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Wild Seasons #2

Dirty Rowdy Thing

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From the New York Times best-selling author of Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Stranger, and Beautiful Player, Book Two of the brand-new Wild Seasons series that started with Sweet Filthy Boy - a story of friends, love, and lust.

Despite their rowdy hookups, Harlow and Finn don't even like each other... which would explain why their marriage lasted only 12 hours. He needs to be in charge and takes whatever he wants. She lives by the Want-something-done? Do-it-yourself mantra. Maybe she's too similar to the rugged fisherman - or just what he needs.

352 pages, Paperback

First published November 4, 2014

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About the author

Christina Lauren

102 books71.8k followers
Christina Lauren is the combined pen name of long-time writing partners/best friends Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings. The coauthor duo writes both Young Adult and Adult Fiction, and together has produced nineteen New York Times bestselling novels. Their books have been translated into 30+ languages. (Some of these books have kissing. Some of these books have A LOT of kissing.)

We don't respond to private messages here, so please contact us via twitter (@seeCwrite for Christina and @LolaShoes for Lauren) or our site. Thank you!!

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3,913 reviews33k followers
February 3, 2015
4-4.5 Majestic Fisherman stars!

 photo 676e3502-331e-4c71-8e6f-c6741fdbd65b_zpscbb698c6.jpg

After reading Sweet Filthy Boy, I’ve been dying to get to the next installment in this series. It didn’t let me down. This was just as good as the first for me, maybe even a little better! I loved Finn and Harlow!

After that one weekend in Vegas...Harlow and Finn were married for 12 hours. They have mutual friends, so they still see each other occasionally. And they have some crazy chemistry so when they see each other… well, one of two things is bound to happen.
Fighting or Fucking… both of these options are starting to sound pretty good.

There is a lot going on in both Finn and Harlow’s personal lives. Finn is spending some time away from home trying to figure out the next step in his families business, and Harlow is coping with some other family issues. What they have is fun, it’s hot, and it’s sexy, but it’s more than that. They need each other.
Finn swipes at my face with is thumbs. “I have to, sweetheart, you can’t be bound up any longer.”
It just feels like it’s the only thing holding me together.
“I know,” he says.
Oh God. I said it out loud.

 photo 11ad2738-a33f-4e54-9d30-85f8174f1c3e_zps9c7b10c2.jpg

I think this was so much hotter than the first book. There was this part… I just have to mention it…with Finn and the dirty talk… just OMG. And I was listening to this in audio book so you know I got that deep and sexy voice reading it to me!
“Good girl. Oh so fucking good, you like that? You like it? You’re candy on my mouth, fucking sweet. Wet, so ready, you wanna get fucked now?”

I loved how their sex was hot and a little kinky, but they also had intimacy in there. They both needed one another. I am such a sucker for when ‘just sex’ turns into feelings and love and all that stuff.

I can honestly say, Harlow was so much better than I expected her to be. She was awesome. Harlow is so adorable and funny, and not the least bit annoying. I can’t tell you how many lol moments I had with her. Even though she is going through a difficult time in her own life, she wants nothing more than to fix things for Finn. She’s a selfless heroine.

 photo 4dd578c0-ab3f-44b1-af6f-6270d660640b_zps64b265de.jpg

Finn was my boy. I was loving anything and everything Finn. Until that part towards the end… yeah, you know what part I’m talking about. Finn knows too. He knows exactly what he did and that he was a giant jerk…
I am the biggest most self absorbed asshole of all time.

And so did Harlow..
I want to drive to Canada, kick him in the nuts, and then drive home. He’s acting like a giant baby, and leaving town the way he did showed his ass.

Even though I was pissed for a minute, I liked that that drama wasn’t dragged out.

It was great getting to catch up with Ansel, Mia and the rest of the gang. We also got introduced to a new character… Not Joe. Bahahaha. I looked forward to all his little cameos. I hope he is featured more prominently in the next book because he is a fun and interesting guy for sure.

This is a series I highly recommend. Sexy, fun, entertaining and an easy read. I can honestly say I enjoyed this second book a little bit better than the first, and I liked the first a lot! Looking forward to the next book in this series! Bring on Oliver and Lola! I can’t wait to see if they can top Harlow and Finn for me!

 photo 1f4cba51-0a09-4d28-a2fb-2aa8175fa84c_zps79e8b2fc.jpg

He could only do rowdy because he felt what I felt; that whip-crack unleashing that comes when you meet the person the frees you.
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1,921 reviews3,457 followers
November 6, 2014

Overall, I enjoyed this addition to the Wild Seasons series. Dirty Rowdy had the same terrific banter that Christina Lauren bring to all of their books. And the steam....

Finn was a deliciously dirty boy!

All was well until about the 75% mark and the conflict hit.

"I am the biggest, most self-absorbed asshole of all time."

Yes Finn, I would have to agree...

I was disappointed in my dirty boy Finn!

Still a fun and entertaining read! And I'll definitely continue on with the series!
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634 reviews1,274 followers
June 4, 2015

Fun and sexy. I really enjoyed Harlow and Finn, their banter was fantastic and the sex was hot. An overall good, fast-paced, solid read.

I want to see him haul a big net onto the deck of his ship. God, he would make majestic fisherman porn.


