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Must Love Breeches

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She's finally met the man of her dreams. Only one problem: he lives in a different century.


A mysterious artifact zaps Isabelle Rochon to pre-Victorian England, and suddenly her love of historical authenticity collides with the reality that she’s a modern-day girl. But when a thief steals her card case, she determines to retrieve the time-traveling artifact. Now she must hunt down the case, navigate the pitfalls of stiff society London, conceal her origins, and resist her growing attraction to Lord Montagu, a viscount so hot, he curls her shower-loving toes.

Lord Montagu is resolved to avenge his sister and has no time for dalliances, despite the appeal of the strange but lovely Colonial. However, when his scheme for revenge requires a respectable match, he convinces Isabelle to masquerade as his fiancée. But he did not bargain for Ms. Rochon being his intellectual match or her irresistible allure.
Isabelle thought all she wanted was to return home, but as passion flares between them, she must decide when her true home, and her heart, lies.

Set in 1834 London, this time travel historical romance features a small cast of historical characters, including Ada Byron, Lord Byron's daughter, and Charles Babbage, inventor of the Difference Engine. It explores the often overlooked scientific developments of pre-Victorian London.

326 pages, ebook

First published September 3, 2014

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About the author

Angela Quarles

12 books515 followers
An avid reader herself, Angela Quarles writes books she'd like to read--laugh-out-loud, smart romances that suck you into her worlds and won't let you go until you reach The End.

~Newsletter: http://bit.ly/1sde3Qi
~Facebook: http://on.fb.me/VMFT3L
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~BookBub:: http://bit.ly/2xVWYFe

She is a RWA RITA® award-winning and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary, time travel, and steampunk romance. Library Journal named her steampunk, Steam Me Up, Rawley, Best Self-Published Romance of 2015 and Must Love Chainmail won the 2016 RITA® Award in the paranormal category, the first indie to win in that category. Angela loves history, folklore, and family history and combined it with her active imagination to write stories of romance and adventure.

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502 reviews309 followers
February 28, 2017
Under normal circumstances, I have a no Time Travel rule

Some rules are made to be broken and celebrated!

tyrion dancing

NOTE: read for 2017 Historical Romance Reading Challenge, Time Travel category, doh!.

Setting / Time / Genre: London current and 1850ish

Series: Yes

Sexy times: a few times. Normal stuff. Easy peasy.

Plan on reading more by the author: Most certainly.

Synopsis Typical TT. Heroine goes back in time...etc. What makes this a wee bit different is that this book starts none other than Ada Lovelace - hello modern computing. You owe your life to this woman. AND there is actually a decent mystery to be solved. Interesting but not like suuuuper interesting.

Why it did or didn't work for me: It worked quite well. It read like a standard regency which in my book is a good thing. We had lot's of secondary characters which I found diverting. And the romance between the hero and heroine? AWESOME. I mean this hero...I sort of fell in love with him. He was that intense and so determined to avoid doing the wrong thing with our heroine...and when he . Cue the swoon!


This one does not suffer from the idiocy that I find most TT romance suffers from. This story had a bit of grit, a tough heroine and a swoon worthy hero. Totally worth it.

I love breeches!

This is goodbye
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1,093 reviews295 followers
July 6, 2016
I am always so excited when I come across a well written romantic historical time travel; from serious, Outlander by Diana Gabaldon to my favorite humorous time travel romance, A Knight In Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux. If you agree, add Angela Quarles’ MUST LOVE BREECHES to your list!

Isabelle Rochon has moved to London from Atlanta to work as an intern at the British Museum and is trying to get her life back on track after a failed relationship and the loss of her family. Dressed for a costume ball, she carries with her a silver calling card case from pre-Victorian times which sends her back to 1834. Her case is stolen and as she tries to retrieve it and navigate her new historical social situation she meets the “Vicious Viscount”, Lord Phineas Montagu.

Lord Montagu is pretending a changed personality to seek revenge for his sister and all the ton now call him ”Vicious Viscount”, but Isabelle sees through this persona and is drawn to him. Phineas can’t help but be intrigued by the “Original” from the Colonies. To further his plan, he wants Isabelle to be his pretend fiancé in exchange for his protection and help retrieving her card case. He knows Isabelle is keeping something from him, but he can’t stop his growing attraction and begins to want Isabelle forever. The attraction is strong in both, but Isabelle feels she must return to the present.

The romance builds in intensity and heat throughout even as both characters try to fight it. The mystery and revenge subplots are intertwined and resolved to satisfaction. Ms. Quarles has included other true life secondary characters. Ada Byron, not yet Ada Byron Lovelace, the legitimate daughter of the infamous Lord Byron befriends Isabelle and is the first she confides in about her time travel situation and Charles Babbage, the inventor of the Difference Engine. Although some fictional license was taken, it was interesting to read about these characters.

I am really excited to read more of Ms. Quarles books in her Must Love Time Travel series!

Written for and posted first on The Romance Reviews.com.
August 11, 2014
check out this review and others at

I recevied this book from the author for an honest opinion.

