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Lost Dreams

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When Carter is killed in combat, he leaves behind his heartbroken wife, Avery and his shattered best friend Remy. Naturally these two wounded souls gravitate together, irresistibly drawn by the loss of the one they both loved, as well as their deep friendship with each other. But when that friendship starts to turn into something more, new problems arise. Will Avery be able to move on after losing the love of her life?
Will Remy be able to fill the void left by the loss of his best friend? Or will this new chance at love cost them all they have left?

272 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 3, 2014

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Jude Ouvrard

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1,350 reviews146 followers
November 7, 2014
When Carter is killed in combat, Avery and his shattered best friend Remy, gravitate together,.

This was a really wonderful book about love, friendship, unbearable loss and finding new love. Carter, Avery and Remy had been friends for 10 years and they all served in the Army together. So naturally they had an extremely close bond.

Carter and Avery fell in love and finally got married. Two days after the wedding Carter and Remy are deployed as they are both in the Special Forces. Avery was retired from the military due to an injury.

They were to only be gone six months and then Carter was coming home to his new wife, whom he missed with every fiber of his being. Unfortunately fate had different plans. Remy had to come home alone and he wanted to be the one to pass along the heartbreaking news to Avery, Carter’s wife and the girl he had been in love with himself for 10 years.

Naturally their bond grew stronger due to their shared grief. Then Remy was deployed again and Avery was left torn between her intense grief over losing Carter and her growing feelings for Remy. Then Remy is injured in the line of duty and in truly opens Avery’s eyes to the fact that she can’t live without him.

I had my moments where I thought their relationship was moving too fast but then I would think about the fact that they had known each other for so many years and had been through so many things together. Plus, you can’t decide who you fall in love with or how fast that happens.

I had a few moments when reading this book that I had to stop and try and gather my emotions because you could just feel the pain from everyone involved. This was a great book and I would recommend this to many people
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4,190 reviews134 followers
December 24, 2019
4 star review of Lost Dreams by Jude Ouvrard


Both author Jude Ouvrard and narrator Reagan West are new to me and this was a strong introduction to both.

Lost Dreams was an emotional roller coaster of a listen and I felt that the narrator did a credible job in bringing the story to life for me. It was a raw, gritty read that was at time emotional and certainly had me in tears at times.

Avery is a retired soldier whose husband Carter is killed in the line of duty, leaving behind his shattered wife and best friend Remy, who witnessed his death to try and pick up the pieces of their shattered life.

As Avery and Remy try to come to terms with Carter’s death they are drawn to one another in their grief. It is further complicated that unbeknownst to Avery, Remy has been in love with her for years.

Is the chance for happiness, worth putting their friendship at risk?
Can this new chance at happiness mend both these two shattered hearts?

I spent equal amounts of time laughing and tearing up. This was a sweet romance with plenty of heart and one I enjoyed.
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May 31, 2014
This is the first book that I’ve read from this author.
Oh wow…
This book.. It had me from the 1st page. I could not put it down. I don’t know what I was expecting when I started to read this book… It really took me by surprise. A good surprise.

This book is about 3 friend that share an incredible bond.

2 best friends growing up together Remy & Carter. They join the Army. In the Army they meet Avery. She too was in the Army. Right from he start Carter steps up & claims Avery as his. Avery & Carter start a relationship. Remy keeps quite & becomes best friend with Avery too.
The 3 of them have been this way for 10 yrs.

Ok… This book was just spot for me. I just loved how the author builds up the characters that you feel like you know them & you just feel their emotions.

Right from the start Avery & Carters love comes through. You know how much they love each other.
You also feel kind of bad for Remy. Cause you know he’s keeping a secret from his best friend & the person he loves.
But… He kept it all in. He wanted the 2 people most important in his life to be happy. I loved that about Remy!

