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Blaze Shinozuka is a bonafide rockstar with his band, Razor's Edge. After his romance with music manager Jason Stockton crashed and burned, Blaze is free to live and love. It's been a wild and heady year that's been blissfully drama free until the one man he's been avoiding comes careening back in to wreak havoc on his heart once again.

Jason Stockton has become the superstar he never wanted to be. When his music reality show becomes an overnight success, he's thrust into the limelight against his will. He's coping with intrusions into his private life but then a chance encounter sends him right into the arms of the man he loved...and lost.

Their time apart has changed them, except the passion between them burns brighter than ever. With the media hounding them in the midst of multiple scandals, they find they can only depend on one person — each other. Will they learn to trust that their love is enough to see them through it all? Or will this be their final dance before calling it quits, this time for good?

This gay romance was formerly known as Into The Light and contains less loving than previous books in the series but more anger and snark. It also contains some female lovin', beloved character death and a possibly repentant pop star.


First published August 17, 2014

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Lori Toland

20 books105 followers
Writing romance since the tender age of 13, Lori Toland somehow finds time to play video games and watch movies while taking care of her cats and husband. I'm also a secret cat.

Visit Lori's web site at http://www.loritoland.com or e-mail her at lori@loritoland.com.

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Author 34 books1,051 followers
August 18, 2014
Good god has this been a helluva ride. Lori Toland rocked this tho. Fuckin A. 5 big stars, not only for the book but the whole damn series. Loved loved loved. Blaze and Jason FTW!
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Author 5 books334 followers
September 1, 2014
So it came down to this...Jason and Blaze's story began so sweetly, they weathered some bumps as they entered a real relationship, they weathered some bigger bumps, and then catastrophe struck breaking all they had into smithereens. That's where things left off. So yeah, eager to read this final book doesn't quite cover how I felt when I picked it up. I knew to 'gird up my loins' metaphorically speaking because this final leg was going to rock me. And it did that, oh my stars above, did it. I swear these two must get off on a 'blood, sweat and tears' style relationship because they certainly put each other-and the reader- through the wringer. Was it worth it in the end? Of course! I was too vested to let these two's ups and downs get to me because I was gambling that all that they had gone through before had given them something to anchor them through all the storms that came afterward (and I figured love and common sense would kick in at some point).

As can be surmised by my opening thoughts, this book is the final part of a series. Actually, its more like a four-volume story the way it reads. This means that this is not a standalone or something that can be read out of order.

The story opens about a year after Blaze and Jason broke things off. Both have gone on to fame and fortune in their own way seeming to not even look back. Blaze and the band Razor's Edge are flying high at the top and Jase is now an American household name as a judge on a reality tv music show, Second Chances. They pretend for the world that they are fine, but both admit only to themselves that they are going through the motions and hollow inside save for time with their music.

Things come to a head when they finally and unexpectedly meet face to face. At first the verbal vitriol flies back and forth, but then the old spark kindles into a roaring fire and they fall into bed. Both are hopeful until Jase shies away because somehow the media was tipped off and he worries it will hurt the band and the other performer he's working with. This is only the beginning of the roller-coaster series of events between the two full of angst, inner demons, fear, photo stocker sending pics to the tabloids, success, defeat, loss and finally hopeful love that never quite dies no matter what the two do to mess things up. Love is the tie and it holds them even when they try to pull apart. But is it ever going to be enough?

The plot on this one is mostly character based as it switches back and forth between Blaze and Jase as narrators. The backdrop of the rock music world, touring and recording is well-sketched and like a mellow non-intrusive yet present minor character. Pacing is good and clips along nicely. The story moved over rough ground lightly without stalling out. The author lets the reader feel the story without making them drown in the emotions of a troubling romance.

It is not an easy read in the sense that the romance is pretty stormy. Sometimes I just shook my head at what these two let get between them and how infernally lucky they were to keep getting all those chances because neither were really pro-active about saving things each time they broke off. Jase is the one who does the pulling back each time, but he is not solely to blame for the screwy stuff that causes trouble. In fact, the 'Blaze fan club' really annoyed me the way that it was always poor Jase's fault. Both jump so quickly to conclusions and then just flee or back away. I wanted to lock them in a room and make them talk it all out.