*Taps screen* Hey you!! Come closer I gotta tell you a secret. *lowers voice to a whisper* I freaking love historical romances. However, I dont get the chance to read a lot of them AND I kinda get teased for my love for them. *nods head* ok back away so we dont look like we are conspiring to take over the world...which we are of course.....

So this book is a fun look at life in the 1800's...1834 to be specific. Our girl Isabella gets transported back in time due to an awesome historical silver case she finds in her house.......people that case is uber important...just saying....annnnd that case has a lot of personal history for Isabella later in the novel SOO Don't forget the dang case!! LOL

Well our girl, once she is transported back in time, finds her self being "onced over" by Lord Montagu...and ladies it doesnt matter how hot (and he is RAWR HAWT) a man is, noone likes to be "onced over"....Snickers.....anyway, the Lord Montague and Isabella find that they both need each other to help with some personal gain. Her to find her now stole case and him to help with his "project" aka investigating some bad "gentlemen".

Well as in ANY romance book, Lord Montagu and Isabella kinda get the hots for each other. Man oh man, was their chemsitry awesome!! I loved how they played off each other mentally but when the physical happened....YOWZERS!!!!! Ya better have a second sent of Breeches is alll I am saying......

So without giving the amazing plot twists and turns away, Isabella has to decide.....our hottie, Lord Montagu or her REAL LIFE!! I have to tell ya. My stomach was in knots AND I even had a tear drop fall outta my eye. Isabella has been burned by love and she is sooo afraid to open her heart to Lord Montagu 100%. I will say I did scream at her SEVERAL times because she was so afraid to put herself out there for him. But I also was yelling at him for not putting himself out there. Its not that he didnt want to but he was trying to " do right by her"...sigh.....

The begining of the book was a bit slow but you have to stick with it because it is a lot of back building and developing the characters. I will say I was thinking at 40% that this book was prolly only going to get 3 stars to be honest. HOWEVER, the last 60% of the book had me on pins and needles!! I read the last 60% in one day!!! The first 40% did take me a couple days because it was a bit slow. Seriously, stick with it!! You will be super excited that you did!!
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660 reviews307 followers
February 9, 2022
Overall: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Plot/Storyline: 📖📖📖
Feels: 🦋🦋🦋
Emotional Depth: 💔💔💔
Sexual Tension: ⚡⚡⚡
Romance: 💞💞
Sensuality: 💋💋💋
Sex Scene Length: 🍑🍑🍑
Steam Scale (Number of Sex Scenes): 🔥🔥
Humor: Yes

(These are all personal preference on a scale of 1-5 (yours ratings may vary depending what gives you feels and how you prefer you sex scenes written, etc) except the Steam Scale which follows our chart from The Ton and Tartans Book Club )

Basic plot
Isabelle Rochon is interested in British history and is currently working her tail off to get a promotion at the museum. While attending a ball, she wishes she could truly be in the year 1834 and thanks to her magic artifact, her wish is granted. Here she meets Lord Montagu, who has secrets of his own.

Give this a try if you want:
- Fake relationship – the hero needs access to certain social circles that will be more open to him is he were thought to be married soon
- A touch of heroine nurses hero back to health (no death bed scenes, the injury is somewhat minor)
- Secret identity – the hero doesn’t know who the heroine truly is until almost the end of the book
- Time travel – contemporary heroine travels back to 1800s England
- Majority of the book takes place in 1834
- Some fun history tidbits including technology of the time and Ada Lovelace
- Medium steam – 2 open door scenes that are towards the end and some kisses

My thoughts:
I really wanted to like this book! I did. And I think I could have with a few tweaks.

In this book I definitely wanted more hero and heroine interaction. There was a lot of time with the heroine spent by herself or with Ava Lovelace (Lord Byron’s child – if you are interested in her as a character I’m sure you will enjoy this book more). There wasn’t a lot of time in the hero’s head. I just wanted them together more, talking more. I felt like neither of their character depth was super deep.

The hero was so fascinated by the heroine and kept saying how wowed he was by her intelligence but I didn’t understand that. Yeah, I’m sure she’s a smart heroine, but most of their interactions up to those points had been her basically being super weird and awkward and talking in her modern mannerisms that he didn’t understand because he had no idea she was from the future. We were told she was smart and that’s one of the reasons he loves her but I didn’t see it. I don’t know why he loved her. And I wanted so badly to feel that love here.

When they were together it was really amazing. I just wanted more.

A few specifics

Overall there was something about this author and book that I do want to try another. I feel like I could really love her though this one was a bit of a flop for me. So I’ll definitely try the next in the series at some point.

