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Mia Devine fell hard for Lucas Fournier after their magical week in Paris. But eight months later, the free-spirited half-French musician still hasn't made any promises about their future. And as magnifique as long-distance phone sex is, nothing compares to the real thing.

Fed up with stolen weekends and lonely nights, Mia flies to New York armed with a list of reasons why they should take the next step, but an unexpected guest in Lucas's apartment derails her plans. He’s been keeping secrets--worse, he claims he's happy with the way things are.

Without the magic of Paris, can their mismatched love survive?

150 pages, ebook

First published June 1, 2014

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About the author

Melanie Harlow

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USA Today bestselling author of sweet and sexy romance. Lover of cocktails, high heels, and history with the naughty bits left in. Michigan girl. INTJ. Always seeking ginspiration...

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June 6, 2014
1.5--Thanks for Ruining Frenched--Stars!!!

Me when I found out we were getting more Lucas and Mia..

Me after I read this shit-astic book...


I strongly advise those that loved Frenched NOT read Yanked.


Yanked picks up 8 months after Frenched. Mia and Lucas are in a long distance relationship. We start off with a bang....some hot phone sex. Mia is still insecure over Lucas' willingness, or lack there of, to settle down and make things permanent.

Mia decides to surprise Lucas and visit him in NY! And here's where EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING goes to shit.

Mia shows up at Lucas' apartment to find none other than Jessica, Lucas' ex, and no Lucas in sight.

Guess who's been staying with Lucas since she came back to town? Jessica. Guess who didn't tell Mia about Jessica and their new arrangement? Lucas. Guess who didn't tell Jessica that he was in a relationship with Mia? Lucas.

It's not so much that Jessica was in his apartment. Yes, that sucked. But what pissed me off even more was Lucas' reaction to said situation and his LAME ASS excuses.

“I just didn’t see the point in telling you something that would cause you anguish. Something that you couldn’t do anything about.”
“So you’d have let her stay here even if I’d said I wasn’t comfortable with it?” I challenged.
“It is my apartment.” A note of defensiveness edged his words. A slight emphasis on my.
“She’s my friend. I didn’t think we had rules for each other that way, Mia. Rules about friends, I mean.”

And if that wasn't bad enough he follows that up with...

“Look, she’s not a threat to you. And I’ve never believed that a couple needs to tell each other everything. Total transparency is not healthy in a relationship.”

Rightfully so, Mia gets mad and walks out on Lucas. But JHC could she have forgiven him any easier. I mean DAMN!

It takes her 0.2 seconds to jump Lucas' bones and vice versa. And now it's like a switch was flipped and all is forgiven and they are nauseatingly in love.

Time for me to start skimming.

At this point Lucas still won't commit to anything more with Mia. Yet not a day later Lucas has an epiphany...

"I’m saying what you said yesterday. I want more. I love you and I miss you every day. I lied when I said I was happy with the way things are—I’m not. I want more; I’m just scared.”

Nothing pisses me off more than creating unnecessary drama for a couple and we had it here in spades.

So BEYOND DISAPPOINTED with the direction this novella went....

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March 14, 2015

I'm really really disappointed. The author promised we will still love Lucas at the end. Well, maybe Mia still loves him.. But not me! Maybe she forgave him (waaaay to easily btw) but I didn't forgive him!

What happened just leaved me totally pissed! It was the same old shit!

Major spoilers

Mia and Lucas are having a long distance relationship for 8 months.. She is living in Detroit he in New York.. Mia wants to be spontaneous and books a ticket to New York.. Of course without Lucas knowing about that.

But guess what or who is waiting for her at his apartment? Totally cliche.. Really.. His ex girlfriend Jessica!

She is living with Lucas for a few days until she finds her own apartment.
The worst things is that Jessica didn't even know about Mia and her relationship to Lucas. And of course Mia didn't know about Jessica staying in Lucas apartment either.

Lucas' reasons for not telling Jessica about Mia are so stupid. He just wanted to keep his romantic life private..

All his reasons for his behavior were stupid...

“I just didn’t see the point in telling you something that would cause you anguish. Something that you couldn’t do anything about.”
“So you’d have let her stay here even if I’d said I wasn’t comfortable with it?” I challenged.
“It is my apartment.” A note of defensiveness edged his words. A slight emphasis on my.
“She’s my friend. I didn’t think we had rules for each other that way, Mia. Rules about friends, I mean.”

