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Unyielding #2

Perfect Ruin

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There is nothing I care about.
No attachments.
No connections.
Outwardly, I’m a perfect gentleman.
Until my target sees my knife.
I fear nothing, not even death.
In my world, death is considered a privilege.
But my life comes with unbreakable cruel strings and
when I met her, I should’ve walked away.
I didn’t.
I was too selfish.
And that sealed her fate.
Because one week with me led her into the hands of ruin.


We all have unique layers that make up who we are.
What makes us vulnerable or strong.
What we fear and what excites us.
But peel back those layers and you’re left naked and exposed.
They did that to me.
Each piece was slowly stripped away then burned.
I merely existed.
But there was one layer they overlooked.
The most important of them all—the tie to one man.
The man responsible for me being this way.
The man who found me.
And the killer who would do anything to protect me.

Perfect Ruin is the story of Kai and London.

Must be read in order:
Perfect Chaos (Unyielding, #1) Deck and Georgie
Perfect Ruin (Unyielding, #2) Kai and London
Perfect Rage (Unyielding, #3) Connor’s story (Early 2016)

345 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 14, 2015

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About the author

Nashoda Rose

24 books4,153 followers
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Nashoda Rose lives outside of Toronto, where she enjoys hiking with her dogs and spending time with her Gyspy Vanner horse. Nash has a passion for fierce, over-protective men, damaged characters, and unbridled love stories. Her work is published in multiple languages across the world.

New Release: Irish Crown
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October 25, 2016
8/7/16: Well. That was...that.
***I was about to crack open book 3 and realized I had no idea where we left off...therefore, gonna do a re-skim-read of this bad boy before diving into book three...which I am only reading because I want to know what happens to Connor in this WTF series.

Original Review:

So, straight up?

It's 7:15am here and I haven't slept since 9:30am yesterday.
Because insomnia. So I am feeling tired, bitchy, and fucking bitter about it. My point?

This is going to be a SHIT SHOW of a review.

Cause homie gets crazy when homie is sleep deprived.


So buckle up bitches, cause I have NO idea where this thing might go.

Seriously though, as of THIS paragraph, even I don't know what I'm gonna say in my next sentence; except 1) tell ya'll that I spelled "paragraph" wrong in that previous sentence about 10 times before I finally managed to tap dance it out correctly, and 2) to tell all you flag happy whores out there to stop reading here.


Also, if you haven't read my review for this book's predecessor, you might want to go ahead and do that.

Otherwise the forthcoming verbal diarrhea that will be this review might make even less sense than I already know it's not making.


Yeah, exactly.

Anypsychobabble, moving on.

This book was out-fucking-standing until about 70%.

It was raw and gritty and heart wrenching (well, in my cold soulless case, more like heart...nudging, but you get the idea).

In short: It was compelling.

London was a very relatable heroine caught in very unrelatable circumstances. (Side note: another 10 misspelling for my girl "relatable" right there for those who are dying to know)

And Kai?


Because he was a knife-throwing, killer ninja asshole with a dirty mouth and clean highway straight to my vagina.


The interactions between these two were so magnetic that it was palpable. And the stuff that London goes through? Like I said, heart nudging.

Until about 70%.

At which point I need to pump the brakes and decry:

***Spoilers, Rants, and Inappropriate GIF/meme Usage Up Ahead***

(And there were about six tap dances for my buddy "inappropriate" up there, you know, just to keep you updated. Apparently p's and sleep psychosis are not BFFs.)

But I digress.

So what happened at 70% you ask?


..let's just say the wheels on this apple cart launched themselves right off the axle and left me with a bunch of rotten, Snow White-worthy road kill fruit.


Point of Irk (POI) #1:

This is where the wobble first started to meet the road for me, so to speak.

So London aka Raven (here we go again, just fucking shoot me with these ridiculous spy handles) has been taken prisoner.


And of course tortured.



But whatevs!


When your ass has supposedly been held prisoner...

1) Being tortured - indicating blood,
2) Being terrorized -indicating plausible perspiration,
3) Locked in a cell (which is described as being freezing cold, filthy, and only containing a cot) - indicating no WATER for cleansing and presumably no provided Lady Bic daisy razor,

...and you are finally saved by your aforementioned knife-throwing ninja hottie of a boyfriend and brought back to a HOUSE with PLUMBING and BATHROOM facilities...would YOU be trying to get said hottie to fuck you up ASAP?


You would be thinking holy FUCK I am a disgusting hot mess of a furry smelly rat's nest right now and I need to resolve this issue STAT.




That's right,


And when you are done with that?


Preferably one sporting that aforementioned Bic daisy ladyscaper.

At that point, when you have been properly scrubbed, deloused, and are now as smooth as an infant's squeaky clean freshly powdered baby ass?



But until then? I do NOT find it romantic visualizing your fuzzy rabbit slipper toothed mouth with it's ass fume breath attaching itself to my Kai.

Speaking of Kai...

POI #2:

Somewhere between 70 and 71% Kai undergoes some kind of abruptly massive lobotomy in which the part of his brain containing the tough loving alpha dick gets semi-removed and replaced by glitter with a side of cotton candy.


And then,

POI #3:

Georgie shows up.

Or shall I call her Chaos *eye roll*

Holy fucking hell I just can't stand this idiot.

Seriously, why she needed to suddenly show up and fuck up my happy, I have no idea; but alas there that idiot was, raining on my Kai/London parade.

And not only did that retard show up, she brought the rest of the gang with her too.

Which would have been totally fine if the structure of the book hadn't also changed with their arrival.

Up until that point, the book oscillated between Kai's POV and London's POV. Nobody else. But suddenly, with the arrival of everyone and their mother's mother, we were getting chapters of asshat's Georgie's POV, Tristan's POV and even Connor's POV and, quite frankly, it changed the whole tone of the book for me.

When it was just Kai and London, the story was very focused, very powerful. But when the POV got splintered, so too did the power of the story's punch.

Then of course came all the super spy ridiculousness that drove me nuts in the first book.

Example: Toward the end of the story, they need to "break into" the lab to save London's father, steal the bad mojo drug, and hack into the computers to erase any records of said mojo *snort*

But - of course - the super secret evil organization against which they are fighting "has eyes" on the building.

But never fear.


London suddenly remembers that there are secret tunnels under the lab building.





I thought they were going to have to do something RIDICULOUS to get in there and complete their super wazoo crazy mission.

But thank bullshit for those old buildings and their secret tunnels.

Because, you know, winter route.


POI #4:

Now I'm not sure if it was the change in tone, the added POV's, or the sudden upstroke in the..."action sequences," but where the first 70% of the book SHOWED me the story, the last 30% felt like it was TELLING me the story.

Like instead of painstakingly laying things out, any further characters development was suddenly jammed down the throat for the sake of expediency. And maybe that's what caused me to feel like Kai had had a lobotomy. Because all of a sudden he was making these grand sweeping statements that just didn't feel consistent with his character prior to that point.

But who knows, maybe it's all in my sleep deprived head, because I am definitely in the minority on this one.

Like I said though, the first 70% of this book was 5-stars for me. But the unevenness of the tone in the latter 30% and my inability to overlook the ick factor of London's borderline homeless status during the start of a make-out/sex scene...


...made it difficult for me to love this as much as I sincerely wanted to.

I just want to make it clear that, while I snarked all over the last 30% of this book, I didn't hate it as a whole by any means. The first 70% was worth the read IMO and, although I'm not sure I will read the next one, I wouldn't want to discourage anyone who is considering this series. As I said earlier, I am in the minority on this thing and I wouldn't want to discourage anyone from reading this and loving it.

***ARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***

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1,093 reviews1,015 followers
February 18, 2016
5 #lovethyvillain stars

One week. One Fairytale. The rule is simple,
“Baby, if you liked me, we’d have a problem. But make no mistake, you do like this. You can’t control it, so accept what this is.”

But he should have known, hell he does know better, to spend more than a night with him puts a big target on London's back...but that doesn't stop him from taking the week they were getting.
...my fairy tale had ended. Like a book thrown in the incinerator, pages of my life had been burned into ash then re-written into a girl called Raven.

He is the reason she's broken and he's the reason for her pain. There is only one way to make things right so he makes it his mission to save her one last time..and this time he promises to let her go.
There was a chance for her without me. A chance to bring the lightness back, the laughter, the sweetness. I was her destruction and I kept falling back into that rift and suffocating her in my darkness.

Only to let her go means more danger, more hurt, more pain ... how could it be that in the arms of a killer she is the most safest she could be !?!
“You’re going to have to be my braveheart in order to survive me.”

Perfect Ruin is Kai and London's story, and I have to say Kai's book is one I have been looking forward to most. Why you ask, because he is THE boogie man, the villain from our past, the one who caused us so much pain and heart ache. Kai and London's story is not a fairy tale, it was more of a sadistic nightmare that could break the weakest of souls. Two battered souls who have fought to live and survive. For those who wish to die, the only one who could save are those who have taken life.

I can't say more, it wouldn't be fair to you as the reader, their journey is one to experience, and it's one hell of an experience. This dual POV doesn't hold nothing back. You will have to read Perfect Chaos to fully appreciate their story. Take it for what it is, don't overthink or over analyze it, just sit back and enjoy the ride. You will fight, you will scream, you will swoon and you will cream. So while Kai and London's story comes to an end for now, we are left knowing there is still so much more to come in the Unyielding series and I can not freaking wait!

ARC kindly provided by the author, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

***Quotes above are taken from the ARC version of the book and may differ upon publication.
May 25, 2017
5 Finding The Light Stars

*Some Spoilers*

"London is mine and you fucked with that. Vault is going to pay for what it's done."-Kai

 photo 15626102_zpsbje1eat7.gif

"I'll always look out for you, braveheart,"-Kai

Perfect Ruin, the 2nd book in the Unyielding Series, was a heartbreaking, emotional, and beautiful story. Wow...... I have wanted more of Kai ever since I first read about him back in Emily and Logan's story(Torn from You), then after I read Perfect Chaos, the craving was stronger. It was a need. I needed Kai and London's story, but I was worried. Sometimes when you love a character, you build an image up of them in your mind and then their story doesn't live up to expectations. But that was not the case here. Nashoda Rose blew me away. Kai and London's story was amazing. Blew all my expectations out of the water, and left me with a hunger for Connor!

