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The Shades in Chaos have one goal: get to Earth Realm and wreak havoc. For a select group of people called Realmwalkers, sleep is the gateway to another realm known as Chaos.

When 17-year-old Addy is called to Chaos, she yearns to conquer her crippling fears and prove her mettle by fighting alongside her fellow Realmwalkers. While she hopes to impress their handsome leader, Sam, she’s also keenly driven by the urge to protect the ones she loves on Earth.

The Realmwalkers are baffled, however, when they encounter a powerful and seemingly invincible Shade with strange motives and a dark obsession with Addy. As they work to unravel the mystery to defeating this new threat, Addy finds herself at odds with the Walkers. Gut instinct says to put her faith in Mikhail, the black sheep of the group, but she fears losing the respect and friendship of the others.

Addy is willing to die to keep Earth safe, but the Walkers are her new family, and she’s on the verge of falling in love. With Addy coming into her own, death shouldn't be on the horizon. But when the doors of hell are ripped open, there are no guarantees.

540 pages, Paperback

First published May 6, 2014

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About the author

C.M. Fenn

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When CM Fenn was a child she surrounded herself with fascinating friends and lived wild adventures every day. No matter they all existed within her mind. As an adult, she's finding what a joy it can be to set all these mind musings free onto pages for other like minded dreamers to explore.

When she's not writing you can usually find her spending time with her kids, going to concerts, spoiling her dogs, and if she's really lucky, sneaking some gaming time into her busy life.

CM is currently working on book two in her series of The Realmwalker Chronicles.

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1,561 reviews5,818 followers
October 11, 2014
I may lose my bully card for this one...

But I liked this book.
It's a chunk of a book at over 500 pages but I never stopped reading it. Addy starts as an ordinary girl but has that dream of falling. You know the one that we all have had at some point in time. You feel yourself falling but can't stop it until you jerk yourself awake?

That's the entrance to another realm. I have to give it to this author. She did an amazing job of the world building. It's not your typical young adult book in that aspect. There is a bit of world building going on in the story but you kinda need it so that her story makes sense.
The Walkers fix tears in the fabric of the middle world. Else the baddies (called shades) will get in and wreck havoc on our world.

This book could have actually been epic except for a few things. There was some saccharine sweetness to the story. My teeth hurt from it at times but I had my handy toothbrush ready.
The is some Mary Sue-nesh to Addy's character. There is a bit of a love triangle. This is the authors first book though and I liked it well enough to give her the benefit of the doubt. Lawd help me.

If the next story involves more kick ass and less mush..she will have a fan.

I received an arc copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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440 reviews292 followers
December 21, 2014

Okay well that was super fun. I really liked this novel and found the world of Chaos to be interesting and original. I did however have some issues with this read. For one the characters seemed a lot younger than their supposed ages, this is not necessarily a bad thing but it is something to note. I also felt that the whole Kumbaya vibe of the group was a bit hard to stomach and unnecessary, but perhaps I am just a bitter old woman in that regard.

This book is a decent size but at no point did my attention waver. Despite my issues with this book I still had a smile on my face for large chunks of it. I also now have a huge crush on Mikhail. I would check out future books by this author. 3.5/5, if there was more showing and less telling this would have been a 4/5 but this is still an impressive debut novel.

Note: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.
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1,681 reviews595 followers
August 23, 2019
****4.5 Angel Stars****

OK...I bawled...I really bawled with this book because the one character I really fell in love with just broke my heart. I can't even explain how emotional I was while reading.

Wow...just wow! I instantly connected with this book and couldn't get enough of the characters and once I finished...I looked for the next book in the series and found this was the only one written.

Why oh why? This book was fantastic, well written, well developed and not once did I find the necessity to put it down...I read STRAIGHT through!
May 3, 2015
You can read this review and more on my blog:
I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Chaos focuses on an average teenage girl named Addy who travels to another realm in her dreams. And while this isn't the first book I have read that in involved the subjects of dreams and other realms, it is the best.

This is a 500 page book, and not one page is wasted with unnecessary filler. We get to know who Addy was before she found out she was a Realmwalker. Then once she travels to Chaos, we learn how that realm is different from ours, who Addy's fellow Realmwalker's are, and what type of magical abilities each of the Relmwalkers have. And finally we get to have a spooky good time reading about the creepy shadow creatures Addy and her new friends have to fight.