“Look, she’s not a threat to you. And I’ve never believed that a couple needs to tell each other everything. Total transparency is not healthy in a relationship.”

So instead of apologizing or kicking Jessica out.. He still wants to go to diner with Jessica and some friends.. and he doesn't even invite Mia..

Mia leaves. Eventually she meets him in a hotel to talk.. In the hotel the problem is solved with sex. He blackmails her with her orgasm. Yes, for me it was blackmail!

“Say you forgive me.” His mischievous expression was gone, replaced by a genuine look of longing in his eyes, maybe even a little fear.
“Say it, Mia.” He lowered me all the way down, and I gasped at the sudden fullness, the shock of pleasure deep inside me.
“I can’t lose you. Say you still love me.”

And since Mia wants to come so desperately she forgives him.

And now almost everything is fine again!

Later he apologizes for everything.. Then he says to her a few times that she is beautiful and that he loves her.. He even agrees to move together because he wants more and was just scared..

“I’m saying what you said yesterday. I want more. I love you and I miss you every day. I lied when I said I was happy with the way things are—I’m not. I want more; I’m just scared.”

I really don't enjoy being mean here because I really liked Frenched. But it seems impossible to write good follow ups nowadays..

I appreciate that the author decided to write more about Lucas and Mia because lots of readers asked for it.. But this isn't how you should do it..

First of all the appearance of the ex.. Why oh why has there always to be more drama in sequels..
I want to read about the couple and how they have good times together..

And then Lucas didn't even see what he did wrong. The way how he reacted disgusted me..

And lastly the fact how they made up.. She forgave him too easily.. For me he didn't put enough effort into it... Scratch that! No effort at all

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255 reviews38 followers
June 5, 2014
DNFF No, its not a typo. Did not F'ing Finish.

I loved Frenched, like all time fav book. I would like to think authors like the characters they write about, eh? So why put something out that you must know is going to kinda make your readers want to Lorena Bobbit your dear hero? FYI - LB chopped off her husbands bits, that's how bad it was. I could go on and on about why this book made me hate Lucas. But I am taking a cue from our dear hero and not giving you "full transparency" (one of his quotes, just trust me.) I was sooooooooo looking fwd to this book, sometimes I suppose its just good to leave good the FUCK ALONE.

I recommend this book to no one. Don't read it, seriously.
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982 reviews765 followers
June 6, 2014

Not every stories needs a sequel...
I very much liked the characters in the first book, it was a fun and surprisingly refreshing story.
But this sequel seemed just too forced. It ruined both the whole story and my appreciation of the characters. :/
A friend told me this could have been some bonus chapters posted on a blog... I can only agree, I felt cheated to have paid 3$ for this novella.
June 13, 2014
Mia's back home in Detroit and Lucas has returned to New York but they've decided to continue the relationship they started in Paris, only long distance...and it's taking its toll. Mia wants more but she doesn't know if she should push Lucas or not.

I had to admit I was a bit nervous about reading this based on all the reviews. Granted, I didn't read them but the star ratings weren't too positive. I'm glad my curiosity got the better of me because I really enjoyed it! Yes, there's some drama but I think that's what Lucas needed...just like he needed it in Paris.


Mia and Lucas are as steamy as ever! Believe it or not, they've even amped things up quite a bit. Lucas is in heaven doing all the things he's always wanted to do and Mia is an ever willing participant.

The "drama" isn't too hard figure out but eh, I could've done without it as well. That being said, something was needed to get Lucas moving forward.

I loved how things worked out but it almost seems like too much of a good thing. I was excited to see that there will be two more books although it doesn't seem to be about Mia and Lucas. I'm guessing Coco and Erin? I'm just happy that we will get more updates about Mia and Lucas in those books.

Favorite quotes

"I want to make you happy every day."

♥ "I wasn't patient enough for sock removal."

♥ "From the day we met, thoughts of you have consumed me. And the more I have of you, the more I want—it’s like I’ll never get enough.”

♥ “What I’m trying to say is, there’s no perfect life without you. In fact, I no longer dream about a “perfect” life. I only dream about a life with you.”

