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Shopaholic #7

Shopaholic to the Stars

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Sophie Kinsella returns to her beloved Shopaholic series with Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood) newly arrived in Hollywood and starry-eyed. She and her two-year-old daughter, Minnie, have relocated to L.A. to join Becky’s husband, Luke, who is there to handle PR for famous actress Sage Seymour. Becky can’t wait to start living the A-list lifestyle, complete with celebrity sightings, yoga retreats, and shopping trips to Rodeo Drive. But she really hopes to become a personal stylist—Sage’s personal stylist—if only Luke would set up an introduction. Then, unexpectedly, Becky is offered the chance to dress Sage’s archrival, and though things become a bit more complicated, it’s a dream come true!

Red carpet premieres, velvet ropes, paparazzi clamoring for attention—suddenly Becky has everything she’s ever wanted.

Or does she?

479 pages, Hardcover

First published October 21, 2014

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About the author

Sophie Kinsella

129 books38.6k followers
Sophie Kinsella has sold over 40 million copies of her books in more than 60 countries, and she has been translated into over 40 languages.

Sophie Kinsella first hit the UK bestseller lists in September 2000 with her first novel in the Shopaholic series – The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic (also published as Confessions of a Shopaholic). The book’s heroine, Becky Bloomwood – a fun and feisty financial journalist who loves shopping but is hopeless with money – captured the hearts of readers worldwide. Becky has since featured in seven further bestselling books, Shopaholic Abroad (also published as Shopaholic Takes Manhattan), Shopaholic Ties the Knot, Shopaholic & Sister, Shopaholic & Baby, Mini Shopaholic, Shopaholic to the Stars and Shopaholic to the Rescue. Becky Bloomwood came to the big screen in 2009 with the hit Disney movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, starring Isla Fisher and Hugh Dancy.

Sophie has also written seven standalone novels which have all been bestsellers in the UK, USA and other countries around the world: Can You Keep A Secret?, The Undomestic Goddess, Remember Me?, Twenties Girl, I’ve Got Your Number, Wedding Night, and My Not So Perfect Life, which was a Goodreads Choice Awards finalist for Best Fiction in 2017.

In 2014 she published a Young Adult novel Finding Audrey about a teenage girl with social anxiety and her madcap family, and in January 2018, Sophie published her first illustrated book for young readers about the charming adventures of a mother-daughter fairy duo, Mummy Fairy and Me (also published as Fairy Mom and Me).

Sophie’s latest novel, Surprise Me, published in February 2018, presents a humorous yet moving portrait of a marriage—its intricacies, comforts, and complications. Surprise Me reveals that hidden layers in a close relationship are often yet to be discovered.

Sophie wrote her first novel under her real name, Madeleine Wickham, at the tender age of 24, whilst she was working as a financial journalist. The Tennis Party was immediately hailed as a success by critics and the public alike and became a top ten bestseller. She went on to publish six more novels as Madeleine Wickham: A Desirable Residence, Swimming Pool Sunday, The Gatecrasher, The Wedding Girl, Cocktails for Three and Sleeping Arrangements.

Sophie was born in London. She studied music at New College, Oxford, but after a year switched to Politics, Philosophy and Economics. She now lives in London, UK, with her husband and family.

Visit Sophie's Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/SophieKinsell...

* Shopaholic

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595 reviews3,587 followers
March 29, 2022
“I feel all prickly with guilt and resentment and frustration as I crash the plates into their piles. Why does everyone keep making me feel bad about stuff?”

I don’t know, maybe because you’re a massively selfish bitch?

I finished Shopaholic to the Stars actively hating Becky. Six fucking books and she has not grown as a person at all. Actually, I think she’s regressed. In the past, she actually tried to do better and to combat her shopping addiction. She went to that Shopaholics Anonymous group and then sold off all her clothes to pay off her credit card debt. THAT was growth. It showed that Becky actually learned from her mistakes.

Now Becky is in her thirties (presumably), married with a kid, and still making the same stupid decisions. She wants to be FaMoUS in Hollywood and style all the celebrities! She doesn’t think about the consequences it might have on Luke’s career. She doesn’t think about the consequences it might have on her child’s privacy. She doesn’t think about how she might be hurting her best friend Suze. She doesn’t spare two whits about her dad’s request to track down an old friend and to get some new autographs for his autograph book. She doesn't care enough to respond to her mom's worried texts. Oh no, it should all be about BECKY and how dare they not understand that she’s chasing her dream that she’s had for all about three months.

Six. Books. And she still has the mentality of a five year old. God knows why Suze continues to associate with this self-absorbed cunt.

Luke should just divorce her. What the fuck does this woman bring to the table except debt? She doesn’t even work, she just spends her husband’s money like there’s no tomorrow. In previous books, at least Becky had the threat of debt to make her think twice about each purchase (not that it ever worked), but now with a rich husband, she can splash all the cash she wants without any consequences. Luke hardly reprimands her either. He has the patience of a service dog. I would’ve cut her off her off ages ago or demanded separate finances. You wanna buy a new handbag? Use your own money.

