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The Breakup Doctor #1

The Breakup Doctor

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310 pages, Paperback

Published June 10, 2014

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About the author

Phoebe Fox

46 books259 followers
Author Phoebe Fox has been a contributor and regular columnist for a number of national, regional, and local publications, including the Huffington Post, Elite Daily, and She Knows. A former actor on stage and screen, Phoebe has been suspended from wires as a mall fairy; was accidentally concussed by a blank gun; and hosted a short-lived game show. She has been a relationship columnist; a movie, theater, and book reviewer; and a radio personality, and is a close observer of relationships in the wild. She currently lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and two excellent dogs.

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204 reviews42 followers
May 23, 2014
I received a copy of The Breakup Doctor by Phoebe Fox from NetGalley.com in return for an honest review.

Picture this: a woman with an inappropriate picture of a donkey tattooed on her shoulder, and she's wearing pantyhose on her head with snorkel goggles to protect her eyes. Is this the image of a Licensed Professional Mental Health Counsellor, OR is this some demented lunatic recently escaped from the psycho wing of the local "rest home". The correct answer would be the first choice. Her name is Brook Lynn Ogden, and she's very very good at what she does... most of the time. Unless she gets blindsided by a man who leads her to believe one thing while, in fact, the opposite is the truth. This could make anyone a wee bit annoyed, but for Brook, it means she goes completely apeshit for a while. Which explains some of the nutty things she does while still trying to maintain her professional demeanor with her clients.

It all started when the office building Brook and two associates of hers had made their office was suddenly (for Brook) demolished. The two people with whom she shared her business decided that when the building went, so would they. In the short span of one morning, Brook lost her business and her office AND her team in one fell swoop. Fortunately for that crisis she had her friend Sasha to talk her through the rough spots, and she had the support of her boyfriend, Kendall, to encourage her to keep on truckin'. She had recently bought a fixer-upper house which had the potential to be an office when she finished some major renovations, so maybe things weren't so bleak after all. Especially since she and Sasha had this great idea for her to write a column for the local newspaper on relationships and how to survive them. All they had to do was convince Lisa Albrecht, the editor of the paper, that Kendall's column was what the newspaper desperately needed. That proved easier than they thought it would be, so Voila! The Breakup Doctor was born. Before long, Brook was building a client list and producing noteworthy articles people were drawn to read because the general consensus was that she had a good head on her shoulders. Suffice it to say that with that donkey on her shoulder no one actually saw to what the good head was attached because Book carefully kept it covered with a sweater in all kinds of weather.

The book goes on to describe what Brook has to go through both professionally and in her personal life all at the same time. Oh, the mistakes she made! But that's what made The Breakup Doctor such a good read. Phoebe Fox has made Brook an intelligent, professional woman who, in spite of her own faults, really does want to help people over the hurdles of broken relationships by not giving in to stalking, nasty messages, or outright verbal confrontations. And who says that professionals have to be absolutely perfect in order to help guide someone who's hurting through such painful times?

By the end of the book Brook has learned some valuable life lessons and so has the reader. There's lots to think about in the pages of this book, and it could certainly be the basis for some interesting discussions within book clubs or simply friends who like to read the same books. I highly recommend The Breakup Doctor to those who enjoy a little humor with their pathos and may even learn a few relationship tips along the way.
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1,689 reviews63 followers
May 4, 2014
I enjoy the chick-lit genre, I really do - but I struggled with this book and kept expecting it to get funny. The title character advised everyone else on how to deal with their break-ups but couldn't practice what she preached ... and she preached it over and over again - so repetitively that it read more like a self help book. I found this constant repetition pushed the family part of the storyline so far away making it feel like another book which intermingled with this one only when the author remembered about them.
I was really looking forward to reading this book and felt very let down ... it just didn't do what it said on the tin. Very disappointing.
I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review.
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227 reviews99 followers
December 24, 2014
 photo bun3_zpsa210610d.jpg

The Breakup Doctor

Cover: 5
Plot: 4
Characters: 4

Overall Rating: 4

 photo bun2_zps0ef512fa.jpg

Full Review Posted on my Blog:


I was pleasently surprised when I got approved for this book and after seeing it in my account, I downloaded it instantly.

