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Kendall Tremaine is content with her life. Sure, she is still haunted by the ghosts of a dark past, still searching for redemption from selfish actions. But she wakes each morning, hoping it is just around the corner. Until a trip to Spain turns her life upside down. She is sold as a sex slave. To a devastatingly handsome–and dangerous—billionaire. A billionaire who is more monster than man.

But it is the man’s tenderness that threatens to destroy her…not the monster’s cruelty.

Kace Ramos loves the sight of women knotted in his ropes. He enjoys their whimpers of pain. He craves their screams of terror. He never has a shortage of beautiful women in his dungeon. Some quietly submissive, some openly defiant, he strips them raw and then sends them home, broken and bruised. But the unbreakable Kendall does something no slave has ever done. Her cries of pleasure shatter his barriers, making him feel things he’s never felt before…things he thought he could never feel. Even before their time is up, he knows he’ll never get her out of his mind…or his heart.

The man will do whatever it takes to make her his. But the monster won’t be satisfied until he has torn her to pieces.

132 pages, ebook

First published May 28, 2014

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Tawny Taylor

116 books438 followers
Nothing exciting happens in Tawny Taylor's life, unless you count giving the cat a flea dip--a cat can make some fascinating sounds when immersed chin-deep in insecticide--or chasing after a houseful of upchucking kids during flu season. She doesn't travel the world or employ a staff of personal servants. She's not even built like a runway model. She's just your run-of-the-mill, pleasantly plump Detroit suburban mom and wife.

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1,174 reviews4,129 followers
December 7, 2015
For a quick, smutty, short-story to pass time between other books, this wasn't bad. What it isn't, is a full-length novel with a well-developed plot or characters. Nor is it hardcore dark erotica. So, if that is what you're looking for, you won't find it here.

For being such a short read, I did think the story was done pretty well in comparison to other stand-alone short-stories/novellas. As with most stand-alone shorts, the storyline progresses at a breakneck speed. Similarly, the story isn't long enough to form any emotional connections to the characters. Yes, the story is unbelievable. All of these are things I expect when reading a short-story such as this. It is a smutty, quick, read and not a full-length novel, so I rated it in comparison to other smutty, quick, reads and not in comparison to full-length novels, which I hold to a higher standard.

While the story is about a woman that is held against her will by a billionaire for his BDSM kicks, it is NOT a particularly dark story. Yes, there are a few scenes involving bondage, whipping and flogging, but they are quite mild. This is not what you may expect when looking for a story about sexual slavery. In that respect, the blurb is a bit misleading, albeit technically accurate.

Overall, it was an "alright" story to pass a little time while deciding on my next novel to read. Nothing spectacular, but OK. It's quick. It's smutty. I liked it.
Profile Image for Holly Blackstone.
Author 12 books72 followers
December 20, 2014
**WARNING!** Contains spoilers...

The premise was absurd - poor virginal erotica (?!?!) author signs up for billionaire matchmaking service (again, WHAT?). She is keeping her virginity for her rich husband because she has nothing else to give him, (Huh?), but decides to fly to a foreign country to go on a 'date' with one of the services' billionaires. It doesn't make any kind of sense...

First off... what that heck does a virgin have to offer in the way of erotica/romance (she admits she's never been touched 'down there'), that allows her to live off her writing...? Second, she is trying to 'preserve' herself but thinks little of flying to a foreign country to go on a 'date' with a billionaire... give me a break! What does she perceive will happen? He might wink at her?

Halfway through (it's 120 pages or so), the 'heroine' thinks Kace (the H), isn't so dark, and he decides there is 'something about her' - after they have spent a sum total of 40 (?) minutes together. As a result of the rush and lack of character development, when there is any sexual/sensual interaction it doesn't work and seems patently ridiculous and unbelievable... and then you find out it was a set up by one of her friends! This rates more like High School crush fiction more than anything else - I was SO disappointed and just mystified by how this 'story' got anything more than a few stars. It isn't a gripe about perspective (1st or 3rd), or any other preference that turned me off... it was the absolute lack of cohesive and thoughtful story that left me utterly flabbergasted. I read very quickly and yet it took me nearly 5 days to finish 120 pages or so because it plodded along and seemed so contrived and nonsensical. The drama that caused the h to endure punishment seemed gratuitously thrown in, and character building elements that were mentioned in passing were never realised. Truly, this is the LAST time I believe the 'Bestselling!' hype.
Profile Image for 'Q' aka CoCo.
570 reviews52 followers
June 23, 2014
Not dark

Completely misleading.
She's not really sold as a sex slave and the guy that "bought" her isn't the dark monster he's advertised to be. I was pretty let down by the whole story... Not only was the whole thing cheesy with ridiculous dialogue, the sex scenes weren't even hot. It has "dark romance" in the title and outside of two light BDSM scenes, there's nothing remotely close to dark in this book. Two stars because it wasn't horrible but I can't justify more than that.
Profile Image for Stephy.
62 reviews
July 12, 2014
It wanted to be a dark romance so badly, but didn't quite make it.
Profile Image for Jasmine Roman.
788 reviews9 followers
June 24, 2014
Oh boy this book is everything that the title tells you it's RAW Kendall is as broken as Kace is and he doesn't even know it when he buys her. She's suffered something no one should ever go through I cried after herring that. I can't believe how she got there and who did it I would go nuts I guess I can understand it if Kendall can she gets off in things she would have never believed she would like. She was literally striped Raw. Kace on the other hand is a monster and I don't like him much when he was the monster but when he cared it was so sweet I couldn't deal with the hot and cold. He is so messed up in the head I don't think a therapist could help him that's how far gone he is but with Kendall he feels things that are ancient. You have to read this book it's so freaking HOTTT Tawny did an amazing job writing this book.
Profile Image for Kristina.
1,514 reviews51 followers
June 14, 2014
The characters were just so empty... There was zero depth to them, and the insta-love didn't even make sense. I went into this book excited; I adore the dark, twisted reads, but I was greatly disappointed :(
Profile Image for Chris.
2,066 reviews
July 30, 2014
Unfortunately this story lacked heat, believability or connection. This was not a dark romance for me even though it had potential - perhaps more work was needed in the build up
Profile Image for Cerys Lys.
Author 83 books198 followers
July 2, 2014
Beautifully Raw

This was a wonderfully exciting dark romance. I really enjoyed it!

