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Night Prowler #6

Into Darkness

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In New Vienna, capital of the oppressive global government formed after the Flash, three things are certain: the sun is poisonous, speaking out is dangerous, and being different will get you killed.

And Lumina Bohn is extraordinarily different.

Living in terror of discovery, Lu knows nothing of her past?but she knows she must pretend to be human to survive. When an incident at work triggers her astonishing powers, she becomes the target of an international manhunt. Only one person can save her: Magnus, the enigmatic stranger haunting her dreams.

Magnus rescues the outcasts called Aberrants from capture and torture. As Lu begins exploring her powers among her people, her feelings for Magnus intensify. He's determined to stay emotionally distant, yet their smoldering passion soon becomes impossible to resist.

But when a shocking revelation threatens the lives of every remaining Aberrant, Lu and Magnus must risk everything, confronting their enemies in an explosive final stand to save their kind from the darkest fate of all: extinction.

400 pages, Paperback

First published October 21, 2014

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About the author

J.T. Geissinger

33 books13.6k followers
J.T. Geissinger is a #1 international and Amazon Charts bestselling author of thirty-one novels. Ranging from funny, feisty romcoms to intense erotic thrillers, her books have sold over fifteen million copies and been translated into more than twenty languages.

She is a three-time nominee in both contemporary and paranormal romance for the RITA® Award, the highest distinction in romance fiction from the Romance Writers of America®. She is also a recipient of the Prism Award for Best First Book, the Golden Quill Award for Best Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, and the HOLT Medallion for Best Erotic Romance.

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2,231 reviews
September 5, 2014
I'm so sad that this is the last book of the wonderful Night Prowler series!!! It's a wonderful send-off, but really, I DON'T WANT IT TO END!
Book 6 wraps up the Night Prowler world of the Ikati in a big and bold way. I love Geissinger's writing style. It reached into my chest and gripped my heart tightly while I read, and deftly ratcheted the tension over and over.

Most poignant quotes:
Her heart on fire, Lu thought, I would die for you. She didn’t know it then, but that simple, impassioned thought changed the course of fate.

“I saw a tomato once before. In a book.”

Dietary restrictions were nonexistent in this place, and the guests were allowed to eat and drink to their hearts’ content. Sweets and schnapps and fatty foods were served with every meal, and overindulging in all three was heartily encouraged, because no revolt was ever started by a bunch of fat drunkards with digestive trouble.

Lu knew people died in war. It was a simple, incontrovertible fact that lives ended when battles began. But a thing known in theory is much different when experienced firsthand. Believing in an eye for an eye is all well and good, until you’re forced to stand in front of your enemy’s face and pluck that offending eye out of its socket with your own fingers. Then revenge loses some of its charm.

Her own desire for him was huge, real, and frightening. She’d promised herself she’d never get close again, she’d never again risk another person’s safety for her sake, and she’d meant it. But every moment she spent near him became a kind of torture, because no matter how hard she tried to block it out, the animal inside her knew what she really wanted, and was far less self-controlled. The animal inside her was greedy, a writhing, hissing beast that demanded satisfaction. Lu knew that kiss had been a touchstone. It had changed them both. For better or worse remained to be seen.

“There’s always a price to be paid for freedom. That price is blood. It’s ugly, it’s tragic, but it’s reality. We didn’t start this fight, but we have to be willing to engage, and fight back. We have to do what it takes to protect ourselves, or we all die. The strong either protect the weak, or devour them. You and I are strong. So was Caesar. He chose the second path, and we chose the first. Can you see the difference?”

It had been stupid, taking that kiss. A rash impulse better ignored. But every time she looked at him she saw a million fevered dreams, and the echo of longing eating its way through her chest grew larger with every passing minute.

“Something else Grandfather used to say, Lumina.” “What’s that?” Lu watched a smile hatch over Nola’s face. “Those who have one foot in the canoe, and one foot in the boat, are going to fall into the water.”
Lu blinked at her, nonplussed. “I can honestly say I have no idea what that means.”
Nola’s smile grew wider. “It means a divided heart is destined for failure. So plant your ass in the canoe, let go of doubt, and paddle like a motherfucker. It’s the only way to get where you need to go.”