Content Warnings:

Locations of kisses/intimate scenes:
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559 reviews214 followers
October 20, 2018
Enjoyable listen with Mary Jane Wells narrating, who brought life to the story as per usual. It did a good job with the time travel aspect and adjusting to life in the past. Interesting characters, with a real-life character Ada Byron Lovelace in one of the primary support roles.
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229 reviews29 followers
August 20, 2014

The moment I started reading this book I immediately thought of Outlander by Diana Gabaladon and Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Vierra Rigler. The concept of time travelling to one of my favourite time periods. I immediately fell in love with the concept and the plot! This book was amazing! A definite top ten contender and I can’t wait to re-read it as I breathlessly read as fast as I could to learn what would happen next.
Isabelle is a modern day American who has moved to London for work and a fresh start. She adores her work at the British museum and is attending a period costume ball when the most amazing thing happens. She strokes a silver card case she is carrying while wishing she was actually at a ball in 1834. She all of a sudden ends up at a London ball in 1834 having no idea where she is and how she got there. She quickly befriends Lady Ada Byron (daughter of that Lord Bryon) and the delicious Lord Montagu. I thought it was hilarious how she navigated her foray into this new world. Snapping a cell phone picture of Lady Ada, insisting on walking home and using foul language.
I adored how the author treated the differences in societies. Isabelle wears contact lenses and eventually had to trade them in for spectacles. I loved how the author described the visit to the eye wear shop. I have always thought about what it would be like to be alive during this time and since I wear contacts, I’ve shuddered with dread at the idea of not having access to them. I liked how the author addressed old fashioned solutions to our modern day conveniences. When Lord Montagu is injured and Isabelle treats his wound, she applies modern day medical knowledge including washing hands. She is treated like she has three heads for suggesting such a thing, but we know how imperative it is not to spread germs. It was fascinating to view England in 1834 from Isabelle’s modern perspective. When Isabelle is not allowed to eat alone in an inn, open a bank account or stroll down the street alone, her indigent attitude is exactly what a modern day woman would feel. So often historical romance novels make this a normal part of a lady’s routine, but Isabelle chafes at the restrictions.
For such a modern woman, Isabelle learns how delicate and precarious her situation has become. She cannot support herself. Therefore she relies on the charity of Lady Ada and Lady Somerville. She reluctantly agrees to pretend to be affianced to Lord Montagu in order to help him with a problem (which he doesn’t want to reveal).
Unlike the book Austenland by Shannon Hale, Isabelle isn’t play acting at being a lady in 1800 England. She must figure out quickly how to navigate society in order to survive. Mistakes made by the characters in Austenland would have been ignored, but when Isabelle makes a foible or slips, it is immediately noticed. One thing that caught my attention was Isabelle’s use of contractions. Apparently in England in the 1800s no one used contractions when speaking. They excuse her language since she is from America and the colonies do things so very differently. I guess I never noticed in all the books I have read in this genre that the characters don’t speak in contractions. They certainly don’t swear like Isabelle.
The book highlights the scientific achievements of the time and is one of the first books I have read that details the Scientific Societies of the time. The author makes sure to include the contributions of women and how a learned woman was not always labelled a bluestocking. Considering there was no tv or movies, trips to the opera or plays and attending meetings at things like the Scientific Societies were the main forms of entertainment for the day.
One thing that doesn’t change regardless of the date or setting is attraction between a man and a woman. Or for that matter friendship. Isabelle’s relationships with Phineas (Lord Montagu) and Lady Ada could happen in modern times, although I would wager that most women don’t invite a virtually stranger into their home, protect, feed and clothe them to the extent Lady Ada does for Isabelle. The relationship between Phineas and Isabelle starts off rocky as he finds her attractive but strange. She speaks in riddles and language that he doesn’t quite understand. However, as he is in need of a pretend betrothed, she is the perfect fit. The growing attraction between the two gets stronger and stronger, especially when she discovers that her modern day London home actually belongs to him in 1834.
I was so curious how a modern woman and a gentleman from the 1800s would fit together in the bedroom. It seems time travel doesn’t erase the basest instincts humans possess. It was amazing when they kissed and as the reader I wanted more. I worried how her lack of virginity would impact the relationship, but when the heat turns up, it doesn’t matter. The scenes are hot and sort of a blend of what you would expect from a historical romance novel and a Nora Roberts modern day book.
Lord Montagu’s investigation takes over the last third of the book and adds some mystery and spice to the story that has Isabelle forced to make a difficult choice - to stay in 1834 or go home to her life in modern England. Once Phineas story is finally told, it makes you like the character even more than you already do because of his treatment of Isabelle and generally being a great catch.
This book was just so much fun! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and can’t wait to re-read. I will definitely be sharing this book with others so they too can laugh, cry and marvel at the wonderful story Angela Quarles has created!

Reviewed for Kiltsandswords Thank you Netgalley for an advanced copy!
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3,827 reviews5,506 followers
September 29, 2014
I'm a huge sucker for a time-travel book. HUGE.

My favorite book? Outlander. My first "romance" book? A Knight in Shining Armor. So you see, for me time-travel books are my happy place. For that reason alone, I was predisposed to like this book.

Must Love Breeches is a sort of classic time-travel romance with a fish out of water plot line as heroine Isabelle finds herself zapped back in time to pre-Victorian England. Trouble and antics ensue.