There isn't much to say about the time before Addy knew she was a Realmwalker. A few chapters are devoted to getting to know her and how uneventful her life was, but the action begins quickly, and the book never slows down again.

I don’t read a lot of books that involve magic and the few that I have read bored me when it came to explaining the magic system. Surprisingly, that never happened with this book, and by the end, I felt like I understood Chaos and everyone's powers almost as well as Addy. This book has certainly whetted my appetite for more detailed Fantasy novels in the future. It was a perfect introduction to the genre, and took away my fear of diving right into reading a book like this in the future.

Except for  the final chapter, the entire story is told from Addy's point of view so she is the only character I got to know very well. But I did see glimpses of everyone through her eyes, and they are all charming and likable.

This was without a doubt the most positive book I have ever read and sometimes the positivity could border on annoying, but I also liked reading about characters who cared about each other so much. I spend a lot of time complaining about insta love, but I loved the way it was handled in Chaos. Addy doesn't instantly fall in love with some guy; her romance takes plenty of time to develop. But she does instantly fall in love with most of the other Realmwalkers. They meet and form a deep and unbreakable bond immediately.

Addy was a perfect addition to their family, because she believed in all of them so much, and she became the glue that held them together as a group.

There appears to be a budding love triangle in this series, and so far it is bearable.

The two men in question are Sam, the heroic leader of the realmwalkers, and Mikhail, the mysterious brooding Russian who no one seems to trust.

Sam is such an honorable stand up guy that I wanted to like him. He is sweet and fiercely protective of Addy, but he’s also boring. You see? I don’t like saying things like that about obviously wonderful heroes, but this is why I don’t like love triangles. If Sam was the only potential love interest, I wouldn’t be able to get enough of him. He is darn near perfect. But when I compare his boring perfection with Mikhail’s brooding mystery, I can’t help but root for the underdog.

But potential love triangle aside, this was simply a fantastic book and I am anxiously awaiting the next installment.

Because of violence, some scary scenes, and very mild language, I would recommend this book for ages 13 and up. Seriously, if this were a movie it would be rated PG, and there are no sexual situations.
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Author 12 books28 followers
August 10, 2016
Take a little coming of age, mix in a little heart, and spice it up with some kick-butt, then set it in an imaginative dreamscape and you get Chaos (The Realmwalker Chronicles). It’s the compelling story of Addy, a young woman on the verge of graduating from high school, who finds herself in a realm called Chaos while she sleeps. There, she must forge new relationships, embrace her new powers and battle the evil Shades. The story smoothly moves back and forth between Addy’s ordinary life (when she’s awake) to the surreal realm of Chaos (when she’s asleep) where she must learn about her new abilities (and to kick butt). Her transition from ordinary girl to powerful realmwalker is deftly portrayed, showing the full range of emotions that you would expect, everything from doubt to bravado, making it both credible and entertaining. This first installment of The Realmwalker Chronicles effectively sets the stage for more great stories to come.
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1 review
May 12, 2014
I thought this book was amazing. It has a lot of key characteristics of other great novels. It has romance, action, conflict between team members, and other things. There just isn't a lot wrong. I had a lot of fun reading this book and thought the idea behind it was new and really cool. This is the first novel I've read that is about a dream world. CM did a fantastic job with this book. It's still a clean piece so many ages can enjoy this.
Profile Image for Tara.
66 reviews
August 25, 2014
I received an e copy of Chaos by CM Fenn from storycartel.com in exchange for an honest review. This is fantasy at it's finest. Vivid details, plot twists, fascinating characters, action and adventure are some of the highlights of this story. The author is a wonderful storyteller who will lead you on an emotional roller coaster. There were some laugh out loud moments and times when I actually cried. You can't help but root for the Realmwalkers. They are some kick butt characters who fight valiantly to keep the earth safe from the Shades. I loved the emotional growth of Addy and the mystery surrounding Mikhail.

I love how the story ended. I want to read the next book because I enjoyed the characters and want to read more of their journey. Lately, the series books that I have been reading ended with a sudden and awkward cliffhanger, that left me so frustrated that I will not bother with the next book. Chaos ended on the perfect note.

