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The Black Parade #1.5

The Deadly Seven

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Short stories from The Black Parade series.

Michael O'Brien. 24. New Yorker. Musician. Archangel in charge of Heaven's army.

It's been centuries since Michael stayed on Earth for an extended amount of time. Now he's here because of Jordan Amador--a Seer who helped him restore his life and memories and thwart the archdemon Belial from taking over the city. With Jordan on Belial's hit list, Michael decides to stick around and live out life alongside her as her friend and temporary bodyguard. But, as the days pass, he finds it harder to resist the seven deadly sins that tempt all men. Especially as he and Jordan grow closer fighting the demons that want her almost as much as he does...

This collection takes place in the two month period in The Black Parade between Book 2 and 3.

Happy(ish) Valentine’s Day – A humorous short story of the first couple months of Jordan and Michael’s marriage.

Matrimony – A short story that takes place between Chapter 37 and the epilogue of The Holy Dark.

Town Without Pity– A short story about the daughter of the Wolfman on vacation in Transylvania.

Reduction– A vignette about two friends who want more than friendship.

The Cage– A vignette from the perspective of Andrew Bethsaida from The Black Parade.

The Predator – A horror-centric short story told from the perspective of the archdemon Belial. Takes place during She Who Fights Monsters, so beware major spoilers.

225 pages, ebook

First published May 9, 2014

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About the author

Kyoko M.

18 books369 followers
Kyoko M is a USA Today bestselling author, a fangirl, and an avid book reader. She has written the Amazon bestselling Black Parade urban fantasy series as well as the Of Cinder and Bone science-fiction dragon hunting series. The Black Parade has been reviewed by Publishers Weekly and New York Times bestselling author Ilona Andrews. Of Cinder and Bone placed in the Top 30 books for the 2021 Hugh Howey Self Published Science Fiction contest. She is also a contributor to Marvel Comics Black Panther: Tales of Wakanda (March 2, 2021). Kyoko M has appeared as a guest and panelist at such conventions as JordanCon, Geek Girl Con, DragonCon, Blacktasticon, Momocon, and Multiverse Con. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Lit degree from the University of Georgia, which gave her every valid excuse to devour book after book with a concentration in Greek mythology and Christian mythology. When not working feverishly on a manuscript (or two), she can be found buried under her Dashboard on Tumblr or chatting with fellow nerds on Twitter. Like any author, she wants nothing more than to contribute something great to the best profession in the world, no matter how small.

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9,838 reviews108 followers
May 19, 2020
This is one unbelievable story with perfect characters to make you never want to leave. Enough action to keep you gripped.
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506 reviews3 followers
April 24, 2015
In The Deadly Seven the focus is the seven cardinal sins by Christian standards. The story showcases Archangel Michael's POV and his turmoil over heavenly duties vs. salacious temptations showing him vulnerable.

Because this book is an extension of chapters 15 & 16 from The Black Parade over a two month period, it fills in gaps and/or questions the reader may have regarding Michael and Jordan's relationship.

It was pretty funny to read about an angel who hates to lose to a girl at video games and an angel who enjoys watching the TV show Breaking Bad. These items made Michael human and down to Earth.

Kyoko M. writing style and storytelling makes me want to get up and dance because the details in her Black Parade series is captivating, her stories focus on plot and storytelling, and I look forward to reading the next book in the series.


If you're into books that are all about the story and does not focus on sex, then sit back and enjoy the Black Parade series. I sure have.

My Black Parade series reviews
Book 1: The Black Parade

Book 3: She Who Fights Monsters

Book 4: The Holy Dark

7 reviews
May 22, 2014
The Deadly Seven is a smart, dark, and witty climb down from pure angelic perfection to a gritty, dangerous, and flawed human existence.

The reader travels down seven rungs of sin through the perspective of an archangel bodyguard. As the protagonist juggles a music career and the safety of his charge, he discovers that human beings cannot march to the same heavenly beat as his army of angels or dance in the twisted darkness of the demons seeking Jordan’s life. Kyoko provides a story for each rung of sin of that does not just leave Michael as a tainted fallen angel but creates another half of the handsome artistic commander that portrays the murky gray waters of humanity.