“He’s built like a man who works with his hands, has a sense of humor drier than the Sahara, and the thing that gets him off more than anything in the world is giving you orgasms. What a nightmare.”
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700 reviews442 followers
November 7, 2014

** 4 "cinnamon rolls" STARS **

"He could only do rowdy because he felt what I felt; that whip-crack unleashing that comes when you meet the person who frees you."

I knew I'd love this!

Sure, there were minor things that bothered me -hence the minus 1 star- but overall, this was a very enjoyable and light read, which was what I was looking for in the first place anyway!

As we all know from Sweet Filthy Boy, Harlow Vega and Finn Roberts have met in Vegas, had a crazy night together with their best friends, got married, stayed married for 12 hours and then did the most sensible thing and got an annulment the very next day.

When Finn comes to California for business and also to visit one of his best friends, Oliver, all Harlow can think about is that she wants some more of that candy...if you know what I mean.

Both Finn and Harlow have problems in their own lives that they prefer to keep to themselves, so they choose each other as a distraction from everything else that's going on in the background. They choose to quiet their worries and troubles by touching and kissing and well...other things.


But keeping it casual will not be easy for these two... As they start to get to know each other, they both realize how much they actually like being around each other. And when the thing they think they do best, having sex, even gets too raw and emotional, Finn and Harlow feel like they've been hit by a lightning.

"Stay. Let me...fuck, I don't know. Set up a bath for you, or...just stay here. It was intense. Wasn't it intense?"

It was. It was so intense that I'm suddenly second-guessing everything that brought me here.

They try to resist each other. They try to be just friends. They lie to themselves that this is nothing special... But at the end, it becomes too obvious for even them not to see that they are inescapably in love with each other.

"I have no idea how it happened, but I like Harlow Vega. A lot. I respect her. I want to get to know her. I want to fuck her for reasons that have nothing to do with distraction or my instinctive need to release semen.
I am so royally fucked.

Will this unlikely couple survive all the difficulties and succeed to blaze away at any obstacle in their path, in order to be together?

Harlow was a great female lead for most of the book. I liked her, I did. Except she ruined it at the last 10% of the book:

Finn was a bit too quiet and serious throughout the book, so I'm sure most people didn't like him that much, but I actually found his lack of chatter rather hot... I've always been into the loner kind of guys, so yeah...*giggles*

And I'm sure the fact that I imagined Finn as Henry Cavill the whole time must have helped a lot with the way I feel towards him LOL

My opinion about Finn also changed drastically along with Harlow at the last 10% of the book, because of his assholish and insensitive ways. I wanted to slap him so hard for a few times, yeah. But I couldn't stay mad so long, because...well, look at that face...

By the way, can we all agree that Harlow's dad is THE COOLEST DAD IN THE WORLD? I might have swooned a bit for him, too...

And Not-Joe ! He was the BEST thing about this book! He stole every scene he was in, he was a total rockstar! WE NEED A BOOK FOR HIM TOO!

I can't wait for Oliver and Lola's book! The wait till September 2015 (YEAH. NO KIDDING. ANNOYING. I KNOW.) will be like TORTURE!

P.S: Thanks so much to my new buddy Maida for sending me the bonus scene at the end of the book, that was only included in the Audio version! YOU ARE TOO AWESOME FOR WORDS! ♥
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2,412 reviews4,663 followers
November 5, 2014

"I'm not sure if being with Finn is an escape, or a new dangerous obsession."


I really enjoyed this one it's funny and sexy.


I need one of these shirts and preferably with an actual Robertson Brother in it.


"He could only do rowdy because he felt what I felt; that whip-crack unleashing that comes when you meet the person who frees you."

Harlow is hilarious and Finn is the quiet type and together they find that they fit perfectly together. Finn is in town for a few weeks and they get to see one another through their friends. Finn has some misconceptions about Harlow and vice versa so the time together is an eye opener for both characters.

"I just figured you only wanted fucking, and so it's the only place my mind went. I didn't think we fit this way."

An enjoyable, sexy read that incorporated the whole cast of characters and three new ones, Finn's hot fishing brothers and Not-Joe. I hope all will be getting books of their own someday.

"You Finn's long-lost sister?" says Kenyon at the end of the bar. "Please say yes."

Harlow winces with a playful apology. "I'm the mail-order bride. He told me he has a castle. Does he have a castle?"

P.S. I want a Finn audio book please!!

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1,865 reviews2,240 followers
September 2, 2015
4 stars

“Finn could break your vagina and be just handy enough to put it back together.”

 photo dirtyrowdything.png

Dirty Rowdy Thing is the story of Harlow and Finn. Harlow is the daughter of Hollywood royalty and Finn is a Canadian fisherman. In the last book Harlow and Finn got married alongside Mia and Ansel in Vegas, but after a 12 hour sex romp they went ahead and got an annulment. There were no hard feelings between them, Harlow even visited Finn up in Canada for another sex trip. One which after they were done, he promptly called her a cab.

Fast forward a couple months later and Harlow runs into Finn in a Starbucks in her hometown in San Diego. Finn is in town on "business" and staying with their mutual friend Oliver for an indefinite amount of time. Harlow and Finn come to the decision that they should continue their friends with benefits scenario. But it's not long until they begin to feel more for each other.

Well, this book was certainly dirty. Especially Finn and his dirty talk and affinity for tying Harlow up. I liked this a lot more than the last book because the last book was all about role playing. And I HATE role playing. This is what I see when I think of role playing:

 photo zac.png

And this is what I see when Finn ties people up:
 photo bond.png

Much classier, yes?
I digress.

