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La Cosa Nostra, This Thing of Ours

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This is a standalone book meant for mature readers.

Harper Troy, like most students, was working her way through college barely making it by. She hears about an opening at a well known gentlemen’s club, The Guardian, ran by a very well known Chicago Family, the Tarseta’s. Even though the uniform is very revealing and the other waitresses are catty bitches, the money is worth it.

Until she meets the youngest Tarseta, Liam. He’s Chicago’s most eligible bachelor and drop dead gorgeous. She feels an instant attraction. Being a known playboy, Harper fights the attraction and his advances.

Liam has his eyes on Harper the moment he sees her. Being different and not falling for his charms, he is determined to break her down. But Harper refuses to be another notch on his bedpost.

Just when Liam is breaking down Harper’s barriers, he learns some shocking news that changes everything. Can he make her see they are meant to be together, or will he lose her forever?

375 pages, ebook

First published June 6, 2014

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About the author

Amie Nichols

13 books243 followers
I'm Amie Nichols, and this is my bio. I live in Iowa with my amazing, supportive husband. He is my rock and my king, and treats me like all woman should be treated. (Like a spoiled Queen)
I have two miniature dachshund's that are my babies, and they love to keep me company when I am writing away on my next WIP.
I'm about to publish my 6th book, and can hardly believe how my life has changed. I'm called an author, and still can't believe it. I've have met some amazing woman on my journey so far, and have learned so much. (Sometimes the hard way.) I've been like a sponge soaking up all the information I can on how the publishing world works. It's been a rollercoaster ride so far with its ups and its downs.
No matter what, I will never regret anything I've done. You can't succeed if you don't try, and if you don't try you won't succeed. One of my favorite quotes "If the dream is big enough the facts don't matter".
Some other info about me, I love my family, friends, wine and anything caffeinated. I also love writing HEA. For the same reason I won't watch a movie that I know will make me cry, (with the exception of Steel Magnolias) I will never write a book without a HEA. There might be a few twists and turns, a cliffhanger or two. But ultimately my stories will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. For me, reading is entertainment, a way to escape this crazy insane world. If a book leaves me feeling sad, mad or gut wrenched, it is not for me. There is enough gut-wrenching sadness in this world, I don't need to read about it too.
I started writing 3 years ago, and have no plans on stopping. So keep your eye on me because with the help of some amazing people and my wonderful fans, this girl is going to be on the New York Times best selling list someday.

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571 reviews124 followers
July 2, 2014
This was a tough one for me to review. I took a few days to think about what to write first and what rating I was going to end up with. My indecisiveness comes from the fact that the book started off SO perfect- characters that were strong, sexy, passionate, confident...and so right and wrong for one another. Then it took this turn and I was so disappointed in how the characters changed from everything that made them great into these people that could not communicate, that did very childish and immature things people their age and in their positions would never have done in my opinion. I almost stopped reading it right there. BUT, regardless of the turn, the story itself and all of the unanswered questions about the past and where this couple would end up made it impossible not to keep reading to find out where this was going to go. So I kept reading. I am glad I did, because the lapse in character behavior around 30% had rectified itself by 60% and for the rest of the book the story was fabulous. I loved the way it turned out and therefore what I thought was going to be a 3 star or DNF became a 4.5 star that I will probably read again and again. Definitely recommend this read, as with everything from Amie- her Deep Blue series is amazing as well. <3 Kellie
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1,065 reviews1 follower
July 13, 2015
It started out really well and despite the sometimes childish behavior of both MCs, I was enjoying it. Then midway, the POV changed from Harper (Petal) to Liam and it went downhill fast. His backstory and the rushed Italy trip caused me to lose interest. I did enjoy it to a point and will be open to reading more by this author.
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179 reviews63 followers
Want to read
June 14, 2014
The Italian translation of the title is correct but for a moment I've thought this a book about mafia because "cosa nostra" is another terminology we Italians use to address it.
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8 reviews4 followers
July 19, 2014
Let me start by saying I LOVE the cover! That alone would have sold me on this book, but luckily, the story inside was just as hot. It was a beautiful combination of the expected and unexpected that drew me in from the prologue and didn't let go until the end.

As the synopsis states, Iowa farm girl Harper Troy is working her way through college and decides it's time to find a more lucrative job by way of The Guardian, a well known gentlemen's club owned by the Tarseta family. She's hired even though she doesn't fit the blond bimbo mold the rest of the girls seem to be made from, and while they may be there to find themselves a rich sugar daddy, Harper's sole purpose is to pay her own bills and support herself. What Harper doesn't expect, is Liam Tarseta and the intense effect he has on her.

Liam Tarseta is Chicago's most eligible bachelor. He's a sexy Italian who has a different woman on his arm, and in his bed, every night. He notices Harper and decides to make her his next conquest, but the more he learns about her, the more he realizes Harper's unlike any other woman he's ever known. The problem is Harper isn't falling for his charms, and for the first time in Liam's life, he's going to have to work for the attention of a female.

Liam is going to have his work cut out for him with Harper, and even though all of Harper's warning bells are going off where Liam is concerned, the girl isn't dead. Liam is hot and his smoldering dark eyes are really doing a number on her self-control. There are so many reasons why these two shouldn't work, but holy mother of God do they have some off the charts chemistry. Besides them getting in their own way, there are other obstacles they will have to face. Liam is anything but forthcoming about his past, and as it turns out, his past is more complicated than even he knows. Only when his past threatens his future does he begin to discover the magnitude of the danger he's been sheltered from his entire life. There are twists and turns that you won't see coming, and the actions of Liam and Harper will have far reaching repercussions.