So why torture myself with these two's turbulent romance you may ask. Because for all their issues, I loved them as individuals and together. I was determined to see it through and see them happy. For most of the series and particularly this book, their timing was off. They were a right couple, but they weren't ready to be together and needed to work on some stuff first, particularly Jase. These two are incredibly passionate when they come together. I think when verbal diplomacy didn't work for them, the physical relationship grounded them and saw them through as they worked through hard stuff.

Jase is not stable and his doubts eat away at him. He is older and wiser in many ways. He sees the bigger picture and for the most part he acts unselfishly. But when his fears or phobias grip him, all bets are off.

Blaze finally came into his own in this final book. For much of the series, he was impulsive, immature and bratty- not that he wasn't still a bit, but it was tempered more. The time apart matured him, gave him perspective and helped him decide what he really wanted. Jase hurt him whenever he pulled back, but Blaze would take the pain and forgive. He knew Jase so well and held out hope.

There was a little mystery through this one with the sneaky pictures and videos. It was just a side plot, but I really enjoyed the little extra layer it added to the plot.

Another layer that really was a nice touch were the scenes with family. I bawled over Jase's gram. They are so close and she was his lodestone. Jase and his brother together is always fun. Blaze and the interactions with his bandmates was good too.

So all in all, I am so happy at the way things worked out, but its bittersweet because the time with Jase and Blaze is over. Those who enjoy m/m contemporary romance set against a rock music background with two heroes that don't make love the easy way should give this series a look-see.

My thanks to the author for providing the book in exchange for an honest review.
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905 reviews
October 19, 2014
4.75 out of 5 stars

Description ~

Blaze Shinozuka is a bonafide rockstar with his band, Razor's Edge. After his romance with music manager Jason Stockton crashed and burned, Blaze is free to live and love. It's been a wild and heady year that's been blissfully drama free until the one man he's been avoiding comes careening back in to wreak havoc on his heart once again.

Jason Stockton has become the superstar he never wanted to be. When his music reality show becomes an overnight success, he's thrust into the limelight against his will. He's coping with intrusions into his private life but then a chance encounter sends him right into the arms of the man he loved...and lost.

Their time apart has changed them, except the passion between them burns brighter than ever. With the media hounding them in the midst of multiple scandals, they find they can only depend on one person — each other. Will they learn to trust that their love is enough to see them through it all? Or will this be their final dance before calling it quits, this time for good?

This gay romance was formerly known as Into The Light and contains less loving than previous books in the series but more anger and snark. It also contains some female lovin', beloved character death and a possibly repentant pop star.

My Review ~

This is the 4th and final book in Blaze and Jason's story, and what a wild, emotional road it was for them. Word to the wise.. these books should be read in order as it goes from the beginning of their relationship all the way through to this book. Now I'll admit I read the first book, missed the middle two, and picked up this one to read. I immediately turned around after finishing this book and read the other three to catch up.

Blaze is riding high on the adrenaline that's being a part of Razor's Edge. That is until he runs into his ex, Jason Stockton, then his world flips over on end. Their encounters leave him questioning his happiness, his future, and why things happened the way they did. There are little cracks in the band but they're holding together as they complete their tour so they can head home.

Then there is Jason, who's currently an emcee for a nationally aired music talent search program. He's still Razor's Edge's manager but has mostly given the day to day operations to his assistant. Like Blaze, Jason questions what happened to them. However he's keeping a secret from Blaze. One that could be very dangerous to Jason's well-being and health.

We visit many pieces of their relationship through this book, including seeing Jason and Blaze's families. We also say goodbye to one of their family members. There are many moments of back and forth between Blaze and Jason in this book. Almost too many times of seeing each other, being with each other and then breaking up again over something small, and that's pretty much the only reason this didn't get a full 5 stars.