Unlike the last book I really liked the characters for who they were in this book. Harlow is a strong, confident and loyal woman. She may be privileged but she's not spoiled. Harlow doesn't always have to understand her friends to love them. I liked that she was a fighter and had a bit of a vulnerability about her. She was also freaking funny.

“Come in. Sit anywhere but on the bed. Don't look cute, don't get undressed, and don't touch my underwear.”

Finn is a stoic guy, but very insightful. He's a caring friend if not always vocal about it. He also see's Harlow for who she really is, except when he's teasing her about what he knows she isn't.

Like the first book, this book has the main characters keeping secrets from each other. I won't tell you the secrets because that would be spoilering, but I felt the characters made similar types of mistakes in this book that Ansel and Mia made. Just on a different level.

My only issue with this book? Finn at the end. For those of you who've read this, you know what I'm talking about.

The ending was a bit abrupt, I would have liked to see an epilogue. But I guess I'll have to wait until 2015 for that. Boo!
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1,473 reviews975 followers
November 8, 2014
*Fanning myself* The book lived up to its title ->DIRTY ROWDY THING. Finn had some mad skills with his mouth and Harlow was no shy thing when it came to cutting loose.

I didn’t read book one in this series but I will be now that I finished this one. Even though, I came into this book with no previous knowledge, I didn’t have any trouble catching on with what was happening and "had" happened in the first book. All that to say- even if you haven’t read book one you can start with this one.

Harlow has come up with categories for potential lovers:
The Manhower (dirty rock star, muscled quarterback, even the occasional irresistible hot nerd).
The Misunderstood (artist, a quiet surfer, or a soulful musician).
The Mama’s boy (drives mom’s hand-me-down Lexus and keeps it in pristine condition).
✦Then there’s Finn who doesn’t fit into any of Harlow’s categories.

A second chance romance?! Perhaps, it might be better to say this is Finn & Harlow’s third or fourth chance romance. These two are reaquianted after Finn comes to town for business and attend his friends grand opening of a new store. Each, Finn and Harlow, harbor a secret that they don’t feel like sharing with others. Both just want a detached relationship where they can forget their responsibilities and relieve tension with some “naked wrestling.”

The no strings attached arrangement becomes blurred when they realize that they are each other’s “person.”


Christina Lauren’s have hit the spot. I’m looking forward to reading the first book and learning about Ansel aka "Sweet Filthy Boy." And, of course, I want Oliver’s book that will be coming out in 2015. Every once in awhile a book comes along that has the right amount of sexy times and plot… DIRTY ROWDY THING is that book.

Sweet Filthy Boy (Wild Seasons, #1) by Christina Lauren Dirty Rowdy Thing (Wild Seasons, #2) by Christina Lauren Dark Wild Night
1 - Ansel | 2 - Finn | 3 - Oliver
To find out when the next book is going to be released AND if there will be more books in the series click here.

Sweet Filthy Morning After (Wild Seasons, #1.5) by Christina Lauren
**Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**

descriptive text here
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2,434 reviews4,592 followers
January 5, 2015

Girls leave whatever you're reading and start this now! The first book was good...but this one...OMG...It was amazing!This series is getting better and better! What can I say? The chemistry between the characters was amazing, the sex so hot and there were funny moments! It was exactly what I needed!Ladies be prepared...Finn is here to captivate you!


Finn and Harlow got married in Vegas for 12 hours when they were with their friends in Vegas. Unlike Ansel and Mia, Finn and Harlow annulled their marriage and that was the end of their relationship.They have gotten together again for a hookup but that's it.They haven't seen each other since then, Finn is here for a couple of weeks.They start to spent time together having hot sex...

But can they keep their feelings in check, or will they want more?

I thought Ansel was hot...but wait till you meet Finn and get to know him better! This man will make you feel hot all the time! Finn...mmmm he is so hot,cocky,alpha male and sexy! He isn't the type of man with roses...But he can keep your interested with other things!
Harlow is funny and so smart!!!I connected with her from the beginning!!The chemistry bettween them is of the charts!!!OMG they were perfect for each other!!!Both characters are dealing with family issues and I liked a lot the scenes that involved them with their families.
Harlow and Finn cares so much for their families!!!This make me love them even more!!The sex is so hot and very kinky.I liked it a lot!!!Finn has a thing for rope :)))


If you haven't read this series, I think now it's the time to start it!!! :) I highly recommend it to everyone!! I can't wait for Oliver and Lola <3 <3
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896 reviews1,974 followers
November 7, 2014
4 Sexy Stars.

In this second installment we have the story of Finn and Harlow. They also got married in Vegas but they annulled it in the morning after.
However, as a form of celebration, they spent a weekend in Vancouver having amazing sex, because that’s one aspect they are pretty great together.
When they meet again in Las Vegas, where Finn as some business to take care they decided on friends on benefits. Although the friends part isn’t that important because they don’t like each other that much.


But when their personal lives start to interfere and they start to know each other better, they realize they have feelings for each other and that the friends part may be actually real. Even more, possibly.
The problem is, in order for them to be happy together they have to fifth their differences, their jobs, the distance and the biggest problem: themselves.


This book delivered exactly what I was expecting. It was fun, steamy and easy to read. It was a pretty well written and entertaining story, although sometimes I felt it gave to much importance to the sexual aspect and disregarded their story a little.
However, if you liked the previous book, you probably should read this one too.


