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The Hunter's Realm

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Brianna Hughes

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Brianna loves to write romance almost as much as she loves to read it. Her heroines are always strong women that can stand up for themselves. Her favorite genre to write is paranormal romances. From Immortal highlanders, witches, vampires to Warlocks, her work is inspired by her interest in daydreams. She does plan on doing novels in YA, Contemporary, Thriller and Historical as well in the future.

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383 reviews6 followers
June 28, 2014
Fun and Sexy Fantasy Romance

The Hunter’s Realm is the first book that I have read by Brianna Hughes and I found it a fun and sexy read with super characters and plenty of action.

I liked the concept of the magical Realm, populated with creatures of myth and legend. Although the Realm is hidden from the human world, the barriers which separate the two worlds are breaking down. To maintain the safety of the inhabitants of the Realm, the hero Elliot, a warrior renowned for his hunting prowess, is despatched to the human world to track down and return to the Realm any magical creatures who have crossed over.

Elliot becomes immediately enamoured with his new neighbour, Kellie and her two children. Their romance is both sweet and hot, attraction is mutual and it develops fairly quickly. Although Kellie has sworn off men due to an abusive ex (who was a real b******), and Elliot does not feel ready to settle down, they nevertheless fall in love. When Kellie’s ex reappears in her life, she and her children are put in great danger and the unthinkable happens. The human world and the magical world of the Realm collide and Kellie must adjust to not only finding out that Elliot is not whom he seems, but that the world of magic exists and that her abusive ex has an evil agenda of his own.

I LOVED Kellie! She is a strong woman, who has done her utmost to protect her children and is doing a great job of surviving on her own. Her experience of men is limited to the abusive relationship she had with her ex and I loved how Elliot’s actions make her feel so womanly and desirable, giving her confidence that she never realised she had.

Elliot is a powerful and drop-dead gorgeous example of masculinity – hell just look at how he is depicted on the book cover! He is every woman’s dream, kind and sensitive, good with children, romantic, humorous and yet more than capable of using his skills as a warrior to protect those her loves. As the romance progresses there are many hot scenes as the couple struggle to keep their hands off each other.

The villain of the piece is a real monster and is not averse to committing violent acts to gain his ends. I also enjoyed the other characters who played key roles in the plot, especially Elliot’s parents and his sister and Kellie’s children.

I recommend this book to those who enjoy a fun, spicy and action-packed fantasy romance. A copy of this book was provided for the purpose of a fair and honest review.
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635 reviews19 followers
July 13, 2014
If you are after a paranormal book that reads more like a contemporary book, then this is the book for you. It almost could be described as paranormal lite, with a dash of action.

I could not put this book down once I started. I loved the characters, from the heroine Kellie, a single mother to two rambunctious 4 year old twins, Elliott our hero who I just melted for, the twins Rea and Renee, this twosome are just adorable, especially when the paranormal part comes into play and their other half comes out with a charming side effect. Right down to Elliott’s mother, sister and co-workers.

There is also a lot of humour in this book. Which is what I think makes it read more like a contemporary. Sometimes it’s nice to read a not so dark paranormal book. You will definitely get a laugh out of Elliott’s co-workers a one point, what happens had me tearing up from laughing. Think a Harry Potter party just not for who you think would have one. Plus you also have scene stealing twins. Enough said.

One of my favourite things about this story was the sparks that flew between Elliott and Kellie. It flared to life when they first met under hilarious circumstances and continued to grow through the whole book. Besides, who wouldn’t fall for a big hunk of a man who is good with your kids, can fix things around the house and oh yeah is a hunter from another realm? There is a particularly interesting scene involving a bath from heaven that had me fanning myself.