She also interferes with Luke’s relationship with his mother. He went no contact with Elinor for good reason and Becky invites her to LA for an “intervention.” What a fucking busybody. This isn’t any of your business. Just because you have a wonderful relationship with your parents doesn’t mean everyone else has experienced the same. The whole "but she's your flesh and blood" argument is bullshit. Biological parents abuse their children all over the world every single day. Found family > blood family.

Kinsella is actually ruining this series by continuing to write more books. Readers are meant to emphasize with Becky because she has a good heart despite her immature antics. But by forcing Becky to remain a static character, she doesn’t show Becky a silly, good-intentioned heroine. Instead she becomes the worst type of the person: someone who apologizes for their actions, promises to do better, then does the same hurtful things all over again. It’s not funny by the seventh book. It just makes me wonder why she hasn’t been cut off by her family and friends ages ago.

Becky hurts EVERYONE in this book. It used to be she'd hurt one person per book, like when she forfeited her bridesmaid dress for Suze's wedding or when she accidentally had her mom plan a superfluous wedding in another book. But she's outdone herself this time. She's hurt Luke. She's hurt Suze. She's hurt her mother. She's hurt her father. She's hurt Danny. She's hurt Tarquin, albeit inadvertently in his case. The person she hasn't hurt is her sister and that's just because Jess doesn't appear in this book.

Becky Bloomwood/Brandon is a piece of human garbage and deserves to die in the ugliest clothes possible. That is justice.

Pre-review: Look, I love the Shopaholic series, I do. The first five books are fantastic. They may not be the most intellectually stimulating books in the world and Becky shows near no character development, but they're just so freaking fun, I don't care.

Then came Mini Shopaholic, which is a blatant attempt to drag out Becky's story and continue making money off of a series that should've ended at book 5. And now this.

I'll read it, but Kinsella?

I love you and your books very, very much, but stop trying to pull a Cassie Clare. Please.


A fan
196 reviews
December 28, 2014
When I read #6 aka Mini Shopaholic, I already was feeling a tad tired of Becky's ridiculous antics but just for old times sake, I went to buy #7 on the day it was released. (It also doesn't help I have books #1-6.)

If you think Mini shopaholic is bad, then this would probably be worse. She was rude, selfish, and inconsiderate to Luke, Suze and her Dad. The Becky in previous novels was big-hearted, and I could forgive her for being a ditz cos she is KIND. But in this book, you don't see much of her "big-heartedness". Giving up rubbing shoulders with the celebrities to join her husband and Suze to look for some people (shan't say who for the sake of those who have yet to read this) isn't considered big-hearted when you consider Becky's relations with said people.

I feel sorry for Luke. He says that Becky is kind and big-hearted. But WHERE IS IT ????!! It is sorely lacking.

I have lost track of Becky's way-ridiculous antics. It's like Kinsella wants Becky's antics to top the previous novel(s). For Christ sake, she is a wife and a mother of a toddler! She is responsible for herself and her family, but she shows NONE of it.

I'm appalled at the book's conclusion with Sage. It's like reading a horror novel during the first 10 pages and then during the last 10 pages, the reader finds out it is just a nightmare that the protagonist had. Geeeeeeee. Not cool.

The book also ends in a cliff hanger. Good grief. How frustrating! (And I don't mean the cliffhanger). I'm not sure if I'd want to read #8 if Becky remains status quo. Granted, the Becky that we had (have?) come to love is a comical ditzhead right from the very start but wow, wow wow wow. Her actions are Over The Top in this book.

Sorry Becky, you have just became my #1 least favourite character at the moment.
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588 reviews88 followers
October 24, 2022
1.5 stars.
Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, here comes this book...
The character Rebecca is horrible.
I don't understand how Luke and Suze tolerate her and still go after her.
The book is too long with no content whatsoever.
Why do I keep reading this series?
I'm curious how it ends, does Rebecca evolve?
Or does Luke get tired of your futility and ask for a divorce?
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2 reviews4 followers
July 2, 2014
Am I the only one that is really excited about this book? I mean, I know it'a a lot, but 'Mini Shopaholic' kind of came to an end that needed another book to proceed it, but it really is matter of opinion. Personally, I am looking SO forward to this book, you don't understand. I remember when I checked on various sites beforehand and they all said 'maybe' or 'no' to the 7th book... and here it is! I really like long series of books, maybe because I get to relish the joy of reading it longer lol

Gosh, you might think I am crazy, but I want an 8th book to come out already >.< I hope this isn't the last one :( And if it is, it better be a good finish. I guess we all just have to read it and see how good it is :D
Profile Image for Dianne.
296 reviews
October 10, 2014
I have really enjoyed the Shopaholic series, they're witty and fun. Sadly this book fell short of the mark. It was simply tedious, with ridiculous, self-centered and juvenile characters, and very little story content. But worst of all - just when you think you're getting to the end of the book, you find absolutely nothing is resolved. In fact the few sub-plots evident in the story are left wide open for a sequel to follow (whenever). That was really disappointing. The book was a lot about nothing and should have been finished in the one volume. It does not warrant another. Time to end the series? I would love for SK to produce more stand alone novels - these have all been wonderful, unique reads.
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1,745 reviews6,671 followers
August 17, 2018
You know when your coworker gets a promotion at work and all of a sudden they're super important, walking around strutting their peacock feathers? (yeah, I'm totally not jaded.) Well, this is what happens to Becky when she and Suze get attention from some of L.A.'s famed celebrities. Suddenly, she has a new career, her own (unjustified) security team, and a very self-centered outlook. She needs, she needs, she needs. Still with quite the obsessive personality, everything becomes about her and her new life in Hollywood. Becky's character did not come across as her sweet, good-intention self in this book. It's not been since Shopaholic on Honeymoon that I felt this bad for Luke. However, I can't deny that Shopaholic to the Stars did have some great humor moments and fortunately Becky was able to somewhat redeem herself (a tiny bit) by the end. Unfortunately, and as you can probably tell, this is my least favorite of the series to date.

