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Reasonable Doubt #2

Reasonable Doubt: Volume 2

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She lied to me...
She betrayed the one rule that I'm most adamant about: Honesty. Complete and utter fucking honesty.
I really wish she was someone else—someone who didn't have the ability to make me feel, someone I could easily discard like the hundreds of women before her.
She isn't.
I'm drawn to her like I've never been drawn to a woman before—completely captivated by the very sight of her. But unfortunately, with my past slowly re-surfacing for all of the world to see, I'll have to find a way to let her go.
She can never be mine.

67 pages, ebook

First published May 16, 2014

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About the author

Whitney G.

85 books12.8k followers
Whitney G. is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author. Her books are currently published in over a dozen languages.

She lives deep in the Tennessee woods and spends most of her time drinking coffee while penning dirty-talking alpha males.

Find out more about her next project at www.whitneygbooks.com

(Be sure to sign up for "The F.L.Y. List" as that's the best way to receive new release updates. Link: eepurl.com/hbhVOf )

You can also connect with Whitney on Instagram and Facebook.

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2,417 reviews14k followers
August 15, 2017
 photo WiliamsReasonabledoubt2TitebySueBee_zpsd0dcda08.jpg
 photo RD2storyxBbysb_zps75d55679.gif
★★★★★! Reasonable Doubt, part 2 of 3. Jaded & enigmatic Andrew Hamilton continues his tempestuous relationship with his friend & intern!

“Contrary to your unfounded and silly assumptions, I do not have a panty fetish and I do not sleep with them over my face at night. I do, however, have a new fetish for your pussy, and if you're interested in letting me sleep with that over my face at night, feel free to let me know.”

There are 3 parts to the Reasonable Doubt serial, which should be read in order:
Part 1: Reasonable Doubt
Part 2: Reasonable Doubt II
Part 3: Reasonable Doubt III
Part 3.1: Extended epilogue

In Reasonable Doubt (part 1) followed man-whore extraordinaire, attorney and law firm partner, Andrew Hamilton as his world was turned up-side down by his new intern, pre-law student, Aubrey Everhart.

Ever since a gut-wrenching betrayal that forced him to start a new life, details to be unfolding with story, Andrew cannot abide being lied to. He had settled into a comfortable life of practicing law and courting his next one-night-stand.

Soon he discovered and fumed over that his new intern, Aubrey is also his online chat friend Alyssa. Torn between his anger at her deceit and his sexual attraction, story followed them in and out of the bedroom, or should I say office furniture mostly.

Reasonable Doubt (part 2) opens up right after part 2’s shocking ending and follows Andrew and Aubrey as they fail miserable at keeping their hands off each other. Story also digs further into Andrew’s past with some shocking events and revelations while Aubrey has her hands full with her family and ballerina career.

 photo RD2HxBSbysb_zps34a3858c.gif

Andrew Hamilton with his filthy mouth and hungry cock is back with a vengeance! Eight words to describe Andrew: Charismatic, jaded, flawed, commanding, enigmatic, sarcastic, vulnerable and larger-than-life.

“I’ll like to keep my fucking life separate from my home life”

 photo RD2hexBSbysb_zps28096424.gif

Seven words to describe Aubrey Everhart: Smart, naïve, endearing, focused, lonely, impressionable and resilient..

Reasonable Doubt moves along at a fast pace only to come to another shocking ending. I look forward to part 3, Reasonable Doubt III for the conclusion of their story!]

Swoon-worthy hero, Andrew Hamilton! Compelling heroine! Brilliant story-telling! Captivating plot! Steamy sex scenes! Entertaining dialogue!

“Andrew this is where you take all your dates…”
My heart sank. “Do you not see why bringing me here would hurt my feelings?”
“Would you prefer the Marriott?”

Hero rating: 5 stars
Heroine rating: 4.5 stars
Sex scenes rating: 5 stars
Sex scenes frequency: 4.5 stars
Storyline concept rating: 5 stars
Storytelling skills rating: 5 stars
Story ending rating: N/A
Book editing rating (5 = no edits spotted): 5 stars
Overall rating: 5 stars

Would I recommend this series: Yes.
Would I re-read this series: Yes.
Would I read future books by this author: Yes.

 photo RD2endxBbysb_zpsaba7a732.gif
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555 reviews1,525 followers
July 29, 2016

"She can never be mine ..."


