, there are a few too many typos, missing words and other goofs. Also, the plot needs another couple of twists and turns ... the ending is not much of mystery. Should Serenity appear in a book three, I'll visit her again.
Profile Image for Respiro Di Libri Blog.
667 reviews11 followers
December 2, 2021

Una nuova storia, un nuovo caso per lo sceriffo Serenity.

Si svolgerà sempre in una comunità amish e questa volta la vedrà coinvolta in tutti i sensi nel risolvere un caso riguardante una serie di incendi dolosi nelle varie fattorie della comunità, di cui uno con il ritrovamento di cadaveri.

“ Ancora una volta, mi trovavo ad affrontare un gruppo di persone che, senza ombra di dubbio, avrebbe mentito e nascosto la verità; cosa ironica, considerando che erano membri di una comunità cristiana.”

Anche in questa indagine si ritroverà a lavorare a stretto contatto a fianco di Daniel, ex amish che era presente anche nel precedente romanzo di questa serie.

Serenity sarà messa a dura prova dal mix di sentimenti ed attrazione nei confronti di lui e si ritroverà a gestire un caso ostico e pieno di ostacoli.

Segreti, cose non dette, verità celate in una comunità che vive quasi al di fuori del mondo reale.

Ho trovato un maggiore sviluppo nella protagonista, una nuova consapevolezza dei suoi limiti ed anche del suo personale.

Riuscirà a dare una nuova svolta alla sua vita? Riuscirà a trovare la via giusta per risolvere quel caso ostico? Per saperlo, vi resta solo leggerlo.

Un intreccio narrativo strutturato benissimo, un'indagine incalzante e ricca anche di colpi di scena.

Un'autrice di thriller , una garanzia di lettura.
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Author 74 books343 followers
October 15, 2020
I didn't read book one in this series of many books but feel this is a stand-alone series as well. I don't know much about the Amish community but feel the author did an accurate job telling about the characters and the aspects that surround the religion. The book takes readers into a mystery and criminal activity as well as delves into romance. Poplar Springs holds secrets that Serenity Adams and Daniel Bachman are going to have to dig into.
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732 reviews20 followers
July 8, 2020
Amish Mystery

Serenity is a sheriff in a town with a large Amish population another town requests her help in solving a case of recent fires in the Amish area of that town. She takes along Daniel a young man who has left the Amish. They learn that these crimes may be related to crimes in the past. The author does a good job in showing English-Amish relations and the differences in the cultures.
Profile Image for Jeannie.
115 reviews2 followers
February 22, 2018
This is the second in the series I've read and I'm really enjoying them. They are well written and keeps your interest. I'm onto the third book now. :)
Profile Image for Judy Churchill.
2,357 reviews22 followers
October 10, 2016
Well, now I'm hooked on finding out what happens in Serenity's next adventure. This one was packed with action. Serenity was called to another Amish community to help them solve a problem with barn burnings. Of course it wasn't that simple. She did solve the mystery but she is also getting a little more comfortable with herself. She made some real friends in this community and is beginning to appreciate some of the Amish values. She also finally opens up to Daniel who has been pursuing her for some time. There is more to come as I start on the third adventure.
Profile Image for Beckie.
311 reviews59 followers
February 6, 2015
* Please bare with me while I take a few moments to gush about how much I adore author Karen Ann Hopkins. *

Karen, you could write a novel about the uses of tin foil and I would read it and love it! 0_o
In all seriousness, I have had the pleasure of reading all of the authors book and ended up just adoring them all! From YA contemporary to Adult Mystery, Karen can do no wrong when it comes to writing a book that everyone will love and enjoy reading for a long time to come. Of course, Whispers of the Dead is no exception. Karen, you've done it again and thoroughly entertained me with another outstanding novel!

Whispers of the Dead is still set in an amish community but this time with a whole different cast of characters. Sheriff Serenity Adams and her partner, Daniel Bachman, take on a new challenge in another amish town called Poplar Springs. There has been a rash of barn burnings, a couple even have claimed the life of the town folk. It's up to Serenity and Daniel to find out who's been setting these fires, and why. They decide to stay with a man named Rowen and his children to have better access to the town. Unlike the town of Blood Rock, the people of Poplar Springs are welcoming, and kind (for the most part). They want answers too. While exploring the town, collecting clues, and speaking with the townspeople, Serenity decovers another barn somehow goes up in flames, and soon after another. Dealing with these new tragedies, she learns about a man named Asher, who happens to be Rowan's brother. Asher is bad news! He deals with drugs, selling, and maybe even murder. But could he be the one behind all of the barn fires, or is something else much more sinister taking place in the small town of Poplar Springs.