This is probably my favorite book by this author so far. I loved the characters and the details that were given to their personalities. This story had so much depth, I found myself feeling as though I was watching a movie instead of reading a book. When a book can do that for me, it deserves no less than 5 stars. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a spicy contemporary romance book with an air of mystery to it. If that's your cup of tea, you will NOT be disappointed.
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Author 34 books132 followers
July 7, 2014
At first, I was spectacle about reading this book because of the title, I had no idea what it meant. I was very happy I decide to read this. I wasn't expecting this book to turn out like it did. I really couldn't stop reading this book. I finished it within 24 hours.

Harper is a college student in Chicago. She's a farm girl, who doesn't have a lot of money to support herself and pay for her schooling. She has worked her butt off to pay for college, student loans, and rent money.

Liam is a young bachelor with money to last him a thousand years. His family is well known and owns a lot of buildings and places in Chicago. He is one lucky guy. He was born into a family with money, and has every girl at his feet.

Harper finds out about this job at The Guardian. Waitresses there take hope hundreds of dollars in tips. That's money that she could really use to help pay for her student loans, rent, and help her be able to get by.

While working, her eyes meet Liam's. He can't seem to take his eyes off of her. His family owns The Guardian, so he is there very night having dinner. He can't seem to stay away from Harper. She's different than all the other girls he has been with. She isn't falling at his feet wanting to be with him because he has money. She isn't that type of person.

Liam flirts with Harper a lot, and she ignores him, not wanting anything to do with him because she doesn't want to get her heartbroken. Liam doesn't give up on her though, and Harper finally gives in to the sexy, Italian man. They fall so in love with each other, and are so happy together, but obstacles keep getting in their way of staying happy together.

This couple goes through a bumpy ride together, but will they jump over every obstacle that gets in their way to stay with each other, the one person they love the most?

I absolutely love this book so much! I miss I could read more about Harper and Liam's love story. I give this book 5 stars! I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good romance story!
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1,241 reviews17 followers
July 18, 2014
~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Review Team~

Harper Troy isn’t making much money at the little diner she works at, so when she hears people on her college campus talking about The Guardian, a gentleman’s club, and how much money you can make. Harper decides to go and apply. The minute Harper walks in the door and looks around she knows that The Guardian is way out of her league and turns around to leave. Matty Tarseta stops her and convinces her that she is just what the place needs. The Guardian is nothing but hot rich men, the women working there are all after a sugar daddy and every other woman is their competition. Harper is there to find a sugar daddy or anything else; she just wants money for college. Then Liam Tarseta walks in. Drawn to his dark eyes, Harper knows he is nothing but trouble and always with a different woman. Liam wants Harper and he won’t stop until he gets her. Liam has never been told no, until now. Harper wants him but knows she can’t have him; he only wants to put another notch on his bedpost. Liam wants his “Petal” and he is willing to do whatever it takes to have her. This book is such a roller coaster ride at times, at times you want to slap the crap out of both Liam and Harper and then other times you just want to hug them. The chemistry and sex between these two characters is so smoking hot. The book was enjoyable, I wish there was another one maybe about Harpers brothers or maybe even more into Liam’s family but it was a great standalone.

Characters: well written and likeable

Sex: hot and steamy

Religious: no

Would I recommend to others: yes

More than one book in the series: no

Genre: Romance

Would I read more by this author: yes

~Wicked Reads Review Team~

Wicked Reads Review Team
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Author 8 books251 followers
March 7, 2015
A sweet read in parts, but a major let down in others.

This was soooooooooo not what I thought it would be!!! I can't even express how disappointed I was while reading this. This had the makings of a great mafia romance. There was indication that it would be and from the name, I REALLY thought that it would have been, but I was thoroughly let down. The only reason I'm giving this 3 stars is because of the action I got towards the end and for the beginning of the story when I thought I would have fallen head over heels for the characters.

I loved the beginning, the push & pull, the attraction between the two lead characters....but after that first "feel" & the decision to take things a bit further, well, it all went down hill from there. The characters began to annoy me, Harper Troy especially...after I had such promise for her! I liked her instantly & then everything fell apart for me.

Liam....damn, Liam is a definite hottie, but dude....where is the Italian fight in you??? He was such an intriguing character to me in the beginning. Dark, brooding, untouchable, sexy as sin....but then he got on my nerves & really, I just wanted to smack him upside the head after a while. Like, grow a pair dude!

I swear, this story had promise. And for how long I've wanted to read this, anticipation building, I was sorely let down.

I enjoyed the sexy parts as well and that made the book even more readable for me. Glad I read this one, despite the disappointment.
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1,047 reviews17 followers
July 19, 2014
I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.

Harper Troy needs to earn a decent amount of money so she doesn't have to take out more student loans, so she applies at The Guardian an upscale bar where the waitresses wear little more than a bandana.

In walks Liam Tarseta, the son of the boss, and Harper immediately gets a case of the hots. Knowing that messing with anyone right now, especially the boss's son, is a bad, bad thing, she does her best to ignore Mr. Hot and Bothered.

