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Luxe #2


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After bidding good-bye to New York's brightest star, Elizabeth Holland, rumors continue to fly about her untimely demise. All eyes are on those closest to the dearly her mischievous sister, Diana, now the family's only hope for redemption; New York's most notorious cad, Henry Schoon-maker, the flame Elizabeth never extinguished; the seductive Penelope Hayes, poised to claim all that her best friend left behind—including Henry; even Elizabeth's scheming former maid, Lina Broud, who discovers that while money matters and breeding counts, gossip is the new currency. As old friends become rivals, Manhattan's most dazzling socialites find their futures threatened by whispers from the past. In this delicious sequel to The Luxe , nothing is more dangerous than a scandal . . . or more precious than a secret.

423 pages, Hardcover

First published June 3, 2008

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About the author

Anna Godbersen

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Anna Godbersen was born in Berkeley, California, and educated at Barnard College. She currently lives in Brooklyn with her husband.

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293 reviews13.9k followers
January 24, 2012
It is with a great deal of shame that I confess to finding this book and series so freakin entertaining. But alas, I am hooked on this garbage. I would even claim to love it if it weren't for the obsessive mentions of clothing. Some pages drown in silk, satin and lamb skin gloves. I didn't know they made lambskin gloves for hands. Regardless, after a very slow start, and 150 pages, Rumors finally began to pick up speed and ended rather spectacularly, though abruptly.

Things we now know are:

Penelope is an evil tart with no pride or morals.

Diana is childish and a bit self absorbed, though I suppose that is part of her charm. I guess we are meant to feel sympathy towards her as she has lost her beloved Henry after he was forced to marry the evil Penelope in order to save his beloved's reputation once knowledge of their fornication on a bear skin rug was conveyed to Penelope via Lina. Long story, you will have to read the book for more details.

Elizabeth is completely stupid and naive, but somehow, I still manage to like her. I don’t know why. She finally found her happy ending with Will then ruined it when she finds out about her mother's ailing health. As if she could do something, she and Will go back to New York where they provide no help. Couldn't have seen that one coming. Once Elizabeth's mother confirms that she and Will are basically useless and therefore must leave New York, they set out to do just that. Sadly they never make it as all of New York are under the impression that Will kidnapped Elizabeth and thus kill him stone dead in a train station. Normally that sort of scene would make me cry, but as it were, I was overtaken with a fit of the giggles.

Lina could fall off a bridge and I would not care. She now has a benefactor, which is kinda creepy; who she scored after confessing to Tristan that she was penniless. For some reason he is helping her in her endeavor to become even more self important. I suppose he will try and bribe her in the next installment. We shall see.

Henry, though I love him, is just as dim witted as the rest. If only he would allow his father to disinherit him, he could have his beloved. But as he is allowing his father to control his life, I'm guessing that his true love is money, with Diana coming in a close second. Maybe he will get a clue by Splendor?

I will continue on with Envy, as I want to know how this contrived train wreck ends :)
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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392 reviews262 followers
March 8, 2020
#1.) The Luxe ★★★
#2.) Rumours ★★.5

This book begins the same way as its predecessor: an unknown narrator telling us about an event and then whisking us back a few weeks prior to see the events that have led up to it.

In 'The Luxe' the character I hated the most was Penelope, but in this one it was Lina. She was selfish, self obsessed and naive.

This book, in particular the ending seemed to take things to the extreme, leaving the realms of reality and dramatising everything.

Despite my problems, this series continues to hook me with its dark and delicious secrets, gossip and descriptions of high society life. The logical part of my brain is begging me to just DNF this series, but I have to know what happens!

I am continually surprised by the strength of the writing in this series. The addictive style of it combined with the audio narration helped me get through it faster than I expected. Without the audiobook however, I would likely have DNF'ed it.

“So this was betrayal. It was like being left alone in the desert at dusk without water or warmth. It left your mouth dry and will broken. It sapped your tears and made you hollow.”

If you enjoy gossip girl, CW shows or pretty dresses and ugly secrets- I would recommend this series, hesitantly. it was probably quite groundbreaking when it was published in 2008, but it doesn't completely stand up today.
51 reviews
November 28, 2008
Mm..I'm really torn with this book.