Can Serenity and Daniel find out the truth before it's too late? You'll have to read it for yourself! Trust me, you will be glad you did. Right from the beginning I was guessing who the culprit might end up being and the ending was not at all what I expected. A true mystery/thriller will have your guessing right up to the very end and then shock you with the answer. Whisper of the Dead did just that! I was on the edge of my seat waiting with baited breath to find out who the firestarter was and why.

I also really enjoyed the characters in the book and how each of them were written into the story. In fact, I actually liked the characters in Whipsher of the Dead more so than in Lamb to the Slaughter. I felt more of a kinship or connection with them. Where in Lamb to The Slaughter I was sometimes annoyed with the amish people because of their lack of helpfulness and honestly.

Another major aspect I loved about the book was the relationship between Serenity and Daniel. Their chemistry was perfect together and they work beautifully as a team. Now while there wasn't a lot of love-dovey emotions going on, I feel Serenity really became closer to him and finally begin to trust her heart, as well as how her body reacts to Daniel. It's wasn't until the ending, they truly make their feeling known, but it was worth the wait. I'm hoping to see a lot more lovin' going on in the books to come.

All in all, Whiphers of the Dead was a perfect second book in the series. A fresh new story, a new amish town and of course a new mystery to be solved makes this book another one of my favorites and a must read for those who love a good thriller. If you haven't read anything by Karen Ann Hopkins, then you're sorely missing out. I highly recommend Whispers of the Dead to you, my readers, this book and series is nothing short of spectacular!
Profile Image for Dawn Hamilton.
34 reviews1 follower
May 11, 2017
This was a good cop story with the added interest of being set in an rural midwest Amish community. The author does a good job of exploring differences in faith, lifestyles, teen problems, norms, mores and family dynamics between the Amish community and the "English" (as they call the regular people). The Amish protect their own, and are very closed and secretive about any problems within their community. They also are not well understood by the local English sheriff, and so don't trust him to investigate a rash of barn burnings within their community when their own investigations aren't able to find out who is responsible. But when two bodies are found in one of the burned barns, the crime escalates from arson to murder, and they realize that they need outside help. Serenity, the Sheriff from the next town over has a reputation of being fair with the Amish people in her own jurisdiction, so she is requested to come and help find the person responsible for the arsons. She goes to stay with the Amish, along with her partner, who happens to be a man who was raised in an Amish family, but who chose to leave the Amish life when he was 17. Secrets, lies and deceit gradually come to light during their investigation, while they slowly piece together what has been happening in this community, and what led up to the barn burnings. It's a good story, well written, with great characters both Amish and English. The story provides lots of insight into the challenges experienced when a small group of people try to live in a way very different than the accepted norm.
Profile Image for Beth  (YA Books Central).
415 reviews115 followers
January 19, 2015
Tiffany's Review:

LOVED this book! This book gives you everything..."kids buying illegal narcotics, revenge burnings, overdoses, secrets. lies, kidnapping and several shootings - and all in one northern touristy Amish community."

I fell in love with the Amish stories while reading the first book in Karen Ann Hopkins series, Lamb to the Slaughter. This sequel definitely delivered a thrilling mystery set in the little town of Poplar Spring. Serenity had returned to her home town as the sheriff in the first book and now she has been asked to help a neighboring Amish community help solve some recent crimes. Little does she know that her investigation will take her back 20 years!

I highly recommend reading both of these books if you are looking for a good series!!! Absolutely love them!!! I give Whispers From the Dead 5 stars!
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664 reviews
May 12, 2021
Altho I like the characters, the setting (Amish country), and the mystery plot(s), often it reads like a Harlequin Romance. I'm waiting for the mention of "heaving bosoms" because "tingling loins" have already made the appearance more than once. I downloaded the first 5 books in this series free from Bookbubs and am on my third book.
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469 reviews38 followers
December 10, 2021
La comunità Amish di Poplar Springs è sconvolta da una serie di incendi dolosi che hanno causato la morte di una ragazza ancora non identificata. Lo sceriffo Serenity Adams, che ha già risolto con successo un altro crimine nella comunità Amish della sua giurisdizione, viene chiamata a investigare accompagnata da Daniel, ex Amish che proprio per questo conosce bene le regole e la mentalità di questa comunità.

L'attrazione tra Daniel e Serenity diventa sempre più presente, e lui non fa certo nulla per nasconderla, al contrario di Serenity, ancora in lotta con sé stessa nel combattere questo sentimento per paura che possa prendere il sopravvento e farla soffrire.

Nel frattempo a Poplar Springs i segreti sono più nascosti e pericolosi di quel che sembra, e indagare tra passato e presente può mettere a rischio la propria stessa vita.

