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The Book Club

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The Book Club by Mary Alice Monroe released on Apr 24, 2003 is available now for purchase.

368 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 1999

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About the author

Mary Alice Monroe

62 books4,502 followers
Mary Alice Monroe is the New York Times bestselling author of 27 books, including The Summer of Lost and Found, the latest installment of her beloved Beach House series.

Monroe has also published children’s books which complement the environmental themes she is known for in her adult novels. Monroe’s middle grade series, written with Angela May, The Islanders, debuted #2 on the New York Times Best Sellers List in 2021. The second book in the series, Search for Treasure, debuted #3 on the New York Times Best Sellers List.

Nearly eight million copies of her books have been published worldwide.

Mary Alice has earned numerous accolades and awards including induction into the South Carolina Academy of Authors’ Hall of Fame; South Carolina Center for the Book Award for Writing; the South Carolina Award for Literary Excellence; the SW Florida Author of Distinction Award; the RT Lifetime Achievement Award; the International Book Award for Green Fiction; the Henry Bergh Award for Children’s Fiction; and her novel A Lowcountry Christmas won the prestigious Southern Prize for Fiction.

Mary Alice is also the co-founder of the popular weekly web show and podcast Friends & Fiction.

The Beach House is a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, starring Andie McDowell. Several of her novels are optioned for film.

Mary Alice has championed the fragility of the earth’s wild habitat. The coastal southern landscape in particular is a strong and important focus of many of her novels. For her writing, Monroe immerses herself in academic research, works with wildlife experts, and does hands-on volunteering with animals. She then uses the knowledge and experiences to craft captivating stories that identify important parallels between nature and human nature. Sea turtles, bottlenose dolphins, monarch butterflies, shorebirds are among the species she has worked with and woven into her novels.

Mary Alice is also an active conservationist and serves on several boards including the South Carolina Aquarium board emeritus, the Pat Conroy Literary Center Honorary Board, and the Leatherback Trust, which she received the Leatherback Trust Lifetime Achievement Award in 2022. She is especially proud to be a state-certified volunteer with the Island Turtle Team for more than twenty years.

Mary Alice splits her time between her home on the South Carolina coast and her home in the North Carolina mountains. When she’s not writing a novel, she is with her family or busy working with wildlife somewhere in the world.

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Profile Image for B the BookAddict.
300 reviews651 followers
July 25, 2016

This book definitely wont be getting a standing ovation from me. This is hard to write; it's my first unflattering review but I have to be honest here. The plot is formulaic and the writing itself did not make the story outstanding. If I hadn't already lost interest by then, I really zoned out after Pg 134 where “Intelligence shone in his large, deep-set eyes and sensuality teased in his full lips”. Why do the men in these books always have sensual full lips? This is so over-done. The book was peppered with many examples of this annoying type of writing. The Book Club seemed to be all about Eve rather than about the four members of the club. It dwelled on her life extensively and only to a lesser degree, the other members lives.

One book club, four women; Eve who thought she was happy but apparently her recently deceased husband wasn't, Annie who has everything going for her but struggles to have a baby, Gabriella seems to be handling everything and wont ask for help, Doris is overweight and has a philandering husband and Midge who's single, not really attractive and just might be a lesbian. Honestly, why are the Doris' in books always fat? These women all confront the demons in their lives, they resolve to always band together and life goes on – yada, yada, yada. Formulaic. Considering the title, I thought it strange that in the eighteen months of the story, the author fully describes only one meeting – the last one in the book. My first Mary Alice Monroe book and I doubt I will go back for any more; there are too many other more deserving books to read.
Profile Image for Nora|KnyguDama.
968 reviews2,019 followers
April 25, 2021

Nustebino šita knyga! Maniau, kad bus toks rožinis, saldus romaniukas, o čia ir rimtos temos užkabintos, ir veikėjai įdomūs sukurti, ir skaitėsi greitai bei įdomiai.

