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Christopher's Diary: Secrets of Foxworth (Diaries, #1)
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Christopher's Diary: Secrets of Foxworth (The Diaries #1)

3.25 of 5 stars 3.25  ·  rating details  ·  800 ratings  ·  177 reviews
Jealousy, tragedy, survival, and revenge- the discovery of Christopher's diary in the ruins of Foxworth Hall brings new secrets of the Dollanganger family to light and obsesses a new generation. With Flowers in the Attic and Petals on the Wind both now major Lifetime TV events, this first new addition to the Dollanganger story in nearly thirty years is a timely look at the ...more
Paperback, 352 pages
Published October 28th 2014 by Pocket Books
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Jesse Haubert
Before Reading

Dear Andrew Neiderman (or whoever wrote this book),

Please don't ruin Chris. He's my favorite "Flowers In The Attic" character.

After Reading

To be honest, I did not finish this book. I made it to page 213 and I can't take it anymore. At the end of "Garden's of Shadows," the scene where they first meet the Grandmother plays out exactly as it did in "Flowers In The Attic," (view spoiler)
Delicious Strawberry
Fuck this shit. Seriously.

To date, over 70 books have been published under the VCA name. Out of these, only eight were actually written/completed by VCA herself, and four more were started by her but she died before she could complete her manuscripts. So this means that not half, not even a third, or a quarter, or even a seventh of these books actually had any of VCA's writing in them.
The newer books have been poorly received, and no wonder - crap with vampires, ghosts, crazy over the top abusi
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Lila Veen
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Me, My Shelf and I
Fans don't get too high of hopes. This isn't from Christopher's POV, not really. You relive the first half of Flowers In The Attic via his journal entries, and you don't really learn anything new. The main character is the girl who finds his journal in the rubble of Foxworth Hall.

To see my whole review on this novel, please go here:
Sarah Ballance
At first glance, and for most of the book, CHRISTOPHER'S DIARY: SECRETS OF FOXWORTH felt like a retelling of FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC. The book makes no secret of this, but present-day Kristin's story was little more than background noise as I revisited the original telling of FLOWERS I knew and loved so many years ago. Kristin is a distant relative of the Foxworths who lives in the shadow - literally and figuratively - of what happened in that house. Thanks to her father's protection, she seems to ...more
NOTE: My review contains spoilers. If reading this via Goodreads, they're individually marked. Elsewhere, they are not, and also there are spoilers for Flowers in the Attic, Garden of Shadows, and the forthcoming Echoes of Dollanganger and Secret Brother. Read at your own risk.

P.S. Secrets of Foxworth contains mentalism/saneism/ableism/gaslighting, and SO MUCH SEXISM. Seriously, that diary is full of it.

Well, that was pointless.

I don't say that lightly. I spent 2013 catching up on the V. C. Andr
I am a confessed Dollanganger fan/obsessed/crazy(?) girl, so OF COURSE I HAD to read this.
There's almost(?) nothing new, but reading about these beloved characters again, it just melts my heart all over.
Kristin becomes so obsessed with their story that, even though I don't particularly love her character, I understand what drives her to it.
I can't wait for the next book!
Firstly let me state that I LOVE the original Flowers in the Attic series. Even the books that weren't actually written by V.C. Andrews. I have even read quite a few of the other series as well that can be a bit redundant, so I know the drill as far as these books go. I was very excited about this book because I'd hoped it would provide a fresh look at a story that I know backwards and forwards because I have reread the book so many times, similar to Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer. I was wrong, ...more
Here is an excerpt from my review: "If you're a fan of Flowers in the Attic and the subsequent books, you'll probably enjoy this new take on the story. But much of it will be familiar to you because it really is just a re-telling of what happened in the first book. There's not a whole lot of action happening in Kristin's world because she spends most of her time reading the diary. Kristin does have a boyfriend, Kane, and some nosy, gossipy friends, but that action doesn't take up a whole lot of ...more
Jan 04, 2015 Rachael rated it 2 of 5 stars
Shelves: ugh
I mean...

I don't know what to say that you don't already assume about this book.

