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Mind Fuck (The Administration, #1)
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Mind Fuck

(The Administration #1 )

3.95  ·  Rating details ·  2,911 ratings  ·  396 reviews
There are no bad guys or good guys. There are only better guys and worse guys.

One of the worse guys is Val Toreth. In a world in which torture is a legitimate part of the investigative process, he works for the Investigation and Interrogation Division, where his colleagues can be more dangerous than the criminals he investigates.

One of the better guys is Keir Warrick. His
Paperback, 1st Edition, 264 pages
Published October 29th 2007 by Casperian Books
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Average rating 3.95  · 
Rating details
 ·  2,911 ratings  ·  396 reviews

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Nov 01, 2009 rated it it was amazing
Recommends it for: when she is finished with fan fiction...
it's the future! and there has been a murrderr! now it is a series of murrderrs! who is killing these people? is it the virtual reality chambers they were all found in? or is it corporate sabotage? we will never know because the investigator is too busy having hot gay sex with the man in charge of the virtual reality chamber company! focus! solve your crimes first, and there will be plenty of time for hot gay sex! you're not listening, are you? you're - you're having hot gay sex again, aren't yo ...more
2015: Reread of my all-time favorite series with Jenna and Lo-Lo, hopefully followed by book 8 (that'll be published in spring) and book 9. Why, hello there, Marcus Toth! ;)

2012: There was NO WAY, I told myself, that I was going to buy the paperbacks after having read all the ebooks for free. But in the end, I simply couldn't resist the awesomeness that's Manna Francis.

[image error]

I think that says everything there is to say about The Administration, doesn't it? :)

Please join The Administrati
Dec 01, 2019 rated it really liked it
Think of this as 50 Shades of a Brave New World. It's a dystopian with the main character working as an investigator for the government and his case being a possible corporate espionage situation in a world where corporations are gods.

Yes, it's nothing like reality. Really.

I saw this book being reviewed a lot and was always interested because there was a supposed sociopath that I would love, plus dystopia=fun. But, I was frankly a little disappointed at how un-sociopathic the hero seemed to me.
Jun 20, 2012 rated it it was amazing
Recommended to Monique by: Lenore
Shelves: lgbt
This is a Science Fiction Dystopian Thriller with a totalitarian regime set in New London some time in the future. Romance...No. Mind Fuck!....that it is. But Excellent never-the-less...


I originally read this book back in September (yes..Only just getting round to review)... My initial thoughts after reading it, 4 stars - well, here I am a month later and....YES, I am still obsessed with these characters! They have a way of getting inside your head and worming their way under your skin. Tryi
Oct 25, 2012 rated it really liked it
REREAD November 2019

It’s been almost exactly 7 years since I read this originally. I loved this series but never quite embraced book 1. Reading it years later, I’m sad that I didn’t understand what a masterpiece of world-building, character set-up, and true mystery this book is.

In short, I loved it. I did skim some of the detail again, because I already knew the ending. But I could appreciate so many of the Easter eggs the author planted from the very beginning (the mere mention of HELEN had m
Feb 21, 2012 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
"I'm neither. Just interested in the topic, that's all."
"People are generally interested for a reason."
"Of course. It has a bearing on what I do for a living. I fuck minds," Toreth said pleasantly.
"I see."

Kiss the paper-warfare goodbye! Welcome to New London and the world of Val Toreth and Keir Warrick! Oh, yeah, you'll discover the world of hand screens, the Administration (government), SimTech, interactive sim programs, Psychoprogramming, the secretive Mindfuck (Toreth's departmental rivals bu
Julio Genao
Nov 17, 2012 rated it it was ok
As dry as Rubio's mouth.

I have never read a police procedural more procedural than this one.

Picked up towards the end, but by then the exploits of a type A sociopath and a nerd masochist had worn thin. Never mind that the mystery was not at all surprising, and the denouement hinged on the actions of a character operating offstage for all but the first ten and the last ten pages.

Not enough conflict. Way too much discussion.

But! An enjoyably ill-tempered and appallingly malicious Toreth makes for
Aug 28, 2015 rated it liked it
Shelves: reviewed, m-read-mm
So, I liked it, but I was expecting more.

It was an interesting plot but there was A LOT of investigation. Way too many details for my taste.
I am starting to sound like a broken record, but I missed more of the characters relationship.

I loved Toreth and Warrick, they are great characters, very interesting and smart. I just wished there have been more moments with the two of them and less investigating. I wanted more struggle and emotions between them.

It's funny that we are getting exactly what I
Written November 13, 2014

4 Stars - to a hard-boiled crime thriller in a pretty scary future - cruel but also beautiful

What was this?? So darn complicated, at times lengthy and too little romance, steam, emotions, etc. - but I'm totally hooked.
I feel "mindfucked"...


A somewhat delated review November 13, 2013 (view spoiler)
3.5 Stars. Not what I expected and more than I anticipated.