This book had a fantastic storyline, showed lots of character growth, particularly for Blaze and some for Jason. It also showed that all relationships don't work easily, which is rare in romance books. I love a happy ending, but know that the journey between the couple is as important as the HEA. I think that Blaze and Jason would have solved things quicker though if they hadn't jumped into making love almost every time they ran into each other. Their journey fit them though, and made the ending that much sweeter and poignant because of what they went through.

All in all this was a very good ending to a fiery relationship. I will definitely miss seeing more of these characters in the future now that their story is over. I recommend this book to anyone that loves a more realistic relationship in their romance, and to fans of S.J. Frost's Conquest series. ~ Reviewed by Chris
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2,828 reviews143 followers
September 11, 2014
It’s been a year since Blaze and Jason have parted ways, ending a relationship that started out so well but crashed and burned due to insecurities, petty arguments, and outside forces. Since their break up, both Blaze and Jason’s professional lives have skyrocketed. They’re household names now, and they couldn’t ask for anything more than the success they have garnered, but, personally, there hasn’t been anyone significant since each other.

Even though Blaze and Jason are both in the music industry, they’ve done a pretty good job of staying away from one another during this time, but everything comes to a head when they unexpectedly come face to face at an event. It becomes obvious, pretty quickly, that Blaze and Jason still love each other and wish that things would have turned out differently. Their need and desire for one another never faded away, so when they act on that passion soon after reuniting, it seems like, this time around, they may just get it right. But lack of communication, dishonesty, and short fuses continue to dominant their relationship yet again, threatening to finally destroy any love that they still shared, and it leaves readers wondering if Blaze and Jason can final get it right this time around, or if their tumultuous relationship will be too great a risk.

I came in late to Blaze and Jason’s story, but it seems like it follows quite a destructive pattern. I’m not sure if it’s stubbornness or not really understanding the give and take that comes with being in a relationship, but boy do these two not know how to weather the storm, especially Jason. It seems like a lot of the time, they step away and leave each other without putting much of an effort into making things work. Readers can tell that they truly do love each other, but it doesn’t seem like that healthy of a relationship. In Encore, Jason really frustrates me. His cut and run/return act gave me whiplash. I know he’s struggling with who he is and what he truly wants, but if he would have just been honest with Blaze instead of breaking his heart of numerous occasions, things wouldn’t have gotten so out of control.

I really liked Encore, but I had a few issues with the number of subplots spread throughout the story. I didn’t feel like there was enough explanation to truly show the ins and outs of each situation, and due to that, I was left wondering about the deeper issues at play; I also didn’t feel like some of the problems were fully resolved and even sufficiently answered – health concerns and interfering people seemed a bit glossed over. This part may be on me because I didn’t know everything that the couple had already been through, but seeing as this is Blaze and Jason’s last book, I would have liked to have seen everything fully worked through.

Blaze and Jason’s story illustrates the difficulties couples’ face when outside forces and personal insecurities factor too much into the relationship. Lori Toland does a good job of tracing their growth as characters throughout the series and providing readers with both Blaze and Jason’s point of view allows us to get a clearer picture of what they are thinking and feeling as they try to figure out how to be together and get past all of the heartache they caused one another. Blaze and Jason are meant to be together; they just had to do a little more work to make that happen than most. But at the end of the day, if they’re both where they want to be, what they went through to get there, makes it that much sweeter to know they succeeded.