♥ “Let’s be fearless, Lucas.”

"Bon voyage, Little Mermaid."

♥ “I’ve learned not to say never where you’re concerned.”
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2,802 reviews913 followers
June 7, 2014
Oh, so happy I got my grabby little hands on this!

I must confess, I’m a little bit stupid about all things Mia and Lucas! I absolutely adored Frenched, and have been anxiously awaiting the release of this novella. Yes, the synopsis is a little scary, and I was dreading an angsty read with stupid behaviour and epic frustration for me, but rest assured romance fans! All is well!

Yes, there is a little bit of stupid. Of course, there has to be! There has to be something that goes wrong in order for everything to come back and be made right! But the stupid is short-lived, and the book quickly moves onto some quality Mia and Lucas time, and the continuation of the beautiful love story that began eight months ago in Paris… once they move on past that fight of course…

“I wouldn’t submit so easily to him tonight— I wanted him, but I wanted a fight too. I wanted it rough and angry, because that’s the way I felt. I wanted him to work for it. I wanted to hurt him in some way, retaliate for the pain he’d caused me.”

And, oh boy, Lucas delivers! And that’s just the start! Lucas has a dirty mouth, a taste for (mild) kink, and some seriously sensational moves, and holy hell, this little novella is chock-full of hotness! That and swoon. Heaps, and heaps of swoon! And I freaking LOVED IT!

“There’s no perfect life without you. In fact, I no longer dream about a “perfect” life. I only dream about a life with you.”

I love these two together! They are so in love, they tease and banter, they’re not afraid of sharing their feelings, and they’re so functional! They have some issues to sort through in this one, and with an external influence adding stress to the situation, it does get a bit nasty, but they sort through it. They talk, they have steamy hot sex, and everything is resolved, leading up to a beautiful HEA that left me sighing with bliss and wishing for a Lucas of my very own.

And there’s going to be more!!! Two more full-length novels in the series (at least). I can’t wait!

4.5 stars.
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725 reviews
November 8, 2014


Title: Yanked (Frenched #1.5)
Series: Part of a series
Author: Melanie Harlow
Release Date: June 05, 2014
Rating: 1 Star

And for those of you that need the following answered prior to starting a book:

Any Hard Limits?
Cliffhanger: . No.
Intolerable Heroine .Yes.
Über Douchebagery .Yes.
Love Triangle


Nope. Sorry. Fuck this asshole. Wish I never read this book because there's no way I'd ever get over his lie. Absolute douche bag. I felt like the whole issue was glossed over so fast. It wasn't a minor lie and the fact that he wasn't ever planning on telling her and how he reacted (or more like didn't) after really pissed me off. What an insensitive prick. I would have forgiven him if she had some self respect, hopped on a plane back home only for him to grovel on his knees.

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1,013 reviews57 followers
June 6, 2014
I won't bother with a review. This should say it all:

This is what I wanted to do to Lucas (aka a$$hole):

 photo 11uhxt4_zpsfc1a21d4.gif

This is my reaction to Mia when she basically just let Lucas get away with the Jessica situation:

 photo tumblr_m6vqh3yR2C1r9piwi_zps38ea9df4.gif

Can I have the time I wasted reading this back please!
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2,632 reviews3,209 followers
June 16, 2020
3 Continuing the Rollercoaster of Love Stars
* * * Spoiler Free
I enjoyed a very cute loving novella called Frenched earlier this year. I was taken by the premise, the characters and the out and out sexy fun of the tale. I liked the balance of characters: her a little uptight, making lists with things frustrating her when they didn't line up. Him, sexy casual and secretly lusting after her.

The location was Paris... he promised to show her his city and they both fell hardcore for each other. It was left with a sort of HEA but there was this thing left out there. He didn't believe in marriage or forever and she was a marriage type of gal.

The ending was him being open to being in the moment with her, willing to see where things could go... like the promise of his thinking of the possibilities.

Well, readers, I gather, reached out to the author wanting to know the fate of these characters

Did he realize he wanted her forever...
Did she adapt to his way of thinking...
Did they continue to have amazing sex...
Inquiring minds wanted to know and Melanie Harlow decided to share the outcome with us in Yanked.