Okay, this book was good. Really good. Which is shocking because I found the first one to be a tad bit boring. I don't know why, but this one is SO MUCH BETTER! Maybe it is because the author didn't have explain too much and could just dive right into all the scandals of 1899 Manhattan. Ah, boy, did I eat it up. Each character's story-line was really interesting and each had their own distinct voice. It was just...really fantastic.

BUT. Oh yes, the but. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is completely flabbergasted by THE ENDING OF THIS NOVEL! HOW IN THE WORLD??? WHYYY?? WHAT WAS GODBERSEN THINKING WHEN SHE WROTE THE LAST FEW CHAPTERS??

Honestly, I am in no way a fan of the ending. It sucked. I hated it. I didn't see the point in it, yet it happened. I'm sorry. I am a complete SAP for happy endings and when thinks such as what occurred in this novel happen, it infuriates me. The ending just really..made me mad, okay?

All in all, a really good book if you're into gossip and scandal and all that juicy stuff that I'm into to. :) I recommend it, but hey, I warned you about the ending.
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274 reviews723 followers
August 1, 2018
I am stunned.

I have a rule about never moving on in a series if I rate the first book 3 or less stars but I have broken that rule and I'm so glad I did. Rumors is definitely better than Luxe. It's dark, shocking, and sickeningly delicious. If you're not sure about moving on in the series I'm here to tell you to go for it. But it's not for the faint of heart - not only is there not a happy ending, but it's all around worst case scenario for everyone.


The characters - augh! I loathe them and yet am also addicted to them.

Penelope is one of the worst antagonists I've ever come across. She is simply intolerable. She is relentless and cutthroat, stopping at nothing - nothing - to obtain what she perceives as "rightfully hers."

Diana is someone I struggled with throughout the whole novel, but in the end my heart went out to her entirely. She is childish, impulsive, and also a little bit lovely.

Elizabeth!!!!! What!!! Were!!! You!!! Thinking!!!! I am heartbroken for this silly, romantic girl.

Lina is someone who is still quite removed from the story. She's quietly infiltrated society from the outside and I imagine she will play a much larger role in Envy. I'm not entirely sold on her yet but I admire her boldness and I hope that she assists in the destruction of Penelope.

Henry is very weak and I spent a large part of the book feeling very annoyed that two girls were fighting tooth and nail to win his affection.

The ending, as many others have said, is really terrible. But I respect Anna Godbersen's decision to go there. There are two other books in the Luxe series and I imagine everyone will get what's coming to them in the end - particularly Penelope, good God I'd love to see her fall from grace very, very hard.

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58 reviews4 followers
March 15, 2010
Man, this book was painful to read. I thought I would scream if I had to read about Diana's "heart-shaped face" one more time. The author seems to think every noun must always be paired with a lavish adjective. And she could be way too descriptive when it came to clothing and luxury items. Focus more on your characters and less on their clothing. As for the characters, I can't say I was particularly enamored with any of them. Diana, who seemed to fit the Unconventional Independent Girl mold in the first book, was reduced to a dependent lovesick mess. Penelope is irritating for obvious reasons, and I had no patience for Henry. Elizabeth is somewhat sympathetic, but all of her chapters basically consisted of descriptions of how much she loved Will. I really liked Will, but he was way too saintly. He could have used a lot more depth and character development. And Lina, well, Lina is annoying.

The only reason I could finish the book is because I hate abandoning books halfway through and the plot itself was enough of a soap opera that I wanted to see how things panned out. But at one point I was so frustrated with the plot that I skipped to the ending so that I could hopefully finish out the book in a better frame of mind. That plan backfired, though, because the ending was ridiculous. Maybe I just can't comprehend such a stifling society as one who lives in the 21st century, but I wished the Holland sisters would get over themselves and just move West with their guys so they could get away from stupid "society."

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1,235 reviews464 followers
June 24, 2017
Want to see more bookish things from me? Check out my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfer...

The pacing of this book was much better than the first. I liked the scandal and gossip. The writing style is easy to read and flows nicely. Definitely better than the 1st book, but nothing special. The ending pissed me off and I am NOT HAPPY with the developments... I'm going to read the next in the series so that I can find out what happens next.
4 reviews1 follower
January 8, 2009
amazingly wonderfully fantastically gooood!

WARNING: If you plan to read the first one (The Luxe) you might not want to read this because it gives away info from the end of the first book. just fyi.