Brook Ogden after her therapy practice collapses, needs a job and she was offered one as a break up doctor. She was surprised to be so good at her job but when her own relationship fails, she realizes that sometimes before you have the chance to fix yourself you need to first break apart.

This was not what I was expecting. From the synopsis of this book I was expecting something funny and light, this book was funng and light but it also had tear-jerking moments which I clearly wasn't expecting.

Brook was very calm and collected something that you would expect from someone who is from her line of job and after a very bad break up from her past, she just seemed to never let anything faze her, until her breakup with his most recent boyfriend.

From the very start of this book I never liked Brook's boyfriend since he wad acting all secretive and moody. So when Brook got all hulk on him, I was not so secretly cheering her on.

[image error]

The book ended on a cliffhanger and I feel that the second book would be more exciting and I am hoping to meet Michael already.

Received digital edition from publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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590 reviews36 followers
May 8, 2014
When a strange set of circumstances literally tears down therapist Brook Ogden's practice, she finds herself facing an uncertain future. But an offhand comment from her best friend, Sasha, plants a seed in Brook's mind and, before she knows it, she has a weekly newspaper column offering advice to those going through a breakup. Clients begin to trickle in to the newly-minted Breakup Doctor . . . just when Brook may need her own services and advice!

Phoebe Fox's debut is delightful. It was the perfect break for me after reading back-to-back-to-back cozy mysteries! (Which I thoroughly enjoy, don't get me wrong; but a girl needs a little variety, too, am I right?) The story is sharp, witty, funny, and fast-paced. Brook's narration is a great balance of wisdom and self-deprecation, with a healthy dose of snark to make the reader snicker.

The plot premise of The Breakup Doctor is such a great one. A relationship expert who suddenly finds herself out of what seemed to be the perfect relationship. "Physician: heal thyself," right? Um, wrong. Instead of relying on the advice she so easily doles out to her clients - and her best friend - Brook starts doing all the wrong things. And the results are both hilarious and heart-breaking.

This was such an enjoyable read and I send my thanks to the good chickens at Henery Press, who gifted me an advance copy of the book in exchange for this review. I'm also excited to share that Phoebe Fox is already hard at work on the follow-up book! I can't wait to see what Brook gets up to next!
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231 reviews30 followers
July 23, 2014
In her own practice she gives people advice and more then that she gives them way how to survive a broken heart state. Yes, Brook is a mental health counselor. Her practice is fall apart, but she isn't, she will find a way to stay calm and with little help from her best friend Sasha she will become a Breakup Doctor. Considering that Brook helps Sasha with every breakup (there are too many) Sasha will help her to become a columnist and advising people with her column. But, who advice her considering that she has a broken heart herself?
Turning pages I find this book so well done and smart, there are Brook’s columns which are full of advices and smart things and sayings. I laugh till tears few times reading this book. The book is written in first person, means that Brook tells the story I find her as my friend.
Brook is a strong woman, little bit stubborn, because she not tells everything to her dear ones. She will survive all obstacles on her way to happiness. I like her and enjoy read about all she says.
About this book I read on FB author’s page and I enter every her giveaway with a pray that I will be a winner, I didn't win, but the author messages me to request me a review that was wonderful and I was so happy, I am happier now with this book on my READ list and full of Breakup doctor- experience.
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168 reviews82 followers
July 4, 2014
Brook Ogden is my favorite kind of a chick lit heroine - the perfectly imperfect kind. After weathering a heartbreak she refuses to talk about, Brook seems to have gotten her life in order - she is running a successful practice as a mental health counselor, has a boyfriend who treats her well and is always there to lend a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to cry on to her best friend Sasha. The dynamic between the two friends seems to have been established long time ago - Sasha goes out and has her heart broken over and over again; Brook is always there with the right advice to help her heal it. Then all of a sudden Brook's little safe cocoon stars becoming less safe and predictable - no longer having an office, Brook finds herself having to adjust to the new situation...and in the process ends up doing what she does best - writing a column about relationships and breakups and giving breakup advice to clients (professionally), in turn becoming the "Breakup Doctor".