"I love your courage, sweetness. I've had few...." he paused, "...no. I've never had a woman speak to me as you do."-Kai

My Kai:

 photo d6a66b0691eb830bbb0b6f955452f828_zpsobposq5g.jpg

"My brave scientist ruined. They'd ruined her. She'd been fuckin' perfect. She was brave and cute and caring and fuckin' perfect, and they'd ruined everything she was. I snapped-Kai

Kai, what a complex, intriguing, and delicious character. Kai was raised to be a killer. His family were members of a group called the Vault. His mother was a pure evil woman that killed his father in front of him and his sister Chess, then sent them to the farm. A place where children are trained, beat, tortured, starved, and broken til nothing is left but an emotionless killing machine that follows orders. Kai has been numb, dead inside for years until he meets London. London is full of light and compassion. He is drawn to her like a moth to a flame. He spends one week with her, and though he wants more he walks away knowing it would ruin her life if the Vault found out his feelings for her. But a week was too long and the Vault finds out. When the Vault has London kidnapped and sold to a sex slave ring. Kai didn't stop til he got her back. Then the real fight began. London was broken. Kai made me fall in love with a killer. He was dark and hard, but he had good in him too. Kai was the perfect anti hero, he did bad, but he had redeemable qualities, that scream to a woman, save me, love me , see the the good in me.

"You left me," her voice raised, "You gave me hope and then ripped it away. That was worse than dying."-London

My London:

 photo women black and white actress hilary duff 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wallmay.com_2_zpsvonnekqr.jpg

"I know you don't think so, but you have good in you."-London

Braveheart was a great nickname for London. She lived through so damn much. It broke her, but with Kai's help she found her way back. She started living again, and she was stronger. She has a great heart and she tries to see the good in everyone. What I really liked about London was that she wasn't this super kick ass heroine, she was normal. She was brave, she was stubborn, but she was smart. She didn't turn into a soldier. She was just her. She would fight if she needed to, but she didn't go looking for a fight, or jump in carelessly. She loved Kai for him, and that was something no one ever did. She seen the good underneath his hard exterior. There was something very sweet and endearing about London. She was relatable and easy to connect to.

"Do you want to live with them lingering, sucking the life out of you?" I approached the end of the bed and stopped. "I want all of you, London. Every single piece of you and I want you to give it to me."-Kai

 photo Mocanu-bw-blackwhite-Tremendo-artistic-black-and-white-photography-woman-sadness-sad-beauty_large_zpsovxarjim.jpg

No key fit a perfectly ruined lock. Because that was what we were. Both ruined, but perfect together.-London

Kai and London had explosive chemistry. The way they responded to each other, like they fit together, made for each other. The way Kai supported London, brought her out of herself, helped her get over the fear that was destroying her and the memories that were stealing her soul. It was beautiful. I was really glad that the book didn't make us readers live through all the things London endured. Instead we got the hell Kai was going through trying to find her. The pain he felt seeing how broken she was. The fear he lived. Which only made me love him more, it made him more real, human not cold but feeling everything including helplessness.

"You're brave as hell. You're a survivor. And being scared doesn't mean you're weak. It means you're alive. It means you care."-Kai

 photo bed-black-and-white-couple-man-woman-favim-com-316595_zpsepwcrnxr.jpg

"Loving you is like finding the light. I can't ever lose that again, baby. I won't."-Kai

I loved getting to see Deck and Georgie again. I also adored Tristan and Chess. I need for Tristan and Chess to get their own book, because I need more of them. And Connor, OMG I don't know how I will make it til Connor's book comes out. I took every little piece of Connor that this book gave me like a greedy druggie, now I'm hurting for my next yummy , broken, Connor fix! Perfect Ruin was an action packed, emotional read with a beautiful love story, where love really does conquer all. I loved it.

 photo pizap.com14534283685511_zpsk14ms2jw.jpg

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1,161 reviews4,170 followers
February 10, 2019

A book with an exceptional and movie-worthy plot: a college girl, a trained killer and the deal with the devil.
“One night and you give him the two months he needs and promise not to hurt him.”
“One week. And he’ll get his two months.”

One week. Seven days of passion and lust in exchange for life.

Easy. Until it isn't. Until everything changes.

Kidnapped. Trapped. Humiliated. Compliant. Terrified. Broken. Trained to pleasure men. Ruined.

This is one of the most intense and gripping books I've ever read. It left me breathless, kept me on the edge of the seat and made me hot.

It's dark but not too dark. It's raw and gritty but not over the top. It's extremely sensual and erotic. It's suspenseful and packed with action. It's ugly at times. And yet it's simply beautiful.

The author’s writing is powerful and intense. You'll fear the unkown, be hit with the unexpected, be restless with the waiting and be overwhelmed with passion and chemistry. The characterization is beautifully done, the characters are complex and three-dimensional.

Though I didn’t quite love the first book in this series, I was floored with this one. The theme and the overall atmosphere of this book reminded me a lot of Torn from You, the first book in the Tear Asunder series, which I adored. Definitely a must read!

Overall rating: 4 stars

Writing style: 4 stars
Story: 5 stars
Flow of the story: 4 stars
Character development: 4 stars
Hero: 5 stars
Heroine: 4 stars
Secondary characters: 4 stars
Tone/mood of the book: 5 stars
Emotion evoking: 4 stars
Originality: 5 stars
Enjoyment: 5 stars
Effect on me: 4 stars

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767 reviews566 followers
August 10, 2017


5★★★★★Braveheart Stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Erotic/Suspense
Type: Book 2 of Unyielding Series
POV: First Person – Dual (shifting)


"I'll always look out for you, braveheart." Kai


Perfect Ruin is the second book in the Unyielding series. Kai was introduced in Perfect Chaos; in order to enjoy this book to the fullest you must read book one as you will see characters like Chaos, Deck, Conner and many more you do not want to miss out. Even the Tear Asunder band shows up say what??! OMG yes this book is just amazing. This book had me hooked right from the beginning. Who could resist a super-HOT killer that falls for the wrong girl?!. So is he really that bad?! You will have to read this amazing, steamy, thrilling and suspenseful story to see it.

Kai is a hitman for the "Vault" aka a twisted business. His mother is the head of that awful system where they would keep children like him at a “farm” aka a horrible place and brained washed them to have no feelings and become well cold hearted killers. He grew up in darkness, getting used to pain and no feelings; he didn't like it but that was all he ever knew until her. When he was assigned to a specific case he met London; the daughter of a scientist the Vault was using for their own twisted stuff.

"Mother thought we were more dangerous if we had no attachments, no feelings" Kai


London grew up following her father's footsteps studying to be a scientist. Her mother was killed in a fire when she was only fourteen years old. When she found out her father was in something bad that she couldn't explained she wanted to help him by giving herself to the killer to Kai. She told him she will do anything if he kept her father safe. London had no idea the darkness of that path her life was going to get pretty soon. However; in the midst of her struggle to save her father she falls madly in love with the man she thought wasn't capable of loving.


"The magnetic draw of my brave little scientist was irresistible. London was the woman who tested all my control." Kai


By the time London realized she had made a packed with the devil she was way in lust with this gorgeous creature. She couldn't explain it but she wanted him and she had made up her mind that he will keep her safe. Kai had a mixed of emotions he couldn't understand himself; he had never felt anything so powerful for anyone so these feelings were new to him but he just couldn't stop them. He selfishly took the deal she offered and took advantage of the chance to have her. Oh boy was I in heaven? Any changes of me not loving Kai went out the door because this man, this amazing killer was so hot, strong, and powerful and I loved everything about him. The way he took charge and took possession and defended what he decided it was his and his alone was just amazing. He claimed her and WOW just left me breathless.

"I wanted him,…I liked how his hands felt on me and how he made my body submit to his." London


"It was like I was thawing, the ice congealed around my emotions melting a little each day." Kai

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kai's mother knew he had fallen and stole London and she was captive as a slave and broken down to the lowest possible. London tried at first to not give in; she tried but the damage was so bad after two years of being captive she was broken and didn't want to live. Kai searched and searched never giving up on her, he had promised her that he will always watch out after her and he kept his promise. I was a puddle of bubbling crying mess seeing him struggle trying to find her and seeing him suffer. I couldn't have fallen any harder for this man.


He helped London, set her free in a way that no other lover could. Kai was a hero in my eyes. The way he went to war for her was just EPIC. London was able to get stronger and never let herself be broken down again no matter what even after she was capture once again; she was able to practice everything she had learned with Kai to learn how to protect your mind from damage. There was so much hotness, so much suspense from beginning to end. I absolutely devour this book in one setting because I just couldn't get enough. It was amazing what Kai did for London everything he did was truly and completely powerful that will leave you panting for him. I was absolutely thrilled by the way this book ended; so much action and the author was able to bring us back some of the characters from the previous books it was just an amazing reading experience. Everyone needs to read this book the minute it comes out. I am looking forward to more of this series and super excited for Conner's book.


PS:I will forever save this screenshot when I commented on Nashoda's page and the cover model liked my comment. I think I said "Oh I follow on IG I thought I recognized those abs" whatever hahahaha
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Must be read in order:
Perfect Chaos (Unyielding, #1) Deck and Georgie
Perfect Ruin (Unyielding, #2) Kai and London
Perfect Rage (Unyielding, #3) Connor’s story (February 2016)

Book Series Order:
Perfect Chaos (Unyielding, #1) by Nashoda RosePerfect Ruin (Unyielding, #2) by Nashoda RosePerfect Rage (Unyielding, #3) by Nashoda Rose



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1,349 reviews1,263 followers
December 22, 2015



"You'll never be able to leave me, London."- Kai

Perfect Ruin is the second book in the splendidly constructed, action packed, high suspense Unyielding Series. Although you can read Perfect Ruin as a stand alone, it is best to read it's predecessor Perfect Chaos first. However, don't let that hold you back from meeting one of the most dynamic heroes I have ever met and his name is KAI!
"As a child, I'd been kept waiting for food, for sleep for the pain to end. I'd learned that time was better off being nonexistent."

Kai was raised to be a cold blooded killer. As a child of Vault (and his board), Kai was trained to not care about anyone or anything. His only job was to kill. He was to follow orders and remain loyal to the cause.

"Vault. A secret government that didn't follow laws, but had laws of its own."

However, when Kai was assigned to track and follow a young woman named London everything changes!

"There'd been a glitch in that way of thinking....London.
Time suddenly mattered and that fucked with me."


London is the daughter of the scientist working for Vault and his Board. Dr. Westbrook has been a good father and yet, due to his interactions with Vault, London has become a target. At first, Kai remains at a safe distance from her. However, when her father's work begins to becomes imperative to the success of Vault's mission, Dr. Westbrook and London's lives hang in the balance.