Actually, that may not pertain to younger readers, who may not know the original Foxworth series. For the adults, who, like me, read every damned V.C. Andrews book and was at least a little warped from it, you are well aware of how removed this ghost writing is from the actual V.C., and even from the series' penned right after her death, although you could still sense the differences in those...

The story involves a
Once Upon
Kristin has always been harassed because it is known fact that she is a relative of the Foxworth's and there's rumors going around about what the Foxworth's did to a couple children over 50 years. Everyone tells her that she will grow into her Foxworth madness, but she isn't really sure what that madness is. Kristin's father gets a job that requires he demolish what is left of the Foxworth mansion and she tags along with him to look at what his job will require. There they find a metal box with ...more
*yawn* I had stopped reading V.C. Andrews' books a long time ago. The ghostwriter hired by estate had, in my opinion, messed up some great writing and was taking some potentially great story lines right down the tubes. I had high hopes when I saw this book at my local library though. After all, the characters were already well developed - all the author had to do was retell the story from another point of view. I should have known that the he would mess it up. It started out promising enough - a ...more
I bought and read this in one day. Andrew's stories (or more precisely, those of the ghostwriter) I tend to breeze through in a just a few hours. Though I will be the first to admit that I probably need to reread this at a slower pace.

Those who think that this is a direct retelling of Flowers in the Attic will be a bit left behind. Without giving too much away, it is a story within a story: what happened after the events in "Seeds of Yesterday" to Foxworth Hall part Deux and the discovery of Chr
Jessica Donahue deems

Huge fan of the Flowers in the Attic Series and was very excited about this new book. It was a big letdown however, mostly a retelling of the story and not at all believable that a boy Christopher's age kept a diary that was worded the way it was.
Lindsay Roland
I didn't even finish this! And that says a lot for me because I have read old V.C Andrews all throughout Junior High and her stories will always be dear to me. Flowers in the Attic will always be my favorite novel of all time. But this ... this needed to be stopped. The 'ghost writer' did not get the characters whatsoever. When I was reading Chris' 'diary', I felt as if it wasn't Chris. And when I got to thinking about it, remember how Chris's character was always so determined to become manly i ...more
Leah Negri
I was super excited to read this and get Christopher's perspective. Part of the eagerness I'm sure comes from the leaked Midnight Sun written from Edward's perspective. I much prefer his perspective and wish Stephenie would finish the book (and perhaps rewrite all of the books from his perspective). I think it was how much I enjoyed Midnight Sun that gave me high expectations for Christopher's Diary (1). I read a preview that said this was not a retelling of Flowers but really, it is. The book e ...more
I don't really get this story...

First let me admit I just read Flowers in the Attic (I know, I know but I can't believe they actually let kids read this).

Second, I glanced at some reviews for this book so that may have skewed me a tiny bit.

Okay...shouldn't Christopher's diary be mainly about him? It was 85% Kristen. Maybe her story isn't that bad but when you want to know about Christopher and what he went through - her will pale in comparison.

I must admit I skim parts. A lot just wasn't that i
I was really hoping for more explanation on the Foxworth clan, but I did get a little bit of Christopher's view. I like the new character Kristin Masterwood and the questions she asks herself while she reads the diary. There has to be more to this because I have no clue who her mother was in the Foxworth line or where even Kristin is either...descendants of who...? Plus hearing from the outsiders in the village was kinda neat by put revealed nothing new. I think there is more to the story too... ...more
I have to admit it; I was curious. Had to see what the ghostwriter came up with. The overwhelming impression I was left with was a heck of a lot of misogyny and iffy dialogue. I kind of expected the dialogue, though. It's been a long time since I've read any VCA, so I can't remember if the misogyny has always been there. The story is told from the POV of a teen, related to the Foxworth family, though distantly. Her dad is a contractor who's tasked with tearing down the rubble of Foxworth Hall. G ...more
Bad bad bad. The story line is awkward and boring and the "backstory" a recap of what we already know in Christopher's diary. If one has read the original series one can see the GAPING holes in his diary entries (i.e.: things he could never know from his perspective) and I ended up re-reading entries trying to make sense of the tense errors. I know it's not VC Andrews writing, but I love the series so I thought I'd give it a shot - and I'm really sorry I did. Don't waste your time, just re-read ...more
Eh... what absolute tripe! Oops! Mr Andrew Neiderman did it again. RUINED what Virginia Andrews created when she was still alive, only, this time he cashed in just because of the movies that have been made based on the series.