I’m not sure what I expected but either way I’ve come out the other side with more questions than answers, and not because I skimmed, I held off the skimming and paid attention I promise.

There are masses of technical futuristic administrative procedures or protocol, investigations and interrogation, Sim machine technology, analysis, bio-chemistry and fuck knows what else to wrap your head around – a mind fuck indeed.
If that wasn’t en
* A Reader Obsessed *
3.5 Stars

Set in a distant, dystopian future, a somewhat chance meeting throws two strangers together. Naturally feared investigator/interrogator Toreth is intrigued with Warrick's genius, as he touts the amazing ability of his sim technology. Sparks fly and thus a competitive game of sexual dominance begins, as each vie for control in and out of the bedroom.

Warrick's amazing invention of course, is highly sought after, and this makes him and his company a target. Soon, these two are pitted agai
Aug 22, 2011 rated it it was amazing
4.5 Stars

First off, what a perfectly fitting title. The plot was fascinating and intriguing. A mystery that had everything rolled up into one amazing book: suspense, political intrigue, deception, head games, sex.

It's set in the dystopia future of New London where totalitarianism is in full force. Val Toreth is a para-investigator for the Investigation and Interrogation Division under "The Administration." He does his job without regret. He's manipulative, promiscuous, ruthless, has no conscienc
Stacia (the 2010 club)
Jul 16, 2012 rated it liked it
Recommended to Stacia (the 2010 club) by: Buddy read w/Rebecca, Crystal, Amanda and Ash
"I fuck minds," Toreth said pleasantly.

Hrrrmmm...mixed feelings. I think I set my expectations too high and didn't quite get there. For reasons completely unknown, I thought I was going to be reading a harder-edged sci-fi. Don't ask me why. I almost figured that I was going to be getting the sci-fi version of Psy-Cop. Maybe it's because of the simulation part of the story, which I thought would be more of a focus.

Truth be told, I would have preferred more of a sci-fi bent. My favori
This is really hard to rate. I was terribly bored through half of it, then I friggin loved the other half. Let’s go through the motions here and see where I come out...

What terribly bored me
The investigation: Unfortunately, this was about half the book. Boring procedural investigation stuff. Filled with techo mumb-jumbo talk. Meh.

What I friggin loved
Toreth: He works for Investigations and Interrogations and is pretty unapologetic about what he has to do for his job. After visiting the si

I like:

<> the writing although it did bog down sometimes.

<> the idea, the mystery, the possibilities

<> the characters - I like the possibility of exploring these two.

Curious enough to wonder where they will go. Like that it was not flowers and strawberries from the word go. Hell at this point there is not even the whiff of a flower. Toreth will turn out to be an extremely rare exotic flower whose petals open in very, very slow motion.

Unsure about the rating as this is a start and not a start&fi
Feb 08, 2012 rated it it was amazing

I fell hard for Mind Fuck. Pretty much at word one. This world lured and pulled at me with beautiful writing, atmosphere, tension and power. POWER! Ideas and questions concerning control, pain, pleasure, politics, emotion, and reality are all tangled and twisted together on the page and in my head. What’s real? Who do we trust? Can we even trust what we see? Maybe the only thing to trust is emotion—the one thing we try the hardest to hide and ignore in a world that can twist our wants and desire
LD  Durham
Jan 30, 2008 rated it it was amazing
This is, by far, the most enjoyable, addictive, and amazing story that I have ever come across in all my readings. And Manna Francis is one of the greatest storytellers.

Mind Fuck has an incredibly intelligent plot. It plays out like a sci-fi mystery blockbuster with sex added in. Manna’s voice is so clear, so focused in telling the tale, that I could see the story unfold before my eyes. The mystery in it is good. It is multi-layered and clever. Toreth puts things together slowly, with small brea
Well, this was a surprise.
Five stars not because it's perfect, but because it's bloody good and it's got me hooked; not all perfect novels manage to hook me, if that makes any sense, so I think this is enough merit to warrant top marks.

Dry, clever, twisted and a little bit violent; every part of this is a delight of its own, starting with the writing - neat, stark, simple but detailed - and ending with the crime and its investigation, which weren't that hard to guess but were developed wonderful
Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘
⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*Unsure Of My Feelings*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱

This one took me a while to finish, days in fact (I stopped and picked it up between days so I don't remember which day I started the book, I'm guessing). Truthfully, I struggled a bit to liking it, to fully get into it and to connecting with the characters. I was confused most of the times and the mystery was quite obvious that I had it figured out almost right away. Also, I had no idea how to write a blurb that isn't a blurb because I have no idea how to
ᴥ Irena ᴥ
Jun 20, 2015 rated it really liked it
Shelves: mystery, dystopia
My feelings were all over the place while reading this. The dry, very detailed investigation didn't make me love this very much.