The nurse bent, retrieving his lost clipboard from the floor. He followed her from the room to the nurses’ station just outside and tried not to admire the alluring twitch in her hips as she walked; he was a married man, after all. His fidelity was less about adoration for his wife, of which he had little, and more about pragmatism, of which he had a lot; the grass was never greener on the other side of the fence, he knew, only a different shade of green than the one on your own. And probably riddled with gopher holes you’d twist your ankle in, and thorny burrs that would cling to your socks. No sense disrupting your entire life to graze in new pastures when those same pastures would look downright dull once you’d been grazing in them a few months or years down the road. Some men claimed variety was the spice of life, but Dr. Petrov knew that particular spice only led to diarrhea.

In a quiet voice, Magnus said, “There’s nothing else for me but you. There never has been. There never will be.

There’s only one you, and that’s the only one for me. It’s always been you. You’re my beginning and my end, Honor. I’ve been in love with you since I could walk. I’ll be in love with you until the day I die, and after, whether I go to heaven or hell, I’ll still be loving you. Forever. Until the end of time.”
After a long time in which she did nothing but examine his face, Beckett softly plead, “Say something.”
What Honor said was, “If you’re lying, so help me God I will turn you into a popsicle. A big, stupid Becksicle, which I will devour after turning into a dragon. And then I’ll shit you out and freeze you again and throw your frozen, chewed-up, shitty self out into the ocean, where you will float on the waves until you get eaten by fish and birds, and shit out by them, too.”
Beckett threw back his head and laughed, squeezing her so tight against him she couldn’t breathe. Then he looked down at her, his eyes shining, exultant. The glow appeared around his head, flaring into nimbus, warming all the dim, cool corners of the cave. “Ah, you sweet talker, you,” he said, grinning. He kissed her.

Propping himself up on one elbow, he ran his open hand over her skin, caressing the dip of her waist, the curve of her hip. His hand came to rest on a few words in delicate, slanting cursive tattooed on her ribcage on her right side, and he traced them with his fingertips. I listened to the bray of my heart; I am I am I am. “It’s a quote from The Bell Jar, by Sylvia Plath,” she said quietly. “I was a huge book hound when I was young. Still am, I guess. It kept me sane, reading those words. It was validation for me. Like, I’m here, even if no one wants me to be. Even if I’m pretending to be something I’m not. Even though I’m hiding, even though I’m unseen, I still exist. I am. And no one can ever take that away from me. No matter how hard the world tries to crush it, my heart just won’t give in. I won’t give in. Ever.”

He already knew the end to this fairytale. There would be no salvation by faith, no eleventh-hour reprieve. He walked, however willingly, toward his own death, and the thing that made it more than tragic was the knowledge that he’d finally—finally—found the thing for which he’d been searching for years. A reason to live.

Knowing as he did that almost ninety-nine percent of the mass of a human body is composed of just six elements, young Sebastian Thorne became obsessed with the question of why. Why is a dangerous question, even for the most learned and wise of adults, but for a child with a voracious appetite for knowledge and a moral code one could only describe as “flexible,” the question of why led to a brief but intense interest in religion, and the ultimate meaning of life. He soon dismissed religion as the tool man used to manage his existential terror of death. God, Allah, Yahweh, Satnam, whatever name you used, in essence they were all the same thing: manufactured punishment and reward systems for weak-minded people. To live without believing in God was, in Sebastian Thorne’s opinion, true courage. Only cowards needed to ascribe divine power to the chaos of the universe, and he was no coward.

Thorne found himself wondering on occasions such as this why he’d never invented a pill to cure ugliness.

They stood there like that for a moment, the words hanging in the air, until the car drew closer and Magnus gently pushed her behind him.
“Really? You still think I need protection?” Her tone was sarcastic, but he didn’t seem to notice.
“Everything precious needs protection,” he answered.