Rating: 4 Star.
Characters Development: Finn was good, he was honest and sexy but sometimes he came out as little immature. I mean, for a 32 year old guy he should man-up more. Most of the time, Harlow had more balls than him, and she is 10 years younger. Harlow was a big surprise for me, I didn’t expect to like her so much. She as an amazing friend, loyal and pretty mature for her age. I loved the fact they were so connected to their families, I come from a gigantic family so I always love to see that aspect in books. However, Oliver and Lola always were my favorite couple, so I’m anxious for their story the most.
Steam: Hot. Finn as a dirty mouth and a taste for silky ropes.
Sensible Subjects:
Love Triangle:
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735 reviews815 followers
July 7, 2016
“He could only do rowdy because he felt what I felt: that whip-crack unleashing that comes when you meet the person who frees you.”

Harlow. The most straightforward heroine ever. When she knows what she wants, she goes for it. No games. No pretense. No over-thinking. I loved that about her. She was such a real character. Sweet, caring, confident with plenty of feelings which she was not afraid to show to people.

Finn. Manly, sexy, loyal and proud but down to the earth man. Quiet outside, but wild in the bedroom. He did it for me big time. And I have to admit that I liked him better and found him even sexier than Ansel from Sweet Filthy Boy (plus Finn did not mess up in such a big way as Ansel did).

Scorching sex and dirty words. These authors definitely know how to write steamy scenes. Are you in mood for steamy romance without too much angst or drama? What are you waiting for? Read this book. No one writes better leisure stories than duo Christina Lauren. Their stories always make me smile and lighten my mood. Keep them coming ladies!

MORE REVIEWS ON MY BLOG Reading Is My Breathing
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940 reviews14k followers
September 8, 2018
The first book in this series is such a superior romance story, and this one in comparison is..... tragic. Whereas the first book had a cool setting, interesting/complex characers, and an intruiging plot, this book was plain average with characters and dialogue that's a cookie cutter of every other romance book out there.

So although there was nothing ~bad~ about this book, I just accumulated a list of things that aren't my personal preference in romance, such as:

•corny dialogue with fake edgy delivery
•10 year age gap betwen mc and love interest (& he belittles her a lot because of it)
•unprotected sex
•generic, recycled plot
•using miscommunication/withholding info from each other as a plot device
•cringy overuse of the word “epic”

I'm still gonna finish this series, but this book is my new least favorite book by Christina Lauren, even though it wasn't horrible.
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305 reviews
November 5, 2014

3.5 stars

I enjoyed this, but my heart belongs to Ansel:) If I got to choose, the sweet, filthy boy would be mine!!

Thanks to the ladies from the buddy read! It was a fun one:)

My thoughts before reading:),


So, Finn is rugged, dirty, rowdy, and likes to take charge? No wonder I'm so excited about this book release:)

Buddy read for Tuesday:))
Profile Image for Warda.
1,207 reviews19.7k followers
December 23, 2018
This was so much fun to read! So much fun. So heartfelt and tender as well, which I wasn’t expecting. These characters and their lives felt real, the emotions came across really authentic and damn me, the whole story felt so alive.

Christina Lauren are a dream duo!
Profile Image for Angela (Reading Frenzy Book Blog).
957 reviews452 followers
June 8, 2017
911, I’ve got a situation. You see, what had happened was I was reading Dirty Rowdy Thing by Christina Lauren and my Kindle spontaneously combusted. Like, we’re talking flames shot out of that bad boy, and now my bedroom is covered in a thick cloud of smoke and my comforter is charred. In my defense, the book really should have come with some kind of warning about explosively erotic scenes so I would have had my fire extinguisher on hand. Just sayin’.

If you’ve read Sweet Filthy Boy you’ll remember Harlow—the fun-loving, sexually forward recent college grad—and Finn—the hot Canadian fisherman—as one of the couples who got married after a wild night in Las Vegas. The marriage was quickly annulled, but Harlow hasn’t quite gotten Finn out of her system.

In Dirty Rowdy Thing, Finn crosses the line from dirty into one filthy, filthy boy. In other words, he’s my kind of guy. If love making was a sport, he would be the reigning world champion, Olympic gold medalist, and Hall of Famer. In addition to knowing his way around the bedroom, he’s family-centered, honest, easy going, and monogamous. What’s not to love?

Honestly, despite their reunion being initially antagonistic, there really is very little drama between them. The plot mostly revolves around Finn’s failing family business and Harlow’s vulnerability. There are serious issues involving Harlow’s family, and I really wish the authors had made more of that story. It would have added a bit more meat to the plot. All the same, this is an enjoyable read and I’m looking forward to reading Lola and Oliver’s story in Dark Wild Night.

By the way, Christina Lauren. You owe me a new Kindle.

Recommended for fans of:
Romantic comedy
Strong women
Manly men

Reading Frenzy Book Blog
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974 reviews667 followers
November 6, 2014
3 Underwhelming Stars

I have come to the conclusion that I really don't like this series as much as the Bastard series and I am not sure if I will be continuing on with it. Harlow and Finn were married in Vegas, and other than spending a hot and sweaty weekend together after the annulment, they haven't seen each other for a while. When Finn comes to town for the opening of Oscar's comic shop, they are once again reunited. Although the sex scences were smoking hot, I didn't feel any emotional connection to these two. Finn wasn't particularly swoon worthy in my eyes and he displayed some twatish behaviour towards the end which further decreased his appeal. This book had a few of the old cliches that have been overdone, and I found it a tad on the boring side.