Pagrindinės veikėjos čia trys: Eva, Anė ir Gabrielė. Mirus vyrui, Eva – priversta iš naujo kabintis į gyvenimą. Santaupų nėra, didelio namo ir dviejų vaikų išlaikyti nepavyks, tačiau ir patikėti, kad yra jėgų kažką sukurti savo rankomis lyg stinga... Gražuolė, keturiasdešimtmetė karjeristė Anė su vyru nusprendžia pagaliau susilaukti vaiko, tačiau moteris pirmą kartą susiduria su kliūtimis, kurių sunkiu darbu neįveiksi. Visiems visada padedančios Gabrielės vyras netenka darbo, pačios alga nėra įspūdinga, bet prašyti pagalbos moteris nemoka. Visas moteris vienija knygų klubas ir nuoširdi draugystė. Du dalykai padėsiantys įveikti ištikusias negandas.

Ok, gal iš aprašymo ir skamba saldžiai, bet netikėtų vingių čia netrūksta. Labai patiko kiekvieno skyriaus pradžioje pateiktos citatos iš knygų klube skaitomų knygų. Ir pati prisiminiau paauglystėje skaitytą klasiką, net panorau vėl į rankas paimti „Ponią Bovari“. Nėra tai širdį plėšanti knyga, bet tikrai neblogas kūrinys apie tiesiog ne visada gražius gyvenimus.
Profile Image for Julie.
60 reviews1 follower
July 6, 2009
Awesome book! These middle aged moms are all in new phases of their lives. Everyone can relate to at least one woman and what she is going through - relationships, empty nesters, death, illness, infidelity, job loss but the thread that runs through this story is finding yourself again as a woman. It made me think. I really enjoyed this book and will be looking at some of her other books.
Profile Image for Connie Cox.
286 reviews180 followers
January 7, 2015
3.5 stars.

I really like Monroe's writing style as I find it easy to breeze along and her character's relatable. I did not think this was one of her best, but still a feel good read. Five women have been in a social book club for many years. I would not say they all are good friends, but over the years the friendships seem to slip back and forth. This is what I enjoyed. These women reminded me of friendships I have had with different women....sometimes they are the best of friends, sometimes you can't relate and other times you tolerate them more or less because of your history. You fit together, even though you go home to very different lives. I think Monroe did a wonderful job of showing how a shared history kept these women together.

I also appreciated that each women was facing a change in her life, and once again I could relate. Each had a pretty major issue arise that I have either dealt with or have gone through with a good friend. The stories of each of these women were honest....and I could see how they had reached this time in their lives....and I could think of someone I know who was much like each character. (myself included)

This felt a little drawn out in some places which is why it did not get a full 4 stars from me. But her stories are comfortable....relaxing....just what I need at times....just like an old friend.
Profile Image for Rachel.
16 reviews
January 14, 2012
The book encompasses the 5 separate lives of women who are best friends and in some cases, best frenemies as they meet for book club monthly. I found some of the characters in this book extremely annoying to the point that every time they came up in the story, I found myself rolling my eyes and heaving a heavy sigh. A few of the characters deliberately made their life dramatic, and as such, the book itself and its writing was dramatic too. One character in particular was very "tied up in a nice little bow" in such a case that you couldn't quite believe that she was that "perfect" nor that her life would work out "that perfectly." The book lacked substance and in the end, I felt I had just read a book about women portraying their lives as either perfect and they weren't, or absolutely horrible, when in fact, they had everything they needed.
Profile Image for Dale Harcombe.
Author 12 books288 followers
February 11, 2014
One and a half stars
Let me say at the outset that I have read several books by this author and enjoyed them, so I was prepared to like this book despite some negative reviews. It started off okay for a light read I thought but disintegrated as it went along. I thought the premise of the book club wand the use of books would be interesting but in the end for me it didn't work and the 5 women in this book club I found annoying and unrealistic. I'm not really sure why I continued to read it, except I think I expected it to get better. But it lacked the layers some of Mary Alice Monroe's books have. I did notice this was an early book so obviously like many writers, the author has improved as she went along. I'm glad this was not the first book of hers I read.
April 1, 2013
I selected this book for my 'night' reading, aka reading before I go to sleep. I like to read light, funny and interesting books at this time, not thrillers or political subjects. Unfortunately, I often fall asleep during this time and it takes a while to finish a particular book!

In reading this book, I couldn't wait to get back to it and fought the Sand Man!

The story opens with descriptions of five women, each with varying issues confronting (or soon would be)them. I felt that the descriptions were accurate, current, and included idiosyncratic details that seemed appropriate to the issue being dealt with. It seemed that the representations for each woman aligned with friends I've known, making the stories more compelling to me.

