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Sydney Bennett is back! And her pursuit of perfection is alive and well. Naïve to the core, Sydney believed that when she finally married the man of her dreams, the hard part was over. Following a civil ceremony as a means to keep Louis from being deported, Sydney continues to plan the fairytale wedding that she had dreamed of since the age of five. Much to her chagrin, she discovers that her mother-in-law is planning what seems to be a rival wedding in France that SHE has been dreaming about for her only child since before he was born. How will poor Sydney be able to ensure two perfect weddings in the midst of Louis’ fruitless job search? Especially when her mother-in-law’s idea of perfection appears to be having Sydney embarrass herself in front of hundreds of French people that she has never met?

As if she didn’t have enough on her mind already, Sydney finds herself faced with the trials and tribulations of being a wife. Sydney had always heard that marriage was hard, but she thought that this was just a ruse that married couples portrayed in a bid to make single girls feel less desperate. But as the bills pile up and emotions run high, she realizes that there may just be some truth to this statement. And as she watches Louis’ perfection fade away before her very eyes, she begins to wonder if she made a rash decision in marrying a man that she had known for a mere six months. With all of the obstacles that Sydney and Louis will encounter, will they be raising their glasses in celebration or watching their impulsive marriage crash and burn? One thing is for certain, Sydney and Louis Durand are headed for one hell of a toast…

328 pages, Paperback

First published April 2, 2014

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About the author

Glynis Astie

7 books37 followers
Glynis never expected in her wildest dreams to be a writer. After thirteen years in the Human Resources Industry, she decided to stay at home with her two amazing sons. Ever in search of a project, she was inspired to write the story of how she met and married her wonderfully romantic French husband, Sebastien, in six short months. The end result became her first novel, French Twist. As this was just the beginning of their epic love story, Glynis continued to chronicle their adventures in the sequel, French Toast, and the final installment in the series, French Fry. After she finished milking her life story for all it was worth, she decided to write straight-up fiction with Gamer Girl, which infuses her beloved chick lit with a hint of fantasy.

When Glynis is not writing, she is trying to keep the peace amongst the three men and two cats in her life, finding missing body parts (Lego pieces are small!), supervising a myriad of homework assignments and keeping a tenuous hold on her sanity by consuming whatever chocolate is in the vicinity.

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November 24, 2014
After reading the first part of the series, I was curious to find out what happened next with Sydney and Louis, the couple that fought so hard for their relationship. Even when the worst is far behind them, they still cannot enjoy the life together. Why? They have to please their families. Three weddings, one for Sydney’s family, one for Louis’ family and one that is supposed to be the wedding of their dreams. One wedding is stressful enough, but three?! Between organizing the weddings, Louis desperately fights to find a decent job, and in the mean time, Sydney is the one who brings money at home. And on top of everything, she has to switch the order of the weddings, just to please Louis’ mum. Hard enough?

This time I liked Sydney far better than in the previous book. Beside the fact she always panics, never says no and tries to please everyone, she has a heart of gold. The story is centered around the French wedding in Louis’ hometown. Sydney is so charming and funny when she’s learning to speak French. She falls in many hilarious situations meeting the family and the exes of her groom, desperately trying to prove that she is good enough for the gorgeous and perfect Louis. And his mother is the hardest to please. She is marrying her only son and every single detail has to be perfect, even if the bride doesn’t speak French at all.

Overall, I enjoyed Sydney’s path and transformation. I still don’t get why she panics all the time and desperately tries to please the parents. It’s her wedding, for God’s sake. But her family and friends are always there for her to watch her back. Her sister and her best friend are characters that I loved much more that the MC herself. Even if it didn’t blow me away, the story is enjoyable rom com worth a read.

My rating: 7/10
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August 13, 2016
4.5 Stars

Sydney Bennet oops sorry, Sidney Durand is back with a bang! We left Sydney and Louis, after a very speedy romance and a civil ceremony, settling down to married life. Of course, being Sydney nothing is straightforward, and she now has two more weddings to navigate. One in America for her family and another, much scarier one, in France for Louis’ family.