My favorite quote:
"But life can't be about holding on to the bad things. It has to be about grabbing on to good things and letting the bad things go."
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7 reviews
January 3, 2015
Disappointed to the core. I am getting fed up of Becky's character. So much that it makes me wonder why the people around her love her that much?? The plot is monotonous. Not many changes from the prequel. But that's not what I am complaining about. Her reckless spending, irresponsible behaviour have no room for improvement. She has to be immature and idiotic if she is Becky!! She has to keep messing up. Of course Luke, Suze and her parents will clear it up for her. All along the book she whines that nobody understands her. She's right. I don't understand her either. It is so bad that it makes me want to believe that the book was written heedlessly. Sorry but Becky's antics no longer tickle the funny bone in my body. And what's with the cliffhanger? It makes no sense just like the book did. I am not fond of this series anymore. Like me if you've been following this series you're gonna read it anyway. No matter what the reviews and ratings are. Because you like the characters well enough to make you greet them like old friends.
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144 reviews117 followers
October 13, 2014
I know the eighth book of this series would come...Kinsella is a name big enough that the publishers would give it to her...specially since book 7 was ended with the intention of there being a next in line...and I know I would read the next one too...for I am one of those who makes sure she finishes a series when she starts one (why else did I read the last of Twilight...or am sticking to The Clifton Chronicles when Archer is going on increasing it from a 3 book to 5 to now heard 7 book series)...

But this is the time the Shopaholic series should STOP...they are killing the fun out of our beloved "Becky"...Minnie, though criticized, was still a treat in the earlier book...but is made so materialistic in what little we have of her...Becky, you were supposed to love shopping...something we related to...but now you love far too many things...the innocence is lost for all materialism at the cost of family members....no its not just done...she has Luke by her side, but I no longer feel she deserves it...I no longer understand why he is still here...

I know Kinsella is struggling a bit with books outside the Shopaholic series too (We all know 'I've got your number' and 'Wedding Night' haven't been bestsellers)...but this isn't what the shopaholic series deserve...This needs to end...the 8th one, even if it takes a decade to write, should do some justice and give the series an end as promising as was the start...

I will still pick up whatever you write Kinsella...but I hope it wouldn't be the last I pick up...its getting a 2 and not a 1 because somewhere, at some point or the other; I have loved Becky, Luke and Minnie...even if I can't find any connect with them any longer...
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408 reviews13 followers
August 29, 2016
Oh boy. I read the majority of previous Shopaholic installments a few years back, over the span of a couple of months, and got to be really quite fond of the foibles and shortcomings of Becky Bloomwood/Brandon. Granted, they were all essentially mindless, easy reads and ultimately forgettable (I got a good 50-100 pages into Mini Shopaholic on holiday last year before realising I'd already read it), but I was still looking forward to the release of Shopaholic to the Stars, catching up with Becky and family as she relocates to LA and attempts to become a celebrity stylist.

I hated this book. I really, truly detested Becky and wished only bad things for her. If it had ended with her husband leaving her and her friends and family cutting her off, it would have been deserved. The woman is a self-absorbed, self-obsessed narcissist who cheerfully blows through her husband's money while acting like a completely unreasonable human being. We're talking forgetting about her family and best friend while going on major shopping sprees purchasing clothes for a celebrity she's never even met. Hiring a round-the-clock security team after getting her face in the news once. The woman is completely disconnected from reality, and by the time she finally starts to realise this once everyone has reached the end of their tether with her, it's all too little too late. Sophie Kinsella leaves a lot open to be resolved in the next installment, and if I show even a flicker of considering reading it, I would like someone to poke some sense into me.
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2,176 reviews1,234 followers
March 30, 2021


Before I say anything.... THERE WILL BE A BOOK #8 ☺☺☺☺
Shopaholic in Vegas ☺ or something like that!!



I just love this series.
It's all so funny and cute and ridiculous and amazing.
I just wish Sophie would put 5% more Romance into it... poor Luke is not really happening in those books and he's the best part!!!
Just a bit more kissing and cuddling and Luke being Luke ... that's what I want for book #8 ☺

If you loved the whole series - you will love this book too.... some might say Sophie should've stopped a few books ago, but I just can't get enough of Becky & her craziness!!


Smokin Hot Book Blog Smokin Hot Book Blog Smokin Hot Book Blog Smokin Hot Book Blog Smokin Hot Book Blog
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464 reviews127 followers
November 23, 2014
It’s like she’s had Botox of the soul.

I’m always excited about a new shopaholic book. It’s the perfect easy read and a good laugh. The latest instalment was no exception. I laughed out loud several times and enjoyed catching up with Becky. Long time no see, and all that.