Karen Ann Hopkins ha uno stile che riesce a intrigare il lettore con la sua semplicità, la capacità di entrare nei dettagli e ricomporre pezzi di puzzle tutti importanti. Inoltre la protagonista che ha tratteggiato è ricca di sfaccettature, è umana nei suoi pregi e difetti, e il fatto di aver scelto di raccontare la storia con il suo solo punto di vista permette a chi legge di empatizzare con lei, entrando nei suoi pensieri, conoscendone le sensazioni.

La suspense e i colpi di scena crescono con l'andare avanti della storia, e l'autrice ha la capacità di non tralasciare alcun aspetto, dagli indizi più insignificanti sino al quadro d'insieme del luogo in cui si svolgono i fatti.

Mi sono nuovamente trovata catapultata in un mondo a parte, quello degli Amish e della loro cultura, allo stesso tempo semplice e chiusa, una comunità affascinante che incuriosisce per i suoi molteplici aspetti, così lontani dalla modernità e dalla velocità della vita. E poi i legami famigliari, il senso di comunità così spiccati, che però spesso possono sfociare non accettazione del diverso e nella presenza di molti segreti.

La trama è davvero molto interessante, non manca di nulla per appassionare e gli indizi disseminati mi hanno trascinato nell'indagine, pronta a seguire i ragionamenti della protagonista e le verità che sarebbero venute a galla.

Molto intrigante la storia d'amore che vorrebbe nascere ma dalla quale la stessa protagonista non riesce a lasciarsi travolgere, ricca di un'attrazione che vorrebbe sfociare ma che si trova contrastata.

Non trovo un difetto per questa storia, mi è piaciuto tutto, un insieme in cui ogni particolare costruisce l'insieme e crea la magia di un thriller coi fiocchi.

Sussurri dell'oltretomba è un degno seguito al primo volume della serie, capace di unire una trama coinvolgente a un'ambientazione affascinante sotto ogni punto di vista, non mancando di coinvolgere il lettore non solo nel cercare di districare la matassa, ma tenendolo con il fiato sospeso sia per la suspense del caso che per la situazione sentimentale tra i due protagonisti.

Assolutamente imperdibile!!
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605 reviews9 followers
November 17, 2021
4 stelle e mezzo

E’ trascorso quasi un anno dall’uscita del primo libro, ma per me è stato come lo se avessi letto proprio l’altro ieri. Le atmosfere create dalla penna di questa autrice mi avevano completamente coinvolta così come è successo con questa nuova avventura dello sceriffo Serenity Adams. Anche questa volta, la valente investigatrice si ritroverà alle prese con i segreti e i misteri che circondano le comunità Amish e, anche se non avrà a che fare con gli Amish di Blood Rock, la comunità rurale in cui si è trasferita da poco e dove ha affrontato il suo primo caso di omicidio, si ritroverà comunque ad avere a che fare con i loro modi di fare chiusi ed ermetici, per fare luce su alcuni incendi che da qualche tempo si manifestano nelle proprietà degli amish di Poplar Spring. Spinta dal bisogno di dimenticare l’omicidio, ancora fresco nella sua memoria, su cui ha indagato nella precedente indagine, e di lasciarsi alle spalle il rimpianto per non essere arrivata in tempo per aiutare la vittima, è ben felice di approfittare di due settimane di ferie per recarsi a Poplar Springs e indagare su questi strani episodi di piromania. Avrebbe dovuto andarci con Adam che avrebbe fatto da cuscinetto tra lei e il suo ex mondo ma, all’ultimo minuto, decide di iniziare le indagini da sola. I suoi sentimenti nei confronti dell’ex amish sono troppo forti e contrastanti per permetterle di pensare con lucidità e lei ha bisogno di fare chiarezza in se stessa prima di fare scelte affrettate. La paura di lasciarsi andare è ancora troppo forte per permettere al bell’amish di farsi strada nel suo cuore ma, arrivata nell’area rurale di Poplar Spring, si rende conto che forse avrebbe fatto meglio ad aspettarlo perché lì qualcosa proprio non quadra. Troppe sono le coincidenze che la portano a pensare di trovarsi di fronte a qualcosa che ha più a che fare con il passato che con il presente e che tutti gli attori coinvolti nei fatti nascondano segreti che, se rivelati, potrebbero sì portare alla luce la verità ma, potrebbero anche portare a ben altro di meno propizio.