So between coping with wedding preparations, financial pressures, a very pregnant sister and a formidable mother-in-law she can’t actually talk to (think language barrier) Sidney is unraveling at the seams.

If Sidney thought it would all be happy ever after now she and Louis were married she was about to be proved seriously wrong, one point of contention being Louis’ ‘crotch rocket!’ I’m saying nothing more! Except..I laughed out loud.

There’s fun and frolics and lots of Sydney type meltdowns in this continuing story of romance tempered with the realism of marriage and the dawning awareness that it takes hard work and full time commitment.

Actually I can completely sympathise with the crazy, neurotic side of Sydney. She’s totally out of her comfort zone, taking into consideration a trip to foreign country, feeling a little intimidated, unable to speak or understand the language and thrust into the middle of a large, unknown family. And on top of all that there were Louis’ ex girlfriends to deal with. There was one plus though. The French pastries!

This is an excellent addition to the Sydney and Louis saga and I’m looking forward to French Fry and more Sydney mania!

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86 reviews3 followers
December 26, 2019
The Weddings

Meeting inlaws for the first time can be stressful. Not speaking the same language, even more. Knowing that you are going to embarrass yourself in front of them, terrifying.
768 reviews2 followers
August 28, 2020
One of the stupidest things I have ever read. I don't know how it got into my want to read list. Piece of absolute awful chic lit.
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1,379 reviews78 followers
August 7, 2014
I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

French Toast is Glynis Astie's second novel, and it is the second novel in a series that is loosely based on her real life. French Toast is a slightly intense, yet humorous, look at the roller-coaster of married life.

After their whirlwind romance and wedding, Sydney and Louis try to settle into married life. However, they're thrown a few curve balls. The first is the loss of a job which puts an incredible strain on their marriage. The second is Louis' family. His keep-up-with-Jones mother insists on throwing a lavish wedding for them in their small French town. Her idea of a wedding celebration includes more than a week of activities, and although she has been given carte blanche to plan all the events, she incessantly calls for Louis' input and to inform him of schedule changes and additions. The last curve ball is that Louis is so busy looking for work, finding and keeping work, that he has little time to devote to the oh-so-needy Sydney.

In French Toast, we meet more of Sydney's friends and all of Louis' relatives. Each additional character was a welcome addition to the story. Louis' parents, Simone and Michel, and his cousins and ex-girlfriends provide much of the comedy. All the antics over the two-week celebration are close to too much for Sydney; there were times I thought she needed a therapist, but then the love of her life, Louis, calmed her down.

Once the happily married (again) couple returns to the US, life continues to be one hurdle after another as they plan for their third and final wedding. After all, Sydney still needed the wedding she has dreamt of since she was a little girl. One of the most delightful aspects of this book is that we get to know Sydney's stepfather more. He always seems to know when to give a hug or tell a joke. His words of wisdom and wedding toasts were all special.

While I found this book to be engaging and zanily funny, I found Sydney's anxiety-ridden inner monologue tiresome after a while. The book would have been far more intriguing if more dialogue had been included and if more details of Sydney's escapades with her mother-in-law, Simone, had been added in. Overall a charming rom-com and a good follow-up novel. I'm sure the Ms. Astie's next book, French Fry, will be equally entertaining.

***Review has been done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official. For more information regarding our reviews please visit our Fansite: www.facebook.com/NerdGirl.ng ***
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July 25, 2014
French Toast, and it's prequel French Twist, by Glynis Astie tell the story of how she met and married her French husband in six short month... and then proceeded to have three weddings, in three different time zones!

The plot was almost too cheesy to bear - until you remembered that it was based on a true story. Astie actually WAS swept off her feet by a charming Frenchman, and married him six months later! The fact that the story was true meant that instead of feeling annoyed at the fairytale love story, you felt hopeful and happy for the unlikely pair.

In French Twist, we meet protagonist Sydney (based on Astie herself), a stress-head who constantly doubted that the cliché love story she was living, and thought it must be too good to be true. I'm pretty sure that's exactly what I'd be thinking, so her over-analysing rang true with me throughout the book. Luckily, her amazing family was there to diffuse any explosions of Sydney's crazy, and saw her through to her wedding day without too many disasters.