Give this book a chance even if you aren’t a big paranormal fan, I’m pretty sure any contemporary reader will like it and I’m even going to recommend it to a few friends whom I know don’t read paranormal. Really, you need to read about Elliott. Trust me
Profile Image for Mary Mooney.
2,358 reviews53 followers
June 21, 2014
I received a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads, so here is my review. Elliot is from the Realm, another dimension that has magic, demons, shifters, fairies, unicorns and other such creatures. He is sent to our dimension to capture a rouge fairy and sent it back to the Realm. When he meets his new neighbor, Kellie and her four year old twins, Renee and Rea. He can’t believe that he has feelings for them from the very first time they met. Kellie has been on the run from her ex-boyfriend for almost four years, since the kids were little. But maybe they are safe now. When the ex-boyfriend shows up, he only wants his son, Rea and will stop at nothing to get him. The ex turns out to be a dragon from the Realm that had escaped from prison and has come after Kellie. When Daemon, the dragon, attacks Kellie and Renee and takes Rea, Elliot has no choice but to take her home, to the Realm so his mother can save them and he can get Rea back and kill the dragon. Elliot and Kellie will go through a lot to maybe end up together but they will have to fight for what they want, even if it means fighting Elliot’s father. Can Kellie accept what Elliot and his family really are and the Realm? Will Elliot let her get away from him? Can they all survive the dragon? This is a first for me by Brianna Hughes and I loved it. It you like paranormal, other dimension type stories then this one is for you.

Wicked Reads Review Team
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39 reviews
June 24, 2014
What do you do when the man of your dreams turns into your worst nightmare? Get the Hell out of Dodge, that’s what! And that’s exactly what Kellie did when faced with the realization that her ‘prince charming’ was planning to take her new son away forever.
When the Commander of the Realm’s Hunters hands out an assignment, no one dares to refuse – not even his own son. That’s how Elliot finds himself on the mundane side of the barrier – the side with no magic - hunting down and capturing creatures who have managed to slip into the human world.
What happens when these two meet is the beginning of a wondrous adventure filled with excitement, danger, adorable twins, magic, passion and the potential for true love.
I received a copy of ‘The Hunter’s Realm’ by Brianna Hughes in return for an honest review. Wow! Ms. Hughes has taken the myth of a magical realm separated from the ‘real’ world and sent it spinning in an entirely new and delightful direction. Her character building is strong yet subtle, her scene descriptions are vivid, her action sequences are well-choreographed and the entire storyline was written so that there were no glaring questions left unanswered. Well, except for one: is this Realm going to become a series? I sincerely hope so! I would love to read the stories of several of the other characters I met in this book!
I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to read this book, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who appreciates a great paranormal romance story!

Profile Image for Sara.
122 reviews6 followers
June 27, 2014
The Hunter's Realm is an urban fantasy book, and it was a fast read, and an entertaining read too. There are romantic elements as well as a relationship forms between Elliot and Kellie. I was drawn in to the story from the first two chapters and the prologue, and I don't think the story dragged. I really liked the world building as well, but it's the characters that really cemented my interest. I'm curious if there's going to be another book, or if this is just a stand-alone.Either way, I enjoyed it.

Elliot was a character I grew to like instantly. He's a warrior-hunter from the Realm, which is separate from normal society. I laughed a bit when he met his next door neighbors-Kellie, and her two children. There's almost instant chemistry between the two, and the attraction is mutual. For me though, her kids – Rea and Renee, were the highlights of the book. I couldn't help but fall in love with the two of them, and it's obvious they liked Elliot. 

As far as other characters, Eliott's mother and sister were ones I grew to like as well. I need to mention Daemon Draco. In one word – wow. He was a jerk of the first degree and the prologue left no doubt in my mind. Because of that, it was easy to develop an intense dislike for him. There were several times I wanted to slap him on principle.

An enjoyable read, I'd recommend this book to fans of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. My rating is 4/5 platypires.
Profile Image for Anna.
580 reviews21 followers
June 25, 2014
Kellie fled from an abusive relationship with infant twins and for four years has been doing what she needs to keep them safe. She settles in a new home and finds that the man next door is super hot and has her experiencing feelings she hasn't considered in years. Elliot is a hunter from another realm who is attempting to protect areas where the boundaries that divide the magic realm from the rest of the world are compromised. He is quickly drawn to Kellie and her children, and as his relationship with his new neighbors progresses, he comes to find that the man the are running from is the same dangerous man he is trying to capture.