A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

3.5/4 poison apples (The Fairest of All Book Reviews)
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2,801 reviews50 followers
September 2, 2014
Encore, (The Replacement Guitarist 4), Lori Toland
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I really liked the sound of this, but hadn’t read the preceding books. Still, I've jumped into existing series before without problems, I read samples and reviews to catch up on the story.
So, I can see there’s been major dramas with Blaze and Jason, with the band, and with singer and troublemaker Cassie. Razor’s Edge is doing really well, and the band are constantly busy, and it seems to Blaze he goes from one stop to the next, from one country to the next, barely pausing. Its draining living that way.
I liked Blaze, clearly has some serious family issues and yet he comes across as a genuinely nice guy, someone who’d help anyone in need and who values the people in his life. His guitar and music are central to who he is, and after the last breakup with Jason he’s thrown himself into work, having just simple one off flings, and not another relationship. Though he tells himself he’s over Jason, doesn’t want to see him again, when they do meet at an event where Jason is a last minute replacement for a sick emcee the fire between them burns as hot as ever.
So – that part, the two of them together and the intensity of their feelings worked really well for me. What got old quickly though was what seemed like a merry go round throughout the book, they’d breakup, meet after a few weeks or months, have a hot night or even a few days, and once again breakup over the stupidest, pettiest of reasons. It seemed like it was a never ending cycle, and I began to lose patience with both of them. There were other problems going on too – with the band, with their families, and at times it seemed as if there was just an overload of incidences, with each thing being a good potential sub-plot but with so many of them they simply didn't get the attention deserved and washed out as plots...the issue of Zack and the photos kept creeping in all the way through the book, and yet when the culprit was revealed it was over so quickly, a let down after the big build up. Jason’s health issues too – I felt they got similar treatment, kept being brought in and then suddenly it was all finished...One of those times where Less is More. There’s lots to like in this book, not least the incredible charisma of the leading characters, but I just found it so annoying when after all the heartbreak both Jason and Blaze let silly issues come between them. They didn’t seem to learn from past experience and kept falling into the same trap. I just want my leads to be happy, I love some drama, need some deep breakups and these on – off – on again situations didn’t really work so well for me. It seems I prefer relationships that seem solid until something major happens – nota  silly argument over nothing – and then they part, and we see just how hard it is for each of them. Here there were months condensed into just a couple of pages, and it was hard at times to see if it had been days, weeks or months since the last breakup.

Stars: Three and a half. Treated a little differently and it would have been a possible five star for me, but as it is there were too many things that niggled. Its a book that will have five star appeal to many of course, but not for me for the reasons I’ve explained. That’s what novels are about though – it’s impossible to please everyone when we all want such different things.  
ARC supplied by Book Enthusiast Promotions. 
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948 reviews94 followers
September 5, 2014
*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

This is the fourth book in The Replacement Guitarist series and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I would recommend to new reader to read the series in order to get the full experience that is Blaze and Jason. Book three left me with a pet lip stuck out and a wobbling chin, trying to hold back my tears because my men were apart, so to finally get this book to see if they can overcome all the odds was a definite must read.

Encore takes place about a year after the ‘break up’ and the pair have battled constantly to avoid each other at all costs. Blaze is now riding high with Razor’s Edge and at the peak of their fame glory. On the other hand so is Jason – now the head honcho on a second chance talent show for the acts of yesteryear. Jason never expected to be in the limelight, he always left that to his family, he was quite happy to be in the background and that was part of the reason of his break up with Blaze (besides Cassie, grr) in that he wanted to remain private and not ‘come out’ to the World with his and Blaze’s relationship.

I am loving the new confident and bulked out Blaze, he sounded absolutely divine. I loved the first stand off when the pair met up again backstage. Straight away I could see they still held the spark for each other! It was explosive to read their next interaction at the hotel, oh yes these men could not keep their hands off each other. However, again Jason, the ever cautious one, being the elder of the two just had to throw a spanner in the works instead of just letting things take off in the normal pace of a re-established love. I did think there was one too many make ups and break ups for the story, my poor heart couldn’t take it.

It was lovely to see the family members again and their support of Jason and Blaze. I was also surprised at the other side we see of Jason in this book, it just made we want to hug and protect him. I absolutely LOVED the ending though and that my guys came to ENGLAND (why didn’t nobody tell me – I would have rushed to the hotel to meet up and shared my spam fritters with them haha.)