Set in the Chicago area, the story follows these long time book club friends through a season culminating with a weekend at one character's summer home on a lake. While a bit idealized, this weekend was a fun way to summarize the growth each woman experienced personally while celebrating their lives together. I found I was smiling as I continued reading to the book's end.
Profile Image for Lisa.
210 reviews3 followers
January 3, 2012
I am embarrassed to admit I read this book. I had to skip so much- but unfortunately I was hooked with the prelude. The overall story of friendship was nice, but that's where it ends. So don't waste your time, there are so many wonderful stories out there about friendship and adversity weathered, my advice look else where for such.
Profile Image for Knygu_jura.
264 reviews171 followers
May 14, 2021
Kaip užkietėjusi skaitytoja gali atsispirti knygai, kurios veiksmas sukasi aplink moteris, aptariančias knygas savo knygų klube? Atsakymas - niekaip! Tad, kai leidykla perleido šią knygą ir įkvėpė naujam gyvenimui, džiaugiuosi turėdama galimybę ją perskaityti!

Maniau, kad knygų čia bus daugiau, ir, nors kiekvienas skyrius prasideda citata iš knygos, o ir susitikimų aptarti knygas buvo, jie buvo kiek kitokie. Kai susitinki su draugėmis ir pirmiau nori aptarti gyvenimo rūpesčius ir užsiplepi taip, kad nepajauti kaip valandos bėga. Rūpesčių šios knygos veikėjos turėjo daug ir įvairių! Autorė palietė tokias temas kaip išdavystė, netektys, pastangos susilaukti vaikų, vienatvė ir kitos, kurios ir buvo pagrindinė šios knygos ašis.

Dažnu atveju skaudžios temos, veikėjų išgyvenimai, sprendimai, kurie lyg plėšo tave iš vidaus, nes nežinai ką rinktis, būna būtent tai, ką labiausiai mėgstu. Tačiau romane "Knygų klubas" pradėjau jaustis taip, lyg autorė nori viską aprėpti, viską paminėti, tačiau jai pritrūko puslapių. Kai kurios knygos veikėjos liko lyg į šoną nustumtos, o jų istorijos vos paminimos. Kartu ir buvo kiek perdaug dramos, nesusikalbėjimo. Bet iš kitos pusės man patiko moterų ryšys, draugystė ir kiekvienos iš jų stiprybė pasitinkant negandas iškelta galva.

Jei dvejojate, ar skaityti, esu tikra - pabandyti verta. Jei mėgstate knygose mano paminėtas temas, draugystę, kuri ne visada lyg sviestu patepta, o kartu ir meilę bei viltį, jog ateitis gali būti šviesi ir visi rūpesčiai įveikiami, ypač jei šalia yra žmonės, kurie kai reikia palaikys, o kai reikia pasakys karčią tiesą nieko neslėpdami - bandykite įstoti į šį M. A. Monroe "Knygų klubą"!
Profile Image for Gabrielė|Kartu su knyga.
491 reviews249 followers
July 22, 2021
Niekam nėra paslaptis, jog tai yra antrasis šios knygos leidimas. Pirmojo man skaityti neteko, o knygos siužetos mane suintrigavo. Ir kaip knygų mylėtojas nenorės perskaityti istorijos, kuri yra susijusi su knygomis 🤭

Vieną dieną įprastas bei stabilus Evos gyvenimas subyra į šipulius. Netikėtai miršta jos vyras Tomas ir moteriai ima slysti žemė iš po kojų. Tuo pat metu jos draugė Anė, kuriai keturiasdešimt treji metai, ryžtasi susilaukti kūdikio. Viskas iš tiesų esą daug sudėtingiau, nei gali atrodyti..
Trečioji draugė Dorisė sužino, jog jos vyras jai buvo neištikimas, o žavioji Gabrielė vis dažniau susimąsto kiek viena ji dar "patemps" savo šeimos finansus.. Vyrui netekus darbo, ji liko vienintele jų maitintoja. O kur dar Midžė, kuri ketina surengti naują savo darbų parodą.. Tačiau šiai moteriai neduoda ramybės vienas klausimas...
Visos draugės tokios skirtingos, bet kartu ir panašios. Jas vienija meilė knygoms bei tikra draugystė.

