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The Possible Police

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What happens when you remove all obstacles to a child’s imagination? Anything is possible. Unless of course, you let The Possible Police stop you. They will do whatever it takes to stop children from believing. Wylde Scott believes that all children should live in a world of endless possibilities. In this beautifully illustrated picture book, Wylde takes your child into his boundless imagination as he fights off the possible police. Join him as he inspires children to truly believe, and teaches them that no one can stop them from doing what they dream

32 pages, Hardcover

First published October 15, 2014

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Wylde Scott

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1,309 reviews3 followers
October 15, 2017
When I was growing up my mother wouldn't allow me to say, "I can't". She taught me an important lesson, that there was nothing I couldn't do if I wanted it bad enough and was willing to work hard enough to do it.

That there is no "can't", there is only "I won't" or "I don't want to".

This book empowers and affirms dreams of children to do even the impossible. The rhymes and artwork are reminiscence of Dr. Seuss. The message is clear, don't listen to the nay-sayers, dream big, and believe in yourself. Presented in a fun, colorful and imaginative way. This story is positive, cheerful and energetic.

I also love the fact that the story features a girl. Even today, often in spite of our best efforts, some girls get the message there are things they cannot do.

'"We are the possible police.
We know everything.
And yet you still
imagine things
we have not thought
and have not seen.

How can this be?"

And I replied...
"If I dream,
and then believe,
nothing in the world
is impossible for me."'
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3,289 reviews101 followers
September 5, 2014
A story, like this, that's told in rhyme,
Will appeal to children every time!
Telling children like this what they cannot do
Makes them want to make dreams come true
A brilliant book, well illustrated and told
Likely to become a classic for young and old!
I imagine children will want to take a look
And read, re-read, re-read this book!

Thanks netgalley for enabling me to read this brilliant book for children!

I would like to update this review to add a big thank you
To Wylde Scott, the author of this book too
My review was based on an e-version of this book
Now I've a hardcover copy to take a look
The 'real' book is even better and I hope will inspire others to see
(To quote Wylde Scott)"All that's possible and what could be!"
Profile Image for Anna || BooksandBookends.
390 reviews35 followers
June 29, 2014
I downloaded a copy of 'The Possible Police' from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All books which I have downloaded from NetGalley have been placed on an eponymous separate shelf.

I really enjoyed reading 'The Possible Police'. It's a lovely book with beautiful illustrations and a wonderful moral to the story. This would be a great story book suitable to use with young children. It demonstrates the power of our imaginations and the unstoppable force which we all individually are. Its use of font size to add interest and engagement alongside the illustrations which add greater meaning to the story, make this a book which stands out from the crowd. After reading the blurb, I desperately wanted to read this book and can honestly say that I was not disappointed at all.

Unfortunately, reading the book on my Kindle I was unable to see the illustrations in the beautiful colours shown on the front cover and read the book in black and white. However, I am positive that the colours used would give the story greater depth and increase interest for younger readers.
Profile Image for Selena.
463 reviews
July 15, 2014
I enjoy the positive attitude of the main character in the book. He doesn’t listen when the Possible Police tell him he can’t do things. As a parent and a teacher, I don’t think kids hear the positive enough. Many times we are stuck telling them they can’t do something they may learn not to try.
The artwork is beautiful as well.

I will definitely recommend this book to readers of any age, any level. I plan to add this title to my personal collection!
Profile Image for Lindea.
71 reviews13 followers
June 29, 2014
The formatting of this book is very neat looking (when reading it on Bluereader), the illustrations are cute and fit the story well. The text is very poetic and easy to read out loud, as it should be as childrens books are often read out loud, but at some points it loses its rhythm.

The message in the book is strong and the author encourage children to follow their dreams. In the imagination everything is possible, it is when you grow up you start to meet all the impossibilities. In a quirky and fun way the book tells the children that they can do and be whatever they dream to be, dreaming is a huge part of childhood.
Profile Image for Lisa.
216 reviews7 followers
April 18, 2015
Very cute! i loved that people were telling the main character "no, you can't", and the main character told them basically "yes, i can. have you tried it?" it will help instill in kids to reach for their dreams, even if it is out of the norm.
Profile Image for Evie.
706 reviews923 followers
September 10, 2014
Now, THIS is the kind of book I want to read to my child, for I want her to dream big and achieve anything and everything she wants to achieve. Sky is the limit, don't ever let the Possible Police convince you otherwise!
June 3, 2016
Completely magical! Written in gorgeous, imaginative rhyme. The illustrations are delightfully dream-like and complement the author's words to perfection.
Profile Image for Steph.
306 reviews
September 22, 2014
Don't be fooled by the child-centric description; this picture book is perhaps more important and poignant for adults than any other age.