Ok.. Now the very utterly sad part of this book…

I’m not giving anything away when I say Carter dies. I’m not going to tell you how he dies. Obviously, it says in the synopsis he died in combat.
I knew it was coming. I could feel it… But…it still caught me off guard. I was soooo sad! I think what made it even sadder for me was how Remy was holding on to Carter & talking to him…
Ughhh.. Tears in my eyes!!!
(I’m still trying not to cry!! I had to put my kindle down…& take a breath.
At this point… We haven’t even gotten to Avery!…
Once she found out Carter died… I was crying like a baby!!!

Both Remy & Avery leaned on each other to get through that horrible times in their life.

For Avery she was grieving her other half & for Remy… He was grieving his best friend… But also too.. He was dealing with his overwhelming feelings for Avery.

I loved the pace of the book. I felt everything happened at the right and appropriate times.

There was only one part of this book I didn’t care for & it was Avery’s boss Liam.
I really wasn’t feeling Liam’s part in this book. It almost felt like it was thrown in.. Especially, at the end. Liam’s whole part just felt weird to me.

But other than that.. This book was really fantastic.
I laughed… I cried…. I loved it!!

Would I read more books by this author….
Yes!! I would!!!

**ARC provided for an honest review**

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64 reviews1 follower
June 22, 2014
Bee's Review

My emotions were all over the place when reading this book. Jude did an amazing job in setting the tone and pulling the reader right inside the story . I’ve never really been one for reading books with a Solider element, only because I’m a wuss when it comes to the emotion in them. I’m glad I snapped up the chance to read this little gem, though.

It centers around three close friends, Avery, Carter and Remy. Carter and Avery are very much in love and are about to get married. They met in the army, but Avery has since left. Carter has to go back on tour with Remy, shortly after the wedding.

The heart break begins when Carter is killed in action. When Remy returns he and Avery lean on each other to try and heal from the loss of Carter.

What follows is an emotional and beautiful love story. Remy has always loved Avery from the moment he met her, but knew Carter had been the one that captured her heart. Now, as they lean on each other, feelings begin to develop.

This book is told in a few different point of views, and I loved that. You really get inside off the characters minds, and it only added to the emotion of this story.

Now, you know I’m not one for giving everything away, but if you like your stories emotional and beautifully told, grab a copy of Lost Dreams today. You won’t regret it.

4 honey pots
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103 reviews7 followers
May 19, 2014
As an Army wife I knew that this would be an emotional read for me. Avery and Carters love for each other is so deep and fierce. But in one split second Avery's life would change forever. Remy is Carters best friend. Avery, Carter and Remy are a family. When Carter is KIA, Avery and Remy are destroyed. This book had me ugly crying, like I couldn't stop crying for a very long time. I had to walk away for a few hours to calm down. I finished this story with such love in my heart for these two. Grief has no time limit. It doesn't say when its ok to move on and love again. If I could I would give this story 10 stars.
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404 reviews8 followers
June 12, 2014
Wow this story was so sweet and beutiful and sad. I love you Jude and so proud of you. I loved the connection that Ave and Remy shared I know its crazy but I could feel it even before. Carter was a wonderful guy and he really loved her. And all the other characters in this book were amazing. I am in awww of you right this moment can't wait for more from you my friend. <3
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1,558 reviews36 followers
July 2, 2016
This is a powerful and emotional story! PTSD is accurately portrayed and one of the many reasons why you will need tissues at hand. I have not read anything by Jude Ouvrard before but I am going to be looking into more of her books.

Very intense emotions and strength both given and shared by the main characters. Once your emotions are snagged inside you won't want to put this book down~
Author 2 books9 followers
October 30, 2014
This book has a lot of telling but very little showing. Disappointing, because the subject matter had the potential to be a riveting story. Unfortunately, I didn't connect with any of the characters because things felt very superficial.
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1,086 reviews66 followers
May 29, 2014
This book brought so many emotions out of me.
I was happy, sad, (well.. A crying mess!!...lol)
It was just a good book!!!

Avery, Carter, & Remy will stay with me for a while!!
456 reviews7 followers
December 28, 2014
Very sweet, touching romantic read. I liked that I got a chance to hear the thoughts of all the characters in the story. I so enjoyed this sweet story about getting a second chance at love.
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35 reviews8 followers
February 28, 2018
REVIEW - ✯✯✯✯✯

I volunteered to review this book without any promises about the review (the rating or the posting).