Shopaholic to the stars fits the usual pattern for a shopaholic novel: Becky shops too much, lies to herself, loses grip on the important things, fights with Luke, fights with Suze, makes up with Luke, makes up with Suze, and finally realizes what’s important in life – only to forget about it in the next book. There are no surprises here and that’s OK.

I’ve accepted that Becky’s mental development ended at the age 12. I don’t expect Becky to learn from her mistakes, that’s not what Shopaholic is about. It’s about laughing out loud and shaking your head, knowing that all though you shop too much, you’re not as bad as Becky.

Becky in Hollywood seemed like a fun setting for a Shopaholic book. And it was most of the time. Actually it started out really good, but then things went horribly wrong. My problem was that Becky seems to get more and more stupid and it took her way too long to realize it this time. When she wasn’t downright idiotic, she was actually very cruel. And this time I didn’t forgive her – although Luke and Suze did.

Becky’s obsession with Hollywood was just too much and so damned boneheaded. I wasn’t at all amused by this part. And then the novel ended with a cliff-hanger! What’s with that? Shopaholic books always have a nice little ending where everything’s in place – that’s part of the deal.

So all in all, I’m not impressed and won’t be eager to read the next installment. I’m not sure things will ever be the same between Becky and me again.

For more reviews, book talk and shopping, stop by The Bookworm's Closet
June 1, 2017
I don't know what to say...I think I am agreeable with a lot of people on here. I have loved all of the shopaholic series up to book 5, but unfortunately they started to go way down hill after that. I am one who, once I start a book I have to finish it, but I was really struggling with this one.

I love Kinsella's stand-alone books. The Undomestic Goddess made me laugh so hard I cried, so I feel that maybe Kinsella needs to retire Becky Brandon nee Bloomwoodand start concentrating on other characters.

Oh Ms. Kinsella, you are going to have to dazzle me with your next book, because right now Becky has completely turned me off your writing :(
Profile Image for Sara.
132 reviews110 followers
November 13, 2015
I'm sorry but what was the hook in this book? I mean, she spent an entire chapter discussing the pressure issues of a fountain, really? The plot was so boring I couldn't bring myself to finish it. After so many books in the series there's no originality and not much entertainment. I wish Sophie applied her Genius to writing original stand-alone novels.
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285 reviews123 followers
February 10, 2015
Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood) has stars in her eyes. She and her daughter, Minnie, have joined husband Luke in LA—city of herbal smoothies, multimillion-dollar yoga retreats, and the lure of celebrity. Luke is there to help manage the career of famous actress Sage Seymour—and Becky is convinced she is destined to be Sage’s personal stylist, and go from there to every A-list celebrity in Hollywood! But things become complicated when Becky joins the team of Sage’s archrival.

Sophie Kinsella why do you hurt me so? I LOVE the Shopaholic series. I believe that Becky and I could be bffs... but this book failed. First, why is Luke with her? He seems so stable and amazing and yet he deals with crazy and annoying Becky? And, Becky how old are you that you are acting like you are a child? I'm kinda over her antics. It's like the show Friends for me, after a while don't you feel like they should have grown up instead of acting more immature? And, Sophie Kinsella dares to write a part 8. How dare her!
Profile Image for Marilyn.
453 reviews
November 29, 2014
The shopaholic books have always been fun to read. They usually make me laugh out loud and this one was no exception BUT I think there needs to be some maturity and character development. To put it bluntly Becky needs to grow up. Her silliness was kind of laughably endearing for the first books but now she just seems rude and self centered. She has a wonderful long-suffering husband, supportive parents and an adorable daughter plus likeable friends. I sometimes wonder why they put up with her. It is time for her to learn something that sticks with her from book to book. Becky needs to become a responsible adult.
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1,234 reviews286 followers
December 17, 2018
My sister has listened to these on audio and has recommended this series to me. My mother-in-law had this one lying around at the beach house, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to give it a try. There were some laugh out loud moments, but also some eye-rolling going on. I see that a lot of reviews say that this is the worst book in the series, which means that I will definitely give the rest of them a chance. Reminiscent of Bridget Jones these are perfect for escapism during the year or for reading on the beach. Will try #1 as an audio soon.
Profile Image for Sarah.
1,166 reviews137 followers
November 27, 2020
For my full review, visit me at https://mrsbrownsbooks.wordpress.com/...

Kinsella has managed to surprise me again as I now move into unchartered territory. After re-reading the previous books in the series, I was excited to read a new Becky Bloomwood adventure. However, it was with trepidation that I picked this one up: could Kinsella keep the story different, or would it be too similar to its six predecessors? Answer: Kinsella has done it again and kept me interested in a very different story…

For my full review, visit me at https://mrsbrownsbooks.wordpress.com/...
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327 reviews11 followers
August 21, 2014
Ugh, this series has to end. Becky Bloomwood Brandon may have been cute and funny when the series started, but she is now an irritating, clueless, and vapid airhead. I could only read this book for 20-30 minutes at a time because I would just get so irritated. Yes, I could have just quit reading it altogether, but I kept hoping it would pick up at some point.

Please Sophie Kinsella, put this series to bed!! No more!!
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634 reviews571 followers
November 3, 2015
Hanging out with Becky and her crew is always the time well spent.
This book wasn't exception.
I had a blast reading about new adventures that our protagonist got herself into.