What was great about this book was the modernity of it. What do I mean? Well, in all of the time travel books that I've read, no heroine has had her cellphone at hand and tried to snap pic and post to Facebook. Needless to say, it rang pretty true to me. The cellphone goes a long way in explaining, "Hey, I'm from the future." Also issues like contact lenses come up, which I've always wondered about since I'm totally contact-dependent. In addition, there was some nice sexual tension between Isabelle and the MC, which I loved.

I'm not sure exactly what I was addicted to this book, because it certainly had some flaws. The scientific plot line was pretty lost on me, since I'm not up on my pre-Victorian historical figures. Also, the plot of why Lord Montagu had his scandalous reputation and the mystery element was not my thing. I would have preferred the MC be an actual rake or scoundrel, because reformed rake stories are a weakness of mine. The plot could have also been tightened up a great deal to make the story flow a little better for the readers.

Though I knew this book wasn't anything extraordinary, I still enjoyed it. It was a sweet little romance with a deus ex machina ending that wormed its way into my heart.

**Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review**
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1,713 reviews43 followers
April 18, 2016
Read again as I listened to it. What a difference. Almost perfect narration.

I found myself laughing every few pages. And it was mentioned on page 19 that Phineas had 2 different color eyes, but I forgot about that since it was not mentioned again until page 60, but then his eyes were mentioned a few more times, so it made sense.

It was a really good story. I liked the players: Ada, Katy, Mrs. Somerville. I liked that Isabelle kicked the bad guy’s a**.

One reviewer gave this book 2 stars and mentioned Isabelle’s speech was “valley-speak.” That couldn’t be further from the truth. Isabelle was very concerned about how she spoke and was always correcting herself. Her screw-ups in talking happened in the beginning when she’d gone back in time but hadn’t realized it, yet. And Valley-speak? Umm, NO! Just ignore the 3 two star reviews and go with the 57 four and five star ones. And you can’t count the 1 star at all. That one is simply BS.

There was some sexual attraction in this story and some seriously hot, hot kisses, and a wonderful bedroom scene. AND I don't know about anyone else but I just love when sexiness happens in a carriage. Isabelle and Phineas were just a wonderful couple. As for swearing? Nothing too serious, mostly S*** was used but it was always used in just the right place, and it was usually funny.

I didn't read the epilogue because it said "thirty years later." I cannot read a book where the hero and heroine get old...And back then almost 60 was old.

My ONLY real complaint about this book was the hero’s name. You can’t get much worse that Phineas for a hero. Terrible, just terrible. It's almost as bad as a heroine named Minerva. But, that's my opinion.

As to the narrator: Just phenomenal. Yeah, she needs to work on her male voices but her reading was unbelievable. She didn't just laugh and cry and whisper and every other emotion out there, she simple read every sentence with feeling and emotion. I loved every word she read. And for an Audible price of $1.99 it was a real bargain.
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3,143 reviews130 followers
February 22, 2015
Isabelle Rochon loves working at British Museum. She especially loves reenactment ball. Isabelle discovers that the current hottie she's lusting after is a complete and utter dawg. Isabelle loves silver card case she found and journal. Isabelle is using the silver card case when she suddenly ends up in 1834. Isabelle makes the acquaintance of Ada Bryon Lovelace and Lord Phineas Montagu. Isabelle can't believe she's back in time yet she must face facts as there are. The silver card case has been stolen and showing no signs of being found at this point. Lord Montagu is strangely attracted to Miss Rochon but he can't really afford distractions while seeking revenge. Lord Montagu is finding that his cleverly crafted ruse causing problems that he hadn't foreseen. Isabelle is also attracted to Lord Montagu but unsure if you can trust this feeling entirely. Will Lord Montagu get his revenge? Will Isabelle get back to her own time? Can Isabelle trust her feelings? Your answers await you in Must Love Breeches:A Time Travel Romance.

I'm always intrigued by time travel romances. Ms. Quarles has certainly created a wonderful universe. I loved the characters and story! I thought her characters were real, honest, flawed, and compelling. I thought the story was intriguing, compelling, and did not want to put it down kind of book. I look forward to more reading adventures in the future with this author.
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1,742 reviews280 followers
December 20, 2016
This was a nice book to listen to as I basically baked 1,000 cookies for a cookie exchange.

The narrator Mary Jane Wells -- man I love her voice.

The story it is a time travel where the heroine, Isabella, is a modern day lady who is at an 1800s re-enactment ball at an historic home courtesy of the museum where she works. During her present day ball she is mysteriously transported back to the same house during a ball in the 1800s.

I liked how this played out. Because everyone was in period dress during the present day ball and she only has a bit of wooziness during transport (which she chalks up to alcohol) Isabelle doesn't at first realize she's in a different time. She just believes the hard-core re-enactors have finally arrived. But her reactions where she starts to realize what happened, I thought were well done and ring true -- well as true as you could assume someone would act in the same situation.