“Not much of a watch dog,” Lu concurred, watching its glittering black eyes roll wildly as it shivered and whined. It wore a chunky gemstone collar Lu thought was probably real.
“Ha!” snorted MacGregor. “Tisn’t! But that’s what bodyguards are for, luv. Pets are just to remind you not to be so goddamn selfish. Much like women.”
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2,699 reviews657 followers
October 27, 2022
Ok, I was not expecting the twist to this series. I will be honest and say I almost stopped reading this book because I thought the twist meant certain people died. I was not going to be happy. I am glad I stuck it out. This series was really good but also frustrating for me. I hated the sadistic alphas and thought they should have been handled way sooner. I hated the multiple enemies that just never seemed to die when they should. And then this last book jumps decades into the future. I needed to adjust to that. But, I can say that it ended really well and it had a lot in the series the I did really like as well. Overall, I am glad I read it and it was a unique twist to a shifter romance series. I do think I love this authors contemporary books much more though.
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2,117 reviews26 followers
May 28, 2017
What a nice conclusion. When I read the synopsis, I kinda thought completely new characters and didn't think any of the previous characters (necessarily) would make an appearance. We do see previous characters (yay!) and Lumina isn't the new character I first thought she was (I should have picked up who she was sooner, but it's been a year since I read the previous book!). This takes place 24 (let's just say 25 years since it opens on Dec 25th 2037) after the events of the previous book.
The diary entries at the beginning give a good sense of the changes in the world. This one was more dystopian with the romance more in the backseat when compared to the previous 5 books in the series. It works. I overall liked the pacing; however, I felt the events leading up to the end were a bit rushed. The final showdown with the big bad was a blink and you miss it. There should have been more there.
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570 reviews85 followers
January 5, 2015
What a fantastic finale to this series and definitely not what I expected! The story jumps ahead into the future a couple of decades where the world has been forever changed. It was a nice trick by the author because I was totally sucked into the story and wondering... What in the heck happened that everything ended up in the way it did?!?!
The twins, Hope and Honor, are now all grown up but the focus of the story is primarily on Hope who grows up not knowing who or what she is and always in hiding.
The Ikati are being hunted, captured and studied and are on the verge of extinction. Humanity is now under the rule of Sebastian Thorne who was quick to take advantage of an event that took place in the Rain Forrest at the end of book five which we come to know as the Flash. The world is much like you would envision out of a Dystopian novel. Since I am a fan of Dystopian themed books this made the story so much more engaging and interesting.
At first I didn't like that we stepped so far into the future. I wanted to know what happened in the Rain Forrest that led to the world's almost destruction. But these events are slowly revealed as the story progresses.
It was interesting seeing some of our favorite characters from previous books now decades older. And, seeing the twins find their soul mates was so touching. I "loved" their love matches. The book focuses primarily on Hope finding her soul mate Magnus with Honor's love match as kind of a side note story.
I felt like this book was some of Geissinger's best writing in the series... the emotions were so real and I was definitely fully engaged in the story from beginning to end. She definitely gave this last installment her all and it showed.
I'm so sad to see this series ending... I've loved it from the first. But, it's also nice to have closure for a few of my favorite Night Prowler characters. And, the good news is that it is quite open for future books if the author really wanted to pick up with the series again. But, for now, I think the story wrapped up in a good place.
I'm not going to say anything too specific about the plot because part of the excitement of this book is wondering who survived the war and I don't want to ruin that for anyone else. But, I think fans of this series will be pleased with how it ended. Well, at least "this" fan was pleased...
Can't wait to see what else this author has in store for us in the future! But, for now... Bon Voyage!!

ARC provided by Montlake Romance Publishing

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November 12, 2017
Rating: 3/5
Heat Rating: 3/5
Narrator Performance: 3/5

While this provides a satisfactory end to the series the book itself wasn't as good as I had hoped it'd be. There were some issues that really bother me. Specifically the amount of what I consider editing or continuity mistakes. It was almost as if Geissinger's writing style changed. Normally that wouldn't be a problem but to do so in the middle of a series is strange. In the previous books in the series when talking about people in power the author always mentioned them by their position. In INTO DARKNESS President Obama was mentioned. #1 It was weird that all of a sudden Geissinger was using a name instead of simply the President and #2 according to the series timeline if indeed Obama was president in the stories he would have been dead therefore unable to do what he did in this book. Another thing that bugged me was the way the journal dates were written. They too weren't written in the same style as in the previous books. Thirdly there were two romances in this book but the secondary one only got like only one real scene. Yeah there was stuff going on with the characters in the background of the story but they didn't get any real page time. IMO they should have. Their romance was written in a way that the reader would except it but I really wished some more story time was dedicated to them. In all honesty I didn't even see the point of the secondary romance.

OK so that's a good number of negatives, right? The thing is, anything negative about this book is counterbalanced by something positive. Nothing could make this book a total loss for me. The H/h dynamic was interesting and engaging. Their bond was always there yet they needed to understand it and make it grow. Then there was the family dynamic which was depicted fabulously from multiple viewpoints. Plus we got to see glimpses of everybody from the earlier books which is always cool. The storyline answered questions that the reader has had since book 2. It also provided an answer to a problem that had plagued the Ikati forever in a way that made perfect sense. Like I said, as a series finale it was more than satisfactory.

