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Yūsei has surprises for Sanaa Itami.

The long trip across the stars ends with Mark Sakai delivering bad news from orbit over their new home, and there’s no turning back or moving on. Despite all their misgivings, this is where they will have to stay.

Sanaa, Jiro, and the rest of Earth’s settlers move into a coastal town and stick to their plans to live the colonization life they dreamed of. But Sanaa’s existence won’t be kept secret from her enemies for long. Kazuo promised he would see her in another life, on another world, and he aims to keep his word. Now she will face those who want their revenge and make new enemies while dispensing with old ones on her journey across the fascinating and unfamiliar landscape of Yūsei.

Reunited is the third installment in the Nogiku Series, a saga of post-apocalyptic sci-fi novels set in future Japan.

312 pages, Paperback

First published August 11, 2014

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About the author

S.J. Pajonas

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Stephanie (S. J.) is a writer, knitter, Capricorn, Japanophile, and USA Today Best Selling author. She loves summer, downtempo beats, yoga pants, foxes, owls, dogs, sushi, pasta, and black tea. She lives outside NYC with her husband, two great kids, and her dog who always wants to play. When it comes to her work, she writes about everyday women and uncommon worlds. Find her online at https://www.spajonas.com

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246 reviews77 followers
August 14, 2014

If you've been following my blog, you all know that I love The Nogiku Series. It is a gem among the New Adult genré. Not only is it NA, it's also post-apocalyptic. Plus, there is Japanese culture in it! I've been doing a self-study for Korean and Japanese languages, so I get excited whenever I come across books with Asian things in it.

In the previous book, Released, Sanaa, Jiro, and the rest of her family and friends, went on a journey to Yūsei. It is the new planet that the populace on earth will be moving into. When they were about to land, they noticed that the planet is already inhabited. I was actually expecting aliens. I wanted there to be aliens, however, I am not saying if there were or not. You have to read the book!

Yūsei isn't an ordinary planet. The gravity is not the same as Earth's, of course. You can't move as fast as you're used to. You will feel dizziness in the first few days, but after a while, you will function as normal.

For someone who loves to travel, I felt all giddy inside as Sanaa and Jiro slowly explored their new home planet. There were so many things that they had to get used to, and there were new secrets that were uncovered. The world-building is pretty good. I think we will discover more in the next books. I am looking forward to that. Oh, and the animals in the book!

We were introduced to new characters, such as Fujiwara, the sole leader of the planet. This posed a great threat to Sanaa's position, because she was supposed to be the leader of this new home planet. I love how the characters are developing from book to book. Sanaa is proving to be one of my favorite female leads. Not only is she strong, but she's damn good fighter. She knows how to do hand-to-hand combat, and she can wield a sword! 
I can do it. I’m strong. I’ll push past everything, the pain and the fear. I work best under pressure. You know that. - Sanaa

The romance in this book is still as sweet as the first two books. Mind you, the book isn't centered in Jiro and Sanaa's love story. This series brings more to the table. I can't wait for the next book to come out, because that ending just makes you want to grab it now. Sadly, it will be the last book.

SJ Pajonas is now one of my favorite authors. Her stories are quite unique, and I love that she incorporates Asian cultures in her books. If you want diversity, well, Nogiku Series is one of those series to get into!

The ARC was provided by the author, SJ Pajonas, in exchange for an honest review.
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Author 9 books96 followers
August 14, 2014
When Sanaa Itami finally finishes her long journey across the stars to reach her new home, nothing turns out as expected. Her old enemies have followed her there and will wake from hibernation soon, and the new planet has turned out to house new enemies as well. Her family and clan will do all they can to keep her bloodline a secret, but the truth will come out. And with it, Sanaa may lose her beloved Jiro, her surrogate father Mark, her friends and family, and a future she had dared to dream.

REUNITED, book 3 in S.J. Pajonas's Nogiku series, is my favorite so far! I instantly fell in love with the new planet. The descriptions jumped off the page and I could picture, smell, and taste all this new world had to offer. The blend of old Japanese culture and new technology was so unique; it reads in part like an historical novel, but never lets the reader forget it's science fiction. The stakes are higher than ever for Sanaa and Jiro, and their passion is hotter than ever too. All my favorite characters are back, and there are some great new characters as well. I find myself respecting Sanaa more with each book as she grows into her leadership role and finds new avenues of strength, and, well, Jiro had me from the first time I met him. I had trouble getting anything else done while I was reading REUNITED because I did not want to put it down!
Profile Image for Karen’s Library.
1,064 reviews163 followers
October 24, 2014
I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Whoops, it almost 4 am but I put this book down to sleep and couldn't stop thinking about it so ended up turning the light back on, picking this up again and then staying up until the wee hours to finish. Thank goodness it's the weekend and I can sleep in tomorrow!

