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From New York Times bestselling author, J. Daniels, comes the second COMPLETE STANDALONE in the Alabama Summer series.

Luke Evans is a heartbreaker.
I didn’t want to give mine to him. Not when he kept me out.
He gave me enough, just enough to make me fall in love with him. I say this to convince myself. But I know the truth.
I would’ve fallen in love with him at a distance.
Handing my heart over to Luke was the easiest thing I’ve ever done. I was naive when I wished for more, when I hoped he wanted the same things I did.
I try to hate him. I try to forget him.
But it’s not that easy.
Love is a ruthless bitch, and I’m her latest victim.
Tessa Kelly is a man-eater.
When she sets her sights on you, she doesn’t just consume your heart, she goes for your soul.
What we had was perfect, real, and all I would ever want.
But she destroyed it.
She destroyed us.
I try to hate her. I try to forget her.
But it’s not that easy.
Love is for people who have hope, and I have none.

318 pages, Kindle Edition

First published November 24, 2014

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About the author

J. Daniels

21 books7,916 followers
J. Daniels is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Alabama Summer, Dirty Deeds and Sweet Addiction series, as well as her forbidden MM romance: The Tragedy of Felix and Jake.

Best known for her sexy, small-town romances, her debut novel, Sweet Addiction, was first published in 2014 and went on to become an international bestseller. Since then, she has published more than fifteen novels, including the Dirty Deeds series with Forever Romance.

Daniels grew up in Baltimore and currently lives in Maryland with her husband and three kids. A former full-time Radiologic Technologist, she began writing romance after college and quickly discovered a passion for it. You'll still catch her in scrubs every now and then, but most of her time is spent writing these days—a career she is eternally grateful for.

Always an avid reader, Daniels enjoys books of all kinds, but favors Romance (of course) and Fantasy. She loves hiking, traveling, going to the mountains for the weekend, and spending time with her family.

Follow her on Bookbub! http://bit.ly/jdaniels_bookbub

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CONTACT: jessica@authorjdaniels.com

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555 reviews1,524 followers
December 23, 2014

"It's possible to hate someone, to look at them and wish you weren't aware of their every move, and to want them more than you've ever wanted anything in your life.”


It's easy to see why J Daniels is a NY times and USA Today best selling author, she completely knocks my socks off. I have no doubt whatsoever that whatever this author puts her hand to will touch me in some way; whether she's breaking my heart, making me laugh or happily making me fall in love alongside her characters J Daniels wins me over every single time. It goes without saying that J Daniels style of writing fits my needs like a glove and I can admit that I'm becoming suspiciously like a stalker when it comes to hunting down Daniels for her next book release. As for this latest schmexy masterpiece 'All I want' is gorgeously addictive, from the get go I was won over by a story that is as hot and heavy as it is vulnerable and heart wrenching and the only thing I'm sad about is that I'm left waiting once again for another release.

What's it all about?
Sometimes love doesn't come easy. You have to fight for what you want, and trust that it will all be worth it. 'All I want' isn't a sunshine and roses love story, it's a journey of two characters who will have to move beyond themselves if they are to find their own happy ending. But with obstacles and life in the way Tessa and Luke have their fair share of difficulties to overcome if they are to find a future which includes them both. If you love a mix of unrequited love, with a man whore hero with angst and steaminess added into the excitement then this is the novel for you.


What did I love?
I have come to the firm conclusion that there is no genre that J Daniels can't conquer, I always become so involved in her story writing that I feel like I get a front row seat into the lives of the characters that she creates. I have a spot in my reading heart for all of this authors stories but 'All I want' definitely is my favourite so far. I loved everything about this novel from the down right sexy as sin hero to the sassy take no prisoners heroine. Packed full of delicious story telling once again J Daniels has wowed me with not only her ability to put together a sexy tale of love but also provide entertainment of epic proportions. I have no doubt that there will be plenty of readers falling insatiably in love with Mr Luke Evans and adding a more than worthy character to their fictional favourite lists. I loved that this book delivered a bit of everything, there was just the right amount of angst, crazy sexy monkey love and a heart warming connection that made for one gorgeous love story. I want to bottle up all the feelings I had whilst reading this book and make everyone sample my absolute addiction to this five star novel but because I can't do that I can recommend the next best thing and urge all my contemporary romance lovers to stop what you are doing and read this book. I can guarantee you'll be joining in with my ridiculous fan girling over J Daniels and you will never look back.


Final thoughts ...
Do you love solid story telling with depth and a hero that will make you weak at the knees? Of course you do well this is most certainly the book for you. Tessa and Lukes story had my heart racing and my toes curling and quite frankly J Daniels could not have done any more to make this book one of my all time favourites. Nothing could tear me away from this books gripping story line and it also helps that I've added a hero and heroine that are utterly unforgettable. I need all my fellow romance lovers to fall in love as hard as I have. Go grab it readers ... Enjoy. Kisses.


*ARC received in exchange for an honest review.*
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3,815 reviews32.4k followers
September 9, 2017

All I Want is the second book in J. Daniel’s Alabama Summer series. This is Tessa and Luke’s story. Tessa is Mia’s best friend and Ben’s sister. Luke is Ben’s best friend and partner at work. Brother’s best friend book… yes please! This was such an easy read (and I mean that in the best way) that I started and finished in one sitting. Sexy, funny, and still had that level of emotion I crave.