London is completely clueless to her father's connections. When she fears his life is in danger, she makes an arrangement with Kai in order to keep her father safe. Kai is like a tsunami and London can do nothing but drown in him! They spend a week together. It is raw. It is ruthless. It is beautiful! Both are unsure of what will happen next. (Kai is a killer after all and London is just a normal girl!)

"Regardless of the threat he conveyed, he appeared completely relaxed, as if he were caressing a kitten and not a deadly weapon."-London

Kai is cold and deadly. His knife is an extension of him and he certainly knows how to use it. And yet, somehow, London is able to crack through the ice and embed herself into his heart. While Kai and London are together, she faces a continuos internal battle between fear and attraction.


"A man I knew was dangerous. A man who I had no misconceptions had killed another human being at some point. But was also the man who saved me. I'd dreamed about holding me in his arms."-London

The sexual chemistry between Kai and London is sensational. His cold and hard exterior paired with London's kind and tender spirit truly made for an unforgettable journey to behold.

"He moved in and I gasped when his cock slid back and forth. He kept one hand on my neck, a firm grip with strands of my hair wrapped around his hand.

"I'm going to fuck you. And I want to hear you scream."-Kai

Kai and London.


"I thought if I had her, tasted her, fucked her, then my constant need would finally be sated and I could forget her. It didn't. My need strengthened. Insatiable. And it was dangerous."-Kai

London and Kai.


Once again, Nashoda has constructed perfection with complex characters, rich storytelling, and intense physical connections that transfer beyond the pages. Told in dual POV, Perfect Ruin spans a few years of time in which the characters must face heartbreak, torture, pain, and immense pleasure! If you like the adrenaline rush of an action packed read but crave romance, look no further! I could not be more pleased with the growth in this series and with the ending of Perfect Ruin I can only say, Connor, I AM READY!

"I never thought I'd love so fiercely that it ruined me. Kai ruined me. For other men. For life without him. I'd hated him. Feared him. Desired him. Needed him. And loved him."-London
Overall, Perfect Ruin transcends the five star rating for me. I enjoyed every second spent with these characters. I smiled, laughed, swooned, and yes...I even cried! Utter perfection! When it comes to Nashoda's writing, I don't just love it. I crave it. I simply cannot get enough!

***Unyielding Series***
Perfect Chaos (Unyielding, #1) by Nashoda RosePerfect Ruin (Unyielding, #2) by Nashoda Rose

BR with my girl LOYDA!!!


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2,020 reviews12k followers
December 5, 2015
4.5 Stars

The farm made me numb to everything....
Until a girl weaved her way into my heart and made it beat again.

I've been waiting for Kai's book for a long, long time. Ever since he was first introduced as a somewhat shady secondary character in Torn from You, I knew I wanted his story. See I happen to like the shady ones...and the fucked up ones...and the anti-heroes. You get where I'm going here. Basically, they more fucked up they are, the better. Kai was a character that was shrouded in mystery and wrapped in an enigma. You know that he may be the bad guy, but you can't help yourself but wonder if there's something more to him than seemingly meets the eye.
I'd slit the throats of men who had families. I'd destroyed lives. I'd been groomed to ruin and not care how I did it as long as the job was done.

Perfect Ruin is meant to be read after Perfect Chaos, and the story line runs parallel to the first half of the first Tear Asunder book, Torn from You. So if you haven't read those two books yet, I highly suggest you do. But most importantly read Perfect Chaos as Perfect Ruin starts off immediately where it left of and there's quite a few details mentioned in it that would help connect the dots here.

If you've read Tear Asunder and Perfect Chaos then you remember Raven; the girl with the lifeless eyes that has been to hell and back at the hands of evil. You got a taste of what she's been through after Torn From You and after Perfect Chaos, you don't know whether this is a girl that could possibly persevere or lead a normal life after what she's lived through. Perfect Ruin takes you back to a time when Raven was still London; the daughter of a scientist that's creating a drug for a shadowy organization and the woman that catches Kai's eye before she becomes collateral damage...
I'm going to fuck you. And I want to hear you scream when you come and I won't stop until you do...
And I can fuck you for a very long time."

Kai is not a man that forms attachments. Any feeling has been beaten and tortured out of him when he was still a little boy. He doesn't want an attachment of any kind any more than he can afford one. But when his job is to keep an eye on beautiful woman that he may have to use to bring her father to heel, it's no hardship. What he never expects is for something to click inside of him once he does.
You can't control it, so accept what this is for one more night. Forget that I'm a killer and I'll try to forget that you're a scientist.

It was only supposed to be a few stolen nights and nothing more. But when London is kidnapped by the organization Kai is attempting to bring down once and for all, he knows that he'll stop at nothing to get her back. What begins is a story told over several years. While you don't get to truly experience what London has been through as Raven at the hands of brutal men, it's hinted on very heavily.

This is not Raven's story, however. While you get her POV, the retelling of what happened in those years that she was kidnapped is more from Kai's perspective. You get to truly find out the means that he went through to get her back and what it's cost him. That fateful night that takes place in the first half of Torn From You, you get to experience from Kai's POV.

Perfect Ruin is not an easy book to read. It's a story of perseverance and survival. It's brutal even while it's not vivid.
Day by day a layer of me was peeled away and I was left raw and exposed. I never thought I'd ever choose to die. But I did.
But I didn't die. So I existed.
I survived. And within the speck of dust, I had a speck of hope.

The connection between London and Kai is something that's formed through many years. It may not be orthodox, but it's them. Kai is not a gentle man, but with London there's a part of him that comes to light that no one else has seen.

I have to admit, I had my doubts about Raven being able to bounce back into any semblance of normal after everything that's happened. I wasn't even sure if that would be possible. Considering the shell of a girl that we see in Perfect Chaos, I was afraid that the transition would feel forced.
God, how did I sink so low? How did become a pathetic girl who had lost all dignity?
But my fairy tale had ended. Like a book thrown in the incinerator, pages of my life had been burned into ash then re-written into a girl called Raven.

But such is the genius of Nashoda Rose because she pulled that off perfectly. Her journey wasn't a quick one, but it was a believable one. I loved seeing the lengths that Kai went to heal her without being overly coddling.
Nothing about us could end well, but time had never mattered before, and now there was a reason...because what I had with London was timeless. There wasn't an end.

There's quite a lot that happened here and at times I found myself going back to Perfect Chaos and Torn From You to re-read a few things in order to refresh my memory. I'm actually very glad that I did, because there's a few things that happen that I definitely would have overlooked the significance of.

Perfect Ruin is action packed, gritty, and erotic. It's dark in a sense that the story is not an easy one to read, but not in a vivid visual sort of way. You get a rehash of what London has been through but not the actual experiences, which I was glad for because I don't think I could have handled that.

Then there was Connor and talk about your FUBAR. Good god but that's one broken man. After what happens at the end of this book, I'm not sure I'll survive the wait for his book because OMG! I have a feeling his story will be the best one yet.

ARC courtesy of publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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December 15, 2015
5 "Perfectly-Ruined for all other hot assassins" Stars!

 photo FB4C5DE0-4FF4-4135-9F60-6EB413662753_zpsdubwkrsm.gif

I'd snap any chance to read a "Nashoda" book but when I'd seen that Kai finally gets his story in Perfect Ruin, I was all over it. Kai, the ellusive knife-weilding assasin within Vault was always a bit of a mystery. One thing we knew though- the man had an insane draw to girl named London.

London Westbrook is the daughter of the scientist compounding a drug Vault is using to control the human mind, making people willing to be stone-cold killers. London is a young scientist herself and Kai fears her close connection to her father's illegal dealings with Vault puts her in danger. He's been trained to hunt and kill yet London draws from him a drive to protect, even if the threat to her could very much be himself. His association with her is enough to get her killed yet he can't turn his back on her. He's not capable of love and with any feelings come a loss of control. Yet with London, all bets are off. He will do anything to keep her safe.

 photo 691A6F9C-ECEE-42C7-8D3B-089AB24B5B32_zpsamthkfvj.jpg

I have to admit I remembered the connection Kai had with London but had forgotten some of the events from the earlier book, Perfect Chaos. Perfect Ruin starts with current day and luckily brings us back five or so years and rebuilds their past...their story...to re-acclimate the reader to their connection.

Kai- oh lordy be. Aside from the knife he yields, he's got one helluva smoking hot Alpha visual in my head. He's cold and dominant yet with London he's just different. He wants her. So he sets up a deal with her in exchange for a bit of protection for her father. Seven days...he gets her for seven days of unbridled sexual control and passion. Holy smoking kindle. He's hot and demanding yet nothing is taken from London...everything is freely given to this man who could melt the knickers off a nun. Whew!

 photo 1502847F-EFA4-463E-8BBC-B80E37647AB6_zpswljegvh2.jpg

But I digress...

Perfect Ruin kept me on high alert, anxiously turning the pages the entire book. It seemed every time we got a chance for resolution, Vault and all of their team of trained assassins dropped in to make those trying to save London stop and regroup. We got to revisit all the previous characters we saw in Perfect Chaos- Georgie and Deck and oh my god....poor Connor. This series most definitely must be read in order to understand the whole concept of Vault, the history of the characters and their association thereof.

There is nothing I love more than taking a stone-cold killer and make him fall to his knees for a woman. Kai isn't a Casanova by a long shot- hasn't known love his whole life- but with London, it's just different. I loved the gradual progression or the "taming" of his character. He still is who he is but his aim has changed and I freaking love a character that can be "fixed."

 photo 620A0A59-3BF6-43DC-A1C6-E5D7D85CB57A_zpshb64vana.jpg

Perfect Ruin is fairly deep in plot yet incorporates everything I love within a darker erotic romance. We get the grit and the suspense yet also there's a love story buried within the darkness...and a chance of a happily ever after for characters that are truly victims of the filth in their world. I love everything this author writes and it's no surprise I have five starred everything she's written. She's mastered the perfect balance of it all for me and I can't wait to devour her next novel within the Unyielding Series---Connor's story, Perfect Rage.


Advanced copy received by author in exchange for my honest review.

 photo 4AB7D2EF-98B8-46FC-A9C6-7DBA4C8C2037_zpsodd2uyue.jpg
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Want to read
May 23, 2016


Book 2.
Release date: December 14, 2015.

There is nothing I care about.
No attachments.
No connections.
Outwardly, I’m a perfect gentleman.
Until my target sees my knife.
I fear nothing, not even death.
In my world, death is considered a privilege.
But my life comes with unbreakable cruel strings and
when I met her, I should’ve walked away.
I didn’t.
I was too selfish.
And that sealed her fate.
Because one week with me led her into the hands of ruin.