I finally got the part of the series that I have been waiting for. The transfer to their new home has been made and the colonization starts on their new planet. I thought the realism of what it would be like coming out of 7 years of hibernation, the transition and weakness of dealing with full gravity again, etc., was spot on. I believed every sentence!

And thank you, Ms. Pajonas, for giving me some pets to fall in love with! I loved Sanaa's delight in each and every new animal she encountered!

And again in this book, the cultural and historical aspects of Japan were wonderful. The only thing I had a bit of a time with were the Japanese names which was not the fault of the book or author. It was just me, not knowing enough of the culture and every once in awhile I would get a bit lost trying to keep some of the lesser known characters straight in my mind.

Otherwise, another solid book in this wonderful series! I'm counting down the days until book 4 comes out! Nicely done, Ms. Pajonas!

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Author 36 books198 followers
August 12, 2014
Reunited, book 3 of the Nogiku series, was by far my favorite. The moment the book starts, Pajonas puts you right in the middle of the action. When I finished reading Released, my mouth dropped open and I yelled out loud I needed to know what happened! It was well worth the wait. Sanaa is a strong female character, and even through the bad things that happen to her in Reunited, she remains strong. Sanaa and Jiro’s romance is amazing to read, and they fit perfectly together. Many surprises await in this book, and will leave you anxious for the next one! (I know I am!)

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Author 18 books245 followers
June 8, 2022
This series keeps getting better and better. Sanaa has so many things to worry about. Although Jiro tries to understand and held her through her anxiety, her fears threaten to overwhelm her. Too many people want her dead.

Great world building. The characters (old and new) are so well developed the reader's emotions are engaged. The adventures and ramp up the tension. A real page turner.
Profile Image for Karen Gibbons.
44 reviews
January 27, 2018
Everything Japanese

History, culture, romance, love making, sword fighting, ninjas, sake, ramen as my goes on.......all in a science fiction series of novels. I could not ask for anything more.
Profile Image for Nicole M. Hewitt.
1,422 reviews282 followers
April 18, 2015
This review and many more can be found on my blog: Feed Your Fiction Addiction

Reunited is the third book in Pajonas’s unique dystopian Nojiku series, and it is, without a doubt, the best installment so far!

This book is a complete game changer for the series – Sanaa and the others have finally reached Yusei, but it’s nothing like they imagined it to be! Yusei is already inhabited, and the more Sanaa learns about the culture of the planet’s residents, the less she wants to simply integrate with them. Not only that, but Sanaa’s very life is in even more danger on Yusei because she is the rightful empress, and the ruler of the new planet would do anything to prevent her from coming to power. Sanaa starts to doubt that she will survive long enough to make any sort of life for herself on Yusei at all.

What I loved:

Culture shock.
When Sanaa and company arrive on Yusei, they discover that the current government has gone back to the rigid rules and customs of ancient Japan. Women are oppressed in many ways, and the more that Sanaa learns about the culture of Yusei, the less she wants to be a part of it. Once again, Pajonas managed to weave an incredible amount of Japanese culture into her series, giving us a rich and lavish setting for the story. I love this aspect of the series!!

Not everyone who comes to Yusei with Sanaa is on her side. In fact, there are several earth refugees who would be happy to sell Sanaa out to the current leader of Yusei in order to gain favor with him. Sanaa can’t be sure who to trust, and it becomes apparent that she is racing against time – she has to decide her next move before all of her options are taken from her. This book is full of treachery (and sometimes surprising loyalty)! The result is a heart-pounding race toward the final book in the series!

Fun surpises.
There are a few fun surprises in this book that mean even bigger changes for Sanaa. I really don’t want to say more than that because I don’t want to spoil anything, but these surprises sure make things interesting!

The negatives:

Not much.
Actually, I’m having trouble coming up with negatives for this one. My issues with the first two books (a slight lack of connection in the first book and a slight lack of action in the second) aren’t issues at all in this third book. There were a few nit-picky things – the fact that the language issues were so easily overcome and that I saw one or two smaller twists coming – but these were really minor. The only reason that I’m not giving it the full five stars is because I’m trying to reserve that rating for books that will stand out in my mind as all-time favorites, and this, as a middle book in a series, will have a hard time doing that. But if the series continues in this same vein, I can see the final book gaining that status!