This is a nice paranormal romance that I read straight through once I started it. I enjoyed Kellie and her twins quite a bit, and it would have been impossible not to enjoy Elliot. He is pretty much perfect. Sexy, tough, and incredibly giving. Whoo! Watching these characters' relationships develop and their situations intertwine was very interesting. It is a quick read, but I found it engaging and I would read more by this author in the future. 3.5 stars.

*An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review
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2,785 reviews242 followers
June 21, 2014
The Hunter's Realm, is a great quick paranormal romance story. Kelly Jackson is running from her ex with their twins. Kelly took of with the twins when her ex threaten to take their son Rea. She has no idea that her ex is a dragon shifter until she gets pulled into his world. Elliot Hensworth is a warrior from the Realm. With the walls between the Realms weakening, Elliot is sent to guard them.

Elliot meets Kelly when she moves next door to him. There is instant attraction but Elliot is not suppose to get involved with anyone. When he realizes that Kelly's ex is the dragon, he finally acts on his feeling for Kelly.
Kelly and Elliot have a lot of things to deal with. They have her ex, and Elliot's father who both provide obstacles for Kelly and Elliot to overcome. Kelly also has a lot to things to come to terms with.

The Hunter's Realm is a great book. It will grab you right from the beginning and you won't want to put it down until you are finished. So, when you start reading it make sure you have some time to read it all in one sitting.
Profile Image for The Book and The Harlot's Blog.
158 reviews15 followers
June 29, 2014
The Hunter’s Realm is my first Paranormal Romance from Brianna Hughes, I must say with how she completely roped me in, it definitely won’t be my last. I’m a huge fan of the PNR (Paranormal Romance) genre and I will jump at the chance to read something new from it. You will not want to miss out on this new release. It is filled with adventure and chock full of magic of all kinds.

The beginning was a little iffy for me, but after the first two or three chapters I was sucked right into the world of the Realm Hunters. This isn’t just a love story, there are so many other aspects to Elliott and Kelly’s story. Some of them you will expect, and others you won’t see coming.

These characters are fantastic, Brianna did an amazing job bringing them and their worlds, to life. Readers will find themselves fighting alongside Elliott and hurting with Kelly. Everyone can mettle but what’s meant to be will always find a way to prevail.
Profile Image for Ruthie Taylor.
3,515 reviews37 followers
June 22, 2014
"I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads."

This is a really good paranormal romance which is very well written. It was very easy to become immersed in the premise of the story, and the humour matched the pace of the action. I'm just hoping that such a hottie moves in next door to me sometime very soon. The romance was both sweet, and steamy hot.

I hope this is not the last of Ms Hughes adventures in this world - I suspect not, as Nat deserves her story to be told - can't wait!

Wicked Reads Review Team
Profile Image for Johnnie-Marie Howard.
1,102 reviews34 followers
June 23, 2014
I found this story to be just wonderful it did have a 2 person type of POV it seemed like 2 people and at different parts seemed like 3rd person read. This however just made it even better. The author did a fantastic job with the writing I really fell in love with all the characters and everything. The hole paranormal aspect of the story was even better if you ask me it was a hole nother world that was opening up right before my eyes and I loved every minute of it.

***I received this story for free in exchange for an honest review, see more of my review @ http://jmhoward2007.blogspot.com on 6-23-14***
Profile Image for Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort .
758 reviews168 followers
September 25, 2014
Favorite Lines “Who needed a cold shower when you had two very active four-year-olds?”

“He’d found love, or maybe love had found him. And having found it, he was never going to let it go.”

“Caring about someone led to hurting, and Kellie was done with pain. She’d leave it to the sadomasochists. From now on, it would be just her and the twins, and in eight months, a baby.”