We all have unique layers that make up who we are.
What makes us vulnerable or strong.
What we fear and what excites us.
But peel back those layers and you’re left naked and exposed.
They did that to me.
Each piece was slowly stripped away then burned.
I merely existed.
But there was one layer they overlooked.
The most important of them all—the tie to one man.
The man responsible for me being this way.
The man who found me.
And the killer who would do anything to protect me.

Books in Unyielding series should be read in order:
Book 1: Parefct Chaos
Book 2: Perfect Ruin
Book 3: Perfect Rage
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June 6, 2017
NOW LIVE! - http://amzn.to/2qNK4XA

4 'Always' Stars

I feel like I waited an eternity to get Kai's story and I've been interested in him from the first moment we met him in Torn From You. I just knew that his story would be one that I would never forget.

Kai was trained from a very young age to never have attachments. He was taught to be an emotionless killer with no feelings. But when an assignment brings him to London he becomes protective of her and starts to care for her. He was never supposed to get close to her, he was definitely not supposed to sleep with her, and he for sure was not supposed to fall for her.

The people Kai works for don't take kindly to those who disobey their rules. To punish Kai they take London away from him and make her suffer for ever entering his life. Now that Kai has something to live for, he isn't going to give her up easily, and he will kill those who ever dare to hurt her. Even if he dies trying.

This story was emotional, dark, sexy, and sweet. Both Kai and London had a lot to overcome from their pasts but together they never gave up trying to be better for one another. What London went through broke my heart and I loved her character for being so strong through it. Even when she did give up, Kai found her and brought her back to him and gave her strength to keep going. Seeing them both move on from such a horrendous thing is really what made this book fantastic.

The story was very suspenseful and I couldn't put it down from the moment I started it. I needed to know what would happen! When I thought I could finally breath easy and that everything would be okay, something else would happen that had me on the edge of my seat. I'm pretty sure that the whole time I was reading, in my head I was just repeating "oh my gods, oh my gods, oh my gods" over and over again.

Bottom line, if you haven't read this series yet and aren't dying to meet Kai, I can no longer be friends with you. These stories are amazing and everyone needs to read the ASAP!

ARC kindly provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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December 14, 2015
***5 " BRAVEHEART " stars for Kai & London***

OMG!!! Another one book of Nashoda Rose that crawled inside my heart and invaded my mind!!!
I was waiting like crazy this specific book and I'm so happy that i finally got my hands on it!!!
As all of Nashoda's books, this story was very intense and emotional...

There were lots of things in there... Sex trafficing, an organization that is taking advantage of children and turned them into soulless monsters, scientists, assassins, a wild chasing and somewhere in the middle of all of them, was sneaking the power of love that can change everything and everyone!!!

I met Kai and London (aka Raven) in the first book of the Tear Asunder series "Torn from you" (which if you haven't read yet, you should definetely do it!!!) and i have to confess that my opinion of Kai wasn't the best. I thought that he was a scumbag and i was imagining that he had do horrible things to London.

As for London she was a lost and vulnerable girl... and my heart was aching for her!!!
But then i met them again in the following books and especially to "Perfect chaos" and i could see some cracks upon their personalities that made me think that there were more behind their behaviors.

And yep, after reading this book, i can assure you that there were more, much more in them that i could ever imagine. I misjudged them in the beginning and I'm so sorry about that!!!
And the only thing that i can say is that i loved them and they became one of my favorite couple!!!

Kai was a soulless monster that he wasn't hesitate to take down anyone with his knives. He doesn't care for anything and anyone, he doesn't have friends, he doesn't have bonds, he knows only one thing... How to kill!!!

But this isn't his fault!!!
He was been raised like that and they teached him to have no ties because that will be holding him back. He was Vault's best assassin, but lately he have obtain a weakness... and her name is London!!!

"I'd slit the throats of men who had families. I'd destroyed lives. I'd been groomed to ruin and not care how i did it as long as the job was done.
But what they didn't know or understand was you never stole or harmed the girl belonging to a cold ruthless killer.
Flecks of who they made me into had begun to chip away the day I'd met London, and what leached inside me was a slow acting poison. One that ate the numbness, brought in the light when all I'd seen was dark."

London was living a normal life until the day that she saw in her father's lab, Kai.
From that moment her life is changing.
This man would be her destruction and her safe place at once.
She can't explain her drown toward him. She knows that he is bad, but she can't stay away from him.

But Kai isn't the only bad guy that is surrounding her...

"She'd been fuckin' perfect. She was brave and cute and caring and fuckin' perfect, and they'd ruined everything she was.

After a week with him, her life is turning upside down...
They are taking her away from her home, from her father and from her life and they are stealing her dignity, her personality, her self.
The dynamic, brave girl that she used to be, there is nowhere around when they are finishing with her.
She became a shell of this girl. A girl with no reason to continue to live...

"Day by day a layer of me was peeled away and I was left raw and exposed. I never thought I'd ever choose to die. But I did. I begged for death, not to them. I wouldn't give them that, but when I was alone in the darkness.
But I didn't die. So I existed.
I survived. And within the speck of dust, I had a speck of hope.
Maybe that was how I survived. Because without hope, there was nothing."

But her dark knight had made her a promise... and he will never stop trying to find her!!!

He was her only hope to this cruel place that she was been forced to live for the last years...
Kai kept his promise and he is staying beside her to force her to find that lost girl inside her...

Will she manage to find the lost pieces inside of her and to start living again???
And what about Kai and his feelings for her???
Will he manage to take down the Vault organization and to give back life to all those kids that they are suffering in their filthy hands????

I loved Kai so much. I liked that i finally met him for good!!!

Yep, he was a really bad guy, but something good was lying underneath that dark surface... and that good was that drown London toward him.
London made him feel things that he never witnessed before... She made him care! And that made him weak but at the same time more powerful than ever.
He knew that he wasn't the right one for her and he tried to stay away from her, but she still suffered in others hands.
He never gave up on her and he stood beside her even in her darkest moments.

I have to admit that i really liked his anorthodox ways to forced her to vanish Raven and to resurface London from inside of her. He was using the Master techniques to stop her for being submissive...
Even though that he couldn't believe it, he was a good guy and when he gave a damn, he could do anything for the people that was at the end of his affection!!!

"I'd never cared before. In order to care, you had to give a shit. I didn't. Now I did and it was worse than any physical pain. It was acid eating away at my insides and feeling like there was no way back from the hell I lived in.
I belonged to darkness and London belonged in the light."

London was a wonderfull, strong girl.
Kai tried to submit her in the beginning, but she was fighting it with tooth and nails!!!

But unfortunately, her fate was so ugly and painful. She was breaking my heart so badly!!!
Even the stronger, when they are forced in this kind of life they are stop fighting and that's what happened to London.
She never wanted to give up, but she had no other choice.

She was a fighter because no people can get through this hell and survive.
And the irony of this is that in all of this darkness, her only light was a person surrounded from dark!!!

Kai and London went through lots of ugly shits, but together they fought hem and at the end, they were the winners.
Their bond was solid and their love eternal. They stood beside each other and they manage to pull each other out of their darkness and to find the light that was missing from their lives.

Those two will stay with me... Always!

Except of all the above, i liked so much the adventure with the Vault organization.
I liked that i saw for once again all my lovely persons from the previous books and i have to say that my heart was aching for Connor's sake!!!

He is another one man that went through hell and i can't wait for his turn to find his own light!!!

Nashoda Rose is managing every time to break my heart in tiny little pieces and to put it back together, and her stories are written with permanent ink inside of me.
I want to thank her for all those beautiful journeys that i'm taking with all of her books!!!

And i can't wait for her next stories!!!

***ARC generously provided via NetGally for the exchange of an honest review***
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December 8, 2015
4.5 “Always” STARS

Okay, I know I'm not alone when I say that I've been wanting Kai's book from our first glimpse of him in Torn from You. He's been this dark, scary mystery and while I didn't always liked what he did...

I really wanted to know him and his reasons for who he was. This is Kai's story, and London's.

 photo image.jpg1_zpsdsgebtgd.jpg

Like Kai, London's been this mystery character that we've heard a lot about in the other books. And we even saw some dark and sad times when she was Raven (who she became as a captive) with the last book, Perfect Chaos, even giving us a bleak snippet of her predicament.

This was not an easy read and while I'd thought it would've been darker, upon reflection, I think this is a book were your darkest fears and imagination will ruin you.

Nashoda doesn’t shy away from giving you just enough detail and hints so that you get the devastatingly evil picture but she also leaves a lot to your own imagination. What London/Raven endured would shred most souls and leave behind a corpse of a person.

Kai and London made sense. It wasn't always pretty and some of the shit they both (especially London) had to go through was all kinds of fucked up but their bond was beautiful.

 photo image.jpg1_zpszkpzpihk.jpg

"I knew without a doubt that being with Kai was dangerous, but it was also the safest place I could be. And the only place I wanted to be.”

“Kai ruined me for other men. For life without him, I’d hated him. Feared him. Desired him. Needed him. And loved him.”

This is not a standalone. You must read at least Perfect Chaos before this although, I'd recommend reading the Tear Asunder series to fully appreciate this story as some of this tale takes place at the same time as Logan and Emily's story from book 1. Also, more of the puzzle is revealed in this story as it neatly provides some missing pieces from other stories.

“But what I saw in her eyes was more powerful…it imprisoned me. I didn’t know what love felt like, but what I felt for her was indescribable with a single word. It was more powerful. It was all consuming.”

Ms. Rose knows how to keep us wanting more as she begins to lay the groundwork for Connor's story. Like Kai, he's been a looming figure throughout both series and if we think Kai had issues, look out! I'm really excited to see what she brings forth with Connor because this boy is wrecked!! I can't wait!

**ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.**

For more reviews and blog posts.

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December 1, 2015
****5 Braveheart Stars****

"Been living in a world of black and white. Not caring about anything. Death. Torture. Pain. None of it mattered." He moved in closer, looped his arm around the back of me, and tugged me closer. "Then, I met you, braveheart." - London

 photo tumblr_inline_nvuv8x2mgR1shrb8p_500_zpsptcp1duw.gif

"I loved that smirk. I loved that he could change in a flash from serious to playful to intense. But most of all, I loved that he was resilient. Unyielding. Kai never gave up." - London

What an awesome action packed romance! This captivating and heartwarming story kept my attention until the very last page! This is a story that had my mouth open in awe from beginning to end.

 photo tumblr_niyzynKcEm1r51r3ro1_500_zpsnhv60biz.gif

This book has action and suspense around nearly every corner in this story. Kai and London are as intriguing and steamy as can be, and I enjoyed every minute of their journey. From the very first page they are running for their lives. PERFECT RUIN is filled with perilous danger, hot passion and fervent emotions.