I’ve read Jude’s books in the past, including this one. I fell in love with Avery and was so excited to hear her words in her “own” voice. The audio version was just as beautiful as I imagined it would be.

The following is my personal opinion and thoughts about many aspects of this book and its author.

COVER: ✯✯✯✯✯ - I’m unsure if Jude wrote the characters based off the models, but they are exactly how I felt they should look. I’m so happy to see Jude didn’t do the typical 1/2 naked embracing couple as some authors would have for a contemporary romance. This cover matches perfectly due to the emotions and inner thoughts by the main characters. Congrats!

PLOT: ✯✯✯✯✯ - Avery is a retired soldier and newly married woman who deals with the separation from her husband, Carter, and their best friend, Remy. While overseas Carter is killed in action in front of Remy. Both Avery and Remy share the grief and heartache that comes along with the loss. However, Remy harbors a long kept secret that under any other circumstances would’ve gone to his grave. How will they both cope with the loss and the soon to be discovered knowledge that Remy has loved Avery for years?

WRITING STYLE: ✯✯✯✯✯ - Being French Canadian, Jude’s second language is English. However, you would never guess since her style outranks many authors out there. She isn’t overly descriptive in settings, but she definitely makes up for it in the emotional department. She makes it very easy to love and hate her characters.

CHARACTERS: ✯✯✯✯✯ - Avery is so easy to fall in love with. She’s sweet and caring. Having been in the military for years, she’s become more comfortable in army fatigues than in dresses. Through this book Avery is put through a roller coaster of emotions while learning how to live a civilian life. It’s easy to laugh and cry when thinking about her.

NARRATOR: ✯✯✯✯ - I’m only giving Reagan 4 stars because I’ve read the book prior to it being an audio. I had it in my head how the emotions surrounding Carter’s death should sound like. Unfortunately I didn’t truly believe Reagan’s performance. I’m unsure if it was actually her performance or just because I had it so highly built up in my mind. But, unfortunately it did lack for me. Don’t get me wrong...Reagan was awesome in the changing up with the different characters and is truly gifted. And the rest of the book was extremely well executed. I will be looking for more books narrated by her.

Remy is the second main character. He’s been Avery’s best friend for years. He’s loyal and willing to do anything for Avery. After the death of Avery’s husband and his best friend, he helps her to pick up the pieces while also grieving. His strength of character and caring nature is something that Avery needs to help her move past Carter’s death and learn to live again.

OVERALL FLOW: ✯✯✯✯✯ - The overall flow of the book was relaxed and inviting. I loved Reagan’s take on all the characters. She definitely was able to bring them to life as I had always hoped (since the first time I read the book).

If you are looking for a book with heart and soul-breaking emotions...well I highly recommend you grab your own copy. And be ready for a couple ugly cries in there too.

Under no circumstances was I approached by the author to read or review this book. I offered without any agreement or promise for any compensation. I am voluntarily giving my opinion about this book. My only affiliation with the author is that I am a fan and want to support by reading and posting this review of my own free will.
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2,321 reviews6 followers
January 7, 2020
Great Story & Audible Listen🎧 Captivating & Heartfelt!

Lost Dreams
By: Jude Ouvrard
Narrated by: Reagan West

I loved this book, it captivated both my heart and my attention right from the start and held it all the way to the end. Jude Ouvrard is a gifted author, she created a beautiful, heartfelt story with interesting storylines and characters that are realistic and easy to relate to. I adored the characters, Avery, Carter and Remy share a special bond, they had all served together before Avery left the service. Avery & Carter married just before he and Remy were deployed overseas. I loved how well written and plotted this story is, it is told chronologically but each chapter alternates character’s points of view. We are given an inside view of what they are thinking, going thru and what is going on at that moment. A lot goes on in this book and there is never a dull moment. There is plenty of drama and emotional moments, heartfelt ones and loving ones too. I also appreciated how well the author captured the life of a serviceman/woman gave us a glimpse of some of their struggles like being away from loved ones, dealing with PTSD and more. Jude Ouvrard, thank you for this wonderful story and the emotional rollercoaster ride.

