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Blood Day

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Writers Federation of New Brunswick award winning short story for the children/ young adult category, Blood Day was created out of a looming deadline, a bit of encouragement and dedication to writing a story.

I've always been told we all bleed red, take breaths, and die if poisoned so I often wondered why I wasn't dead yet.

In this glimpse of the life of someone who just isn't what the books say she should be, we try to understand what it means to be human, a person and fit in with the expectations that surround us.

Blood Day contains more fantasy than is to be expected from Sarah Butland, the mystery of a world we don't know is strong enough to make this a brilliant read.

17 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 20, 2014

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Sarah Butland

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1,251 reviews232 followers
September 16, 2023
Lots of Questions!

Interesting, to be sure, but ultimately my response to Ms Butland's story can only be that it needs considerable work before it could be considered a finished product. First, there is the very distracting issue of a plenitude of grammatical faux-pas, sentence fragments, miscues and odd constructions that desperately cry out for the hand of a skilled editor.

Then there is the rather opaque and open-ended plot. Much is made of the protagonist Veronica's inability to bleed despite a chronic habit of self-mutilation and, apparently, many failed attempts at suicide. But no answers as to why this bizarre condition exists are forthcoming. Is she from a distant planet? Is she from another dimension? Is she from an alternate universe in a multiverse of possibilities? Is she a fairy-tale being à la Alice in Wonderland who is destined to appear in a forthcoming fantasy or perhaps some sort of creature of the undead zombie or vampire variety in a planned full-length horror novel?

Indeed, the novel raises far more questions than that. Why did her parents effectively vanish from young Veronica's life only to re-appear on "Blood Day"? Is it reasonable to suggest that a contrarian, self-reliant young girl with an attitude would live with a series of foster care families without once having skinned a knee or an elbow prompting her care-givers to scratch their heads over Veronica's lack of bleeding? Are readers expected to believe that a non-bleeding baby could be born without the attending doctor detecting such a bizarre condition? Can a 28 year old woman's life truly be led so privately that nobody within her acquaintance would become aware that she had never had a monthly period? Would an intelligent young girl who became aware that this condition was totally contrary to human existence not choose to bring it up as a question to her foster family or teachers herself? After all, Ms Butland's story made it very clear that her parents certainly hadn't left behind any explanation. Indeed, Veronica herself acknowledge that she was completely unaware that not having a monthly period was abnormal. That is to say, I expect she had no reason to keep it secret when she discovered that her friends were struggling through their time of the month.

It's possible that some readers are willing to accord literary value to murky, unanswered puzzles or bewildering obfuscation. Goodness knows, I've always had the somewhat contrary opinion that Henry James made a career out of it and some of his work has been elevated to classic status. But a short story only works for this reader if it provides a little more boots-on-the-ground character development and at least the hint of an answer or two that might indicate a full novel development or a sequel short story is forthcoming. As it stands, BLOOD DAY is an unsatisfying series of very odd questions without even the remotest hint of an answer. That's not intriguing, that's frustrating.

Full disclosure - I was gifted a free copy of this story in return for an honest review.

Paul Weiss
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159 reviews9 followers
April 12, 2014
People–everyone, from teachers to her foster families–always labeled Veronica as “either a challenge, a handful, difficult, or trouble” because she refused to be “typical”. This attitude of hers was not deliberate, but lessons learned from all of this rejection just made her more resolute to be herself as she grew up.

But who is she, herself? Even Veronica doesn’t really know.

Until that magical, frightening day when she cuts herself–and bleeds. For the first time in her life. Suddenly, answers are finally hers,; such as why, no matter how many coins she gives away, there are always more. Why she remembered–though did not understand completely–everything said to her in her first few months of life. Why her parents left her alone in the world.

And now, with the appearance of another like her, what she is supposed to be.

This is a very short story, only about seventeen pages long. Ms. Butland has put a lot of beauty and effort into this offering, with enough character development and detail that the reader can get caught up in the story very quickly.

I’d like to see this as a full-length book. There is definitely a lot of opportunity for stretching out the storyline into a winner of a book. But perhaps that is what the author plans. I certainly hope so!