You can never truly hate someone unless you first have loved them. I’ve heard that said time and time again. Tessa and Luke (thought he wasn’t willing to admit it) were in love at one time. Now… now they can hardly be around each other. Tessa wants more than Luke is able to give. Luke doesn’t know why Tessa ever ended things. Their story isn’t one of those sweet journeys with no difficulties. It’s a rough road. But sometimes the rougher the journey the sweeter the ending.

People don’t change. They’ll always disappoint you, and I can’t keep holding out for someone who will never give me what I want.

Tessa is that lovable, loud, funny and outspoken character. I can’t tell you how many times the things that came out of her mouth just made me roll with laughter. And Luke Evans- he is one of those characters that is a total asshole at times, but who you still can’t help but to love. I loved the two of these characters together. I rooted for them to get it together.

Even though the journey was rough, by the end I was one happy reader with a big smile on my face. After reading a few of J Daniel’s books, it’s safe to say I am a fan. I absolutely love the writing style, how there is so much steam, but also a good story in there. Always some drama, but never over the top. This book was a great addition to the series. I cannot wait for Reed’s book. CANNOT wait. Nothing is better than a reformed manwhore and I am looking forward to seeing that <3

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2,017 reviews12k followers
July 15, 2015
4 Stars

Because when you fall in love with someone exactly the way they are, how do you convince yourself they aren't enough for you?

One of my favorite tropes is jilted lovers. Just something about all that angst between the couple that were once hot and heavy then ripped apart but still feel that inexplicable connection to each other months (or in the case here, a year) later. It's utterly delicious. Now make one of those a manwhorish and brooding hot cop and the other a sassy call 'em like she sees 'em heroine? Well that's just guaranteed book magic for me. What? I'm easy like that.

I knew from the first chapter that Tessa was going to be one of those heroines that I'm going to love. She's snarky, sarcastic, borderline bitchy, and doesn't hesitate to cut anyone down to size. It's not everyday you get a heroine that walks in on her ex (who she still has feelings for) getting a blowjob from a random blonde and manage to put them both in their place.
Oh sweetie. You might want to go disinfect. he's got the herp."
"Oh my God. Are you serious? You have herpes?"
"What? No I don't!"
"He's really sweet about it though," I say sympathetically at the blonde. "He pays for my Valtrex every month."

She does have her moments of acting juvenile and stupid and at times a straight out bitch. BUT, underneath all that was a vulnerability that I couldn't help but connect with.

Tessa met Luke through her older brother Ben, who happens to be Luke's partner on the force. They hit it off right away and their relationship starts hot and heavy. Their chemistry never fizzles off, but when Tessa realizes that Luke will always hold himself off from her emotional and isn't interested in ever settling down, she calls it off.

Now Luke. Oh my sweet darling Luke. What can I tell you about him aside from the fact that I couldn't get enough of his stubborn and pigheaded ways. Luke never got over Tessa, but he knows that he'll never be able to truly open up to her emotionally. That doesn't stop him from hating her for walking away from him without any explanation. The fact that even a year later the redheaded vixen continues to plague his fantasies certainly doesn't help matters any.

It's possible to hate someone, to look at them and wish you weren't aware of their every move, and to want them more than you've ever wanted anything in your life.

Thus begins their (not so) delicate dance of I hate you/I want you. Gawd it was delicious.

I have to admit that at times both Luke and Tessa had me wanting to shake them for their juvenile actions and decisions. But at the same time, it also just worked in this book. Don't ask me to explain why or how, such is the magic of J. Daniels writing.
It's possible to hate someone, to look at them and wish you weren't aware of their every move, and to want them more than you've ever wanted anything in your life.

Underneath all the jealousy and snarky barbs there was a chemistry that was so hot, it burned through the pages.
Oh my God," I whimper.
"Do I need to tell you what to do with that?" he asks, his voice laced with arrogance as he glances down at my hand that remains stagnant against his cock.
"God I fucking hate you." I pull his cock free and wrap my hand around it, feeling him thicken in my palm...
"Yeah, I hate you too, babe."

It was fucking hot is basically what I'm trying to tell you here.

Beyond the hot hate sex and the constant back and forth between Tessa and Luke, there was also a fantastic story. The author did a fantastic job allowing both these characters the growth that they needed but in their own due time. Even if you'll find Tessa brash at times, you'll really grow to like her toward the end. And if you don't lust for Luke from the very beginning, well then there may be something wrong with you ;)

All the characters from the previous book make an appearance as well as an introduction of a few more. One of which I am practically panting to get a story for.

This was a sizzling hot romance that was humorous, sexy, and even emotional. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. The epilogue was great and I couldn't imagine it ending any different with this couple. But I'm definitely looking forward to getting a peak of them in the future books in this series like we did for Mia and Ben in this one.

ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review

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286 reviews593 followers
October 26, 2015
4.5 broken hearts all around STARS

“It's possible to hate someone, to look at them and wish you weren't aware of their every move, and to want them more than you've ever wanted anything in your life.”

I'm completely addicted and most definitely in chick-flick heaven. I actually have to take some time to write this review, when I would rather finish reading the next book. I just can't stop with this series. It's so much fun, with a little drama and highly entertaining characters.

This time around we get to see Luke and Tessa's story play out.