The second half of the book was much better than the first, I enjoyed the scenes in Canada with the Fisher Brothers and Finn's dad.

Overall, it was an OK read :)
Profile Image for Beverly.
1,005 reviews796 followers
May 23, 2015
4.5 Holy Hotness Stars

Well, well, well…I thought I loved Ansel until I met Finn. It was tough to pick a favorite, but this Dirty boy had me at get the rope. LOL

Finn and Harlow are together again. Despite having been married, shared many earthshaking orgasms, these two know nothing about each other. Finn thinks Harlow is a rich princess who’s main focus is shopping and Harlow thinks Finn is a roughneck.

It may take them awhile to see it, but I could immediately see how these two were perfect for each other. Harlow may come off as abrupt, but she is one of the most caring people. She loves her family and friends fiercely and she is extremely loyal to those she loves. Finn has been caring the weight of his family for years, and doesn’t know how to step back and let someone care about him.

What Finn does know how to do, yes he is an expert in dirty talk, a rope, and all things rowdy.

These two finally get a chance to know each other and spend time together while Finn is in town for work. He is very closed off and refuses to open up and share about his problems, but as their relationship progresses he opens up and we get to see the real Finn. Despite a very real connection these two have so much to overcome. The first being neither knows how to be in a real relationship and the fact that they live in separate countries.

I seriously loved this story and this couple. It is such a fun read. Harlow is hilarious and had me laughing out. Finn is sexy and completely swoon worthy. This is a fun, very sexy read that will leave you with a happy ending. (pun intended)

I highly recommend this one!
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382 reviews168 followers
October 19, 2015
4 Ginger Snap stars!

 photo image.jpg1_zpstxruanxd.jpg

Book 2 in the Wild Seasons series, and another solid read for me.

This follows the relationship of Harlow and Finn. Unlike Mia and Ansel from book 1, the two did annul their marriage from that crazy night in Vegas. With Harlow in California, and Finn living in Canada, the odds of them seeing one another are slim. That is, until Finn comes to town for the opening of his friends comic store.

 photo image.jpg1_zpsyqol1xme.jpg

When the stoic fisherman comes for a visit, the two hop back into bed with one another since it's all they know how to do well.

But Harlow has some serious things going on at home, as does Finn. The two are able to get to know each other as friends, and find out they are able to tolerate, and even like the others personality.

Things get hotter, when Finn introduces Harlow to his fascination with bondage.

 photo image.jpg1_zpsbeotyuqm.jpg

They start to fall deeper.

When one confides and trusts in the other, and one is still holding back, how will these two end up on the same page? Especially since they live so far apart?
"I'm just fucking wild for you."

 photo image.jpg1_zpsnzoaobfk.jpg

I liked this one a lot. I know when I go into a book by these talented authors, that I'm going to get a little bit of everything. Sweet moments, funny dialogue, some angst, and of course awesome sex scenes. So it was a great read.

I think I liked this one better than the first. Especially since this one had dual POV, where the book 1 was solely through the h's voice. Finn was a perfect book boyfriend. The blue collar, shmexy, strong yet silent man meat, who is also a dirty talker? Yes, please! And Harlow was a very likable heroine. Very sweet and funny. They fit really well together.

I enjoyed pretty much all of the story, however the ending was seriously abrupt. I'm assuming since in the next book when we get more on Oliver and Lola, that we'll hear more about what's going on with these two, but this book definitely needed some kind of an epilogue.

A friend pointed out that there has been a common denominator with the series so far. In both books, the ending was resolved a little quickly (more so in this one), and both heroes made a major "dick move". The fact that both heroines were so easily forgiving was a little odd. This did not take away from the book though. Yes, Finn does something that is a little fucked-up, but I wasn't too bothered by what transpired. It was a HEA, so I rolled with it.

Another great read down, and will still continue on with the series.
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267 reviews375 followers
April 2, 2016
I've said it many times before and I'll keep shouting it from the rooftops.... Christina Lauren is amazing!! A writing duo sent from the book Gods! They're unstoppable! I love them so much, can you feel it yet!? Okay back to DRT....

I loved everything about this book! We first met Harlow and Finn in 'Sweet Filthy Boy' during the infamous night in Vegas where the entire gang gets stupidly drunk and hitched. Unlike Ansel and Mia, Harlow and Finn get an annulment immediately the next morning. Neither has much memory of the previous night, all they know is the sex was off the charts!

Having the same group of friends, Harlow and Finn are bound to run into each other from time to time. With these two, it's either arguing or hitting the sheets. Harlow and Finn have zero in common but whenever they run into each other, chemistry sizzles off the pages! I absolutely adore all the fun banter between them.

Finn is in town for the grand opening of their mutual friend, Oliver's, comic book store. He's also in town for other reasons unknown to anyone outside of his family. The last thing he's looking for right now is love. Meanwhile, Harlow is coping with a family issue and is merely looking for a distraction. As much as they try to fight it, they both soon realize that what they have is much more than just fun and hot sex.