Didelių lūkesčių šiai istorijai neturėjau, tačiau pradėjus skaityti supratau, jog tai bus gana lengvas skaitinys. Nors knygoje buvo aptariamos gana opios problemos, bet šį kartą manęs ši isrorija nepalietė taip, jog likčiau sujaudinta.
Skaitydama "Knygų klubą" žavėjausi visų šių moterų meile knygoms bei vidine stiprybe. Ir dabar tikiu, jog dideli išbandymai atitenka tik be galo stipriems žmonėms.
Mano nuomone, ši istorija puikiai tiks tiems, kurie ieško paprasto, bet ne lėkšto romano. Nors kartą šią istoriją perskaityti verta 📚✨
Profile Image for Tory.
179 reviews3 followers
September 19, 2012
I judged this book by its cover, literally. I am leery of any book that tells me on the cover how great it is ("The Book Club: A remarkable novel of the power of friendships"). Remarkable? Hm. Let me be the judge of that. While I wouldn't go so far as to say this is a "remarkable" story, it was enjoyable. An easy, breezy read to wrap up the summer with. The plot includes everything and the kitchen sink- cancer diagnosis, adultery, empty-nest syndrome, sexual identity questions, mommy issues, aging parents, returning to work after being a stay-at-home mom, dead husbands, a love story, and fertility issues. It's a little much. In spite of a fairly predictable plot and some cornball writing, there is a singular message that regardless of what life hands us, we can get through it with a few good girlfriends by our side.
Profile Image for Jolanta.
309 reviews24 followers
April 29, 2022
❝ Šitaip buvo išauklėta- kaip moteris. Puoselėti vyro egoizmą, pamirštant save. Tenkinti jo ir visų kitų poreikius, savo pačios atidedant į šalį, kol ateis geresni laikai. <…> ji turėtų elgtis kaip pridera, o tai reiškė- nesipriešinti pakinktams<…> bet tie laikai praėjo. Eva stovėjo priešais atlapotą langą, atsukusi veidą sidabrinei šviesai, ir jautė mėnulio trauką.

❝ Lengva draugauti, kai viskas klostosi sklandžiai. Sunkumų kyla tada, kai turi padėti draugei susidoroti su rūpesčiais, o jums nebebūna nei lengva, nei linksma. Pats tikriausias išbandymas- atleisti bičiulei, kai ji susimauna.
Profile Image for Sue Gerhardt Griffiths.
741 reviews37 followers
May 16, 2020
This was really very good and remarkably enjoyable.

Five women meet every month to discuss their chosen book which is quoted at the top of each chapter… loved that detail. It’s more about their relationship: sharing their dreams, fears and achievements rather than the books they read.

The ending was very satisfying.

Would recommend to anyone who enjoys reading about a group of women who support each other through thick and thin.