Since this is a novel the worst that could happen to her, alone and bereft in a very strange place with no money and no one she knows, doesn't happen. She doesn't quite have the Clair Frasier experience. She happens to be the recipient of the kindness of strangers so she can get her bearings.

I did like how she outright convinced Ada, the young lady who comes to her rescue that she is from the future, courtesy of her cell phone that she still had handily on her person. So she is able to enlist Ada to her cause who also gives her a cover story, a place to stay and clothes. There is a bit of way too much convenience there, but I could hand-wave that for the sake of the story.

The rest of the story is Isabella trying to figure out a way to get back home while also falling in love with the hero, Phineas. And that morphs into the dilemma of how to reconcile the plot of who stays when?

There are some other subplots, mainly the hero is in his own revenge subplot that marginally dovetails with the time travel plot. For me the hero's plot was the weakest.

There are also imo, some rather contrived elements I felt that was piled on top to add obstacles to her getting back which I felt were unnecessary and just added extra ...stuff... to the plot.

But at the core this was a fun book with lots of humor. I did like Isabella's inner voice and her slips into modern colloquialisms and people's reactions to her speech patterns sometimes.

My biggest disappointment is toward the end I think Isabella turns a little uncharacteristically dumb. This is a woman who for all intents and purposes is trapped in a time when she has no relatives, no money, no means of support and she is supposedly a historian so she should be aware of the social issues she is facing, but decides to make a decision that is grounded too much in modern sensibility to make any sort of sense. She is supposed to be smarter than she comes off and I was very disappointed that it took someone else in the book to point that out to her, when she should have had enough sense to come to these conclusions herself. Also, I know this was a fairly light-hearted book, but there were places when I think Isabella could have benefited from a bit more panic about her situation.

Also there is an epilogue which, sigh, makes no sense but then you have the read the author's note to get an explanation for it. I get it, but really it opened more questions than it answered,

But like I said fun enough.
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217 reviews40 followers
September 20, 2014
MY REVIEW: 4 captivating stars!

 photo yay3_zpsc6875ecb.gif

Ms. Quarles has a tremendous talent for writing. This time travel historical romance makes for a captivating read. It left me wishing the book went on forever. The dialogue, all the charming wit, and amazing sex scenes make the story a page turner. Her name should be beside Karen Marie Moning and Diana Gabaldon.

The suddenness of the kiss stunned Isabelle. His strong hands, cradling her face firmly. His body, pinning her to the wall.
Probably the sexiest thing anyone had ever done to her. So manly. But she didn't have time to analyze it, oh no. Right now, it was all she could do not to let her knees buckle as his mouth moved on hers and sent delicious shivers up and down her whole body....

Let me say, anyone who can write a time travel romance and make it interesting, my hat's off to you! It has to be a tricky piece to write. I love time travel books SO much if they are written as well as Ms. Quarles wrote this one. And this cover... SO gorgeous! Love, love, love!

 photo yay2_zpsc1bae0fe.gif

A soft click behind her sent warm, prickly bubbles zipping through her. She turned. And gazed at the man she'd chosen. The life she'd chosen. Her heart careened around, accompanying the bubbles in fluttering anticipation, providing an insistent beat, as if every particle of her were too afraid to be still. His eyes pierced right through her and rendered her legs into limp noodles.
"Hi," she whispered. All the fluttering bits paused. Pulsed once. Twice.
His mouth quirked. "Miss Rochon."
She stumbled forward a step, but he was at her side in three paces before she could go any farther.
He crushed her against his strong, warm body. "Do not do that to me again, Isabelle. You are my life. Without you, I am only an empty husk."
He pulled apart slightly and rested his forehead against hers. "I speak only the truth. I love you so much, I cannot imagine life without you, " his voice thick, ragged.
Her heart felt as if it were near the ceiling, too light, too full, too big to be contained in her body. "Neither could I," she whispered as he captured her mouth in a kiss of possession.

I found myself hooked just on the first few pages. It is filled with adventure, mystery, and characters who will steal your heart. I cannot wait to read another book by this author.

~Thank you, Angela!~

 photo yay4_zps28b2e7d0.gif

**ARC graciously provided by Angela Quarles in exchange for an honest review**

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3,124 reviews261 followers
September 29, 2014
Take a fantastical ride back in time and experience Must Love Breeches.

What would you do if you met the perfect guy but he’s from a totally different century?

When Isabelle Rochon is transported back in time, she finds herself in the pre-Victorian England. When she realizes that she has been sent back in time she finds an unlikely ally. Lord Montagu, also known as the Vicious Vicount, and his cousin come to her rescue.

Trying to traverse the precarious circumstances, Isabelle finds herself completely drawn to Lord Montagu. When Isabelle situation seems bleak, Lord Montagu offers to name her his fiancée…just for appearances.

Must Love Breeches is a deliciously fun historical romance with time traveling high jinks to boot. I loved it. I found it utterly charming and entertaining. Isabelle gets to meet many prominent figures she has come to adore throughout working at the museum.