Liam Tarseta is intrigued. Harper stands out as a brunette in a club full of blonde waitresses. Not only that, she's told him "no". "No, I won't have a drink with you", "No, I won't go out with you". Just "no". What's a guy to do? Pull up his designer jeans and get his charm on.

Lust, mistunderstandings, love and forgiveness all play a vital role in this book. This is the first book I've read of Ms. Nichols but I'm eager to read more.

Wicked Reads Review Team
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3,544 reviews37 followers
July 13, 2014
"I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads."

This is an interesting book to read as it pulls together a mafia based mystery, a girl making her way through college, a playboy, and obviously, a hot romance. The prologue is clever as it sets everything up, but then we seem to veer off the subject for a while. I enjoyed the bar scenes, as Harper is wonderfully sassy and unaffected by the craziness around her. It was maybe a little too neatly packaged in places, and seemed to end rather hastily, but it was a good read - solid 4*

Wicked Reads Review Team

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3,036 reviews1,747 followers
December 3, 2015
Favorite Quotes:

"I'm not letting you go, because right now I don't think I can keep breathing without you..."

My Review:

Oh yum, what a sassy little tale. A hot-headed wealthy playboy falls head over heels for an inexperienced, yet independent young woman, working her way through college in his family’s club. Spark fly, misunderstandings ensue, hot sex occurs, and even international travel results to delve into family history. Nearly a perfect storm. I had never heard of this author but am now a new fan girl for Amie Nichols. An entertaining and interesting read, and loved the sizzle and humor.
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196 reviews54 followers
December 26, 2015
2.5-3 stars
Disappointing read. It had promise. Started out great with a great push & pull romantic quality....and then the characters got annoying. It had the potential to be a great mafia romance & I think that is what I was looking for which is why I was so disappointed. Maybe the author ought to put that this is not a mafia romance, so readers like myself don't go in with that thought process. Great sexy parts, I must say, which kept me entertained; and the action towards the end gave it a slight edge to possibly 3 stars.

If there were to ever be a part two with a more mafia feel, I'd definitely read it!
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116 reviews2 followers
December 8, 2015
I liked how the story started. I liked how the main characters have strong personality, I was a bit disappointed that they appear to be weak and somewhat immature in the middle of the story. I feel bad and sad that Liam's mother died though :(
141 reviews1 follower
July 1, 2020

This is the 2nd time reading this book I love the storyline...Liam and Harper are a cute couple ..he's not your average Mafia guy's has a sweetness to him as well as alpha...good read
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1,822 reviews325 followers
July 25, 2014

I love a good Italian Mafia book, so one look at the blurb and I was sold! The story had me mesmerized from the prologue up until the very end. It was beautifully written and had a lot of expected and unexpected things that had me on the edge of my seat.

We meet Harper Troy, a girl who was raised on a farm with her parents and two very protective brothers in Iowa. Harper is in college and is having a hard time making the rent and bills working in a diner. She hears girls at school talking about The Guardian and how they bring $500 a night in tips. The club is owned by the Tarseta family, a well-known Italian family in Chicago. She gets hired although she does not fit the mold of girls that work there. The owner is fascinated with her response as to why she wants to work there and that is only to pay her own bills. She is not looking for a sugar daddy. However, she was not prepared for the intense effect when she met a particular Tarseta Family.

Liam Tarseta reputation as Chicago’s bachelor and playboy fits him to the tee. Liam is a hot blooded, sexy Italian who has a different woman every night. When Liam sees Harper at the Guardian is taken by her beauty. He decides he wants her in his bed and his arms for one night, but Harper is not like any other woman he has known. She is not interested. Liam is at a loss, Harper does not fall for his charms, and he understands that he is going to have to work hard to get Harper.

“Did you ever think you want me so much because I don’t fall at your feet?”

“Yes, I actually did. But you, I don’t want to just possess that beautiful body of yours, I want in your head too. I want to know what you think, where you’re from, your dreams, and your goals. I want to know everything about you. I want to take you out to dinner. No sex, I won’t even try. Just let me do this, and if after that you don’t want me, then I sweat I will leave you alone.”

"I guess I owe you at least after that earlier.”

“That was all my pleasure. I’ve never had the urge to make a woman come. It’s all I’ve been able to think about, what you taste like, what you smell like. Petal, you are sweetest think I’ve ever tasted.”

Liam has never had to work so hard to get woman. Even though Harper knows Liam will destroy her and her heart in the process, she decides to give in. Liam has never had a relationship or wanted one so he makes a lot of rash decisions. There are so many valid reason why Liam and Harper should not work, but just reading about them had my panties wet. These two work hard to try to come together, slowly but that chemistry between them is too strong. When they got together these two were steaming up my kindle. Smoking Hot!

“Make me come baby.”

“My pleasure. You are so f**king wet.”

“Yes Liam, please.”

“Do I own you, Petal, is your body mine?”


“Yes what?”

“You own all of me.”

“Say me name when you come Petal. I want you to always say my name, your orgasms are mine, you are mine."

Liam hides a lot of his past, and if Harper asks him question he avoids them or gets angry. His past will threaten the very future he has with Harper and he realizes the extent of damage and danger he’s been protected from. Liam and Harper face so many obstacles, misunderstandings, insecurities and of course the mafia.

“Why did you sell it?”