Più proseguo nella lettura di questa serie più ho voglia di averne di più, Karen Ann Hopkins usa la penna come se fosse un pittore che, armato di una tela bianca, un pennello e una tavolozza, dipinge un quadro perfetto dove anche ciò che sembra insignificante assume un ruolo importantissimo. Pennellata dopo pennellata, parola dopo parola l’autrice costruisce un romanzo dove tutti sembrano colpevoli e, allo stesso tempo innocenti. Da una parte non si può pensare male di questo o di quell’altro personaggio visto che sembrano così in pace con loro stessi e con le decisioni prese, mentre, dall’altro ti sembra di scorgere nelle loro parole o nei loro sguardi un profondo sentimento di colpa. E mentre il passato si mescolerà con il presente, la verità, quella che cercano Serenity e Daniel, potrebbe fare più male del previsto. Ancora una volta devo dire che l’autrice ha saputo coinvolgermi con molta maestria nella ricerca del colpevole, seminando indizi e facendomi sentire sua pari nelle ricerche. E, a cementare il tutto sia la chimica che sprigionano Serenity e Daniel sia l’affascinante approfondimento di un mondo così diverso e così particolare come quello degli Amish. È palese il fatto che per l’autrice deve essere un argomento importante, si vede che da un lato ne è affascinata e che dall’altro non approva del tutto la loro chiusura verso l’esterno. Fatto che ben rappresenta anche nelle figure di Serenity e Daniel. Insomma, gli ingredienti per un buon thriller ci sono, quelli per la costruzione di un rapporto amoroso anche, quindi, se vi affascinano questo tipo di letture le avventure che compongono “I segreti di Serenity’s Plain” sono sicuramente i libri adatti a voi.
Profile Image for LibriMagnetici Blog.
642 reviews13 followers
July 27, 2022
recensione a cura del blog "Libri Magnetici" by Anna M.

Leggere un libro di Karen Ann Hopkins è diventata per me ormai una piacevole sicurezza, perché lei sa esattamente quello di cui ho bisogno mentre mi avventuro tra le pagine. Riesce a unire tante diverse storie, sfumature e tematiche
facendole risultare chiare e semplici a tutti, includendo quel pizzico di suspense che fa sempre bene. Questo secondo volume della serie racchiude tutte le caratteristiche appena scritte.

Ci ritroviamo insieme ancora a Serenity e Daniel che come sappiamo devono far fronte a un nuovo caso collegato a una comunità Amish, questa volta a Poplar Springs, fuori dalla giurisdizione di Serenity che è lo sceriffo di Blood Rock. Il problema da risolvere riguarda alcuni incendi di fienili che stanno avvenendo a intervalli quasi regolari, dei quali non si riesce a capire il perché. Tra questi uno in particolare attira l’attenzione, perché ha qualcosa di diverso dagli altri. Serenity con la sua caparbietà si rimbocca le maniche e prova in tutti i modi a venire a capo del problema, ma non è per nulla semplice, in primo luogo perché ha bisogno di informazioni che sembrano difficili da ottenere, in secondo perché come già si sa, gli Amish mantengono i loro segreti e non sono conosciuti per parlarne facilmente, anche in casi come questi.

“Non sorrideva, ma non era nemmeno accigliato. Era un uomo indecifrabile, e ciò mi preoccupava.”

Saremo quindi anche noi insieme a Serenity e Daniel a indagare per cercare di scoprire la verità, e anche a vedere dove può arrivare il rapporto che c’è tra i due. Si sa che sono due caratteri tanto differenti, forte, tenace e a volte distante lei, anche se lo fa per proteggersi, dolce, sensibile e testardo lui.

“Anche se facevo la poliziotta dura all’apparenza, mi scioglievo come la neve quando si trattava di quell’uomo meraviglioso.”

Una nuova avventura che mi ha tenuta incollata alle pagine per scoprire come sarebbe terminato il tutto, senza mai avere alcun calo di attenzione, anzi quando dovevo lasciare il Kindle per me era una sofferenza. La trama l’ho trovata originale e per nulla banale, ben sviluppata in ogni sfaccettatura. I personaggi come sempre sono stati ben caratterizzati e ognuno ha delle particolarità che li rende unici. Infine un complimento anche per lo stile di scrittura chiaro e fluido in ogni momento. Un libro assolutamente consigliato, e per chi non avesse letto ancora in primo, consiglio entrambi. A presto Magnetici e buona lettura!

“I miei sensi si acuirono e il cuore prese a battermi più veloce. Qualcosa di quei due uomini mi mise subito in allarme, ma perché?”

quattro petali e mezzo
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1,154 reviews162 followers
January 18, 2015

I'm really looking forward to reading this one as I loved the first book in this series which was called Lamb To The Slaughter. I think its fair to say I have high expectations for this book. Karen Ann Hopkins has also piqued my interest in the culture and ways of the Amish. She manages to show you the good and the not so good about being Amish in a totally non judgmental way.