And just as the saying goes "doctors make the worst patients", once her own relationship starts unraveling, Brook finds herself unable to practice what she preaches. Now, though most of us would be reluctant to admit it, I don't know a single person that hasn't at some point done at least one thing they are not so proud of - all in the throes of heartache. Emotional roller-coasters often bring out the side of a person that even they themselves didn't know existed. And let me tell you - mental health specialists are no exception. Back in the day when I was choosing the path of psychology/psychotherapy as career, I often wondered how is that more often than not kids of two psychologists (or psychiatrists) end up being royally screwed up.

Once you accept the fact that even most put together people do not have it all figure out, it will be easy to sympathize with all the ridiculous(ly funny) situations Brook gets herself into.

If you have a girlfriend having a rough time with a breakup, make sure to get her this book - at the very least it will get a laugh (or five) out of her. Regardless of your love situation, I am positive that this book will be a super entertaining and laugh out loud journey for all of you chick lit lovers out there. And I am thrilled that this is actually going to be a book series - cannot wait to get my hands on the next Breakup doctor book. (let me tell you all this laughing is doing wonders for my abs)
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500 reviews345 followers
September 1, 2016

Also posted on This Chick Reads

*Copy provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

What a great debut this was! Being a debut, I really had no expectations though I must admit, being such a sucker for pretty covers, I kind of had a feeling this would be totally up my alley. Once again, I was right.

Brook (Real name Brook Lyn - HA!) is the owner of a private practice and seems to have it all, till one day she looses her offices and is forced to start over again. All her life, she's been counseling her friends on relationships, so it only seemed natural to Brook's friend, Sasha, she should pursue a career on this field. With a bit of help from her friend, Brook sets on this new venture, becoming a Breakup Doctor, advising people in person, in columns and on the radio. BUT, what happens when things turn ugly and Brook is no longer able to listen to her own advice? How can you advise people on how to have a healthy love relationship when your own love life sucks?

This was such a fun read! I did expect few more laughs, but despite not being hilarious, it totally was my cup of tea. I loved the writing, so easy to follow and most of the story was fast paced. There were couple of times I wish the author didn't go into so much detail, but overall it was an enjoyable read that I devoured in one (or two?) sittings. I really liked Brook, who's not the every day chick lit heroine. She's mature and knows exactly what she wants. She's very good at her work and is a fantastic friend and daughter. She's very down-to-earth and exactly the type of girl I would love to be friends with. Unlike her, Sasha is the more sassy one, but they make such a great team.

The Breakup Doctor was a surprisingly good read, honestly. I loved how the author manages to balance between humor and seriousness, getting me invested in the story totally. Would I read more from this author? Absolutely! Do I recommend it? Of course, it would be a perfect thing to bring with you on your summer holidays. Great beach read, perfect for your lazy, sunny days.
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894 reviews17 followers
December 29, 2018
This was not at all what I‘d thought it would be. I misjudged it because it was part of the Audible Romance Package. It is not what I‘d call a romance. I should know by now that the package does not exactly follow my logic on this ;-)

A romance, to me, is a book where the love story between the main protagonists takes center stage, where they work through whatever issues they have and finally end up together, in a way that convinces me of their chance at happiness in the now AND in the future.

This book is about relationships in general, not „just“ romantic ones. There were parts that I did not enjoy, because of the way Brook, the female lead, was dealing with things. But now that I have finished it, I feel that it IS a good book.

There are many many breakups built into this story, but the most important relationship throughout is the friendship between Brook and her best friend, Sasha. If you are into female friendships, then this book might be for you.

While the family members and even Brook‘s clients were well developed characters, the men who had some kind of romantic connection to her at times seemed only partly drawn sketches. When I was still wondering if this would end up being a romance after all, I got very confused about who would turn out to be the actual hero. Spoiler alert: none

I enjoyed when Brook was working as a professional break up „doctor“, and I loved how the relationships with Sasha and her parents evolve. There is definitely some character growth going on here, and I feel that the message behind it all is sound.

I might read the next one. Brook may not be as perfect as she‘d like to be, but I am now kind of engaged in what is going on with her, her friend and her family.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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490 reviews96 followers
August 5, 2014
Originally posted on: http://addictivechicklit.blogspot.com...