Manhattan, 1899. The drama amongst the most admired people in Manhattan’s social scene continues in this gripping sequel, Rumors, by Anna Godbersen. I chose to read this book because I read the first one, recommended by my sisters, and had to know what was going to happen next. This book is filled with drama and unexpected twists and turns. Elizabeth and Diana Holland are two sisters high in Manhattan’s social scene. Elizabeth is thought to be dead but there are rumors that she may still be alive. Secrets about the Holland family’s financial problems start to unfold and the family’s social status is in danger. Diana and Henry Schoonmaker are in love but they are faced with a great problem. Henry was Elizabeth’s fiancé, and now that Elizabeth is out of the picture, Penelope, Elizabeth’s former best friend, is taking the chance to try and have Henry all for herself. As the drama spreads the Holland family’s problems increase and Diana’s fight for Henry seems impossible to win.

The central conflict in this book is man vs. society. The Holland family is struggling to keep their place in society and Elizabeth and Diana are struggling to keep their family secrets from their backstabbing friend, Penelope, and former maid, Lina. Now that Elizabeth is gone, Penelope takes the chance to take everything that was Elizabeth’s for herself, which could ultimately lead to ruining the Holland family. The Holland’s fight against society to make sure they do not fall into ruin. The theme in this book is that society hinders the individual from achieving what they desire the most. Elizabeth wanted to marry Will Keller, the one she ran away with, when she was supposedly dead. However, society would interfere and would not accept her if she did so. Will was a coachman for the Holland family, he was low in status and she was high, they would not work out in the social scene. Society almost made it impossible for Elizabeth and Will to be together, if they had not gone away they would never happen. Society hindered Elizabeth from being with what she needed most, her one true love. Along with Diana and Henry, society would look down upon them and hinder them from being together.