“It was a reminder of the worst decision I ever made.”

“You know how long I’ve wanted her? This is like sweet revenge. I get her and there is nothing you can do about it.”

“I will kill you when I find you. I will find you, mark my words, I will find you.”

“I know you are protecting her, but I love her and she loves me. She needs to hear me out.”

This books had so many twists towards the end I was sure we were going to have a CH and I was wrong. I loved everything about this book, the characters, the side characters and the Viper!!! I really found myself feeling everything Harper and Liam went through with their happiness, sorrow, pain and love. Trust me this is a book that you will love for all the right reasons. A definite must read!

*received a complimentary copy from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review*
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310 reviews24 followers
July 25, 2014


Harper Troy is a farm girl from Iowa attending The University of Illinois in Chicago who needs to work through college to pay the rent and her tuition the student loans do not pay. Unfortunately, the waitress job she has a local small diner is not covering all her expenses. One evening, Harper overhears a group of girls talking about a friend of theirs working at The Guardian making $500 in tips on a slow night. It would take Harper more than two weeks working at the diner to make $500 in tips, without many options she chooses to go and apply.

The Guardian is an upscale gentleman’s club in Lincoln Park, Chicago, owned by the Taresta family, one of the richest families in Chicago. When Harper sees the typical type of women working at the establishment, she starts to make a dash to exit when one of the owners, Matty Taresta, inquires to why she is there. Harper explains she was interested in an interview, but can see for herself that it was a mistake. Matty persuades her to interview and surprisingly she lands a position at the club. Matty explains that most of the girls do not get along, because most of them are trying to find a rich man to take care of them financially. Harper explains that is not the case with her, which makes Harper not only different physically but personally too.

While working one evening, Harper meets the youngest member of the Taresta family and Chicago’s most eligible bachelor, Liam Taresta. Harper thought she was immune to Liam, but her body rebels at the thought of it.

“What the f*ck is wrong with me. My panties are soaked with excitement…”

Liam also seems to be unable to keep his eyes off her and he senses she is different too, because she seems to be immune from his flirtation and wealth status. As Liam continues to flirt with Harper, Harper finds it more difficult to prevent her heart from foreseeable heartbreak. Will Harper give in to the chemistry and sparks she feels toward Liam?

“…out of your league. Not to mention a giant man wh*re, and spoiled rich kid. Kid he is not, though. He is a man, a delicious hunk of a man.”

Determined Liam will not take no for an answer and has to make Harper his, he has never had a woman tell him, “NO.” Will Liam convince Harper to give him an opportunity to have a relationship with him?

“She is an angel, the most beautiful woman in the world; . . .”

What they both do not know are the secrets of the past soon haunt them both, but can they trust another to fight for a possible relationship with each other? Amie Nichols’ novel, La Cosa Nostra, This Thing of Ours, is a captivating emotional love story that will have you feel as if you are on an emotional roller coaster of COMPASSION, SADNESS, ANGER, DISCOVERY, JEALOUSY, LAUGHTER, FORGIVENESS, LOVE, and HOT AS H*LL SEX SCENES! I found myself unable to put the book down without reading the entire novel.

“La Cosa Nostra…This Thing of Ours”

Amie Nichols’ novel, La Cosa Nostra, This Thing of Ours, receives - 5 AMAZING STARS!
July 22, 2014
I am an Amie Nichols fan so I was excited to read this book seeing that it had a different spin than her other books I read and loved. I was immediately hooked , I love a bad boy , playboy that is relentless to gain the strong willed independent girls attention !!

The 1st part of the book we get Harper's POV. She is in search of a new job trying to make money so she can finish Veterinary school in Chicago and not have to go back home to Iowa. She loves Iowa and life on the farm but the opportunity she is working towards is far too good to pass up. Finding a job at The Guardian , an upscale club owned by the Tarseta's , seems to good to pass up. While working she learns about the family and meets the youngest Liam , Chicago's playboy and of course he is hot and hard to resist. Harper tries her best to avoid him and resist his charm but in the end he claims to want more and she accepts. They both have issues with jumping to conclusions so it does not take long for them to be causing each other pain and ruining what they could have. This struggle in their growing relationship seems to take hold of the story for a bit and you can sense the story is going to go somewhere deeper but you are held off , kept waiting in suspense for exactly what that may be. I admit I hate when couples do immature things to piss the other off , I hate when one runs without letting the other explain , but all of this leads up to Liam finding out some major news of his life and this is where the story takes off and turns into more than just the struggle of Liam and Harper.

In the midst of chaos in their relationship the story changes to Liam's POV , I admit I am a super fan of male POV's !! He is not at all what you would think. His feelings are so true and genuine that your heart almost breaks for him as he tries to get through to Harper and her family. Once he passes that test it is time for Liam and Harper to tackle his past. Right from the start of the book you can tell there is something about Liam's mothers story that will change lives. Liam is unsure about how much he wants to dig , Harper is insistent on finding out the whole truth and she convinces him to go to Italy. This quickly turns into a roller coaster of events and emotions that will shock and surprise you. Nothing is what it seems.

I enjoyed this story , love Liam to pieces , love the sex and feelings. Harper may drive me crazy but I get her issues. I love her bond with family and her brothers are great. Liam's family is slightly disturbing but I can only imagine the reasoning behind their actions. You get bits and pieces of that when he talks of his past.