I would highly recommend this story and cannot wait for the next book!
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Author 6 books233 followers
May 6, 2014
I loved this book! I would sit down with the intention of reading maybe a chapter or 20 pages...and then I would look up, and I'd read 100 pages. In a nut shell, Addy is an average teenager set on finishing high school, when she learns she is actually a Realmwalker who must enter the dream world of Chaos in her sleep in order to protect the earth world from demon Shades. I fell in love with the characters instantly, and found myself thinking about them even after the book was done. There were a lot of great emotional moments throughout the book, and I will admit I actually teared up at one part (which is super rare for me)! The moment I finished it, I was itching for the sequel. The concept is unlike anything I'd read before, and it will leave you questioning until the end. Lots of twists along the way (but no spoilers!). Great debut author, I'm definitely excited to read the next installment of the Realmwalker Chronicles!
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Author 1 book10 followers
May 7, 2014
I haven't read many fantasy novels, so I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this one. I'm so glad I read this book! CM does a great job of developing her characters--and not just Addy--all of them. I found myself thinking about them whenever I put the book down, and even having finished it, I still think about them and wonder what they're up to. (Looking forward to Book 2!) The story is compelling and CM does a good job of keeping the suspense tight throughout. I was always wondering what Addy and the Realmwalkers were going to be up against and how they were going to come out in the fight. This is a great debut and I'm eagerly anticipating the next in the series.
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1 review
May 7, 2014
Chaos caught my attention right away, and I never felt like it dragged on. I grew up in where the book took place (AZ) so I was familiar with the landscape. I loved the concept of the Realmwalkers it was very unique and ingenious. On another note the bad guys (shades) were really scary and I would never want to meet them in person. CM Fenn is a very talented debut author which made the book flow very well. I definitely recommend reading Chaos and can't wait for the sequel!!
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6 reviews2 followers
June 1, 2014
I loved every second of it! I couldn't put it down! I can't wait for the next one! This author is amazing! She is so creative! I can't even express how impressed it am. So awesome! I downloaded it on kindle and I kept checking the percentage I'd read because I just wanted it to keep going! When I got to the end, I really didn't want to stop reading! I love when a book does that for me!
Profile Image for Ashlyn.
1 review1 follower
May 10, 2014
This book is absolutely AMAZING! I love it so much and it is my most favorite book. I have already read it 7 or 8 times within just a YEAR. If anyone is looking for a great book to read then THIS IS IT! Highly recommended! Great storyline too! Thanks C.M. Fenn!! :)
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274 reviews186 followers
July 2, 2014
OMG I freaking loved this book. Great coming of age story, mixed with fantasy, mixed with kick butt characters. A definite must read :D
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96 reviews
September 15, 2014
There’s something strange about Addy’s dreams. They seem too real, too palpable. Most of the time she dreams of falling. She can feel the wind in her hair, can hear the roar in her ears, and she’s sure that the impact would kill her.

Luckily it never comes do that unitl one fateful night.

Addy is a Realmwalker. When she falls asleep her body gets transported into the a world between earth and the Nether Realm, called Chaos. It’s a world where the colors are washed out. It shifts each night, revealing one gruesome beast after another.

She joins a group of young people, all of them like her with unusual abilities. Their task is to keep the Shades from entering the Earth Realm, where they would cause havoc and destruction.

Addy finds herself in the middle of a battle between good and evil. Together with her new friends she’s facing mysteries, love and even death.

It’s a coming of age story set in a fantastical world, that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

"Man, I had the craziest dreams last night."

If you haven’t read this book yet, then I suggest that you do so immediately! I actually can’t believe that Chaos has only 31 ratings on Goodreads (most of them 5 stars!!).

I became aware of this book via one of my goodreads friends who really liked it, and I thought I would give it a try. The plot sounded interesting enough and it wasn’t that expensive, so I bought it on a whim. And boy, am I glad that I did.

Chaos has everything that I expect from a supernatural / fantastical novel set in an urban setting. C.M. Fenn delivers strong, believable characters, exciting plots and surpirsing plot twists. The 554 pages felt like 100, and I just breezed through the chapters, always wanting to know what would happen next. I read this in one day, and would have gladly read another 500 pages.

The growth of Addy’s character was fantastic. She evolved into a strong female lead, that was driven by her convictions and her own ideals. She would never hesitate to do the right thing, even if it meant to lose the trust of her own friends, or her own life.

She’s fiercely loyal and would do anything to protect the people she loves.

In the beginning of the novel she starts out as someone, who hasn’t found her place in the world yet. That changes when she meets the other Realmwalkers. But you can clearly see that the potential of her character has always been there, and it’s not her friends, or her love interest Sam who show her how great she can be, she’s discovering that all by herself. They just put her on the path she needs to be on.