French Toast picked up where the first book left off, with chaotic preparations for weddings number two and three (I'll let you find out for yourself why three weddings were absolutely necessary), and stress-head Sydney is in full swing. It turns out that a speedy marriage isn't all romance, and everyday life starts to take it's toll on the lovebirds.

I read both books in sequence, but I think you would still enjoy French Toast on it's own. That said, when you find a good book, more is always better, so why not start at the beginning! Both books are written in a fairly casual style, with some little asides to the reader that make you feel as though Sydney is telling her story just for you.

I particularly liked the supporting characters in the novels, and think the books wouldn't have been the same without them. Sydney's cheeky father and perfect sister in particular were great, and I'd love it if my family were more like hers!

I'm looking forward to reading the third instalment of the series, French Fry, upon it's release. You've still got time to read the first two books before the third comes out, so I recommend you grab then ASAP!
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1,396 reviews35 followers
August 1, 2014
Inspired by her real life whirlwind six month romance and marriage to her French husband, Sebastien, author Glynis Astie weaves an entertaining romantic comedy series called The French Twist Series!

In French Twist, the first book in the series, the reader is introduced to Sydney Bennett, a single twenty-something New Yorker who has moved to San Francisco. Sydney hasn't been lucky in the romance area, but when she meets handsome Louis Durand, who is town on business, Sydney is swept off her feet and finds herself in a whirlwind love affair that leads to marriage in six short months!

In French Toast, the second book in the series, Sydney's story continues after her civil ceremony to Louis. She makes plans for a fairytale wedding in California that she has dreamed of having since she was a child, only to have her mother-in-law planning a rival wedding in the France! Suddenly their whirlwind love affair and impulsive wedding is anything but romantic when drama, mishaps, and real life trials and tribulations stand in their way to happily ever after!

The French Twist Series is a thoroughly entertaining set of romantic comedies. The reader can't help but get drawn into Sydney and Louis' whirlwind love affair, and follow their martial adventures as they deal with the crazy antics, drama, and mishaps that ensue when real life catches up with them. I loved that the author uses the inspiration from her own real life whirlwind romance and marriage to her French husband to create a series that has a wonderful mix of humor, romance, wit, and sarcasm. I look forward to reading the continuation of their story in French Fry, the upcoming third book in the series. Both French Twist and French Toast are a lighthearted fun read that will keep you in stitches and make you a believer that fairytale romances really do exist ... even when real life puts obstacles in the way!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author / publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Chick Lit Plus Blog Tours.

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Author 23 books163 followers
January 28, 2016
I received the book from the author for an honest review.
French Toast is the second book in the French Twist Series and continues where book 1 has ended. Sydney Bennet Durand has definitely grown on me; with her neurotic behavior and all. *smile*
This young woman is the epitome of worries as she moved through her day to day activities and manage to work out all that life had to throw at her, but at the end her support system kept her sane; even from a distance.
I thought once in France and meeting the in-laws that she would loose it with the agenda her mother-in-law planned, but she kept it remarkably well together.
With all the pressure of three weddings, a jobless husband and her own heavy workload you couldn't help but to admire this woman. Becoming the woman her dad knew was hiding deep inside. Her strong demeanor and will power kept her grounded through all the ups and downs, and to be honest her mother-in-law would test every other woman. This woman demanded so much from this newly wed couple it was insane, but Sydney kept her cool craziness throughout. I was really proud of her.
Louis's character was more in the back ground this time but his support was undeniable; standing up against his mother who had no idea of any boundaries.
All the funny events was a nice way of getting to know the French people, their customs and way of life. Each event was testing Sydney's abilities, but she really adapt well in an unknown country with a foreign language as she met all of the people in Louis life.
The ex-pack definitely learned their lesson when Maya pitched up. This woman just knew how to execute her plans perfectly and 'banish' them for all further activities.
At the end all worked out for this couple that showed that resilience and support is the best way to move forward in any relationship.
Thanks for the opportunity to read both books Glynis, I really enjoyed them.

