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2018 BRAG Medallion Winner

Kaleidoscope, a romantic suspense, is the first fast-paced, captivating novel in the Vision Chronicles series by award-winning author Chariss K. Walker!

Mike Lewis is a man with a secret that he doesn't want to share. The life of the 44-year-old geophysicist is one that most would envy. He's handsome, well-paid, and well-traveled but he can't tell anyone about his psychic ability. Such an admission would put him and anyone he told in harm's way.

He has always wanted a loving relationship like the one his parents had but he refused to enter into a committed relationship like that without being completely honest. Can he find a woman to love who will accept his paranormal ability and keep his secret? He wants that more than anything else and his biological clock is ticking.

After spending fifteen years denying his gift of visions in silence, he can no longer cope with keeping this secret. While home after his latest job assignment, he decides to confide in Nelson, a psychiatrist friend of 25 years. Nelson recommends that Mike keep a journal and passively observe the visions rather than being part of them. This exercise allows the pair to explore the visions in a controlled setting. However, shortly after confiding in Nelson, all hell breaks loose!

Mike learns that his home and electronics are bugged. His friends are in danger. A young woman dies. After two failed abductions schemes, and not knowing what else to do, Mike decides he must learn to protect himself. He studies close combat fighting techniques with the determination to fight as long as he can and then run!

The Vision Chronicles eight-book romantic suspense series is a slice-of-life story that details Mike's changing ability, his search for the woman of his dreams, and the protection methods he uses to keep his family safe from the hired thugs who doggedly pursue him.

If you love mind-boggling romantic suspense with a dash of paranormal, this is the thriller series for you. Get your copy now!

383 pages, Kindle Edition

First published February 16, 2014

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About the author

Chariss K. Walker

78 books723 followers
Chariss K. Walker Bio
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2018 Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion
Award-winning author, Chariss K. Walker, M.Msc., Reiki Master/Teacher, writes both fiction and nonfiction books with a metaphysical and spiritual component. Her fiction expresses a visionary/metaphysical message that illustrates growth in a character's consciousness while utilizing a paranormal aspect. Her nonfiction books share insight, hope, and inspiration.
Those who search for meaning and the supernatural in themselves will enjoy her books.
Even though Chariss also writes dark-fiction about insanely dark topics, such as sexual abuse, incest, pedophilia, sexual assault, and other inappropriate dinner conversation, there is always an essential question of the abstract nature that gives a reader increasing awareness and perception.
If you are looking for an author who speaks your language or vernacular then you might like to know that I was born in Arkansas, grew up in the Mississippi Delta as a farmer's daughter. After that, I lived in Tennessee, Colorado, Arkansas again, Mississippi again, Virginia, Florida, Puerto Rico, New Mexico, California, Oregon, North Carolina, Texas, North Carolina again, Colorado, Michigan, Florida again, and now I'm back in Louisiana where I hope to stay put for a while. In other words, I've been a lot of places and seen a lot of stuff which is the basis for my writing.
You can learn more about Chariss and her books on her website: www.chariss.com. All of her books are sold worldwide in eBook, paperback, and many are in large print.
Chariss has one eBook that is currently free to everyone:
Letting Go of Pain https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/4...
which can be found at the above link or my website or in my list of authored books on Goodreads and on Amazon.

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February 24, 2018
Entertaining read. What I really liked about this novel is how we are gently eased into the protagonist's life. We are gradually made familiar with him and his peculiarities. We are also gradually shown what 'a life on hold' really might mean. I definitely like the tableau.

What felt a bit fairy-tale-ish is how virtually everyone in the book either hasn't Q:'aged a day other than laugh lines at the corners of her bright green eyes'(c) or is 'Q: Troy, in his late twenties, had blonde hair, blue eyes, and freckles .the bridge of his nose. He was Greek-god handsome and women flocked to him (c)' or even is 'Q: nicknamed ‘horse’ and ridiculed for being well-endowed...My physical condition is strong with hard abs and glutes. My legs are like tree trunks (c)' and all the way to Q:' she had the body of a goddess underneath the polished clothing.' (c). At this point I'm like, Lake-Woebegone, hello? Where did all the average pals&gals go? This does not chafe too much and my reaction to this pantheon is likely my nasty nitpicker personality speaking out. No one ever forbade any authors from creating the set of characters to match their imaginative needs, Greek gods included. Still, the author should take care about employing gods & goddesses full-time in his future books. At some point they might ask for vacation time and one would have to make do with moderate population.