Tessa is Ben's sister and Luke is Ben's best friend and partner. When we first enter this world in Where I Belong the two were already a couple, but after a pregnancy scare Tessa breaks up with him. Her reasons might be considered as 'women's logic', but she is not willing to spend more time with someone who has no interest in a family down the road...no matter how much she loves Luke.

“I know I love him. I feel it every day, even when I don't want to. Even when he keeps me out. Even when he breaks my heart, it's there, and it scares me.

Because when you fall in love with someone exactly the way they are, how do you convince yourself they aren't enough for you?”

The story!

Cut to - one year later.

Neither one has truly moved on. Luke is screwing everything that comes his way, to fill the void and defuse the anger he still feels towards Tessa for the in his eyes 'unreasonable' break up.

Tessa is angry as well, a little jealous and very horny. She is looking for a new man, but has had no luck so far. In a desperate attempt to connect she joins an online dating service.

Problem is, the two former love-birds cross paths far too often. Not only is Ruxton a very small town but sharing the same friends makes distance difficult.

Tension, arguments and discontent ensue. ;D

“I love you today. I really wish you were here to ask me.”

My thoughts!

This was a serious step up from the first book. There were moderate amounts of cheesiness and a whole lot of emotional dilemma. This is not a straight forward love-story. It's a raw and often very frustrating read with a satisfying reward in the end.

I love the characters. Luke is branded and a bit delusional about his own capabilities regarding relationships and as a result he is closed up, not willing to give even an inch. Tessa on the other hand is open and embraces her love with every fibre in her being. And together that just makes for a wonderful dynamic and special read.

The writing as always was remarkable and seeing Ben and Mia again was just icing on the cake.

I'm already busy diving into Reed's love life and I really hope there will be more instalments in this series.

Shelved as 'cheating'
October 23, 2016


I'm passing on this one because

Hate that authors write cliched whores boys-will be boys, instead of grown, loyal, swoon-worthy MEN. I'm not into boys.

First book of the series also has some issues.
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896 reviews1,967 followers
January 1, 2015
4 Stubborn Stars.

Tessa and Luke were together in the past, but an event made Tessa end things with him, leaving them both angry and trying to forget each other.
A year later life puts them together again, only to make them realize they can’t resist the attraction between them. Tessa wants everything…. But Luke’s past doesn’t make him willing to share all of him, afraid that his story will make her thing differently. Ironically, what he doesn’t want to do with fear of losing her, may be exactly what will send her away.


This was a great reading that left me completely hooked from the beginning. It was romantic, it was steamy and it had drama. J. Daniels is quickly becoming one of my “to-go” authors. Why not five, then? The drama felt like too much at times, some scenes were just unnecessary. And both of main characters seriously annoyed me in one time or another, since their actions didn’t made any sense. Other than that, loved it.
If you’re in need of a steamy and romantic reading with a hot tattooed hero, try this one.


Rating: 4 Stars.
Characters Development: I really liked Luke, he was sexy as hell and could be really sweet and attentive, but he annoyed the hell out of me with his reluctance in sharing. Seriously, they could have sort things out way sooner if it wasn’t for his reluctance. Men…I really liked Tessa in the previous book, and in this one I really liked towards the end, when I finally agreed with her actions, in the beginning she was just too stubborn. Women…
But they were great together, had an amazing connection and I loved to read about them as a couple. It was also pretty nice to read more about the previous characters, and I seriously can’t wait for Reed’s story.
Steam: Hot.
Sensible Subjects:
Love Triangle:
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1,005 reviews800 followers
May 23, 2015
I think this might be the most I have ever been frustrated with two characters and still in the end like them. For real. These characters were breaking my heart.

We met Luke and Tessa in Where I Belong. Tessa is Mia’s best friend and Ben’s sister. Luke is Ben’s partner on the police force. These two are a perfect example of opposites attracting. Tessa is fun loving, spirited and an open book. Luke is closed off, afraid to trust and let people in. That doesn’t stop these two from having an epic little affair last summer. Like all good things they must come to an end and in this case the reason for the separation is Luke’s unwillingness to open up and want more with Tessa.

The story picks up a year later and despite Luke’s attempt at forgetting Tessa with other girls he can’t forget her. Tessa hasn’t even been able to think about moving on, as none of the guys in her small town cannot measure up to Luke.

It’s possible to hate someone, to look at them and wish you weren't aware of their every move, and to want them more than you've ever wanted anything in your life.

All I Want follows of the journey of these two fighting with their feelings and physical desires. Thus began my love/hate relationship with their story.

First, you can’t help but love these two. Tessa is so much fun and says whatever is on her mind. Luke is brooding and difficult, but you can see underneath it all he is a fantastic guy afraid of opening up. However, I am an immediate gratification kind of person and I was ready to shake them!

In the end, the slow build and back and forth is what I loved in the story. All of Ms. Daniels books are crazy quick reads. Not just because they are on the shorter side, but because they pull you in and keep you hooked. All I Want is not exception and I couldn’t wait to turn the page and see what happens next. I loved seeing the old gang, especially sweet little Nolan. I can’t wait to continue this series with Reed.