Godbersen’s writing style is different from many books that I have read before. Her writing makes the impression that the people in the book are very sophisticated. She writes with words and language that is sophisticated so you get the feel that they are too. Godbersen’s writing style helps reflect the elegance of the characters in the book and helps you see their high social status. She writes so you feel like you are part of Manhattan’s social scene and know how elegant it is and see how important it is for them to keep a good reputation. Godbersen also switches character perspectives and every chapter focuses on a different person, one perspective in a chapter would not be the same in the next. Overall I loved this book. I was so anxious to know all the drama that was going to unfold and what Penelope and Diana were planning to do next. The ending of the book was my favorite, it was intense and it keeps me wanting more, and I’m glad there is more. While reading this book some parts were sometimes a little annoying to me when she would move to the perspective of a different character in each chapter. When I would be interested in one, she would change it, but I wanted to hear more about the first character. Fortunately, after reading the new character the interest for the other dies down and I am completely interested in the new one. That cycle pretty much went on throughout the whole book for me, but it was no downer at all. That did not change my view on the book. It was interesting because you would not know what would unfold next. I really enjoyed this book, this series is actually really good, except I haven’t read the last one. I would recommend this book to any girl out there that would be interested in a book about drama, scandals, and romance.
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152 reviews
September 26, 2008
While Ms. Godberson won't be winning any awards for her writing soon- (how many times can anger or rage "burn down the back of her throat" weird- sounds like reflux to me. When she describes the men at the ball with their heads looking like "soft boiled eggs" above their collars. Weird again.) She can produce a good soap opera-type book. The plot was interesting enough that I didn't even realize that I was 250+ pages into the book. I find the most interesting part for me is the whole Diana, Penolope, Henry storyline. I am very intrigued and I will read the next novel since at the end of this one, Elizabeth has promised Diana they are going to get Henry for her. I know the demise of Elizabeth and Will's relationship should be sad, but I just didn't care enough about their story to be sad. I am also loving the newly introduced storyline involving Carolina and Tristan. When my husband asked me about the book, I described it as reading an episode of "Gossip Girl" or "the OC" set in the turn of the century.
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792 reviews9 followers
October 7, 2019
4/5 Sterne
Die Prinzessinnen von New York - Rumors
von Anna Godbersen
„Ihre Liebe verstößt gegen alle Regeln
In der gesellschaftlichen Elite Manhattans 1899 ist nichts gefährlicher als ein Skandal - und nichts wertvoller als ein Geheimnis. Nach der Beerdigung von Elizabeth Holland ist es nun Dianas Pflicht, die Familie durch eine vermögende Heirat zu retten. Aber der Mann, dem ihr Herz gehört, ist für sie unerreichbar: denn Henry Schoonmaker ist der ehemalige Verlobte ihrer Schwester. Trotzdem wollen Diana und Henry für ihre heimliche Liebe kämpfen. Doch sie haben nicht mit der ehrgeizigen Penelope Hayes gerechnet. Die ist fest entschlossen, Elizabeths Platz in der High Society zu übernehmen. Und um zu bekommen, was sie will, ist ihr jedes Mittel recht ...
"Romantik, Eifersucht, Verrat, Humor und ein opulentes Setting. Ich konnte DIE PRINZESSINNEN VON NEW YORK nicht zur Seite legen!" CECILY VOM ZIEGESAR, Autorin von GOSSIP GIRL
Ich bedanke mich bei Netgalley und dem LYX Verlag für das kostenlose Rezensionsexemplar des Buches. Ich gebe hier meine unabhängige und unbezahlte Meinung zu dem Buch ab.
Jeder ist in die eine Person verliebt, die er nicht haben kann, und niemand scheint in der Lage zu sein, demjenigen der helfen könnte, sein Leid mitzuteilen. In diesem Bank der Serie wird es für die Crew aus Debütanten, Junggesellen und Intriganten in Manhattan immer schlimmer.
Jeder denkt also, Elizabeth Holland ist tot. Und ziemlich bald denken alle, dass Henry Schoonmaker genug getrauert habe und Penelope Hayes heiraten sollte, da es klar ist, dass sie dazu bestimmt sein sollten. Aber Elizabeth Holland ist doch gar nicht tot, oder? Und Henry ist eigentlich nicht in Penelope verliebt, oder? Währenddessen maskiert sich Lina als Minenerbin aus Utah, Penelope rückt Henry auf die Pelle ähnlich einer schwarzen Witwe und das Gewicht der Welt ruht auf Dianas kleinen Schultern, da sie diejenige ist, von der nun erwartet wird eine äußerst vorteilhafte Ehe zu schließen, um den Familiennamen zu retten. Nur eben nicht die vorteilhafte Ehe, die sie eingehen möchte.
Ich mochte dieses Buch ganz gern. Es hat mir ebenso gefallen wie das erste. Ich genoß weiterhin Diana und Henry und was bei ihnen vor sich geht. Ich hasste Penelope weiterhin vorbehaltlos und schäme mich fast ein wenig für Lina und habe mich ein wenig über Tristan gewundert. Da ich nie ein Freund der ganzen Geschichte zwischen Elizabeth und Will war, war ich froh, dass sie (größtenteils) nicht in Erscheinung traten. Und ich muss sagen, das Ende hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Es war genau das Schreckliche, was man bis zum letzten Augenblick erwartet hatte. In Zeitlupe. Aber dann war die letzte Seite einfach so großartig und heftig in ihrer Art, dass ich mich wirklich darauf freue, den nächsten Teil zu lesen und eine weitere Menge dekadenter Leckereien zu konsumieren.
Aber wenn ich ehrlich bin erinnert mich diese Serie dennoch ein wenig an eine Soap. Daher kann ich keine volle Punktzahl vergeben.
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258 reviews243 followers
October 13, 2021
Rumors is the second book in The Luxe quartet and follows the events of the previous book, where Elizabeth has faked her own death in order to be with Will. Upon hearing that her mother has fallen ill, she must come back to Manhattan and face the world of deception, betrayal and lies she faked her death to escape from.
“That was the way love was, she guessed—it left you always unsteady on your feet.”

In this instalment, Elizabeth has found her way out West to be with Will and when it looks like they’re finally getting their happily ever after, she learns that her mother has fallen ill. Now that Elizabeth has paved the way, Diana and Henry find themselves falling deeper in love with each other, but Penelope will do whatever she can to make Henry her husband, even if that means resorting to some desperate, wicked attempts. Lina, now rechristened Carolina, has found an ally in a mysterious benefactor who helps her rise to the top of the social ladder.
“But then their lips were together, soft and fervent, and she knew that for all the things she regretted leaving behind, there was a rich, bright future right ahead of her, full of everything she wanted and much that she hadn’t even imagined yet.”

This book was just as delicious as the first, although there were parts of The Luxe which I enjoyed more. The drama in this series is so entertaining and I just want to thank Anna Godbersen for creating Penelope Hayes because she is so evil, it’s actually so damn entertaining to read about. This is one of those series’ where all of the characters are actually awful in their own way but you want them all to succeed if only because it provides you with more drama to read about.
“Penelope felt as lonely as she’d ever felt, and might have even wondered if there was any point to it anymore if it weren’t for her pride.”