Overall I really liked the paranormal premise and the overall flow of the text. Some of the statements felt a bit overgeneralized, like Q:'The friendships gave us confidence in who we were and the direction our lives would take. We spent many hours together sharing our beliefs and philosophies about life in general and what we wanted from it.' (c) Then again, it read organic enough, considering that the heroes were speaking about stuff that had been going on ages ago.

Some dialogues were something out of both this world and the next one, both in bad and good qualities. Endearing & funny if unrealistic. Some examples of this:
“You know, darling,” Casey said, “I find you quite unassuming for such a ruggedly handsome man. Although I doubt you know it, you’re rather sexy with an animalistic quality, like a lion or tiger. It’s a tangible sensuality. I do declare, it makes me want to reach out and stroke your fur,” she purred as a slender hand stroked the inside of my forearm. “I find those qualities irresistible in a man. It’s something that’s severely lacking in the eligible bachelors my father tends to introduce,” she paused to giggle. “He can be insufferable at times, though I love him dearly,” she hesitated briefly, “at any rate, I’d love to meet you for a late lunch tomorrow or perhaps dinner tonight.” (c) This is the most hilarious dialogue I've ever read. Do people even speak like that, anymore or ever? The protagonist seems to realize the girl is batshit, so it's fun.
I’m a very high-maintenance woman. Once a week, I’m professionally waxed, salt-scrubbed, and buffed. It’s like detailing a car. (c)Ever felt being a car? Apparently, this is what it's like.

I dont't know why this book worked but somehow it did. Maybe because it was so light-heartedly built, without the dark & gruesome pretense that sometimes plagues the paranormal genre (not in this case, mercifully!). I love my Greek gods and tend to trash anything unreverential on them. Here they felt well-occupied, which is a point to the author and to the book. I went on to this book without paying attention that this was a series, so I will be definitely willing to invest into reading it on.

The ability is a secret I have to keep. It’s impossible to tell anyone about it. Knowing would put them in harm’s way. Admitting that I have this paranormal and unusual gift would certainly put me in danger from those who study such phenomena. (c)
At one time, I wanted to find love and have a family like the one my parents had. Now, I simply suppress the dreams I once held dear.(c)
Acknowledging that felt foreign and outlandish. I’d guarded the secret well and at great cost. No one knew. (c)
Other than cab fare, dining out, and a penchant for great coffee, I spend very little in any given month. I’m fortunate to save or invest the rest. I could retire even now, but I enjoy consulting for the various firms. (c)
As hard as it was to tell him, it had also provided a sense of freedom not easily explained. (c)
I had to break the pattern and routine of secrecy that stifled me if I wanted change. The silence was choking the life out of me. (c)
Over the years, I’d found that women found me attractive, but were often shy, especially in the beginning. Later, they confided that I seemed aloof and mysterious, almost unapproachable... Casey was delectably beautiful and polished while she’d described me as ruggedly handsome and sexy. (c) Ha-ha! I know! I KNOW why the guy is a bachelor! He's not a loner, he's just passionately in love with his own persona. And the author builds him like that!
But why the hell did they put it on your pillow, Mike? What kind of pillow-talk are you having these days? (c)
I left Nelson’s office feeling free and unhindered. It was delicious and I walked with my head higher and my posture more erect. (c)
Be observant of the people and situations around you. You’re working on this already as you observe the images, but continue to use it in everyday situations. Concentrate on improving the senses of sight, smell, and sound. Try to see and hear things that others miss. Become a better listener by hearing what isn’t said as well as what is. And finally, use a step-by-step process to analyze everything. When your intuition is telling you something, ask what else supports its conclusion. Do your other senses of sight, smell, and sound back it up? These steps will help develop intuition and will assist as the passive observer of the kaleidoscope images as well. Practice them. (c)
The mind is a machine, or, more aptly, a computer. It organizes the details of our lives and compartmentalizes those particulars into manageable bits of information. For analysis sake, I’m going to call the bits of information ‘spoons.’ Let’s say that the mind juggles ten spoons each day. There’s a spoon for work, one for family, one for a hobby, and so on. In your case, maybe you used six of the ten allotted spoons to deal with your ability. Perhaps, it took six spoons to stifle or deny the ability, to keep it hidden from family and friends. When using that many spoons for one objective, it leaves a void in other areas. Those areas suffer. For example, perhaps there wasn’t a spoon left for socializing or personal commitments. Perhaps there wasn’t a spoon left for the natural intuition and insight that we develop at certain stages. (c)
With intuition, we know without knowing how we know. Don’t discount ‘gut feelings’ or that ‘knowing.’ Be accepting of it as another avenue of reasoning... (c)
It was an isolated event only that small community, but the citizens didn’t know that. (c) Some minor editing might be beneficial, to make this sentence a bit better-sounding, for example: It was an event isolated only to that small community, but the citizens didn’t know that.