I listened to the Audible edition, Reagan West is a talented narrator and voice artist. She brings the characters to life giving each their own voice and personality, as well as heart and attitude. She does a great job portraying the characters and projecting their emotions into her performance. She is an entertaining storyteller and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for another great listen🎧
1,035 reviews
July 8, 2020
Avery and Carter served in the military together for 10 years before marrying. Their new life as husband and wife is just about to begin, when Carter is deployed the night before his wedding. He serves in Special Forces and, for once, he's not excited about an assignment. The worst part is telling Avery that he has to leave two days after their wedding, but the good news is that he'll have his best friend, Jeremy (Remy) beside him. Knowing that their future and their dreams are on the line, Avery can only trust in his experience and abilities. Remy promises her that he will help keep him safe, all the while harboring feelings for this woman who's been his friend as long as she's known his best friend. She chose Carter and he looked on with sad eyes. When the unthinkable happens, Carter's last words to Remy were to please take care of Avery. Her world is shattered and Remy can only watch as she falls apart, but the spark of friendship they've always had, allows him to help her come back to life. Slowly, but not without guilt, Avery begins to understand that Remy could be the person to help restore her happiness. This is a story that begins with love, experiences tragedy, and ends with a new love with hope for the future. The narration is beautifully done by Reagan West. She is able to give the characters a voice and personality that fits them well. Nicely done!  
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921 reviews64 followers
February 15, 2018
**reviewed from audiobook**

Avery and Carter are about to get married when he finds out he, along with his best friend Remy, getting deployed. Shortly after Carter is killed in action leaving Avery and Remy broken-hearted and picking up the pieces of what was once their life. Jude Ouvrard does such an amazing job of making all the emotions spill out of the pages. Avery and Remy’s pain and loss is palpable and had me tearing up more than a few times. I quickly found myself emotionally invested in their relationship and rooted for them to be able to work past their guilt and demons so they could finally find their happily ever after. The twist and turns in the story kept me glued to my earbuds and on the edge of my seat to find out how everything would resolve itself.

Lost Dreams is such a tragically beautiful second chance romance. This story is such an emotional roller coaster, but absolutely worth the ride.

Narration by Reagan West was beautiful. She does a great job of voicing each character and managing to give each of them their own distinct voice. She brings all the emotions to life so well that her performance had me reaching for a box of tissues more than a few times. I look forward to more of her narrations. 5 Stars.
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3,886 reviews25 followers
February 2, 2018
What a listen this story is! This is my second Jude Ouvrard listen and it definitely will not be my last. If you are looking for a book that will let you experience every emotion, it's for you. Carter, Remy and Avery all share a history. Avery and Carter are married and immediately following their wedding, Carter is deployed. When he is killed in action, the relationship between Remy and Avery is forever changed. Carter's death is expressed so well by Ouvrard, you will feel the incredible loss by both characters and how they learn to cope. There is some delving into PTSD too, such a tragic result of each of these soldiers saw. I love the way the story progresses, with the feelings of survivor's guilt and love, depression, fear and happiness. Remy and Avery will steal your hearts and let you take their paths to finding that love shows up whenever it is right, time will help heal your heart and you can find that second chance at getting their happily ever after.

Reagan West is an amazing narrator. I love the warmth that her voice extends through her performance, giving each character their own voice. She is top notch and a pleasure to listen to.
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2,808 reviews6 followers
October 18, 2019
This is the sweetest story I have listened to in a while. Once the connection between Avery and Remy starts there is no stopping their relationship. They face a few hardships along the way. They really have the sweetest love story. Starting over with her husbands best friend would be so difficult and think it crosses so many lines. This author makes it so seamless and worry free. I can completely focus on the previous relationship between Carter and Avery. Then transition to the second relationship between Remy and Avery. I love how Carter is still incorporated into their lives since they both loved him so much.