Actual rating: 3,5

*Book provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

Review: When we first meet Brook, she is a woman in control, she is losing her practice but this is not going to get her down. Her knowledge of what to do when your heart has been broken quickly becomes in high demand and a lot of patients start contacting her for her help and support. At the same time though, she is dumped with no clear explanation and she kind of goes bonkers. She starts behaving like a lunatic: stalking her ex, getting drunk and making calls and writing emails, even getting violent and other stupid stuff. Only if her patients knew the real Brook... they would not seek her advice at all...

I was a bit exceptic about all this crazy behaviour at first, I thought she was a huge fraud and should come clean. But then, at the same time, it was really funny reading about it all. I guess, we are all humans and break-ups are hard. Even if we are the wisest person in the world, we all have the right to act without thinking. And that is the main idea of this book.

I didn't warm to Brook, I did to Sasha though. That's the kind of friend we all want, crazy and with a huge heart. Together they are a good team and they made me laugh a lot. The Breakup Doctor is a good summer read, funny, light and quick. You'll have a nice time reading it and maybe you'll see yourself reflexed in some of Brook's patients or even in Brook (then maybe you need a Doctor yourself).
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4,782 reviews289 followers
October 19, 2015
Brook Lyn was on her way to becoming a relationship coach with her own practice and all until her office space was evicted due to mould and yucky stuff. Now without an office to see her patients , she doesn't know what to do until her best friend Sasha who works at the local newspaper suggests that she writes a column and one thing leads to another and Brook ends up known as The Breakup Doctor , as if there is one thing that Brook knows what to do and how to dish it - it's relationship advice on how to act and definitely not what to do when you get dumped and with her advice you will be onto the next person in no time. The thing is you know the saying those who can teach, can't be taught - well Brook is one of those people as she has been left at the altar - just before her wedding and now her new relationship - just after he asked her to move in with him has fallen to bits . If that wasn't all she had to deal with, her parents - the most stable people she thought she knew are having relationship issues and her best friend is secretly dating her brother Stu. Can Brook put her own advice to the test and prove to the world and herself that she really is ok and that nothing can frazzle her - including a few broken relationships especially when on holiday she meets a hot former client of hers Chip ?
Find out in this easy to read ChickLit Novel that will have you analysing relationships and making a list of Do's and Don'ts in no time.
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277 reviews32 followers
May 20, 2014
This review was first published at M's Bookshelf - http://mssbookshelf.blogspot.be

As far as first impression go, this was a fabulous one: both title and cover (even the author's name) got me excited at first glance.
We've all read those "love, relationships & sex" features in "women's magazines" where a "pro" answered the readers questions. But those are nothing compared to relationship.. or breakup expert Brook Ogden. She is so genuinely concerned for her patients, even at times when they don't deserve her patience and empathy. She always puts their needs first. Until she actually ends up hiding behind her professional facade. Is it really possible to be thát cool after a breakup? Or is she an emotional time bomb, waiting to explode?
I really liked the main characters in The Breakup Doctor. Brook handles everything in her own personal life completely different than I would. But because Phoebe Fox didn't rush into the story and really took her time to get to know Brook - and give us readers the chance to do so too - she felt like a dear friend you couldn't help but want to support through it all. And then there's Sacha, the best friend any girl or woman could wish for.
Brook is 'the Breakup Doctor'. But she's also a daughter, a sister, a friend and a lover. Phoebe Fox included all of these elements into the story and it's what makes it such a great one.
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756 reviews242 followers
July 29, 2014
I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of this book. It's solidly in the category of "chick lit," to be sure, but I thought the relationship advice given by Brook (a.k.a, the Breakup Doctor) was actually very insightful. I think I was expecting something more generic, but, no, Fox actually shares some legitimate wisdom through the character of Brook.

There were a few cliche and slightly unbelievable moments in the plot, but, overall, I thought the story was clever, funny, engaging, and even surprising at times. Moreover, I really enjoyed all of the characters. They were well-developed and varied--and I was especially impressed with the complexity of Brook's relationship with her mother. I wanted to dislike Brook's mom, but Fox was able to give even this secondary character enough depth that I actually felt tenderness for her.

Ultimately, I really enjoyed this book. It was a quick read, but I found myself thinking about it days after I finished it--always a good sign. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series!
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Author 3 books11 followers
May 19, 2014
I loved this book! Brook is a therapist and when she loses her practice because the building is being torn down and her partner's bail, she tries to figure out what to do next.

