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Elephant & Piggie #22

Waiting Is Not Easy!

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Gerald is careful. Piggie is not.
Piggie cannot help smiling. Gerald can.
Gerald worries so that Piggie does not have to.

Gerald and Piggie are best friends.

In Waiting Is Not Easy!, Piggie has a surprise for Gerald, but he is going to have to wait for it. And Wait. And wait some more...

64 pages, Hardcover

First published October 21, 2014

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About the author

Mo Willems

285 books3,778 followers
#1 New York Times Bestselling author and illustrator Mo Willems is best known for his Caldecott Honor winning picture books Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and Knuffle Bunny: a cautionary tale.

In addition to such picture books as Leonardo the Terrible Monster, Edwina the Dinosaur Who Didn’t Know She Was Extinct, and Time to Pee, Mo has created the Elephant and Piggie books, a series of early readers, and published You Can Never Find a Rickshaw When it Monsoons, an annotated cartoon journal sketched during a year-long voyage around the world in 1990-91.

The New York Times Book Review called Mo “the biggest new talent to emerge thus far in the 00's."

Mo’s work books have been translated into a myriad of languages, spawned animated shorts and theatrical musical productions, and his illustrations, wire sculpture, and carved ceramics have been exhibited in galleries and museums across the nation.

Mo began his career as a writer and animator for television, garnering 6 Emmy awards for his writing on Sesame Street, creating Nickelodeon's The Off-Beats, Cartoon Network’s Sheep in the Big City and head-writing Codename: Kids Next Door.

He lives in Brooklyn, New York with his family.

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Profile Image for Tim.
476 reviews616 followers
December 25, 2020
Piggie has a surprise for Gerald, but will not tell him what it is and also tells him he will have to wait for it. Is the surprise worth waiting for? Is it something really special? Can Gerald wait the entire time without groaning...

Well, obviously the answer is "no" to that last one at least.

The Elephant and Piggie books are not complex stories in terms of either story or art. They are simple tales that young children can relate to, using simple words and art that keep them interested, but do not confuse. With that note, I feel Willems actually tried to do something ambitious with this one. The story is still simple enough, but the art actually manages to impress this time. What does he do? That actually needs to be seen, not explained.

In my opinion this is one of the more charming books in the series. It continually gets a laugh or two out of my daughter, it has a good lesson on patience and has an ending well worth that wait. A fairly impressed 4/5 stars.
Profile Image for Jessica.
Author 31 books5,632 followers
December 19, 2014
Every time a new Elephant and Piggie book comes out, I think, He can't possibly top the last one! And then Mo Willems just easily tops the last one.

This book is my new favorite. I mean, I love We Are In A Book. It's so meta, kids can barely appreciate it. But this one has a sweetness that honestly made me tear up a little. So charming! Love Gerald and Piggie, and hope to see them in many more adventures. Definitely one of my top picture books for this year.
Profile Image for Babak.
85 reviews68 followers
January 5, 2020
این ریویو صرفا در راستای معرفی کتاب برای هدیه دادن به کودکان است و ارزش دیگری ندارد. :)

اکیدا پیشنهاد میکنم اگه میخواید به بچه‌های بین ۳ تا ۷ سال کتابی بدید که هم به کتاب خوندن علاقه‌مندشون کنید و هم در حین لذت بردن از کتاب یه سری نکات رو هم یاد بگیرند به مجموعه کتاب‌های فیلی و فیگی به عنوان یه گزینه خیلی جدی فکر کنید. این کتابا رو انتشارات پرتقال با یه خوش‌سلیقگی مثال زدنی و طراحی و شکل و شمایل قشنگ منتشر کرده و فکر کنم نزدیک به ۲۰ جلدی میشن.
هیچ وقت یادم نمیره لذتی رو که خواهرزاده‌ام از خوندن این مجموعه کتاب‌ها برد. فکر کنم هفت-هشت جلدشون رو خوند و هنوزم که هنوزه هر وقت منو میبینه در موردشون صحبت میکنه و تلویحا بهم میگه بقیه جلدهاش رو هم بخر دیگه خسیس! :) ولی من دیگه براش فیلی و فیگی نمیخرم تا کتاب‌ها و سبک‌های جدید دیگه‌ای رو هم تجربه کنه... (بپرس خب چرا براش کتاب‌های دیگه نمیخری تا با پشت دست ...)