I wasn't thrilled with the narrator. She was simply average IMO. While I didn't dislike her I wouldn't want to listen to another of her performances.
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815 reviews51 followers
February 16, 2018
*listened to audiobook*

This was a great shifter series. I loved how this last book was about twenty years into the future and had a happy ending.
14 reviews
October 13, 2022
Excellent Ending to and Excellent Series

This is her best series. Probably my new favorite author. These books travel deep into darkness then kick you into the light.
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6,664 reviews171 followers
November 3, 2014
ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date October 21, 2014

In New Vienna, capital of the oppressive global government formed after the Flash, three things are certain: the sun is poisonous, speaking out is dangerous, and being different will get you killed.

And Lumina Bohn is extraordinarily different.

Living in terror of discovery, Lu knows nothing of her past but she knows she must pretend to be human to survive. When an incident at work triggers her astonishing powers, she becomes the target of an international manhunt. Only one person can save her: Magnus, the enigmatic stranger haunting her dreams.

Magnus rescues the outcasts called Aberrants from capture and torture. As Lu begins exploring her powers among her people, her feelings for Magnus intensify. He's determined to stay emotionally distant, yet their smoldering passion soon becomes impossible to resist.

But when a shocking revelation threatens the lives of every remaining Aberrant, Lu and Magnus must risk everything, confronting their enemies in an explosive final stand to save their kind from the darkest fate of all: extinction.


REVIEW: INTO DARKNESS is the sixth and final installment in JT Geissinger’s adult, dystopian Night Prowler paranormal, romance series focusing on a shape shifting panther species known as the Ikati. Each full-blooded Ikati is blessed (or cursed) with a special ability. Some are telepathic, able to shift into mist; shift into other animals and others can walk through walls. Anyone betraying their secrets are punished by death but the Ikati have been targeted for annihilation by the humans. This is hunter and Ikati Alpha Magnus and Lumina Bohn’s storyline.

The focus of the storyline fast forwards the series approximately twenty five years into the future. Following the ‘Flash’ which most humans believed all but destroyed the world, the Ikati numbers have been decimated through discrimination, abuse, torture and death. With the Ikati queen having been held in prison for almost a quarter of a century, and her mate missing and presumed dead, Magnus is a man determined to discover the whereabouts of the remaining members of his species. Enter Lumina Bohn, a young woman adopted by human parents who kept secret Lumina’s true identity. Lumina is one of the most powerful Ikati in existence but revealing Lumina’s true heritage has placed a larger target on the Ikati species.

INTO DARKNESS is a richly detailed storyline woven through an apocalyptic nightmare. The ‘Flash’ and its’ after affects has created a world dominated by man and one man in particular believes himself to be of ‘god-like’ power. As the Ikati struggle to survive in a world that views anything different as an abomination, Lumina must come to accept that she will be the savior of her kind.

The relationship between Lumina and Magnus is one that began in the mind-walking into one another’ dreams, our couple have known one another for years but it is only with the recent revelations and her discovery that our couple will physically meet –in the flesh. Magnus is a man whose heart and body have been destroyed by the humans who left a beaten and tortured young man scarred for life.

JT Geissinger’s NIGHT PROWLER series a passionate and startling look at a species destroyed by misunderstanding, misconception, specieism and discrimination-similar in premise to Hitler and Nazi Germany, we find the Ikati stripped of their autonomy, their individually and their freedom. To live is to exist; to exist is to hide who and what they are; to hide is a failure to live. The cycle is vicious; the abuse and experimentation are rampant and in the end, the humans will be more like the Ikati than they had ever thought possible.

INTO DARKNESS is a wondrous, exciting and revealing conclusion to JT Geissinger’s passionate Night Prowler series. There are heartbreaking moments, startling realizations and an intense need for revenge for a species who have all but been destroyed by the fear of the unknown and the differences brought about by DNA. JT Geissinger is an amazing story teller whose world of the Ikati is compelling, captivating and startling familiar.

Copy supplied by the publisher through Netgalley.

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1,391 reviews62 followers
December 17, 2014
Do you like dark paranormal reads? Enjoy a great romance, with a backdrop of extreme adventure and danger? If so then this series is one you need to read. This is the fifth and final installment of the Night Prowler series, and as much as I loved each book, I certainly had no idea how it would all end. Each of these books feature one couple, and the couple is always part of a story full of danger at every turn. To end this series just by featuring another couple, made me wonder if that would be all there is to it. I should have known that this author, who has never disappointed me in any of her writing, would find a way to both shock me, and yes, awe me as well.

