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Love Beyond Boundaries #1

Love Beyond Boundaries, Book 1

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A Collection of Erotic Poetry

"Love knows no
boundaries… It doesn’t
know the difference
between gender, race or social
status. This collection of poetry
follows the journey of two people,
who through ups and downs,
never gives up on their happiness
or the love they feel for each other."

70 pages, Paperback

First published October 24, 2014

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About the author

Cara Downey

12 books53 followers
Cara Downey is from North Preston, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in Canada. She successful graduated form Saint Mary's University where she holds a degree in Political Science, and a Journalism degree from, The University of Kings College. Besides her two Bachelor of Art's degrees, Cara also holds a Paralegal certification, but she's chosen to focus on her career as an erotic romance author. She's an avid reader of erotic romances, thrillers and mysteries. She loves to dish on twitter, Facebook and via email with her favourite authors about their current and upcoming novels, (and anyone else who will chime in). She loves to interact with readers/fans on Facebook and Twitter. You can always find Cara on twitter@cara_downey

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604 reviews37 followers
October 12, 2016
**a copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**

I’m not really a poetry buff, but I’m pretty sure this is a collection of Soliloquies. Told from both the Dominant and submissive point of view, presented in stages of a budding relationship, and includes some targeted features of the D/s dynamic.

I mostly enjoyed this set of poems. At times it was slightly repetitive, but I think I understand why. If these were published individually, it would be important to include some parts as clarification of where the relationship was going, and where it began. As a collection, presented in the way it was, I felt some of the timeline didn’t work. Again, I have never studied poetry, so this was a new experience for me. Especially the type of poetry this was.

The relationship between the Dominant and submissive came through very clearly, as well as the bursts of development within their relationship. The progression worked well, taking out the repetition that I found slightly annoying (but understand was necessary).

This was an introduction to the lifestyle for the submissive, in a relationship where an experienced Dominant has fallen in love, and the submissive wants to train to serve him. There are some very sweet moments, and it reads like the memories of some key developments for both people.

For those interested in this type of poetry, and just getting into BDSM, I recommend this as something to be read in stages. Don’t read it cover to cover. Draw it out. It will be much more enjoyable that way.

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Author 4 books105 followers
January 11, 2017
3.5 stars.

This book was not quite what I expected. It was not a collection of erotic poetry, rather a lyrically written story of one couple's journey into kink. It was at times romantic, at times erotic. I enjoyed the psychological journey the author charted for the reader, in particular, the male POV. I would have liked to see more written about the fact that this story involves an interracial couple. I suppose that may not be relevant to their kink relationship, but I couldn't help but think that exploring this aspect of their relationship would have added so much to their journey. I enjoyed the author's writing style. One criticism, there are many typos and grammatical errors, which I found distracting.
Profile Image for Romancing the Book.
4,420 reviews212 followers
June 30, 2018
Reviewed by Amy W
Book provided by author
Originally posted at Romancing the Book

When I think of poetry, I get transported back to high school English class filled with sonnets and haikus.

Author Cara Downey takes a much different approach in her collection titled Love Beyond Boundries: A Collection of Erotic Poetry, Book 1. While described as a collection of erotic poetry, I’m more inclined to think of its as erotic short stories with a strong element of BDSM included.

The editor in me wanted to do some clean up work from a grammatical standpoint, but the errors weren’t enough to cause a major distraction. The overall premise reminds me of a collection of erotic essays, but each chapter is connected to the previous one. The spelling of “Boundries” in the title did cause me a bit of confusion, particularly since the spelling is changed for the author’s next collection.

There are no names used, but the book focuses on a man and a woman obviously in a BDSM relationship. The author uses graphic descriptions in setting the stage for various topics ranging from punishment to being collared. To me, there is a lot of pride and joy communicated in the language used to tell the story of a Dominant and his submissive.

Although this might not be my first choice of erotic reading material, the author presented a well-researched look into the BDSM lifestyle with plenty of heat added.
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543 reviews12 followers
February 5, 2017
I received this book for a chance to review it.

Rather than go with each work contained, I will do a basic and general review.

Overall, I liked it. The general theme, as I read these prose vignettes, was the evolution of a BDSM relationship, and a M/f one in particular. While I am confident that my reading was unbiased by personal attachments, neither can I speak with any confidence as to the emotions of either partner.

The general feeling was growth, and the tone was overwhelmingly positive. If male dominant relationships are your tastes, I suspect you will enjoy this collection.
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Author 28 books46 followers
August 23, 2016
Reading Kayla Lords' Kinky Love Notes: Erotic Poetry for Dominants and Submissives, the first erotic poetry collection I ever read, whetted my appetite for more reads in this genre.

Cara Downey's work here is a wonderful follow-up. While Lords uses the structure of haiku, Downey uses poetic prose. Downey's work reflects both perspectives of Dominant and submissive. Each first person narrative prose builds upon the previous. What is even more delicious is the "call and response" -- the first piece is from the submissive's perspective while the next piece is from the Dominant, then followed by the submissive's viewpoint.

Quite refreshing to see both perspectives. Very seductive, too, to read in first person and slip into another's skin and shoes. Overall, a wonderful erotic treat!
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251 reviews1 follower
May 24, 2016
This was a quick read and I liked how it really went into the relationship of a Dom/Sub. It gives insight that you get a better grasp on the relationship and people. I don't find this often in other books.

When I started the book I honestly did not know what to expect and I was very surprised and I liked it.

The characters are wonderfully written and you get a glimpse at a female who is bored with her lifer and her purpose. She finds a man that can fulfill her needs.

The relationship is great and I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves BDSM. There is passion between two people that show a lot of love plus love of a Dom/sub relationship. It's a great book to read first if you are starting this genre.
May 24, 2016
This was a quick read and I liked how it really went into the relationship of a Dom/Sub. It gives such insight that you get a better grasp on the relationship and bot people.

When I started the book I honestly did not know what to expect and I was very surprised and I liked it.

The characters are wonderfully written and you get a glimpse at a female who is bored with her life and finds a great man who happen to be a dominant. I surprised me about the relationship but it's a good surprise.

I don't want to spoil too much for you, I highly recommend you read this book. It's filled with passion, BDSM and love between two people. You learn a lot and it's great for a first read if you are venturing into a new genre.
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136 reviews5 followers
April 9, 2016
This book is described as a collection of erotic poetry. To me it was more like random writing of erotic thoughts. It wasn’t bad, but just not exactly what I expected it to be. I liked that it was back and forth writings from both a female and male point of view but I would have liked for it to be more consistent and regular throughout the book. While I enjoyed reading this, I would have liked to have more variety in the writings. It seemed like after the first third of the book things were just repeated too much… the same sayings and descriptions of things.
Profile Image for Jodee.
338 reviews15 followers
May 9, 2016
This story was good. I didn't think it was poetry however.

I did like how you could see the relationship between the Dom and sub through both eyes. This story let you see how the relationship between a Dom & sub develops which others do not show you. It shows the love and respect that they have for each other instead of it seeming like the sub is just short of a sex slave to her Dom. I will recommend this to my friends to read especially those who like D/s stories.

This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.
95 reviews10 followers
June 16, 2016
While I am not much into Poetry, I really liked this work!
A soothing one! It was good that the story was told through both the boy's as well
as the girl's prospective otherwise I whould have been disappointed! And both of them's prospective about each
other was almost the same!
Still I am deducting 1 star because I don't take this book
as a Poetry!
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