At first the inclusion of Derek into the story was a bit of a downer for me and I couldn’t see the benefit of having him back in the picture. However Jason needed that closure and to stop him being trapped emotionally to things of the past. One thing I did not agree was the comment ‘take care of him for me’ I’d have replied that he didn’t have a caring right anymore! Yeah can you tell Derek was not in my good books? It did highlight though how things have changed in the last fifteen years, how things have progressed!

Overall I have loved this series and these men. From the first story I took them to my heart and there they remained, right up until the last page. It’s kind of sad to leave them, but I won’t tell you how they end up, that is in the pleasure for the new reader to find out. Bliss!
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1,605 reviews75 followers
September 9, 2014
With this being the final book in The Replacement Guitarist series, I thought that Ms. Toland would’ve gotten over ripping out my heart and stomping on it. But she didn’t. Apparently she saw this as her final opportunity to torture my poor heart because that sucker has most definitely been put through the ringer … repeatedly. I don’t know how Blaze and Jason put up with her. But seriously, Encore is a heart wrenching love story and the perfect ending to this series.

Without giving too much away to those readers who haven’t yet read the previous books (and seriously, why haven’t you?), Into The Fire left me wondering whether or not Jason and Blaze were going to come back from their break-up and this question was not answered quickly by any means. Of course, I hoped that they (and I) were going to get their happy ending, but time and time again life, lies, and misunderstandings continued to keep them apart. Just when I think everything is finally going to work out, BAM, somebody throws the door open to let more issues in and I felt like I had the misfortune of being between the wall and that door hurtling towards my face. But fortunately, Blaze loves Jason so much that he keeps giving him another chance even when he fears having his heartbroken one too many times by Jason. Thank goodness for crazy love … and make-up sex. HOT!!!!

I have enjoyed this series immensely and am so glad I got the opportunity to review books three and four because had I not, who knows when I would have finally read my copy of The Replacement Guitarist and that just makes me sad. I love Blaze and Jason and am very happy with the way Ms. Toland ended their story, but I will miss them; thank goodness for re-reads. So if you’re looking for a love story with some hot m/m action, a bit of the rock & roll lifestyle, and an awesome cast of characters, check out The Replacement Guitarist series and don’t forget the tissues.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
Reviewed by Angela at Crystal's Many Reviewers!
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755 reviews7 followers
September 7, 2014
This has been such an amazing love story that has had me immersed for two days. All four books have held me hostage for two day have me stay up until 3am to finish Encore because I had to know how Jason and Blazes story finished!

Encore takes place a year after into the fire, and we get to meet the more confident Blaze, no longer is he the innocent unsure guy he was before. That in itself I feel is good for the new building relationship for Blaze and Jason.
Blaze no longer shy's away from the hard issues that come up he goes after what he wants and doesn't give up until he gets it.

when Blaze finally does see jason again, he is still very angry but so full of hope and love for him.
Jason seems to keep crushing Blaze's heart. Not because he wants to but because he hasn't truly accepted who he and what he thinks hollywood wants and it's expectations.
Jason feels that he doesn't deserve Blaze, but he needed Blaze and is afraid.
Jason loves Blaze but is scared so he pushed him away, and keeps pushing until it is almost to late.

There are so many misunderstandings and heartaches for these two. But they console each other and love each other even when it hurt.
I'm not sure it was essential to the story to bring Derek back it didn't give anything to the story, but that's just my opinion.

The love these two have for each other pours off the pages. This is Such a wonderfully written and emotionally charged story.
The whole time your reading you just want them to be together.
This is one of the best series I have read in a long time I highly recommend it.
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3,131 reviews24 followers
September 5, 2014
An amazing love story. Such pain and heartache to end up with your soul mate. What a journey. I love blaze. No matter how much his heart was shattered he believed and stayed steadfast. Okay well to help try to forget he did become a man ho but he was crushed and not wanting to have his heart be trampled on again.

when he finally does see jason again, he is angry but still so full of hope and love for him. jason does keep pouncing on the poor guys heart. Not because he wants to but because he hasn't truly accepted who he is and reconciled this with hollywood and it's expectations. He also felt that this wasn't something he deserved. he needed Blaze and was afraid. he loved blaze but was scared so he pushed him away. And kept pushing until it was almost to late.