Whitney G Williams has done it once again, I don't think I've ever waited so impatiently to get my hands on a authors piece of work more than I have with reasonable doubt volume two and did it deliver? Yes of course it did, Andrew Hamilton always comes out on top and I was glued to every single page and each cleverly titled chapter. In this second part of the series you can expect more twists and turns than you can handle and it had me guessing at every turn with it's fabulous unraveling plot.

For those readers who have been waiting for Andrew and his infamous dirty ways will not be left disappointed, Whitney G has a talent for the filthy talk and down right dirty and now I'm left with a desperate need for more and an increased affection for both the hero and heroine. I admit that I can't wait for the third and final conclusion piece to this amazing puzzle I just know that my expectations will be met. This author has provided a series that is not only insanely hot but also comical and at times a little heartbreaking. Unashamedly I confess that I'm unable to resist an additive anti-hero and Andrew Hamilton plays the part of my favourite arsehole to perfection. This second volume to a three part series continues to follow the story of the broken hero with his secretive past and extraordinary skills in the bedroom and the quick witted, talented dancer who just wants a chance to see if they have more than instant lust between them. Whitney G Williams has won my complete attention with this series and If I had it my way id be seeing much more of Mr Andrew Hamilton and his naughty ways. It won't be long until you can get you hands on this delicious instalment ... Go grab it readers. Enjoy, kisses.


*Guest reviewer for Dirty girl romance book blog, ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

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347 reviews
September 6, 2016
Andrew Andrew Andrew... What are we going to do with you?

That man is so irritatingly addicting...It's rather annoying...so why in the hell do I crave him like I do?

Cocky, arrogant, and just a plane ole' ass... That is how I would describe Mr. Andrew Hamilton. So you can see how I'm surprised this insufferable man has crept into my heart a bit and I felt myself going soft for him.

The sex between Aubrey and Andrew... eff me sideways. H.O.T.T.
Poor Aubrey...she just doesn't stand a chance if that man is anywhere in the same building as her.

We get a little more into Andrew's past in this book low and behold we are left with another crazy cliffhanger...although, this one is a bit more emotional than the first one. The end of Volume One I wanted to slap him and at the end of Volume 2 I just wanted to hug him.

Can't wait to see what Whitney G. has in store for us for Volume three.

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3,812 reviews32.4k followers
May 20, 2014
5 stars!!!

 photo 4f8e2fbd-0c73-4ab1-aa74-84d298f72b5f_zps85c2900c.jpg

The wait is over! More Andrew Hamilton is here!!! And let me tell you... he was worth the wait. Another intriguing and addictive installment in this novella series.
Andrew was the epitome of what it meant to be an asshole, a shining example of what that word stood for.

Is there anything better than a lovable hero who is an asshole/manwhore? Give him a dirty mouth and that makes him perfect in my book!!i I loved my asshole Andrew, but getting glimpses into his past was important also. I loved seeing the man he used to be- the good guy that still shines through sometimes. Yes, Andrew did show somewhat of a sweet side, but I love his other side even more...
"I want to be interested in someone who's interested in more than my pussy."

"I'm interested in your mouth, too."

 photo 63ead87e-e56d-4551-b1c4-4209bfcad588_zpsb027210a.jpg

Aside from seeing more of Andrew's past, we also got to see more of Aubrey's life. Her dance, her parents, her real feelings for Andrew. Though this couple has come a long way since volume one, they still have a long way to go. With all that transpired at the end of this installment, it leaves me wondering how Ms. Williams can possibly tie all this up in one more novella.... I can't wait to see how she does it!

I have fallen in love with this funny, sexy, and highly entertaining series. I devoured this so quickly, I had to go back and re-read volume one and two directly after. If you haven't read these quick and fabulous novellas, move them to the very top of your tbrs!!!

 photo d5ab20fb-bc7d-4a70-a797-69a342e2b840_zpsa9f57e87.jpg
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797 reviews747 followers
May 19, 2014
4- Back And Forth - Stars!