Karen Ann Hopkins is one of the few authors I immediately sign up for reading and reviewing, without at least checking out a cover or blurb. So far I have loved reading all of her books. My mum who doesn't mind me saying is 77 yrs old and has read Karen's Temptation Series and the first book of the Serenity's Plain Secrets series too, and loves them as much as I do. The only series by Karen that we are yet to try is the "Wings Of War" one, and even though my mum isn't really into paranormal she wants to try that series too! We were gifted a fee e-copy in exchange for our honest reviews and posting the reviews as part of the Blog Tour. Unfortunately my mum is awaiting cataract surgery so her eyes aren't too good she is still battling on and reading "Whispers From The Dead". These books are so addictive!
The cover is a scene from the book, the snow features in the book and so do those burnt barns. The burnt blackened barn really stands out on the cover surrounded by the snowy isolated landscape and winter blue/white sky. Would the cover make me pick this book up from a store shelf? Yes, I'd want to know what had happened to the barn, and who was responsible too.
So at the end of "Lamb To The Slaughter" we learnt that another Amish community had sent a message asking for Serenity's help in find out the arsonist who is targeting Amish barns. As Serenity is due some vacation time she accepts and Daniel Bachmann, the man who helped Serenity be accepted and speak to the Amish community of Blood Rock offers to accompany her and provide an extra set of eyes as well as helping cover the divide between Serenity, the cop Englisher and the Amish. At first Serenity doesn't want Daniel's help, she even sets off to the Poplar Springs Amish community alone, but soon realises she needs his help to understand the Amish and their different ways again. Serenity begrudgingly gives in to Daniel helping when he turns up. Serenity does need Daniel to help bridge the divide between Amish and Englisher cultures. Serenity is staying in a sort of "holiday cabin" that the Schwartz family have so when it's suggested that Daniel should stay with another family she impetuously explains she needs Daniel near to her to discuss her investigation with. Soon enough it's not just the Amish barns that are smoldering! Will Serenity ever admit how strong her feelings for Daniel are? Serenity is beginning to wonder if she could be genuinely be happy with Daniel but puts her emotional feelings aside as she begins her investigating.
At the very beginning of the book, the prologue shows us a young Amish mother Hedy and her youngest child Cacey in their home being visited by a young Amish man named Jotham. Hedy is married to Rowan Schwatz and she is happily married. As a youngster she had dated Jotham, but broke things off with him when Rowan Schwatrz caught her attentions. Hedy soon "dates" Rowan and they are quickly married. Soon after the marriage, Hedy is pregnant and gives birth to a boy she names Gabe. Jotham is wanting to find out if Gabe is his son. Hedy is mulling over how she can tell Jotham the truth when there is a gas explosion. Hedy does not survive the blast but Jotham shields her youngest child and they survive. Jotham is badly scarred but carries those scars with no ill will as he saved Cacey.
Then the book jumps to present day and the barn burnings. Serenity is actually more welcome to Polar Springs by the Amish as Sheriff Brody Gentry naturally doesn't like an outsider coming into the community to interfere. The sheriff is also very bitter about a fire in 1997 that claimed the life of his own grandson and his girl friend. Sheriff Brody thinks that the Amish know more than they are saying so he blatantly refuses to help find the culprit responsible for the latest fires.
Poplar Springs is similar to Blood Rock with it's clear division of ways of life and cultures, but on a larger scale. Poplar Springs was once a large place with lots of jobs and trade and money to go around. Sadly the town has gone quieter with less work available and in turn less money. Poplar Springs rely's on tourists coming to the area and bringing their money to spend. Where as the Englishers were once the rich in the community of Poplar Springs and the Amish just plodding along in their quiet way but still being poorer, it has now all changed with out of work, downtrodden Englisher's living in a trailer park rife with crime and drug taking, and the Amish businesses rising in importance bringing in the tourists with their money to spend.
I could seriously go on and on about this book, but I don't want to give you any clues you need to read the book and read your own clues and come up with your conclusions as you go along. I had many suspects for the barn fires as I read through the book. I also enjoyed the relationships between Rowan, his brother Asher and Jotham. I found the heat, smoldering, and love between Serenity and Daniel irresistible. I enjoy reading their love story running through the books, as well as whatever crimes Serenity is investigating too. This one was packed with action and drama. I was addicted to reading this book, I usually only read in bed at night (being busy with other chores etc during the day) but I even found myself picking my tablet up to read this one during the day. I became fond of the characters. My favourite's were the Schwartz children, 12 year old Mareena actively mothering her younger siblings 9 year old Lucinda and 5 year old Cacey. The comparisons that Serenity makes between Naomi Beiler from her old case in Blood Rock who she didn't manage to save and the young girl Mariah Fisher who is somehow entangled within this latest investigation.
There is also humor within the book, I found Todd's amusing comparison of Daniel and Serenity to Superman and Lois Lane! This book truly takes you through a whole range of emotions. At one scene containing Jotham I felt my eyes brimming with heartfelt tears and sympathy. Right at the very end of this book, Serenity receives a call from Blood Rock explaining things have not exactly been running smoothly, thankfully it's something that can wait until she has the rest of her vacation time snuggled and loved up in the Schwatz cabin with Daniel.
So did I enjoy the book? I savoured every word on every page, there really is something going on all the time, even small events end up being relevant and part of the investigation. Like the Englisher youths that Serenity bumps into when she first arrives in Poplar Springs, she overhear a conversation that later helps within her analysis of the situation.Would I recommend this book? I really urge you to try this series, it is such a first rate read.
Would I want to read another book in this series? Without a doubt, I'm already awaiting the next book in this brilliant series. Would I want to read other titles by Karen Ann Hopkins? Absolutely, I intend to read Embers, book one in the Wings Of War series.
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December 13, 2021
Questa volta lo sceriffo di Blood Rock, Serenity Adams, è chiamata a indagare su una serie di incendi in un’altra comunità Amish. Approfittando di due settimane di vacanza decide di partire per il nord e, anche questa volta, potrà contare sull’aiuto di Daniel Bachman.
Il caso si presenta immediatamente molto difficile, sebbene la comunità di Poplar Springs sia diversa rispetto a quella di Blood Rock, la comunità Amish resta sempre restia a parlare di questioni che riguardano troppo da vicina la comunità stessa.