Harlow is one of my new favorite heroines! I crazy love this girl! She's smart, blunt, feisty, sarcastic, funny, a fixer, and just all around pretty fucking awesome. She had me laughing out loud many times. And Finn.... Finn oh Finn how I love thee!! Finn is an all around manly man that I'd love to have hanging around my bedroom. The man is into the kink and he can get quite rowdy! But at the same time he was so sweet, always making sure Harlow was okay with everything they did. The intimacy was always there with these two even when they don't realize it and it was never just sex. Harlow and Finn ground each other and it's a beautiful thing when they are together.

Then there's the drama.. There's always some sort of drama that pulls couples apart before they can have their happily ever after right? I'm pleased to say that their drama was handled quickly and maturely.

I love this series and all the characters involved to pieces!! I highly highly recommend all Christina Lauren books. They are the masters of capturing strong, fierce women; and men you will swoon over for the rest of your days. Can't wait to read all future books from these amazing ladies!

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February 8, 2017

I absolutely love the stories Christina Lauren writes, the characters they imagine. And Dirty Rowdy Thing is probably my favorite book in their Wild Seasons series. There’s something about a man Christina Lauren creates that just makes you weak in the knees, and Finn Roberts was no exception. I was NOT, and I repeat was NOT, prepared for the words that came out of his mouth.

“You want me just a little rough?” he asks, hands shaking where he cups my face. “Or you want me fucking wild?”

“I like leaving marks. I like seeing you wet, and watching you walk differently in the morning because I fucked you so good your legs aren’t working right.”

I loved his character, and how he wasn’t a typical manwhore who was now reformed because of one night with a girl. He was such a MAN, and so damn sexy. And despite being quiet and pensive, he wasn’t afraid to let Harlow know just how he felt about her.

"And I wonder if she has any idea how it feels, or if I’m the only one of the two of us who gets so wrapped up that I could accurately estimate the distance between us in millimeters."

He did do something to really PISS me off and want to throttle him (yea -those who have read will know what I am referring to) but I guess he wouldn't be a man if he didn't do something completely stupid, right?

I really adored Harlow, too. She was sassy, smart, and her conversations with Lola and Mia were hysterical. She was so much better than I expected her to be, and I can honestly say she didn't annoy me once. I loved how fiercely she loved everyone around her, and how she was the 1st person to offer help to any of them. And despite the age difference, Harlow never really seemed much younger than Finn to me, and their relationship was just so sexy, sweet, and passionate.

“It’s you,” he whispers, and then bends to kiss my hair. It’s you. And suddenly, I’m on an epic mental bender, imagining all of the things he could have meant when he said it. It takes no time for him to clarify, though. “I want to be good to you.” He rolls me to face him, and kisses me once before admitting, “I’m just fucking wild for you.” “I think I spotted that just now,” I whisper. “I mean,” he clarifies, “the I love you kind of wild.”

I adored this book. I think most know by now I am a hardcore Will Sumner admirer, but I think Finn takes second place.

Dirty Rowdy Thing can be read as a standalone | http://amzn.to/2e2xhrX

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November 5, 2014

4 STARS, Buddy Read

Genre: NA Romance
Cover: 8/10
Writing: 9/10
Heroine: 7/10
Hero: 6/10
Humour: 3/10
Hotness: 7/10
Romance: 7/10
Extra book Details: Heroine & Hero POV; 1st person. Approx 350 pages. 2nd in the series, can be read as a standalone.

'Despite their rowdy hookups, Harlow and Finn don’t even like each other...which would explain why their marriage lasted only twelve hours.
He needs to be in charge and takes whatever he wants. She lives by the Want-something-done? Do-it-yourself mantra.
Maybe she’s too similar to the rugged fisherman—or just what he needs.'

Dirty Rowdy Thing' started off great for me. I got sucked in. Hot sex, little love/hate, opposites attract...

Harlow was a great heroine, she was feisty, gave as good as she got, confident and funny. Finn... for me, he was above average. I liked him better in the bedroom than anywhere else. I'm not sure why, I just found his personality a little dull.

I can't help but compare it to the first book, 'Sweet Filthy Boy', where I felt emotion in SFB, I didn't feel it in DRT. For some reason, I didn't feel; for them, their connection, or the progress of falling in love. And Ansel vs Finn... Ansel is just too sweet and enigmatic to lose.

I also needed some more.. mystery? Something that kept me wondering what would happen next, something that was revealed or suggested throughout the book.

Still, I loved the writing. The sex was hot; as I said, descriptive, the humour was fresh, the characters banter; great. Really liked seeing the gang back together again. I did enjoy the read. But I couldn't help but want a better hero and storyline.

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581 reviews23.7k followers
November 20, 2021
I’m kind of terrified of the fact that I just fell in love with a fisherman oh well.
He knew how to tie knots and work with a rope if you know what I mean.

Harlow was amazing and caring and then there is Finn. I’m just saying I’m falling more and more for wild guys that live in the middle of nowhere
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343 reviews322 followers
September 20, 2015

If you haven't read "Sweet Filthy Boy" (the first book in the series) this is how it started: Three girls (best friends) and 3 boy (also best friends) meet, hookup, get drunk and end up getting married in Vegas. "Dirty Rowdy Thing" follows the story of Harlow and Finn after their marriage, amazing sex, divorce and another round of amazing sex when she surprises him by going to Canada in nothing but a trench coat!!!!

A few months later he's back again and this time he is staying for a while to try and save his family's business. Because fireworks lite up when they are in the same room they pick up where they left of and that's where the rope play begins :D


After things get to intense they decide to put a stop to it and just be friends because each have a secret they are keeping from each other...