In the beginning of this book, I was a bit confused. I literally, re-looked to make sure I was reading the right book. No lie. And then, I realized that the author had taken the story into the future, and the main character is Lumina. Who Lumina is, and what she is, is just part of the mystery of this story. She lives with her adoptive father, in New Vienna, Austria, in a dystopian world. Yes, Ms. Geissinger went there, and it was nothing short of near genius, as far as taking this series up to another level, when I thought it was a good as it could get in the first place. The other side of the couple is Magnus, the alpha of the Ikati, that inhabit a series of caves in Wales. Horribly scarred, he keeps himself shut off from the possibility of ever finding a mate. How these two meet, is just part of the premise of what this book is all about.

The background and world building of this series has been skillfully woven into the story by the author, as always. The world of the Ikati, or panther shifters, has gone down a dark and twisted path from the beginning. The Ikati have lived in secret since before man existed, until the race is betrayed by crazy sociopath, Caesar, who decides to horrifically announce the presence of the Ikati to the world. Nothing is the same after that, and at the end of the last book the world that the Ikati has built is threatened with extinction.

With the possibility of spoilers and this series ending, I’ve tried to keep the story points to a minimum and hopefully I have succeeded. It’s always hard for me, and I am sure other readers, to read that last book in a beloved series. Will it live up to what the rest of the series was about,and will it end the way you want it to? With this book, Ms. Geissinger had exceeded all my expectations. If you have read the previous books, I think you will be more then pleased with the ending. If you haven’t read these books yet, I can’t recommend them enough. They should be read in order, as the story is a continuing one. They are extremely adult reads, both because of sexual situations, and the dark plot lines.

As a disclaimer, I received this book from the author, in exchange for an honest and fair review, and I am also a member of the author’s street team.
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1,376 reviews17 followers
February 15, 2016
Into Darkness is the final story of the Night Prowler series. The story starts off 25 years into the future after the McLoughlin twins Hope and Honor and the parents Leander and Jenna demonstrate there immense power by the destroying the entire Expurgarti religious zealots who wanted to exterminate the entire Ikarti race. This is now know as The Flash. The Ikarti is a race of Shifter beings that date back over 3000 years and more. They have many supernatural gifts.

The story is mostly centered on Hope and her love interest Soul Mate Magus. Honor also, has a Soul Mate and love interest which is interwoven through out the story. Magus and Hope must find and destroy the Phoenix Corp who has taken over the world under the leadership of Sebastian Thorne, he thinks he is a God. Throne has imprisoned Jenna, Queen of the Ikarti and her husband Leander, Alpha. The leader of there people and Hope and Honors parents, along with 4000+ Ikarti now know as the Abberent, For the past 25 years they have been tortured and experimented on. Which was very Sad I had hoped after The Flash that the Ikarti/Abberents would finally be the victors and make Thorne and his followers suffer, but It doesn't happen until the very end of the book. There destruction was rushed. For me there was not enough retribution dealt out to there enemies. I wanted to Read that Sebastian Thorne and his organization get as much back as they have dealt out over the 6 bk series I have read. No, that I quickly dispatched. They got off easy. I wanted more scene for the reunion of Hope and Honor with there parents. There appearance was brief too. So I felt a little disappointed. However, we do get our HEA for the Ikarti and there entire race. The story needed more after all the Ikarti have suffered!!
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60 reviews2 followers
December 2, 2014
I've only read the first book in this series ("Shadow's Edge") and now this one.

I would not recommend this book unless someone is specifically looking for a paranormal/fantasy romance with some female-friendly smut. Even then, I'd let them know that the smut isn't until the very, very end of the book and they'd have to endure all the other writing to get to it.

Pros: Jumping forward in time was interesting, and you start off intrigued to know what's given the world a post-apocalyptic atmosphere. Better quips from the main character. The Ikati is a unique, interesting fantastical idea. An epic, climactic battle.