In Sussurri dell’Oltretomba, inoltre, Serenity ha la possibilità di vivere direttamente dentro la comunità, e il lettore imparara con lei a conoscere nuovi aspetti della vita degli amish. Da parte di Serenity c’è anche meno reticenza nei loro confronti, anche se a volte è davvero difficile comprendere a fondo il loro comportamento. Questa particolarità mi è piaciuta tantissimo, soprattutto perché l’autrice riesce sempre a puntare l’accento su aspetti diversi della comunità Amish.
Dal punto di vista narrativo questa volta il Pov è unicamente di Serenity, a differenza del primo romanzo la parte puramente Romance resta più marginale, mentre le indagini e il metodo investigativo della protagonista diventano preponderanti. Tuttavia, il romanzo resta ben equilibrato, l’autrice riesce sempre a fondere insieme i due aspetti e non ho mai avuto l’impressione che mancasse qualcosa, al contrario più mi addentravo nella trama più mi sentivo coinvolta.
Lo stile di scrittura di Karen Ann Hopkins si conferma ottimo: fluido, diretto, avvincente, capace coinvolgere il lettore e affascinarlo con gli intrecci che la trama presenta. La struttura del libro, inoltre, consente al lettore di farsi un’idea completa dei fatti e dei diversi personaggi incontrati nel corso della lettura.
Il rapporto tra Serenity e Daniel mi piace tantissimo e spero che quest’ultimo diventi sempre più importante perché mi piace tantissimo, inoltre penso che sia adatto a Serenity e insieme formano una bella squadra.

Recensione completa: https://virtualkaty.blogspot.com/2021...
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November 16, 2021

Serenity Adams è lo sceriffo di Blood Rock che abbiamo conosciuto nel primo capitolo della serie “I segreti di Serenity’s Plain”. Lì aveva dovuto indagare sull’omicidio di Naomi, la ragazza Amish trovata morta nei campi di grano della sua comunità a Blood Rock. Serenity ha ancora gli incubi a causa di quel caso, e come se non bastasse, proprio quando sta per andare in vacanza viene convocata per indagare su alcuni incendi che hanno distrutto tre fienili della comunità Amish di Poplar Springs, poiché in uno dei fienili è stato rinvenuto un cadavere, dunque un altro omicidio. Serenity parte per raggiungere la comunità Amish, e una volta lì si renderà conto ancora una volta che gli Amish sono disposti a tutto pur di proteggere i loro segreti. Sembra, infatti, che questi incendi siano collegati a quello che diciotto anni prima uccise due ragazzi. Proseguendo con le indagini, Serenity si renderà presto conto che stavolta dovrà vedersela con un altro tipo di criminalità, qualcosa che è molto più pericoloso delle regole degli Amish. E non è tutto: nel frattempo Serenity dovrà anche destreggiarsi nel suo rapporto con Daniel, che inizia a prendere una forma tutta nuova.