On the other had, this book made me root for a complete high functioning sociopath! It's insane just how badly I wanted Toreth to solve everything. It simply has to count. He never does anything nice during the investigation. He is selfish and more than once he does something an ordinary person wouldn’t do.
The other reason why I loved this are those very rare scenes wh
Emanuela ~plastic duck~
Dec 04, 2010 rated it it was amazing
Recommended to Emanuela ~plastic duck~ by: MsOPP
This book fulfils every expectations I had and my wildest dreams as a reader.

The world building is amazing. I've been loving dystopian books since when I read Brave New World and 1984 as a student. In this book society is under the control of the Administration. Politics and bureaucracy are on one side, corporations are on the other side. Dissenting people are re-habilitated with a process that enters and changes their minds. Interrogation is a part of the investigation that breaks the will of t
So many positive reviews have been written about Mind Fuck; copy and paste them all here, because yeah, me too.

This book was amazing. The story, the world-building, the dialog, the main characters, the secondary characters, the detail: nothing is wasted here.

Every interaction between Toreth and Warrick was like an intricate ballet. Each partner knows their move, and they work with and around each other to become this one thing, this one perfect dance. It's what every scene with these two felt
Aug 26, 2013 rated it really liked it
Shelves: sci-fi, dark, dystopian

There are already so many positive reviews about this book, that I just want to join them (it is the easiest way to say I like this book ;)

What I liked:

Suspense-mystery. It is a well done science fiction thriller and it had my attention from the beginning up to the end.

The main characters. They are interesting because they are not just good or bad, they are complex and multi-layered and NOT even a bit tiny boring.

The writing was excellent with a lot of attention to details that in some
Corporate sabotage. Murder. Virtual sex. Some real sex. Power-play mindfuckery.

Futuristic brain-orgasmo-tronic tomfoolery.

I was up and down and over and under with this book but in the end it's all about Val Toreth and Kier Warrick.

Guys who use sex as recreational unwinding after a long day at the office. Booty calls with no strings attached. A hardwired jockeying for dominance that makes the game for these two. They are worthy opponents thrumming on a constant thread of tension. These are not
Lisa Arbitrary - AttentionIsArbitrary M/M Blog
Mar 23, 2012 rated it really liked it
Recommends it for: m/m, sci-fi fantasy, adult, free, law-enforcement
Shelves: m-m-romance

This was a deep, complicated heavy read for me. Not at all what I was expecting when I started to read. Primarily it was a mystery, who-done-it, wrapped around a world-building, emotional thrill ride where the true focus is on rather dysfunctional (emotionally) characters. There has already been much said about the main characters who are quite complex and are being rolled out and developed, I believe, in the next books. I find Toreth to be fascinating. What an arrogant bastard with the consc
Here my impression of Warrick and Toreth (spoilered for being a picture)...

(view spoiler)

This was a drag to read, and is difficult to rate. I'm undecided between 2* (it's okay) and 3* (I liked it). At the moment I rate this 2.5* and round it up for its voice, though I may change this yet depending on further stories in that 'verse.

The prose and technical writing skills were pretty much impeccable and quite impressive. Unfortunately that's about the only thing I really enjoye
Great world-building, style and plot line and two amazingly well-developed main characters.
I had some small issues with the POVs and Toreth's aquaphobia but I enjoyed this too much to complain.
Danny Tyran
I'm surprised to see so many five stars for this book. This is not a bad book, but the investigation is endless, sex scenes are nonexistent except for one at the beginning. Yes, the description of the research center about virtual reality is convincing, as well as all corporate and political maneuverings. That remembered me events of my own corporate history. Even the disappearance of the most beautiful plants to decorate offices set in anticipation of the arrival of someone important reminded m ...more
Anna (Bananas)
There was potential at first but this didn't deliver for me. The world wasn't that compelling or original, the torture wasn't visceral or exciting or hell, even on screen, the plot was dull and dragged, and I felt nothing for the characters. It wasn't awful. I know that's not a glowing recommendation, but it's the best I can say.
My biggest issue is the lack of heat between the characters. The sex scenes were fine, but there was no real connection between Warrick and Toreth. No affection or compa
Mar 15, 2013 rated it really liked it
Mind Fuck: An apt name for this book because it's not only the basis of the whole book, but it completely screwed with my head...

This has all the makings for a wonderful series. Supurb world building, brilliant plot and intriguing characters. It's like a slow burning fire. It lures you in and keeps you warm, it crackles with intensity and makes you marvel at it's brilliance. Although, for honesty's sake, I'll admit the slow burning fire lulled me to sleep a couple of times ;).

The characters are
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I'm the author of The Administration Series, a near-future SF dystopia published by Casperian Books. You can find the series in paperback, e-book, or (partly) on line at the Mannazone website.

I've been writing original slash since 2002 — or homoerotic fiction, m/m romance, yaoi, as you prefer. Original slash is my personal term of choice because I feel it best represents my writing in terms of sty

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