Her best friend, Sasha tells her she should help people with their broken relationships because she gives the best advice. Sasha also helps to get her a column at the newspaper she works with writing advice for the lovelorn. She tags herself as the Breakup Doctor.

When her own relationship fails and she comes unglued, she feels like she has no business giving anyone else advice.

I loved Brook and it was awesome to watch her character grow and learn. I give this book two thumbs up and I can't wait to read the next book from Phoebe Fox! :-)
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172 reviews
March 15, 2014
This story really didn't do anything for me. I couldn't really get into it and I found it quite boring. The writing wasn't bad and the story stuck to the plot. There were no characters I disliked but I didn't really like any of them either. After reading about 70% percent of it I couldn't take it anymore. I usually don't rate stories I don't finish but I just didn't like it. Hopefully the author writes something one day that I will enjoy.

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1,223 reviews116 followers
March 15, 2017
Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

There was nothing outstanding about this book. I tend to have issues with books where the main character is a therapist who has no insight into her own issues. The book had potential but fell flat for me.
147 reviews61 followers
May 27, 2015
“A heartwarming and funny story about friendship, romance, and the heart-wrenching reality of breakups—while busting out some spot-on dating advice along the way.”— Liz Tuccillo, Bestselling Co-Author of He’s Just Not That Into You and Executive Story Editor of HBO’s Emmy Award-Winning Series Sex and the City
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Author 32 books835 followers
April 17, 2014
Crazy antics keeps the pace bouncing along in this humorous debut! Brook Lyn patches broken hearts, but can't heal her own. The break-up doctor needs her own break-up doctor. Love this premise!
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1,583 reviews294 followers
October 24, 2014
When Phoebe Fox emailed me asking me to review her novel The Breakup Doctor, I told her I would be delighted to – I had spotted the novel on Netgalley previously but because I was trying to be good and only request novels I really, really, really wanted to read (in a bid to make sure I could review every book I’m requesting) I had let it go, but Phoebe’s email convinced me, and I happily requested myself a copy and couldn’t wait to get stuck in as it had such an interesting premise.

I knew from the opening pages of The Breakup Doctor that it was a novel I was going to enjoy. And it was. I did have a few issues as the novel wore on, but overall it was a wonderful read and I very much liked the idea of such a thing as a breakup doctor – after all, breakups can be tough, and some may need a little help to get over a relationship, and who better to advise the lonely and miserable people of Florida than Brook Ogden, who’s day job is being a therapist and who knows what it’s like to be dumped out of the blue! The execution of the novel was great – I loved the interactions between Brook and her clients and Brook and her best friend Sasha, Sasha is like the greatest friend ever, just saying. I also loved reading Brook’s articles that she wrote for the newspaper where Sasha worked.

It was with a fair amount of irony that the breakup doctor ends up dumped once again – and I did rather feel it was out of character for Brook to act like she did – we’re told early on that Brook is level headed, cool as ice, doesn’t let anything get to her but after her breakup with Kendall she goes off the rails. It’s fun – especially the tattoo scene, but it seemed unusual for Brook although she has the self awareness to realise that perhaps her cool persona up until her breakup with Kendall may have been her undoing when he left. So I suppose it did make sense!

The only thing I wished we had had a bit more of was the delectable Ben. We meet him in the ER and I just wish he’d been utilised more, because he interested me immediately, right from the word go. I don’t know if this is the first book of a series, but I would definitely be interested in a sequel – Brook is so good at her job, the breakup doctor is such a clever idea, and I would love to be back with the gang again – I would probably even give Sasha her own book as she was awesome. The Breakup Doctor was a good, solid read with some wonderful characters and one or two laugh out loud scenes, and a wonderful narrative.
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947 reviews242 followers
July 31, 2014
Review originally posted:Traveling With T

Traveling With T purchased this copy for personal reading.

The Breakup Doctor

Summary from Goodreads:

Call Brook Ogden a matchmaker-in-reverse. Let others bring people together; Brook, licensed mental health counselor, picks up the pieces after things come apart. When her own therapy practice collapses, she maintains perfect control: landing on her feet with a weekly advice-to-the-lovelorn column and a successful consulting service as the Breakup Doctor: on call to help you shape up after you breakup.