This is a standalone with an HEA. I would love to read of Liam's mothers struggles , her story seems like it would be phenomenal !!
July 22, 2014
4 Italian Goodness Stars
Copy provided by Author for Honest Review

I can see why so many people said this would be a hard book to review. The first half told from Harper’s POV I thought I had pegged but the second half changes the setting and POV to Liam making them seem like two separate parts.

This was a very quick read, I finished in a matter of hours. I do wish the story was more fleshed out. Everything seemed to happen at hyper speed from Liam and Harper hooking up to declaring their love for the other. There wasn’t too much personal information flying around, in fact I find it ironic that Harper wonders about Liam’s age and neither us nor her ever finds out.

The first half of the novel told from Harper’s POV takes place in a club owned by Liam’s family, the feared and possibly criminal Tarseta family. Liam immediately catches Harper’s eye when she starts working at the club and after a few eye f*ck sessions later and snarky comments the two are going at it like there’s no tomorrow.

The second half consists of a misunderstanding that separates the two and Liam must ride in to save the day, in his Viper no less. Unlike the first half which takes place in the city of Chicago, Harper’s home in Iowa on a farm controls the second half, something the spoiled hot Italian Liam is nowhere near familiar with. The second half was much more thrilling with Harper’s overprotective brothers swooping in and trying to protect their little sister. Liam is no scaredy cat and has no problem declaring his feelings.

Considering how much story there was I think there was a bit too much sex. I wanted more information, more details and I would have loved if the story was longer with a few more twists thrown in. The ending seemed to fly by and before I knew it it was over.
Overall this was definitely an insta-love story with a fast paced plotline that will leave you wanting more. If you’re looking for a quick read and a hunky Italian, I certainly suggest checking this out. I know the title is confusing many people and though there are mob ties that come to play in the end, Liam’s family, at least in Chicago is not part of this drama and the La Cosa Nostra is actually a book Harper picks up on an Italian crime family. Again this was a quick read, without a lot of drama, so if that interests you I certainly you suggest you pick it up and enjoy.

On a side note, I could have done with a lot less "Oh, Liam, Yes Liam, Liam, baby..." It was too much and grated on my nerves especially the Liam baby. Maybe it's just me but imagining someone screaming that does not put me in any type of mood other than annoyed.
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161 reviews8 followers
July 23, 2014
4 Stars!!!
4 Flames for Hotness!!!

I wanted to 5 star love this book in the worst way. I was just on the fence at too many points of the book for a 5 star review.

What I loved about the book:

The overall story is good – Rich Italian Playboy falls hard for a regular Midwest farm girl. Liam knows what he wants and goes after it. The sex scenes are hot. Liam is a swoon worthy kind of guy. Liam is vulnerable, he has mommy issues and the straight out fear of someone he loves leaving him. Harper is an independent gal who has goals. She doesn’t want to be distracted from her goals. Until she meets Liam. She falls hard and begins to rethink her life. I loved the secondary characters (Harper’s Brothers and Sarah) I would love to see more of them in other books. (maybe we could see more of Harper and Liam through these books as well). I liked the suspense part of the story.

What I didn’t love about the book:

I felt this book had so much potential to be better. I felt the ending was rushed. The suspense could have taken place sooner and maybe the Italy trip been a little more in-depth. It just felt rushed. I thought that Harper was always about her and never took Liam’s feelings into consideration. I know this is probably the point but it made her so wishy-washy I had a hard time with her character as an individual. The writing flowed smoothly but I felt it could have been a tad more descriptive.
With that said, I would like to say that I loved Harper and Liam as a couple they tore up the pages of my kindle and steamed the screen. Liam was so sweet and yet he made many mistakes. Harper was forgiving but she created some drama that was unnecessary. (I know its part of the story).
I would recommend the book. If future books are written about the secondary characters I would read them. I will also check out some of Amie’s other work.

My Favorite Quotes:

“Ever since I’ve met you I don’t know who I am, either. I want to take you, have you, and make you mine, but then I think that will drive you away so I hold back.” – Liam

“You are so beautiful, you know. I watched you sleep for a while in my bed, and I can’t believe I am telling you this. It was like a dream, something I’ve wanted since I’ve met you.” – Liam

“I not letting you go, because right now I don’t think I can keep breathing without you.” - Liam
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July 21, 2014
Another steamy hawt, mysterious read from Amie Nichols! Boy does this lady know how to throw in the unexpected on you. Harper Troy is college a college student needing money to make ends meet. Her parents run a farm back in Iowa and she has made it a point to make it on her own earning scholarships and working part time jobs. Part time is still part time and it's hard to make a buck. So when she hears of a spot opening up at the local gentleman's club and hears the money these girls make she hopes she can get in working as a bartender hiding away from everyone. Once she walks in she quickly realizes she is out of her league when all of the ladies walking around are big busty blonde bombshells. But before she has a chance to escape, one of the head Tarseta men have her cornered and offering her job. She accepts, even though she hates her tiny school girl type uniform. She ends ups catching the eye of the youngest Tarseta, Liam, and the two of the them end up playing this tug-of-war game with each other's hearts and emotions. While Liam has never been serious about anything in his life, he is serious about Harper, until he thinks she doesn't like him and plays these jealousy games. Harper is trying to allow herself to like him, he keeps pulling stupid shit and making her run away. Instead of talking, they act like they are 13 and in jr high. When you think that they've finally got their shit together, one of Liams ex's comes back in the picture and Harper runs back home Iowa to get away from him. He doesn't let her get far and chases her down, but not before finally learning his past that his father has kept so tightly hidden. Harper and Liam have to learn to grown up and share their feelings all while learning to deal with Liam's past.