Becky and Luke have moved to Hollywood and while Luke is representing one famous actress, Becky is chasing her dream to become a famous stylist.
While making her dream come true, Becky is changing, people around her are changing too.

Becky has became even more egocetric and a lot of fingers are pointed at her. Even though she deserved a lot of times to be called around, some times people accused her for things that weren't her fault.

I have a lot of questions and I tought they would be answered in this installment, but I was wrong.

I am just thankful that I read this book only now when the sequel is already out, and even more thankful that I already own the copy.
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263 reviews24 followers
May 8, 2015
*Book received through the Amazon Vine program*

I can't believe I'm giving this book so low a rating and I hate that I feel like I can't score it higher. I read "Confessions of a Shopaholic" over 10 years ago and loved it so much that I've re-read three times since then. That book got me hooked on the chick lit genre and I became a big fan of all of Sophie Kinsella's novels. I was so excited to read this new book in the Shopaholic series. "Mini-Shopaholic" was not my favorite book in the series but I still had faith in the series. Unfortunately I ended up liking this book even less.

Becky and Luke are temporarily living in Los Angeles while he does business with Sage Seymour. Becky decides that she wants to become a personal stylist and ends up in the public eye pretty clearly. Suze and Tarkie come to LA and Suze has dreams of becoming a film extra and Tarkie tries to find himself. Becky's father has a mysterious connection to LA and comes to LA eventually too.

I think what bothers me the most about the book is Becky herself. I used to love her, she was funny and silly but you could still root for her. In "Shopaholic to the Stars", Becky hasn't changed it all but that's not such a good thing. She is a wife and mother and even though we all love a kooky Becky, there should be some improvement. Plus she has a big problem with lying to just about everybody with pretty much no remorse. She's incredibly selfish and spends most of the book worried about herself and not that things with her family and friends are not doing well. I still really like the characters of Suze and Luke. They are basically the best parts of the book. Minnie appears in the book but is basically a background character, which is probably good for all those who didn't like her in "Mini-Shopaholic".

Also the some of the situations are kind of ridiculous. Like when Becky is on a studio tour and a woman mistakes her for a person in the costume department and demands that she fixes a costume. Instead of explaining that she doesn't do costumes without revealing that she was breaking the rules, she basically ruins the costumes by sewing some randoms things..I think that they are supposed to be "I Love Lucy" type of antics but just doesn't work for Becky anymore.

Believe me, I am really sad that I didn't love this book. I'm such a huge fan of Sophie Kinsella and I will continue to be a fan. There will be an 8th Shopaholic and I'm really hoping that I like that one better.
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70 reviews3 followers
August 28, 2014
Becky is back and just as fashion fantastic as ever before! When Luke and Becky Brandon move to LA with daughter Minnie, Becky naturally sets her sights on fame, fortune and best of all… fashion! I mean, this is Hollywood, isn’t it?!
But real life is never as glossy as the pages of a magazine.
Is this really the lifestyle Becky wants? And with feuds forming between her family and friends, what’s the price she’ll have to pay to make her dreams come true?

I couldn’t put this book down. The pages were turned quicker than the *click click* of the paparazzi!
Even as the seventh book in the Shopaholic series, the characters still felt fresh, lively and full of animation. For those of us who have followed Becky from the beginning, it was like greeting an old friend. Well, maybe not old perhaps, more… vintage!
I absolutely loved it!
Profile Image for Jay.
514 reviews368 followers
December 1, 2014
4.5/5 stars

I still can't believe it happened but we are finally back into Becky's world! Mini shopaholic came out in 2010, four years lair, we finally get a sequel that also ends in a cliff hanger so i'm crossing my fingers for an 8th book! The Shopaholic series isn't my favorite by Sophie Kinsella.. and I pretty much read all the books under this name. However, getting back into Becky's world (I reread mini shopaholic before picking this up) has reminded me of the reason why I tolerate Becky and dare I say, love her through all the craziness that she gets herself into. These first two paragraphs will be non spoiler but before I get to the spoilers, I will add a disclaimer.

I love Kinsella's writing. I love how witty and funny and endearing all the characters are. If it was any writer with these characters, I personally would have been so frustrated and quit the series ages ago. Becky's shallowness gets to me sometimes I have to admit, but I soon forget about it and enjoy the where the storyline is going and how crazy things are. Honestly, I think Becky is a genius. No one is able to get themselves out of situations the way she does… and she uses the wackiest way but lo and behold, she doesn't just get out of the situation, she ends up getting something out of it. I feel if Becky put her mind to get and do anything, she'll get it and do it for sure. I get why Kinsella doesn't want her to grow out of it and finally realize she's not a kid anymore and she should act more like an adult. I don't think the book would be any fun without her crazy antiques!

Slight spoilers begin now: As for all the other side characters, it is no secret that I love Luke too much. I honestly don't know how he finds everything Becky does so endearing and lovable. He really is the perfect husband in my eyes. I love how serious he is but at the same time he is so loving to Minnie as well as Becky. His fatherly side is really something to admire. However in this book, I liked how he finally put Becky into perspective for every outrageous thing she's done. I think she went too far during some parts in this book and I like that there were people, including Suze (her best friend), who gave her a reality check. I also really like Becky's parents as well as all her circle of friends and family. They all are a laugh.