After the shocking cliffhanger at the end of Book 1 I have been antsy waiting on this book. Anyways, Andrew and Aubrey are fighting after Andrew's shocking revelation in book 1.

how dare you photo rhonjjachowdareyou_zps93ddff7c.gif

They do wind up making up and that leads to some hot sex.

 photo tumblr_mi8vkcjrIL1r7i2rko1_250_zps47b7ed53.gif

And Audrey finally goes back to work.

slut photo tumblr_mhfxduBHef1rf8fybo1_500_zps37b28b47.gif

She is still working on her part for the upcoming ballet.

Her parents are still a-holes...

DON'T WANT YOUR LIFE photo giphy_zps72cb5625.gif

And Aubrey is turning on her detective mode because she sure was nosey in this one. Andrew however was not giving her any information

 photo tumblr_inline_mrspppqRSD1qz4rgp_zps84ef998f.gif

Which only leads to them fighting yet again....

GET ALONG photo tumblr_lxxceyuCJD1r2te03_zps9e3634bb.gif

And then we are left with yet another cliffhanger...

 photo StarkdoesntdoanythingwhenhesuitsupThemachines_2e2a7d171496ea9f8755772da6b15cdb_zpse9d9e967.gif

I still have too many questions at the end and no clue how she will be able to conclude this series with only one more book.

Who is Andrew and what's with the new name?
What secret is he keeping that is so bad?What did Ava do?
What happens with Ava?
What happened with
Will there be an Ava/Audrey showdown?
What will happen with the ballet?
What will happen with her parents and her dad's race?
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1,408 reviews970 followers
May 11, 2015
I read volume 1 last year... the day before the scheduled release of volume 2. Unfortunately, volume 2 didn't come out for another month or so and in the meantime I became preoccupied with other books. Now, that I have the last two installments I'm going to finish this series.

Even though it's been awhile since I've read about Andrew I do have to say, I'm still enjoying him and his dirty mouth.


Reasonable Doubt Volume 1 (Reasonable Doubt, #1) by Whitney Gracia Williams Reasonable Doubt Volume 2 (Reasonable Doubt, #2) by Whitney Gracia Williams Reasonable Doubt Volume 3 (Reasonable Doubt, #3) by Whitney Gracia Williams
Continuing novellas that must be read in volume order.

descriptive text here
May 19, 2014
5 I Want More Andrew Stars!!!

Whitney Gracia Williams you did not disappoint this Andrew fan!!! Andrew is back in all his assholeness glory!! We get many panty-wetting moments in this volume.

We get a glimpse into Aubrey's not so stellar home life. Can I just say that her parents will not be winning any "Parent of the Year" contests anytime soon.

We learn more about the sexy stud Andrew and we also see his wall guarding his heart start to fall.

And just when you think Andrew is thinking

about him & Aubrey, the bitch from his past reminds him of the reason he doesn't do monogamy. What does Andrew do with this friendly reminder? He goes back into protective mode & decides to break Aubrey's heart instead of leaving his open to heartbreak.
Then......Ms Williams leaves us with a shocking skeletan from Andrew's past!!! Thank God I had this handy stress reducer so I'll be able to contain myself til the next volume comes out.

Meanwhile..........Andrew says:

Oh who am I kidding.....I'm so excited for the next installment!! When will it be ready Ms. Williams because I really need Andrew!!

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111 reviews112 followers
April 22, 2021
⭐ 3.25 stars ⭐

❝Lie about one thing, lie about it all❞

Unexpectedly I enjoyed Volume 2 a bit more🤔 even though there were A LOT of sex scenes for such a short book (seven chapters). But I think this is the kind of book you don't have to take seriously, I mean, you just have to keep reading and enjoy the story! At least that's what I'm doing since I've been in a lot of stress lately due to college💀

↳ My thoughts:

1. With the first few chapters I still thought Andrew was an idiot and I just wanted to punch him. But now I'm starting to like his character, and damn...THE LAST CHAPTER 🤕

2. Aubrey's parents are the worst, they're getting on my nerves. What's wrong with them? They are trying so hard to be the perfect family and they don't even care about their daughter. Go away, please!

3. Since there were a lot of sex scenes I couldn't feel a deep connection with the MC's and I hope that changes in the last part. Is it too much to ask for more conversations and less sex?

4. Overall, I'm really enjoying this series just because I still laugh at everything Andrew says. I can't take him seriously.

↳ Example:

"Did you all smoke the same drugs before your interviews?" I shook my head. "You're in law school. A few years away from potentially having someone's future in your hands and this is the type of shit you come up with?"