POPSUGAR Reading Challenge 2020: #18 - A book about a book club

POPSUGAR Reading Challenge 2020: #19 - A book that has a book on the cover
Profile Image for Vaida Book lover❤️.
164 reviews27 followers
June 30, 2021
,,Šiame psichologiniame romane meistriškai gvildenami likimai."
Viskas prasidėjo nuo skaitymo bloko.. Kuris atsirado kaip tyčia paėmus šią knygą 🤷‍♀️ Bet knygos nemečiau. Vis grįždavau, na ir galiausiai įsijaučiau 😍 nesupraskite klaidingai, nemanau, kad blokas atsirado dėl jos. Kaip ten bebūtų, jos dėka jei jį ir gavau, kartu ir įveikiau 🤗
Na bet pakalbėkim apie knygą 🥰
Penkių moterų likimai, stiprių, nors iš pirmo žvilgsnio nepasakytum... Drąsiai galėtum palaikyti netgi paikomis, tipiškos namų šeimininkės, išskyrus vieną akiplėšą.. Tai kurgi intriga ir įdomumas? O čia jo patikėkit daug, tikrai nėra nei saldi, nei banali istorija, kaip galėtum manyti.
Mane labai sužavėjo personažai, rašymo stilius.
Bet labiausiai susižavėjau jų draugystės jėga, meile knygoms. Ir tai kaip jos jas aptaria, jei nežinote ką skaityti, šioje knygoje rasite nemažai idėjų ❤️
Likimas nei vienai negailėjo įvairiausių išbandymų, nepasakosiu detalių nebebus malonumo skaityti.
Pasakysiu, kad tai išties puiki ir paliečianti knyga. Daugumai mūsų yra ko pasimokyti, gyvenkime, nes gyvenimas duotas tik vienas 😊❤️🔥📚
Daugiau apžvalgų: vaida_book_lover
Profile Image for Tonya.
95 reviews
January 27, 2016
The is my favorite Mary Alice Monroe book. Explores friendships with books. What more could one ask for!
124 reviews3 followers
November 4, 2014
The Book Club is a breezy story about five middle-aged Chicago women who confront the changes in their health, relationships, and dreams while they occasionally discuss novels. Eve Porter must deal with her handsome husband's sudden death. Ambitious Annie is faced with huge obstacles when she finally tries to start a family. Doormat Doris is the perfect wife, but that doesn't mean she has the perfect life. Bohemian Midge has carved out a peaceful creative existence until her mother threatens to jeopardize it. Gabriella supports everyone around her, but does anyone help her? Eve's transformation, Annie's problems and Doris' epiphany overshadow the other character's arcs so much that it's easy to forget who Gabriella even is. While the issues Mary Alice Monroe touches on are timely and important, she barely delves beneath the surface. Clunky descriptions such as "His eyes shone with the blueness and intensity of an acetylene torch (p.228)," make you wonder if you're reading a Harlequin Romance. Need a light, trite page-turner to read on the plane? Join the club; otherwise, drop out.
Profile Image for Denise.
756 reviews70 followers
June 4, 2017
The Book Club by Mary Alice Monroe is about the power of friendship, honesty, understanding and tenderness. It is a story about five remarkable women who belong to the same book club. This is a well crafted story about these believable characters. This is a story for women in their 50's and 60's! There are many topics that will make you ponder about marriage, children, death, health........life in general.
763 reviews9 followers
September 21, 2021
Somewhat uninspiring and insipid. I hoped it was going to improve as it went on but it didn't. As shallow as a saucer.
Profile Image for Kerry McLaughlin.
53 reviews3 followers
January 20, 2021
Mid-life examined as a second adolescence. The five members of The Book Club each have a different challenge to overcome as they near the age of 50. While I could relate to most of them, and liked some more than others, the character development was not very deep and bordered on stereotypical. Even with that said, it was an enjoyable well-told story of self-discovery and friends supporting one another.
Profile Image for Linda.
597 reviews
February 11, 2018
What a great book to be completely immersed in. Five long time friends have had a book club since their children were very small and they meet monthly to review and discuss books. A simple pastime for sure and very enjoyable and companionable. Over the years their friendships have become very close and they are more like family to each other.

The story is about how lives are in constant change and how good friends can be the best blessing that a person can have.

An excellent read.

Profile Image for Amy.
161 reviews13 followers
September 1, 2021
2+ stars. Overall, an okay light read. I love the overall arching theme of the power of friendship, honesty, compassion for others, and tenderness. It’s also about “finding yourself” again after “getting lost” (in quotations because sometimes we find ourselves, too) in the throes of life— marriage, children, health, and sadly, death.

I love how each chapter opens with a quote from a book paralleling a challenge or experience of the five friends. It’s as if the opening quote sums up the chapter in a little package tied with a pretty bow.

What’s not to love? —exploring friendships with books! I LOVE how books have the power to bring people from all walks of life and stages together! I think each of the five characters had admirable qualities as I choose to highlight the goodness in everyone I meet, not the less desirable traits.

Some book quotes that stuck with me:
“Age is real; life is short. It's foolhardy to deny it. We grow up, our bodies grow frail, death is coming. There's so much I want to do! There's a whole world out there I haven’t seen, people I haven’t met and who havent know me. God, there 're a million books I want to read.
I don’t want to sleep... I want to be awake. This is my life - I want to live it.”

“I know I can't change the past. Not my mistakes or the mistakes of others. But I can begin by changing me.”

And the end…. “…. Isn’t life grand?” Yes, yes it is indeed grand. [smile]

At times reading this book was tedious, but the emotions and situations were real, and in the end, I found myself cheering for all the women and their stories. We could all use a cheerleader in our life, am I right, ladies!??