so many misunderstandings and heartaches for these two so that they can always be there for each other. Always console each other and love each other even when they didn't want to.Even when it hurt.

the love these two have for each other pours off the pages. Such a wonderfully written and emotionally charged story that you will root for these two to come together and be each other's forever.
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1,796 reviews110 followers
September 15, 2014
So on we go to Encore where we find Blaze enjoying his rockstar and bachelor status. But just when he thinks his life is void of drama in comes Jason once again to wreck havoc on his libido and his emotions.

What a ride!!!!

Rampant Emotions. Forgiveness. Unleashed Passion. Trust.

What I enjoyed the most about this story was seeing the growth Blaze and Jason had done during their time apart and how this helped them to grow as a couple. They still had their issues and their whiplash inducing break-ups and hook-ups almost had me giving up on them, but through it all I could see how differently they were dealing with it. Where Jason would have shut down and retreat, he tried to make his fears known and express his emotions. Likewise, Blaze had found the confidence he needed to stick to fighting for what he wanted--Jason.

I'm sad to see the series come to an end, but glad that Jason and Blaze finally got their issues sorted out. All in all, a great love story that will take you on a hot and emotional roller coaster of a ride.
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1,153 reviews
September 2, 2014
Blaze had his dream job and fame but no longer has his boyfriend ...

Jason now is also a famous TV personality but no longer has his boyfriend Blaze...

A chance encounter brings them together and the feelings are still there. Their relationship is different because during their time apart they created their own lives.

Jason is always wanting to protect Blaze but in reality he is protecting himself of many things and some secrets.

The passion and the love for each other is palpable but it seems not to be sufficient for both.

There are many obstacles which they need to pass in order for them to find the happiness they have always wanted.

Maturity and understanding is the key to that.

This book is an excellent ending to the series .. But I can honestly admit it would bother me at all to read more about Blaze and Jason ...

Complimentary copy received from the author for an honest review.
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1,359 reviews41 followers
September 5, 2014
After that whole chaotic ending from Into The Fire where Jason's and Blaze's relationship burned in the fire and wallowed in splitdom, when my heart got ripped because of the breakup I found so devastating and unexpected, we now have a book entitled: Encore. For me, there is an additional performance from these two men and I just know they will now try to get their heads back on screwed tight on their shoulders, man up and finally admit they made a mistake.

Read the rest in the eARC Review Blitz, Excerpt & #Giveaway: Encore by Lori Toland
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2,178 reviews41 followers
September 6, 2014
Growing apart was not they had expected from the relationship when they started out. But the separation and horrible breakup had Jason still lashing out at Blaze. Blaze was not expecting the heat he still felt when he sees Jason again, but sees that they still had a ways to go if they were to ever be together again it would take work.
Work in growing up and learning to accept the past and each other as they are and who they have become. I loved reading the emotional roller coaster that eventually gets them to see the light! Amazing this book and series is simply that AMAZING!!!
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3,900 reviews395 followers
September 15, 2014
Like I do sometimes u jumped right into this book without reading the other books in the series. I still enjoyed the book but think I'd have got more out if it if I'd have read the series in order.

This story is the continuation of Blaze and Jason's on/off relationship. There was a lot of hot and cold between them & sometimes I wanted to bang their heads together!!