I’m really happy that Elizabeth found her way to Will because he is such a wholesome character but the author is absolutely evil for killing him off at the end. I should have seen it coming because we are only two books in and Elizabeth is getting her happy ending? Yeah, I should have known something was going to happen. Diana and Henry have their little back and forth throughout the book but it comes to an abrupt end when Penelope learns of their affair and blackmails Henry into marrying her, which was just the best part of the book because Penelope is such a master manipulator. Then we have Carolina who manages to make a really good life for herself by taking advantage of situations she finds herself in. As she steadily rises, her personality also changes, and she leaves behind old allies. I was actually hoping for a romance between Carolina and Tristan but I don’t think it’s going to happen because she’s planning on leaving him behind when she’d done using him. Ah, aren’t the characters just so great?
“For Lina, the waters had unexpectedly turned tranquil, and she found herself floating under a bright, warm sun.”

Overall, Rumors was a really addictive second instalment in this quarter. The drama, backstabbing, betrayal and lies never stop and I’m having so much fun being along for the ride!
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1,476 reviews157 followers
July 2, 2018
Další z mých sérií, kde jsem jedničku četla v 2012. Hahaha. Naštěstí jsem si dělala poznámky, takže jsem se v Intrikách zorientovala celkem rychle. A jo, přesně tohle mi chybělo. Gossip Girl z přelomu 19. a 20. století z New Yorku. Slečny tu dokážou být pěkné mrchy a zlatokopky. Všechny ty intriky mě moc bavily a jsem zvědavá na další díly... Jen teda...co ten konec? OMG... A jsem tým Penelopa!


English review:

I have read first book of this series, Luxe, back in 2012 and never continuned with the series. Well, as part of my TBR clearance on my shelves, I decided to continune with Rumours. Not only does this series have one of the most gorgeous covers, it's also a perfect series for lovers of Gossip Girl, which is exactly why I picked it up.

We have about 5 main PoVs - 4 girls and 1 boy. Almost most of them are priviliged and beautiful, the top of the New York's hierarchy back in the beginning of 20th century. Which also means they are spoiled. Elizabeth Holland was meant to marry one of the richest boys in NY but she rather fled with her true love, Will, who was working for her family. Her younger sister Diana is in love with Lizzie's ex-fiancé and so is Penelope, Blair of Lux series. We also have PoV of so called ex-fiancé, Henry. And finally we have Lina, who was a maid for Elizabeth's family, but thanks to Penelope, she started a new life as Carolina, fake heiress from the West.

I had a lot of fun reading Rumours. It's really fast paced, gripping from times to times and very dramatic. Let's say it's a fancy soup opera. The most important thing about this series are relationships, of course. And I am a sucker for those. So, if you are a big fan of Gossip Girl, pick it up, please. It's basically the same. I am not sure how much is this historically accurate, but I also liked background of NY and the most prominent families.

As for the characters, we have quite a variety here. I loved Penelope the most, eventhough she's quite a bitch. Well, Elizabeth is quite plain for me and so is Diana, who I don't ship with Henry at all. And Lina? I despise that chick. I know she only wants the best but man... what a gold digger.

I enjoyed Rumours a lot (and it also made me watch GG after that). Fast paced, interesting characters, lot of backstabbing, love drama... everything wrapped in one book. And also the ending... oh man, didn't expect that. I mean...

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132 reviews12 followers
March 27, 2020
Die Sucht ist real!!!❤️❤️

Verdammt ich brauche den dritten Band!!

Was zur Hölle war das für ein schockierendes Ende?? Wieso???😭
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111 reviews20 followers
July 8, 2015
Turtles move faster and are more entertaining than this book.


Ok, gonna be honest, I didn't actually finish the book. I just couldn't, it was that bad.

First off, it is way too repetitive. Guess how many times a girl was described with a heart shaped head. Go on, take a guess.


It was used as a description 20 FREAKING TIMES.

Which is kind of unfortunate, because all I could imagine was this....


Oh but let's not forget the males. Do *all* the men have "broad cheeks, sharp nose and brows"? Because I think it's a theme I've seen in all the men in this book.

And then, the menopause issues. Ok, not really. But there was only one way used to describe a blush;

Heat crawling up her cheeks. Heat in her spine. Heat that crowned her. Heat even in her fingers.