I liked this story. I wish that Liam's past had been brought up sooner and that his and Harper's jealous fights hadn't been drug out so much. She completely shell shocked me with the ending! I so saw all of that happening a different way and loved that she was able to surprise me with that twist and that it wasn't predictable. Definately another excellent read from Amie Nichols.
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July 20, 2014
Liam Tarseta never knewh is mother. His father wouldn’t talk about her or what happened. He’s been raised privileged, always living the good life. Liam is beyond good looking, dark eyes, dark hair and a ladies man, he’s never had to beg or lie to a woman to get what he wants. “. . . he’s the Italian sex God.”

Harper Troy comes from a good family, two over protective older brothers and loving parents. Raised on a farm, she has always wanted to be a large animal veterinarian. Living in Chicago about to graduate college, Harper needs to make more money so that she can continue on to grad school. She’s heard that the waitresses at The Guardian Club make really good money, even though the uniform is skimpy and she doesn’t think she’s the type of female they normally hire, she gives it a try and is hired immediately. Most of the ladies who work there are looking for a rich man to take care of them, not Harper; she’s just looking to make enough money to take care of herself. Little does she know how attractive that makes her.

“She is an angel, the most beautiful woman in the world; . . .”

OMG, I absolutely LOVED this book. Liam is just WOW!! Confidant, sexy, arrogant and well off, he’s the total package. I had to laugh at one point when he’s shopping at a discount store; he needs some essentials and grabs a package of underwear and comments “. . . I didn’t know they came in packs.” Haha, must be nice. Anyway, Harper is a strong, independent woman with a level head on her shoulders. She has no intentions of losing her heart to an Italian playboy. I love the way this story unfolds. There are secrets, there is angst and sex, oh my, is there sex! Liam is a bad boy on the outside, but deep down he’s got a good heart. I couldn’t get enough of this story. I read it in less than twenty four hours; I just couldn’t put it down. It grabbed ahold of me and kept me enthralled until the last word and left me wanting more. It was so good I couldn’t put it down, but at the same time I didn’t want it to end. Great job Ms. Nichols! I give this book 5 stars with 4 hands down the pants.
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July 20, 2014
this was given to me as an arc for honest review, so I must say I both loved and hated this book.
our lady of the novel Harper Troy is a veterinarian student at U of I and is in need of more money to continue her schooling so she takes a job at a more high end bar/club.She is hired as a bartender and told by her employee friends to stay away from Liam Tarsete as he is a very well known ladies man and as she isnt into that sort of guy she decides it should be easy to stay away from him.
Liam Tarsete is our sort of alpha hero and is the son of one of the owners of the club that Harper works at and he knows she will be an easy conquest.All women fall at his feet.All women that is except Harper Troy.
These two may have been meant to be together but it wasnt that easy to get them to couple stage and once thwy reach the couple stage its a hard battle to keep them together.The things they do to get at each other reminds me of high school antics and made me want to just quit the story.But I didnt and kept pushing forth.
The insecurities from Harper were actually understandable and I think they made me want things to go in the right direction for her and Liam.
Liam was a handful to say the least but again I think I know where his actions were also coming from.When you have always got what you wanted so easily then the chance comes around that you may have to fight for what you want at times you may think why should I fight.Why not walk away and go back to what you are used to.Bless his little heart, he finally got it together and knew that nothing would ever stand in his way again.
The only complaint I have is I would have liked to have had more on the mother aspect.That section was wrote way to fast and ended way to wrong.I think Liam deserved more momma time.Just saying for me I wanted more.
I hope not to upset the author of this book because all in all it was a great read and I look forward to reading more on this story.Maybe Liam's dad and I definately want to read about Kade
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July 10, 2014
I wasn't sure what to expect going into this book but OMG let me just say....I freaking LOVED it!!! I was hooked from that prologue and did not want to put it down till the end.

Harper Troy is a farm girl who is living in Chicago to attend college. She doesn't have a lot of money so she is trying to support herself and pay for her own schooling. The small diner where she works just isn't paying off. She over heard some people talking about the money you could make in tips alone in one night at The Guardian so she decides to give it a shot. Once there, she knows she doesn't fit in. They warn her it won't be easy but Harper is not there to land a rich man. She just wants to focus on her job and pay her own bills.

While working one night, in walks Liam Tarseta. He is drop dead gorgeous and Chicago's most eligible bachelor. Someone she knows she must stay away from. She tries to ignore him but there is just something about him. No matter how hard she fights those feelings there is always a pull to him.

Liam Tarseta can't take his eyes off the new waitress. No one has ever turned him away before. No matter how hard he flirts and makes advances on Harper she turns him down so he is determined that no matter what it takes he will break down those walls. He will make her his. Will Harper ever give in to those feelings she feels for Liam? As they both start learning more and more information will they be able to fight the outside world and find their HEA?