Reunited is game changing for this series, with heart-pounding action and lots of twists and turns. I can’t wait to see how Pajonas concludes the series in Reclaimed. I give this book 4.5/5 stars.

***Disclosure: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given and all opinions are my own.***
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1,523 reviews243 followers
August 24, 2014
I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Ever since finishing Released I had been eagerly awaiting the release of Reunited and now it's finally here! As started reading it as soon as I received my copy and it was so great to be back in the Nogiku world again. I love this author's writing style and it just makes me feel at ease.

So many things happen in this book and when the land at Yusei, things aren't what they expected. I loved seeing this new world and discovering right alongside Sanaa, her friends and family. There are some amazing plot twists and things that aren't what they seem, revelations and changes. It was everything I've come to expect from this author and more. Reunited is an original book with lots of surprises and changes! It's slow paced, but the pace fits the book perfectly and it's one of the things I love about this series, how the pace is slow, without it being annoying. And despite the pace being slow, there's always something going on.

There was a scene towards the end with smoking that bothered me a bit and I found one of the explanations a bit weird, but who knows it might be possible I don't know that much about biology, but it sounded weird to me. And as I can't stand cigarette smoke in real life, I always feel a bit off when it's in a book, especially in a book I didn't expect it.

There is so much character change and character growth int his book. At the beginning of the book the character wake up from hibernation and have changed and during the course of this book they change even more. There where some really surprising changes. Sanaa is an amazing main character and I liked how she grew and changed in this book, I also liked all her interactions with the animals. I love animals myself and it was fun to see so many animals in this book!

There's less romance in this book as in the previous books, especially in the first half the romance seemed to be a bit on the back burner, but in the second half there was a bit more romance. I just love Sanaa and Jiro together and there where some really sweet moments between them!

There is quite a bit world building in this book as they discover their new home planet, but there are also some familiar things. Especially as the Earth in this book actually was the strange world, Yusei is much more normal I would almost say. Still it was fun to learn more about Yusei, although I wanted to know even more about this planet!

To conclude: I loved Reunited just as much as the previous books and this series keeps continuing to surprise me. I just wanted to keep reading and figure out what would happen next. I really liked how the character grew and changed in this book and I loved the animals! The firsthalf of this book there isn't so much romance, but there's a bit more in the second half. I can't wait to read the fourth and last book in this series, although I can't believe it's the last book already!
Author 5 books43 followers
August 14, 2014
4.5 stars.

*I’d like to thank the author for providing me an ARC in exchange for my honest review.*

*As this is book 3 in a series, there will be spoilers for the first two books, but none for this one.*

This series is full of cliffhanger endings, and that trend doesn’t stop with book three. When the author graciously allowed me to read an advanced copy of this book, I immediately jumped in, and then got completely blindsided by the cliffhanger ending, in the best way! I now need book four, as fast as I can get it!

Sanaa just gets better and better as a heroine, and the main character of this series. I feel like I understand and know her more with each installment in this tale, and this one is no exception. She grows a lot, and really comes into her role as the empress. Of course, things don’t always go smoothly for her, but that’s why she’s got friends, family, and her husband Jiro to back her up.

Those friends and family help make the series great. There’s Kentaro, whom Sanaa now considers a brother. At first, I was wary of their relationship, but I now like and understand it better. Then, there’s Mark, Lucy, and all of Sanaa’s friends. They were a great support system for her in this book, especially since her life doesn’t appear to be becoming one of ease and leisure anytime soon. Finally, there’s Jiro. He’s the perfect love interest for Sanaa, and I think their relationship is wonderful. They mostly always talk everything out, and Jiro knows Sanaa well enough to know when something’s bothering her, even when she doesn’t want to let him know. What with events in this novel, I’m eagerly waiting to see what will happen to one of my favorite couples next.

The plot of this book was crazy. There was intrigue, exploration, adaptation to a new world, friendship, and romance. Once I started this book, I couldn’t put it down. I had to try and remember things from earlier books, but once I got into the swing of things, I couldn’t stop reading. The fact that Yusei already had inhabitants was a huge part of this story, since Sanaa had to try to establish herself as empress, while trying to usurp power from an oppressor of people, especially women. There was action, suspense, and awesome sci-fi elements that are a favorite part of mine in this series. Best of all, the romance between Sanaa and Jiro was as strong as ever, and it made the book even more enjoyable.