Yanked starts up after 8 months have passed since the meeting and falling in love in Paris.
There are trips to each place, New York City for her and Detroit for him. They even met for a weekend in Miami for additional sexy times together.

Yet this long-distance romance has taken a toll on our gal, Mia. She wants more than this status quo. She and Lucas enjoy steamy, sexy phone sex, they actually have it down to all kinds of ways with special undies and free talking. But the need for the flesh to the flesh is what is missing and when Lucas says to Mia he wants to make her happy every day, little bells go off in her head...

What does that mean... Is he ready for a long term, same city commitment?

Mia's mind is racing; she does something she NEVER does. She decides to be spontaneous and she jumps on a plane to surprise Lucas in New York City. She will see what he really means and if they are ready to take their long-distance romance to the next level.

This story had me reeling emotionally. There were things I liked....the steamy times and the humor.
But then there were things which left me angry. I guess that should be a compliment to the author. As to why I felt that way...well, that would give too much away for this novella... I will just say this is the continuation of this couple and there is another chapter in the works. We are not left with a cliffhanger... the ending is positive with lots of promise.
Frenched (Frenched, #1) by Melanie Harlow Frenched (Frenched, #1)
Yanked (Frenched, #1.5) by Melanie Harlow Yanked (Frenched, #1.5)
Forked (Frenched, #2) by Melanie Harlow Forked (Frenched, #2)
Floored (Frenched, #3) by Melanie Harlow Floored (Frenched, #3)
Frenched The Wedding Night (Frenched #3.5) by Melanie Harlow Frenched: The Wedding Night
Frenched Series Bundle by Melanie Harlow Frenched Series Bundle

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1,504 reviews217 followers
June 6, 2014
I am in the minority here with my goodreads friends but I really enjoyed this! Yes, Lucas does something pretty stupid but I felt ok with his apology and even mores so after I read the epilogue. I don't think he realized what he did was wrong until he saw it through Mia's point of view. I love Lucas and Mia together and the shower scene was pretty hot. I love the epilogue! This book may not be for everyone but I really enjoyed it.
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1,690 reviews126 followers
June 8, 2014
2 stars

Not what I was expecting. At all.

Lucas went from book boyfriend to asshole fairly quick in this novella. And the conclusion was not satisfactory for my taste. I really wish now that we could have been left with the ending to Frenched. Because this muddied the waters.
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539 reviews83 followers
September 23, 2015
This little novella begins 8 months after Frenched.

Mia and Lucas are managing the long distance relationship with occasional weekends together and lots and lots of phone sex.

Ok, I'm game.

Then Mia is who she is and starts wanting more from their relationship. She decides to be spontaneous and flies to NY to have this talk with Lucas.

Of course!!! Of course who opens the door in a towel??? It could only be the ex.
Then Lucas proceeds to prove that even though he was wonderful...he's still just a guy and says EVERYTHING THAT YOU CAN SAY WRONG! Wow did Melanie Harlow hit the nail in the head by allowing Lucas to spout the worse vitriol of man-(non)sense.

And I do think that she gave in a bit too soon, a bit too easily when he wanted to talk.

He does make up for it with flowery words and I didn't think I could forgive some of the shit he said but alas I guess I'm easy because I liked that he admitted he lied about being happy at how things are currently with them, and admitted how he would have been jealous if the tables were turned.

I appreciated that it at least the story ended really nicely.

"I think that's what makes taking the next step so hard for me - it's not that I don't love you enough to make a bigger commitment. It's that I'm afraid I won't measure up, you'll find someone who does, and I'll never find anyone as amazing as you."

"No, you're not what I had in mind. You're so much better. There's no perfect life without you. In fact, I no longer dream about a 'perfect' life. I only dream about a life with you."

"You made me like surprises."

"You made me like forever."

"You're not scared of it anymore?"