“The tracker had finally been caught in love’s net, but he had no intention of trying to break free.”

“Yelliot, why you and mommy naked?”

“Magical things are about to happen, my love. The world is about to get a whole lot more interesting.”

Man I love a book where the wife lays down the lay and puts her pushy commander husband in place!!! Love it!
Elliot is a brilliant tracker and hunter from The Realm, he's on the non magic side of the border, catching the magical creatures who need catching. So when he gets a new Neighbor and wakes up to her screaming a goblin is getting her he runs to her rescue. Only to see Kellie and he twin 4 yr olds Rea and Renee playing goblin. He's captivated by this single mom and her ADORABLE kids. (Can I just say author did an amazing job really showing how 4yr olds really are)
Kellie can believe this smoking hot male lives next door to her and is so amazing with her kids. She's loved before and it didn't end well but, Elliot is a different man she hopes! When he ex shows up everything goes up in flames.
This author did a superb job of showing me her world. I would recommend this to anyone really!

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review

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3,439 reviews93 followers
November 26, 2014
I received this book from BookRhythm in return for a fair and honest review.

This is a quick but saucy and funny read although given the subject matter, you wouldn't think it would be funny. Kelly is running away and taking her two children with her. The man of her dreams turned into a nightmare and refused to acknowledge their daughter but just their son. After four years, she thinks that she has lost him and starts to think that maybe, just maybe, she is safe after all. She moves to a new home, fresh start and the gorgeous neighbour doesn't hurt either. Unfortunately for Kelly, Daemon hasn't lost track of her or forgotten about their son either. He wants his son and he isn't bothered if he hurts Kelly or Renee in the process.

Elliot is everything an alpha male should be, even when he is carefully tending to a pixie so that he doesn't upset his sister, or making sure that a scared 4-year old girl has her dolly for when she wakes up ;) It's these moments with Elliot that make this book so funny. He's this butch warrior-hunter who is as soft as marshmallow for the family that he claims for his own.

Rea and Renee, Kelly's two children, are really the stars of the show. You can't help but fall for them and I could totally relate to some of Kelly's internal musings regarding motherhood. However, if you haven't had children yet, then don't worry, there's plenty for you to read!

I am hoping that this book is the start of a series and not a standalone as I would love to read more about the Realm, especially given the ending of The Hunter's Realm. A wonderfully entertaining 4-star read.
Profile Image for Toni Michelle-Editor.
192 reviews6 followers
September 15, 2014
She has been running from her past for four years now, from someone she is terrified of. Kellie’s only need is to keep her son and daughter, twins, safe and hidden from their father, a violent man. Elliot is a hunter, from another realm, living in the human world capturing the fairytale creatures that escape and sending them back. They just happen to be neighbors now that Kellie has purchased the home right next door to him. And the dragon has escaped the prison in Elliot’s world and is heading to the human world to finish what he started. He plans to take his son and get revenge against Kellie for running off with him just as he was prepared to steal him away from her.