I can’t leave without mentioning the smoking hot attraction that bursts into flames between long Montagu and Isabelle.

Must Love Breeches perfectly fit my reading tastes...The recipe - 1 dash historical romance plus 1 dash science fiction = perfect read.

Written by: Angela Quarles
Series: Must Love
Sequence in Series: 1
Page Counte: 306 pages
Publisher: Unsealed Room Press; 1 edition
Publication Date: August 28, 2014
Rating: 5 Stars
ISBN-10: 0990540014
ISBN-13: 978-0990540014
Genre: Historical Romance | Scifi | Time Travel
Find this book on: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Reviewed for: http://tometender.blogspot.com
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655 reviews227 followers
October 5, 2014
What a nice change for this type of book - a time travel romp - for it to be set in England rather than the Highlands. Not that I don't love my rugged Highlanders (and you know I do - rawr!), but a stilted, stoic yet sinfully sexy British gentleman is an excellent alternative to a sword-weilding Scot any day of the week. And why should those north of the border get the monopoly on all of the stunningly beautiful damsels that accidentally fall through time anyway, hmm? Seems a little unfair to me. :)

Must Love Breeches brings us the delightful romance of modern-day office worker Isabelle Rochon and pre-Victorian heartthrob Lord Montagu. Montagu is everything an Austen-loving reader could wish for. Very Darcyish in all the good ways. The delightful scene when Isabelle falls through time will definitely bring a smile to your face, and endear you to both characters immediately. And things only continue in this vein. The enchanting push-pull dynamic between the two of them builds beautifully into a convincing love story. I even shed a small tear at one point - that's how much they got to me!

Isabelle is an excellent lead. She's fun, sassy and intelligent. I particularly enjoyed how little she cared of what people thought of her seemingly strange antics. Montagu's cousin, who befriends Isabelle was also delightful. But Lord Montagu steals the show with his gruff manner paired with the elegance and sophistication inherent in men of this time. 

All in all, Must Love Breeches was a fabulous read, one I would happily recommend to my fellow romance junkies. It's fun, romantic, and sensual, and an excellent start to what looks to be a promising series.

4 Stars ★★★★

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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504 reviews
May 17, 2016
Re-read May 16, 2016
Read September 17, 2014

This book came to my attention as a goodreads giveaway that I entered, but didn't win. And, I should probably say that the title and cover art are what caught my eye. But, there are so many elements of this story that I love. First off, I love that the heroine is from Mobile and works in museums. Add in the time travel, romance, brushes with famous figures from history, and something not set in Jane Austin's time period and OMG, YES. It is funny, sweet, hawt, and just plain fun. While I wish it were about 100 pages longer, since a few key plot scenes are skipped over or alluded to, I will absolutely be recommending this to friends, will reread it, and can't wait for the second book in the series.

My only real critical comment - the year she gave as her birth year in the epilogue is wrong. For her to be 29 with a camera phone, the birth year (1944) and departure year (1973) are incorrect.
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February 4, 2018
It's the first time that GR recommends me a book and actually nails it! I didn't know the author but I fell in love with her writing.
The sexual tension HOLY SHIT Isabelle and Phineas had off the chart chemistry. I love them!
A modern person travelling into the past is always hilarious and a trope that I love. I'll most likely read more from Quarles.
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November 30, 2016
A delightful historical time travel romance and a deliciously fun start to the series!!!!

If only she had lived back then... experienced a real ball... not this play-acting. "Wouldn't that be amazing to truly be at this ball in 1834?" she whispered. The silver under her thumb flared with heat. The room spun. The air, colors and sounds muted as if she was inside an abstract color painting.

MUST LOVE BREECHES by Angela Quarles is a delightful historical time travel romance and a deliciously fun start to the author's Must Love Time Travel series. It is the story of twenty-nine-year-old Isabelle Rochon and the ‘Vicious Viscount’ Lord Phineas Montagu. Isabelle is in modern-day London vying for an internship at the British museum and trying to get her life back on track after a failed relationship and losing her family. While attending a historical reenactment ball, she is swept back in time to 1834 and discovered by Lord Byron’s daughter who then introduces her to the Lord Montagu, a renowned rake. At first, Isabelle is in denial believing everyone is taking the reenactment too seriously. But, she soon starts to realize that there are too many differences from the coat-check to the fact that all of her co-workers are nowhere to be found.

As Isabelle finally comes to the conclusion that a pre-Victorian silver card case is the instrument responsible for her time travel. Unfortunately, it is soon stolen from her. Hence, her attention turns to retrieving her case so she can return to her time where she feels that she needs to go. Along the way, she gets to meet some of the famous historical characters she is so intrigued with at the museum, including Ada Byron, soon to be Ada Byron Lovelace, the legitimate daughter of the infamous Lord Byron, and Charles Babbage, the inventor of the Difference Engine.