This really is a lovely story. This isn’t my first book by this author. She always amazes me with her stories about humanity and romance. Reagan West did another wonderful job reading this. Even though she doesn’t use voices for the characters she does well with her voice inflictions whenever needed.
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1,172 reviews7 followers
February 15, 2018
Highly Recommend! I've volunteered to review this for the author. I love to read Jude Ouvrard stories. I had the audio version of this one. I totally fell in love with this story. It made me cry, but in the end it was a great. This story is abut Carter, Avery and Remy. Carter and Avery were the perfect couple. What will happen to you if you lost your loved one? Can you make it through it without some form of support and love? Remy had always loved Avery but he wasn't about to get in the way of his best friend Carter. Remy is so sweet. This story has love, friendship, and heartbreak in this story was amazingly written. I found that Reagan West did an wonderful job with bring each charterer out even more. I felt like I was there with them every chapters. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this one! Keep up the amazing work Jude!! Can't see what else you will bring to us in the future.
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Author 42 books90 followers
January 27, 2018
LOVED!! An extremely emotional story that had me either choking up or in full-on tears for most of it. The rest of the time it was sweet and romantic. Enjoyed the narrator a lot and really like it when I find a new one since i listen to books all the time.
This is the first story I've read by JO, but I can guarantee you, it won't be the last.
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730 reviews5 followers
October 20, 2019
Lost Dreams by Jude Ouvard is a heartfelt listen and full of emotions. The storyline is realistic. I felt terrible for Avery in losing Carter, yet got how she and Remi clicked afterwards. The tribute to Carter's memory was well done and compassionate. Reagan West was wonderful bringing the characters to life with her voice. I could hear who was speaking.
July 15, 2019
Good read

I enjoyed the book. It was a good casual read. I was needing a light book to read, my daughter suggested this one. She made a great choice for.
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394 reviews
February 28, 2018
This book was not what I was expecting based on the synopsis given. Yes, it is about a wife who loses her husband in combat and that the wife and best friend depend on each other to move forward over the lost, but it didn't really fit what I thought the story was going to be about. This was the first book by this author that I have read and there were times she had me confused. The major confusion was that nicknames were used heavily in the book and at times I was lost as to who was being talked about, as the same person could have several different nicknames by the same characters. The confusion could have been increased because this was not a duel narrated book and the the narrator struggled with changing her voice between different characters. Her struggling was a big part of my struggle as it made it difficult to follow at times and not knowing who was speaking was making me even more confused. At other times in the story, the narrator was able to change up her voice enough but just wasn’t consistent enough. I felt that the author was trying to add to the plot and a few secondary characters, but that sort of just ended and I was left wondering what actually happened. The author did do a good job with her focus on how to move on after the loss of someone you love and her ability to capture the " wondering how things may have been different" was good, too. I just felt as if there was so much more potential for more with this story and that things were left out which gave it a choppy feel at times. I can see this being a five star read with some resolving of unfinished plot additions which would give more flow and enrich this story's theme of dealing with loss.
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1,192 reviews17 followers
June 20, 2014
A very emotional story about unconditional love, military life, strong bond and friends. I loved it If you love romance then grab this. If you love military drama then grab this. If you love a great story with love and friendships then grab it. Basically it is great so just read it now. The story of Avery and Carter is written extremely well. I found it to move at a perfect rate to deliver the angst and a punch to the gut that left me feeling it for days. Carter his best friend and fellow Special Forces mate leave together. When Remy and Carter leave, Avery is just lost. It forces her to reflect too much at times. That is where the author grabs you.

There is a special friend, Megan that is brought in at the right time. She is sort of intimidated by Avery and finally, after a few attempts meets Avery. She tells her that Carter asked her to visit with her and keep her company while he is deployed. Avery if soon best friends with Megan. Megan living on the base too knows what it is like to have her husband away. She has a child, Juliet, and it brings up a conversation about Carter and Avery with children that warms you.

It is a VERY emotional read. I mean when Carter leaves only 2 days after his wedding you know you are in for a ride. When Carter is killed in combat, it is the ultimate ride. The writing, style and fluidity is what makes a best selling novel.