Disclaimer: I was offered this book for free in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Chariss Walker.
Author 78 books723 followers
November 22, 2018
I admit that I am the author of this book, Chariss K. Walker but if I don't believe in it by rating it, how can I expect you to do the same? Besides, my review gives unknown tidbits. such as, Kaleidoscope was inspired by a personal dream I had where I was watching a scene through a kaleidoscope. The toy wasn't filled with pretty colored glass. It was filled with a horrifying disaster. Needless to say, it was shocking, and then, I was awake for the rest of the night thinking about what I had seen. That dream evolved into an exciting, enlightening metaphysical series, The Vision Chronicles.
This series has a little bit of everything - romance, intrigue, paranormal, mystic ability, family life, introspection, and exciting scenes of abduction attempts and car chases. Mike Lewis, the hero, is an amazing man and his true friends are loyal. I know you will enjoy the eclectic mix and real-life quality of all the characters in this series. Keep in mind that the first book sets the tone for the rest of the books, mainly that Mike is psychic and someone is after him, however, Mike's greatest desire is to have a loving family the same as his parents had. Book two is a love story; it describes the courtship of Danny and the struggles faced while a deranged stalker is after her. Book three delves into his acceptance of responsibilities for his new family and how far he will go to protect them. Keep in mind that each book expands on Mike's paranormal ability also. His visions are changing as indicated by the titles of each book. The rest of the series focuses on those aspects - family, responsibility, and trust in the face of many dangers. This series is also a slice-of-life thriller. By that, I mean the story was taken from Mike's personal journals and includes his everyday activities - meals, errands, shopping trips, remodeling, etc.
For more details, visit my website https://www.chariss.com/
Chariss K. Walker, author
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Author 78 books723 followers
August 10, 2018
I love this series. It is a look at the struggles one man has about his paranormal ability as he attempts to attain a normal life and family. He has dealt with this gift his entire life, but his memory is wiped clean. That fact isn't revealed until Spyglass, Book 2. Each book covers about 8 to 10 weeks. Yes, it is slow in places--it is a "slice-of-life" novel which means that his daily activities are covered. The entire 8-book series evolves as Mike's ability changes. The more comfortable and accepting he becomes, the more he can see as indicated by the titles. Yes, it is paranormal--He sees the future. Yes, it is metaphysical/visionary--He learns (and teaches the reader) about the power of visualization and release from the past. How else could Mike learn self-defense so quickly? He uses the incredible power of his mind to "see" his success. It's something each of us has the capacity to do. Yes, it is fiction, but it started with the influence of my own dream.
Profile Image for Heidi.
127 reviews6 followers
June 4, 2014
This story appears to have been created using much of the knowledge and life experiences of the author. She has created a hero, who has a psychic ability to see the future.

We are shown Mike's reluctance and apprehension in accepting this. Although that does not affect him initially, this alters as the story evolves into a thrilling narrative as Mike discovers that someone is aware of his gift and is actually actively trying to abduct him.

There are graphic sexual experiences, which are all part of his own journey to discover both himself and the perpetrators of his persecution. The author uses an easy flowing writing style which is easy to follow. The sexual scenes do however seem to portray in a clinical technically analytical format. Never the less the reader will enjoy this thriller which I found very hard to put down and which by the end had me on the edge of my seat!
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Author 7 books59 followers
August 19, 2018

A cliffhanger from the start, this book is a great beginning to a suspenseful series with visionary, sci-fi, conspiracy elements.
Profile Image for Grady.
Author 52 books1,566 followers
June 4, 2014
`Every time I close my eyes I see visions in a kaleidoscope...filled with black and white images of the future.'