He shook his head. "You know what?
Lately I've been thinking that the only
scary thing about forever is
imagining one without you in it."
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Author 3 books296 followers
Shelved as 'not-my-cuppa'
November 23, 2014
Hell to the NO ! Not gonna happen. I'm so pissed right now. And disappointed. And angry. And I wanna kick someone's ass!! Grrrrrrr
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144 reviews81 followers
May 29, 2014
I was lucky enough to get my hands on an early copy of Yanked. I sped through it, and did not want it to end. One thing I realized as I was reading it is how much I missed Mia's character. She is just so darn likable. Truly a breath of fresh air in the genre. She is still hilarious, smart, loyal, and gorgeous. And Lucas. Ah Lucas. He's still so dreamy. One of my favorite book boyfriends ever. He has a momentary hiccup *gasp* but we get past it pretty quickly. I haven't mentioned the sex scenes yet. They were super hot and sexy which I've come to expect from this author. In short, read this book! It's delicious. You will love it! It was a perfect ending for me, but I still want more. Are you listening, Melanie Harlow? We still want more!
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2,082 reviews860 followers
July 28, 2014
In this little Novella, Mia and Lucas have been carrying on a long distance romance, with the focus being the distance. Both far too busy to spend more than a few stolen days together, Mia has had enough. She wants more and decides that she is going to head to New York to get it. But what she finds when she knocks on his door is a lot more than she bargained for.

Lucas has never wanted marriage or a forever. Those promises don’t last and can ruin you. But with Mia, he wants more than just today... he’s just too scared to admit it. When the idea of losing her becomes a reality, Lucas is forced to face what his life would be like without her... and he realizes it isn’t something he is willing to allow to happen.

This little novella bridges the gap between the ending of Frenched and their future. I loved that we got to see this side to their story and that Lucas was forced to really face his own fears of not only planning a future – but what the future would look like if he let his fears guide his decisions. Both characters really grew from where they started from. Mia was so stuck on the idea of planning everything out and finally took a leap – she had to grab this opportunity in order not to lose it and by doing so, had to throw away everything that kept her steady.

I am completely smitten with this love story. I can’t wait to get more of these two.
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1,600 reviews139 followers
June 6, 2014
2.5 glum stars
I adored Frenched so I was looking forward to finding out what happened to Lucas and Mia when they returned from France.
Eight months on they're enduring a long distance relationship with Mia settled in Detroit and Lucas in Manhattan. As the story begins Mia's old fears about Lucas's reluctance to commit resurface so she decides to pay him a surprise visit in NYC, only to find he has a houseguest he hasn't seen fit to mention...
I was so annoyed with Lucas at this point I wanted Mia to tell him to poke it. The story was so short though I didn't have enough time to get over that.
The lovely romantic scenes that made Frenched such a fab read were largely absent from this, they didn't feel like the same couple. The sex scenes were frequent but nothing special.
I wasn't feeling their connection in this and wished I'd left it at Frenched. Shame.
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1,086 reviews65 followers
June 7, 2014
Major...Major... Spoilers!!!!
Read at your own risk!!!

I fell in love with Lucas in Frenched. At the end of that book... I had so many questions. I wanted to know if they had made. If he had changed his mind about marriage & kids..
I was sooo rooting for them... For him!!!
I could not wait to read this book!!! I was so excited. But that excitement was short-lived pretty early on in the story.

I don't understand why this story had to go this route. This Novella just broke my heart!! Shattered it!! As I kept reading... I kept getting disgusted & more disgusted...

I'll just dive right in...

Lucas & Mia have been together for 8 months seeing each other here & there & have hot phone sex!!!
Mia decides to surprise Lucas & fly to New York to talk about their relationship.
But, Mia gets a pretty big surprise!!!
One in my books that is pretty unforgettable & Unforgivable!

The ex Jessica...

1st off...

No women would want an ex to stay with their boyfriend at his apartment!!!
Not telling Mia...
That right there is some sneaky shit! If you can't tell your significant other because you know it will hurt them or it might seem bad...
Then you know it is bad & you shouldn't be doing it!!!

My stomach literally dropped when I read what he was telling her!!

"I just didn't see the point in telling you something that would cause you anguish. Something that you couldn't do anything about"

"Look, she's not a threat to you. And I've never believed that a couple needs to tell each other everything. Total transparency is not healthy in a relationship."

In my eyes.. What he did & said was truly unbelievable and unforgivable!!! I just can't seem to get over it!!
He knew what she went through with Tucker.
I felt he was no better!!
He's selfish, arrogant, & a very bad boy friend!!!
And no self-respecting women should tolerated it!