This book is 480 pages. However I breezed through it. It really reminded me that I need to read more chick lits because they are such pleasant and happy reads (well, most of them) and sometimes you need something addicting and fun. Becky and Kinsella really deliver in that department (get it? department? Becky's addiction to shopping? haha). I can't wait for a sequel (praying there will be one) because the way it ended makes you want to pick up the next book. Also, Sophie Kinsella is publishing her first young adult novel and that has me unbelievably excited! we don't have many british chick lit writers that make the jump to YA and I am intrigued to see how her humorous writing will translate to a YA book. If you haven't started the Shopaholic series, I urge you to do just that. This is the perfect series to start if you are new to the chick lit world.
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974 reviews18 followers
January 23, 2016
-Can i just marry Luke right now? Please....! he is perfect and i love him and he makes me asdfghjkl ♥
-Becky you really got on my nerves in this book...selfish opportunist user are the right words. and another thing, Becky's shopping and clothes and all that was barely in this book...its generally one of my fave parts, her outfit descriptions etc. The book lacked the "shopaholic" bit of the series
-missed Minnie in this book. Her dialogue was basically "Pleaaase" and "Ladeeee"
-what the yellow socks was happening with Tarkie? it was supposed to be "intriguing" or "mysterious" or whatever it was just irritating
-same with her Dad...like whaaaaaaat?
-and another thing, why is Kinsella obsessed with bringing Alicia into every book to sabotage Becky's life...? really, shes also in LA? whyyy?
-and the ENDING?! the ending...?!?!?!!? since when does Shopaholic end in a cliff-hanger?? i dont necessarily mind cliff-hangers, but this one was just uncalled for and a lame attempt to get readers to read book 8
-basically the ONLY good thing about this book is Luke. thats it.
-my least fave book of the series and i'm deffo gonna be steaming about this one for a while... ):

me like:

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May 19, 2020
Каквото и да става, Беки винаги се връща в правия път и отсява важните неща от плявата.

Добре де, може ли да са толкова гадни от Кръгозор, да ме оставят насред нищото.
Това трябва да се забрани със закон, да не си довършат някоя поредица.
И то точно тази.
Беки тук се развихри на макс. До степен , че за малко книгата щеше да мине в категория фантастика.
Но какво да се прави, тя няма спирачки и прегради.
Събра им погледите и в Холивуд.
Какво пък толкова и те са хора.
Единственото , което нямаше да приема , ако се беше прехласнала по Алиша Дългокраката Кучка.
Разбира се , не предаде моето доверие.

Надявам се, че никога няма да остарея толкова много,че историите за Беки Б. да ми станат скучни :) Чакам с огромно нетърпение всяка следваща книга. Жалко,че не е възможно Софи Кинсела да пише поне по 2 книги на година :)
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September 27, 2014
What a long wait we have had for our Sophie Kinsella fix! I always enjoy the shopaholic series but each time I finish one I usually think surely there is no more the author can do with Becky and then bang out comes another book to entertain us.

This time Becky, Luke and Minnie have temporarily moved to LA for Luke's work and Becky is determined to well and truly live the LA life, Minnie is in a top swish play school and Becky is off to make her big dream come true ( ok current big dream!) she wants to be a celebrity stylist and she is willing to do anything to brush arms with these celebs!

I finished this book last night and I had to calm down over night before I wrote my review! SOPHIE KINSELLA what are you doing to us you can't just end it there! I was so into Becky's world then all of a sudden it just ended on an almighty cliff hanger I had to check that there were no pages missing from my copy! On a good note we know that there will be another shopaholic book so I might MIGHT let the author off!

Ok now I have got that off my chest and have stopped rocking in the corner I can now tell you how much I loved this book because it is one of my favourites in the series. Becky is still in Lala land but this is why we love her so much because she is still such a scatty loon, she is so unpredictable you never know what on earth she will try to pull off next but when she does it really isn't a shock because that is just Becky.

The humour is back in this book and on a couple of times I found myself laughing out loud the hamster part particularly got me because she just continues to dig herself into a hole. The lovely Luke is back and unbelievably still with Becky, this guy surely needs a medal to still be able to put up with her antics and still be so forgiving. I still can't take to Minnie she is the best form of conception for me!

This book was well worth the wait, I was hooked all the way through and was highly amused. I do wonder what on earth will happen in the next book, I just can't believe we have got to wait! I could sulk and give this 4 star just for because the ending made me feel like someone took my sweets away ....... But I can't because it really is worthy of a 5 star!
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November 7, 2017
This is my first read of the series, although I have watched the movie adaptaion of the Confession of a Shopaholic.
To be honest, I really had a hard time reading till two third of the book. Quite a number of times I was contemplating whether to give up. Had I given up, the rating definitely would have been a 2 stars; but I continued and found the latter third to be interesting, thus the rating was upgraded to a 3 stars.
However, I doubt whether I'll read anymore of this series; it is not my cup of tea.
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June 19, 2022
It’s two weeks later. And I live in Hollywood. I, Becky Brandon, née Bloomwood, live in Hollywood. I live in Hollywood! I keep saying it out loud to myself, to see if it feels any more real. But it still feels like I’m saying, ‘I live in fairyland.’