Author Award winning author, Chariss K Walker lives in Amarillo, Texas and has studied religion and metaphysics extensively for many years through seminars, e-courses, home-study courses, self-help books, and earning educational degrees (Bachelors of Metaphysical Sciences and Masters of Divinity). In her words, her real qualifications are what matter more: life experiences, true insight, and helping others. Chariss was designated Ordained Minister. In 2000 and completed the highest degree attainable as Reiki Master/Teacher in 2001. She has helped many with self-assisted healing, meditation, prayer, balancing and opening energy channels, and self-realization and now uses her writings to teach the metaphysical and esoteric concepts she has studied for over thirty years to assist those wanting more from life. She has authored non-fiction books on spiritual growth and searching for the spiritual path. She has also written THE VISION CHRONICLES of which KALEIDOSCOPE is the first installment. According to Walker, `Kaleidoscope (The Vision Chronicles, Book 1) began with a dream. I dreamt that I was viewing an actual 'scene' through a kaleidoscope rather than the pretty colored glass. That one dream evolved into an eight book series. I drew on many experiences from my own past and stories I'd heard growing up in the Mississippi Delta, an area that stretches from Memphis to Vicksburg.'

At age 30 Michael James Lewis (aka `Dr Mike') is a geophysicist assigned to a survey team in Cairo where Mike meets an Egyptian man named Adom who informs Mike he has a gift - a frightening ability to see the future whenever he closed his eyes - the view with his eyes closed was that of a kaleidoscope. `At first, the images were blurry and unclear. Mike wasn't sure what he was seeing. The kaleidoscope images weren't like nightmares or bad dreams that awakened him. They were images that kept him from falling asleep. They began each time he closed his eyes, day or night. Mike had tossed and turned trying to bury his head in the pillow as if that would stop them, but nothing worked. Once he got to sleep, he slept well and stayed asleep. But the problem was getting past the visions so that Mike was able to sleep.....what he had seen through the kaleidoscope had actually happened. Being out in the desert, in a third world country or on top of Mt. Everest for several weeks or months didn't particularly lend itself to current events or knowing whether or not he had seen the images first or after the incident had taken place. Most of the images were of obscure events, not major news, and were often broadcast for only a few days after the event occurred. It was a while before Mike realized that he was seeing visions of the future.'

Walker adroitly takes this fantastical image and turns it into a harrowing suspense novel. Fifteen years of holding the 'gift' secret Mike's ability to see the future provides images that play on his paranoia - images heeding him of impending danger. Someone is after him and they're determined to learn all they can about Mike's secretly guarded ability. His home is bugged and his computers are tracked, forcing him aggressively approach the problem. He wants to know who's behind the chaos in his life, but as he explores and gathers important information, the more bizarre his life becomes. Mike finally realizes that the best he can do is learn how to protect himself, stand and fight as long as he can, and then run. And how the strange case of Mike Lewis ends closes the book - or rather opens the avenues for further similar adventures as the Vision Series unfolds. This is a fine blend of the esoteric/supernatural with the character elements of friendship, camaraderie, and love that makes the story rich indeed.
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Author 7 books222 followers
May 4, 2018
Kaleidoscope (The Vision Chronicles #1)
by Chariss K. Walker

I am not sure how to describe this book. It is very easy to read and even easier to get into. But paranormal - I am not sure, but the visions element is super. Paranormal in a real way - if that makes any sense! I expected something completely different when I looked at the cover!

The Good!
I loved the fact that Mike has a secret and he wasn't aware of it. It built intrigue from the start and Odom opening the door to his visions. I felt bad and good for Mike as he had the ability but did he have a choice to open it? I felt sorry for him at the start, and the more I read, the more I edged to the side of my chair.. this book is exciting!

The Bad!
This is not a story it is a bloody epic! Good grief, the details and the bits of information and the thrilling bits - who is trying to kidnap Mike, etc. I loved the bad bit of the story - thrilling.

The Ugly
There are some disturbing visions of events.... When the action comes - it comes with force!

I really enjoyed this read, even though it is not my usual type of reading. It draws you in! 

