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Dreams, "Evolution," and Value Fulfillment, Volume One: A Seth Book

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-- Explores genetic heritage, reincarnation, and the creation of the material world

Volume One of the latest series of reissued Seth books describes a conscious, self-aware universe where possibilities and potentials generate life forms. This book answers crucial questions about the significance, of Seth's thought system, while chronicling the worsening health problems that led to the death of Jane Roberts.

288 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 1986

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About the author

Jane Roberts

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Roberts was born in Saratoga Springs, New York. After attending public schools, she attended Skidmore College. She wrote in a variety of genres: poetry, short stories, children’s literature, and novels. When she was in her 30s, she and her husband began to record what she said were messages from a personality named "Seth", and she wrote several books about the experience.

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571 reviews31 followers
January 29, 2019
A great book if you want to think about your existence.
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Author 1 book11 followers
February 21, 2014
"This book will be my most ambitious project thus far." ~ Seth pg. 112 which is where this book technically begins. "The Nature of Personal Reality" was my favorite Seth book, until I read, this one: "Dreams, "Evolution" and Value Fulfillment Vol. One. Everything I had felt deep within me was flowing onto the pages….

Astronomers using a NASA's Hubble Space telescope got a first-hand view of how dark matter behaves during a titanic collision between two galaxy clusters. The explosion created a ripple of dark matter, which is somewhat similar to a ripple formed in a pond when a rock hits the water. The dark matter is the "black ring" around a mass made up of invisible atoms which surrounds the dense core of a giant cluster of galaxies called ZwC10024+1652, about 5 billion light-years from Earth.

"Astronomers have long suspected the existence of the invisible substance as the source of additional gravity that holds together galaxy clusters. Such clusters would fly apart if they relied only on the gravity from their visible stars. Although astronomers don't know what dark matter is made of, they hypothesize that it is a type of elementary particle that pervades the universe." ~NASA

I concluded after reading Dreams, "Evolution and Value Fulfillment" that the inner universe is a gestalt formed by fields of awareized energy that contains what we call "information".

[Every "particle" has some rudimentary awareness of itself and the whole. Electrons are precognitive, and so is our cellular consciousness. Our body is dependent upon the electron's magnificent behavior as it deals with probabilities. The cell's stability, and its reliability in the bodily environment, is dependent upon its innate properties of instant communication and instant decision, for each cell is in communication with all others and is united with all other through fields of consciousness, in which each entity of whatever degree plays a part. At one level our cells obey the rules of time, but on other level they defy it. All of these communications are a part of the human parcel of reality, they all exist beneath what we think of as normal consciousness. Events are not built up initially from physical particles. They are the result of psychological activity. We think of the conscious mind, as the only kind of consciousness with a deliberate intent awareness of itself as itself, and with capacity for logic and the appreciation of symbolism.] [1]

If we transfer our understanding of the human body to the universe we can see similarities. When Conscious Units are invisible waves they are boundless and simultaneously in two places at once, an example is the quark. Units of consciousness are the building blocks for the physical material of our body, for the trees and rocks, the oceans, the continents, and the very manifestation of space itself as we understand it.

Each "particleized" unit, however rides the continual thrust set up by fields of consciousness, in which wave and particle both belong. Each particleized unit of consciousness contains within it inherently the knowledge of all other such particles—for at other levels, again, the units are operating as waves. Basically the units move faster than light, slowing down, in our terms, to form matter. These units can be considered, again, as entities or as forces and they can operate as either.

Ethically, the conscious units represent the spectacular foundations of the world in value fulfillment, for each unit of consciousness is related to each other, a part of the other, each participating in the entire gestalt of mortal experience. [2]

Units of Consciousness, (CUs) are the key ingredient to the Grand Design. Units of Consciousness are equal to Energy, which means we were never created and cannot be destroyed. We have always existed in some form as conscious units of energy. "Everything that can happen does" in quantum physics. Now, I need a symbol for "infinite potentiality" to add to my formula.

CUs α E which is then converted into matter (= mc2)

CUs or Conscious Units are proportional to Energy.

Matter exists in four states (or phases): solid, liquid, gas (vapor) and plasma (ionic form) and all these states are made of atoms, which have a center nucleus, (which could be understood as an ancient library of data).

All particles, even invisible quarks, (which can be simultaneously in two places at once)— have equal value to every other particle. And each "individual" particle has an eternal existence, because energy never dies, it just changes form. So, you could say "units of consciousness" are our existence. "Energy is neither created nor destroyed." This would explain the phrase— there is no beginning or end, comforting huh?

Below is a recap of Particle Physics—source NDT Resource Center

Electrons orbit around their nucleus billions of times a second to form an atom, and each have a rudimentary internal nature that guides them in an orderly manner. They move so fast and the path that they travel is not the same each time, if we could see this, it would look like a cloud around the nucleus.
When electrons gain or lose energy, they jump between energy levels as they are rotating around the nucleus. To understand them more, we need to look at "Magnetism."

How do atomic particles interact? There are forces within the atom that account for the behavior of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Without these forces, an atom could not stay together. Recall that protons have a positive charge, the electrons negative charge and neutrons are neutral. According to the laws of physics, like charges repel each other and unlike charges attract each other.