OMG, I absolutely LOVED this book!! I just could not get enough of Liam and Harper!! I loved that Harper was such a spitfire and didn't take crap off no one!! She was such a kick azz heroine. Liam....HOLLLYYYY SWOOON!! I don't know how Harper fought those feelings as long as she did but once these two finally give into each other their chemistry was HOTTTTT!!! I def recommend everyone to go ONE CLICK this one now!! You won't regret it!!
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July 23, 2014
4.5 stars. Harper is a college student excelling her way through undergrad so that she can get into a graduate program. She has several bills to pay and accepts a job at The Guardian as a bartender. The Guardian is one of several businesses owned by the Tarseta family and this is where she meets Liam, the youngest Italian Tarseta who comes in with a different woman each time. Even though The Guardian employs many attractive girls, Harper doesn't escape Liam's notice. Harper comes from a farm in Iowa and grew up with 2 older brothers so she isn't a girly drama kind of person. She knows how to stand up for herself and hold her ground without coming off weak or wishy washy. She's aware of the attraction and sparks between Liam and herself but keeps her distance because Liam isn't the sort of guy to have a serious girlfriend and Harper doesn't want to get her heart broken because Liam could do that to her. Even so, Liam keeps finding her and coming after her and eventually they don't deny their chemistry anymore. Liam is new to wanting a woman who isn't reciprocating so even though he is trying to gain her favor and attention, he still says and does really incredibly stupid guy things that piss Harper off and rightfully so. I loved the heat between them and all the chaos. They are definitely navigating in unchartered territory for both of them and yet it's fun to see how crazy they are for each other. I also liked seeing the transformation in Liam. He might be possessive and arrogant, but he's also caring and persistent with a mysterious past that unravels in the book. There are several things that surprised me about this story, mostly Liam and how he handles things in the second half of the book. Knowing more about his history, it makes a lot more sense about why Liam behaves the way he does and how he makes himself be the guy he wants to be once he finds something or someone he can't live without.
May 21, 2015
3.5 Stars

TITLE~ La Cosa Nostra, This Thing of Ours
AUTHOR~ Amie Nichols
GENRE~ Contemporary Romance-New Adult
PUBLISHED~ July 8th 2014
MY RATING~ 3.5/5

(From Goodreads)

This is a standalone book meant for mature readers.

Harper Troy, like most students, was working her way through college barely making it by. She hears about an opening at a well known gentlemen’s club, The Guardian, ran by a very well known Chicago Family, the Tarseta’s. Even though the uniform is very revealing and the other waitresses are catty bitches, the money is worth it.
Until she meets the youngest Tarseta, Liam. He’s Chicago’s most eligible bachelor and drop dead gorgeous. She feels an instant attraction. Being a known playboy, Harper fights the attraction and his advances.
Liam has his eyes on Harper the moment he sees her. Being different and not falling for his charms, he is determined to break her down. But Harper refuses to be another notch on his bed post.
Just when Liam is breaking down Harper’s barriers, he learns some shocking news that changes everything. Can he make her see they are meant to be together, or will he lose her forever?


I chose to read this book because I was provided with an ARC for review.
La Cosa Nostra, This Thing of Ours, was a good read. I enjoyed the story in itself. I wasn't real impressed with the way the "mob/mafia" was portrayed throughout though. That aspect of the book didn't seem very realistic.
The writing was well done and the characters were great. La Cosa Nostra, This Thing of Ours was my first experience reading any work by author, Amie Nichols. I may read more in the future.
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July 20, 2014
Overall good book. Enjoyable read. there were some things that just didn't mesh for me.


Liam: he was rough around the edges. A total ladies man but vulnerable and sweet too. When he fell in love he fell hard and made mistakes. He also was wary at first but boy did he make up for it. the gestures in Iowa wowza. He was totally turned around once in love. A few times his insecurities got the best of him and once he was a douche canoe but once he figured out Harper wasn't going anywhere and was his he calmed down and was great. So protective too but his grand gesture to get her back swoonworthy.

The concept: I love the playboy falls for hardworker theme. I love the vulnerability of Liam and how his past sways the here and now and his dad's actions.

Sarah and Harper's brothers: they were no words can say how awesome.


Harper: she didn't sit well with me. Too jumping to conclusions. Wishy washy at times. Also too pushy and opinionated. Like at the end, listen to people especially Liam but no you know more you researched yeah look what good that did eh. I mean it turned out okay in the end but sad in how the events unfolded. She acts all high and mighty and treats Liam like dirt at first, than questions everything he does and doesn't understands he will make mistakes so when he does is really unforgiving where LIam is begging her to stay and has misunderstanding and doesn't try to get clarification just jumps off the handle. Is needy and than pushy. Just not sitting well as a character for me. She I believe though is meant to push the reader one way or another.

Overall I love the romantic aspect and the book in general is wonderful. I love how Liam changes before our very eyes and how sweet and kind and loving he is. A good read.
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July 23, 2014
I really enjoyed this book, it has it all love, heart ache, drama.

You know from reading the synopsis that Harper Troy starts working at a gentleman’s club to earn extra money to pay her way through college. This is where she meets Liam Tarseta and this is where the sparks fly and the hotness sets in. Liam is known for his bachelor ways and according to tabloid magazines his past is full controversy.

I really liked how the story was split into two parts, part one is told from Harper’s point of view and the whole time I was reading part one I really wanted to know what Liam’s point of view on everything was and I was so pleased when I reached part two and found the hole second half of the book was Liam.