Every single character in this novel is unique in their own way. They are fleshed out and definitely earned they righful place in this story.

The writing style is perfect for this type of story, and while I read Chaos I could picture it like I was watching a movie (btw, it would make an awesome movie).

I kept being surprised, the twists were phenomenal.

Personally, I can’t wait for the next book (if they will be one)! I highly recommend this. Chaos is a fun rollercoaster ride that will make you laugh out loud, cry and bite your fingernails in excitement.

5 of 5 Stars!!

Memorable Quote:

"I look at who I am now, at what I’ve become, and I hope it is something worthy of admiration."
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35 reviews
August 29, 2014
Chaos by C.M. Fenn is a book about Addy, a girl who is called to the dream world of Chaos. She must face her fears and figure out how to defeat a dangerous Shade.
17- year old Addy is about to graduate high school when she is thrown into the world of Chaos. She quickly befriends all the Realmwalkers, including Sam, the handsome leader of the Realmwalkers, and Mikhail, the quiet and mysterious Realmwalker no one seems to trust.
I thought Mikhail was one of my favorite characters, he was always keeping me guessing.
I also liked how I could relate to Addy, I thought she was realistic in how she reacted to everything that happened. Overall she was a pretty awesome heroine.

I really liked this book. I liked how it had just enough surprises, laughs, and tears, not to mention the amazing ending.
But sometimes the book seemed to be too fast-paced, and if I could change something it would be to have more elaboration on Mikhail although maybe that's just because he was my favorite :)

I would recommend this book to nearly everyone, especially fans of YA. This book is a refreshing change in the YA genre where it seems like every book is the same.

I received a copy from Goodreads giveaway!
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2 reviews
July 9, 2021
I have received this book for free from goodreads first reads. For starters, C.M. Fenn has a great imagination to have created such an amazing book. This book contained so much action, a bit of romance, and unexpected twists. Once I started reading, it was so hard for me to put the book down. It kept me interested from page one. I can not wait to read the next chronicle in this series to find out what happens next. I highly recommend this book to others, so that they can also experience the events that have unfolded between the pages of Chaos, book one of The Realmwalker Chronicles.
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1 review1 follower
June 14, 2014
Loved this book! Very engaging from the start. I found myself thinking about this book throughout the day. The story was creative and kept me guessing. Highly recommend for those who love suspenseful adventure.
Profile Image for Tiffany.
239 reviews3 followers
June 20, 2014
In the vampire-ridden world of YA fiction, I thought Chaos was wonderfully original. Great debut novel!
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1 review
June 28, 2014
I am terrible at writing reviews but I couldn't stop reading this. I can't wait for the next one. It has a great mix of everything, drama, humor, action, all of it and wonderful characters. The main character especially is lovely, strong female without any of the normal cliches. Even the little bit of romance felt natural and not like it was the main focus unlike a lot of young adult books. Read this book!
Profile Image for Jeff.
1 review
August 11, 2014
This story is very compellng. CM Fenn's writing is also very witty, I can't remember a book when I "laughed out loud" as much as while reading "Chaos". The concept is original as well as the characters. I highly, HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who likes books such as The Mortal Instruments, Harry Potter, Divergent, The Hunger Games, etc.
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1 review
May 17, 2014
I absolutely loved this book! I couldn't put it down and read most of it in one sitting. This book was intriguing, and very captivating. Definitely one if the best books I read in a long time! I highly recommend this book, it won't disappoint you!
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156 reviews1 follower
March 23, 2015
This was a fun read. I did like chaos and its world. Characters were cute, but it didn't feel like any of them were ever anything below the surface, so to speak... Except maybe Harmony. Overall it was enjoyable and kept my attention well.
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31 reviews19 followers
May 14, 2017

Story: 4 3/4
Writing: 3 1/2
Overall rating: 4

Chaos is an eminently enjoyable young adult adventure which is made all the more remarkable by its being the author's first published novel. Fenn is, simply put, a born storyteller. The novel is tightly constructed, and despite seemingly relying on familiar conventions of YA adventure lit, is still able to keep a few surprises up its sleeve. Furthermore, these surprises, once revealed, generally make sense within the larger context of the story (with one notable exception) and aren't simply there to throw the reader for a loop: the plot twists serve the greater story, not the other way around. The one exception is a spoiler to talk about in too much depth, but a revelation about one character's topside existence doesn't make a lot of sense because Chaos bodies mimic topside bodies except in very special cases (which this is not one of - or if it is, it's not explained). But in any event, the revelation is an emotionally affecting moment, and as such, I can't nitpick it too much in good conscience.