The Possible Police will do anything to discourage whatever they haven't done, thought, or said before! But our mischievous and imaginative narrator is far more clever and far more determined to live the life and do the things and say the words he wants! On every page, Scott's imagination comes to life in vivid color and lush, dreamlike pictures, showing readers of all ages that the only person who decides what's possible, is you!

I may have read a digital copy of this book, but I intend to buy a print copy as soon as it's available! I love the spunky style of the narrator and the way the reader can gain vicarious pleasure from the fact that his imagination is so strong, he'll always be 3 steps ahead of the Possible Police who try to keep him down! The whole story is like that jolt of energy and joy from that first sip of coffee, or a stunning view, or seeing a friend come around the corner to meet you, or the first sentence of a good book - hopeful, beautiful, and full of possibility.

If you're feeling a little lost or not as creative as you'd like to be, check out this book.
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310 reviews50 followers
August 7, 2014
I received an eARC of this book from Natgalley and the publisher for review, thanks for that :)

This is an illustrated children's book where the main character is trying to dream and achieve the impossible but keeps being thwarted by "the possible police". A group of people meant to fill in for society as the naySayers.

The possible police track her at every turn and tell her it's impossible to achieve all that you dream of. They even try to lock her in her bedroom. but she keeps running away from them.

The dialogue between the two was the best part. The back and forth was really enjoyable.

The illustrations have a dream like quality to them and are done in pinks and vivid blues and really cutesy colors that will catch a child's attention.
I thought the illustration of the girl looked rather older all through the book than in the opening scene. I don't know if that was intentional to represent her sticking to her guns throughout life or just a fluke.

If I had any younger siblings or cousins this would be a great present :D
Profile Image for Emily.
362 reviews11 followers
September 28, 2014
I received a copy of this book for free through the Goodreads FirstRead program.

As children's books go, this is one of the truly good ones. The illustrations are breathtaking -- quirky and charming and even beautiful in their own right. The story -- that of a child adamantly saying that they will continue to imagine and dream, whether or not what's imagined is possible -- is a sweet one with a nice message. It's told in pleasant more-or-less-rhymed verse, which is done very well and is never clunky or awkward. This book's playful energy and spirited plot should be a big hit with any kid.
Profile Image for Sherry Haynes.
1,224 reviews15 followers
September 21, 2014
Move over Dr. Seuss there is a new poet in town and includes words of wisdom to instill dreams once again in a child. The Possible Police is beautifully designed in how it is written and the characters come alive in the "pictures" (as my grandchildren call them).

This book isn't just about something funny but truly is about giving a child the courage to dream despite all obstacles. Very good book for children of all ages for our dreams are always worth striving for.
August 19, 2014
What an Amazing Children's Book!!
It is truly a classic in the making and a must have for any child in your life.
I was a fan from the first page... the logo! "Imagination is Everything", What a great message for children... and adults. After that it just got better. Wonderfully illustrated and reminded me so much of the classics I loved as a child and bought for my daughter when she was young. The final message "If I dream, and then believe, nothing in the world is impossible for me." Wow!!
9 reviews
July 31, 2014
The message of this book is absolutely what my students need...anything they dream is possible! The illustrations are so vibrant, colorful, and detailed. I truly enjoyed following the very optimistic and adamant main character through the rejection of naysayers (the Possible Police). Such a wonderful picture book for any child!
October 6, 2014
This is a great story for kids. It basically reminds us that nothing is set in stone so long as you have your imagination and your will to make things happen. It's so nice to read a book that can teach kids not to let other people (possible police) deter them from reaching their dreams.

The drawings are all so very nice too. :)

Thank you, Netgalley for letting me read this. :)
Profile Image for Kat Montemayor.
Author 9 books224 followers
July 27, 2014
I read this book with my two boys. They both loved it. They liked the illustrations. My youngest liked the message of all that is possible.
"you do not know, what I can do, where I can go. Just because you fail to see all that's possible and what could be."
Profile Image for Lindsey Lewis.
746 reviews13 followers
January 4, 2021
NOTE: I received an eARC copy of The Possible Police by Wylde Scott on NetGalley. I received no incentive to read or review this book other than said copy of work. The review below contains my own thoughts and opinions.

