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Lacuna Valley #2

Liberty Bound

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All Sam ever wanted was to be free of her mother. With a happy home and Nick at her side, life should be great. But life has never been that simple. With the werewolves angry, the deal with the seasonals broken, and her mother on the run with the orb, Sam is more lost than ever. This would be a great time to make use of her prophetic dreams, if she could only figure out how to navigate them.

While Sam seems powerless, her little sister is not, and everyone wants to take advantage of her wish-granting abilities. It's all Sam can do to keep them at bay. At nine years old with powers that could save—or end—the world and a mother who left her for dead, Violet's had more than her share of awful. Sam's not about to let anything else happen to her sister. But Violet is starting to realize that with all her power, maybe she doesn't need Sam's help at all.

First published March 1, 2014

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About the author

Faith McKay

6 books176 followers
Faith McKay is the author of LIPSTICK & ZOMBIES and PROPHECY GIRL. She lives to write and only has bad days when she forgets that fact. When she’s not writing she can be found enjoying horror and comedy with equal abandon. When she’s found a good horror comedy you can hear her shouting things like “Ha! Right in the eye!” while giggling uncontrollably.

She grows a little weirder every day.

You can find out more about Faith McKay on McKayManor.com or by following her on twitter. If you want to see all of her horrifying works in one place, you can check out her Amazon author page.

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Author 15 books240 followers
April 21, 2014
Liberty Bound is the sequel to Prophecy Girl and was just as engaging as the first! The world that the author created in the first book somehow becomes even more mysterious in the second. Werewolves, seasonals, prepubescent puppetmasters, protectors, and psychotic mothers... the characters are wide and varied! The world is our own, but woven with its own mythology that changes everything!

I love, love, LOVE the characters in these books! No matter what their role is in the story, they are fantastic. The events of the last book have turned the world upside down for Sam, Nick, Violet, and the others and their characters show that. It is clear the Sam is floundering in the fallout, struggling with her own identity, with trust, with her sister. There is definitely no small amount of self-pity and wallowing there, which she is called on again and again by Alzina and her little sister. But who wouldn't be wallowing in the same situation?! Nick is in the midst of his own struggles but still remains faithfully by Sam's side, loyal almost to a fault. And Violet... oh my. Imagine a 10yo with puppetmaster problems and attitude. It is a lethal combination!! We saw a lot more of Alzina this time, with whom Sam gains a rather tenuous friendship. But Isobel, with all of her inherent coldness, is one of my favorites. She is hilarious without even understanding that she is!!

Much of the book centered around Violet and her growing awareness of her own power. This is the most deliciously creepy little girl you can imagine. Attitude and a potentially destructive power is not a good combination. Reading about her made me eternally thankful for my power-free kids! She is an angry little girl, quick to lash out, and she doesn't seem to grasp the realities of her power. She will follow whoever seems to suck up the best at any given moment, regardless of the consequences.

And the cliffhanger...! It is FANTASTIC, yet I am fairly certain that the wait for the next book is going to drive me insane!

Some Quotastic Goodness

---When she'd started keeping a happy face it had been to make the people around her feel better. It wasn't long before she realized how much better it made herself feel (Loc. 33).
---Monsters were scary, but families were her biggest fear (Loc. 58).
---The anger, like a physical force, lit her skin on fire (Loc. 1421).
---We could be nice all we wanted. It doesn't mean things would be any better. Nice. What does nice get anybody (Loc. 1826)?
---I'm not saying it's easy, but clinging to your pain like this is just silly. It's not going to fix your problems (Loc. 1836).
---Your sister is excreting from her eyes (Loc. 2580).

My Recommendation: The creepiness, the mystery, the angst... all of it combines to make for a great read! A definite must read, AFTER reading Prophecy Girl.
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Author 4 books52 followers
April 24, 2014
3.5 stars

I was so excited when I saw that Liberty Bound was being released! Prophecy Girl had such a unique plot, it had lingered with me for over a year. I immediately contacted Faith to see if she would be having a tour, because I just simply had to be a part of it. And so, I set off for the second party of the Lacuna Valley trilogy.