Kai is a a product of the Vault, an illegal training camp where young boys and girls are brainwashed and groomed to become cold-blooded, terrifying killers. The founders of the Vault are planning to produce a horrific, illicit drug to transform docile people into unstoppable killing machines. London's father is a scientist who is working on producing this drug under the organization's threats. London, is following her father's footsteps and is assisting him in the laboratory, unaware of the danger they are in.

 photo 200_s 1_zps4oekumkn.gif

Kai learned to avoid emotional connection, feel and receive love. He is a real smart, tough guy, guarded and difficult to love. Until, he meets London and his life is turned upside down. In order to protect her father, London, is prepared to make a deal with the devil. But London quickly realizes that when you make a deal with a devil this scorching, someone's going to get burned…

 photo tumblr_nhzf1au9EQ1u7isnro1_500_zpshbjommrl.gif

"No." She raised her chin. "I think you're calculating, cold, arrogant and believe no one can hurt you." - London
I stilled. "You have most of that right except the last. I do have someone who can hurt me. You." - Kai

 photo 7990978_zps6skfacr3.gif

"Nothing about us could end well, but time had never mattered before, and now there was a reason... because what I had with London was timeless. There wasn't an end." - Kai

They are both drawn into the netherworld of sex trafficking and abuse. Their journey into the nightmarish world of cruelty, violence and murder will lead them on dangerous and precipitous paths. They'll each have to journey to hell and back to make sure their love survives...

There are plenty of crazy steamy erotic scenes and intensely sexy moments. I adored their reconnection and I utterly fell in love with Kai and his determination and the effort he put into making London his number one priority.

 photo 8016039_zpsppoexvcs.gif

Impressively written, great character development, and exciting plot ups and downs! Highly Recommend this Fantastic Story! Loved it!

ARC kindly provided by the author via NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.
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December 11, 2015



I think they are no words to explain how much I love Nashoda Rose's books! Every time she writes something, every time I dive in one of her books she does it again and again. Perfect ruin was the fifth book I read from her and I won't let that woman down! She is an auto-buy author for me ever since I read Torn from you! She got me hooked since day 1! I'm a huge fan. I haven't read her PNR series at the moment but I know if there's one author other than Ella Frank that I would want to try in the PNR genre it would be Nashoda Rose.

To me, Perfect ruin is best to experience after reading Perfect Chaos. The two books are intertwined. Some parts are even parallel. You won't fully grasp certain actions. There are also a lot of characters you are introduced to in Perfect Chaos.

" I’d never cared before. In order to care, you had to give a shit. I didn’t. Now I did and it was worse than any physical pain. It was acid eating away at my insides and feeling like there was no way back from the hell I lived in."

The first thing I want to bring out from Perfect Ruin is how much I love the whole universe Nashoda put us in. Both her series Tear Asunder and Unyielding are connected. I knew about Kai&London way before I knew about Deck and Georgie. I'm always fascinated when an author gives us several books within the same or practically the same sphere or in this case I would say with the same basis.

It all started with Sculpt, Kai is already there so as Deck. All stories have their particularities. Tear Asunder is a group, it's their story, only Torn from you was like an introduction to everything and everyone else. I can't advice you enough to read all books from her.

"Love and hate were complete opposites; and yet they intersected so frequently, changing paths often until they collided and made one big mess as they became parallel and found peace within."

Perfect Ruin is full of action, suspense, desire, lust, disturbing moments, shocking revelations and I loved it from the beginning. Be sure to have time once you start it because you won't want to quit your couch, bed or whatever before you know everything.

The pace of the book is set flawlessly. It's told from both pov (sometimes more) You are in London's thought and then Kai's at the ideal moment. It was especially true because Kai was a mystery at first. You don't really know what his intentions are, and you are left a little anxious.

I don't want to repeat what's in the blurb, I don't want to explain you the complex world Kai is in and how London is a part of it, just know that these two meets in dark circumstances and not for the right reasons.

Kai is a ruthless guy, a killer with no moral and no compassion because he was taught to be that way. He doesn' t have any emotion, any feeling because it's who he was supposed to be. Meeting London ruined him but gave him purpose. Seeing a man so strong, so in control of himself discovering what to feel was like is simply beautiful. Seeing this guy push his own limits for a little small thing like London was my undoing. There's almost nothing sexier than to see a man, a though one, fall for a girl.


You know how I love an heroine to be strong? London was all that and more. In some ways, she was certainly one of the most complete heroines I've read about. She went through hell, literally and still with Kai's help she found her strength back. Layers by layers, Kai, with his own method, brought her back.

"Because I liked him wrapped around me. I liked the feel of him. I liked him in bed with me. And I’d never felt so protected in my life. The irony was I had the feeling that Kai could very well destroy me."

London has no chance to resist him. The lust is too powerful. The connection is made from the start. If you want any insight of the sexual chemistry these two have, look at two of my updates and be prepare to take a cold shower or have your boyfriend/husband near you. Another piece of advice, don't read this book in a public place, you blushing or you crossing your legs will be a common thing.




Perfect Ruin was also an awesome introduction for Connor's book. The next book in the series promises to be fascinating. We know barely anything about him and what we know isn't pretty. Nashoda Rose writes disturbing books border line dark. I won't say there are dark reads but her books contains triggers than can trouble some readers and I have a feeling Connor's book will be the darkest and most difficult book to read.

Extra quote: “I need you to give yourself completely to me, not because you’re forced to, London, but because you trust me to only give you pleasure.”

~ ARC provided by author in exchange of an honest review ~
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January 14, 2016
4.5 Stars
Basic Info

Standalone or Part of a Series:
MF, Ménage, etc.:
Descriptive Sex with OW/OM:
Safety Gang Notes:

Personal Overview

Since his first sighting of London, Kai knows she is special. He was so captivated that, unknowingly to her, has stalked her for far beyond what his mission required, because she made in feel something after all the years of numbness.
I’d still be the numb, unemotional killer the farm made me if I hadn’t met London.
Mother thought we were more dangerous if we had no attachments, no feelings toward anything or anyone.
She was wrong. I was a lot more dangerous now because I had something to lose.

As you can guess, Kai is a trained assassin, ever since he was a child he was programmed for one thing only, do as the Vault (Criminal Organization) orders, and that is mainly extract information, coerce, manipulate or kill. He never uses guns and his weapons of choice are knives ( which brought to my mind one lady with the same passion).

The farm made me numb to everything, including my sister, and the hate I had for my mother had lain dormant for years until I began to feel again. Until death suddenly mattered.
Until a girl weaved her way into my heart and made it beat again.

London is a college student, studying science, and following her fathers footsteps. She is completely devoted to work, and to helping the ones around her, her caring personality is reflected all through the book. She has been living a very ordinary life until one day Kai crosses paths with her, and their lives changed forever.
I cared about everyone. It was the type of person I was and I couldn’t help it. I saw the good in people even when most saw none. I had no doubt the scars contributed to who Kai was and it saddened me to think that someone hurt him so badly it had molded him into a man who was dangerous. I wanted to know more. I wanted to understand him because Kai wasn’t all bad. If he were, I’d be either dead or he’d have beaten me out in the woods as a warning.

But with Kai came his dark life, and even after he tried to distance himself from London, the organization and especially his monster of a mother saw that she was different and special to him.
But what Mother didn’t know or understand was you never stole or harmed the girl belonging to a cold ruthless killer. Flecks of who they made me into had begun to chip away the day I’d met London, and what leached inside me was a slow acting poison. One that ate the numbness, brought in the light when all I’d seen was dark.

It was truly heartbreaking to read the way London was used, tortured over and over again. She still withstood so much, and showed her incredible spirit, resilience and strength.
No doubt it was their plan. Make me submit by doing nothing, by just shutting me in a room for days until all I could think about was begging for someone to help. Begging them for help.
But I wouldn’t. I couldn’t do that.

But it's Fate and a very unfortunate event that breaks her last thread to hope, with the only thing that could take it - she thinks Kai gave up on her and left her to the hands of the sexual traffic world. But Kai never did, he searched and did everything humanly possible to finds her. Two years later he had he chance, but he couldn't believe his own eyes...
Her head was lowered, eyes downcast just like every other girl brought before the camera.
Submission, and I’d expected it, but expecting and seeing were completely different, and I wasn’t prepared to see her broken.
My brave scientist ruined.
They’d ruined her.
She’d been fuckin’ perfect. She was brave and cute and caring and fuckin’ perfect, and they’d ruined everything she was.

She spent years with Jacob and Alfonzo and seeing her like this hurt. No, it fuckin’ killed.
Torture had nothing on this. The beauty of what London had always given me—lightness—was gone and that destroyed me.

So he again he blamed himself, and decided that the best for her was for him to never be part of her life again. He thought that all the bad would disappear from her life with him.
The word lingered in my head. I became a ghost after ending all communication with London. She was better without me. She was safer.

And here was the only point that Kai (and the author) let me a bit down, because it was obvious that she was not going to recover from all that was done to her without his help and support. In her mind, it was like he was giving up on her, yet again. And it was obvious the evil would always be in her life (especially with her father's link to Vault) and the darkness would never go away. She was so inside herself and the persona she created as self-preservation and as a way to avoid facing what happened, Raven, that it was evident when she ran away, that she was on a downward spiral, there was no trace of London, only Raven. And for me that should have been the point that Kai realized that his solution to protect was not working. He realized this almost to late, but from that point forward he fought and made her fight for herself.
She crawled off the bed and slipped to her knees. A submissive position. One London would never do, but Raven would. She had to. It had been her survival.
I’d always come for her, but I’d always walked away too.
Her loft. Mexico. The auction. And then at the warehouse when I killed Jacob and she begged me not to leave her.
I’d left her with nothing of me to trust.

So he had to, not only bring London back, and eliminate the slave, Raven, from her, but also rebuild her trust in him. Trust that he was indeed alwas going to be there for her, like he was, but he had to make her believe.
I loved London, with her calm strength and kindness, but Kai, OMG, he was one of the most perfect Heroes I have ever read. Thank you and congratulations to Nashoda for creating such a wonderful character, very rarely in Romance, these days, we find such a captivating male MC. His loyalty and devotion to her were unshakeable.
“Nothing about us could end well, but time had never mattered before, and now there was a reason… because what I had with London was timeless. There wasn’t an end.”