But when her own relationship suddenly crumbles, Brook finds herself engaging in almost every bad-breakup behavior she preaches against. And worse, she starts a rebound relationship with the most inappropriate of men: a dangerously sexy bartender with anger-management issues—who also happens to be a former patient.

As her increasingly out-of-control behavior lands her at rock-bottom, Brook realizes you can’t always handle a messy breakup neatly—and that sometimes you can’t pull yourself together until you let yourself fall apart.

Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

Ahhhhhh! Ever since I saw Phoebe Fox’s tweets and the Henery Press folks marketing about THE BREAKUP DOCTOR- well I had been wanting to read. I tossed the idea of requesting it from Netgalley, but was not sure when I could get to it- so I bought it. And then decided to squeeze it in my reading schedule ASAP!

First- this is not my normal Henery Press type of read. Usually, the ones I read are mystery with a slight to almost heavy dose of romance- but this was just straight up chick lit!

Second- while I enjoyed Brook, for me- Sasha stole the show. As Sasha was talking about the next step after a break-up, I had to laugh at many of her coping skills- and feel that she would be a hoot to hang out with.

The plot was cute- having a Breakup Doctor around to talk to was a cute plot idea. The setting did not play a HUGE role in this book in my opinion.

The themes of family, learning to deal with things, and knowing that making breakup mistakes are just part of the process was also nice lessons in the advice that Brook was dishing out (and learning for herself).

Eagerly awaiting the next book in the series- anxious to see what happens next to Brook next (and having positive feelings about what *may* happen next) plus hoping that Sasha will be returning in a huge way for book 2!

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T
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331 reviews2 followers
May 21, 2014
Brook is not only losing her office space, but the building it is situated in is scheduled for demolition. With this new development, Brook’s clients begin to wan when she cannot locate a suitable office to set up shop. Brook’s mother and boyfriend, Kendall, remind her constantly that she is not a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist but a counselor.

Sasha, her best friend, arranges a meeting with her boss Lisa, editor of the Tropic Times. At the first meeting, Lisa is visually upset because her husband wants a divorce and has left her without warning. Brook thinks she should leave and come back later, but Sasha informs Lisa that Brook is a therapist and she can help. Afterward, Brook begins a session with Lisa on the spot. As Brook shells out advice regarding relationship behavior after a breakup, Lisa hires Brook giving her a column in the newspaper with a deadline by Friday. Brook struggles with writing the article and creating a catch-phrase title. Since she is known to help a person heal after a break-up, the Break-Up Doctor is born.

With the onslaught of clients, Brook has become successful writing her advice column. Her boyfriend, Kendall, has asked Brook to move in with him, but she has reservations because they have known each for only a short period. While Brook services her clients with the rules of behavior after a break-up, her own relationship crumbles. She breaks every rule with diligent bad behavior. Brook now thinks she is not qualified to continue giving advice since she cannot follow her own rules.

Phoebe Fox’s novel of a relationship expert giving behavior advice after a break-up is refreshing and entertaining. The situations and problems of Brook’s client cover everything from A to Z. The novel has plenty of descriptive narration, which could have been replaced with more dialogue.

Overall, it was an easy ready that midway slowed down in action, but still very enjoyable. I recommend this novel to anyone who has been through a relationship break-up on any level. The advice given in this book may well be used in real life situations.

I received this book free from Henery Press through the Net Galley Review Program for an honest and unbiased opinion.
486 reviews49 followers
June 14, 2014
Brook Lyn works as a licensed mental health counselor. She is a good friend and always good listener and adviser for her friend's love relationships. So, when a set of circumstances leaves Brook with no job and no boyfriend, she starts a new job, as a breakup doctor. But can she help others when her own love life is going up-side-down? How to trust in love ever after when her parents are getting divorce after so many years together?

Brook as a MC is a sweet character. She is always there for her best friend, always there for her family. But love always makes us blind, and the love therapist can't see the loss of the love in her own relationship. So the doctor becomes the detective in order to find out the possible other woman in her man's life. In the very same time, her mom leaves the home in order to follow her long-lost dream and become an actress. Brook can't believe, her parents are getting divorce and she can't do anything to change that. Brook might be the breakup doctor, but when it comes to parents, she is just a child. She loves them both and it's hard to take a side. She is a good adviser to other people, but when it comes to her own life and taking her own advises, she is definitely not good patient.