The author comments on the gray areas of humanity through each story of sin. Kyoko successfully depicts a man who knows the path to honor and loyalty to his heavenly army but still can resist forbidden temptations that many humans indulge in without a second thought. Humans over indulge in dessert and sex. They act out of anger and seek revenge. As a warrior from Heaven, Michael vowed to keep a tough, quirky, smart-mouthed seer alive. He is not supposed pig out on junk food and battle his desire and growing affection for his seer best friend, Jordan. In The Deadly Seven, a sinful steamy dream and a bloody battle against the enemy may not be easy to forgive.
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22 reviews1 follower
August 6, 2014
The author was looking for reviewers for the next novel in this series, She Who Fights Monsters, and she sent me all three current books in the series for free in exchange for an honest review which was wonderful.

The Seven Deadly is a series of short stories aptly titled with each aptly titled with one of the Seven Deadly Sins. The stories take place between book 2 and book 3 of The Black Parade, the debut novel in this excellent series. The stories are told from the perspective of the archangel Michael who is residing on earth as a struggling musician as well as a bodyguard for the seer, Jordan Amador.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It went into more depth into how the relationship between Michael and Jordan developed. Man, the chemistry is palpable. This just made me even more invested in these characters. Further, the book is witty and full of pop culture references.

This is the first time Michael has spent a significant time on earth interacting with humans on an individual level. He learns that humans are complicated and full of contradictions. Michael and Jordan’s relationship develops to a steamy and dangerous level. I so enjoyed Michael’s foray into human activities, including eating junk food and watching too much television. What’s not to love about an archangel binge watching Breaking Bad?

I highly recommend this book, but suggest you read at least the first two books of The Black Parade first.
Profile Image for Kristen.
15 reviews
December 20, 2014
The Deadly Seven is a cute anthology which depicts Michael and Jorden's growing feelings for each other through a series of themed short stories. The short stories are grouped into categories based on the seven deadly sins and have 3 stories for each sin. There are some stand alones and some which are depicted into a sort of chaptered series.

While some of the stories are very nicely written, some seemed forced just to fill a quota. The range from stories are several pages to maybe one or two pages which affected the flow of the overall anthology.

I enjoyed how the stories depicted Michael's point of view. It allowed Kyoko M's audience to see the struggle of humanizing an angel.
Profile Image for Isaiyan Morrison.
Author 26 books262 followers
July 8, 2014
This is the first novel that I've read by the author so I understood the complications of diving in nose first into a world that I didn't understand.

With that being said,I found the book to be an interesting read that I couldn't put down.

I really enjoyed Michael and Jordan's chemistry. The writing was witty, clever, and it kept me interested. Now I wish I would've read The Black Parade first.

This author is very talented and I hope to read more from her in the near future.
Profile Image for Kimberly.
3 reviews7 followers
June 6, 2014
Love.... LOve....LOVe....LOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sorry but that's the best way for me to describe it!
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Author 2 books9 followers
September 9, 2014
This book of short stories really gave an insight into Jordan and Michael's relationship. Not that the first book was lacking an insight but this really helped it along. I really love this series!
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56 reviews4 followers
January 22, 2016
So close yet . . .

Interesting theological thoughts yet the author never goes over the line. It was a good as the first novel. Thanks
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203 reviews5 followers
February 11, 2018
*Sigh* Michael, good ole Michael! These set of short stories fill in the blanks in between books and the backgrounds of secondary characters to pair alongside the seven deadly sins. It's almost like you're getting to know extended family through in-depth snippets of their lives while delving into the sins which plague humans and temptations toward the heavenly host.