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959 reviews1,242 followers
November 8, 2014
**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review**

Title:All I Want
Series:Alabama Summer #2
Author:J. Daniels
Release date: November 24, 2014
Rating:4 stars

Have I mentioned the crazy author love I have for J. Daniels? It's hardcore. Gawd, her books are intense. Passionate. Sexy. Even with some things I could nitpick out of her stories, my emotions are all aflutter over my reading experience in the end. Every time. She makes me like things in books that I don't normally especially like. Any author that can do that has the magic touch. I started out with her Sweet Addiction series and fell for her writing style immediately. With it's perfect blend of humor and sexy, I was all over it. In her latest, All I Want, she took a detour from the sweetness that she usually gives us with flair. She went with a grittier storyline this time around with two stubborn, hurting characters stuck in a love-hate vicious cycle. This isn't your mother's bedtime fairytale story.

Tessa is a bitch. There's no other word for it. She's feisty, crass, and badass. There's a backbone of steel in her and a mouth ready to rip apart anyone who crosses her. God, I just loved her. Always with a ready comeback and literally impossible to fluster.

One of my favorite Tessa moments:

When Luke's neighbor invites herself to lay in his bed and wait for him, Tessa isn't afraid to give her a piece of her mind.

I hold my hand out, palm up, motioning toward the bed.
"You know, we just started a load. Now those STD riddled sheets are going to have to wait at least an hour before they can be disinfected." I sweep my gaze down her body, grimacing.
"Heavy disinfected. And honestly, I'm not even sure bleach can handle this situation."

If you read Where I Belong, you know that Tessa is Mia's best friend and Luke is Ben's friend and partner (they're cops). Tessa and Luke had a "thing" but after a pregnancy scare, she dumped him without an explanation and this began their painful descent into misery.

God, why can't I stop thinking about him? Why? What the fuck is it? I just want to go one day without his name poisoning my thoughts.

The underlying reason for their separation was the fact that Luke kept her at an emotional distance. He's unable to allow anyone into his life and get close to him. As much as he wanted to let Tessa in, his mother's death and his father's alcoholism have left their scars on him. Now they're both in hate with each other. At least that's what they keep telling themselves.

After a year of being single and celibate, Tessa is ready to clear the cobwebs from her girly bits. She's been hesitant to date after her heart was ripped out and stomped on. Who knew that her date that she met on an online dating site would eventually be the catalyst to send these two stubborn people into each other's arms again? The road isn't smooth even from this point, but once Luke lets go of his protective hate around his heart, all bets are off.

And the chemistry between them was nuclear. They set each other off like an explosion. There was a lot of back and forth, angsty, angry, obsessive, and passionate feelings between these two people. Luke was a lot more stubborn than she was with getting his act together though. He caused a lot of unnecessary pain and turmoil because he got spooked. There were times I wanted to reach into the book and kick his arrogant, rude self in his junk. But those moments of tenderness broke through and I was like, okay Tessa, I get it.

Everything else this man does is deliberate, calculated, but not kissing. That's where he loses control. Something snaps, breaking his discipline while he steals every memory of any other kiss out of your head. It's honest and real and fucking beautiful the way he gives you all of him when he's always held back.

There isn't anything sweet or easy about this couple. They're both strong and dominant and dancing around trying to top each other. But they fit each other flawlessly, I can't imagine anyone else matching either of them better. J Daniels, you made me like the asshole hero, how'd you do it? You're a miracle worker. Bring on the next book.


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163 reviews307 followers
March 13, 2015
Fall in love with the sound of her voice,
because that's the first thing you'll lose when she's gone..

All I want .. is to rate this 4.5 STARS
and then share some cookie dough with #BAE (before anyone else).

Luke and Tessa


How do you do it, you got me losing every breath
What did you give me to make my heart bleed out my chest? .. ►♫

He was a cop.
He grew up in Canton, Alabama.
And he loves raw cookie dough .."


You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down
You, you enchant me even when you're not around .. ►♫

I wanted you so much more than you ever gave me.
I cried over you, every time you kept me out,
but I still loved you.
When you broke my heart ...
again and again, I loved you.
A year ago ... and yesterday, I loved you .."


If there are boundaries, I will try to knock them down
I’m latching on, babe, now I know what I have found .. ►♫

WOW. Even more blown away after reading the second in the series. Luke became #BAE as soon as I found out he eats RAW cookie dough (I DO TOO .. #GuiltyPleasure). However, if I had to choose any match for him .. I would always choose Tessa. I ADORED them together and even .. apart (THEY WERE HILARIOUS .. when they tried making each other jealous). The heart-breaker and the man-eater .. doesn't get ANY better than that. My cheeks are still sore from smiling .. definitely SWOONWORTHY! Not the whole novel though .. my heart did break a few times which cued the waterworks. I'm extremely EXCITED for the next one .. it's Reed's time!!


All I Want J. Daniels
- Sleepless, Readmore. Twitter

Where I Belong (Alabama Summer, #1) by J. Daniels All I Want (Alabama Summer, #2) by J. Daniels
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1,232 reviews2,040 followers
November 30, 2014
4 stars!

WARNING: This review contains mild spoilers from the previous book, Where I Belong.

Three months during the summer, Luke and Tessa had a red-hot affair that ended after a pregnancy scare. It was then that Tessa realized that Luke will never be able to give her what she wanted -- marriage, babies, the whole shebang -- she broke up with him.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

While I admire Tessa for recognizing that her relationship with Luke may not be going anywhere, I wasn't really down with how she did it. I mean, she could have told him the truth instead of ignoring him. Of course, this caused a lot angst between them. And Luke retaliated by acting like a manwhore extraordinaire in front of Tessa.