The characters, in general, are fairly well-drawn and easy to connect to. Addy, the protagonist, is very likeable and her first-person narration is fun to read and really feels like someone telling a story. My other favorite character is Mikhail: I always appreciate when young adult authors add truly complex characters to their books, and the complexity of his character adds an excellent note of realism to the story. Other reviewers have noted that Addy has some characteristics of a Mary Sue, and while I concur to an extent, I would say that most writers put bits of themselves in their characters, and this can, at least in my opinion, help make the characters seem more real and likeable. Particularly since it's almost entirely unobtrusive here, I see no good reason to criticize it. She's no Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way - that's for sure!

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of this self-published freshman effort is Fenn's generally solid writing. Once the setup has been gotten out of the way, circa 200 pages in, she hits her stride and her writing is polished, involving, and professional. This is not to say, however, that the writing is without flaw. The first 200 pages of the book - that is to say, the setup - is rough going in parts. The writing in this section is often choppy and the exposition can be awkward, particularly in the places where a great deal of information needs to be explained. The first-person narrative occasionally flags by trying too hard to sound like a teenager and becoming wooden instead. There is even the occasional hint of stodginess in the fake profanity Fenn briefly adopts before electing (wisely) to have her characters talk like real people. (Anyone who uses the phrase "bad-A" instead of "badass" would do well to ax it from their vocabulary immediately.) However, as I noted before, once the book clears the 200-page mark, these flaws virtually disappear and the writing becomes polished, clear, realistic, and exciting.

Chaos is not simply good for a first novel. It is a fantastic adventure story in its own right. Reading this book, I believe that I've had the privilege of watching Fenn blossom as a writer - and a greatly talented one at that. She builds a detailed, involving fantasy world, inhabited by likeable characters that seem like real people and which I had no trouble connecting to. I have little more to say about this book, other than to say: C.M., if you can write a book this good right off the bat, I'm greatly looking forward to seeing what you have in store for the future.
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75 reviews
January 9, 2016
A young beautiful girl searched all of goodreads for a decent book and among all the overrated disappointments she finally found a gem called Chaos.

The set up is good. The execution is good. Everything is so good. However, let's go to what I really want to discuss the characters.

Adelaide/ Addy
At first I was a little hesitant about her, but she proved to be very reliable and have her head on her shoulders. There were times when she'd mess up, yet she always reflected and grew from her mistakes. Also, let's be honest her mistakes were purely for plot development. I really grew to like her and was very proud of who she became.

Angel/ Harmony
Angel was a really cool character. She was very level headed and reasonable, even more than Addy. Angel was very wise for a nine year old and was aptly nicknamed angel. Surprised was I when I found out she could also be a badass in battle.

His name is the most generic one and I forgot it. How? I don't know. He's not even a forgettable character. Sam is boss alpha of the realmwalkers. I say alpha, but he's a fair guy that takes everyone into consideration. Has decent judgement and is reasonable

Poor misunderstood needs to get his shit together Mikhail. Really he choose the wrong time to lose his shit and act crazy. Yeah, he may have been antisocial and a tad creepy, but he was reliable. Like wtf Mikhail


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94 reviews2 followers
August 11, 2014
You know what they say: "Don't judge a book by its cover." Not that this is a bad cover; it just does nothing to really portray the straight-up killer story it's hiding.

Now, I'm not going to say that this story didn't have its many parallels to other books I have read, because it did. But it was still so different in its own right. Still so original. Still so engaging. I really had a hard time putting it down to go to bed. But, I finally figured, maybe if I go to bed, I will wake up in Chaos and get to kick some serious Shade butt. Unfortunately, it seems I only dreamt about much lesser things than Lesser Shades. Sad night.

Anyways, I recommend this book for anyone looking for a young adult book with little bit of everything: Adventure, action, mystery, suspense, thrill, romance. You name it. There was a point in the middle of the book where it dragged a bit and got a bit boring, but it picked right back up and redeemed itself. And, let's face it, your overwhelming impression of a book is what you're left with at the end. Suffice it to say, the last third of the book was more than enough to make up for any less than thrilling parts.