5 Stars
10.1k reviews112 followers
February 20, 2019
Wow what a story. Michael has a boring, quiet life. Only one problem. He can see future disasters. Intriguing and gripping
Profile Image for Pamela Peerce-Landers.
22 reviews2 followers
August 13, 2016
Mike Lewis, a confirmed bachelor and PhD geologist, leads an idyllic life. He travels all over the world doing short assignments for GSM. He is well-paid and lives very comfortably in New York City. Everything is perfect until an Egyptian laborer, Adom, tells Dr. Mike (as he calls him) that he has long had the ability to see the future. Mike gets angry and denies any such power. Adom taps him on the forehead and instantly, Mike's life changes.

He begins to see kaleidoscopic visions of future events whenever he closes his eyes. He never knows where an event will take place or when it will actually occur. He only knows that until it happens, he will continue to have the same vision. Then he will see a new vision. Not surprisingly, these visions interfere with his sleeping. At first he takes sleeping pills, but then he finds that exhausting physical workouts are equally effective in allowing him to sleep.

While home after his latest assignment, Mike decides he needs to confide in someone about his visions. He goes to see an old college buddy, Nelson, who is a psychiatrist. At first, Nelson is speechless. Like Adom, he tells Mike he has had the ability to see the future since at least their Columbia days. He is disturbed about the kaleidoscope. Twice he recommends Mike go to a research facility for help, but Mike is dead set against the idea. He does not want to be locked up and tested. That's the reason he has kept these visions a secret for so many years. Nelson recommends that Mike keep a journal and convinces Mike to let him teach him how to observe the visions instead of being part of them. This will allow the two of them to explore the visions, looking for clues about their location, etc. Mike agrees. When Nelson learns that Mike's vision of a giant weed smothering crops has happened in Cambodia, he gets really excited.

Shortly afterward, Mike meets Cassandra, "Casey," in a coffee bar called Cavenders. Casey is beautiful, rich and loves having sex with Mike. They have an amazing 3 days and then she is gone from his bed on the fourth morning. He comes home later and finds her in the kitchen. He never gave her a key, so how did she get in? Not wanting to ruin a perfect thing, he doesn't ask.

The following evening, Casey makes dinner reservations for them at La Palucci, but she doesn't show. When Mike finally leaves, he is accosted by two men who want to snatch him. Being in better shape, he wins the fight and gets away. When confronted, Casey claims she got hung up at one of her mother's dinner parties.

Mike gets an assignment in Roussillon, France. He leaves messages for Nelson and Casey. He tells Nelson exactly where he is going, but only tells Casey he is going to France. Imagine his surprise when Casey shows up at the airport and informs him that she has been sent to Marseille on business. Hmmm.

They agree to meet in Marseille and spend the weekend together. Casey produces an excellent white wine and pours them each a glass. Suddenly, Mike has a vision of himself switches their glasses. While she showers, he does switch the glasses. She had laced his with a strong sedative to make him compliant to enable some goons to grab him. Once again, he eludes capture, but he also decides he needs training in self-defense. His showy muscles are not enough.

As the story unfolds, Mike's visions continue to be personal. We learn more and more about the company and its reach. There do not appear to be any lines it won't cross to get its hands on Mike. Mike needs answers and he needs to disappear because the people after him will never stop. They have an infinite reserve of operatives.

Fast-moving, intriguing and suspenseful, I read "Kaleidoscope" in one day. Looking forward to reading the next book in the series, "Spyglass."
Profile Image for Cathy .
285 reviews5 followers
August 22, 2019
Kaleidoscope by Chariss K. Walker
A huge thank you to the author for giving me a free copy in return for my honest opinion. Kaleidoscope kept my attention and I am left wanting to know what is next for Mike! This book takes you on a ride into the mind and life of Mike who has a vision of an event that happens in the near future, when one event happens he gets another vision and so on....who is trying to grab Mike so they can use his gift/curse? Will they succeed getting their hands on him or will Mike disappear successfully. ...I need to get my hands on the next installment of this story (Spyglass).
206 reviews5 followers
February 18, 2018
Another "first author" for me. But you can rest assured that I will be reading the rest of the series.

What a story line...seeing little clips into the future!

Well worth reading.
Profile Image for QueenBeeQT.
134 reviews1 follower
June 2, 2018
Action Packed Thrill Ride You Won’t Want to End

Michael, a geophysicist, thinks he has a boring, mundane life, with one exception: He can see a horrific, random future event, until it comes true, but they are scattered images, similar to what you would see through a kaleidoscope. He has fought this “ability” for over 17 years, but once he is ready to accept it, he realizes that he has been constantly monitored for evidence of his ability since he was a child. He realizes that he is being followed and that his life may be in danger. Action packed craziness ensues as two of his five best college friends, a psychiatrist and an FBI agent, get drawn into his drama.