Another character that I liked was Sasha, Brook's best friend. She is such a hilarious person, so funny and interesting, always in love (every time with a different guy). She is always there for her friend, practically the third child in Brook's family. When it comes to advises, she is the one who is the doctor for Brook.

The Breakup Doctor is chick-lit debut written by Ms.Phoebe Fox. It is well written, fun and also serious, with interesting characters. A relationship consultant who can't fix her own love life is a really interesting idea for setting up the plot. It's an enjoyable read and I loved it.

Original review is posted on Chick Library Cat
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319 reviews450 followers
August 5, 2015
I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley and this is my honest opinion of the book.

Brook Ogden has a successful practice as a counsellor and is in the honeymoon stage of a new relationship. She suddenly finding herself without an office, and her colleagues deserting her to new roles. Following on from saving her friend Sash from yet another break up disaster she falls into a new role – The Breakup Doctor. She lands a column in the local paper, giving advice on getting over a broken relationship and soon finds new clients flooding in. But then Brook’s seemingly perfect relationship breaks down, and all her advice goes unheeded as she breaks every rule in the break up book…

I’d had this book sat on my Kindle for some time and started to read it after scanning through the books that were waiting to be read. I was soon drawn into the story and whizzed through it in no time.

I liked Phoebe Fox’s writing style. The story was engaging and I loved the setting and could easily imagine myself walking around the streets of Florida or surveying the damage in Brook’s ‘do-up’ house.

The characters were also easily imagined. I loved Brook’s friend Sasha, who added a comic element to the story. Brook came across as a conflicting character. She seemed friendly, kind and intelligent, offering sound break up advice and so the fact she could not see her behaviour went against all this and that her relationship was founded on white lies and was in fact a rebound was sometimes a little unbelievable, though that was of course the point of the story! There were some cringe inducing moments when I almost shouted at her not to do something that was obviously going to lead to trouble.

This book was funny but also sad in some respects given it is dealing with the break up of relationships. This is less a love story but more of a ‘love yourself’ story, showing how you need to sometimes take a step back, hold on to your dignity and let go of the past.

Bedside Manners, the second book in the series is out now.
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May 20, 2014
The Breakup Doctor by Phoebe Fox is an intelligent chick lit read! If I had friends or daughters in the dating world, I'd give them this book that is full of intelligent dating/breakup advice dispersed in a fun story. What a great debut novel for Phoebe Fox!

Brook is a therapist who is looking for new employment after the counseling center she worked at is literally destroyed by a wrecking ball in front of her eyes. In her quest for a new direction, she begins a newspaper advice column "The Breakup Doctor" and begins counseling clients where she gives the rational advice that she was constantly giving to her good friends about the dating world. Brook is lucky to have childhood best friend Sasha who is her best cheerleader during her journey - but Brook doesn't understand Sash'a way of jumping into relationships and irrationally dealing with the breakups - putting visine in orange juice, searching emails for evidence of wrongdoings, etc. Brook is very rational and in control of her emotions.

When Brook is faced with her own break-up, she is faced with "physician, heal thyself." During this break-up process, she does not handle herself in the rational way she prescribes for her clients. Lots of hilarity ensues at her unravelling, but in the process of going through her emotions she begins to understand that life has lots of "gray" areas as things cannot be seen in black and white. Not only does she learn more about the romantic world, but also in dealing with family members.

There were lots of layers to this book and I really enjoyed it! Fun beach read! I'd give it 4 stars! As I mentioned before, this book would be great (but subtle way of you giving them advice) navigation guide for those in the middle of the crazy new dating world with all the technology/internet involved!
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May 28, 2015
Brook Ogden can give the most useful and helpful break up advice. She's a mental health counsellor and knows exactly what she's doing. When her practice is literally demolished she needs another way to earn money. She becomes the Breakup Doctor which is an instant success. She's giving great advice to everyone who needs her services, but can Brook actually practice what she preaches?

Brook has a lesson to learn. Even though her advice is amazing, it isn't always possible to keep yourself together when your feelings are out of control. When her boyfriend breaks up with her a lot of hurt from her previous relationship also comes to the surface. While she's going through many emotional stages Brook does some stupid things, but she also finds out more about herself and what she's capable of.

