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Waking Maya

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While digging a grave to bury a beloved pet, Maya Burke’s shovel clinks on something beneath the ground: a metal box. Inside it is an old journal. Its writer, she discovers, was her father, a man who vanished mysteriously when Maya was an infant.

As Maya reads through the brittle pages, his story is revealed — which includes the missing pieces of her own past — but there's more to this treasure. The journal presents a spiritual teaching he had developed specifically for her. As Maya delves into its wisdom, her life begins to change in remarkable ways...

Across a rapidly shifting physical and psychological landscape, Maya is swept up into a world of energy vortexes, mystical visions, and secret government programs. She is led to a spiritual underground that has revived an ancient meditation practice that could literally change the world. On her cross-country adventure, Maya unravels the secrets of her past as she encounters the awesome power of a global transformation in the making.

Waking Maya is a work of visionary fiction. Readers of Eckhart Tolle, The Secret, The Shack, The Celestine Prophecy, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, and other paradigm-shifting teachings will find an exhilarating portrayal of their beloved beliefs in this page-turning adventure. Your mind and heart will open to a large-scale positive vision and to the potential for worldwide healing change.

Waking Maya is a thrilling, wisdom-packed quest to understand the deepest principles of our reality.

286 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 7, 2008

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About the author

Warren Goldie

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Warren Goldie was born in Brooklyn, New York. The son of a Holocaust survivor, Goldie's work explores metaphysics, history, spirituality and the study and experience of states of consciousness. In 25 years as a business and entertainment writer, Goldie worked for organizations all over the world. His articles, stories and essays appear in blogs, magazines and other publications. He has been a featured playwright in many playwrights festivals nationwide.

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2 reviews
August 27, 2021
Enlightening and entertaining
Mystery, adventure, espionage, romance…what’s not to like? Goldie takes you on an unforgettable journey not only across the country and back but inside your mind to dark and bright places, to the spiritual and the down-to-earth. The book starts in a young woman’s backyard and ventures into love relationships, dysfunctional families, spiritual journeys, good and evil, and explores the meaning of life.

The author’s thoughtful attention to details made the characters feel like people I’ve met and transported me to places I’ve never been. It’s billed as visionary fiction. I’m not sure what that means but I do know I would come back for more if it’s packaged in a captivating book like this. I am ready for the sequel.
1 review
April 14, 2020
If you are feeling a bit anxious listening to the news and you are looking for a light, mind-expanding read, buy this book. If you are looking for a book a young teen might sink into, buy this book. If you are looking to spark conversation between you and your kids, have a read. This is a book that won't traumatize anyone and will open your mind a bit.
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Author 5 books19 followers
July 14, 2015
As a twenty-something millennial, I can relate to most of the mainstream media characters thrown my way (She sings and dances around her apartment when she’s alone? I sing and dance around my apartment when I’m alone!). But what Warren Goldie does with the main character of Waking Maya goes well beyond the realm of appealing quirks and sympathetic flaws to a place where the deepest, most profound desires of humanity exist. In this novel, we travel with Maya across the country as she navigates an adventure designed to transform not only herself, but also, we find, the world.

The themes could have been dealt with too heavily, like a guidebook for a belief system or spirituality. But the focus stays on Maya’s personal story. Her habits resonated with me in a way that no other fictional character has. Goldie’s vivid descriptions keep the story sharp, and Maya’s relationships, both familial and romantic, keep her young, human, and sympathetic.

The novel explores different possibilities of what our world could be and what may be at work behind physical events. I enjoyed testing out how it would feel if all this was true. Who hasn’t looked for “a sign” when in need of guidance? Or worried that a repeating theme might portend something significant? Goldie deals with all this with a light touch, allowing Maya to make her discoveries at her own pace and in her own way. I found the book empowering, at times uncomfortable, and in the end uplifting.
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462 reviews9 followers
February 5, 2017
Easy read for a day too cold to go out and do anything else! The story/mystery was appealing...helping a girl connect to a father she never knew and understand the career that took him away from her. The deeper content was mystifying and intriguingly thought-provoking regarding synchronicity, meditation, energy sources, intentions and discovering YOUR bigger picture in life!

Descriptions of the mind as "her wolf" were helpful. As we try to calm/quiet the mind, it is the wolf who is "hard at work sniffing in the underbrush of her memories, pawing through thoughts and experiences, searching for a scent." The wolf does not want to be calm and rest.

"Meditation lets you dive down below the level where thoughts ping-pong around incessantly, chaotically". Oh, where we can go with the power of coordinated intention and desire!