In the end, I think that this is probably my favorite book in the Nogiku series. Jiro and Sanaa are such a perfect couple, the sci-fi elements are vital to the story, and the struggle for a new world in which everyone is equal kept me reading. I loved learning about the new world of Yusei, and watching everyone have to adapt to living in open air, as opposed to a dome. The fact that this book has a cliffhanger makes me eager for the next installment, and the next part of Sanaa’s story.
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219 reviews6 followers
July 29, 2015
Reunited is the third book in the Nogiku series, and is not a stand-alone. It must be read in order, but the journey to get to this book is well worth it. I’ve previously reviewed Book 1: Removed (5 stars) and Book 2: Released (4 stars). While book 2 left me a little wanting in terms of story and pacing, book 3 grabbed me from page one and renewed my adoration for the series that was formed by book 1. Although categorized as a New Adult Romance science fiction, I found book 3 to be mature enough to fit into the Adult category, and it lacked the angst-drama typically associated with New Adult. Also, the romance is great, but it isn’t so overwhelming that general science fiction readers would be turned off by it.

So, all that intro out of the way, on with the review!

Book 3 picks up right where book 2 leaves off, and I’m hesitant to talk too much about it or the story-line in general because I could easily slip a spoiler. Right on the first couple of pages, Pajonas introduces an unexpected additional twist to the plot twist we were left with at the very end of book 2. The twist is significant. The twist is also pretty nifty. So, I’m going to leave it at that and move on.

The main character, Sanaa, continues her growth in this book, as well as strengthening her relationship with Jiro. She and the others must deal with many unexpected things, and I feel Sanaa handles them well. As with the other two books, there is a heavy dose of Japanese cultural infusion. There is also a bit of mystery and political maneuvering. At the heart of everything, though, is the character development. It’s really what drives the book forward, aside from the mystery and the action.

And there is plenty of action in book 3 – including katana fights, ninjutsu, kidnappings and escapes. The pace in this book is much better than book 2, without the lulling drag in the middle. I found the plot much more focused and streamlined in a way that made for enjoyable reading. There is also romance, but it was tastefully done while at the same time giving that heat which romance readers crave. We also get to see a side of Jiro I’m sure some fans were craving.

Although the entire series is a recommended read, book 3 was exceptional, and I am waiting on pins and needles for book 4!

I received a copy with a request for honest feedback
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Author 1 book374 followers
October 9, 2014
I know I say it too much (if there is ever such a thing when praising a book or series) but l really love Pajonas' Nogiku series, particularly because it's so different than anything else out there in New Adult. It has action, romance, amazing world building and it raises interesting questions that always keep me pondering my own world and it's future.

What's completely fascinating about book #3 is the world building. Even though this is Sanaa's first time moving to a new planet, as readers we've already been dropped into Pajonas' amazing world building in her earlier books. (We know how well she does it--happily she does it again.) But now Sanna and her friends and family have traveled across light years, to their future, their next adventure. I love how we see everything for the first time through the eyes of the inquisitive Sanaa. One of my favorite thing in the book is her "unique" relationship with animals--something she had no exposure to on her last home.

Additionally, I've always been a fan of Pajonas' ability to seamlessly incorporate LGBT characters into her story. There is nothing preachy or pushed in her approach. There is just a cultural philosophy that includes these differences, while ironically and interestingly highlighting other prejudices.

And I've always loved the romance between Jiro and Sanaa. There are always obstacles in the way of their relationship, but never in their love for each other which is refreshing. It makes you want to work hard to ensure you only have one great love in your life. <3

If you haven't had the chance to read the earlier books in The Nogiku Series, get on it so you can read REUNITED--you're going to love it!

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Author 6 books23 followers
September 11, 2014
REUNITED by S.J. Pajonas is her fourth full length novel, and my favorite so far in this series. The third installment of the Nogiku Series brings us to a new world with a slew of new characters. Now that Sanaa has arrived on the planet she is destined to govern, all the planning that got her there falls apart. Jiro and company have to decide on a new strategy that will work best now that all the rules of the game have changed.

REUNITED is another smooth transition from RELEASED (book 2 in the series,) with Sanaa freshly woken on an aircraft orbiting Yūsei, her new home. In addition to the vivid descriptions of a new planet, this installment is filled with action packed scenes. I love how Sanaa’s outward strength mixes with her conflicted inner dialogue. She is the reflection of every strong woman.