So what makes the protons and neutrons stay together in an atom? A force called the strong force opposes and overcomes the force of repulsion between the protons and neutrons and holds the nucleus together. The energy associated with the strong force is called the binding energy. The electrons are kept in orbit around the nucleus because there is an electromagnetic field of attraction between the positive charge of the protons and the negative charge of the electrons.

Everything is conscious even a single flower, aroused at its divine depth as it trusts each pedal into the air. This is my favorite time lapse flower. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnbMYz...
As you watch this flower blooming, you can almost understand Energy, Matter and Consciousness as one and the same.

It's February 3rd tonight at midnight, and my son Michael's Birthday! I have formed a phenomena using mental energy — invisible "quarks," which can simultaneously be in two places at once, it's called "Michael's Quantum City." It is designed as a meeting place for great minds. Join the venture into the unknown reality of creation…. click link: http://happy-firewalker.blogspot.com/...

Fun! Kelly Granite Enck
Author of "From Hollywood to God" a Memoir.

Ref: NDT resource center
Foot notes
[1-2] Dream, Evolution, and Value Fulfillment, Jane Roberts
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382 reviews
October 6, 2021
(3½ stars) This book was not what I was expecting. I’ve paid attention to my dreams from a Carl Jung psychological perspective for decades, and I thought this book would offer a different slant on dreams from Seth’s energy-personality-essence, as channeled by Jane Roberts. Unfortunately, Robert Butts indulges in 100 pages of essays updating the reader on Jane Roberts’ recent hospital stay and recovery, and the authors’ personal lives. Not really interested.

However, I was interested in what Seth had to say about how we all strive to add to the quality of our lives, how each of us is connected with a certain group of others who are living at the same time, and how Seth reiterates that “You get what you concentrate on,” whether it’s what you desire or what you fear.

Seth says that consciousness, energy and matter are one, and consciousness will survive physical death. The reference to Dreams is in the earliest forms of life which Seth terms ‘sleepwalkers’ who dreamed reality into physical form before they were in human form.
Much here to stretch the mind and imagination in many directions.
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45 reviews
May 27, 2020
I think that I must have just been reading this book wrong. After reading it, to my understanding, it is to be read as a text book or a religious text. Something to go over again and again, to take notes on. I was just reading it as a book and I think that was a wrong decision.

As for the information it covered, I do believe it is an interesting outlook on life. However, I felt that the most interesting points were only briefly covered. A large, large portion of this book is dedicated solely to the authors personal lives, and not their revelations.
Profile Image for Jess.
61 reviews3 followers
August 21, 2020
I’m pretty sure that I have enjoyed every minute of Seth material I have ever read. This one did have more about Jane and Robert’s life than I would have preferred. Jane is really sick in this book and Robert details his experience with her illness. Overall, good material. Wouldn’t recommend for a first time Seth material so that you do not get bogged down with the details of their personal life.
33 reviews
November 11, 2020
Very information poor and stuffed with irrelevant notes by Robert Butts. The portions where Seth was speaking were decently informative but the skewed ratio of Seth material to Robert Butt's verbal diarrhea left a bad taste in my mouth.
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14 reviews3 followers
March 11, 2017
The Seth series is long and complicated. In conversations supposed "channeled" through Jane Roberts, the Seth personality/entity reveals his own take on metaphysical reality. The material really does twist your brain and forces it to consider new ways of looking at the world. Be prepared to throw away all you pre-existing assumptions about life and the universe. I'll tell you now, that the information will take time to absorb and process and that several readings might be in order. But over time, the books seemed to have much validity. My advice is to dive in and glean what you can at any level.
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5 reviews
September 6, 2019
This was the last Seth-Book that Jane participated in publishing. Just like "...Mass Events," it draws upon past teachings and concepts and builds upon them to create a new masterpiece. Why do I call it a masterpiece? Because it is an attempt to speak-out and illuminate the ruling class of our species hiding within the shadows of public civilization. Yes, the secret-societies or in general the Mystery School Cult.
In 2019, we are well within the twisted times of highly-organized mass-confusion created by the Cult of many tentacles. You can easily see the Cult exposing the "Divining Serpent" secrets of the Vatican through the mesmerized Jonathan Kleck on YouTube using their high-tech computer-brain-interface "voice of god" weapon.
In past books Seth warned that Christianity will be in a dire situation. Within this book, Seth outlines a new picture of the true spiritual source of our species, of all species. "Seth Speaks" already showed us that Earths 2nd world-wide civilization actually failed it's blueprinted, spiritual purpose. BTW this is where all the fake-"alien" non-sense comes from that the thUgtopians are using to confuse the "sheep."
The deeper purpose of this dictation was to tell the thUgs(more than the good-willed sheep) that their route towards failure can still be averted and that "The Ends never justifies their pathetic Means." This connects into the "Unknown Reality" where Seth tells the thUgtopians that "the fall of Atlantis" is not a fear of the past crash... it is actually a message from the future.

Understand, Seth "broke-through" into our probability only a week after the thUgtopians assassinated JFK and that was a "Main-Event" for this time-line while Seth is a Key-Event.
1 review1 follower
January 6, 2008
One of the most intriguing books I've ever read. Deals with time, space, dreams, life, death- in a way I've never perceived before.
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