Why is it always Heat? Can't they just say she's blushing?!

Sounds like premature menopause to me.

And then, the worse than Tolkein ongoing description that you don't need. I mean honestly. You could skip 3 pages and not miss anything - too much description in the dresses etc. makes you want to throttle the book and scream "I DONT CARE!" (And no, the fact that I hate dresses has nothing to do with it.)

And then the little fact about the whole family age thing. Henry's (who is 25) mom is only 5 years older than him?........ew. Am I missing something here? I mean how is this possible if she didn't have him around 5years....? So confused. Unless she was a step mom. In which case, I didn't pay attention to because that's how much I DON'T CARE.


Not to mention the whole Opera scene, which is where I gave up.

Di doesn't get why Henery can't love her anymore. Gee, woman, it's not that hard to figure out. What? It REALLY isn't. But shall I lay out the reasons? For one, he was engaged to your SISTER, for two, he's 25 and you're...what, 15? 16? And for three....you're a sleezeball. All you woman are. But you and Pen are SPECIALLY sleezeballs for pursing your "dead" sisters/friend's fiancé! It doesn't even matter if they were never in love - it's just stupid! And wrong! And gross! And...and...*bangs head on table*

And then, this...this HORRIBLE opera scene.


"But Elizabeth isn't dead"....she would have liked to shout it...she couldn't...she had promised her sister that she wouldn't tell. Telling would ruin everything for Liz.

Ruin it for her, or YOU? I mean WHAT THE BLOODY HELL WOMAN. You're trying to woo Henry for your own, LONG before Liz was gone, but you feel bad about telling because it would ruin her life? Excuse me?! You had no qualms about ruining it before! So what the heck.

And then, to learn that men basically only went to operas to act "promiscuous with females" after because they might be emotionally moved by the music? Puh-lease. My hatred for operas just increased a tenfold, and the fact that it was Romeo & Juliet made me hate it THAT much more.


And in the middle of that awful scene, Ted's "If you aren't careful you could ruin the Hollands" comment.

You bastardized Imp, he already HAS. Elizabeth is DEAD. You CANT RUIN ANYONE MORE THAN THAT!

So yeah. That's as far as I got. This book is way too slow paced with stupid action for me to endure any longer. And so I won't.
So there.

Peace out.


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92 reviews
April 29, 2011
I really disliked the second book in the Luxe series. I found the characters completely insipid and deplorable. I am especially appalled that this was written for teenagers.

In my opinion Lina was despicable right along with Penelope. They both lied and blackmailed others to achieve a desirable position in society.

The fact that sex was glorified for these teenagers really bothered me. Along with the fact that Elizabeth and Diana deemed themselves as "grown up" for having secret affairs.

I ended up skimming the last hundred pages because I couldn't stand it anymore.

I cannot believe that the author killed off Will. Are you kidding me? Could this book be more filled with depressing story lines and bitter characters?

It could have been so much more. The time period and setting gave opportunity for this book to be classy and elegant.

I plan to read the next book ONLY because I bought the three books at a "going out of business sale" at borders. Hopefully the characters will gain some moral back bone in the third book.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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485 reviews25 followers
June 28, 2018

This book was fantastic till the very end. The author completely crushed the book. Elizabeth pretty much becomes a low life pushover. The author apparently wanted to end this book in multiple tragedies.
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2,030 reviews588 followers
May 5, 2016
This was another interesting installment in the series. The stakes are getting higher for some of the characters, and I'm interested to see how the events at the end will play out in the next book.
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46 reviews3 followers
August 29, 2022
3,5 Sterne 🌟 Auch der zweite Band hat mir wieder gut gefallen aber leider war er vieeeel zu langgezogen und dadurch teilweise langweilig :/ 50-100 Seiten weniger hätten es auch getan. Das Ende war nun aber so fies, dass ich mich trotzdem auf den dritten Band freue :D
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645 reviews997 followers
January 13, 2009
Well, everyone's in love with the one person they can't have and no one seems to be able to communicate their woe to anyone who could help. Must be Tuesday in Luxeland. Rumors is the second volume in the Luxe series and, as the deep red dress and haughty gaze of the cover model suggest, things are just getting worse and worse for our crew of Manhattan debutantes/bachelors/scheming underlings. I checked this copy out from the library and the girl at the checkout desk smiled knowingly and said, "I liked this one." I smiled and said, "I just finished The Luxe." Her grin got bigger. "I liked this one much better," she said. So. There you go. I was beginning to get the impression that lovers of The Luxe fell into two categories: even bigger lovers or big time haters of Rumors. I was interested to see which category I fell into (if any).