توصیف خود انتشارات پرتقال از این مجموعه:
«فیلی» و «فیگی» بهترین دوستای هم هستن. اونا مثل همه‌ي دوستای دیگه کلی ماجراهای بامزه و هیجان‌انگیزه دارن، از اتفاق‌هایی که براشون می‌افته چیزهای خیلی زیادی یاد می‌گیرن و آماده‌ن تا تجربه‌های جدیدی بدست بیارن. اما مهمترین چیزی که اون‌ها توی این مجموعه یاد می‌گیرن اینه که ارزشمندترین چیزی که دارن داشتن دوست خوبیه که می‌تونن همه‌ی این ماجراها رو باهاش تجربه کنن. فیلی و فیگی مجموعه‌ای در مورد دوستی و ارزش اونه.
یه کتاب تصویری بامزه و عالی با تصاویر خلاقانه برای مخاطب کودک و خردسال در مورد نیاز به برنامه‌ریزی برای هرکاری. این کتاب به ما یاد مي‌ده که برای هرکاری باید از قبل خودمون رو آماده کنیم و هرچی لازم داریم رو با خودمون داشته باشیم و البته این‌که مهم نیست چی داریم و چی نداریم؛ همیشه با چیزهایی که داریم مي‌تونیم یک بارنامه‌ی خوب بریزیم که کلی بهمون خوش بگذره.

Profile Image for Matt.
3,727 reviews12.8k followers
June 17, 2018
Gerald the Elephant is eager to learn when Piggie announces that there is a surprise on the way. However, once Gerald learns that the surprise is not yet ready, he is forced to accept having to wait. What begins as a slight irritation soon sours him into an emotional mess and Piggie is forced to watch her friend unravel. As time passes and the day turns to night, Gerald is unsure he will be able to cope, but waiting might be the one thing he needs to enjoy this ultimate surprise. Neo did well reading this to me and seems to love this series. He knew all about Piggie and Gerald, including the emotional mess that is one particular elephant. I have a pile of these books and Neo is eager to tackle them. Stay tuned, folks!
Profile Image for Sophia Triad.
2,239 reviews3,456 followers
March 28, 2019
Piggie teaches Gerald how to be patient. Gerald is in his usual emotional mess.
The surprise in the end is worth the waiting.
Profile Image for Brent Weeks.
Author 62 books21.4k followers
September 14, 2015
Really more like 4.5 stars. Granted, it’s a book about patience. So one shouldn’t be surprised that it’s a little slow. And the payoff is good. We’ve certainly used the lessons in this book with our daughter.

I don’t find Elephant and Piggy to be quite as charming as many of Mo Willems’s other characters. There’s just not as much joy in picking up this book as I expect from a Mo Willems title.
Profile Image for Kelly.
402 reviews14 followers
May 16, 2015
I *love* the Elephant and Piggie books, and so does my toddler! The topics are ones that kids can relate to, and this volume is no exception. In fact, my son's birthday is coming up soon, and he's been going insane waiting to find out what his gift is. He keeps asking leading questions, trying to figure it out, and even asked the other day, "Can you show me a little piece?" (That's three-year-old for "Maybe I can sneakily get you to answer my question!") He hates waiting for anything; suspense is not his friend. So when Gerald gets so impatient waiting to see Piggy's "surprise" that he storms off angrily, my little guy really understood. And when Gerald comes back because he can't stand not to know, and is blown away by the grandeur of his surprise (don't worry, I won't spoil it for you, but it really is amazing), we all breathed a sigh of relief. (I'm not good with suspense/anticipation, either.) This book is adorable, and I loved the twist on the usual animation; it made the surprise that much more special.
Profile Image for ambyr.
879 reviews77 followers
March 20, 2022
"I didn't like that book," said my partner, who was eavesdropping on my read-aloud from the kitchen.

"Why not? Did it strike a little too close to home?"


"Did you feel like you were accused of being secretly a toddler?"