A year later, both of them are still not over each other. And this is where the book starts. Tessa is trying to move on by trying online dating and Luke...well Luke was pretty much hitting on everyone in a skirt. But because Luke was Tessa's older brother's best friend, they are forced to be in the same room together from time to time. Unresolved angst and sexual tension resulted in both of them having angry sex.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Lots and lots of angry sex.

Luke of course is dealing with abandonment issues which made him turn hot and cold on Tessa. While it is clear to readers that he's in love with her, Luke remained clueless and won't open up to Tessa about his issues.

This is where Tessa shined through for me. In the first book, she was the funny but crass best friend. You'd think that all she ever cared about was sex and food but here, Tessa showed herself to be a compassionate and loyal friend. But she wasn't a doormat. She forces Luke to face his issues even when it resulted in another broken heart for her.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Overall, I liked this one better than Where I Belong. The angst was great, plus Luke and Tessa's chemistry is explosive. The only reason this didn't give it five stars was the fact that I needed Luke to grovel more. He got cold feet pretty much towards the end of the book and by the time he wised up, the book was pretty much over. Even if Tessa has pretty much forgiven him already, I wanted a grand gesture from him to assure me that he won't run away again, KWIM? But other than that, this was a pretty decent read.

Trigger Warning: so a word of caution.

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808 reviews1,017 followers
December 7, 2017
4.5 'Do you love me today?' Stars!

I am addicted to J. Daniels! My obsession started with her Sweet Addiction series (SO good!) and it continued when I met the Alabama Summer characters. I really enjoyed the first book but I do have to say: Luke and Tessa have stolen my heart completely with this angsty love story. I am in love with the relationship these two have!

So, All I Want is the second installment in the Alabama Summer series and it’s now time for a second chance romance (and you all know how much I love them!). So Tessa (Ben’s sister and Mia’s BFF) and Luke (Ben’s BFF and work colleague) broke up their “relationship” because Luke seems to not be able to fully embrace what he feels for her. After a pregnancy scare, Tessa wants to move on but it’s not that easy. Pretending to hate each other does not work for any of them, the emotions are running high and their chemistry cannot be stopped!

It’s possible to hate someone, to look at them and wish you weren’t aware of their every move, and to want them more than you’ve ever wanted anything in your life.

I love emotional stories, man! I love a couple that cannot contain the attraction they have towards each other. I love the angst and the my-eyes-are-so-teary-from-crying moments. Tessa and Luke gave me all of that and I absolutely loved it. J. Daniels’ writing and characters are just outstanding. This woman knows how to write a brilliant love story, that is for sure!

What she gives me? There’s not a damn word invented yet to sum that experience up.

“I can still fucking taste you, Tessa, and I want more of that before I do anything else. When you open this door—not if—the first thing that’s going to be sliding into you will be my tongue. Then my fingers. Then my cock. In that order.”

And, of course, she also kills it when it comes to the chemistry department. Luke and Tessa do not lack on those sexy moments, that is for sure! The sexual tension and the angsty feels are all over this novel. As I said, emotions run high in here and when this mixes with a dirty talker and a sassy woman, the chemistry becomes explosive! I love a couple that can make me laugh, cry, swoon and melt all over and these two did everything for me. I am so happy they get their happily ever after!

“Tessa, you’re the only thing that keeps me still.”

Therefore, I am rating All I Want with 4.5 STARS because J. Daniels is quickly becoming an auto-buy author for me and I totally get why all my book friends love this series that much. The writing, the characters, the story and the sentiments are outstanding and beautiful. This couple was so great and I can’t wait to read the next story! Highly recommend reading this one!

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804 reviews581 followers
December 22, 2014
3 Stars it is

You can hate someone until you’re blue in the face, but that doesn’t take away the desire that brews in your gut at the mere sight of him or her.

I don’t even know where to start with this one. It wasn’t good, it wasn’t bad but it was exactly what I realistically expected from this couple after reading about their initial breakup in Where I Belong, the first book in this series. They didn’t come close to trying to communicate with one another then and this book absolutely drove a wrecking ball through any chance of meaningful communication until the bitter end. GAH! There, I said it!

The story of Tessa and Luke starts off as a simple one. Boy meets little sister of best friend and proceeds to share a no strings attached relationship. The requisite miscommunication ensues and All I want picks up steam. Let the mutual animosity begin!

It’s possible to hate someone, to look at them and wish you weren’t aware of their every move, and to want them more than you’ve ever wanted anything in your life.

The potential for the story was right there, but too much non-communication, misunderstandings and failure to fucking OPEN UP sent this to a three star rating for me. The turmoil in this one lasted clear through to 90% or better and by that point I just wanted it to be done.
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2,057 reviews580 followers
May 21, 2018
read this a long time ago but goodreads mucked up my rating /review. Didn't notice until I went to look at something. Anyway. disappointed in this one. Major pushing away and sleeping around during the separation. ...not my kind of "romance "
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423 reviews113 followers
October 20, 2016
Read in 2014.

Luke is just another slutwhore.

She is a CELIBATE (for the whole yr they're apart while he is a slut) idiot for ever taking this undeserving prick back. The same prick who rubbed all the women he was fucking over the year in her face.

Why anyone would find him swoonworthy is beyond me. Go on, justify this loser's actions other than he's an immature shallow jerk who can't keep his dick out of other women's vagina's! Oh yeah, SO swoonworthy. Vomit.