Kaleidoscope is well written with an action packed plot and great characters I immediately enjoyed. Warning: This is book 1 of the series, The Vision Chronicles, and ends with a huge cliffhanger. I already bought and can’t wait to read book 2, Spyglass (all 8 books in the series are available now). I was introduced to this book by an email from Voracious Readers Only. Thank you, Chariss, for an amazing start to what I expect to be a fantastic series!!! :)
Profile Image for Reeca Elliott.
1,241 reviews14 followers
April 7, 2019
I enjoyed the uniqueness of this novel. It was so different. The story kept pulling at me and was entertaining. I did feel the characters might need a little more developement and the conversations were a little stilted. But over all this was really good read! A+ on originality! AND that ending!
Profile Image for gj indieBRAG.
1,505 reviews66 followers
May 3, 2019
We are proud to announce that KALEIDOSCOPE (The Vision Chronicles, Book 1) by Chariss K. Walker is a B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree. This tells readers that this book is well worth their time and money!
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1,242 reviews133 followers
June 2, 2016
Kaleidoscope: The Vision Chronicles, Book 1 by Chariss Walker, published by CreateSpace Direct is intriguing. It is not a stand-alone book. They are designed to be read in order. There are eight books in this series.

I gave this book five stars. There was a lot of research done to write this captivating book.
Michael James Lewis, aka Mike was a geophysicist working outside Cairo in 1998 when he was thirty. He discovered from a co-worker that he had a special gift. He had spent fifteen years denying his gift of visions.

"After a light dinner, I went to the gym for a grueling workout. It was something I did nearly every night of the week. When on a jobsite, I bought a temporary pass to the nearest gym. My body was lean and hard from the punishment I gave it, but that’s what I needed to find restful sleep."
Mike has a weekly housekeeper, Maria. He realizes there's not a lot of dirt but his living area needs attention. "As a dedicated bachelor, I’m tidy. I subscribe to the rules left over from childhood. If you open it, close it. If you break it, fix it. If you get it out, put it back, and so forth. Nevertheless, dust accumulates and any home takes on a stale odor when windows and doors remain closed for long intervals."

Here is Mike's description of his visions as he tells it to Nelson, who is the first person he ever told. "'Here it is in a nutshell: every time I close my eyes I see visions in a kaleidoscope. It is not the kaleidoscope of childhood filled with pretty-colored glass. It’s a kaleidoscope filled with black and white images of the future. It crackles and sparkles like the one I had as a kid, but rather than geometric shapes, this one shows broken images of future events. Visions that sometimes torment me. The images are reflections, not clear pictures. The visions I see are fragments, like a stained-glass window. What I see appears to use the same principle as a kaleidoscope, where several reflective surfaces are placed at an angle to one another.'"

His friend, Nelson Fitch taught Psychology at Columbia & had a clinical practice, suggested that he start keeping a journal & he did.

Mike was a confirmed bachelor but realized he missed having someone who missed him. He met Casey D'Angelo & they started a relationship. He found everything about her refreshing. Then his maid Maria found an unusual listening device inside the pillow case as she changed the bed linens.
He didn't know if it could be because he'd told Nelson about his visions or if it could be a jealous boyfriend of Casey's. Either way, it was disturbing & he contacted a friend at the FBI about it. He also had security videos installed in his home.

In a discussion with Nelson about learning to accept his 'gift' he learned: "'“It’s about acceptance. You’ve heard the analogy that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile. Well, the same concept could be applied regarding denial and acceptance. Acceptance is a more natural state whereas denial requires concentrated energy.'"

I received a complimentary kindle copy from the author. That did not change my opinion for this review.

I look forward to learning more about Mike in the upcoming chronicles. He's a well developed character.The next book is Spyglass, Book 2.

Link to purchase: http://www.amazon.com/Kaleidoscope-Vi...
10 reviews2 followers
October 16, 2014
For some people who want to jump into a fast-paced suspense or action novel with little to no understanding of the main character or what drives him, Kaleidoscope may not be the read for them. For me, however, it was wonderful.