I don't know if that's funny, but I couldn't stop laughing😂

And there's more...

Conversation between Aubrey and Andrew (cringe btw)

"I can't seem to stop thinking about my incompetent-ass-intern and how I want to fuck her."
"Do you..." I shook my head. "Do you honestly think saying shit like that is a turn-on?"

LOL, clearly it was a turn-on for you, Aubrey!

After that they fucked, so I don't know why they keep fighting like idiots if they're going to end up in the same scenario over and over again🙄😂

And that's it for this review! Next...
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2,434 reviews4,571 followers
May 21, 2014

Wow I freaking loved it! It was captivating, I enjoyed this book so much! The series is getting better and better! And Andrew is more cocky and sexy The first book finished with a cliffhanger that left us with open mouths and wondering what would happen... Finally we have the second book and it was explosive!!

We have more revelations and finally we learn more about Andrew's past!
I don't know why but I'm with love with him! Even thought he is cocky and asshole sometimes but also he has another side, he is sweet too! I liked Aubrey a lot in this one because she stands up to him and she wasn't afraid to tell him what she thinks!!


I liked Andrew and Aubrey together, they are so passionate! There are a lot of sex scenes this book and believe me it's really hot! Epecially around 27%.
One of my favorite serials! I really liked how the story unfolded! If you are looking for a short hot book with twists that will keep you captivated then this is what you need! Can't wait for the next book!

September 9, 2014

3.5 Stars

Volume two gives further insight into the characters of Reasonable Doubt

Andrew continues to be the misguided arsehole we love; I don't believe I'd want him any other way at this moment in time…. We learn more of his history, the possible reasons why? I love the air of mystery about his story.

Aubrey continues with her sass, she's a girl with a love-dream and she wants that dream to be with Andrew, but equally, she'll not be messed around... I really like her inner strength and motivation. He’s not the talk-about-your-feelings kind of guy, but talk is something this couple desperately need to do. They need it, and the reader needs it. What did happen six years ago?

I felt their attraction and I loved their adorable text banter.

Reasonable Doubt is beautifully sexy, and a short taster of an interlude to what I believe will be the main course in Volume three.

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476 reviews385 followers
May 30, 2017

Andrew is back!!!, with his mouth even more filthy and dirty. And I just love the shit that spills out of his mouth. This volume is much hotter and more smutty than the first one. When it comes to scorching sex scenes, the author definitely knows how to deliver.

The book starts when the previous one left off. Fortunately the cliffhanger isn't as bad as it may have seemed. We get a glimpse of Andrew's past and the reason for his "one night only" rule and for why he's being such an asshole. Furthermore, he wants to stay away from Aubrey, tries to go back to meaningless sex with women from net but can't go through with it. Why? Because he can't stop thinking about Aubrey, she's all he wants and he succumbs to their weird "relationship". He slowly lets her in his life, heart, home, etc., everything seems to go in right direction and then, of course, bloody cliffhanger, arghhh. I am more and more convinced this seems to be a pattern int this serial thing. I might reconsider waiting for the whole series to be released next time.

Oh, I had a few moments like this, what could you possibly want from the smutty read?

But to be honest, I must say I had a really hard time thinking how to rate this one. First, I don't think the story progressed much and I wonder how Whitney will manage to squezze the ending in just one more short installment. Second, I got a little tired of Andrew's hot and cold attitude towards Aubrey. Nonetheless, I can't just not love Andrew, right? It's simply impossible. So, I will be waiting patiently for the 3rd part to see how it evolves and have some Andrew fix and his hungry cock too. Let's just hope it will be out rather sooner than later.

Profile Image for *J* Too Many Books Too Little Time.
1,921 reviews3,440 followers
May 19, 2014
4--Deliciously Dirty--Stars!!

Thing pick up after the

ending from book 1.

We get a bit more of Andrew's past but honestly...

...I still have no clue. And why in the hell was your

Andrew is SUPER hot and cold with his feelings for Aubrey.

Don't worry ladies...Andrew's hungry cock was still plenty hungry!!

In the end, I was left even more confused....about where the story is going, what happened in Andrew's past, who the hell Andrew is...and most importantly how in the heck this can wrap up in one more book.