He was a man of very few words regarding his feeling, but his thoughts about London and their connection had me constantly sighing all the time...And when said them to her, it was too much and too good for us to bear...
“I didn’t know what love felt like, but what I felt for her was indescribable with a single word. It was more powerful. It was all consuming. “London, what we are can’t be explained with a word, only experienced.”

Two things for me stood out and made Kai, if even possible more irresistible, the fact that he was celibate through all that time apart (again I thank the author, because if he hadn't been, it would have destroyed the character to me), and that London was his first kiss, which showed us how truly special and unique she was to him.
“As she straddled me, her mouth inches away, I wanted to kiss her so fuckin’ desperately. I hadn’t tasted her lips before. I had never tasted any woman’s. It was too personal.”

London was not far behind in this awesomeness, she was an amazing heroine and really believed and trusted Kai and saw something in him that no one else saw, the good in him, his very heart, which made her love him so fiercely.
I’d fallen for him before I was Raven, not loved, but I saw something in him. It was the good in him. The need to protect. The desire to care and yet he couldn’t.
Being with him was like breathing in too fast and becoming lightheaded. There were no restrictions as to who I was. Then or now. Kai let me be me and he knew exactly who I was.
Sometimes, I think he knew me better than I knew myself. Maybe he did because he pulled me from a place within myself where I’d been slowly dying.

This was only my second book from the author, but I must say I love her writing style, as well as character and story development. Once I started this book I was completely hooked, and it was difficult to stop to do anything else. I especially like the way that she mentioned the things that could be triggers, like the rape, abuse, torture and slavery, but never in a descriptive and detailed way which, for me, is a superb way of having those elements to enrich the plot, but without being too dark. This one is not a five stars read for me because of the number of situations where it was always London the victim, it was like she was again and again getting the short end of the stick. That and the lateness of Kai's wake up call mentioned above, are the reason for lowering the rating by half of a star.
The secondary characters were also amazing - especially Ernie - , and I so look forward for Connor and Catalina's book, I want it now!
This epic love story has earned a spot in my absolute favorites of the year...I want more Kai and London... ;)
“It’s just a word and I feel so much more than four fuckin’ letters. But you need to hear it from me right now, so I’m giving it to you. I love you,London.”

“Love you, Kai,”
“Always, baby.”

*ARC kindly provided by Nashoda Rose through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*
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August 2, 2016
5 Braveheart Stars

Review @ Vanilla & Spice Books

"I'll always look out for you, braveheart."

I usually have an intro ready when I finish a book. This one has my thoughts in a jumble and I don't know where to start. So many things happen in this story and I don't want to give away too much so I'll try to break it down to the necessary.

"Loving you is like finding the light. I can't ever lose that again, baby. I won't."

We were introduced to the secret organization called Vault in Perfect Chaos. We also met Kai whose story I was so looking forward to reading. I loved Deck but Kai is a whole new level of awesome.
He grew up in an institution called the farm, a facility belonging to Vault where kids are raised to become what Kai is today. He is a killer who was steeled and trained to be one of the best, ice-cold, emotionless and focused. His mother is a manipulating, power hungry bitch who killed his father and has his sister imprisoned in one of Vault's locations for helping a fellow kid escape. His current objective is to convince a brilliant scientist to hurry up developing a drug for Vault. He gives Dr. Westbrook a week to come up with a solution.

When London watches a man threatening her father from her hiding place in a closet she feels a chill down her back but also an inexplicable fascination. When he approaches her to press the issue of her father to speed up the drug research she negotiates a deal: Seven days of sex in exchange for more time for her dad. Kai is totally on board with this. London is fascinated with the contradiction that is Kai.

But it was his eyes that captivated me, and wouldn't let me go. A deep jade that held amusement mixed with a dangerous glint which completely contradicted one another.

He is cocky, arrogant even, charming but also callous at times. And there are times when he shows an unexpected care for her. There is also a familiarity about him she can't shake. Soon Kai and London realize that they got more than they bargained for and feelings begin to arise they neither want nor can afford.

I think I've read enough dark books to say I can handle most fictional situations. Nothing prepared me for what London had to go through and there were times when I just wanted to curl into a fetal position and rock back and forth. The situations this heroine is pushed into are nothing short of heartbreaking, traumatizing and not for the faint of heart. Yet she shows resilience and extraordinary strength.

London is a compassionate, gentle and quiet girl who wants to become a scientist like her father when we meet her. There is also a stubbornness that helps her overcome a lot of the tragic events she experiences. There are layers added to her over the course of the story but her inherent compassion and sweetness remain in spite of it all. That she doesn't lose her mind is a miracle. With Kai's help she is also able to bounce back from the trauma. Is her recovery realistic? Nope. But it was still damn good to see her getting better. She is the kind of heroine I have come to love.

She had an innocence about her, a quietness that played across her face, but there was also a stubborn quirk that lay beneath the natural beauty.

Kai is delicious in every way. He is beautiful, hilarious and often commanding. There is nothing soft about him except when it comes to London. And why should he be, he went through hell as well to become the way he is and he didn't do so voluntarily. Kai doesn't waste words if there is nothing to say and I have to say I loved this character trait about him. He treats London with sweetness and adoration and it is his care about this girl that starts to chip away at the ice that surrounds his heart and soon he finds himself caring for other people too. I loved that he never broke his promise to come for her if she needed him. Their sexual chemistry was combustible.

I’d never cared before. In order to care, you had to give a shit. I didn’t. Now I did and it was worse than any physical pain. It was acid eating away at my insides and feeling like there was no way back from the hell I lived in.

This isn't a fairy tale. No butterflies, no rainbow farting unicorns. It is a gritty tale with a high angst factor that gives you light when you almost lose yourself in the darkness of it. It's the main characters' love for each other that makes it shine and takes away the weight. The cruelty and severity of human trafficking addressed in this story is a punch to the gut and I think it only scratches the surface of what is really going on in this world.
It makes me happy that, again, there is no question whether Kai loves London. His feelings are palpable.

I stared at her for several seconds, this remarkable woman who I'd go to the end of the earth for, who I'd kill for if anyone tried to hurt her.

We are allowed to slip into Connor's tortured mind and get a little bit of Georgie's POV. We also get to see all the characters from book 1 and an off-the-pages romance between the mysterious Tristan and Kai's sister Francesca. I would love to read their story.

I can only repeat my sentiment from my review of Perfect Chaos. Nashoda Rose has some serious talent and I will definitely read her backlist in the future.

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December 7, 2015
Genre: Dark Erotic Romance
Type: Book 2 of 3 from Unyielding series
POV: First Person – Multiple (Mostly dual)

Kai grew up in an environment that required discipline and detachment, making him ruthless and heartless. Being otherwise suggested weakness which was something he couldn’t afford to have.

London Westbrook was a student with a brilliant future. Being the daughter of a scientist, she was bound to follow his footsteps. But sometimes brilliance came with a price not worth paying for.

Kai has captured my attention since he was first introduced in Torn from You. After a long time waiting for his story, I am so glad it’s finally here and it didn’t disappoint.

What attracted me to Kai was his vague line between good and bad. He teetered between light and dark, struggling to balance his nature and nurture. However, even though I love that dueling inner self, I do wish he was more towards the darker side. I would certainly lusted after him even much more that way haha!

I may not be a fighter, but I sure as hell would fight with everything I had to survive.

In previous books, we have only known London as the incredibly broken Raven. I really love how we got to see a different side of her – the before and the after. Some of my most favorite part of this book was the first 50% which captured her struggle to survive.

The earlier parts of the book had a lot of sex. I mean lots of hot sex! The chemistry between Kai and London was unmistakable. The later part of the story was more towards the thrills and suspense.

Had hard time respecting any man, but I was beginning to respect every one of them. I was beginning to give a shit about them too.

I love how some parts of the story was parallel to the timeline of the original series that inspired this series. It was nice to have cameo by those characters.

Perfect Ruin has a good balance of darkness, romance and suspense. It is my favorite Nashoda Rose’s book to date. However, it might not last long because from the direction of this book, the next one will hopefully blow it out of the water.

Books in the series:
Must be read in order
Perfect Chaos (Unyielding, #1) by Nashoda Rose Perfect Ruin (Unyielding, #2) by Nashoda Rose Perfect Rage (Unyielding, #3) by Nashoda Rose

For more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:

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August 29, 2016

Always, braveheart.

***4.5 Stars***

Straight up…I was nervous getting started on this one. Perfect Ruin was a dark and gritty read that I knew I had to be in the right mindset for. I knew the players and what they were all about…or so I thought. See, Kai’s a bit of a dark horse. Cool, calm and collected on the outside, but you never really know what he’s thinking or could predict how he’ll act. It’s always best to be on your guard around him especially if he has either his knife or piano wire in easy reach. Now, London…I expected broken. I really didn’t think there was any chance that this would end up as my kind of - hearts and flowers happy ever after - story. But, as I’m learning when it comes to reading a book by Nashoda Rose, expect the unexpected.

There I was, girding my loins and reading with one eye open when I was completely thrown for a loop. I can honestly say that I have never, ever finished a prologue with a fist pump and a very vocal WOOHOO!! I settled back and thought that maybe it wasn’t going to be as bad as I thought. HA!! Yep, I relaxed a wee bit too soon.

London Westbrook is a bit of a nerd. She, like her father, loves science and would rather be in a lab than a nightclub. This has brought them very close and it’s not unusual for London to spend her spare time in her father’s lab. One day she ends up overhearing a very intense conversation between her father and a strange man. This man was familiar but seemed very intimidating. London, at first manages to stay out of sight and undetected but it was almost like he could sense her which sends her heart galloping. He leaves and she thinks she’s off the hook…but he was waiting for her.

Kai is on a mission. He needs to convince the scientist working for his employer/cult/establishment to work faster. This scientist is creating a drug to make men into robotic killing machines. Kai knows that the method expected from his employer/cult/establishment will not be the method he uses. He hopes a few well-placed threats will get him what he wants. Using the scientist’s daughter is definitely a method he doesn’t hesitate to use.

Kai knows London because he’s been monitoring her for years. As soon as his employer/cult/establishment AKA Vault acquired the services of London’s father, they needed leverage. Kai’s job was to know everything about them and where their vulnerabilities lie. The one thing Kai didn’t plan for though was to be attracted to his target.

London and Kai’s story packs a punch. We learn the horrors of Kai’s past and see some of the horrors London faces. At times I wanted to hate Kai for his part in London’s destruction but deep down I knew that he’s not at fault. When you have been conditioned to feel nothing, kill without thought and taught to never get attached, it’s no wonder he’s so unemotional. When it comes to London, I started to question how much I myself could face in the same situations before I gave in…up…out. Abuse, degradation and slavery are not easy things to get over.