The story of 44-year old protagonist Mike Lewis's discovery of a psychic ability he neither wants nor understands is a thought-provoking and suspense-filled psychological look into the mind of a man who has denied the existence of his visions since childhood. To his few friends, he has an enviable life with a job that pays well, allows him to fly around the world for work that he enjoys on more or less his own schedule, and as a handsome, fit man, he can pretty much have any woman he wants. Even Mike believes his life is pretty good, but he has become a creature of habit and something indefinable is missing. He has arranged his life so that he does not have to look at any of it too closely, until he meets Adom, an Egyptian who works for the same company. At a single touch by Adom, Mike's suppressed "sixth sense" kicks into overdrive and he begins seeing visions of things that come true whenever he closes his eyes, but he sees them as if he's looking at them through a kaleidoscope. Because of this, he cannot make sense out of them until after the event happens. The visions frighten him and he tries For years to ignore them, but over time the denial of his gift takes a toll on him. He can't sleep and goes to a psychiatrist friend for help. With his assistance, Mike begins to learn how to control his reaction to the visions and how to figure out what they mean. He begins to discover a lot about himself as well: that he has kept himself distant from those he cares about and prevented any relationships with women from becoming too close, that he really wants the closeness of a relationship like his parents had together. He also inadvertently discovers that someone has bugged his home and has apparently been watching him for years. Then someone tries to abduct him in broad daylight and Mike has to learn not only who is behind the attempted kidnapping and why, but how to protect himself and prevent another abduction. When things turn deadly, he has to ramp up his own game to stay safe. It becomes a race against the clock to see if he can find whoever it is behind this plot before they find a way to take him prisoner or kill him.

I loved the depth of development in this character as he finds ways to deal with the challenges and dangers being thrown at him. The story is as much about who Mike Lewis is as it is about the action, and it is a fascinating glimpse into his psyche as well as his extraordinary situation. I highly recommend this novel for anyone who is interested in learning how the human mind grapples with the impossible.
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682 reviews15 followers
September 1, 2014
I was offered this book for free by LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review. I found the story to be very different from anything I have read before and is just the kind of story I love. It revolves around Mike, an ordinary man who sees visions much like a kaleidoscope when he closes his eyes. The catch is that his visions always come true. Now, someone is after him for his gift.
To be honest, I found the first few pages hard to get into but I kept with it and was not disappointed. I think it is normal considering that this is the first book of an anticipated series. Once I got past a certain spot, I found myself staying up at night to finish the book. There are more questions than answers by the end of the book but considering this is a series it makes sense to leave it as a cliff hanger. I found the description of Mike's experiences and dilemmas very realistic and believable. The action and tension created as the novel went on added to my interest. The biggest accomplishment for me is the fact that the author made this very believable and not in the realm of science fiction.
In all, I found this book to be original and well written. I am very interesting in continuing the story.
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June 6, 2014
Kaleidoscope is the first book in the Vision Chronicles by Chariss K. Walker. It features Michael James Lewis, a geophysicist with a unique gift. Mike sees the future as if through a kaleidoscope every time that he closes his eyes. His gift hasn't always worked this way though. He is informed by an Egyptian colleague named Adom that he has a gift and that he always has. Having no clue what he is talking about, Mike is surprised and frightened when he wakes up the next day with terrifying kaleidoscope visions when he closes his eyes. Mike spends years developing strategies to be able to sleep without being bombarded with these visions until one day he can’t take it anymore and reaches out to Nelson, a longtime friend who is a psychologist, for help. It is at this time that his world descends into chaos and the real journey begins.

Walker did an excellent job getting me invested in Mike and his friends, such a great job that the cliff hanger he ended the book with has me clambering for more. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next installment of the Vision Chronicles.
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January 27, 2019
Yes, Joe, I trust you completely, but what the heck are you planning??? Ok. Just had to get that out.

All Mike wanted to do was break free from his monotonous life. Freedom is the last thing The Group will allow him.

You know things are bad when a trifecta of strangers contemplates an unlikely “merger.” Each has a separate score to settle. Information is priceless. Family is highly valued. Family tends to share more than the last name.

I love watching as all the pieces start to come together. As the web of treachery reveals itself, Mike realizes he needs to gather his resources. He needs to prepare himself mentally and physically. Mike learns to accept his gift. He will no longer be a victim of his past.