But the kid liked it, and it got us through her impatience waiting for dinner to be finished, and that's what counts.
Profile Image for Joan.
2,000 reviews
February 13, 2015
Piggie quite innocently proceeds to drive Elephant nearly insane by telling him she has a surprise for him but he'd have to wait for it. How Elephant handles or rather, doesn't handle, the whole waiting business is really funny, sure to be appreciated by kids who have experienced the pain of having to wait for anything! The drawings are really great in this book. After several disappointing books, particularly among the Pigeon series, I think Mo Willems may have found his humor again as well as really expressive artwork. I really enjoyed this book where several recently mostly had me rolling my eyes or feeling downright irritated by the story and characters. Naturally Willems picked up yet another Geisel Honor Award for this fun book. I wonder if even he can keep track of how many times he's either won or gotten an Honor Award!
Profile Image for Debbie Jo.
61 reviews11 followers
January 25, 2015
The latest Elephant & Piggie book is dedicated to Trixie. "For Trixie. I can't wait to see what you'll do next." When reading aloud I always share the dedication page & sometimes we have no idea who the person is or what the story is behind the dedication. With Mo Willems & Trixie we can go back to Trixie and Knuffle Bunny.

The idea of having to wait is not easy for anyone really - so I think we can all identify with Greald's growing frustration. But in the end, all good things are worth the wait. I will be curious to see how the kids pick up on the visual cues we're given as the waiting goes on and on. Does this make anyone else thing of "Waiting for Godot"...
Profile Image for Lisa Nagel.
665 reviews23 followers
December 7, 2014
Another wonderful addition to the Pig and Elephant books that I can never keep on the shelves in the library. Brilliantly timed book about waiting and the magic of the night...perfect to use around the holiday season and for winter sky watching.
Profile Image for Maddie Shirley.
13 reviews1 follower
February 26, 2020
This is an easy-to-read book about Gerald the elephant and Piggie the pig. Piggie has a surprise for Gerald, but he has to wait all day. Gerald is very impatient but the surprise is worth it.
This is an easy-to-read book because it uses basic words and short sentences. There are very few words per page.
The illustrator uses speech bubbles to distinguish the text from the illustrations. As Gerald grows increasingly more impatient, he groans in frustration. The illustrator makes the speech bubbles bigger and bigger each time to show Gerald’s development. The speech bubbles become so large that they bump into Piggie. The illustrator also gradually changed the color of the pages to show that the sun was setting and that it was getting darker. The illustrations contribute to the story and make it entertaining.
This is a good book for a young reader to use to develop their reading skills. The words are simple, foundational words that kids will recognize. The story is engaging so students will want to know what happens. This book could also be a fun read-aloud book as the students are anxious to see what the surprise is as well.
Profile Image for Magpie67.
895 reviews99 followers
September 28, 2017
Even adults have this problem. Sometimes exciting moments are hard to wait for, but in this case waiting all day is worth the wait. Mo Willems is the bomb, I love his work! This is the perfect book for adults to read to children and plan a day for themselves to wait for the surprise at the end of this book.
Profile Image for Lynsy .
585 reviews46 followers
August 25, 2020
This book has a very important message for kids to learn: patience. It can be really hard to wait for things sometimes, but often the wait is worth it in the end. Kids can be some of the most impatient creatures on earth, so I think they will deeply understand poor Gerald's plight and gain some beneficial insight from it.
Profile Image for Melissa.
Author 19 books32 followers
January 19, 2018
I can't believe this is the first Mo Willems book I've read!

This is a fantastic book that teaches kids about waiting. It's not easy, but it's worth it. I loved the speech bubbles, especially when Elephant was groaning.
Profile Image for Angela.
216 reviews49 followers
August 26, 2019
Honestly, the ending plastered a smile to my face. It gave rise to one of those long heart-felt sighs. This one is definitely worth the wait for little people as well as big people. We could all use a little patience.
Profile Image for Audrey.
191 reviews6 followers
December 25, 2017
I bought this book like a year ago for a friend’s baby & it’s been sitting in my room since. Finally read it. It’s cute!
Profile Image for Jody Ruff.
27 reviews
February 12, 2018
Waiting Is Not Easy is a Caldecott Award Winner. This book has two characters, that teach each other how to be patient with waiting for a surprise at the end of the day. The book is a good book for easy readers and it teaches a lesson on how to be patient.
Profile Image for Brooke.
1,587 reviews14 followers
October 25, 2018
We love Mo Willems. A delight every time and especially in this case reading with my intensely expressive 7yo about the difficulties of waiting. Always a joy.
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