Liam develops some very intense feelings for Harper, feelings he has never felt before. He has always had women throwing themselves at him, so when Harper rejects him over and over again he is thrown into unfamiliar territory.

Harper feels an attraction to Liam the moment she sees him for the first time but because she is so focused on school she refuses to act on the attraction. But Liam is so determined to act on this attraction that Harper does finally give in to her own feelings for Liam. In the beginning there are so many different situations that are thrown at them that cause so many misunderstandings and arguments and for two people who have very little or no experience in relationships it is very entertaining to read.

As the story progresses the truth about Liam’s mother is revealed to him. Truths are revealed and drama unfolds and throughout ordeal Liam and Harper are able to remain a strong united front in order to get their happy ever after.

~~~~copy received from author in return for an honest review~~~~
July 26, 2014
I loved the concept behind this book! I thought it was great! Some of it seemed a little out there for me but overall I thought it was a good book!

First let me start by saying I love the name Liam!!!! So HOT! The name alone says sexy! That is exactly what Liam Tarseta is.... SEXY. He gets what he wants and constantly has women at his side. That is until Harper Troy starts working at The Guardian. From the first time Liam lays eyes on Harper he is hypnotized by her. Harper knows she will only end up with heartbreak if she engages with Liam. IT is better to keep him at arms distance for as long as possible!

Like any girl would.... Harper feels a jealous streak over Liam. I loved in the locker room area when her claws came out against Bunny. It showed her true feelings towards Liam! It's hard not to love him too when he says things like this:

"The only way I could leave you alone is to never see you again"


But, I was thrown by the beginning and ending. I thought the book would have been fantastic without all of that. Although I enjoyed learning about Liam's mom I just felt it didn't flow very well with the story. Especially when Harper decides to go to Italy and go up against the Italian mob king. CRAZY!!! Who does that??? Well, obviously she does but you know what I mean. I guess it just seemed like it could have been a second part to the story instead of thrown in at the end of the book.
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August 18, 2014
I don’t know how to review this book. I liked it. I liked the idea behind it. It was unique. But there are parts I really didn’t like. I felt a lot of parts were rushed. I felt like the author pushed through scenes that could have been expanded on so much.

I love how the beginning of the books started. I really do. It was simple, a college girl needing to make more money going to a gentlemen’s club to find work. It’s different. And it was well written. I really loved Harper. I liked how she was strong. She didn’t take shit from anyone. And then someplace in the middle, she was replaced by a girl with very little self-confidence and who didn’t fight for what she wanted. It was like when she started dating Liam she became a different person. And not in a good way. Everything he did, she pushed him away. And then went back to him. And then he did something else and she got mad. And then went back to him. There was a lot of back and forth. And it just didn’t make sense to me. She lost a part of her that I liked. She was outspoken and had a strong personality and she changed.

And then towards the end of the book, it changed. It took off if a way I totally didn’t expect. And I started enjoying the book again. But it still felt rushed.

All in all, I enjoyed it. I wish there was more to it. I love the idea of the book. I liked the beginning, didn’t like the middle and loved the twist towards the end.

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July 21, 2014
The first night Harper is working at the Guardian, she finds herself drawn to the son/nephew of the well known Tarsetas, who happen to be her bosses. Liam is your typical, sexy, cocky bachelor and goes through beautiful women like water. Liam is in complete and total shock when Harper turns him down-this has never happened to him before; he is used to women throwing themselves at him. Although Harper also feels the connections, she tries to play it smart and stay away from Liam but eventually caves, and goes out with him. Their relationship is best described as hot and cold; one minute they can’t get enough of each other and the next, something has been said, thought, or seen that leads both Harper and Liam to the wrong assumption.

I really enjoyed this book. The sex scenes were hot, the characters had chemistry, and their story was well written. The character of Liam exudes confidence, and of course, is super hot (many a woman’s dream). Although Harper’s character is supposed to be really smart, I did think she was kind of a pushover at times which I will be the first to admit happens when you are really into a man. I especially enjoyed the scenes when Liam follows her back to Iowa and he gets to her meet her family as well as see what a country life is like in a small town. Overall, I thought it would a good book with a HEA. I would definitely recommend this book
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July 27, 2014
Harper is a woman that comes from the farms of Iowa and is now living in Chicago going to school and working on her Veterinarian degree. To help with bills she gets a job at a high end gentleman’s club run by the notorious Tresta family. She has seen many pictures of all of the Tresta men but Liam is yummy to the bone. Seeing him in person has an immediate effect on her. Liam sees Harper working behind the bar and is instantly drawn to her for reasons unknown. His attempts to get to know her in the beginning are shot down and I mean HARD. Used to getting what he wants however Liam does not give up. Theirs is a bumpy relationship. How can it not be when Liam used to be a playboy and Harper has only been in one serious relationship. Not to mention all the money grubbing hookers out there always trying to sink their hooks into Liam. Also Liam’s insecurity when it comes to his relationship with Harper. Having never felt anything quite like he feels for Harper he is unsure how to act so ends up messing up time and time again. Harper’s feelings for Liam are just as strong and leave her in quite the emotional state. Time passes and just when things settle down you KNOW the other shoe has to drop. Will Harper and Liam survive the secrets long buried in the Tresta family?
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