Cons: I cringed or rolled my eyes far too often. The diary entries at the beginning were... a good attempt, but not the best execution. So many cringe-worthy, stereotypical dialogue/events/characters. Also, the two books I've read have centered on a female protagonist who just happens to be about the same age as the author (surprise, surprise.) Seriously, one man dominates with control of the whole world by engineering nasty skies and somehow making the sun harmful during the day? What the eff kind of science is this? The author asks for too much suspension of disbelief from her readers. And did I mention the cringe-worthy writing?
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1,713 reviews39 followers
February 14, 2016
Into Darkness (Night Prowler #6) by J.T. Geissinger I loved Into Darkness, J.T. Geissinger’s sixth book in the Night Prowler Series.  Lumina Bohn needs to hide that fact that she is not human.  Her powers are revealed, and she escapes with the help of fellow Aberrant Magnus.  This paranormal shapeshifter romance takes place in the dystopia future in the year 2037, twenty-four years after book five, which took place in 2013.  The story is suitable for adult audiences.
J.T. Geissinger did a fantastic job depicting the world after the chaos that occurred in book five.  Her characters are complex.  I love that characters are still around from the previous books.  I was also saddened by some of the casualties. I loved the chemistry between Lumina and Magnus.  J.T. Geissinger plot was packed with depth and detail.  The story is original and full of mystery and surprises.  Into Darkness kept me on the edge of my seat.  This was an incredible finale to the series; one that J.T. Geissinger should be proud of.  I would love to see this series turned into a television series or movies.
 Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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1,713 reviews39 followers
February 14, 2016
I loved Into Darkness, J.T. Geissinger’s sixth book in the Night Prowler Series. Lumina Bohn needs to hide that fact that she is not human. Her powers are revealed, and she escapes with the help of fellow Aberrant Magnus. This paranormal shapeshifter romance takes place in the dystopia future in the year 2037, twenty-four years after book five, which took place in 2013. The story is suitable for adult audiences.

J.T. Geissinger did a fantastic job depicting the world after the chaos that occurred in book five. Her characters are complex. I love that characters are still around from the previous books. I was also saddened by some of the casualties. I loved the chemistry between Lumina and Magnus. J.T. Geissinger plot was packed with depth and detail. The story is original and full of mystery and surprises. Into Darkness kept me on the edge of my seat. This was an incredible finale to the series; one that J.T. Geissinger should be proud of. I would love to see this series turned into a television series or movies.

Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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25 reviews
November 12, 2014
I liked how this final book in the series advanced forward in time, but felt like other aspects of the story line were just so ridiculous (one guy rules the world & convinces everyone the earth is unlivable during the day & renames Christmas after himself? really? really?). The mushy side of me also doesn't like that the original couple of this series, Jenna & Leander, were torn apart for 25 years, but I guess I can accept that was necessary for the plot. Overall, there were just too many irritating, eye-roll inducing decisions about the plot.

On a positive note, with this being the last book in the series, the final show down had to be epic and the book was successful here. Although once the dust had settled and everyone was freed, I would have liked more page time dedicated to Jenna & Leander's reunion (there was little to nothing on this).

So, just okay for me.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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538 reviews30 followers
December 15, 2014
J.T. Geissinger really outdid herself with this one. Which is great because I was kinda worried after reading Darkness Bound. Not that I didn't enjoy it. The ending was just what the title said it was, extremely dark and it left me all messed up. I didn't know what to expect or how this series would play out but I was not at all disappointed. This entire series was EPIC and the finale was absolutely AMAZING!!!! I am always sad to see a series I love end but I am also looking forward to reading at lot more from Ms Geissinger........☺☺☺
1,352 reviews8 followers
July 25, 2016
Good book. The characters were well developed and the plot kept you interested until the end.
215 reviews
August 26, 2021
UPDATE: I had to finish the book, I just had to. And I didn't like it. I understood the need to wait for Hope and Honor to be adults to build a story around them, but the rest of the book didn't work for me. It felt like it was a bunch of disjointed sub-plots pieced together that didn't make any sense. Kind of like my review...I have so any disjointed thoughts about this book, I'm struggling to get them out of my head.

I HATED learning about the fate of Jenna and Leander and what happened since the stupid Flash in back story and conversations. That's a fucking HUGE piece of the story and it's treated like it's no big deal. Sure, Jenna had to be taken out of the equation for the story to work, otherwise she'd have gone all queen-like on all the bad humans and killed them, thus negating this story.. And Thorne...just some random guy who'd not been in any of the previous books just happens to pick up the pieces, create a huge corporation from the embers of civilization and make himself God?? Jesus. Pun intended.

And eww...Honor and Beckett are cousins, and they still hook up. Gross.