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561 reviews18 followers
July 7, 2015
French Toast is a direct sequel to French Twist and it picks up almost exactly where French Twist left off. It is the second in a planned trilogy, and I'd say you definitely need to read the first one beforehand.

In this story, Sydney and Louis are now newlyweds whose newly-wedded bliss is slowly wearing off. The couple is enduring massive amounts of stress including Louis being laid off from his job, mounting bills, and the continued pursuit of perfection in the form of their second and third weddings (the first was a town hall quickie, the second will be in Cali and is Sydney’s dream wedding, and the third will be in France for Louis’ family). Sydney is quickly learning that marriage isn’t always easy as the rose-colored glasses come off, and she sometimes questions if she made the right decision in wedding Louis so quickly.

I enjoyed this story just as much as the first, as the first chronicles the whirlwind romance and the accompanying excitement, and this second installment covers real life and learning to become a wife after the wedding. Sydney and Louis face many real life obstacles that many people can relate to, but also many joys such as a new niece being born (being that I’m pregnant, I could totally relate to the hormonal pregnant sister, by the way – haha!), and the continued love and support from family and friends, but most importantly, from each other. As with the first, the dialogue was a little stiff and formal and the editing was not perfect, but as a whole, I really, really enjoyed it! The narrator, Sydney, is very casual and conversational, pulling you right into the story.

I highly recommend this series, and am anxiously awaiting book three. I feel like I really know these characters and their families, and I am dying to see where life takes them next!

Note: I received this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Author 11 books112 followers
August 13, 2014
A well crafted continuation of the book, French Twist, I found this book really entertaining.

We rejoin newlyweds Sydney and Louis Durand, as they enter the first year of marriage and cope with the trials and tribulations of planning two wedding on two continents. Louis has seamlessly merged with Sydney's family, but she has yet to meet any of his family who live in France. What could make Sydney more neurotic? A highly demanding French mother-in-law.

The tale that Glynis Astie weaves around Simone, Louis enigmatic mother, is hilarious. Disappointed at not having attended their wedding at the local courthouse, Sydney placates her new mother-in-law by agreeing to a wedding in France. Not having any idea of what a French wedding calls for, she gives Simone control of the wedding.

Sydney soon realizes another downside to her own tendency towards being neurotic. Adding in her overly giving nature, Sydney finds herself giving in to all kinds of demands to make life and the first year of marriage less bumpy.

Louis, her charming and all accepting husband, tries to buffer Sydney from his mother as much as he can. However, his life hits the skids, and Sydney sees a side to her new husband she hasn't met before. As his crisis unfolds, there is tenderness amongst the upheaval. Neurotic Sydney finds herself bobbing in the sea of emotional turmoil.

Meanwhile, she forges ahead with planning her own dream wedding. For once she is the calm in the storm and we see Sydney transforms from skittish colt to a delightfully independent, but still neurotic, woman.

As for Ms. Astie, I enjoyed the deliberate nature with which she writes all her characters evolution, keeping them all at differing levels of imbalance. Can't wait for French Fry!

(Not a spoiler, but a teaser, this proves to be a colorful book which will leave you laughing out loud!)
1,576 reviews32 followers
February 21, 2017
Even though I have not read the first book in this series by Glynis Astie, I enjoyed this fun book and the main and secondary characters. Who knew getting married could become so complicated? Now I want to read other books in this series!
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613 reviews108 followers
July 29, 2014
*Book provided by author/publisher in exchange of an honest review*

French Toast is the second book of a series with Sydney Bennett as the main character. I haven’t read French Twist, so this was my first book by Glynis to read.

The blurb sounded interesting from the start and I was really curious about the story.
I love weddings and it was great to have more than one wedding to read about in this book. Sydney planned her own wedding and then there was Louis’ (her husband) mother Simone planning a wedding in France as well. They are already married, because as a French he wasn’t allowed to stay longer in the US.

Next to all this the wedding preparing Sydney also had to get used to being a wife and dealing with the happy, but also the difficult parts in a marriage. Louis had to find a job and had difficulties dealing with this as well. The two of them were such an adorable couple and their scenes were really sweet and authentic.