This book had me fixed to my chair immediately. Page one starts it all! The angst just drew me in and I was unable to pull out until it was over. I fell in love with Elliot and Kellie as well as her hellion twins. There were tons of laughs and you couldn’t help but be worried for Kellie considering her past relationship. This book is sure to draw in any reader, especially the paranormal fans. Get yourself a copy, kick back, relax and enjoy!
238 reviews2 followers
July 5, 2014
I received this e-book as a prize in the author's book launch on Facebook. I am grateful to her and her publisher for a complimentary copy. At the outset of the novel, I was much afraid that with schlurpy adjectives like "soft, white bedding," and "fluffy little sheep," that I was not going to be able to give a positive review. However, following the Prologue, the writing style matured and I had a much more pleasant time with the rest of the book. Now, on reflection, it seems as if there was an author switcheroo between the Prologue and Chapter One. I happily report that the tale is a good one. We have fantasy, another world on the same world, shifters, a dragon that becomes human and loses most of his powers when he shifts into our side of the planet, baby dragons, a royal family, spousal abuse, and a love story. Lots of action in that list. This is a fun read, albeit with a caution to parents, there is graphic sex, so use your judgement. Otherwise, I could see this for YA readers too. Congrats, Ms. Hughes and I look forward to reading more from you.
Profile Image for Trisha.
10 reviews7 followers
June 23, 2014
First book of Brianna's that I've had the pleasure of reading and I hope she cranks out some more! She's given us a new world filled with secrets, magic, action and of course, love. Very enjoyable read. If you like Urban Fantasy and/or Paranormal Romance, then you should check this one out.
Profile Image for Amiee Engler.
36 reviews
September 17, 2014
A great read! This is a book that anyone who likes paranormal romance should read. The relationship between Kellie and Elliot show that love comes when you're not looking. And I just love Rea and Renee. Too cute.
Profile Image for Lynn Worton.
863 reviews27 followers
December 19, 2014
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

This is a wonderful paranormal romance. I loved it!

Elliot Hensworth is a fantastic character. I think I fell in love with him, just a little bit! He made me swoon! He is a warrior and typical alpha male with a large heart, which he tries to hide behind a mask of indifference. He is one of the warrior guardians and works as a type of bounty hunter, tracking the magical creatures who escape through the barrier between the mortal world and the magical one he calls home. When a new neighbour moves in next door, he is unprepared for the attraction he feels towards her.

Kelly Jackson is another fantastic character. I liked her a lot. She is spunky and full of sass, but her life hasn't been a bed of roses and has been on the run from her abusive ex. She wasn't looking for romance, but fate (or is it destiny?) has other ideas.

This is a wonderful story, which has a similarity to another paranormal romance I read recently in that there are two worlds linked together but separated by a magical barrier. However, this story is completely different from the previous book I read.

I started to read this book and was quickly hooked. The story is told through both Elliot's and Kelly's point of view, but a few of the other characters have their say too. I loved the scene where Elliot and Kelly, as well as her children, first meet. I could picture it in my mind's eye perfectly. In fact, the whole story ran like a movie in my head. I love it when I get so engrossed in the story that I feel like I was there, in the midst of the action. And what action! There are a few fight scenes and a terrifying chase scene which kept me glued to the pages. My heart just about broke when Elliot went looking for Rea in the forest. I won't say why, but suffice it to say I shed a few tears during this scene.

I fell in love with Kelly's twins, Rea and Renee; they are adorable, and I love how they call Elliot "Yelliot" because they can't pronounce his name properly. I lost track of how many times I wanted to sweep them up and give them great big hugs! Like any four year old kids, they get into all sorts of trouble, but I think my heart just about stopped in my chest when they faced Daemon Draco, a dragon from the Realm, who also happens to be their father. He's a nasty character I would love to hate! He's a misogynistic bully of the first order. I would have liked to have given him a piece of my mind! But alas, he is a fictional character and I cannot.

I also loved meeting Elliot's family. I was not so keen on Elliot's father, the Commander, as I felt he was a bit of an arrogant jerk; I was not alone in this though, the other characters in the story did too! However, his mother and his sister are lovely and I wouldn't have minded meeting them in the flesh. Their characters give more depth to the story and, although they are from a magical realm, they are his family and give the reader a better understanding of Elliot's character and what makes him tick, so to speak.

I loved the ending, as it made me feel happy, as any type of romance story, whether paranormal or contemporary, should.

Brianna Hughes has written a fantastic paranormal romance. I love her fast paced writing style and the flow was wonderful. I am looking forward to reading more of her books in the future.

Due to scenes of a sensual nature that are on the explicit side, I do not recommend this book to younger readers. There is also mention of physical abuse, so I do not recommend this story if you have a sensitive nature However, I highly recommend this book if you love hot or erotic paranormal romances. - Lynn Worton
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