So everyone thinks Elizabeth Holland is dead. And pretty soon (oh, let's go ahead and say it) shockingly soon, everyone thinks Henry Schoonmaker should just say enough with the mourning and go ahead and marry Penelope Hayes since it is clear they were Meant To Be. What with the being rich and hot and whatnot. But then Elizabeth Holland is not actually dead, is she? And Henry is not actually in love with Penelope, is he? Meanwhile, Lina is masquerading about as a mining heiress from Utah (LOL), Penelope is advancing on Henry like a post-coital black widow, and the weight of the world rests squarely on Diana's little shoulders as she is the one who is now expected to make a most advantageous marriage to save the family name. Just not the advantageous marriage she'd like to make.

I liked this one. Liked it just as much as the first one, in fact. I continue to enjoy Diana and Henry and what's going on there. I continue to hate Penelope unreservedly and feel almost unbearably embarrassed for Lina around the clock. Although I do wonder about Tristan. As I was never a fan of the whole Elizabeth and Will thing, I was perfectly happy to have them off screen (for the most part). And I have to say, I really liked the ending. I mean it was exactly the awful thing you were expecting down to the last dewy glance. In slow motion. But then the last page was just so awesome and fierce in its way, that I'm really looking forward to reading Envy and consuming another volume of decadent treats on display.
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June 15, 2012
So, why I am rating this book so high? Because the train-wreck events these books carry are so entertaining!

First off, Rumors was so much better than its predecessor. While The Luxe is catty and scandalous, it was also a little frigid and predictable. Now Rumors is another story. While it preserves its dramatic image, its events are so unexpected that you didn't know what hit you. Blackmail, revenge, sexy hookups . . . what more could I ask for?

The story left off with Elizabeth Holland faking her death--with the help of Penelope Hayes--so she could finally be with her true love, Will Keller. Meanwhile, Henry Schoonmaker--Elizabeth's fiancee--fell in love with Diana Holland. If someone finds out about, his reputation might be ruined. Loving your sister's fiancee does look bad, I guess. And Elizabeth's former maid, Lina Broud, is trying to reach the social ladder by discovering the "complex" use of destroying someone's reputation. Who knew blackmail and gossip could be deadly?

Is it weird that I felt sorry for Penelope in the last book because she din't get Henry for herself? Well, not anymore! Now, I want to destroy her. That backstabbing, blackmailing . . . bitch. I like the Holland sisters just alright. I find Henry a bit pathetic. But he still makes me "schoon" (Yeah, that was terrible). Lina--now Carolina--is preparing herself to become a villain.
And I can't wait.

And the ending left me in tears and with a heart pounding.

Wonder what will happen in Envy.
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February 27, 2017
This is a good second book, as it definitely increases the scandal and drama, which is what makes the series work.

I keep hoping the characters will grow a bit deeper and become more three dimensional. Sometimes, they feel more like caricatures of high society types, rather than like real people with complex emotions and hopes. There are hints of what ticks beneath the surface of every girl, but the story never digs down deep inside of those moments. Part of that is the light, airy nature of these stories as fast-paced, flirty, and full of scandal, but I want more depth.

Pages: 448
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202 reviews
January 8, 2016
Me gustó la historia pero me pareció muy lenta, con demasiada descripción , por ejemplo cada vez que salían describían el paisaje o cada vez que iban a una fiesta describían como iban vestidos, sé que eso enriquece la historia y nos dá un a imagen más completa pero creo que fué demasiado. También creo que está de más que aclaren cosas que ya sabemos como situaciones pasadas que ya leímos y sabemos y te las vuelven a repetir que aunque traten de aclarar me parece que solo alarga la historia y me resultó tedioso y aburrido.
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June 9, 2008
*cries* The ending! Argh! I'm torn between wanting the next book desperatly and wanting to pretend I never read the last few chapters......... I was actually near tears at the end, and I never cry at books. Granted, I didn't cry at this end either, but still. I was as close as I ever get.

More coherent review coming someday when I get over the shock of this ending.
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October 28, 2019
Die Prinzessinnen von New York sind zurück und es gibt wieder einige Skandale und viele Lügen.