I loved reading this book. I loved watching Mike as he learned to use his gift. I loved the importance placed on family. I loved experiencing the balance shift. I was completed frustrated with the cliff hanger – I was not ready for the story to end. I will impatiently wait for the second book of The Visions Chronicles…
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August 19, 2016
This book drags you in until you can't get out of it grasps. It started off slow and it first read liked a journal of events. I didn't understand in the beginning why it was like that, but when it sweeps you off your feet, you understand right away why it had to start like that in the beginning. Mike James Lewis has this paranormal ability to be able to see future events. He has few friends he trusts and when he tells one of them of this "curse" he has things start happening in his life and it causes complete chaos. It is an in depth book and it really covers a lot of detail in the short span of the book. I was so hungry to keep the series going that I actually went ahead and grabbed the second book of the series. This book is definitely an original, I have never read a book with a character with much complexity and detail. The author definitely has a fan for life! Sorry I couldn't write more, writing this review is making me behind on finishing book two! I'm hooked!!!
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November 24, 2017
This is one of those novels that will have you shaking your head wondering what in the world will happen next!

It is bad enough that Mike Lewis has always had second sight--although he was not aware of it--but when he met a man on a job site site who poked him in the middle of the forehead--things got even stranger. He began to see future events when he closed his eyes--but the scenes were fractured--like a kaleidoscope.

He has been hiding this from his friends until he could not take it anymore. That's when things really take off!

Beware the ending is a cliff hanger which I could not ignore! I ended up purchasing the 7 remaining titles in this series!!

These were not written as stand alone--far from it!! Once you read this you are definitely going to want to buy the others!
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June 9, 2014
We have all heard of a Kaleidoscope. That beautiful childhood toy that allows you to see a colorful combination when you look into it is a favorite memory of mine. What if that beautiful memory was turned into terrifying visions that clouded your mind every time you closed your eyes? That is what happens to Mike Lewis, the protagonist in Kaleidoscope by Chariss K. Walker, every time he closes his eyes. He has a gift for seeing the future, but it appears to him as terrifying pictures in a broken Kaleidoscope pattern. After hiding his gift for many years Mike decides it time to open up to someone. From that point on his life turns into chaos. Between the characters, the action, the paranormal activity and one heck of a cliff hanger, I can’t wait to read the next story in The Vision Chronicles.
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June 17, 2018
Kaleidoscope (The Vision Chronicles Book 1) by Chariss K. Walker

Mike is able to see visions of horrible things to come through a Kaleidoscope. But someone wants to abuse his "gift" and turn it into something bad. Now he must do what he can to protect himself, friends and family.

A fantastic story with mystery, suspense, paranormal events and a dash of romance. The plot moves at a steady pace, with likable characters and intense moments. The perfect blend for a great read. I thoroughly enjoyed Kaleidoscope and feel others will enjoy it as well. A true five-star read!
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January 18, 2015
***Disclaimer - I received a free copy of this book from LibraryThing.com in exchange for an honest review. Opinions are strictly my own.***

The characters were likeable and I wanted to know what would happen, but it was fairly predictable in parts. Other parts forced me to suspend reality (can Mike really get that good at martial arts that quickly? Come on). Although the plot moved along, it was often driven by statements of what happened with no dialogue or action to involve the reader. It was a decent read, but I'm glad it was free. At some point I may read the rest of the series but I'm not in any big hurry to do so.
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July 11, 2018
One of the few Indie books I've started and could not stop, until the final page. This one hooked me and would not let go. Written in the first person by a female, demonstrating a rare ability to convey, with amazing clarity and credibility, the thrilling story of a male character whose extraordinary ability torments him and nearly leads to his death. I would recommend this book to anyone. I look forward to reading the sequel.
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May 29, 2016
Wonderful beginning to this series. Well written and fast paced. I loved it and can't wait to dive into the next installment.
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July 31, 2016
Great Book

I truly enjoyed this book. I will read the next one. I hope you keep the series going. Love Mke's character.
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December 18, 2017
Rollicking Good Read

Starts out “ordinary” but quickly morphs into a roller coaster ride and a journey of self-discovery and self-preservation. Looking forward to book 2.
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March 29, 2018
I love this & I can't wait for more.
I will be also leaving a review on Goodreads @ Amazon.
And letting everyone know about it.
So i gave it a 5 Stars.
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August 1, 2018

I can’t believe that l actually thought l wouldn’t like this book, but it is a paranormal thriller and it takes you for a ride.
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