The weddings were great to read about, but I still had difficulties to really get into the story. I liked that all her siblings and her parents were included in such a great way, the really added a wonderful touch to the story. It was also interesting to read about Sydney dealing with Louis’ French relatives and especially his mother.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really see a real story developed and for me the drama was missing. At times I found it difficult to find a connection to the storyline and also to Sydney. It was all about the weddings and the marriage, which was wonderful, but not enough for me.

I enjoyed the book and some scenes were adorable and perfectly described, but the important chemistry was missing.
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Author 4 books39 followers
January 1, 2015
French Toast, the second book of the French Twist series by Glynis Astie, was a delightful book. I really enjoyed getting to know Sydney and Louis. French Toast was written as a stand alone novel, but I really wish I'd read the first book before I started reading the second. While you could read the second book and understand the story, I felt a bit cheated by not knowing the history of the characters - it was almost like walking in on a private joke.

The mishaps and issues that crop up for this poor couple made me laugh out loud many times. I could easily put myself in Sydney's place while planning the French wedding...I know next to nothing about French customs and could easily imagine the horror I'd feel when told about hideous outfits I'd have to wear. Another thing that I could relate to was how confused Sydney was when dealing with her French relatives. The language barrier must have been horrible, but not knowing the customs - it's easy to imagine I'd feel as if I were being hazed as well.

Sydney and Louis' struggle near the beginning of the book was well-done, in my opinion. You could feel the tension, the resentment, the depression and you knew it was real for them. Sydney's obsessive questioning of herself about whether she'd done the right thing, whether their marriage would survive - they were all great questions and so real to how people react today.

I look forward to reading Book 1 and Book 3 - way to set the readers up for bombshell, Ms. Astie!!
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219 reviews1 follower
July 25, 2014
Sydney and Louis married in a quick civil ceremony to keep him from being deported, but Sydney has always dreamed of a storybook wedding. One she is busy planning for in Monterey, California. However, her mother in law has other plans. She is currently organizing an over the top wedding in the French countryside that will include both families and some unexpected guests. Sydney is concerned that the language barrier between her and her in-laws will cause some problems and end up embarrassing her new husband.

Amongst all of the wedding hoopla, Sydney and Louis are met with some challenges. Louis loses his job, which causes strain on their marriage. And, although he’s busy looking for and trying to keep a job, the process takes up a lot of his time. Time that Sydney so desperately wants. How will they deal with all of the drama of planning two weddings while juggling the demands of everyday life as a married couple?

French Toast is the second book in the French Twist Series. It can be read as a stand-alone, but I would recommend reading them in order for more reading enjoyment. This was such a fun book to read. The characters were enjoyable, the story-line was fun and I found myself laughing out loud on several occasions. This is a book I would definitely recommend!
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361 reviews171 followers
July 28, 2014
French toast by glynis astie
The book can be read as a standalone or you could read french twist first i read as a stand a lone the book very good i not sure why you want three weddings to me one more than enough to copy with
Sydney married in a speed i think it was not very romance but now the worry has hit them big time now no money as louis has loss his job can they cope louis mum wants this big wedding in France she planning a week of it all louis keeps trying to keep his mum sweet but by doing this he making Sydney un happy his mum and dad will make you laugh i kill them i could not cope i have to tell them it so funny i want to tell you more but i tell you the plot you got to read it so good
The last wedding Sydney want her special day her dad is big support i loved him he all way says the right thing he may say the wrong thing alot of the time but you will smile
He was so good a the wedding i loved all the characters they just made me smile the funny things they do
The book shows what it like to be a married couple the up and downs we all have in are life's trying to cope with no job family and the weddings
You will really enjoy this fun book 3stars read enjoy pass on
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7 reviews
August 19, 2015
The craziness never stops!

This book is a continuation of the crazy Sydney we met in the first book. She continues to regal us with her crazy family, friends, the love of her life, Louie, and her joyous crazy spirit which makes her uniquely her. I can't wait to read of her in her next book. I have enjoyed meeting her new family, her loyal, trustworthy friends, and the ever ready love and support of her immediate family. She takes you on an adventure that makes you feel included like you're observing in the wings. Great read!
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