I loved seeing Kai and London’s connection establish and grow. My heart fluttered every time Kai called London Braveheart and told her he would always come for her…watch over her…protect her. London manages to lighten Kai's life by making him feel and showing him that there is good in him. Together, they are stronger.

I love the Unyielding series. Each has a heartbreaking tale to tell but what makes them so special is seeing what these characters endure and grow from. There are plenty of sexy scenes that show their deep connection. The violent scenes are never too OTT or gruesome. The love that develops between the characters just seems true and whole. I never doubt that it’s forever.

I’ll need a wee break to get over Perfect Ruin but I’ve got Perfect Rage ready to go…soon…ish.

To purchase Perfect Ruin from Amazon - http://amzn.to/2btEAv8

I’m an Aussie chick who loves to read and review romance, drink coffee, be a Style Setter and stalk David Gandy. To see more of my reviews, fashion, food and pervathons -

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December 14, 2015

Title: Perfect Ruin
Series: Unyielding #2
Author: Nashoda Rose
Release date: December 14, 2015
Cliffhanger: No

No key fit a perfectly ruined lock. Because that was what we were. Both ruined, but perfect together.

I think I'm a little insane to not only have started this series, but to be continuing it considering I haven't read the Tear Asunder series. The Tear Asunder and Unyielding series are both interconnected with overlapping and continuing storylines. And though I was able to maneuver myself around Book #1 (Perfect Chaos) with little to no issues, I began to have some confusion with this installment. It's been over a year since I read the previous book and in that time, I managed to forget quite a bit. I had to do some skimming in order to catch myself up to date again. These book definitely cannot be read out of order.

This book isn't fluff and it isn't something you can halfheartedly pay attention to. At times it was very difficult to read with subject matter that can cut right through you and make your skin crawl. What the heroine is forced to go through, to survive, and to come out the other side still able to piece herself back together again was a miraculous thing. This book shows us the horrible depths that humanity can go to in the name of greed and power. It shows us two people who have survived their own versions of hell and must fight incredible odds to be able to find a little bit of peace together.

Throughout this book, we're taken through several flashbacks and jumps back forward. It finally sheds light on Kai and London's history and how a cold hearted man such as him fell so completely for a woman he wasn't supposed to have. Although he is a remorseless killer who's morals have been eradicated from him by the Vault as a child, I never hated him. Because I understood where he came from and how little choices he had been afforded, I never saw him as the enemy. Any tragedy that occurred because of his actions was due to his will to survive the Vault, find a way to get his revenge, and move on. Plain and simple.

London was a heroine that was fascinating to read about. Her hardship was something that most would never be able to recover from.

Yet she gained her nickname "braveheart" for a reason. She was stubborn, strong, and did whatever she had to do to make it to the next day. She suffered agony and humiliation, but picked herself up time and again and that was what made her work so well with Kai. They were both damaged, but until their last breath not beaten. She was intelligent and her fire matched his so perfectly.

This was why I'd protected her. Why I cared. London's strength challenged my own.

There were a million reasons why they should have stayed away from each other. If even a hint of their true feelings for each other was known, there would be irrevocable consequences. But being together was filling up those dark places inside that hadn't seen light in so long. And it was impossible to turn away.

I can't say a whole lot about the plot. The books are so connected, so I'm attempting to keep this short and sweet to avoid spoilers. If you haven't started this series yet, I would recommend this series to anyone looking for something that's a little grittier, something that's going to grab you tight and make you feel.This book was packed full of action, suspense, and an upheaval of emotions. The development of these characters and story was done incredibly well. I do recommend starting with the Tear Asunder series, it will makes things easier on you, but like me, you could read these first if you wanted. They're difficult to read at times, but well worth the effort.


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July 20, 2016
 photo Perfect.gif
I have and always will love Tear Asunder & Unyielding series! Everything about Nashoda Rose's books thrills and excites me. She's never and I mean never released a bad book. I've always been left on the edge of my seat with my heart rattling around in my chest. Nonstop action, high speed chases, bullets flying and those crazy ass explosions. Is there any wonder why I'd crave more? Hands down five star read!

On a personal note, I didn't like Kai or his character. Does that make me a hypocrite? I can't help but wonder.
 photo Marcellos Legacy 10.png
I was entranced with London, my heart broke with all her suffering. It was easy to connect with her, with Kai I struggled. He's a byproduct of Vault. A groomed child of the criminal underbelly. He was taught at a young age to be a merciless killer. So as he got older I saw a man with choice. He could have gotten out but he had no remorse or guilt for his actions. His persona didn't change until London.
 photo Captive 2.jpg
When I think of Connor and all the crazy shit that happened to him and everything he's still enduring, its waterworks city. My heart literally breaks for the guy.
 photo Connor 1.jpg
Perfect Ruin is an exceptional read....enjoy!
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April 27, 2017

5 "PERFECTION out of RUINS" stars

Nashoda, you rule!
Dammit, this was GOOD.

December 27, 2015


 photo kai4a_zpsjruobyu3.jpg

A product of a merciless corporation that breeds killing machines. He's a man that hides himself in the killer's outfit and yet he keeps a bit of his true self in small shattered pieces.
He's playing a double game, he chooses the rules and he bends them to achieve the goal.
He follows his own agenda that would eventually satisfy those little bits and pieces in the inner darkness.

That would slowly change when she enters his sight.


She 's the daughter of a scientist that is forced to produce the drug for the corporation Kai is linked to. And Kai's task is to make the scientist more productive...London comes into his sight and the rules are about to change as KAI sets the new ones making the deal with London.

 photo KAIa_zpsaoborza8.jpg

She's compeling. She's the light to KAI's darkness and he consumes her as she consumes him.
BUT the Corporation works its own deals and London is taken.

Sold as a sex slave.

Kai searches for her. Never backs down. Like he always did, even when she was his mission.
"I'll always look out for you..."

But time passes by and now, London is nothing but a shadow, broken fragemnt of what was once a spirit, now, in a battered body, brought to a total and ultimate submissive state depraved of any selfawarness and will. She became Raven.

Kai takes upon himself to bring her back. He needs her light back. He needs her to fight his darkness BUT first she needs to start to fight her own demons. Memories of the acts that broke her, shattered her to nothingness. NON - existence.

He slowly begins to bring her back. She awakes and fights. He pushes her beyond her comfort zone BUT she trusts him enough to fight the darkness of the molested body and soul. Her spirit is lightened and her light starts to sparkle through.

Until they reach the ultimate connection.
"Kiss me, Kai."

 photo KAI1a_zpsytsp9vx7.jpg

London is back. Kai brought her back.
Persistanly, boldly and patiently.
and he knows that he feels something that he can't name.

He cares. He gives a shit. And that is a liability. BUT he needs it like the air to breathe. He needs it like a part of his DNA. He needs her even if he can't say the words.

 photo KAI2a_zpscjmohksb.jpg

and in a crucial moment when the power and strength of conditioned actions to save lives (Kai's sister) in the mission where Kai is set to destroy the Corporation that "made" him, with joint forces of Deck, Vic, Chaos (Georgie), Tanner...

in the end, he is ultimately giving London what she needs.
"It's just a word and I feel so much more than four fuckin' letters. But you need to hear it from me right now, so I'm giving it to you. I love you, London."

I freakin LOVED this story. I loved the characters, both KAI and LONDON. And even if Kai actually ruled my world while reading this story, the complete HEROINE/WINNER is London. She is the true fighter of this messed up and twisted horror she was taken into. And I can NOT praise this story alone without bringing her into the spotlight. She fuckin' made it through it all!
“No key fit a perfectly ruined lock. Because that was what we were. both ruined, but perfect together.”

And so they were.

I liked seeing the "old" crowd (my Sculpt, Em, Deck, Vic, Georgie...), I loved how Nashoda brought and connected them all again, their worlds and stories interwined and complexed beyond imagined words...and seeing their connection as unique in holding them together as an important pieces of a big puzzle.

a truly action packed, highly complexed and precisely interwoven threads of Nashoda's magical words into one of the best reads of this year.

can't wait for Connor's story next!

This book should be read after this: Perfect Chaos (Unyielding, #1) by Nashoda Rose
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670 reviews
December 10, 2015
5***** I don't know where to begin stars

I have been dying for Kai's story since we met him in Torn from You and then we got more of him in Perfect Chaos. He was a mystery the lethal assassin with his knives after reading Perfect Ruin I know him inside out and now I have a NEW book boyfriend I LOVE Kai. He is a cold hearted killer who EVERYONE fears until London gets under his skin and he begins to feel not just for her but for the people around him.

I must admit I was hesitant to read Perfect Ruin as I was scared to discover what London went through while she was a sex slave as we also know her from Torn from You but we do not get to much details about this which I am thankful for. London is one of the strongest heroine I have ever read everything she went through she is a survivor.

The way Nashoda Rose wrote this was very clever we get London and Kai's full story from their first meeting nearly five years ago to the present day. The story is told in dual POV which I loved seeing it from both Kai and London's POV made the story much more exciting.

This was a rollercoaster of a read with all the emotions I went through while reading we get suspense, romance, action and even some laughs. I loved the way London and Kai's relationship develops throughout the story. The physical aspect came first then Kai the protector destroying Raven to bring London back and finally a normal relationship. These two got stronger as a couple every day and the sex between these two WOW panty melting (my glasses were steaming up).

It was great having Deck and his Commandos along for the action with Kai and I hope that Chess and Tristian get their own story in the future. Looking forward to getting to know Connor next.


ARC kindly provided by publisher via NetGalley for an honest review and this was a pleasure.
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975 reviews665 followers
December 4, 2015
★★★ 3.5 Stars ★★★

This is the second highly gripping instalment in the Unyielding Series, which focuses on the relationship between Kai and London, but with an ongoing storyline that will span all three books in this series.

I have to admit, my brain was struggling quite a bit to remember all of the many details in book 1 Perfect Chaos, which would have added to my enjoyment of this story because I spent a lot of time getting back up to speed as to who everyone was and how they all connected to each other and the storyline.

Kai was one of the children who grew up in the Vault, an underground operation that trains kids to become killers in order to carry out covert missions.

"A secret government that didn't follow laws, but had laws of its own."

He has learnt to lock down his emotions and follow orders without hesitation, but he secretly wants to bring down the organisation, with his own cold hearted mother at the helm, and the main reasons for that involve two women, his sister and a woman named London.

London is the daughter of a scientist, who has been roped into helping the Vault to create a drug that will help them turn men and women into cold blooded killing machines, however she is unaware of this and remains to be an innocent right up until the day she is kidnapped for getting too close to Kai.