Oh, and by the way–the last line in the story speaks to everyone, not just Veronica: “Be who you are, be proud, and share your existence with the world.” I couldn’t agree more.
Profile Image for Robert Rayner.
Author 24 books37 followers
July 23, 2014
Sarah Butland's Blood Day has been haunting me for the last few days. I read a few pages, stopped, thinking - What's going on here? Started again and read all through, thinking - I'm not sure, but I think I know what's going on. Thought about it. Decided I didn't know ... and read again. Having finished reading #3, I decided Blood Day is like poetry: It grabs you and haunts you and you kind of 'get it' without fully understanding it, but that doesn't diminish its effect, and in fact - tantalisingly! - increases it. Looking forward to Sarah B.'s next work, while Blood Day still lurks provocatively in my consciousness.
Profile Image for Angella Jacob-Cormier.
Author 1 book3 followers
July 24, 2014
Captivating from the very first line, this short story holds much mystery yet resonates with important messages throughout.

The writing brings vivid imagery to mind, as we read about Veronica's mysterious ability and the bits and pieces of her past that

together form a unique storyline. The characters are intense yet there are glimpses of familiarity, an important trait that writers

struggle with often, but which the author here has championed. Though we are left with questions, specifically what happens

next, the story carries well on its own. If I was to describe the story using only one word, captivating would be it. I do look

forward to finding out what happens to Veronica's character next, how she copes with the new discoveries she has made and

where these lead. Strong writing and enticing plot, definitely worth the read!
Profile Image for Pierre C. Arseneault.
Author 8 books22 followers
August 21, 2015
I’m not one who actually puts much faith in reviews and for that reason I tend to not write them. Usually that is. I strongly believe that people shouldn’t decide whether they like something based on others opinions. Perhaps a review can help a reader decide if they want to take that journey into these pages and delve into the weave that the story becomes. But the author’s blurb alone should be enough to help one make that decision. With that said, I can only give Blood Day four stars and can’t say why without having to write spoilers. All I’m going to say is that I get the impression that the writer is not done with this tale and she has the power and ability to come and get that fifth star if she so desires. Write on, Sarah and share your voice. PS: Get it-read it-and make up your own mind whether you like it or not.
Profile Image for Carol.
1,615 reviews53 followers
June 8, 2017
Very interesting novella. Veronica does not bleed
red. No matter how many times she is cut or tries
to commit suicide....she lacks the ability to bleed.
Then on her twenty eighth birthday....she bleeds
red. That is her " Blood Day ". On that day she is
pulled into her mirror.
Vivid imagery, well created characters in a very
short sci-fi type read.
Profile Image for Rebecca Graf.
Author 52 books85 followers
May 1, 2014
In Blood Day: The Short Story, Sarah Butland brings you mystery and suspense while creating characters you are drawn to in just seventeen pages. This was an extremely interesting read as I followed the main character through her thoughts and reflections as she came upon what she calls her Blood Day. It is the day she bleeds for the first time. No matter how many times during her life she has been cut or injured, no blood comes from her until today.

I found this to be a captivating read that had been hooked from the beginning. There is just the right about of secrets kept and teasingly revealed throughout the pages which is something I love while it drives me nuts. With it, I had to keep reading to find out what was happening. All the questions were not answered, but I was left wanting more. I want to know what happens next. What is the rest of the story?

It can be hard to develop characters who are strong and draw you in when writing a short story. It takes a lot of focus on the part of the author. Ms. Butland does an excellent job of it as I felt empathy for the woman’s parents though they were not the focus of the story. I still have no clue why they left, what they knew, and what they were doing coming back in such an unusual manner to their daughter. Yet I still think of their sacrificial act and their feelings of regret and pride.

Okay, I can’t say anything more. To do so would be to reveal too much. I don’t want to do that. If you like stories that pull you in yet leave you wanting more, check out Blood Day. A great short story read.

Note: This book was provided to me by the author with no expectation of a positive review.
Profile Image for Zara Steen.
Author 9 books56 followers
June 9, 2015

This short story has some incredible character development and imagery. If you enjoy a book that keeps you on your toes to connect the details of the plot, this is for you! There's mystery shrouding the main character Veronica, so many unanswered questions that make you yearn for more. I truly enjoyed this read. My only constructive criticism is that it left me wanting more of this story! :)
Profile Image for Jaimie Hope.
Author 33 books19 followers
September 6, 2014
The story itself was wonderful. I'd love to see the this short expanded to at least novella length. The reason I didn't give five stars was due to lack of editing. Some punctuation issues may be overlooked, but the pov issues just can't be. I hope to read more from this author in the near future.
Profile Image for Brenda.
416 reviews
December 3, 2015
A little strange but interesting enough to keep me reading to the end. Still have no idea what is going on in the story.
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