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Timothy and Ata were not sure what they would find when they went searching through the old dusty volumes of the true Histories of Earth, but now they seem to have created an unstoppable chain of events, and they and Barbara are now stuck in the middle.

The Worlds are not as they should be. There is a new danger brewing, that will bring the Light Travelers to the outer reaches of our galaxy and back again. All the Worlds of Men are now at risk, and not just Earth. But will the Light Travelers be able save humanity from this growing force? Will they even be able to save themselves?

280 pages, Paperback

First published August 1, 2014

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Steven J. Carroll

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Hi, I'm Steven J. Carroll, a writer of fiction for young adults and pre-teens. I've also been an indie songwriter for many years, which was what honed my interests for writing.

My newest release is book two in a Young Adult, Sci-fi/Dystopian series called CITY OF WORDS. This novel follows the action-packed, suspense-filled journey of Alpha, as he tries to find a way to survive under the watchful eye of the all-powerful ruling authority, called the Common, and as he tries to save the life of the only person in the world that he truly cares about, a girl named Theta.

My fantasy, sci-fi series, THE HISTORIES OF EARTH, is a fast-paced, interstellar adventure. It's about a group of "Light Travelers", who must use their secret abilities to save far-off, distant worlds. These are books about knights and kingdoms, and monsters and epic battles, and mysterious inventions and long ago forgotten histories.

And if you happen to be a fan of Southern Americana fiction, you might like to read my book, THE ROAD TO JERICHO. This is a story about a lovable troublemaker, Ronny Gentry, and his dog, Lionel, and about their travels to Jericho, AR, a hubbub of wanton and reckless living, in the summer of 1949. It's a book about charity, and gratitude, and greed, and the choices that lead us there.

One more thing before I go, I need to give a shout out to my fellow SoCal author, Toby Hoff, who encouraged me to begin writing.

I currently live in Southern California with my wife.

Listen to my discography on iTunes:
Steve Carroll on iTunes

For more information, go to: stevenjcarroll.com

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955 reviews5 followers
July 11, 2017
** In compliance with FTC guidelines, I disclose that I received this book for free through Goodreads Giveaways.**

Has a very Narnian feel to it, this, #4 of a 4-book series. Lots of ends to tie up, and Carroll does a good job. Delaney has come a long way from Mayfield School for Girls. Timothy Hayfield is worthy of the title Prince of Earth. Ata plays a significant role in this tale. Where will the light travelers end up after all this time? Carroll still has several new worlds up his sleeve.

Carroll does a nice job combing science and magic, with a splash of religion and ethics. Timothy's forearm bracelets that create a force field around the wearer and Ata's electro-magnetic sphere that causes the wearer of the paired golden bracelets to fly, the transmitter the brought back with them that they alter to suit their needs, and the necklace of invisibility fit right in if you've read the story to date.

Again, suitable for all ages, but these would be perfect as bedtime stories, sliced into perfect chapter chunks that allow for "just one more...."
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2,318 reviews40 followers
November 25, 2014
"Worlds Unending" the fourth book in the "Histories of Earth" is a strong blend of fantasy and adventure in the vein of C.S. Lewis's Narnia series. It begins when Barbara, Timothy and Ata after perusing volumes of the true Histories of Earth journey to other worlds in search of Arthur Greyford a light traveller who disappeared sixty-five years ago from King's College Hospital,although seriously injured. In their quest the teens are unaware of the disappearance of the globe and its sale to the devious Desert King who will do anything to conquer not only Gleomu but other worlds in the galaxy. In the thrilling conclusion the light travellers will not only go on a quest to dangerous new planets but battle the tyranny of enemy who's determined to overthrow Ismere and rule the world.

In threads of the plot which converge in a surprising and exciting ending the light travellers journey to hostile worlds in pursuit of Arthur Greyford, and fight for a globe that'll be used for evil in the wrong hands. Like all of Steven J. Carroll's stories "World's Unending" is filled with unique and imaginative creatures like lions with leathery wings, and huge beetles with a vicious bite and razor-sharp legs. Amid the marvels of this magical world, adventurers like Ata have bracelets on his forearms and a metallic ball for flying; Timothy,arm bands that generate a protective force field and Barbara a necklace that gives her invisibility. In a plot where the action never stops as tension and suspense mounts, the teens confront one challenge after another. Amid all the violence and chaos not only does the plot resound with strong core values like friendship, self-sacrifice, love and forgiveness but any intensity is broken by the author's wit and a wry sense of humour that extends even into the footnotes.

Like the plot all the characters are well-developed and unforgettable especially the new ones like Tavora, a sad and sour teen who's filled with anger, shame and a sense of powerlessness when confronted by the treasonous behaviour of her father. Oded is her bitter, self-absorbed and abusive father who craves wealth and will even sacrifice his only daughter to get it. Arthur Greyford is the brave intellectual found on Eddesu, the planet of Eternal Renewal while Surru the Desert King is the heartless, cruel survivor on that world who rules his people through fear and coercion. My only criticism is that the characters who add passion,power and drama to this tale are now teenagers which isn't reflected in the illustration on the cover.

With each new tale Steven J. Carroll's writing style as well as character and plot development have steadily grown. "Worlds Unending" I think is the best of the four books in a series that I rate highly.
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498 reviews3 followers
February 1, 2017
The last book in a series that I had won through the GoodReads Giveaway and I was finally able to finish it today. Just like the others, very well written and caught my attention pretty much from page 1. Great author and I can't wait to pass these books down to my daughter to read when she is much older since she is only 3 years old now. hehe
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