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How Far would you go to protect the people you love?

Seventeen-year old Emma wants what every teenage girl wants: good friends, good grades, and a good looking boyfriend who only has eyes for her. Little does she know that in order to get one, she must sacrifice the other two.

When Luke, Emma's apparently devoted boyfriend, sets in motion a series of events, Emma is kicked out of her group home and loses her best friend. And that's just the beginning.

Luke is invading her dreams and Emma has to fight to escape his control. Sure, she has the assistance of Solomon, a mysterious Native American warrior, but will her feelings for him ruin everything, just like her attraction to Luke did? The connection between them is stronger than anything Emma has ever experienced before, but now she must decide: can she trust him with her heart? And just how far will she go to protect it?

335 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 10, 2014

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About the author

Ava O'Shay

6 books53 followers
After many years trudging through the social awkwardness of high school and the whirl wind of college romances I finally landed in the Seattle area writing about the hell, horror, and don't forget the hot romance of youth. I love all things outdoors and can be found hiking, kayaking, mountain biking or doing anything that will work up a good sweat *winks*. I love to interact with my readers and meet them at signings.

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235 reviews2 followers
April 23, 2015
***Book received for an honest review - Paranormaly Yours Book Club book ***

There were good things and bad things about this book. At the end of the day I wanted the story to continue, but I don't think it lived up to its potential.

The beginning is VERY hard to read. On purpose. I think it could have had a bit more finesse though in regards to how Emma reacted to the abuse she received. Such a strong person, who's been through so much, even if she was just taking the abuse, would have something to say about it in her head, if not out loud.

Part of the reason that Emma reacted the way she did throughout the book it's because she was only 17. I get that. But she wasn't a normal 17 year old. She'd been through a few rodeos, and at the point where this story begins, I feel like her reactions would have been a bit more mature. I had the same sort of feeling during Twilight. If that was ok with you, it may not bother you in this book.

I found myself frustrated many times by the simple lack of communication between everyone. It was used to create tension, but I think that could have been finessed a bit as well.

Other than that, I really enjoyed the Native American and paranormal/spiritual elements. I thought the underlying plot, which did take quite a while to unfold, was interesting. It looks like it is being set up for several more stories based on the other characters. I wouldn't mind reading those. The author's writing style is enjoyable and her dialog is good. I just felt like had the characters been more forthright with each other, the story would have moved more quickly and instead of tension between the non- communicating protagonists, it could have been spent on fights with the antagonist.
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1,349 reviews139 followers
July 3, 2014
When I read the synopsis for Entrusted, my curiosity was certainly piqued. I love Native American folklore and having visited the Pacific Northwest a few times, these particular legends were of particular interest. While I liked Entrusted, it wasn't everything I was hoping for.

The story incorporates the Native American legend of the Raven. Long ago, he chose to travel the 'wrong' path and was punished. The Great Spirit took Raven's heart and placed it into a vessel for safekeeping until Raven's day of reckoning.

The human vessel is Emma. Emma has led a challenging life to say the least. She wants to be normal but that is something she can't seem to attain. Every time she gets close to someone they've left her, or disappeared, or worse. She's recently been involved in an relationship and was kicked out of her foster home. She's now been placed with Bidi, a Native American woman, on a reservation. And there, she meets the boy who's been starring in her dreams. There is a connection between them, but Emma doesn't understand it. And after what she's endured with Luke, she's not sure if she can trust Solomon.

Solomon, the boy who began showing up in Emma's dreams, remains rather mysterious and enigmatic for awhile. Emma meets him in her dreams nightly, but he's standoffish and cryptic in real life - speaking in her mind quite often, and only offering that he's meant to be her protector.

Luke, the boy whom Emma thought loved her, has been toying with her. It seems it's all been in an effort to claim her. Luke is violently possessive, and Emma is grateful to have been put in a home so far from him. But Luke also comes to Emma in her dreams. Emma doesn't seem to be able to escape him.

I really, really enjoyed the Native American folklore element of the story. I liked the inclusion of Native American ceremonies, a potlatch, the histories, and eventually, the explanation of Emma's life. I only wished there had been a bit more description of Emma's life prior to Luke's appearance in it. I would have liked for Emma to have been made aware of her situation sooner in the story. The slow reveal of her part in the legend made the story a bit convoluted. It was frustrating that I didn't understand. And I wish Emma had been more decisive. I understood her logic to a point and I understood her hesitation to trust Solomon, but the indecision made me want to shake her.

I did enjoy Entrusted, despite my wish list. Ms. Michael did a nice job with researching the Native American lore, wrapping a story around it, and incorporating the language, ceremony, dance and tradition. I also liked the characters, particularly Solomon and his brothers. The story made me care about Emma and Solomon. And I wouldn't mind another story involving some of the side characters. Entrusted just wasn't all I was hoping it would be.

*Review re-posted here as author re-published with new publisher.*
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Author 3 books191 followers
July 3, 2014
The cover is lovely, the blurb interesting, but I felt that neither really sum up the thrilling, fast-paced story inside.