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1,005 reviews800 followers
May 20, 2014
* * * * * 5 Andrew Rock’s My Word Stars * * * * *

Reasonable Doubt 2 picks up with Aubrey angry with Andrew for misleading her regarding his past.

"You’re fucking married.”

Aubrey and Andrew have a long way to go, but are basically starting at the same place. He feels she lied and mislead him, and after learning he is married she feels the same way.

Despite Andrew’s rule’s: One dinner. One night. No repeats. He is completely hung up on Aubrey and can’t think of anyone but her. When she denies him, he must use his special talents to pursued her.

Let me tell you…it’s fucking hot. I read this one in front of people and I do believe I was blushing. If you didn’t know, it takes quite a bit to make this girl blush.

I loved this volume more than the first, and I can’t wait to find out all of Andrew’s secrets.

Andrew Hamilton rivaled my other book boyfriends, and I am thinking I might just have to marry this one. He is an asshole and so fucking hot I can barely see straight.

This book had me laughing out loud, relaying parts to my friends. It had me blushing at this dirty words and ways. Lastly, it was more than sex and had me intrigued on what would happen next.

Like the last installment I will be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to read Volume 3.

Andrew I know this is sudden, but I think you might be the love of my book life…
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433 reviews86 followers
June 20, 2014
WOW ... LOVE IT!!!

Dear GR friends...

Evidentiary Hearing

Let the record show that the prosecution Whitney Gracia Williams, has presented a compelling and rather large evidence, that the characters in this book, as committed the highest degree of.... filthy talk and steamy sex scenes!!!

Presentation of evidences
 photo Apresentaccedilatildeo1_zps0a422401.jpg

So the judge (me) clearly ruled that this is a 5 star read ... If anyone file an appeal... will be an act of disrespect to this court!

 photo oie_DVCgES1CWq9b_zps98a7eb96.gif

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212 reviews
Currently reading
May 19, 2014
Reasonable Doubt : Vol 2 is LIVE on AMAZON!!! download link!


New York City-Six years ago…

“How many women do you think a man could possibly screw in his lifetime?” The vendor handed me my change.
“I don’t know,” I said. “I’ve stopped counting.”

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434 reviews722 followers
May 22, 2014
This short Novella has been on my radar since finishing with the first instalment, and then when it got pushed back and we waited and we waiting alllll weekend I was ahhh GIVE IT TO ME ALREADY, I was soooo ready to pack my bags and knock on whiteys door and get it of her myself, soooo million dollar question was this next instalment worth the wait HELL YESSS!!

 photo takingshirtoffgif_zpsdff48081.gif

This next Installment we're introduced to Arrogent Asshole Andrew again....

"In the interest of future short-lived and mediocre law career, I'm going to do two huge favors: One, I'm going to apologize for fucking you a second time and let you know that it will never happen again. Two, I'm going to pretend like you didn't just assault me with some goddamn coffee."

 photo 667F4118-4E7E-4D07-AD1D-5A9555521C91_zpshlsmzevj.gif

But in this read you are led to believe how cocky, arsy but how vulnerable Andrew is. OMG I will just say I adore ANDREW I love a tortured hero and he sure is that, on the outside he is an Asshole, he doesn't want anything apart from sharing his cock, but what once was One dinner. One night. No repeats is starting to change being that when it comes to Aubrey he can't seem to walk away from her feisty attitude, her alluring scent and her sexy body.... and he is very much still all that, he's HOT, cold, HOT, cold but what lies underneath is starting to seep out and especially with that leads to lots of questions and an unanswered mystery.

 photo AB319683-6978-493D-AB6A-64F89CBEFE3B_zpso1xslbqf.jpg
Andrew is Mysterious, demanding, has a dirty mouth, a greedy cock, he's an arrogant Asshole, he is sarcastic, Intriguing but is plain ole RAWR. These are all characteristics that will allure you as a reader into his story, he will grip hold of you and pull you in.

 photo 39462771-0007-4CA5-8E2A-C1C1D821A5B9_zpsdkdhvzgh.jpg
Aubrey is still dealing with her parents and their somewhat selfish needs rather than thinking about what makes Aubrey happy they are more concerned about appearances and with that and her lack of friendships the only real person she has to lean on is Andrew. I really hope to God she gets some happiness in the end cause she really does deserve it but saying that I am to believe that Andrew needs the same kind of support right back and as this short novella picks speed you will see how Andrews walls start to pull down.