The premise was interesting. I've read similar before, but nothing quite like this. Badgered by her friend, Kendall reluctantly signs up for a matchmaking service catering to the excessively wealthy. Presumably they're looking for a wife, but that's not quite the actuality of it. Generally they're more in the market for a fling, or...

Well, then Kace comes into play. He's a Spanish billionaire who knows no bounds. He's also the first one to take an interest in Kendall, and he always gets his way. No one says no to Kace, except... well, Kendall does! Repeatedly, in fact.

After her presumed date with the billionaire turns much darker, Kendall's kind of trapped between worlds. She's been striving to make ends meet, and while she's fairly satisfied with life so far, it's not always the best, you know? Kace could provide that for her, except is he even looking for a relationship or does he just want to use her for his pleasure for the week? Whether she likes it or not, that's what his initial plans are, but sometimes plans have a way of going awry...

What I liked about this was Kendall's sort of rough nature. She's not all that impressed by Kace and his billionaire attitude. Yes, he's strong and demanding, but why should she do what he says just because of that? She can be pretty headstrong and stubborn herself. It's a match of opposites, but they end up going together in an intriguing sort of way.

Who will break first? Except do they even want that to happen? There's a bit of danger and risk here, but I felt an interesting connection between Kendall and Kace that I really enjoyed. He's used to getting his way, but in order to get it this time he's going to have to do things that he might not really be ready for. Kace is strong and stubborn, but maybe sometimes it's hard to keep it up if you forget the reasons for your stubbornness, too.

They don't really go together very well at first, but I think that's one of the reasons why I enjoyed reading about them. I was curious to see where everything went and how things would progress. I can't really say that I wanted them to be together at first, but I wanted to see how they would react to each other and grow on each other.

It was a fun story to read, with a lot of depth and psychological intrigue to it, along with a thrilling dark romantic allure. If you enjoy dark romances, I think you'll really like this one.
Profile Image for axola.
293 reviews6 followers
September 11, 2014
Dark? The only thing dark about this book was my humor after reading it. This is not a dark romance, this is an " I hope the rolling in my eyes doesn't kill me" kind of romance.

The book starts with a description of the heroine (height, weight, age...). If it would have started with a description of her IQ and personality I would have been running far from this book faster than Speedy Gonzalez.

Our heroine is a virgin erotica writer, who decides to go on blind date with a billionaire a continent away from home because her BFF looks at her with puppy eyes. They say something about her bf's work, but all I can remember about that scene are the puppy eyes and the dramatics. The kind of crap she says made me think I had time traveled to the 11th century, where a woman was only valued for her virginity.

I was ready, and more than willing, to let him take my innocence, the only thing of value I had to offer my future husband.

Our hero is a spanish billionaire (let me laugh about that one. Actually no, I feel offended. As a writer If you are going to write in another language even a word make sure it's a correct one. That the hero keeps on using the incorrect word to address her as a slave made me want to slap someone). Of course he is gorgeous, but still have to pay over 2m to get a slave for 5 days. And then of course he falls in love.

I don't know how I manage to finish this one. I'm just glad I didn't hurt my eyes after so much rolling them.
Profile Image for Big Dee.
788 reviews2 followers
May 30, 2019
Raw? What is raw? This book should have been called empty...like the heroine's brain? It starts out all right then quickly nose dives into the ridiculous. She goes from unwilling captive to begging for torture in the time it takes to complete one slow dance. What's dumber is the reference to the ribbon at the end. Say what?

We can't forget the hero of this debacle. He's dark and is supposedly driven to his actions by something from his past. We never learn what. The actions of the guy's father don't even cut it. Weak plot and weaker characters. Save yourselves and give this a skip.
Profile Image for Deidre.
357 reviews17 followers
June 11, 2014
Tossing between 3 and 4 stars - decided in the end to round it up =) Short erotica novel - A little darker than I normally like to read but well written and parts were really HOT - IMO this would have made a great longer book where you could have gotten to know the characters better.

Recommend: If your looking for a short {{HOT}} Smut to get your fires going -

Not Recomended: If your looking for a believable love story.
Profile Image for Jennifer McGurk Finn.
2,102 reviews43 followers
July 31, 2014
This book was really good I just wished it was longer. Kendall was so sweet & I felt so sorry for the pain & guilt she felt over her sister. Kace was hot & I'm glad he finally realized how much he wanted Kendall.
Profile Image for MARTINA SCULLY.
46 reviews2 followers
October 21, 2014
Wish it was a full novel

great read got right to the point no bullshit involved with this story line but I would have loved to have read more especially why the male charter was so fucked up
Profile Image for Cazy.
253 reviews
March 30, 2015
Plot pulled me in, but story too short. I couldn't understand the reasons behind the characters thoughts and actions. They fell in love really quick and then it was over. But the story was hot hot hot.
388 reviews1 follower
July 6, 2014
It is fictional!

This is a shorter story, but okay. The premise of being sold isn't appealing, but the characters make it through to a happy ending. That's redeeming.
Profile Image for Karen.
131 reviews2 followers
August 9, 2014
A quick read but it includes lots of steamy scenes and a very passionate man, what more could you want?!
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