Emma is a foster child, thrown around between homes until she lands in her senior year. All's going well. She has a great friend, Greg, is a star on the cross country team with chances for State, lives in an okay group home and even has the chance of landing a nice scholarship for college. Her life's been rough (no one has ever stuck around her very long), but the future's looking bright. But when the dark, mysterious Luke shows up and Emma is immediately, insanely drawn to him, everything takes a gigantic turn for the worse.

Emma is a girl who's willing to work hard, empathetic toward others, and doesn't really expect too much out of life. All in all, she's a down to earth girl who's very easy to sympathize with. I'll admit, the beginning of the book threw me a little. For such a stabile person, I was a bit surprised that Emma threw herself at Luke so quickly, especially when their relationship turned violent almost immediately (and she still stuck with him.) Granted, the reasoning (which is presented later in the story) does explain this, but as I was reading it, it was hard to accept '(and stomach). I would have loved to see this entire inital time with Luke a little more drawn out and deepened, not only so that her attraction to him despite his temper would have a little more reasoning behind it, but I think it would have even offered another layer when the amazing ending fights came. And they were simply fun to read!

This is an enjoyable, well-written read. I was drawn into Emma's problems and read this book in one setting. Emma's attempt to break free of Luke is tense and action filled. I fevered for her as she tried to start a new life, knowing that the danger still hovered in the background.

The Indian 'warriors', which step into her life are amazing - hot, funny, sensitive, loving. Yep, I wanted to jump into their circle too because they sounded like a blast to be around. Wonderful characters. It was nice to watch Emma pulled into this warm environment, while still struggling with her past. It was like a hug in troubled times, and set a marvelous mood for the dangerous fights which still followed her and were to come.

The story is full of action, tension, magic, teenage love and learning to trust. I can recommend this for anyone into YA Paranormal Fantasy with a splash of romance.
Profile Image for Lena Carmona.
31 reviews3 followers
April 24, 2015
Paranormaly Yours Book Club R&R

A little about the story:
Emma is a 17 year old Orphan who has been in the foster system since she was a baby. She went from Foster family to Foster family never really finding a Home. The Ridge was her last stop or so she thought. Everything was playing out for her, she had good grades in school and was on the Cross Country Team with her best friend Greg, hoping for a scholarship. That was until Luke showed up.
Luke seemly was a teenage boy who had a hard life and was a little misguided. He seemed like someone needing saving. Could Emma save him? At what cost?
With Luke turning Emma's life upside down,she finds herself living with Indian's , who happen to be her protectors. Emma searches for the truth about who she is, who they are and what Luke is really after.

Lena's Opinion: The story itself was interesting. I liked where the author was going with it. I loved the Native American folklore and even fell in love with Solomon, the main Ancient warrior sent to protect Emma. I am more than sure a lot of readers did.
I thought Emma's character could have shown more strength and wisdom. I know she was only 17 years old but, I felt the way she took Luke's abuse was a little to weak for someone with her life experience. I also have to say, her indecisiveness was frustrating to say the least. I wanted to reach in the book and slap her myself. Even at 17, she should have not been so naive to what was going on around her. Many times I caught myself yelling at her to wise up and choose already!
I felt like the story dragged on a little to long and could have done without some repetitive explaining.

Over all it was a good Story, one that seems like it could be apart of a series, since there where more key characters than just the main ones. I would like to see all the Ancient Warriors have their own story.

I rate this book a 3 Star
Artsy Book Lovin' Sisters
13 reviews3 followers
May 2, 2015
I really wanted to like Entrusted. In the end, I didn't feel like reading it was a total waste of time. I do feel the story fell apart somewhere in the middle although it did pull together in the end. While the book relied heavily on Native American folklore, the story still felt too contrived or far-fetched. Emma's ongoing refusal to accept the aid of the only people that can obviously help her quickly became tedious and seriously impacted the story's potential. Once the story finally began to move forward, it was a decent read. Ava O'Shay has a writing style that flows well and is easy to read. I believe her writing will only improve and look forward to reading more of her books in the future.
Profile Image for Chele.
634 reviews
September 22, 2014
Wow! Powerful Book.
So much action packed into this amazing story.
Emma has had a hard life of foster homes,people dying and being left behind time and again.
Ancient Native American Legends come to the for front of her life when Luke comes into her life.He says he loves her and then is violent with her making her feel unworthy. He follows her even into her dreams claiming to want back what he says belongs to him.She is sent to Grayland with Bidi this is where she Meets Logan ,Job Josiah Jonah and Most Importantly ,Solomon.
Join Emma on her journey of discovering who she is and by finding Love and Purpose.
I highly recommend this story to EVERYONE!
Profile Image for Kathryn.
2,530 reviews76 followers
June 5, 2015
Loved this story. I met the author, and really liked why she recommended the story to me. And now I know why. It's so different from others that I've read. Ancient Indians. I adored this premise and the love story, the healing strength that comes from the heart. The author hits you where it hurts in this story and I wanted more. I still do, days after finishing it.

**note to abuse victims** there might be a few trigger points in this story, but they eventually go away. please guard your heart and remind yourself that this is a story. x
Profile Image for Jackie.
174 reviews11 followers
April 3, 2015
Wonderful Story

I really enjoyed this book. There were many times when I became frustrated with Emma, but I could see where her reluctance was coming from. The Native American folklore was really interesting. I can't wait to read more by this talented author.
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