But he won't let Aubrey into his life, into his secrets and in that he breaks her heart yet again...

Questions, answers lots of mystery and plenty of sexy HOT scenes that I truly enjoy especially . This has a lot packed in such a small novella, it's fast paced and I can't wait for more.

 photo nickersgif_zpsdb02222c.gif

As always I love chatting theories with the Canaries and on Andrews Addicts on facebook this was an enjoyable reading experience all round...

My favourite quote
 photo 9929F544-0002-47C5-8BDD-B2C458CA021E_zpsoaxz0hw6.jpg

Whitney now listen to me, JUST WRITE WOMAN!!!

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2,377 reviews4,625 followers
July 29, 2016
4.5 Stars

”Lie about one thing, lie about it all…”

This installment was fast paced, sexy and secret revealing good!


The story line remains strong in this second book of the series and I just LOVED how Andrew begrudgingly gives Aubrey a little more than a hotel bed and office hook up in this book. The author did a great job establishing Andrew’s attempt to keep things only sexual between the two (loved message on the card).

Andrew is an arrogant, dirty talking ass who is hiding the pain of his past. One night only is all he has ever offered anyone in the last six years but Aubrey gently pushes for more while Andrew is dirty talking up a storm and I for one love it…


Andrew’s wife, Ava makes an appearance and all isn’t what it appears. I get tired of the same old story line when the ex shows up, but this has a genius twist. The story does end with a HARSH cliffhanger.

Overall, this was a great follow up in the series with so much going on: Andrew’s past, Aubrey’s father’s announcement, Aubrey’s dancing career and Andrew’s walls. I'm so excited for the next book!
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2,082 reviews860 followers
July 28, 2014
5 Wet-Panty-Fetish Stars


Ms. Williams left us with quite the cliffhanger at the end of part one and I was certain that Andrew was going to have the perfect explanation... except he didn't. He didn't feel like he had to explain anything to anyone. It was in his past, a past that left behind six years ago - one that he wasn't willing to revisit. But that didn't mean that when Aubrey didn't leave his thoughts that he wasn't going to pursue her.

Aubrey has a lot of wants when it comes to Andrew. She wants him to open up, explain what he ran away from, what happened to change his world into what it has now become. But she can't deny how much her body wants him, with or without any of the answers. Even though Andrew isn't willing to let her in, he's not ready to let her go - until he realizes that ultimately he can never have her - that he won't ever risk that kind of hurt again.


Holy shit. I am completely 100% in love with this asshole of a character. Between his demands of Aubrey and that interaction with the opposing counsel in the courtroom; I was fearing my panties would explode if one more jerky thing came out of his mouth. Seriously hot sex scenes, well written and with a complete alpha type male that is punishing in delivering it.

"You don't need to watch anybody else to learn. I'll teach you."
His Blowjob for Dummies moment had me wishing I could unlearn every single thing and become is prized pupil.

"I want to be friends with someone who's interested in more than my pussy."
"I'm interested in your mouth, too."

WGW has created such an addicting series. I am not sure just how she managed to give us so much packed into such a short installment. I felt like I read this in the blink of an eye, but it still felt like the story progressed. I just want to know the details of what happened six years ago. The little hints we are given are killing me.

I am torn between wanting to keep my Andrew as the perfect asshole he is and him finding peace with what ever hell happened in his past so he can see that he can fall in love again.... The last installment in this series cannot be out soon enough. I am not sure how I am going to be able to handle knowing that we are just left with the conclusion of this series... I think I might not be ready to let him go yet.
Profile Image for Lana ❇✾DG Romance❇✾.
2,017 reviews12k followers
August 24, 2014
3.5 Perfect Asshole Stars

Andrew was the epitome of what it meant to be an asshole, a shining example of what the word stood for.

I'll be honest, if I read this book before I got my hands on the third that ending would have driven me batty and I mean BATTY. At only a 60 pages this book offers a lot more Andrew, a whole lot more of his filthy mouth, and even more scorching sex...but not much more. I wanted a little bit more depth into his character, I wanted Aubrey to make him work for things a bit more. If I was rating on the first 80%, I'd rate this at a very solid 3 stars. But then that last chapter happened. What? WHAT?!

How could you leave us hanging like that, Whitney? HOW?!