Without giving anything away, what struck me the most about this book was the way Pajonas throws caution into the wind by taking big chances with the plot. There is little in REUNITED that was expected (and yes I spent time speculating given the way the second book ends) but that is not a complaint. Pajonas is an excellent storyteller and I cannot wait to see how this series wraps up!
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69 reviews13 followers
August 28, 2014
So much of what was wonderful about the first two books in the series is still here in this book - the relationships, especially the one between Sanaa and Jiro, but really, all of them, are very well-written, believable, and engaging, and I still think that Sanaa is the most incredible character, and love viewing things through her perspective. I found myself feeling a bit more skeptical about the world-building aspects of this book than I did with the first two, and in particular, the ease with which the language issues were brushed aside kinda bugged me (but then again, I'm a linguist, and I'm sure most people would not actually want to read a book where language and language change were treated in a truly realistic fashion!). But I do want to know more about this universe that Pajonas is building, and the life that Sanaa is leading in it, so I'm very much looking forward to Book 4!
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Author 23 books38 followers
November 10, 2014
In book 3 of the Nogiku series, I eagerly continued reading about all the characters that I'd grown to admire, anxious to know what happens next when they finally arrive on the new planet of Yusei... But surprise, surprise! Lots of unexpected twists and turns that had me reading until too late in the night. It was a pleasure to see how much more the characters in this series have grown and developed, and the many pitfalls Sanaa's character had to endure. Once again, brilliant world-building, especially how S.J Pajonas handled a new planet and how the society had developed there. I look forward to the next in the series.
Profile Image for Tiennie.
23 reviews8 followers
May 30, 2015
I received this book as an ARC and truthfully, I put off reading it because I knew I would have to wait awhile before the 4th and last book is released. I didn't want to get into the book and have to wait to see where S.J. takes us. I'm so glad I did! This book is an engaging addition to her Nogiku Series and is my favorite of the series so far. Now I have the fourth book in my hands and can't wait to see how the love between Sanaa and Jiro grow and develop along with the other wonderful characters she has created!
Profile Image for Jennifer.
102 reviews
September 3, 2014
The third book in the Nogiku series puts the characters in a whole new environment, but the core of the story is the same, the love story between Sanaa and Jiro. I really enjoyed this third book and reading about the characters' new home and challenges that they faced. When I wasn't reading the book, t found myself thinking about the story - a true sign of a good read! This series leaves you in love yourself, with Sanaa and Jiro, the rich world they live in, and the book itself.
Profile Image for Amy.
70 reviews2 followers
December 19, 2014
Book 3 of the series. I had to immediately purchase and read it after the cliff hanger at the end of Book 2 - Revealed. This Book starts up right where Revealed left off. And I'll say it again if you enjoy romance and science fiction, you are going to love this series. Now I am just sad because I tore through the series so fast that I have to wait for the last one. My inner Star Wars nerd is very sad. ;)
Profile Image for Laz the Sailor.
1,478 reviews75 followers
April 13, 2015
As with book 2, the plot and characters remind me of a YA story, though there are brief references to erotic sex.

Unfortunately, book 3 is very similar to book 2, even though the story has shifted to a new planet(!). Our heroine is still manipulated by friends and foes alike, and people die because of her actions, and then she rescues others.

It's still an interesting ride, and I will read book 4, but Sanaa really needs to grow up.
567 reviews
October 17, 2016
Sanaa is found out.

It starts with meeting a family from another small town. The 8 year old son doesn't believe women can fight, doesn't understand who Sanaa is in relationship to the man they worship and definitely let's all know his thoughts.

Minamoto leaves his family and goes to Fujiwara, who he thinks will be a better ruler.

Read and find out what is happening. It will make you think.
Profile Image for Skylar.
99 reviews2 followers
August 28, 2014
My favorite in the series so far! Why aren't you reading these books?!?!

You are immediately dropped into the world that Stephanie has created for Sanaa, Jiro, and others. While the environment is different, the action, love and strength remain. Many adventures in this book!

*this is the third in a series and not meant to be a stand alone book*
Profile Image for Sarah.
311 reviews7 followers
November 22, 2014
Picking up right where Released ended, Reunited takes you back into the world of Sanaa and Jiro as they start their life on Yusei. Colonizing a planet is complicated on its own. Add clan rivalries, political scheming, and another surprise related to Sanaa's heritage, and the situation becomes downright dangerous. I love these characters, and can't wait to see what happens next. MORE PLEASE!
1,685 reviews18 followers
September 30, 2014

How could you do this to me?... I thought this was it. I loved the way this story took us. A new planet, old foes and new, old allies and new too. So where does this leave us? At the start of a civil war perhaps? We will just have to see.
Profile Image for Jessie.
60 reviews
September 7, 2014
raced through this third installment of the serious. could not put it down! looking forward to the conclusion!
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