I appreciated the author sticking to necessary details needed to tie the story together, but not wasting words and pages for the sake of quantity! He established wonderful visuals along the way using ordinary life tasks to depict the situation and its meaning in the universe.
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Author 11 books135 followers
March 11, 2016
I was very intrigued by this story and couldn’t wait to read it, however, it didn’t quite grab me as I thought it would. Maya goes searching for the father she never knew after finding his journal. She discovers he was involved in a secret government program using physic visions, telepathy, and the power of energy vortexes and was driven into hiding. Her quest becomes a spiritual journey as she tries to sort out who to believe and what happened to her mysterious father. Maya was not a compelling character, and I found it hard to become very invested in her and her search. Great plot but the execution is a bit lacking. Still recommended.
3 reviews
May 4, 2014
A good read for anyone on a spiritual journey! Waking Maya explores many parts of spirituality and portrays a vivid picture of Maya's life, that I can easily see as becoming a great motion picture. The story begins quickly and it took me a few chapters to get into it, but by the time I was about two-thirds through the book, it was hard to put down. Now it has been over a month since I finished this book and some of the concepts continue to stick with me.
7 reviews
January 23, 2015
An Intellectual And Spiritual Awakening

The story of Maya gives one thought into the reality and power of the human mind. God reveals to mankind in the Bible the immense power that he has given his creation, if only we would let go, believe and have faith. Goldie again reminds us of that power. Excellent narrative that one can personally relate to if one could let go and leave logic and reason in the foreground of one's thinking.
1,052 reviews3 followers
February 5, 2022

It's been suggested that if one percent of the population was able to men meditate and raise its vibration the world would chance for the better. Peace, love and generosity would replace war, hate and lack. This book follows a young woman whose missing father has figured out to upgrade evolution. Maya discovers his diary addressed to her. She proceeds to locate him embarking on a journey of enlightenment.

It is a nice idea but slow and plodding. I did not feel invested in any of the characters and keep thinking of Richard Gere's ill fated effort at the Oscars. Maya is bland and there are no real stand outs. If this were a recipe it would need seasoning.
Profile Image for Susan M B.
1 review
November 26, 2019
I Love Waking Maya. The book has it all: believable protagonists and antagonists, an interesting premise, suspense and an intriguing plot. The titular character, Maya, is likable, human and knowable. I felt like I was accompanying her on her journey. I cared about her immediately and was invested in discovering what happened to her. I was drawn in and captivated by the author’s words in Maya’s voice.
I too would welcome a sequel or second work.
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1,271 reviews8 followers
May 17, 2018
Good story that echoes a lot of my preoccupations, though it drove me nuts when editing goofs popped up. Biggest peeve? What's the plural of vortex? If you said "vortices," you'd be right... but that word doesn't appear once in the whole book. Gah!
Profile Image for Margaret Duarte.
Author 8 books18 followers
June 30, 2015
Waking Maya is an excellent example of Visionary Fiction, in which growth of consciousness is the central theme. The chapter titles alone hint to the fact that this book evokes thought as well as entertains. "The In-Between Time; The Inner Medium; Body Consciousness; The Message of the Trees." Are the sweeping cultural changes happening in our world and the rapid growth in social awareness random? Or are we a race that is searching, using the powerful tool of the mind? The book examines these matters as part of a fictional story that grips you on page one and doesn't release you until the end. And even then, the questions linger: Is it possible -- through the power of coordinated intention and desire -- to create the events in the world? Is it possible -- through our collective consciousness -- to attain world peace? A book well worth reading.
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Author 8 books10 followers
June 7, 2016
This was a fascinating book - though if you are not familiar with the concepts of meditation, remote viewing, remote influencing and probable futures, you may be a bit baffled. And so there is the necessity of long explanations of the spiritual laws. If the reader is then looking for a quick and fast-paced adventure, they may lose patience. But then again - I don't think such a reader would even read this book. I noticed this book is best read without hurry. This way the story "sinks in" better. If you are familiar with the above mentioned things, however, the book is an enjoyable read. It was interesting to see how these familiar spiritual concepts were explained in the context of a novel.
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Author 7 books13 followers
April 15, 2016
Seeing Beyond the Veil of Illusion
What a story! The title tells it all -- it is a way for all of us to wake up from our illusion of the world (maya means illusion)! Through the eyes of 20-year-old Maya Burke, we are transported inward to our own calm, still center and led to discover how it's connected to life itself. Goldie shows how, working at that level through mind and vortexes, the world is being transformed to a bright potential future. A book that will shake your foundations and stir you with new possibilities! If you want a wild, fast-paced, fascinating adventure that offers real hope and vision, then read this book!
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Author 1 book8 followers
October 3, 2016
I loved reading this book, and there were moments I couldn’t put it down. It makes you think and helps you connect with your deep metaphysical side, which you usually don’t dare to open up. This is definitely a trigger that helps you explore your adventurous and spiritual side of life, giving you enough courage to go beyond the mundane world, which could push you to your long awaited mythical journey. We rarely find books that is so philosophical and spiritual, and yet very eventful.
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2 reviews
May 24, 2015
Excellent book. Highly recommend!

I really enjoyed this book. The story line was very interesting and I found the messages embedded in the storyline to be really true and fascinating. I would recommend the book to others.
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691 reviews
September 18, 2015
I liked the premise of tapping into the collective consciousness to make the world a better place. Unfortunately, I found the main characters to be tedious and unlikeable. The science descriptions were repetitive and unconvincing. I would give this one a pass.
March 9, 2016
Enlightening and Interesting

I loved this book as well as the philosophy of it, truly worth a read especially if you are interested in the collective consciousness, meditation and world peace.
Profile Image for Patti.
161 reviews1 follower
January 4, 2023
Made me want to experience more vortex locations for sure! Interesting book.
1 review
July 7, 2017
Fantastic !!! I was enthralled. I could not put it down. One of the best books that I have ever read. Allan Wood - Baltimore, Md
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