“I’m not sleeping with her. I fucked her. Once. And it was empty. Just like all the other pussy I’ve had the past year. I don’t feel anything when I’m with them."

LOL & she buys this player's bullshit? That he didn't enjoy every second with the other women. Sure he didn't "feel" anything when he was all excited ploughing his way through multitudes of women. Sure.

You chose the wrong guy you gullible sucker. Mason was the Hero in this story NOT Luke.
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1,157 reviews86 followers
November 29, 2014
if I don't have anything nice to say, I shouldn't say anything at all. so I'll keep it short.

Luke and Tessa both need fucking therapy. anger management classes. communication classes. just shoving your dick in her does not solve all your fucking "problems".
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1,044 reviews349 followers
June 1, 2015
5 Alabama Slammin' Stars!

Luke Evans is a Heartbreaker...Tessa Kelly is a maneater...
 photo PhotoGrid_1433101839980_zps3stg2jgb.jpg

Match Made in Heaven right? Well if it was just about the sex...the up against the wall moments of OMG...the deep fire flaming chemistry...well then Luke and Tessa would be perfect. But what if there is a reason to that amazing chemisty? What if there is MORE?

All I Want is book 2 in the Alabama Summer Series and I read this book in one night...just 2 hours. I could not put it down. I fell in love with the sassy, in your face, own your orgasm Tessa Kelly and I loved her fun and hot "relationship" with Luke. When life got serious and a potential "bump" in the road appeared, Tessa decided on changing the course of her future...she was moving toward more, without Luke. He was left in the dark and he became bitter toward the one woman who owned him.

This book is set during the time of the "break up" and the time apart was filled with miscommunication and angry banter. After 12 months of hateful glares and GFY's, Luke and Tessa still cannot deny the way they want one another.

"It's possible to hate someone, to look at them and wish you weren't aware of their every move, and to want them more than you've ever wanted anything in your life.”

 photo PhotoGrid_1433101982335_zpshn71l2w3.jpg

Holy spitfire fighting characters. Angry insults. Lustful come-ons. One-line zingers. In your face antics with the opposite sex. While this was quite taxing and both characters have some issues, I cannot tell a lie, I loved the games...

 photo PhotoGrid_1433102088553_zpsfeoumoco.jpg

This book had me panting and cursing. I was happy then I was pissed. I was horny then heartbroken. As a lover of angst and heat, I am thrilled to have found an author that delivered both fairly fast and yet well developed. Tessa and Luke definitely have some fight left to get a forever happiness, but I think this author gave me pretty damn good read!
 photo PhotoGrid_1433102307924_zpsg25vilj3.jpg

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2,771 reviews1,472 followers
March 11, 2015
4 Luke and Tessa Stars

I love Jessica Daniel’s reads, they are fun, light and very romantic. I’m also starting to love the Alabama series.

We got a tiny glimpse of Luke and Tessa’s story from the previous book, but you do not need to read the first book to understand this one. We know Luke and Tessa dated briefly. Tessa got a pregnancy scare and instead of confronting Luke about it, she simply asked him what he thought about having a baby. Luke said he wasn’t ready for a baby. This prompted Tessa to leave Luke, thinking he would never have a family with Tessa. It’s a silly break-up, but it’s the start of the book.

I like the banter between Luke and Tessa. I’m a big fan of when the hero and heroine fight with each other. It adds so much tension and cuteness. Luke and Tessa have been separated for a year but with Mia’s pregnancy and Mia’s baby coming, Luke and Tessa are interacting more.

Tessa doesn’t want to be single and she’s ready for a serious relationship. She goes on-line and tries to find someone. Luke isn’t happy with that idea Tessa meeting strangers from on-line. This creates a lot of friction and juicy scenes.

A good part of the issues between Luke and Tessa is because of the pregnancy scare, but it’s not a focal point. Luke is very guarded and it makes it difficult for Tessa to take him seriously.

The flow of All I Want is great and it’s an easy read. I like how Tessa tries really hard to move past Luke by dating other people and I like how jealous Luke gets. Of course we still get a little bit of Ben, Mia and Reed. Oh let me say, I can’t wait for Reed’s story, which is next.

Overall, if you are a fan of the series and loved Mia and Ben’s story, then you will not be disappointed with Luke and Tessa.

An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review

Where I Belong (Alabama Summer, #1) by J. Daniels REVIEW | AMAZON (On sale, 99 Cents)
All I Want (Alabama Summer, #2) by J. Daniels AMAZON
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August 15, 2017
4.5 Bama Girls Rock Stars

This series just gets better and better. I knew while reading book 1 that I would love Tessa and Luke's story. I'm happy to report they did not disappoint. In fact, they were better than expected.

This is another one of those books where I'm super late to the party so I won't write a full review. Instead, I'll just tell you that I lurved it. It's a laugh out loud, funny read that is sure to entertain romance readers who enjoy the brother's best friend trope, 2nd chance romance, bossy alpha males, and sassy female leads. Tessa was a definite highlight! She throw more attitude around than most people expected and I laughed my behind off.

Well, that about sums it up without ruining the story. Grab this one on audio because it's flipping fantastic. I enjoyed the narration immensely!

Highly recommended!
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897 reviews278 followers
March 3, 2019
+++ 5 EXPLOSIVE STARS!!! +++

*ARC received in exchange for an honest review.*
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When two people have a powerful connection <<---- chemistry, it can’t be denied.