The book starts with a young girl, Addy, who is a victim of awful nightmares. As it turns out, though, her nightmares are really just her consciousness' way of bringing her to the "Chaos Realm," where Realmwalkers, like herself, fight off the evil that tries to travel through the in-between of Chaos-realm from the hellish Never-realm to Earth-realm. What follows is a really fun adventure that kept me on the edge of my seat.

I will say, my little areas to pick on, however, would have to be my confusion as to whether it was supposed to be a love triangle or not (because I was TOTALLY rooting for the other guy). I still don't know what I'm supposed to think about that. Ugh... Totally confused. I was also put off a little by the nearly immediate Mary-Sue status of the heroine, Addy. I mean, she shows up and learns she's pretty much an instant bad-ass. Doesn't even really have to try. That kind makes the book a little less relatable, in my opinion. Also, I would have liked to have seen more a presence from the antagonist. Not just a few appearances. A larger role here would have kept things more interesting. But, still, it was a GREAT read and one I would have gladly paid for, had I not been afforded the chance to read in turn for my review. :)
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24 reviews9 followers
February 11, 2015
I received a copy of Chaos signed (Wishing me all the best, in case you were interested) by C.M. Fenn through winning a giveaway on this site. I must say, I was really pleasantly surprised! As I sat and read the first chapter, I wondered if I would be able to make it all the way through this book (whilst a nice style of writing, it seemed nothing special and there was a little too much use of capital letters to emphasise words for my liking) but I quickly became engrossed in the story and her style of writing.
The story centres around a group of people called Realmwalkers who simultaneously exist in two dimensions (as they sleep in our Earth "Top-side" dimension, they are awake in Chaos and vice versa) and whose purpose is to protect our dimension from evil creatures called shades. There are varying degrees of nastiness to these Shades and one seems to take a particular interest in Addy, the heroin. Now, in Chaos, each Realmwalker has special powers ranging from conjuring fire and being exceptionally good with weapons to shapeshifting and healing. The group become good friends, although there are some fallouts, and there are a few moments that nearly brought me tears as the Realmwalkers face great losses.
The characters are 3 dimensional creations, with far more depth than some characters from other YA books.
As expected in books such as these, circumstances deteriorate and an all out battle commences in the last few chapters - I must say though, that it was brilliantly written. There is also a typical romance storyline to the book, perhaps the only thing that I found unoriginal about the whole thing.
Whilst this book followed the typical YA genre story line, with the love, loss, betrayal and such that always occur in these books, I found the overall effect of her writing style mesmerising and once i had started reading, I found the book hard to put down. If and when a sequel is released, I will certainly be reading it and I recommend you do to.
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45 reviews30 followers
May 23, 2015
I won this book from goodreads giveaways and I am going to review it honestly.
The first few chapters I really couldn't get into it was just a bit boring but then bam it got really good. Originally Addy thought she was dreaming when she entered Chaos but it turned out that she really wasn't. Chaos is another realm when you fall asleep top-side aka on earth you end up in Chaos and when you fall asleep in Chaos you return top-side. Addy meets so many people that become her family and she even falls in love and for someone just graduating high school everything that happens to her is a huge deal. If you enjoy some good fighting and ass kicking this book is for you. If you enjoy fantasy and young adults then this book is for you. I honestly thought it was amazing and I can't wait for the second one to come out! I'm excited to find out about the new Walkers and what they can do and what they will bring to Chaos. The last chapter in the book starts off pretty much where you expect the next one to start with a new Walker named Logan. So good luck reading this one and putting it down because I know I had a hard time letting go of it!
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696 reviews290 followers
July 20, 2017
Such a great introduction to The Realmwalker Chronicles!!! I couldn't put this book down and it reminded me of The Number Four series (which I love!)

Addy is such a sweet and caring character with a hidden toughness that is completely endearing. I feel in love with her character as well as with the characters of the other Realmwalkers - even the most prickliest. Fenn did an amazing job drawing the reader in immediately by Addy as she comes to terms with her dreams come reality. It's been quite some time where there is a character as personable as Addy - someone I'd love to have as a friend. I can't wait for the rest of the series!

The world of Chaos is described, while not in detail, enough to understand the problems that Addy and the other Realmwalkers face.

And what parallel-realm story is complete without a possible love triangle?! So much fun to read! There are some lag moments but they're made up for by the action and the dialogue between the Realmwalkers and Addy's family (though suffering the loss of her policeman father).
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