The most amazing thing is the views. Every night we sit on our balcony and look at all the twinkling lights of Hollywood, and I feel as if we’re in a dream.
It’s a weird place, LA. I can’t quite get a grip on it. It’s not like European cities, where you get to the centre and think, Ah yes, here I am in Milan/Amsterdam/Rome. In LA you drive around endless great big roads and you peer out of the windows and think, ‘Are we there yet?’


I mean, here we are in LA. The home of celebrities. They’re the local natural phenomenon. Everyone knows you come to LA to see the celebrities, like you go to Sri Lanka to see the elephants.


As I head back out to Rodeo Drive, I feel a swoosh of exhilaration as the warm spring air hits me. I’m going to love living in LA, I just know it. Everything people say about it is true. The sun shines and the people have super-white teeth and the mansions look like film sets. I’ve looked at several houses for rent and they all have pools. It’s as if a pool is a normal thing, like a fridge.
The street around me simply glistens with glamour. It’s lined with expensive, shiny shopfronts and perfect palm trees and rows of luxurious-looking cars.


What have I got? Oh my God, I’ll be in the Daily Mail health pages. My one-in-a-million heart condition was picked up in a simple store exercise test. Shopping saved my life, says Rebecca Brandon—


‘You’d be attracted to me “if it weren’t for the cardigan”,’ he echoes at last.
‘Of course!’ I say, reassuringly. ‘I’d probably get infatuated, just like those clients of yours. Unless there were any other amazing clothes to compete with,’ I add, for honesty’s sake. ‘I mean, like a Chanel suit with ninety-nine per cent off. I don’t think any man could beat that!’ I give a little laugh, but Kai’s face has gone a bit rigid.


‘My name is Danny Kovitz –yes, the Danny Kovitz –thank you –and I am here today to recommend Rebecca Brandon as a personal shopper without parallel. Where there is disaster she will find style. Where there is blah, she will find a look. Where there is …um—’He breaks off, pulls a piece of paper out of his jeans pocket and consults it. ‘Yes! Where there is misery she will find happiness. Not just fashion happiness, all-round happiness.’He takes a step towards Gayle, who looks a bit shell-shocked. ‘You want Rebecca Brandon in your store.


Imagine having that job. Working on films; choosing outfits for actors; styling stars for appearances … Forget department stores, I should aim higher! That’s the job I should have. I mean, it’s perfect. I love clothes, I love films, I’m moving to LA … why didn’t I think of this before?


So at last I tear myself away, my mind whirling with fantasies. A darkened cinema. My name rolling down the screen in white letters.


His sympathy hits a nerve in me. Is that what he thinks? I mean, I know it’s the truth, but it shouldn’t be what he thinks. Husbands should think the best of their wives, as a matter of principle.


We’re standing on the stars. The Hollywood Walk of Fame, which I’ve seen a million times on TV, but never for real. I feel as though Luke has put it there especially as a present for me, all shiny and pink.


For a while I do nothing but dart backwards and forwards, looking for famous names. This is the most Hollywoody thing we’ve done yet, and I don’t care that we’re being total saddo tourists.


I haven’t come to LA for the ‘healthy outdoor lifestyle’, I’ve come for the ‘celebrity-big-sunglasses-red-carpet lifestyle’.


I’ve been married to Luke so long, I know his expressions off by heart, and this one is number 3: How do I break it to Becky that I hate this idea? It’s exactly the same expression he had when I suggested painting our bedroom purple.


This is another of Luke’s expressions I’m familiar with. It means: ‘How am I going to break this to Becky without her overreacting?’
(Which is very unfair, because I never overreact.)


‘Anyway, Golden Peace is an American place.’ I suddenly think of a winning argument. ‘I’m British. So.’
Luke looks perplexed. ‘So what?’
‘So, it wouldn’t work,’ I say patiently. ‘If I had issues, which I don’t, they’d be British issues. Totally different.’


I cannot arrive at our first day at LA pre-school with Minnie singing ‘Idiot American driver’.
‘Idiot American dri-ver …’ She’s getting louder and louder. ‘Idiot American driiiiii-ver …’
Could I pretend it’s a quaint old British nursery rhyme?


The only tiny positive is, there’s a shop. At least I can buy souvenirs for everyone.


‘Drink tea, Daddy!’ says Minnie sternly, and Luke puts his cocktail glass to his lips obediently. I wonder what all his board members in London would say if they could see him now.


‘Thanks.’ I put an arm around him and kiss him. ‘You’re the most digna-dive person I know.’
Luke clicks his heels and bows like an Austrian prince, and I laugh again. I truly do have the best husband in the world. And I’m not biased at all.


The flashes are like strobe lighting. The clamour is extraordinary. And all because Meryl Streep has arrived.
Well, OK. Fair enough. No one can compete with Meryl Streep.


This is exactly what I imagined Hollywood would be like. Lots of people in amazing dresses, and Meryl Streep, and a band playing smooth jazz, and delicious citrussy cocktails.