At this point... Anything he says... Is just unforgivable! You need to have trust in a person your with... Especially in a long distance relationship. Not telling your girlfriend about your ex staying with you... Is shady...
Not telling your ex that you have a girlfriend... Is a douche bag!!
He broke the trust!!

After all that... Mia should have just went home... Not tell him where she is at.
Make him work for it... Make him show her the grand gesture of going after her!!

But... Nope... That same day she finds out he lied to her for days.. She goes to him & sleeps with him!!!
Can you say doormat..ughhh. I seriously was sooo tempted to DNF this book.. Because I was sooo damn pissed...

It just goes down hill from there...
All Mia ever wanted was to get married & have a family...
& because Lucas is still not sure about it.. She totally abandons what she wants & settles for just living with him. With the possibilities of maybe more!!.. Omfg!! & she's ok with it!!!
She just changed her mind in that moment!!!...
Ughhh...no... I'm not buying it.
She's settling... This whole book was about Lucas & what he wants & if Mia can't get with it... See ya!!

I couldn't even enjoy the sex in this book because I was too disgusted.
I felt Lucas got off way to easy!! With hardly any explanation for anything.

Man... I was one of the people that messages the author right after reading Frenched that I need more. I wanted to read that they had made it worked.. That they really got their happy ending....funny stories about moving in with him... Something...

The ending of the book was cute..
It reminded me of Frenched. And of the couple that I loved so much.
But...I'm still so bitter about what happened in the beginning and middle of this book. I couldn't enjoy it.

I should have just left it at Frenched & NEVER read this book.. Because... Now I can't stand Lucas... & my opinion of Mia changed.
Will I read the 2nd & 3rd book in this series...
Idk... Maybe... My emotions are kind a high right now to make that kind decision.
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288 reviews3 followers
December 31, 2014
I thought long and hard about where to leave this review as there are two listings for this book on Goodreads. The other listing is full of praise and 5 Star reviews and this one is not. This is exactly why I'm leaving my review here so that anyone considering this Novella will get a good balance of opinions.
Before I say more, I would insist that you read Frenched before you read this, otherwise there are lots of scenes that will not make sense, plus you're missing out on a bloody marvelous story.
Ok, I went into this book with a little bit of fear. My lovely American friend read it...and came out of it hating Lucus, in fact, you will find her review not too far from here. Normally, we agree on everything book wise. We've rated many books exactly the same (in fact I only know of one other that we disagreed on, but that shall remain nameless..tee hee). So I thought that I was going to end up with the same hatred as my friend and nearly didn't read it at all. Well, I'm so glad I did read it because I loved it! It was exactly what I would expect.
Let's discuss the Lucus issue (and I stress here, there are no spoilers). Yes; he does something stupid, bitterly regrets it and goes about fixing it all the wrong way, but come on girls! He's a bloke! This is what they do! They are crap and we know it but they usually sort themselves out. Lucus did something stupid in the first book but we forgave him! He has not changed in Yanked. He is the same man that we loved the first time around and I think he has been written true to character.
Mia is her usual fantastic self but she does stupid things too. It's the way they are. I felt this Novella was a very natural continuation of Frenched and I make no apologies for loving it. We're all different.
I can't say much more because I don't want to spoil the story but in the UK we have a saying. This book is Marmite, you either love it or hate it. I loved it so I would strongly advise you to read it and make your own decision.
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360 reviews4 followers
May 11, 2015
So with this novella we didn't get the Lucas we got in the first book, well not until much later! The only reason I gave it three stars is because of the ending, but the beginning of the book can go suck it!!!
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46.4k reviews4 followers
Want to read
January 11, 2022
🎁The complete series is FREE on Amazon today (1/11/2022)! 🎁
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337 reviews21 followers
Want to read
May 23, 2014
oh......I don't like this blurb. I think I'd rather leave them with a HEA then read a bunch of ugly drama. :(
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461 reviews63 followers
April 27, 2015
I liked this even better than the first. Maybe not quite 4 stars though.
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359 reviews12 followers
April 25, 2017
well what do you know? it actually wasn't that bad XD

I love Mia and Lucas' story and this was a great addition to their story.

<3 I want what they have, so jealous <3
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787 reviews
May 20, 2018
Cortito pero con un poco más de drama que el anterior, una especie de epílogo bastante cliché y predecible, aunque entretenido. 2,5✴
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