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In the sixth book of the series, Victor Barton, of the Inn of the Seventh Happiness and would-be business guru, uncovers a plot to bring Wozna cola back into the Realms. At the same time Prince Engineer George disappears while on a visit to a flying festival in the Rhinelands. Secret agent Sundance is already on the trail of some Wozna smugglers, so King Fred sends Victor off with Sundance to see if he can solve the problem and find George at the same time.

Victor finds himself mired in a tangled web of lies, deceit and treachery, compounded by the appearance of a shady character from his past - or is it his future?

Bravo Victor is suitable for teens and adults, and contains a handy chronology of key events in the series to assist new readers in settling into the timeline.

Genre: adult science fiction or juvenile mystery, it's a mashup of feudal systems with advanced technology, invention, flying, business speak, time travel and the endearing characters we've come to love over the previous books.

181 pages, ebook

First published May 2, 2014

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About the author

Jemima Pett

30 books327 followers
Jemima Pett has been living in a world of her own for many years. Writing stories since she was eight, drawing maps of fantasy islands with train systems and timetables at ten. Unfortunately no-one wanted a fantasy island designer then, so she tried a few careers, getting great experiences in business, environmental research and social work. She finally got back to building her own worlds, and wrote about them. Her business background enabled her to become an independent author, responsible for her own publications.

Her first series, the Princelings of the East, is now complete, with ten mystery adventures for advanced readers set in a world of tunnels and castles. There's a strong element of time travel, and relies on thinking yourself out of difficult situations! Jemima does chapter illustrations for these.

Shehas also published two volumes of Christmas stories for young readers, the BookElves Anthologies, and her father's memoirs White Water Landings, about the Imperial Airways flying boat service in Africa. Her current work-in-progress is the third in her (adult) science fiction series set in the Viridian System, in which the aliens include sentient trees.

Jemima now lives in Hampshire with her guinea pigs, the first of whom, Fred, George, Victor and Hugo, provided the inspiration for her first stories, The Princelings of the East. She is currently writing short stories for anthologies, and working on ideas for a new climate-related fiction book.

See my blog at jemimapett.com
The Princelings series at Princelings of the East series
My science fiction books at Viridian System series

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Profile Image for Rebecca Douglass.
Author 26 books180 followers
May 7, 2015
Full disclosure: I have shared a number of projects with the author. Nonetheless, this is my honest opinion, only a little inevitably biased.

The book of course met my expectations in terms of quality of writing and editing, which are impeccable. The story was complex enough to hold my adult interest, though I think wholly suitable for middle grade children. The Princelings, like my own Ninja Librarian, straddle the age categories, being either children's stories disguised as adult fantasy, or vice versa, and appeal to both age groups. This book contains some tense situations, and a modest amount of violence, but nothing to distress either children or protective parents.

The adventure was gripping, and once I got started, I raced through the book to see what happened next. Again, though some elements of the story might be over a child's head, younger readers will find plenty to draw them in, and will probably just ignore the passages that deal with business (Victor is, after all, trying to become a sort of business guru). I'm not sure whether those slower moments are a good foil to the action or pull it down a little, but nothing is in the story that does not need to be there, so read on and enjoy the creativity of Victor and his creator!

A fast, fun read with just the right amount of adventure and a little growing-up. I recommend reading all the Princelings books, and while they each stand alone, reading them in order can help a lot. So I recommend this for those who have read at least the first three books, and I recommend the whole series to anyone who enjoys a bit of light fantasy/alternative history and highly imaginative action. Oh, and guinea pigs, as all the characters are (rather anthropomorphic) guinea pigs.
Profile Image for Jemima Pett.
Author 30 books327 followers
May 3, 2014
This is the sixth book in the Princelings series, and at last barkeeper Victor gets to have his own adventure. He gets mixed up with some old friends and the very shady character known as Blackbird - whom we've heard about on numerous occasions in past stories without ever meeting him.

I had a lot of trouble writing this book. I realised that by happy accident the adventure took place fairly soon after Book 4 (The Traveler in Black and White) ended for Hugo, aka Lord Mariusz. That gave me a key plot point. The trouble with time travel books is that you find you've written things that take place in some of the characters' futures, and then have to be very careful. Would anything that happened here affect the attitude of Hugo (or Prince Lupin)in book 1 (The Princelings of the East)? What happens that could help us get to the epilogue of book 1 - or does it all get in a huge tangle that would need another book to sort it out?

I've added a chronology with key points from the series so that new readers (and regular readers who need an update) can catch up with the undercurrents in the Realms, but I hope the story stands on its own. Enjoy!
Profile Image for M.G. King.
Author 6 books49 followers
October 3, 2014
Holy flying machines, time tunnels and bottles of bootleg, those crazy guineas are at it again! When Victor sets out to modernize his Inn of the Seventh Happiness, his Velocipedes is stolen and he meets a nefarious character who is importing something that tastes suspiciously like the highly prized, but banned, Wonza drink. Then a friend goes missing and it's up to Victor to find him. REDWALL meets WIND IN THE WILLOWS in this sixth installment of the Princelings adventures.
Profile Image for Victoria Zigler.
Author 62 books214 followers
July 9, 2017
An interesting story, but far from being my favourite of the series. I love the characters - especially knowing they're based on real guinea pigs - and have enjoyed the books in the series so far, but just didn't feel this one was as good. I'm not sure why. Perhaps Victor's confusion was rubbing off on me? I felt like he spent an awful lot of time questioning what point he was at in the personal timeline of certain characters, and unsure what to say or do, and it sometimes made it difficult for me to be completely clear on things myself.
Profile Image for Chris The Story Reading Ape.
1,195 reviews122 followers
June 9, 2019
Thoroughly enjoyable read.

Although, I read this book out of sequence (after book #1 of the series), it didn’t spoil my enjoyment of it as a standalone story.
I was happy to see Victor as the main character, after learning about him in book #1. He was, and still is, a resourceful character, and deserves this upgrade.

See my review also at:

Profile Image for Anna Tan.
Author 27 books163 followers
January 11, 2016
I haven't read books 4 & 5, so I don't know if I missed something in between

Bravo Victor was still and enjoyable read, but I found I liked it less than #1-3. I wasn't too keen on the first-person narrative, which switched out to 3rd in a few scattered chapters.
Displaying 1 - 6 of 6 reviews

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