The first half of the book focused mostly on reintroducing us to the characters. It wasn’t the fastest pace, and I found myself missing some of the characters from Prophecy Girl. I never would have thought I would say this, but I found myself missing Sam’s abusive mother. She is the kind of villain that I absolutely despise (in a good way), and her absence left a hole in the story. It was more like she was the shadow of a threat. I also missed the Seasonals. They’re still a part of the story, but their roles were less important. Violet, Sam’s little sister, has changed so much since the beginning, and while she is a significant part of the story, I miss the relationship that the sisters used to have.

Despite the characters that I miss, there are still so many to love! Sam is trying her best to understand her dreams, while Nick is struggling with his authority over the wolves. We get to know a lot more about Adam, and Sam’s new surrogate parents. They filled out the whole cast perfectly.

While the pace started off slow, the plot is complex and wins major points for originality! The dialogue is what completely hooked me. There is plenty of it, and it’s believable and witty. It’s what makes the characters so individual and distinct. The second half of the book took off at a gallop, leaving me breathless and excited. CLIFFHANGER WHA?!?! I can’t believe she left things like that!! Unforgivable! (Not really. I forgive you. Please keep writing.) The sequel is going to be AHH-mazing!

A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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474 reviews
April 25, 2014
Yay for fabulous sequels! I really, really enjoy this series. It has really fabulous characters. Faith McKay created a really fun but nail biting world. You can go back and read my review of book 1, Prophecy Girl, here.

This novel picks up right after the the last one ends. Poor Sam is still feeling like she's holding the entire world on her shoulders. She's trying her best to save everyone including her sister without having to actually use her little sister to do so. She's trying to spare her little sister from having to bare such a burden and also risk her safety because she can't quite control her powers. I love Nick and his little brother Zach. They melt my heart. Poor Nick is stuck basically being non-existent now that he's lost the orb to Sam's crazy mom. There's quite a bit of turmoil within his family because of it. They're all trying to find the orb and get it back to their town. A caution light causes quite a bit of uproar in the town of peacefulness. Everyone is fighting with everyone else. No one is happy in the quiet little town now.

Great plot sequence in this novel! I was never bored. I did become a tad exhausted because of Sam's burden. Not exhausted in the sense that I wanted to put it down. Exhausted in the sense that I felt Sam's burden like it was on my own shoulders. She was basically losing everyone. I will tell you that Sam does quite of bit of whining and wallowing. I can't really blame her but it is a tad annoying here and there.

I love that we continue to see the Seasonals! They're still one of my most fave fantasy characters! They're just wonderfully magical characters! Well, in this novel, they aren't exactly on such good terms with Nick & Sam. Quite a bit of hostility here and there. Love them though!

Overall, I'm so glad that I was able to continue reading Sam's story! I can't wait for more!!!! Yikes! What a cliffhanger! It left me wanting more and wishing the novel continued so I could find out what was about to happen.

So overall rating: 4.5 Stars
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35 reviews7 followers
July 4, 2015
This is the sequel to Prophecy Girl. It is just as good, if not better than the first book. I really enjoyed getting to know a bit about Mary’s parents. They are such a dramatic difference from Sam’s parents.

I really disliked Sam in this book. There, I had to say it. She was awful to Violet. She acted a lot like her mean mother, demanding Violet do this or that or not do this or that. She left Violet with Mary and her parents ALL the time. I get that Violet was different after the ending of the first book but she still needed her sister even if she didn’t act like it or say it. I really thought that Sam would work with Violet on how to use her powers after the ending of the first book. Sam was too busy to pay Violet any attention and I felt very sorry and mad for her, she lost her parents and her sister can’t find time to connect with her.

We learn more about the orb watchers, wolves and seasonals. They are trying to find Sam’s mom, Danielle. Sam and Nick visit psychics trying to follow her trail and figure out what she found out. While the wolves just head to where she was last known to be.

Mary’s mom gives Sam books on lucid dreaming, dreaming interpretation, and crystals to help Sam try to figure out her prophetic dreams. Which does work for Sam, as she figures out how to tell her regular dreams from her prophetic dreams.

Sam and Nick’s personalities are still very similar in this book and again it’s hard to tell them apart when are talking back and forth when it’s not mentioned as to who said what.

The book ends in a total cliffhanger and I can’t wait for the 3rd book to come out.
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