Lord Montagu has created his persona of a rake of the worst kind as a tool to seek revenge against those responsible for his sister’s untimely death. To continue with his deception, he needs to make plans to marry and he decides that Isabelle would make the perfect fake fiancée. She agrees in exchange for his protection and his assistance in finding her missing card case.

Each finds themselves in a pickle. Isabelle can’t give in to her growing attraction to Lord Montagu because she needs to return to her own time. Lord Montagu can’t get involved with her because she’s only his pretend fiancée. Their romance is yummy steamy and the dialogue is greatly entertaining. Even though I knew this wasn’t real, it was written so well that it seemed realistic and I loved it! Add in additional stunning twists and turns and I just couldn’t stop listening!

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from Must Love Breeches:

"I believe I was about to do this." He angled his head and nibbled on her lower lip. A small moan escaped her. Emboldened, he deepened the kiss and found she did not hesitate to explore on her own. Blood rushed to his groin and stiffened his arousal. Never had he met a lady so comfortable with her sensuality.
The rapid pulse in her wrist vibrated against his lips. His own rhythm matching the jumps in her heartbeat. He closed his eyes, breathed in her sweet scent one last time, and looked down into her eyes. She stared back at him, boldly assessing. God help him. He could not seduce her. He could not live with himself if he did. Expecting her to remove her hand, he closed his eyes again and sighed softly, willing his body to relax. Her hand slowly left his face. This is for the best. His heart and body ached at the loss and the unfulfillment of his desires. The next instant, her gentle hand stroked his chin and bottom lip and his whole body jerked. He kept his eyes closed, afraid to break the spell. Warm fingers slid down his neck. Shivers coursed up and down his spine. Sweet was the torment and fragile was his control as he felt it slip away.
“Yes, especially if the lady is intelligent. I have never been one to tolerate fools, regardless of their sex, so it follows I also appreciate sense, regardless of sex.”

Must Love Breeches was ably narrated by Mary Jane Wells. I was able to immediately tell who was speaking from each of her character’s voices. Her voice was crystal clear and the production was polished. Truly, she exponentially raised the enjoyment level with her performance. This was my first time both reading anything by Angela Quarles and listening to anything narrated by Mary Jane Wells. Theirs was a superb pairing and I sincerely hope they remain together for the rest of the series. I hope to check out more performances by Mary Jane Wells soon.

I love a good time-travel romance and this one hit all the right notes for me. It was well-written and well-paced with convincing characters. I can’t wait to listen to more of Ms. Quarles’ books in her Must Love Time Travel series. If you enjoy time travel romances, I would highly recommend that you take a ride back in time with Must Love Breeches! It’s utterly charming!

Suggested Reading Order:
Must Love Time Travel series
Must Love Breeches (Book #1)
Must Love Chainmail (Book #2)
Must Love Kilts (Book #3)

My full review is posted at Reading Between The Wines Book Club. Please check it out there: http://www.readingbetweenthewinesbook...
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September 30, 2021
2 Stars!

Ooof....this was a yikes.

I don’t have a ton to say about this. It wasn’t great. After I finished reading it, I didn��t know if the entire thing was a kind of a joke or not, but then I read the author’s note at the end and I realized it wasn’t a joke, and then I lowered my rating even more.

This follows Isabelle who one day wishes she could live in the past…where things were easier, and men acted like real men. And poof! It happens, just like that…With. No. Explanation. And the best part about it was that she DIDN’T REALIZE THAT SHE WENT BACK TO THE YEAR 1834. The manure smell didn’t set her off, the rooms filled with just candles and not lights didn’t set her off, the cobble streets weren’t a clue, and the weird way of talking didn’t even make her think that something was off. But she meets a mean ol’ grinch who goes by Lord Montagu. He has a “reputation” and a “plan for revenge.” Enter Isabelle from the future. She agrees to have a fake engagement to the man so he can tag along to invitations to sneak around people’s homes. Yup, that’s the gist.

But then the wheels start falling off the wagon. There’s revenge, there’s a gang, there’s a kidnapping, and of course there is insta-love. Agh….this was just so not for me. There were way too many things going on.

Then there was Biff Tannen (Back to the Future) moments plus a LAUGH OUT LOUD until I pissed my pants Mission Impossible scene that made me wonder what the hell was actually going on. But the interesting thing about this book was that I wanted to know what happened at the end, SO I ACTUALLY FINISHED THE THING. And I kind of wish I wouldn’t have because the ending….was crap.