This book gave me the impression JTG was trying to metaphorically compare the Ikati to the First Nation/Native Americans, all while showing how destructive and intolerant non-Ikati (invasive whites) people were.

Seems like every time JTG needed a way out of her storyline, she gave Hope another gift. It's like Oprah giving away cars to her audience...oh, you need a car? Okay, poof, here ya go. And wait, you need one too? Okay, here's one for you. Think of any possible gift these twins could have and JTG gave it to them, even if said gift had never been heard of before. Can't suspend disbelief that much.

All in all, I was very disappointed in this finale.

I can't believe I dnf'd the last book of this fantastic series, but I couldn't even get through Chapter 3. Once I realized who the heroine was, I lost all interest. I don't want to read about characters and a storyline that takes place 25 years after the last book. WTF?!? I want to know what happened with characters that have been in all other books, and what happened to the world after the last book, not read about it in hindsight, if this book even does that. All the other books in this series took place within months or a few years of each other, and to make this book take place so much later?? I realize why JTG did that...so Hope or Honor could be the heroine and we could see how she finally destroys Thirteen (at least she'd better), but there is very little continuity between the last book and this one. I think it would have been better to start an entire new series.
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December 18, 2020
Emotionally Charged And Thought-Provoking Conclusion To This Stellar Series

What a series! I’ve rarely read a series by any author where I couldn’t unequivocally state a favorite or least favorite book. But, congratulations JT Geissinger. You have managed to successfully pen an intricately woven tapestry of plots and subplots that over the course of six fabulous books draws to a satisfying, yet bittersweet conclusion. There was not one book better than the other. ALL were superbly written.

I couldn’t help but spend some quiet time reflecting in thought over how an intelligent, wealthy, influential, power-hungry and diabolical man could successfully orchestrate a course of events that earn him the ability to literally rule the world!!!! Chilling, because it is not out of the realm of possibility. Ms. Geissinger, through her impeccable writing gave readers an amazingly detailed history and inner workings of the thoughts and feelings of the characters in her story. We are equally privileged to learn about the good as well as the bad in this book.

I loved Magnus especially because of his selflessness and I found it refreshing that he was not a physically perfect specimen, but loved no less by Lumina (Hope). The dynamics between the twins, Honor and Hope, was, in my opinion, a realistic portrayal of the relationship between sisters. A fun read!

Throughout the series as well as in this last installment, there were so many “words of wisdom” to reflect on. My take away from this series is to always remember not to judge an entire group, or society by the poor actions of one or a few. Objectivity is crucial. Another important element Is the importance of having HOPE in ones life. It becomes essential for survival. We, as individuals, must not be swayed to BLINDLY believe the propaganda and information fed to us in the media as this could result in dire consequences, as witnessed in this final installment.

I won’t ever forget this series. It was THAT powerful! The Audible companion to these books have been an added plus to an already perfect series. A heartfelt THANK YOU Ms. Geissinger for writing beautiful stories. I have read the majority of your books and you never disappoint. ❤️

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November 20, 2018
At first I had some trouble getting into this one. It beings with journal entries and is much further in the future than the previous 5 books. I was beginning to worry it would have a totally different feel and I wouldn't get the closure I wanted. After a few of the entries, it went back to normal format and the entries helped to paint a picture of the life of Lu, so you could better understand her background, so I was grateful for them.

I thought this book was an exciting, emotional and beautiful ending to the series. JT Geissinger successfully melded the paranormal romance and the dystopian genres, which are two of my favorites.

My one big complaint is the ending. I was irritated that Honor told Hope about her ability to share that particular gift with everyone in front of the whole group. I think it should have been a private discussion and that that particular gift should only be shared with discretion and respect. Openly sharing it for all could create more monsters and upset a balance, in my opinion. It's a dangerous game to play. Other than that, I absolutely loved this installment of the series.
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202 reviews1 follower
June 12, 2022
I’m glad I pushed through this series. The ending was much better than the beginning (first book). I really grew to love the Ikati characters over the span of the 6 books. Especially Jenna. I honestly wished there were more of her in most of the other books that focus on other love connections. There wasn’t much of her in this book either. But she was reflected in both her daughters which really drew me in.

At first I was a little bummed with the huge time jump and total dystopian world we’re immediately introduced to. I wanted an instant, or near future, happy ending where book 5 left off. The things that happened to the ikati during and after the battle that became known as “The Flash”, definitely pulled on my heart strings. I won’t give anything away, but I felt this was a just ending to the series.