“Susurri dall’oltretomba” è il secondo capitolo della serie iniziata con “Vittima sacrificale”. Anche qui ci troviamo catapultati all’interno di una comunità Amish, con le loro regole ferree, anche se leggermente più morbide rispetto a quelle ritrovate nel primo volume della serie. Anche qui la nostra protagonista si troverà a dover nuotare in un mare di segreti e bugie, dubitando persino del Vescovo e dello sceriffo della comunità. Come per il primo volume, anche qui ognuno degli Amish con cui Serenity viene in contatto sembra mentire, ma c’è una differenza fondamentale: nel primo volume l’assassino viene scoperto solo alla fine, in questo secondo libro si intuisce già all’inizio chi può essere. Nonostante ciò, la trama risulta comunque molto intricata, perché i vai protagonisti in qualche modo sono tutti collegati dalle vicende.

La scrittura dell’autrice è semplice e scorrevole, ci sono molti dialoghi, e la storia si lascia leggere in poco tempo con facilità nonostante la sua prevedibilità.

Se avete letto e vi è piaciuto il primo volume della serie, sicuramente vi piacerà anche questo.
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August 13, 2017
This story is a much more complex story than Lamb To The Slaughter, the first in the series – so much so that I had trouble following who did what to whom in prior crimes that tie to the one Serenity is asked to investigate. But Hopkins’s story telling was good enough to hold my interest.

Again, Hopkins paints the Amish in darker colors than most books do. And Serenity is still mercurial enough to be all over the place in her emotions and behavior. And for someone who is a veteran police officer, she doesn’t come across as confident in her abilities.

Throughout the book, Hopkins plays a bit fast and loose with the line separating what Serenity could and couldn’t legally do as a law enforcement officer operating in another jurisdiction without having specifically been asked to assist the police there with the crime.

Three production errors jumped out at me. In one, a character in the scene brushes hair back from his forward instead of forehead. And one place Hopkins has a pick-up parked behind a car and two pages lather has it parked in front of the car. And the same car flip-flops between being a Dodge Charger and Challenger. They are not the same, Ms. Hopkins, and car names are always capitalized. Who does your proofreading?

And there’s the matter of the toboggan. To me, a toboggan is a flat-bottomed wooden sled with a curled back front. So it confused me when Hopkins had Serenity put on a toboggan. I wondered why she was putting a sled on, and it took a second for me to make the jump to it being what we call a stocking hat or watch cap. I’m sure quite a few other readers had the same problem.

Still, I’ll read more of these books if they come my way.
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November 30, 2022
Another enjoyable Amish centered read

This is the second book featuring Sheriff Serenity Adams. In this case, which was set in motion at the end of book one, Serenity travels north to another A,ish community which is having a problem with a series of arsons. When the most recent one reveals a dead body in the ruins of the barn the Amish community realizes they need help figuring out what is happening. Serenity agrees to go and Daniel Bachman is going with her.

The book deals with the crimes, the secrecy of the Amish community, an increasing sense that there is more going on, as well as her personal feelings for Daniel.

The trajectory of the crime investigation is interesting. She discovers that the current sheriff has no intention of helping the Amish as he’s still holding a grudge from long ago and is furious the Amish won’t tell what they know. There are so many twists and inter related secrets and issues one almost needs a spreadsheet to keep track of everyone’s motives. Lots of possible suspects, a clear cut bad guy but no seeming motive, local officials ignoring grievously bad behavior, an so many secrets.

There are also flashbacks for Serenity to her first case involving the death of a young Amish woman and that bears on her in this case too. Lots of moving parts but they are delicately interwoven and no one issue detracts from another plot point.

The crisis point is fairly easy to see coming but we have not one but two TSTL moments though the second one is much more grievous than the first. It smacks of ridiculous irresponsibility and I was so annoyed I was talking to the book out loud as I read.

But overall it was a good and entertaining read and I’ll read the next book in the series when it comes out.
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June 19, 2018
A warm, exhilarating and heartwarming crime thriller!

Having read the first book, I knew I was in for a memorable reading experience but this book surpassed all expectations. Adventures of Sheriff Serenity Adam which were undertaken upon a request from an Amish gentleman from a different county hold the reader in a strong spell that is impossible to break out of until the book is finished.

We were introduced to the Amish culture in the first book and this book takes us deeper into it. It is fascinating to read about the strong family values, the tenderness and protective environment created by the elders of the community towards their youth as well as the harsh disciplinary practices including "shunning" make for captivating reading. This book makes us realize that in their inner core the Amish young ones are as fun loving as their counterparts outside.

It was very enchanting to read about the versatility of Serenity's actions in her investigative techniques, her ability to put the facts together to arrive at the right conclusion most of the time, her capacity for loving and caring for the children and animals, her courage in rushing forth to save lives in a conflagration all endear her very much to the readers!