A lyrical, inspiring message encourages children to follow their dreams and dreamlike, ethereal watercolor illustrations are reminiscent of CandyLand in The Possible Police by Wylde Scott. My only complaint is that my NetGalley copy was difficult to read as it was cropped and fragmented so I couldn't see the pages in the correct format nor the pictures in their full glory.
Profile Image for Li Or.
182 reviews24 followers
August 28, 2014
A fun rhythmic, rhyming children's book teaching kids that no matter what anyone says (even if they look like authoritative Policemen!), you are always free to dream and reach for the stars and can achieve what seems impossible to others. A wonderful message!

Reading time: I read this book out to a relative within about 10-15 minutes, admiring the pictures as we went.

The writing: Reminiscent of Dr Seuss in its rhythm; a fun and flowing dialogue. Great stuff! I found it amusing that the author wrote himself into the story as the protagonist! I also very much enjoyed reading the the fun-spirited and creative "About the Author" bit at the back of the book - a little bonus read :)

The illustrations: Colorful and bright, often with a dream-like blur effect. It is clear that the illustrator Hannah K Shuping is very talented. Her use of color is impeccable and I particularly liked her drawings of animals in the book.
Taste in art is very subjective and for my taste, some of the drawings of the protagonist had the teeniest hint of "creepy" in them which would make this *just* miss the mark as a favourite book if I were a child. (I think it's something in the impish smile and eyes - Example image from book).

Constructive feedback:
► At first I thought the protagonist was a child (shown in bed with stuffed animals), and later the drawings show him with an adult-like body. This may have been confusing to me if I were a child. Just thinking out loud; I wonder if a book is more relatable to children when the main character is a child like them all the way through.
► I think the book would have been improved if there was some resolution with the Possible Police. For example they could have given up in exasperation and let the protagonist be. The book finishes at the end of a conversation with the protagonist having the last word; I felt it could have done with a stronger sense of "ending"ness.
► The cover: It's interesting that the naysaying Possible Police were given the honour of being chosen to feature on the front cover. If I were choosing the cover image, I'd choose something more positive, colorful and inviting. Maybe even rename the book with something more positive that gives the message that "Anything is Possible" and have an image that's in line with that vibe.


Thank you so much Wylde Scott (great pseudonym!) for the autographed copy of your beautiful book via the First Reads competition! I hope my feedback will be useful for you. I shall donate this book onwards for someone else to enjoy :)
Profile Image for Catarina.
Author 3 books21 followers
June 29, 2014
The Possible Police is a book in verse that deals with children's imagination and dreams. Our hero Wylde Scott is being constrained by the Possible Police on the account that he dreams and thinks of things that are not possible and that just can't be. Wylde however has other plans and tries to explain to the Possible Police that they can't stop him from dreaming.
I quite enjoyed the poetry in this book and it will be easy for children to follow and giggle with Wylde shows the Possible Police all the impossible dreams he was within himself. Like all children Wylde has a never ending repertoire of adventures and dreams and he uses them to convince the Police that no matter what they do (close doors or bar windows) he will always be able to imagine more and dream more.
It a arduous fight but Wylde doesn't lose hope and starts to enumerate all this dreams while the police look astonished and don't know what else to do.
I think we have all meet the Possible Police at some point in our lives, being it family or friends we have all hear the sentence "that's not possible" and like Wylde we started by fighting but most of us eventually gave up. So it's good to know that some of us were able to fight of the Possible Police.
An interesting children's book with good poetry.
17 reviews
September 16, 2014
Reviewed at The Dinglehopper

Reading this was kind of like witnessing the origin story of a modern day Dr. Seuss. Beginning with the childlike Wylde Scott alone in bed with hir dreams, a visit from the eponymous Possible Police propels a lively rhyming paean to the individual imagination. Soft focus illustrations tending toward angelic pastel pinks and yellows cast Scott as a bright beacon contrasted with the darkening trio of mustachioed cartoon cops with sly "PP" badges on their comically ridiculous hats. It's a story of "No, you cant," versus "Yes, I can," sure to inspire creativity and confidence in young readers.

description NetGalley
Profile Image for Jay.
532 reviews29 followers
August 2, 2015
ARC provided by NetGalley on behalf the publishers

so, I start this and all I can think is "The dream police, they live inside of my head. The dream police, they come to me in my bed" (Cheap Trick - Dream Police).