We first hear of Tessa & Luke’s hot & explosive relationship in Ben’s story. Ben is Tessa’s brother & Luke’s partner, so it only makes sense that they were introduced to each other by Ben. Fast forward a year & the relationship between Tessa & Luke has turned into “I fucking hate you, but I also love you”.

Tessa is the girl I wish I was best friends with. She’s sassy, hilarious, gorgeous, & she’ll tell ya how it is. But Luke, he’s a different breed of a man. A fine specimen, who can melt ya panties off in an instant *sigh* with his broody mood swings & his cookie dough eating ways. Ugh, seriously I need to go to 'Bama' & find me an alpha Southern man lol ;).

Now, where do I even begin to try to explain the complex relationship between these two hard headed characters! We have Tessa, who is ready & willing to dive in, full force & have a emotional relationship. Then there's Luke, his past that still seems to torment him after 12 years causes him to hold himself off in fear, scared of reliving the past.

There were moments I wanted to strangle both of them equally because of their immaturity & stubbornness. They both have their insecurities & even though I ugly sobbed, they needed this separation to help them make things better later on.

Ugh, I don’t want to say anymore without giving away parts of the story, but know that there was character growth for both these characters in the long run. Especially Luke, 'All I Want' was an epic adventure I was glad to be a part of.

This was a story full of hot, sizzling romance, hilarious bromances, Nolan moments, drama, angst, feels, & all our beloved characters from Ben, Mia, Reed, & even the newbie Mason joined the fun. It had me from the very beginning to the very end. I’m a huge fan of J. Daniels. I love her to pieces & there’s no way in hell I won’t be reading any of her future books, especially Reed’s. J, sexy mama, you have done it again! I’m so proud of you *mwah*.
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Favorite quotes:
“I know I love him. I feel it every day, even when I don’t want to. Even when he keeps me out. Even when he breaks my heart, it’s there, and it scares me.
Because when you fall in love with someone exactly the way they are, how do you convince yourself they aren't enough for you?”

“I will always want anything that gives me you!”

“Everything else this man does is deliberate, calculated, but not kissing. That's where he loses control. Something snaps, breaking his discipline while he steals every memory of any other kiss out of your head. It's honest and real and fucking beautiful the way he gives you all of him when he's always held back.”

“My dad might be dependent on alcohol, but I’m at the mercy of Tessa Kelly. And right now, I’m going to feed my obsession.”

"But people don't change. They'll always disappoint you, and I can't keep holding out for someone who will never give me what I want. I need to let go of Luke, but that's easier said than done."
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218 reviews24 followers
December 23, 2014
Special Ben/Mia Bonus scene with the baby and Nolan.

My nerves were kind of shot by the end of this book. The author wasn't kidding when she said this book is different from her other books. This book made me want to throw my Kindle across the room at several parts.

more review to come.

Sneak Peek Prologue for All I Want:

TEASER 1: Luke/Tessa's story

Who the fuck buys suede? Tossing it behind me, I continue rummaging through my closet for the hottest bonfire appropriate outfit I can put together.

I need to look slamming tonight, rendering Tyler and every other man at this thing speechless. Because let’s be real; if he turns out to be a gerbil loving freak like SteveMD, I’m grabbing the nearest willing male and fucking out my frustrations. Especially since I’m going to have to endure the Luke and Leah show, which has me on serious edge right now.

My stomach is twisted in knots, and I know my nervousness will only amplify the closer it gets to 6:00 p.m.. I really want to like this guy, and I’m praying his weird phone behavior yesterday was just some testosterone-driven I have a penis, so therefore, I’m a dumbass moment.

I swear. Men can be such idiots sometimes. If they weren’t so stellar in the pussy-loving department, I’d take up celibacy and worship something else besides cock.

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2,666 reviews625 followers
June 17, 2021
Sadly, the immaturity bleeds into book 2 and got worse. The conflict with this couple and how they handled it all the way through the book was just plain unpleasant. I am such a fan of this authors sweet addiction series that I'm baffled by how different these two series are. Unfortunately, I have purchased this whole series so I will keep reading them and hope they get better.
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March 11, 2015

✯✯✯✯ Stars

“Do you love me today?”

We first met Tessa the sassy, plucky no nonsense, straight talking girl in Where I Belong. She gave us a good laugh and made no apologies for who she was and we loved her character.

“I hate that I can’t hate you enough to forget you.”

The relationship between Tessa and Luke (Ben’s best friend) was touched upon in book one and the miscommunication that had become synonymous with this pair in Where We Belong is carried forward into All I Want, only this time around we gained more of an insight into what lay beneath the animosity between Luke and Tessa, the deeply guarded secrets that plagued Luke, and the reasoning behind the turn their relationship took.

‘I let her in as much as I can, and it has to be enough because that’s all I can give her.’

There’s no doubting the deep attraction between Tessa and Luke, the chemistry between them crackled and we felt the affection between them, but boy did they love to provoke one another! Sometimes their back and forth could be entertaining, other times it could be so bloody frustrating. There was a time or two we wanted to shout….TALK TO EACH OTHER!

“Let me go.”
“I can’t.” “I can’t let you go, Tessa. Please don’t ask me to do that.”