There are several directors’ chairs with names printed on the backs of them and I look at them lustfully. I would die to have a chair with my name on it. My mind is suddenly seized with an image of a chair reading: Becky Brandon, Wardrobe Designer. Just imagine if I started working in movies and I got my name on the back of a chair! I wouldn’t ever want to stand up. I’d walk around with my chair stapled to me.


I wouldn’t mind having a trailer, I find myself thinking idly. Imagine if, everywhere you went in life, there was a little trailer waiting for you to go and relax in whenever you felt like it.
Imagine taking a trailer shopping. God, yes! You could put all your bags in it, and have a little rest, and make yourself a cup of tea


But Hollywood is a tough place for the twenty-first-century actress, and she learns to look on every other star as an enemy. Apparently actresses compete over roles, men, ad campaigns and even plastic surgeons. They set up camps like royal courts and become paranoid about their competitors, even those they’re ‘friends’ with.


‘Another bag, Becky?’ He raises an eyebrow. ‘I thought the bag you bought at the weekend was so perfect you would use it for ever and it would be your signature look and people would call you “The Girl with the Lara Bohinc Bag”?’
I feel a dart of righteous indignation. Husbands should not memorize conversations, word for word. It’s against the whole spirit of marriage.


Minnie is obsessed with flowers at the moment, which she calls ‘schlowers’. She weeps if Luke won’t wear his one-and-only ‘schlowers’ tie, so he puts it on every morning and then takes it off again in the car.


‘I’ll be punished and then I’ll be forgiven. That’s how Hollywood operates.’


The thing is, this is what Hollywood is like and you just have to get used to it. Yes, it seems completely freaky and messed up at first, but gradually it starts to feel more normal. They’re right. It is all a game. Everyone’s playing it, the stars, the journalists, the public, everyone. And if you don’t want to play, maybe you shouldn’t come to Hollywood.


‘Darling, I don’t want to rain on your parade – but don’t believe every word Aran says. He’s a great guy, but he just says whatever the conversation of the moment seems to require. Maybe he believes it, maybe he doesn’t. It’s the Hollywood way.’


What’s happening to my life? Ever since that awards evening when everything kicked off, I’ve felt like I’m living in a kaleidoscope. It’s whizzing around, making different patterns every moment, and as soon I get used to one, it shifts again. Why can’t things stay the same for just one second?


But life can’t be about holding on to the bad things. It has to be about grabbing on to the good things and letting the bad things go.


‘Maybe …’ I swallow. ‘Maybe you were right. Maybe I am a bit lost.’
For a moment Luke doesn’t say anything. Those intense, dark eyes of his meet mine and it’s as though we don’t have to talk. He can sense it all.
‘I was brooding about that all the way to New York,’ he says finally, his voice deep and gravelly. ‘And then it hit me. I’m your husband. If you’re lost, it’s up to me to come and find you.’
‘Well … here I am,’ I manage, a lump suddenly in my throat, and Luke sweeps me into his arms.


I reach for his hand and clasp it tight. I never expected to see Luke here. Not in a million years. His hand is warm and firm and feels like it’s anchoring me. I never want to let it go.
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April 7, 2016
An Advanced Reader Copy was provided by the publisher for review. Quotes pulled from the ARC may be incorrect and may be subject to change.

Our favourite shopaholic Becky is back once again! Her lovely hubby Luke is taking a chance at working with actors in his new PR office. But that means taking the family from London to Hollywood, California. Becky jumps at the chance and brings her adorable daughter Minnie along. She soon finds out that it's just as hard to keep a job in America, so she sets her sights on being a stylist for Luke's celebrity client. Following her dreams is no easy task, and we all know that Becky will stop at nothing to get what she wants, even if it means going against her husband's client who has a celebrity frenemy at her heels. Told in the same witty banter as all the shopaholic books, Becky is back and better than ever.

I just love this series. If there's one series that I know that I will automatically love, it's this one. Becky gets into so many problems and tries to get herself out with such grace and poise that I pretty much devoured this book in two sittings. It's a rather extensive and larger than the other books, but you have no problem gobbling up its pages. I loved that there was a bit of mystery of why her father was after his old friend. And considering that cliffhanger ending, there's going to be more books. Becky is rather selfish in this one I might have to warn you. She undermines her family, her friends and even Luke to get what she wants. But I think that's the allure that Hollywood has, and even though Becky has that big heart, she still gets sucked up in it and finds herself to be all alone. I guess that's the lesson that comes with wanting fame.

Lovely characters (obviously), with as many hilarious situations are found throughout the entire book. Pick this one up for its humour, and smile that Becky is back with her shopaholic mind-set still in its place.
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October 28, 2014
After reading all the other Shopaholic books, at least five times each, I think I've had enough of Becky..GASP, did I write that??? I own all of Sophie's books. While this one was good, it isn't my favorite of hers. Becky lies and is OCD and selfish and Luke and Suze and her family let her get away with all of it. ENOUGH. Yes, I will read the next one in this series, but I really think Becky has run the course...

Can You Keep a Secret REALLY needs to be made into a movie..
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June 20, 2016
Die vorherigen Bände fand ich alle immer super lustig und Becky war mir immer sympathisch. Leider war das in diesem Buch nicht der Fall. Das hatte irgendwie nichts mehr mit Shopaholic zu tun, nur noch mit Selbstsucht und dem Promistatus. Schade.
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