Because I do not want to add any more spoilers to this review and I only wanted to give you a taste of this beautiful writing by Christina Lauren I'm going to stop here and just tell you that if you love a good romance novel with a fiery chick, a broody Adonis and a HEA then you will surely love this one.

So 5 dirty rowdy stars from me and it is going to be a long wait for the next instalment in this series...

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December 21, 2016
Christina Lauren and their hot male leads never disappoints. The love/hate relationship between Harlow and Finn is HOT. Fan-yourself-worthy-HOT and their sexy times are like:

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2,933 reviews958 followers
June 22, 2015
SENSATIONAL! I love Harlow, I LOOOOVE Finn, I love this story!

Great fun, with lots of heart and a sexy, yet mostly functional love story, this book had me hooked from start to finish.

Book 2 in the Wild Seasons series, this book follows on from Sweet Filthy Boy, and brings us the story of Harlow and Finn - the daughter of two Hollywood celebrities, and a fisherman from the wilds of Canada. The characters in this series met on a wild weekend in Vegas – three guys and three girls who all ended up married after a big night out. Harlow and Finn were married for 12 drunken, highly-sexed hours before they annulled their marriage, but with two of their best friends staying married it looks like they’re going to remain in each other’s lives – which is a good thing, considering they are still wildly attracted to each other.

I’m woman enough to admit that I’m completely obsessed with his forearms. They’re roped, thick, every single muscle defined. I want to see him haul a big net onto the deck of his ship. God, he would make majestic fisherman porn.

Despite their short-lived marriage and Harlow’s quick trip up to Canada for a follow up wild encounter, they’ve never really gotten to know each other. But now, with the group reunited for a few weeks in Harlow’s home town, and the two of them finally spending time together where they aren’t sexing each other almost to death, they finally get that opportunity. And it’s awesome! They banter constantly, teasing, bickering and flirting, and I absolutely love their dynamic.

I’ve said more nonsex words to Harlow in the past five minutes than I did the entire time she was in Canada, but I’m surprised to find that not only is she easy to talk to, she’s fun. “And, my impression of you is ever evolving, now that you aren’t just a pretty face in my lap.”
“You’re one classy motherfucker, Finn.”
“This speaking thing does wonders for expanding our horizons.”

Harlow is 22 and Finn is 32, so there’s a bit of an age gap, but it adds a really nice dimension to things between them. And, of course neither of them is able to resist their mad chemistry, so it’s not too long before they end up naked together. But they agree to keep it uncomplicated - they both have serious things going on in their personal lives, and they know they’re using the other as a distraction, but it works for them, so they’re happy to go along with it.

And, as with all Christina Lauren books, the sexy time is freaking HOT! Finn and Harlow absolutely sizzle together. The sex is wild, passionate, and a little bit kinky, but more than that, they share an intimacy which goes beyond ‘just sex’, and it makes each encounter incredibly intense.

“The stars could fall, the ocean could take over the land, and I wouldn’t even realize it until long after Finn slows his hips and runs his hand up my leg and along my side, until he reaches my jaw, cupping it and telling me he’s never wanted anything the way he wants me.”

And the more time they spend together, the more they realise that there is something developing between them. And they’re SO freaking functional about it! They talk about what they’re feeling, they’re rational about how their situation impacts their lives, and they act accordingly. They have their ups and downs, but it creates a fantastic story, and I loved watching it all unfold.

“I want to be good to you.” He rolls me to face him, and kisses me once before admitting, “I’m just fucking wild for you.”
“I think I spotted that just now,” I whisper.
“I mean,” he clarifies, “the
I love you kind of wild.”

I love these characters! I was surprised at how different they were from what I initially thought. Harlow is a bit wild, yes, but she’s got a huge heart, and an almost pathological need to care and be there for the people she loves. And Finn is a serious one. Loyal to his family and friends, he is deeply committed to his family’s fishing business, but mostly keeps to himself, living a quiet life. But together they become something incredibly special and I loved every moment of watching them come together.

I also loved getting to spend time with the other characters from the series. We get to catch up with Mia and Ansel from book 1, and Oliver and Lola who are both still ignoring what is between them. And I really enjoyed the scenes with the group together – the girls, the boys, or any combination of that. This group has a fantastic dynamic, they genuinely care about each other, and they’re so freaking funny together. Their interactions are all gold.

“How is Mia, anyway?” I ask.
Ansel looks up at me with the most goofy, dimpled smile I’ve ever seen. “Perfect.”
“Ugh,” Oliver says, setting his fork down. “Do not get him started. Lola says she’s had to start warning them before she comes over. Last time she could hear them all the way down Julianne’s driveway.”
Ansel only shrugs, looking disgustingly pleased with himself. “What can I say? I am quite the vocal lover, and would never stifle the loud, satisfied cries of my wife during what is possibly the best sex anyone has ever had.” He leans in, looks us both in the eye in turn, and repeats, “

I listened to this as an audiobook, and holy hell, it was awesome! The writing is fantastic, and the story is wonderful, but the narration brings SO much to the story, and Harlow and Finn were brought to life brilliantly by Shayna Thibodeux and the luscious voice of Sebastian York – that guy’s deep voice literally gives me shivers. Perfection!

Funny, romantic and sexy with just the right amount of drama, I adored every minute of this book and didn’t want it to end.