Christopher’s Diary is a short novel MEANT to be written from the perspective of no one other than himself, Christopher Dollanganger. The eldest son of Corrine and Christopher Snr, and older brother of Cathy. However, a new character and new face has been written in; Krist
Angie Lisle
I received a free copy of this book from GoodReads First Reads in exchange for a review. Thanks for choosing me but... this feels like I'm writing a breakup note.

I read the original Dollanganger series because my friends read it; I wasn't a fangirl but I didn't hate the series either. The original series excited me because I was able to share it with others and I was pleasantly surprised to see a return of the series.

Unfortunately, this book disappointed me with its promises of a new perspecti
Lorraine Elgar
This was the book that many V C Andrews fans dreaded..... Fuelled by their love of the original Flowers in the Attic , to have it rewritten in any form was almost sacrilege to the purist fan (myself included).
However, as the release date approached the frenzy of excitement and curiosity overtook. What exactly would it be like ? Is this just another cash cow for the Andrews estate or will this actually be any good?
Firstly, I have to say the main story isn't like expected, Christopher is still, l
PG. 1
I have excruciatingly high expectations of this book.

Sadly, this story has been a borefest this far. Something needs to happen. pg. 43

Pg. 51
I don't care how proud you are of your figure, who asks their twelve year old son to wash their back in the bath and leaves the door open so he can see in when you bathe? I don't care if he does want to be a doctor, there's something wrong with that.
And now the daughter wants her brother to wash her back too? No wonder they ended up like they did.

Pg. 86
I have a bit of an emotional connection to the Dollanganger / Flowers in the Attic series. My sweet little old white haired church going perfect everyone in town loved her grandmother had loaned me her copies of the books when I was in the sixth grade. It was the first adult book series I’d read. Looking back, I’m not sure she’d ever gotten around to reading them herself or she might not have loaned them to me. I mean it’s possible she just found me so mature that she trusted me with them but th ...more
William Bentrim
Christopher's Diary: Secrets of Foxworth by V. C. Andrews

This book is in Andrew's usual style of writing about children who have parental issues, in this case cruelty by the grandparents. I found the book quite similar to her other books such as Flowers in the Attic and The Unwelcomed Child. This installment of this series is about the diary of Christopher Dollanganger.

The book didn't really offer any more insight to the overall plot than the previous books. It didn't even get to the end of the
Brittany Conner
Very intriguing to a Dollanganger series fan, but not executed well. A lot of the dialogue is forced and unbelievable, especially as the male ghostwriter using the V.C. Andrews name is attempting to write conversations between teenage girls. Plus, it's off-putting reading about the Dollangangers and cell phones simultaneously. Just because of how it was ended, I will read the next one. It doesn't destroy the series for me, but it isn't required for a Dollanganger fan.
Oh dear. Terrible. More cashing in on the original Virginia Andrews' series "Flowers in the Attic". Since I read the originals nearly 30 years ago, seeing this new addition at the library made me nostalgic. However within pages I was reminded of why I gave up on this author when the author's name changed from Virginia Andrews to VC Andrews. These ghost writers are truly awful.

In this "new" novel, the plot is weak. The characters are shallowly drawn and the writing is appalling. The only reason
Reni Brown-harty
I was 14 when I fell in love with VC Andrews. My love affair started with my sweet adrina. I read the flowers series, the Heaven series and the Dawn series. I lost interest with the Ruby series. I did not have high hopes for this book. curiosity won out to see how exactly they could add a book to a series 20 some years later and boy image glad it did. the book is well written. the premise is plausible. it's an amazing journey. I do not know if it is the same author that has been writing for VC a ...more
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Virginia Cleo Andrews (born Cleo Virginia Andrews) was born June 6, 1923 in Portsmouth, Virginia. The youngest child and the only daughter of William Henry Andrews, a career navy man w
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