I know, come at me, but that was terrible writing and the “plot twist” made me drop my rating even more. I read this for a friend’s book club, and the laughing I shared that night was a billion times better than this book! I’m glad I read it for that moment alone, but this was bad…

I don’t understand how this has good ratings.
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September 6, 2014
3.5 stars. I liked this book and I really liked both the hero and the heroine. It was nice to read about a heroine that ended up back in time and had what I think was an appropriate response to the phenomenon. Isabelle is at a period ball for work, she found a silver card case and a journal in the floorboards of her home. She brought the calling card case with her and while rubbing the case, wished that she was actually at a ball in the 1830's. To her surprise, she wakes up at the ball, in the 1830's right in front of Lord Byron's daughter, Ada.
She meets Phineas, Ada's cousin, and Phineas has a terrible reputation and is known as the Viscious Viscount, but she likes him more and more as she gets to know him. A fake betrothal happens and they are spending a lot of time together. Phineas is out for revenge, it isn't until the end that the reader really knows why and that situation is never really resolved.
This book was heavier on action and Isabelle's aclimation to 19th century life than it was about the romance. I like my romance heavier and steamier, but I really did like this book.
Except one problem, at the beginning Isabelle is taking photos with her cell phone and talking about posting, etc. all modern 2014 terms. In the epilogue she states that she was born in 1944 and traveled back in time in 1973. Just didn't seem to match, unless by her going back she rearranged time so weirdly??? Not sure, but it seems like a glaring error to me.

I received a complimentary copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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October 5, 2014
I picked up this book as a recommendation from my cousin, and I think it was the case of the right book at the right time. I really enjoyed it.

A few disclaimers: I don't read fluffy writing much, and this is fluffy. I love time travel romances, but I prefer ones that stay close to my life time, like Time Traveler's Wife and Time After Time (the YA series). Also, I don't generally read historical fiction or sexy romances - just not normally my thing.

However. I really liked this book - enough to be glad I read it. Yeah, it's not mentally demanding and it is a sexy romance, but it also had some really interesting bits of factual information, since Ada Byron Lovelace is one of the main characters. The sex scenes are well-written, without too much cheesiness or awkward speaking, and the emotions were believable. I especially liked how the narration changed - always a third-person limited view - from the main character to her love interest, without overlapping too much of the action.

I don't know how often I will make time for books in this genre, but I know I like this author's style and I look forward to seeing the next in the series.
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April 23, 2016
Fun Time Travel- Great Narration by Mary Jane Wells (audible review)
This was such a fun book to read/listen to. Love a good LOL time travel story,
I really enjoyed both the hero and heroine. They made a great couple and had some good chemistry together. She was a strong female character and really gave you some LOL moments. He was a bit stuffy but in a good way.

The plot and story line was great. Well, it is a time travel so what is not good about that storyline! There was a lot of really fantastic dialogue throughout the entire book and it was not full of angst either. Two pluses there.

As for the narration, it was great! Loved the narrator Mary Jane Wells did a fantastic job on the men's voices and the inflections, everyone gets their own voice and her reading voice is great. Really becoming a fan of hers.
I totally recommend this book for time travel fans.
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June 15, 2016
Isabelle works at the British Museum, and has bought a house said to be built in the 1800's. As she is renovating she finds a silver card case and a diary from that period under the floorboards. The discovery of the diary gains her the chance of a permanent post at the museum. At a 1800's re-enactment ball held at the museum, holding the silver card case, she finds herself swept back to that period. And here is where her adventure starts. The theft of the card case, meeting the love of her life, Phineas, becoming involved in his quest for revenge over the death of his sister, and her choice of whether to stay with Phineas or to return to her own time period, combine to give us a very satisfying happy ever after. I would recommend this book to others.
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December 8, 2014

1. Strong heroine
2. Honorable hero
3. Hot romance!
4. All the fun and awkwardness that comes with throwing someone way into the past.


.... NONE!!!

Isabelle would appreciate this list. :-p

Seriously though, this story was so much fun. It's light-hearted with a ton of romance, intriguing characters, fabulous world-building and really interesting historical facts. I learned things I never knew about that time period. And I got a bunch of warm fuzzies from the fabulously written romantic relationship.

Oh yeah, and the ending is a bit weird until you think about it a little more and then you'll smack yourself in the head and say, "OH, I get it!!! Cool!"
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March 25, 2016
It's the whole time travel aspect of the book that really draw me in and I loved the concept and the plot .
It was so much fun reading Must Love Breeches with this interesting and crazy story line . You gotta love a heroine that ends up back in time while rubbing a silver card case , whishing and waking up at a ball in the 1830 's right in front of Lord Byron's daughter . Too crazy !!
An awesome funny story that I certainly will read over again .
July 26, 2016
This was a thoroughly charming read! I really enjoyed it. It was rather light, with a few well done steamy scenes. Intelligently written with a nice twist near the end that I didn't see coming. I had never read anything by Angela Quarles before, but I'll definitely read the next in the series. I was pleasantly surprised by this read!
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December 3, 2014
I won a copy of this book from the author via goodreads. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Isabelle and Lord Montagu. It was fun following Isabelle along as she tried to cope in a different time from her own. This was a fun read and a great story!
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December 13, 2015
I really enjoyed this story. It was so good, I couldn't put it down. The characters are fun and refreshing. I really enjoyed the main character. She is a damsel in distress but she doesn't act like it . if you like romantic time travel novels I definitely recommend giving the story a try.
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July 9, 2014
Read an earlier draft of Must Love Breeches and it was amazing! Plan to re-read when it is released.
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