The Breakup Doctor is such a fabulous concept, I love the idea. Brook is great, it seems like she knows exactly what she's doing, but slowly everything that's stable in her life is starting to disappear. Even her best friend Sasha, the person she can always count on, has something to hide from her. Brook can be pretty impulsive, which is sometimes very funny. Even though it's about breakups most of this book is actually bright and cheerful. I like that Phoebe Fox has the capacity to turn something negative into something positive and I think she has written a really great story. I can't wait to read the next book!
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August 29, 2016
Review first published on my blog The Fictional Reader

I really liked the idea of this book. A therapist trying to specifically help people through a breakup -or even help with relationship advice. That sounds great! A person who actually knows what they are talking about, and doesn’t just give advice out of experience.

I enjoyed the first half of this book. She was giving advice, and really helping people. She had a great best friend, and was a fun main character to read about. She started her own business, and a column for more general relationship advice.

The second half of this book was a complete disaster. I don’t even know where to begin. Brook turned into a complete crazy-ex-girlfriend. Honestly, I understand you’re hurting. You now what doesn’t help? Breaking into his place to check out his stuff! What?? That’s a felony. And extremely creepy. And she was so judgy! She was so rude to her best friend, when that friend finally got into a good and healthy relationship. She was so rude to her mother as well. I can’t deal with people like that.

I still gave this 3 stars because I truly did enjoy the first part. I’ll just pretend the second part didn’t exist.
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May 21, 2014
What a great book, it has it all humor, romance, and wonderful break up advice! I love Brook, she is as licensed mental health counselor. Brook goes to work one day and they are literally tearing down her practice because it has been condemned. Her best friend Sasha has the worst luck with her relationships and Brook is always there to help Sasha over them. Sasha tells Brook that she needs to start helping others with their break ups. Brook starts writing a column for the paper that Sasha works for and becomes The Breakup Doctor; she is very successful with her new columns. Her life is going good, that is until her boyfriend breaks up with her and she tries to handle the breakup like a professional, yeah right! This book had me engaged from the first page, I could totally relate to Brook and I believe that anyone who has every experienced a break up would relate to this book. I sure hope the author Phoebe Fox writes another book with the same characters.

A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.
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May 10, 2014
I received an ARC of this book and thought it looked interesting by the description and cover. I was expecting a cute quick read, what I got was much more. Brook’s character is great. She is well-rounded and her path to self discovery through her break-up was realistic and at times heartwarming. As someone who has been left cold by a significant other without so much as a explanation- I completely sympathized with Brook’s character. The fact that she starts off stone cold normal and at some point in her journey takes an exit to crazy-town only made me like the story more. I just read that there will be a sequel, and I am definitely looking forward to that.

Phoebe Fox makes a great point in the book about people not showing their true emotions. I write about this a lot and found myself nodding along to a lot of what she wrote in the book more than once. I really liked that towards the end her main character began to see what handling a break-up normally truly was, and that being closed off and cold was the abnormal thing to do.
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May 19, 2014
The Breakup Doctor is a well written and well edited chick lit novel. The plot is original, interesting and occasionally funny, but it is also filled with conflict.

The heroine is a licensed social worker trying to rebuild her practice after her office is destroyed and her partners bail on her. She lands a gig as a newspaper columnist giving advice on surviving the end of relationships. She has always been in control, so when the second man in as many years decides to end their relationship she is surprised to find herself doing the same self destructive things she warns her clients to avoid.

This is a story about relationships and self discovery. At times, it is painful to watch this professional woman lose control, but this book does end with a HFN. I am looking forward to reading the next novel by this author.

ARC provided by Henery Press via Netgalley.
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August 12, 2022
This review is based on the audiobook.

It is very rare to read (listen to) a book and not root for the main character to have a happy ending... this is one of those books. The main character is self centered, obnoxious, whiney, and seriously crazy. I found her entirely unlikeable. The best friend is the true heroine. The main girl has magical healing powers and stops feeling pain way too quickly for the multiple injuries she receives throughout the story. I wanted to empathize with her, but honestly have no positive feelings. The narrator did a good job speaking, audio was great, but the voice can't save a poorly written main character.
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