We could never have envisaged the depth of the man beneath the fun loving, self-assured, easy going Luke we were acquainted with in book one. Little did we realise the huge emotional barriers this man had constructed as a result of his painful past. Now, whilst we understood his reluctance to let Tessa in, there were times we could have throttled him with his own handcuffs! He acted in ways that would have sent a lesser woman running to the hills. Luckily Luke didn’t bank on the tenacity of this woman!

“I love you. Those words are yours. I’ll never say them to anyone else.”

We’re addicted to this series and it’s not just the romance factor, but also the friendship dynamics which are so important. The banter between the characters is both moving and fun, each bringing so much to the story. There are no secondary characters here, we’ve fallen in love with them all.

We really enjoyed this one, though not as much as Where I Belong. Whereas book one was sweet, sexy and romantic, All I Want was a much angstier read with two strong headed characters whose battle of wills could be as exhilarating as it could be exhausting. We’re absolutely LOVING THIS SERIES and enjoy catching up with all the characters as their stories weave throughout each book.

Once again, that little chap Nolan stole our hearts! He never fails to put a huge smile on our faces.

If the push/pull, will they/won’t they angst gets your heart racing. If you enjoy a romance with plenty of love, wit, pure emotion and a huge (and we mean…huge) steam factor….then this book is for you!

♥ ♥ ♥


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March 30, 2015
4.5 Love Me Today Stars!

J Daniel's second book in the Alabama Summer series, All I Want was another success in my book. We met Tessa and Luke in the first book, but in this one we get to see their story play out. Unfortunately they didn't end things on good terms and so now they are putting all of their efforts into hating one another. Even if it's only to forget each other.

“You can hate someone until you’re blue in the face, but that doesn’t take away the desire that brews in your gut at the mere sight of him or her.”

Tessa gets desperate and tries to find someone through an online dating site. She wasn't looking for a one night stand. She needs to find that certain someone who will make her forget Luke. The freak with the "gerbil kids" made me laugh.

Luke struggled just as much as Tessa. His approach was to sleep with anyone he could. But he soon figures out that Tessa is not so easy to replace.

Luke and Tessa's relationship is not an easy trek. Luke was quite stubborn and had me wanting to "bonk" him on the head at times, but I still loved him. And so did Tessa. Even when she was feeling sad. I loved Nolan's hugs that he gave his Aunt Tessa. They were just so sweet.

J Daniels writing gives me those warm and fuzzy feelings that I love. I enjoyed catching up with Ben, Mia, and Sir Nolan and being introduced to Chase in this book. I can't wait to read the next book in this series. It's going to be fun to see what type of girl it will take for Reed to settle down.
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2,899 reviews635 followers
June 8, 2018
i love j daniels. there i said it. all i want is my least favorite book of this series. i think it is because of the tessa. look i know she is suppose to be damsel in distress, man eater, bossy type of character.

but somehow she made the whole.book crumble. i do not like her at all. she is very annoying. and luke.... he is lack of something. his past when it is reveal is just so so. not dramatic enough.

3 stars just because it is j. daniels.
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1,341 reviews63 followers
Shelved as 'nope'
November 12, 2018
Read low rates reviews ( the most honest ones.. as always) and you’ll find out what a manwhore the hero is ( heroine even caught him getting a blow job in a garden somewhere) and she had nothing during separation.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,023 reviews19 followers
April 7, 2019
This book was really good it had some heartbreaking moments
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253 reviews95 followers
February 23, 2017
Loved this book and moreover I LOVED LUKE!!
Broody Alpha is what I like and he had tons in it.
All I want is a Fun, Sexy and Light Read..
You'll Fall Head over Heels in love with The Bama Boys..
Beware To Start Drooling over them !!
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948 reviews726 followers
March 11, 2017
There is nothing like a second-chance love story that speaks to the soul...nothing. A second-chance is a golden opportunity, a chance to right those wrongs...a gift. Second-chance love stories are my weakness...my favorite...my must-reads. , this soul-searing second-chance romance, was my kryptonite. All I Want was my ALL!!!

I fell in love with Ben's little sister and Mia's bestie, Tessa, in Where I Belong. This petite red-haired and green-eyed beauty is a fire cracker and oh did she go boom! She is sweet, sassy, spicy, and such a spitfire! Tessa made me both laugh and gasp in shock! She is just so out there...brave...bold. No filter. I LOVED her and wanted to be her bestie!

Luke, Ben's best friend with sandy brown hair, amber eyes, and tall, muscular, and inked frame is pure ALPHA! He is brooding and intense, my favorite type of hero! I LOVED this stubborn Southern boy...or more like man as Luke is a man's man. I like my alphas a little tarnished and perfectly imperfect; Luke was all that and more.

OH. MY. TORMENT!!! Holy nail biting!!! The ANGST!!! The anguish cut through me like a knife, gutting me. Oh how All I Want wears anguish like a glove. I ate up all the angst, consuming it like it consumed me. All I Want CONSUMED and CLAIMED ME...every breath...every tear...every laugh...every beat of my heart...EVERYTHING. This story was pure intensity and intoxication, and I LOVED every tormenting minute!

All I Want stole my emotions...my tears...my heart...my soul. This tale tore my heart out of its chest, as it beat and bled for All I Want. Tears trickled down me like a river, my heart buried in this book. I'm still swimming in this story. My heart and soul still tethered to All I Want.

All I want is MORE!!!
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