"My brave scientist ruined. They'd ruined her.
She's been fuckin' perfect. She was brave and cute and caring and fuckin' perfect, and they'd ruined everything she was."

London and Kai have only spent a week together, she feels safe with him, so when the awful events that will change her life forever occur, she only has the hope that one day he will save her from a life of sexual servitude and degradation.

"I'll always come for you, braveheart."

This book is told from both past and present and spans several years, it was very fast paced and I was literally on the edge of my seat with all the action that took place. The sexual chemistry was very believable, and I genuinely felt the connection between the two main characters. I would describe this as erotic suspense, it had a hell of a lot of sex scenes in it, perhaps a little too much for my personal tastes, I ended up skimming them towards the end.

Overall, as a series, it is turning out to be a very interesting storyline and Perfect Ruin held my attention throughout.

This is part 2 of an ongoing series, each book focuses on different characters, but personally, I would not recommend that you read it as a standalone. Told in dual POV.

ARC gratefully received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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Author 9 books609 followers
December 14, 2015
"That four letter word isn't enough for me."

Yes, there are elements of this book that I absolutely LOVE.
Kai. Hands down, the best part of this book is the enigmatic, scary and sexy leading man. Somewhat of an anti-hero, Kai proves that even a deadly killer can open his heart to love. Witnessing his progression and being inside his head is truly marvelous.

Other elements of this book I really, really LIKE.
London. The perfect match for Kai is a defiant, brilliant and boundless leading lady. Although she may be victimized, London is the embodiment of strength. Just like Kai, London's development in this book is fabulous.

The love story is phenomenal. I really adored every moment of Kai & London. I also enjoyed unraveling the mystery surrounding Vault. This carried over from the previous installment in the series & played out really well.

But some elements of the narrative that were just OKAY.
What didn't really quite hit home for me, were the action moments. There seemed to be just a bit too much redundancy and some of the descriptive didn't bring me into the moment. I felt more like I was sitting on the sidelines watching it at times. And it felt like we were going in the same circle for a while.

ACES overall.

This book is not a standalone. It is the second in the Unyielding series. This series is a spin-off of the Tear Asunder series. But, I have not read Tear Asunder and have still really enjoyed both of the Unyielding books.

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299 reviews101 followers
March 27, 2016

I dunno what to say right now. I finished this book a few nights ago and haven't been able to put my thoughts together yet to form a review and even now, I'm still a little out of it but I'm gonna try my best anyway.

Kai ruined me. For other men. For life without him. ~London

"No more running. You're going to have to be my braveheart in order to survive me." ~Kai

"Kai." Her voice was a breathless whisper. "I hated Raven too" ~London

"You don't leave them. If you do, it's in a body bag. Although, that is too polite." ~Kai

"Open your legs. I need to taste you again." ~Kai

"Baby, you know I love a challenge and if you decide to make a run for it," - I stalked across the room toward her - "know that I've never lost one." ~ Kai

Chess. Tristan. Deck. Georgie. Raven (I don't care - I'm still counting Raven!). London. Kai. Connor. Motherfucking CONNOR!!!



Don't get me wrong, I'm not surprised cause this is one of my ALL TIME FAVE AUTHORS but HOLY HOT DAMN!!!

OMG! Like what the fuck did I just read!?!?!?!

If I could pluck every star from the sky, and award it to this book, I would do so in a heartbeat cause that's what it deserves and how freaking good it was.

I wanna laugh and cry and scream. I'm content but frustrated. Happy but sad. EMOTIONS PEOPLE!!!


Uhhhh, let me see. This book has something for everyone in it! If you like romance? Read this book. If you like suspense? Read this book. If you like action? Read this book. If you like erotic, hot as fuck sex? Read this damn book! Get my point yet?


It is dark and twisted and these people (mostly the men ;) ) are cold, dark, troubled, lethal, brutal killers. AND I LOVE THEM! It's not for the faint of heart, so if you can't handle it, don't read it.

I hurt when Raven hurt. My heart broke for Dr. Westbrooke. I was happy when London was happy. I was turned on when London was turned on. I felt all her emotions. Wanna know why? Cause this damn book was just that well written and I could relate to the characters and experienced what they felt/saw/did so vividly that I became attached to them. I fell for them. Hard. And it was possibly, the best experience of my life.

I've made it no secret that I love this authors work and will read ANYTHING she writes. ANYTHING.

I'll try and improve this review and add more, including my teasers, sometime next week, before the release date. Until then, this is all my poor brain can say. Excuse me, while I go re-read and cry and pet this book. AGAIN.


Nashoda Rose


*ARC kindly received in exchange for an honest review, via Netgalley*
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December 13, 2015
ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



What I did know was how to kill. Break. Destroy. And do it with a smile.

Let me just start off with saying how amazingly mind blowind this story is!!! There were times when I thought 'Just what the hell am I reading?', and there were times when I thought Nashoda Rose is a freaking genius, which btw. I'm still thinking. This book made me feel so many emotions. I was happy, got my hopes crushed, then became angry and near the end left completely heartbroken. But you have to get through the bad, to get to the good. Or in this case the really good stuff. ;)


I love reading Nashoda Rose's books because they always seem to have this dark vibe around them. You also always get an emotional and inspiring story, at least in my opinion. Her characters go through so much bad and it hurts your heart to read about what happens to them but at the end of the day, they come out as winners and with an incredible inner strength. So, it's no surprise that the characters of this book follow the same pattern.


I loved Kai. He's by far one of my favourite characters. He's this dark, mysterious, dangerous, hot looking guy that you certainly don't wish to cross, ever. But after seeing and meeting London, you really got to see his other, more caring and definitely protective side. His past is horrific and I was so glad London helped him overcome some of his demons. What touched me the most is that he never gave up on his woman, helped her heal and showed her just how much she meant to him.


As for London, that poor girl. She's been so much and after years of torture, she's only a ghost of the once brilliant young woman, who was full of life. The worst part for me is that she didn't do anything wrong but bad things constantly kept happening to her. She was a normal, bright scientist, who simply wanted to life her normal life. Thankfully, Kai always kept his tabs on her and brought her back to life. They were trully made for each other. They loved and protected each other fiercely.

Perfect Ruin is a wonderful, emotional read with lots of action, secrets and love. I highly recomend!

"Eyes locked.
Bodies locked.
Our lives locked.
No key fit a perfectly ruined lock. Because that was what we were. Both ruined, but perfect together.
We were always and everything."

Safety-gang: Safe with triggers.
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December 27, 2015

Kai is a mysterious, cold and calculating assassin. From when he was a young boy, Kai was trained to be emotionless and to endure pain; however, his belief system was slightly thrown off kilter when he encountered London for the first time years ago. Since then, London has been a weakness in Kai’s life and such feelings are not tolerated unless it benefits Vault.

“I’ll always look out for you, braveheart.”

London is a college student and aspiring scientist who unknowingly becomes caught in the web of Vault. As the daughter of Dr. Westbrook, London is the perfect pawn to remind Kai of his mission and how vital ultimate success of the project is to this sinister group.

“Never hesitate, London. Hesitating will get you hurt.”

When Kai is given the task to contact Dr. Westbrook, he sees London again and that is when Kai deviates from his training and conditioning. Call it a moment of weakness or a step toward humanity, but Kai makes London an offer that could have dire consequences for them. However when London accepts, she is completely unaware of the forces at play. What ensues will test Kai and London to their limits.

“I’d never cared before. In order to care, you had to give a shit. I didn’t . Now I did and it was worse than any physical pain.”

In book two of the Unyielding series, much more is revealed about Vault and certain alliances are formed in order to help identify the board members and the secret location of the farm. From the beginning, the action is fast paced and a sense of foreboding is present because you know there will be hell to pay for deviating from the plan. What immediately drew me in was the how Kai eliminates a certain long-standing problem in his life and how that sets the mood for the book. At that point, I felt like anything was possible and that some were going to feel the wrath of those in charge.

If you are a fan of Nashoda Rose’s writing, this book will not disappoint, as Kai and London’s story offers a range of emotion and action. I look forward to the next book in this series, Perfect Rage, where we learn more about Connor.

**Note: An ARC was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**
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December 11, 2015

In the second installment of the Unyielding Series we are given the story of Kai and London, and saying it’s complicated is putting it mildly. Perfect Ruin brings you the complete story of these two. You get to go back in time to the first time London lays eyes on Kai, the start of their unconventional relationship and as you move forward through the years you’re given bits and pieces of the mystery that is Kai and his connection to the Vault.

I am not going to go into the details of the Vault as I think it lends to an aspect of the journey. The joy in discovering the binds that tie all these characters together. What I will say is that although I expected this story to be explosive. I did not prepare myself for the impact.

From page one, I was captivated. I was so caught up in all the aspects of this story that I didn’t know what I wanted more. More of the romance forming between these two, more of the action, more of the revealing of all the secrets... I just wanted it all and I wanted it all at once.

As London prepares to do whatever it takes to ensure her father’s life is safe, she places herself right in Kai’s path. But she slowly realizing that Kai isn’t a complete stranger. For Kai, his whole life has been about not showing emotions. No attachments means no weakness to exploit. He’s been programmed but there is something about London that he can’t stay away from. His heart might not know how to love, but it’s giving it one helluva good try.

As the story progresses we come to the crossroads where Torn From You overlaps. As London is stolen away and placed into captivity, she turned from London into Raven. Completely broken. Kai is not giving up. He knows he can break through, that it’s not too late to bring back the girl. But in the end, with Vault still in play, it’s only a matter of time before they get to Kai by going after the only thing he seems to care about.

Kai is a bit disturbed and certainly not one you’re going to trust easily. But he works his way into your heart slowly and once he’s there, there is no way you are going to shake him loose.

Toss in the return of my husband, Deck who gets some major face time and I was one happy reader.

There are very few authors that can lace together stories that give you so many genres of romance into one perfectly packaged book. It’s hard to do. It’s hard for it not to become overwhelming to the reader. But Nashoda has this down. She owns it. Completely. The twist and turns of this story were outstanding. Perfectly paced and the story was completely unpredictable.

I absolutely adored this story. Easily a top read of 2015 and although I love Deck and his story (I did marry him after all), but I think Nashoda outdid herself with the second installment of this series. This book was phenomenal. I can’t wait for the next book, I have a feeling I’ll be expressing the same exact sentiment as she closes out this series.

If you have not read this author yet you are missing out. She weaves incredible stories that bring you suspenseful dark romances with Heroes that will leave you breathless and stories that will stick with you.

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