Absolutely loved it - 5 stars.
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1,068 reviews
November 6, 2014
{Note: After listening to the novel's "Epilogue," which is only available via audiobook, I'm going to have to downgrade my rating from 2.5 stars to 2 stars. I'll explain more later. All I can say for now is that "The Epilogue" was NOT convincing, & it actually made me believe less in Finn & Harlow as a couple.... Proper Review to Come}.

I never thought that the day would come when I would feel SO UNINVESTED in a Christina Lauren novel. IMHO, Dirty Rowdy Thing is just awful, & I believe that it is, by far, the talented writing duo's weakest novel to date. The main characters were dull (and oftentimes, downright unlikable); the plot was weak; the hero & heroine exhibited virtually zero character growth throughout the course of the novel; the relationship between the hero & heroine seemed forced & lacked both chemistry & emotion; I did not believe that the two main characters (Finn & Harlow) had the kind of love that could withstand the test of time; & in short, I just didn't enjoy a single aspect of the storyline. I spent the entire novel either trying to ward off sleep & boredom OR completely bewildered by how often Finn ticked me off.

Christina & Lauren are two of my favorite authors, so to say that I'm "disappointed" in their most recent publication would be a gross understatement.

*2/5 stars*

Status Update @90%: Both the hero & the heroine are pissing me off. IMO, the drama that ensued was nonsensical. It was merely FILLER... It was drama merely for the sake of drama.

Status Update @65%: When Will Sumner talks dirty, I'm completely on board. When Finn talks dirty, I just roll my eyes. Finn & Harlow's relationship just isn't working for me. There's a lack of chemistry, a lack of connection, & a complete & utter lack of emotion. In Christina Lauren's other novels, you can FEEL the emotion; the love between the main characters is usually so strong that it jumps off each & every page and pierces the reader in the chest. Unfortunately, that is NOT the case with Harlow & Finn. Their relationship & the circumstances perpetually bringing them together seem forced to me.... Furthermore, I believe that these characters are better suited as secondary characters. They just don't have a lot to offer as primary characters, & their story is boring the sh*t out of me.

Status Update @60%: "Not-Joe" is the Jar-Jar Binks of the Wild Seasons series. Each time we see him, he's stoned out of his mind. I guess that I can understand why some readers love him. After all, Not-Joe is definitely a Renaissance Man. What other man reads romance novels, as well as travel, philosophy & biographical novels... AND knows how to pierce his own penis (not once, but TWICE)?!? He's multi-talented. I'll give him that much. ;-)

Status Update @48%: I know that I'm being a big baby... BUT I want Ansel back. :((((

Most of you are aware by now that I am a HUGE Christina Lauren fan. I love everything that Christina & Lauren have ever written (with the exception of Sublime, which I never read).... All of Christina Lauren's heroes have been swoon-worthy (even that Beautiful Bastard-- BENNETT RYAN). Therefore, I am absolutely flummoxed by how much I dislike Finn. Please give me back ANSEL GUILLAUME, MAX STELLA, or WILL SUMNER. PLEASE.

Furthermore, I couldn't care less about that stupid
*** It's sad to say, but I think that the ROPE actually has more personality than Finn does.

Status Update @40%: I LOVE Christina & Lauren. Anything that they publish is must-read literature as far as I'm concerned. Unfortunately, I'm having a difficult time getting through Dirty Rowdy Thing. I don't find Harlow & Finn to be compelling main characters; I don't detect any chemistry between them; & in all honesty, I am SO sick of Finn shaming Harlow for her family's wealth. The repetitive jabs are just TOO MUCH. I'm BORED!

*** Thank you to Jeanne, Ami, Ya, Eda, Yasmine & the rest of the girls for the buddy-read! <3
*** Buddy-read with Amber, as well. <3

A very disappointing *2/5 stars*
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August 13, 2016
For the most part, two essential subplots are somewhat disconnected from the characters.

Subplot 1: Harlow’s mom is diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer
Subplot 2: Finn’s family business is in dire shape.

With the subplots in the background, what are MCs doing??
Banging, roping, fishing, drinking, horny, drooling, banging more…

I find it hard to rationalize how well MCs could compartmentalize their emotions. A light fluffy storyline built on serious subplots is not well-executed, imo.

Finn is not swoon-worthy.
Harlow character isn’t consistent throughout the novel.
Great supporting cast.
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September 21, 2017
Welcome to my speed round of reviews! This one: BAM! Unexpectedly enjoyed this!

The hero in this book? Hotsie, totsie


The heroine? Super happy, talkative, funny, sarcastic just had one little issue.

grow up

All in all, a solid read. Or rather listen in my case. Earbuds, people, earbuds. And windows rolled up. You feel me?
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November 3, 2014
Dirty Rowdy Thing is the perfect title to this book! There are a lot of things that I loved about this book. I adore Harlow -she is funny, loyal, smart and sweet. I was so glad we got a little more Ansel and Mia in this book! The sex - WOW! HOT! There were quite a few steamy scenes in this book and I loved every single one. I love that this book is told in dual POV. Finn was super hot and I love the nicknames he has for Harlow. I love that he likes to be in control. I did have a few small issues with Finn and he's definitely not a push-over but I still loved him. This series is so good, I love these authors and the characters they write! I can't wait for Oliver and Lola's story!

On a side note, if you read this book, please take the time to read the authors acknowledgements at the end - they were really beautiful and made me appreciate this book a little bit more.

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