My only wish is that this contained more details for some of the side stories. It would have made this even better.
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June 13, 2017
This book was sooooo good! Omg! If I could have given it 10 stars, I would have. This book concluded beautifully. I was worried at the end of book 5, but Ms. Geissinger nailed it.

Spoiler-- I was a little freaked out about Beckett and Honor being cousins, I wish he had been Demetrius and Eliana's child or something instead of Christian's and Ember's. I was sad that Jenna and Leander were separated for so long and missed their children growing up. Hated that Lix, Constantine (the beautiful) and Celian were dead, but Ms. G. has not hesitated to kill off characters in the series. Wanted to know what happened to the old man from Hawk and Jack's book. The man with the prophecy. I also wondered about Eliana's best friend and Alexi; Ember's friend Ash; but, was glad to see Nola and MacGregor. Loved it.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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March 3, 2018
The series as a whole was entertaining. There were plenty of things that I could complain about if I wanted to nit pick, but I won’t because I like the author’s overall style and I was entertained.

I do, however, wish she’d come up with a few new ways to describe the level of anger (she went thermonuclear) and a few other repetitive similes and metaphors. She has a handful of favs that have been in every one of her books, not just this series. That takes me out of the story because not every character from every world should use the same colloquialisms. It’s like someone rips back the curtain and there stands the author.

Her writing is smart, her sarcasm is on point, and I just really like the characters she creates.
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4,290 reviews
May 13, 2022

This novel had a lot of up and down moments for me. One moment, I was completely sure I wouldn't keep reading it, the next I couldn't seem to put it down because I wanted to know what happened. In the end, I'm glad I stuck with it and finished it out. I am normally one that can push through a book, especially if I believe it to be a good one. However, this novel started out very well but then sort of drizzled out around the middle, and then towards the end I kind of lost interest in this book all together. The overall concept for this story has been wonderful, with a compelling story-line, there was just something missing from everything.
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May 14, 2018
Not a series book reader, this series may change your mind!

I don't usually read books that come in series because I'm impatient. This series was awesome. I started it and couldn't stop until the end. I was fascinated by the characters and their shifting abilities. The author made the story seem so real. The plots were well thought out and I loved that the author took time in each book to remark on past characters so that you knew what happened to them. I didn't want it to end.
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41 reviews
July 24, 2018

As much as I enjoyed this series, this final book really infuriates me. It almost feels like it was written by some one else who does not have the inside knowledge of the world this takes place in. Granted I know that is not the case, this book has many places that is rushed and tripped over by itself that just make it not as enjoyable as the others in the series. I'm not happy with the way it ended. But I love the way you can just become immersed in the characters. Perhaps that's why? At any rate I would still recommend this series.
13 reviews
March 31, 2021
Binge worthy series

And that is exactly what I did. I read the entire series over 3 days! Couldn't put it down. Had to know what happened. What a ride. I read one of her other books and then discovered all the books in the series aren't out yet. So. Disappointed. I looked for other books written by her and saw this series. I really enjoyed that each book in the series weren't cookue cutter as some are because that gets boring. The names change but the story lines are the same. Not this series! Thoroughly enjoyed!
138 reviews
April 18, 2023
Wow, wow, wow...

What an absolutely amazing book and series this was! While reading, I had this thought that foresight was going to be one of Hope's gifts, and the apocalyptic world she grew up in, and experienced painfully, was going to be the future but was able to change as an infant.
It's sad that Jenna and Leander missed so many years together, I would've loved to hear more from them at the end of the book..
This series has gripped me right from the start... absolutely fantastic!
325 reviews
May 5, 2023
fun but underdeveloped

This was too much like all the YA dystopian novels for me. And it wouldn’t stand on its own, so I warn against reading it without having read the first 5 on the series.

I enjoyed the entire series, but felt like each of the books was just a bit unbalanced in one way or another—or even both sometimes—needing more depth and development in places and less in others. But, overall, it’s an entertaining set of books. Definitely different from Geissinger’s other (and more gripping) books.
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June 28, 2017

Fitting end to an to an outstanding series! Fast-paced, with finely etched character development and eloquent dialogue, Into Darkness exceeded all of my expectations. I loved how Ms. Geissinger wove characters from the previous five installments into this final novel, bringing everything together not so much nicely as justly. It was the perfect ending for ALL involved....
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