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Hearing God: for Intimacy, Healing, Creativity, Meditation, and Dream Interpretation

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What does it sound like to hear from Heaven? In this interactive journal, Dr. Mark Virkler takes you on a life-changing journey that reveals three powerful ways you can hear God’s voice and recognize how He is speaking in your life everyday. You As you hear God’s voice and respond to what He is saying, you will receive direction, experience healing, and unlock creativity in your life like never before!

192 pages, Paperback

First published December 16, 2014

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Mark Virkler

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May 6, 2017
This book was not what I expected when I first heard of it. It ended up being a great concept of an interactive journal to be able to "hear God's voice and recognize how He is speaking in your life everyday." There are three different sections in the book: hearing, meditating, and dreaming. Then each of those sections are broken down to something to help you bring to your mind a different way to hear God's voice, maybe even a way that you have never thought of before. The best way to work through is one day at a time and spend time experiencing God and what He has to say. This book challenged me to look deeper into my soul and really get in tune with God and what He is trying to say to me that I've been "too busy" to stop and listen. I think this is something that everyone should read and work through to live a life to the fullest, focused on what God is leading. I love how this journal has things to read and plenty of space to write and let your prayers continue for pages. I was so privileged to be able to have a chance to read, write, and review this book. I received a copy of this book for my honest opinion. Copies of the review are also posted on Amazon, The Book Club Network, and my blog: booksreviewed4you.wordpress.com .
September 27, 2020
My Dreams Explained!

Very easy to understand and follow a biblical approach to dreams. I’ve always been a dreamer, and have know God was speaking. This book has given me clarity on how to better interpret them.
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8 reviews14 followers
March 5, 2020
Good kickstarter

A good foundational book on hearing God’s voice, simple, comprehensive and very practical. It functions more like a workbook than a book 😊
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234 reviews24 followers
March 3, 2016
Review Title: God Will Use This Book, FYI (review of Hearing God by Mark & Patti Virkler)
Reviewer: Janice S. Garey
***** 5 Stars

This book stands as a perfect reminder of how God works in the lives of believers. I have committed to praying for discernment in sharing the gospel message with someone on 3/16 through a project of Christian Library International, John 3/16 Day. I am overdue in reading this book, Hearing God, yet in His perfect timing I picked up this book and found it to be perfect in addressing my need to hear from God. I love how it is set up as a listening journal.

I am in the midst of journaling through the whole book. It is both delightful and challenging. Maybe sometimes we talk more to God than listen because we think He might expect something of us that we will be reluctant to do? I am asking who does He want me to approach with His Good News. As the book suggests, I wait expectantly to hear His answer, probably not the easy answer I would come up with on my own. But His way is always best and fruitful for His purposes.

If you need specific answers from God, this book is a helper tool sent by God. I receive heart impressions from God rather than spoken words from Him. Sometimes the Holy Spirit brings recall of God's written word as His answer. Maybe you just want to draw closer to God. This is the book for that, too. This is a book that will help you get on board with God if you are waiting at the station and for those on board, it will take you deeper into the heart and love God has for you.

I thank bookfun.org for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review. I am on board and hearing from God in His unique ways of expression. All seekers and believers will benefit from this divine communication tool.
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Author 2 books5 followers
August 18, 2015
“In this interactive journal, Dr. Mark Virkler takes you on a life-changing journey that reveals three powerful ways you can hear God’s voice and recognize how He is speaking in your life everyday. As you hear God’s voice and respond to what He is saying, you will receive direction, experience healing, and unlock creativity in your life like never before”

Hearing God by Mark and Pattie Virkler is an interesting book filled with a lot of information and exercises designed to help the reader to increase the ability to hear, and discern the promptings of the Holy Spirit with clarity in their own lives.

The chapters, while short, are designed for the reader to work ponder and prayerfully and diligently work through the exercises. The book is designed to help the reader to “Hear” – by discovering the four keys to hearing God’s Voice and start listening to the Holy Spirit with supernatural clarity, ‘Meditate” – by practicing the seven steps to meditating on what God is saying and watch His Word come alive to the reader in a fresh way and “Dream” – to learn how Go is uniquely speaking to your though your dreams.

This is not a book that is to be read and put on the shelf. This is more of a workbook to be read at the pace required to really complete each chapter.

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through the “For Readers Only” group at The Book Club Network, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.

*Reviews of this book were posted at the following locations:
Amazon, Christian Book, Deeper Shopping, Goodreads, and to be featured on my blog at http://titus3.wordpress.com
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1,467 reviews103 followers
July 16, 2016
Some people say that they can actually hear God's voice speaking to them. Others say that they feel heart urges that give them answers to their prayers. This book helps the reader to discover just how God is speaking to them and where He is leading them. It has been written as an interactive journal and it offers three ways to hear God's words. Readers are given four keys for listening to God's voice; they are taught steps to meditate on what God is really telling them; and given tips to help them understand how God is using their dreams to speak to them.

This book should help believers to condition themselves to hear God more clearly and help nonbelievers to seek God and the assurance only He can offer!

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher through TBCN/BookFun in exchange for my honest review.
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Author 51 books30 followers
February 6, 2017
I read the Kindle edition of Hearing God, but it’s really designed to be a workbook. Actually, it’s like an interactive daily devotional, with short readings followed by prompts and space to record your thoughts. Since I’m already familiar with Mark Virkler’s books and courses, I read it straight through without doing the exercises.

Hearing God covers the four keys to hearing God’s voice, how to meditate on God’s voice, and hearing God through your dreams. This is a good introduction to Mark Virkler’s teachings, but someone new to hearing God’s voice would be better served with his full teaching in his book, 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice or his online course.

That said, there are plenty of thought-provoking insights and encouraging words in this brief overview.

This review, along with additional book quotes, first appeared on my blog, ChristyBower.com.
153 reviews2 followers
May 15, 2016
Hearing God by Mark and Patti Virkler is an interactive journal that shares three powerful ways to hear God’s voice and to be aware of His speaking each day. They discuss four keys to use to hear God’s voice and to begin listening to the Holy Spirit. They present seven steps to meditate on God’s Word and to have it come alive. They reveal ways to learn how God speaks in dreams.

This is a very helpful and inspiring guide that can be referenced specifically and/or can be incorporated into devotional time as well. The summary states that “you will receive direction, experience healing, and unlock creativity in your life….” Interesting and well worth the time. I received this book through TBCN in exchange for an honest review.
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3,742 reviews71 followers
June 5, 2015
This may be the best book I've read on learning to hear and recognize God's voice. It is not because the teaching is unique. The principles the Virkler's give are nothing new. What I really like about the book is the inclusion of exercises and space to write responses. This book is designed so that the reader has the opportunity to immediately put the teaching into practice. The authors also give some good examples of people who have heard from God and their response.
See my complete review at http://bit.ly/1KR6CJZ.
I received a complimentary ARC of this book through The Book Club Network for the purpose of an independent and honest review.
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506 reviews10 followers
May 15, 2015
Hearing God By Mark & Patti Virkler > This is a refreshing book of Bible quotes and helpful guidance in keeping our faith in God. Its full of compassionate advice. An interactive journal, with empty pages for the reader to write their feelings and thoughts. THANK YOU GOODREADS FIRSTREADS FOR THIS FREE BOOK
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