Luckily I dove straight into book 3 and I can happily tell you that there's a reason to the madness. Everything that you may have wanted in this book will be answered and delivered in the next.

I'll keep this short and sweet just like the book (well, minus the sweet part) I love this author's writing style. I love her filthy mouthed, dirty fucking hero. And I can't wait for more.

***ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review***

For more reviews visit
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896 reviews1,965 followers
November 23, 2014
4 Dirty Stars!


In this second installment the crazy and dirty ride is back.
He get to know more about Andrew’s past and why he acts a certain way. We get to see more development in their relationship (although not much) and finally some things start to make some sense.
If you don’t want to read these books because you heard about how they end, well, I strongly advise you not to start now.
If you, like me, just can’t resist this series, get yourself ready for a hell of a ride!


Rating: 4 Stars.
Storyline: A sexy, twisted and purely addictive story about how lies and secrets from the past can haunt a love story and maybe destroy her before it even begins.
Writing Style: First person, Dual POV. Raw, sexy and additive.
Character Development: Aubrey was good, but she needed to stand up more at some moments. She seriously need some lady-balls. I didn’t like Andrew in this one was much as I liked on the previous book. He was always a sexy asshole, but this time he was more of an asshole and less of sexy. Not good, mister!
Steam: HOT!!!
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2,110 reviews370 followers
March 6, 2019
3.5 Stars

This series is stupidly addictive. I’m rounding up my rating for that alone.

In this sequel, Andrew’s still being all mental and moody over his past hurts. Dude seriously needs to let go of that man-pain and move the f*ck on already. It’s clear Aubrey will be the one to smack some sense into the guy, but he’s being all difficult and acting like a jerk face five minutes after every sweet and/or sexy thing he does. He’s doing my head in, but...

But, I can’t get enough of this story. The mysteries of Andrew’s dark past are slowly coming to light and I relished all the little tidbits of info we gleaned in this sequel. One thing’s for certain: his ex is a psycho crazy-pants and it surprises me that she hid that so well in all the time they were originally together. I definitely feel bad for the guy and I love that he doesn’t let anyone mess with his life now, but he still needs to loosen the hell up and let Aubrey heal his battered heart.

Meanwhile, Aubrey’s parents are the true menaces of this piece for me. Where the hell do these selfish bastards get off?? I love that Aubrey stands up to them and calls them out on their bullshit. She does so with Andrew too, and I can’t help but love her for it.

Beyond all the drama and the man-angst, this series is super addictive and extremely easy to read. It also doesn’t hurt that the banter is snappy and the sex is hot like burning.

Yep, whatever it is Whitney G. is selling I’m buying.

Onwards to volume three...
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May 28, 2014

★★★☆ 3.5 Stars!

I was SO excited to start this book

especially after the huge cliffhanger in book 1.

This is a continuation of Andrew and Aubrey story and it picks up right where the previous book ended.

Maybe I didn't love quite it as much as the first book, but it was still an awesome read!

The ending made me go

And now I can't wait to get my hands on book 3! ;)
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September 11, 2021
Aubrey: I hate you you disgusting piece of shit blah blah blah


Andrew: *unbuckles belt*
Aubrey: I’m coming I’m coming 😙🤤😙🤤


Me: Blah. Have some fucking self respect girl
Aubrey: Self respect? What’s that?? Never heard of it 😙👋


In all seriousness tho don’t be an Aubrey guys and gals. Our moms did not carry us for 9 months for us to be a pathetic doormat
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November 6, 2017
I enjoyed the first volume because I was up for a steamy read. I ignored all the problems I had with Andrew and honestly? It was fun. However, this volume was a complete let down. I couldn’t overlook Andrew’s faults and thus didn’t enjoy the book at all. He had no right to treat her like this. And the twist (other twist) was predictable and only adds to the “drama”. No, I will not read the last volume.
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July 30, 2017
3 Stars

Overall Opinion: This was not as good as the first book, but I still enjoyed it and was engaged in the story. I think it might be the fact that it was the middle book in the series, because it felt a lot like filler to me. We do get some vague answers to some of our questions and we also get some hot sexy times, but I guess I wanted more! I'll continue, because I want to see this couple get their HEA. On to the next with Reasonable Doubt: Volume 3...