I read each of these short stories in accordance to where they fit into the story line. It made things easier and less hectic. My favorite one of them all would have to be Happy(ish) Valentine's Day. Jordan and Michael's relationship is further explored and I can't get enough of them together! 
Profile Image for Cydney Reads.
335 reviews5 followers
January 7, 2019
Confession time, for anyone that looks at this book and doesn't read the synopsis I'll let you know that this is book #1.5 in the series. I just so happen to have this book and book one on my kindle, and without doing any research, I decided to read this one first. I will admit that this in-between story didn't spoil much for me, but the excerpt at the back leading up to book two was a bit more information than what I was looking for, luckily I stopped myself.

On to the review, I thoroughly enjoyed by the stories told within this book. The characters I liked, and I could relate to Jordan in so many ways. I love that this book was told from Michaels perspective, I always love to see within the minds of the other partner during certain situations. Love the archangel facts, and the biblical terms used but not overly used in the text, and boy, if archangels are really up for grabs, what are we to do for their attention?
882 reviews5 followers
February 27, 2021
Interesting Premise-- Guardian Angel Michael comes to Earth to protect a Seer named Jordan whom the Demons keep trying to kill. The story is pretty good except that it was constantly gruesome which I guess is to be expected. The relationship is difficult because Archangels do not have sex with the people they are protecting! In some ways the relationship angle of the story was good- better than expected but the over the top blood and guts kind of wore me out. Book could have used a warn-- Caution: If you are over sensitive this book might not be the one for you!
23 reviews
April 16, 2020
A must read

I love this book. I'm hooked going to find them all now to read I can wait to see where the story goes
Profile Image for Melanie Marsh.
463 reviews18 followers
May 12, 2014
The Deadly Seven gives us a peek inside the lives of Michael and Jordan, the archangel and the Seer. We are given a new view of Michael as he struggles with the Seven Deadly Sins after choosing to stay on earth as Jordan’s bodyguard.

At the end of The Black Parade, we find out what the future could hold for Jordan and Michael. The Deadly Seven takes place between chapters 15 and 16 of The Black Parade, so keep that in mind when you read this. At some point I forgot and it got me a little bit confused, but that was my fault for not paying better attention.

This really is a good place for the reader to be given more insight to Michael’s struggles as he adjusts to life on earth. It shows that even Angels struggle with sin. It also gives Michael a bit of a more realistic quality. I think it is easier for a reader to relate to an imperfect character than to one who seems to have no real flaws.

The dynamic between Jordan and Michael is so great. They really GET each other. I think this is important for any relationship, whether it is a romantic or platonic relationship. Their connection is hilarious and magical and you find yourself really wanting them to have a happy ever after.

The Deadly Seven is about more than just Michael’s sin struggles though. There is action and everyone seems to want to get their hands on Jordan for one reason or another. We are given reminders of just how tough Jordan really is, and I really do love reading about her kicking butt.

Kyoko is a beautiful storyteller. Her words just take you away and you don’t even realize how far gone you are until you either try to put the book down, or finish it and ask yourself where did the last few hours go? Along with the action in her books, there are some really hilarious interactions between the characters that WILL make you laugh out loud. The bus scene and Michael coming home drunk both seriously cracked me up.

So without a doubt, I’m giving The Deadly Seven 5 stars. I loved the writing itself, I loved the humor and dynamic between the characters, and I loved getting that little extra something that helped me understand Michael just a little better. I will absolutely be reading She Who Fights Monsters when it comes out in July.

I recommend this book to anyone who has read The Black Parade. If you haven’t read The Black Parade, what the hell are you waiting for? It was an AMAZING book! You can see my review of it on Amazon and Goodreads.
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81 reviews3 followers
May 12, 2014
I went into this book blind, as I did not read The Black Parade. This story takes place over a 2 month period during the first book. It focuses on Michael the archangel and Jordan the seer. It focuses mainly on Michael. Michael chose to leave his post in heaven to protect the only seer on Earth. Michael and Jordan have this amazing, witty, strong friendship. But Michael is experiencing and trying to deal with the 7 sins. Almost all revolving around Jordan. I do not want to give away too many details so, I'll stop there. This was well written. The characters were also well written. Every time a new character was introduced. I felt as if I knew them. I look forward to reading more from Kyoko in the future.
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