It was one of the most pleasant reading experiences I have experienced in recent times. Thank you, Ms. Hopkins.
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January 17, 2019
Whispers From The Dead is the sequel to Lamb to the Slaughter, which is a series based in the Amish community. Sheriff Serenity Adams has been approached from a different Amish community further north for her help in investigating some arson attacks. Once again she's helped by Daniel Bachman, who himself used to be Amish. The investigation brings to light a possible link to an unsolved arson attack that left two teenagers dead. Is it a coincidence or is there something more sinister going on? Serenity quickly discovers that yet again the Amish have secrets and there is a lot more going on than just barns being set on fire in the touristy community of Poplar Springs. Serenity begins to unravel an extensive criminal underworld that threatens to destroy everything that the people of Poplar Springs hold dear. And even though Serenity tries desperately to continue to avoid it, things begin heating up between her and Daniel, making her wonder if true love and happiness are really within her grasp.

I did enjoy this instalment in the series and I am looking forward to reading the rest. The only thing that disappointed me was that it seemed like the same story told slightly differently than the first book. I also didn't really get what Daniel brought to the investigation, I don't feel like he really contributed anything as a partner to Serenity.
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June 1, 2021
A series of barn fires..

.. in the Poplar Springs Amish community leads Rowan Schwartz to contact Serenity and ask her to investigate as their local sheriff, Sheriff Gentry, appears to be reluctant to do anything about it. Serenity agrees to look into it for them while taking her vacation.

She walks into a very difficult situation where tensions are running high. Not only is Rowan's brother Ascher, who has left the Amish life, in trouble up to his neck but there's been animosity between the two communities since Gentry's brother and his girlfriend died in a barn fire back in 1997.

Why is it that Gentry appears to be letting Ascher get away with every crime he commits including murder? Why does Rowan's close friend keep referring back to the isolated case in 1997 and telling Serenity it all began there when it's clear that the recent spate of fires is unconnected? And is there a link to a house fire that took the life of Rowan's wife and almost that of Jotham and Cacey Rowan's youngest daughter?

When the Amish believe that God will punish the sinners and that no man has the right to interfere with god's grand scheme it's hard to establish what is going on but with her gut instinct and Daniel at her side Serenity is determined to get Ascher off the streets and the case solved for everyone's sales.
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February 19, 2018

(copied from Amazon.com)


Sheriff Serenity Adams and Daniel Bachman are once again partnered up in a criminal investigation, when they travel to a northern Amish settlement that has been riddled by arsons for the past two decades. Serenity quickly discovers that there is a lot more going on than barn burnings in the touristy community of Poplar Springs. This group of Amish has their own secrets to hide.

Serenity begins to unravel an extensive criminal underworld that threatens to destroy everything that the simple people of Poplar Springs hold dear, and once again puts her own life in jeopardy. And even though Serenity tries desperately to avoid it, things begin heating up between her and Daniel, making her wonder if true love and happiness are really within her grasp.


Karen knows how to keep you interested in a story, a lot of twist and turns but very captivating. There are some swear words, the worst towards the end and I ended up skimming a few pages at the end where the sexual scene was. I would love to give this a five rating but because of those couple of things I am dropping it to a three. I so enjoyed the story that I will read the rest of the series.
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June 25, 2020
I gave this author 4 stars for this book.
The info regarding the Amish was interesting and the multi tiered plot line kept my interest.
Unfortunately I’m not sure I will purchase any more of the authors work.
Seemed rather than fill out the story with conclusions as to the outcome of the story the author would rather fill up the pages with the incredible desire that these two incredibly beautiful people have for each other and the innermost sexual feelings they have.
That’s fine if in fact the reader learned what happened to the drug addict and her young daughter they found in the trailer park. Did the corrupt sheriff who allowed death and destruction in his territory to protect his drug pushing grandson get brought to justice as well.
Did Roland get sent to prison.
The fact that Daniel was shot , bit by a pit bull but only spent 24 hours in hospital and then was able to rock serenity world with the most outstanding sex with out a mention of his wounds was not believable.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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September 6, 2021
Whispers From the Dead is the second book in the series. This is a wonderful follow up to the first book. I am not a beg fan of cliff hangers but after reading the first book I was interested in reading this one. The primary characters weren't as well developed as they are in this one. I wasn't sure If I liked them. But these characters are coming into their own, their stories are richer and fuller.

I read the reviews of the first book and was suprised at the negative comments especially comparing Linda Castillo. These are two wonderful writers with their own special way of telling a story. Just because they write about the Amish does not mean that one is better than the other. The are both great story tellers and are both worth following. After reading this one I will definitely be reading the rest of the series.
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