not that that's a terrible thing, but I just couldn't shake it enough to enjoy this story for what it is.

other than my brain connecting to things to this book that are in no way related other than a similar idea, this is a nice little story about not letting anyone tell you what you can/can't do. if you can dream it, you can do it!!

and there we go, my brain just shifts over to Rocky Horror's Dr Frank-N-Furter "Don't dream it, be it"
Profile Image for Big Otter Books.
211 reviews
October 15, 2014
This was the cutest book!! The rhymes are rollicking and the illustrations are magical. There is a great message: don't believe the "Possible Police" who try to stop you from reaching for your dreams. Perfect for all ages-read this to the little ones and super for older kids to read to you! I liked this book quite a bit. Children get so many negative messages nowadays, it was so nice to read a book about being positive and making your dreams happen. I would like to see this book take off and be "THE BOOK" for Christmas! I was given a copy of the book, the review is my own opinion.
Profile Image for Kattie.
303 reviews43 followers
February 11, 2016
I received this book free, from Goodreads First Reads. This book is beautiful. The illustrations are wonderful. The author is the main character in the book, and he dreams whatever he wants. Anything is possible. I would definitely read more of his books to my niece and nephew. I will look for more books from this illustrator as well, because this book is so beautiful. See the rest of my review at www.vivacioushobo.com
Profile Image for Marjorie.
832 reviews52 followers
September 20, 2014
Given To Me For An Honest Review

Wylde Scott has written a fantastic book, The Possible Police. It is a beautiful, magical story for children of all ages. It is written in rhyme. The illustrations are gorgeous and are done with bright beautiful colors. This is a book that children will want to read and read and read some more. I gave it 5 stars but it really deserves many more. I highly recommend it to all. It would make a great gift for any child.
Profile Image for Patty .
818 reviews371 followers
November 9, 2014
This is the perfect book to read to children, something to keep their dreams & imagination alive!
Profile Image for Amanda Ann.
Author 3 books2 followers
January 19, 2021
Stumbled on an autographed copy at my local thrift shop. Very enjoyable read!
Profile Image for Wayne Walker.
858 reviews12 followers
November 1, 2015
Just who are “The Possible Police”? In this rhythmical story, author Wylde Scott portrays himself as a young boy who dreams about doing such things seeing the moon, riding the wind on a red balloon, capturing lightning in a jar, and painting a smile on a star. But then “The Possible Police” come along to tell him that “It’s just not done.” So they lock the locks, chain the door, and nail his skates to the floor. What will Wylde do now?

What might happen if all obstacles to a child’s imagination are removed? Anything is possible. Unless of course, people let “The Possible Police” stop them. At some time or another nearly all of us have encountered “The Possible Police” in the person of a usually well-meaning teacher, coach, boss, even friend, or family member who discourages us from taking risks and chasing our dreams. Wylde Scott believes that all children should live in a world of endless possibilities.

With beautiful, dream-like illustrations by the wonderful and talented Hannah K. Shuping, The Possible Police will take children into their boundless imagination and help them fight off those who try to stop them from believing. “You have not seen, you do not know, what I can do, where I can go. Just because you fail to see all that’s possible and what could be.” The poetry may be a bit difficult for the younger end of the intended audience to get, but the general message of this children’s picture book is clear. Don’t let dream destroyers and nay-sayers keep you from doing what you dream.
Profile Image for Sharon Tyler.
2,685 reviews31 followers
January 30, 2015
The Possible Police by Wylde Scott is a picturebook about inspiring big dreams and imagination in children. In this book a young child encounters The Possible Police. They will do whatever it takes to stop children from believing. In this picture book, Wylde takes your child into his boundless imagination as he fights off the possible police. Join him as he inspires children to truly believe, and teaches them that no one can stop them from doing what they dream.

It is important that we teach our children about hard work, but it is just as important that we teach them to dream, and sometimes to dream big, and crazy, and wonderful. The Possible Police is a book that shows kids how important it can be to dream the big crazy dream no matter how naysayers and others might try to stifle them. The illustrations are beautiful and colorful with a watercolor cartoon feel. I really enjoyed the book, and think it could really hit home with many families.

I would recommend The Possible Police as a classroom or shared reading book to start with. I think it is important for younger readers to have the adults in their lives, that may act as unintentional possible police on occasion, share these ideas and be reminded themselves that the creativity and imagination of childhood is wonderful.
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