Brief Summary of the Storyline: This is the continuation Aubrey and Andrew's story. This takes place right after the cliffhanger in the first, and they have some big issues to work out. They cannot deny their connection and strong sexual chemistry, so they do end up together again. There are some sexy times and some other drama...and we're left with another cliffy.

POV: This alternated between Aubrey and Andrew's POV.

Overall Pace of Story: Good. I read this one quickly, as it flowed well and I never skimmed.

Instalove: No, strong feelings haven't been confessed yet.

H rating: 3 stars. Andrew. He was still a jerk. A sexy, dirty talking jerk. I didn't forgive him so easily in this one, because he was found to be a pretty big hypocrite IMO.

h rating: 3.5 stars. Aubrey. I liked her, but I also wanted her to be a little stronger at times and not give in to his sex appeal so easily.

Sadness level: Low, no tissues needed.

Push/Pull: Yes

Heat level: Moderate. They still have some good scenes and chemistry.

Descriptive sex: Yes

Safe sex: Yes

OW/OM drama: Yes

Sex scene with OW or OM: No

Cheating: No

Separation: Not really. The closest was ~4 days, but they still weren't officially together at that point

Possible Triggers: Yes, but the same as first book

Closure: This ends on another cliffhanger, but the last book is out and available.

How I got it: I got it with my kindle unlimited subscription.

Safety: I'd call this one Safe, but it is hard to say with full confidence since this is book 2 of 3.
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May 19, 2014
The waiting was killing me for this! For Andrew! For his potty mouth! For IT ALL! The second installment in this addictive series was great. It literally picks up where RD left off, and similar to the first book, we get glimpses of Andrew's past. But these glimpses this time around are more detailed, yet the suspense still looms large. The picture of Andrew's past is slowly being revealed and with how the last book ended, looks like his past is catching up with him.

The potty mouth was back, and honestly, Andrew is so good at dirty talk. It's never overdone but right on point! The steam is scorching, the intensity between Aubrey and Andrew palpable. And yes, Andy boy can be a huge ass! He was such a prick at times, while at others you see how much potential lies beneath his pain. I laughed through several scenes, he was truly an intelligent and witty asshole ;)
Aubrey is also dealing with some crap from her family and it'll be interesting to see how the author ties everything up. As of now, with one book left in this serial, I'm wondering how everything can possibly be resolved...between Andrew and Aubrey, Andrew and his past, Aubrey and her parents...quite the daunting task, but I desperately look forward to it! Loved this installment.

** Copy generously provided by the author for review **
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May 26, 2014
 photo RDcollage_zpse4cfa157.jpg

Andrew and all his cockiness is back and he actually kicked it up a notch. I have absolutely fallen in love with this dirty talking, sexy as hell asshole and can’t seem to get enough of him.

And Aubrey absolutely shines in this book. She is determined. She is ready to challenge Andrew and boy does she.

After that cliffhanger from book 1, I was anxious to get my hands on this book. And once again Whitney Garcia Williams does not disappoint. This installment was SEXY, HOT, DIRTY, INTENSE and a tiny bit SWEET. :)

 photo RD2pic_zps5dcc368d.jpg

In the second installment of Reasonable Doubt we get a glimpse into Andrew’s past which explains why he is the way he is. I can’t say I blame him. But it also shows us a different side of Andrew, a sweeter guy. And there were moments in this book when we got to see that sweeter guy.

We also get more of a feel of Aubrey’s life. Her dream is to dance, to be a ballerina. But this dream isn’t shared by her parents who are two self absorbed and self centered people. Aubrey’s feelings for Andrew have changed. She wants more. She needs more.

A lot goes on with these two. Andrew allows Aubrey to cross into a territory that no other woman has been in quite some time. Their relationship is a bit of a tug of war. They each tug the other in the direction they want them to go. But Andrew and Aubrey have a long road ahead of themselves.

Of course we get another crazy ending. I have no clue what will come of these two and I anxiously await the final installment. Honestly, I don't know how Whitney will pull it off. I cannot wait to see what happens next for this sexy couple.

These novellas are fantastic. If you haven’t gotten your hands on them yet you just have too!! They are sexy, funny and quick reads. You will fall in love with Andrew & Aubrey. xo
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August 9, 2016
***2.5-3 " Theres no doubt. I set my hopes too high" stars***

WELL, it had its moments, but........ umm... I think its best I keep my opinions to myself.

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