Nach dem ersten Band der Reihe habe ich mich super auf die Fortsetzung gefreut. Ich liebe den flair des 19. Jahrhunderts und finde es klasse, dass der LYX Verlag hierzu eine Reihe rausgebracht hat.

Da es sich um einen Folgeband handelt, solltet ihr den ersten Teil gelesen haben, bevor ihr meine Rezension zu „Rumors“ lest. Diese ist aber wie immer natürlich spoilerfrei.

Nach Elizabeths Beerdigung geht es nun in diesem Band vorrangig um Elizabeth‘ Schwester. Ihr ehemaliger Verlobter Henry ist in Trauer, denn auch wenn sie beide keine tiefen Gefühle füreinander gehegt haben ist er über ihren Tod sehr erschüttert. Nachdem Elizabeth ihn und ihre Schwester gemeinsam gesehen hat, gibt er sich mit die Schuld an ihrem Tod. Henry Schoomaker gehört zu den einflussreichsten Familien und natürlich soll er nach einer Trauerzeit neu vermählt werden.

Doch sein Herz hat er an Diana verloren, was ein absoluter Skandal wäre, da sie die Schwester seiner verstorbenen Ex-Verlobten ist. Ihre Gefühle sollten niemals öffentlich werden, denn Geheimnisse verkaufen sich gut – aber Skandale noch viel besser. Ein einziger Skandal kann das gesellschaftliche Aus bedeuten. Dianas rebellische Art ist in dieser steifen Gesellschaft immer wieder erfrischend und ich finde es klasse, dass sie sich nicht so unterbuttern lässt, sondern auch Rückgrat beweist. Auch Diana hegt Gefühle für Henry und wünscht sich nichts sehnlicher als mit ihm zusammen sein zu können.

Die beiden haben die Rechnung jedoch ohne die eifersüchtige Penelope gemacht, die schon vor Elizabeth auf Henry scharf war. Ihr ist jedes Mittel Recht, um Henry unter die Haube zu bekommen. Als sich die Ereignisse zuspitzen passiert alles sehr schnell und ich war über den Ausgang der Handlungen absolut schockiert und traurig.

Ebenfalls spielt in diesem Teil das Zimmermädchen von Dianas Familie eine größere Rolle und man erfährt viel über sie und ihre Verstrickungen in der ganzen Sache. Ihre Geschichte fand ich nicht ganz so spannend wie die von Elizabeth und Diana, aber trotzdem wichtig für die Handlung. Allerdings haben sich ihre Kapitel für mich etwas gezogen. Das Ende hat einen wahnsinnigen Spannungsbogen und ein Ereignis jagt das nächste.

Die Charaktere finde ich persönlich wie in Teil 1 super gut ausgearbeitet und man bekommt aufgrund des detaillierten Schreibstils sehr viel Einblick in die Gefühlswelt der Charaktere. Allgemein finde ich den Schreibstil der Autorin wirklich super und sie schafft es den flair des 19. Jahrhunderts aufleben zu lassen. Ich brauche unbedingt Band 3, das Ende war richtig fies und traurig zugleich. Ich bin verzaubert vom Glamour und schockiert von den Skandalen, die sich hinter verschlossenen Türen ereignen.

Eine ordentliche Portion Glamour, Intrigen und Lügen! Mir hat der zweite Band genau wie der erste sehr sehr gut gefallen, auch wenn es teilweise wie oben beschrieben etwas langwierig war. Für alle Jane Austen Fans oder allgemein Fan dieser Zeit kann ich diese Reihe auf jeden Fall empfehlen. Die Spannung steigert sich und die Charaktere machen eine gewaltige Entwicklung durch.

Bewertung: 4 von 5 Lesezeichen.
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March 9, 2023
The second book in The Luxe quartet. If you liked The Luxe and want to know what happens next for Elizabeth, her younger sister Diana, frenemy Penelope and Lina (aka Carolina), you'll enjoy this story about the lives of the rich and newly wealthy in late 1899s New York City.
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176 reviews
May 9, 2020
Ich mochte die Art des Schreibstils sehr.
Nur mit den Charaktern komme ich leider nicht so zurecht. Ich werde mit keinem so richtig warm.
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July 23, 2018
Otro cinco estrellas nada objetivo. Lo siento pero esta saga me puede.
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