I really enjoyed this story. Will certainly be re-reading it after reading the other books in the series.
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556 reviews18 followers
September 4, 2014
Well, I just don't know how to rate this book. It is not quite 4 stars but it is way more than 3! I loved and hated this book. I can't say it's not a good book because I read this thing straight through. I was that caught up in what was going on.
Sometimes the POV got confusing and I felt like the characters repeated themselves some. I like Blaze but, boy does he make so irrational decisions. Nothing like Jason though. I did not like Jason. At times I did, but most of the book I did not. Not because of writing but, because it was hard to get past his decisions regarding Blaze. Blaze is different though. Blaze walks away too easily from Jason but, I love Blazes passion. I really enjoyed the parts in his POV. I loved the band members especially Pete. I so wanted to see where Pete and Blaze would go but, then I didn't. I hope Pete gets his own book. Maybe the other band members as well.
I also did not like the part about Jason's Gram. When you read this you will know what I mean. It seemed unnecessary to the story. Also Derek, he did not need to be in the book at all. I didn't really get why he was there. I wish that would not have been in the book. As well as the strip club, didn't make sense to me either. This was meant to be an angsty rocker romance but, I really didn't feel the angst. At first yes, but after sex, break-up, sex break-up, and it just kept happening the angst go lost to annoyance for me. That there is what kept me from making this a 5 star read. I think one of my favorite parts is Jason in coach. That and him with his brother made me really enjoy his character after having some bad feelings for him. I did love it though. Overall a good book that was worth reading. I mean if I can pick it up and can't stop, it is a great book. I found myself laughing and teary in this book. When I can read a book straight through and have this much to emotion about it, I know it is an amazing book. I would say so much more but I fear giving away the book to much.
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October 3, 2014
Night Owl Review

****4 1/2 stars****

Original Review Published here: http://www.nightowlreviews.com/v5/Rev...

Encore is the fourth book in The Replacement Guitarist series by Lori Toland. While this book is part of a series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone novel with ease, but it is best read in order. This book was formerly known as Into the Light.

Blaze Shinozuka is a rock star with the band Razor’s Edge. After his relationship with his music manager Jason burned out, Blaze lives his life as he chooses and it’s been very drama free. Blaze seems to try to avoid Jason every chance he can and when he can’t, Blaze realizes that his feelings for Jason still burn bright as ever.

Jason Stockton is a music manager as well as a superstar in his own right. Jason has his own battles that he does not share. He does not cope well with stardom, which leaves him running into Blazes arms. Jason has such a snarky attitude.

The connection and chemistry between Blaze and Jason is intense. Blaze and Jason jump into bed every chance they can when they are together. The sex scenes were blistering. The relationship between them is fiery and this book does a good job of showing how hard relationships truly are.

I found this book well written with an interesting and fascinating plot. This book keeps you on your toes all the way through all the way to the end. The biggest issue I had with the book was that it was much longer and drawn out than it needed to be, because Jason and Blaze had a hard time keeping their hands to themselves. The main characters and the secondary characters were mesmerizing. Overall, this was a wonderful read.
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September 8, 2014
I am sad. I couldn't wait for this book to come out- having my heart still broken from the end of book 3. It just didn't have the same feel, passion or character development that the I found in the first three books. The story itself was all over the place. Many different plot lines that left me confused. The whole Pete thing- seriously?
Jason and Blaze showed their immaturity in so many ways, over and over. They could never just TALK to each other, just fight and time apart. So much unnecessary struggle.
I will miss them, definitely still a staunch Lori Toland fan. This final book in the Blaze and Jason saga was a miss for me overall, yet I read it straight though so that says something.
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August 26, 2014
We have followed Blaze and Jason from the beginning of the series. They always seem to find something to split them apart. This particular book gave me whiplash with the on/off relationship they had. There was reconciliation one minute and the next minute Jason ends it. That was basically the entire book. That being said, I did enjoy the book. I love Blaze and Jason together. I have loved with them, and cried with them. For that, I give this book 3.5 Hearts.
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September 17, 2014
In this book, the final installment of The Replacement Guitarist series, we find out exactly what will happen between Blaze and Jason. Will they get back together? Will Jason get over his fear of coming out? If he does, will it destroy Blaze's career like he fears?

The story is riveting, sexy, and I truly could not put it down. I'll miss these characters, but I'll revisit them as they're waiting for me to re-live their love story on my Kindle!

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September 27, 2015
3.5 'I loved Blaze and Jason and definitely wanted them to be together, just struggled with parts of their journey back together' stars.
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