The story is a must read for sure!

Here are a few of my kindle hi-lights

I tried to be the strong one, but today hurt every bone, muscle and brain cell in my body. Without her by my side, life was painful.Read more at location 226

I no longer had the strength to live my life normally. It had been three days and I was a lost soul.Read more at location 281

When I looked at her that night, she was everything I had ever wanted. I had vowed to be with her until death do us part and I wished I would never have to be away from her again.Read more at location 828
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177 reviews2 followers
March 19, 2015
Reading this book was hard for me being a mom of a Marine and Sailor this book brought back so many memories of my son going off to war the uncertainty of the unknown, will he come home, is he safe? I could not put this book down, though it brought tears it also brought smiles, the love of a husband and wife, the feeling of angst that this wife had to go through knowing her husband and best friend are going off to war. Jude Ouvrard did a fantastic job bringing you into their lives and showing you the emotions of a wife and her support and love for her husband and best friend. This book is about a girl that lost her husband to the tragedy of war, we watched as she had to piece her life back together with the help of their best friend, how she gathered the strength to live her life without the man of her dreams. We also saw the devastation of his best friend trying to help his best friends wife deal with her tragedy the girl he also loved from afar. Can these two make it work? Can they overcome the grief of losing the most important person in their lives? Read this book find out how their lives turned out, you won't regret it. I loved the way Jude built up the characters for you to love, how she made you feel like you were right there going through this with a best friend., this is a book i won't get over soon. Awesome job Jude Ouvrard 2 thumbs up!!! LOVED this book!!!!! Reviewed on behalf of Kiss Down Below blog.
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3,167 reviews179 followers
June 11, 2015
I loved this book. It shows how one survives when another doesn't.

Avery, Carter and Remy have all severed in the Army together. Avery and Carter were lucky enough to find one another and start a life full of promises. Avery has retired from the army but Carter and Remy are still enlisted and are Special Forces, so Avery understands when you get deployed. Having just married Carter only to have him leave two days after the wedding is a little much to take. She does it though because she knows the life, she knows how much Cater loves his job. Carter knows that it will be harder this deployment but he also knows it is just for 6 months, easy. He and Avery talk and write as much as they can. They have a strong foundation of a marriage. But things just don't turn out the way you want sometimes and what you thought was meant to be, may have just meant to be for that season on your life. Avery has devastating news delivered from her best friend Remy, on the eve of his and Carters return. How do two people survive a loss as great as this? But with the help of friends you have to learn that life dies continue on.

I loved this story, the author did a wonderful job of what it may be like for a wife and soldier. Being a soldier is never easy. Leaving friends, family and loved ones never gets easier but you learn to deal with it all. The way she writes the story you see all of that. Wonderfully delivered!
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1,102 reviews53 followers
September 26, 2017
This one was not my taste but others will enjoy it.

I just couldn't relate well to the characters and the style of writing left me with a lot of questions.

Where were Remy's parents when he left on either deployment, when he arrived home either time & when he was in the hospital? What was the point of Liam's character and why did Avery cry and run from him? She was a soldier for 10 years! Why didn't she just kick his butt & tell him to drop dead? Why did Avery get so drunk on her birthday when they were trying to get pregnant? Never heard of fetal alcohol syndrome? Why did they freak out over a kiss on the shoulder from Remy to Avery while grieving & being friends for 10 years, but she could kiss Liam on the cheek after their coffee "nondate" when she barely knew him & had just realized he was interested?
431 reviews
July 11, 2016
I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

This is a stand-alone story which is also part of the Summer Solstice Set.

This was an interesting concept told from the three participants view points. The three friends met in the army, two male friends and a girl. Avery and Carter fall in love and get married after Avery leaves the military. Carter and Remy are deployed soon after where tragedy occurs.

This is a lovely story that tugs at the readers’ emotions, sometimes tears came to my eyes as I was reading. There are some really lovely touches to this story, it does contain some strong language but all in context of the storyline. There is guilt and grief and happiness, the other characters are strong in the background where I can see them having their own stories.

A good read despite some typos and missing words.

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