This was my new virtual book club’s first book we read together, and it was more enjoyable after the group’s discussion last night. If not for the book club, this probably would have been a DNF read for me.
138 reviews1 follower
October 17, 2013
As I began reading this story, I knew it was a story about a group of women......as I headed further into the story I found myself somewhat bored with the story and I was thinking to myself why did I start a book that was about a circle of women, because it seemed as if it was becoming predictable....there was the suddenly widowed Dr's wife with two young children, the neglected and unappreciated wife, the high power go getter wife who suddenly wants a baby, the single woman who' s art becomes her children and the nurse with four children who is forced to be her families main bread winner when her husband loses his job, and then throw in a mysterious redhead for good measure who pops up once in awhile.
I am not one to stop reading a book just because I feel it is boring or predictable, so I pushed on and I am glad I did! The women who I thought were the weakest and most predictable, were suddenly the strong women and vice versa! Also there several twists that took me by surprise, and by the end of the book I found myself cheering for all of these women and their stories!
I enjoyed Doris the most in the story, even though she wasn't really the main character, I related to her the best in terms of growing older and seeing your children grow up and move on and then having to redefine who you are as a woman, mom etc! I must say though, as much as I cheered for her I am still skeptical about her ability to build her own tree house!
Overall good story and I am a fan of Mary Alice Monroe and her style of writing and storytelling! I like that at the end the moral of the story comes out that we should live each day to the fullest, because we never know when it might be our's or someone close to us last day on Earth!
Make the most of your day today.....and tell those close to you that you love them!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for LindyLouMac.
849 reviews61 followers
October 6, 2008

It was the title that attracted me to this book and I thought the quote from a different book at the beginning of each chapter was a clever idea for each one’s theme. Unfortunately though I did not find the story at all enjoyable in fact it was just plain boring.
I really dislike writing a bad review as I know it is far from easy to write a novel and criticising one is something that I feel uncomfortable about.
The cover stated that it is ‘A remarkable novel of the power of friendship’. In my opinion it was far from remarkable, just stereotyped stories of five women who were friends and members of The Book Club.

There was Eve, unexpectedly widowed in her forties and suddenly finding herself struggling financially. Annie the successful career woman desperate for a baby before her biological clock fails her, suddenly has to come to terms with a much more serious health issue, than being unable to conceive. Doris is the mousey wife, with the demanding and bullying husband; who becomes so depressed on discovering her husband’s infidelity. Midge the artistic free spirit whose mother suddenly decides she wants to be more involved in her daughters life and finally Gabriella the perfect friend, wife and mother, coping with a long term unemployed husband. To me this was just another conventional romance with absolutely nothing to surprise the reader.

Profile Image for Meghan.
676 reviews
September 17, 2014
Every summer I read really crappy books. It's like eating a bag of chips. You don't want to do it often, but on occasion, it tastes really good. Usually after a book of two, I'm satisfied and ready to go back to all those "important" books. Read too many, and it's like eating the entire bag. You feel sick and bloated afterwards and willing to swear them off forever (and by forever, I mean until the next summer).

This was surprisingly not terrible. I can't really say much more than that. It's no Tolstoy but it's not meant to be. It's one of those nice, sweet books that middle aged Midwest ladies like to read. And as I am a middle aged Midwestern lady, I suppose that's why I didn't feel like it was a terrible waste of my time. The only thing that I take issue with books like these is I'm happily married, not overly stressed, satisfied with where life has taken me. So generally stories like these it can't relate to because they aren't ever talking about a reality that comes close to mine. But I remember a time when they did, so that's why I still read them. They remind me how far I've come and to be grateful that I've arrived.
Profile Image for Anna.
1,081 reviews88 followers
March 30, 2014
For Eve, Gabriella, Doris, Midge and Annie their monthly book club meetings are more than a book discussion, but a bonding of friendship and loyalty. They shared watching their families grow, heartaches they've experienced and now share the changes occurring as they reach middle age. Eve has lost her husband suddenly to a heart attack, and must find a way to care for her teenage children and find a job to support her family. Gabriella's husband has lot his job and she is working more and more hours, along with caring for her family. Doris feels she's lost her identity and suspects her husband of adultery. Midge is lonely and her mother has recently returned to live with her. Annie, now in her early forties wants a baby. Together they navigate their different paths, supporting one another in their growth and journeys. Each chapter begins with a quote from a book that parallels the experiences of the five friends. The women are real, and not always perfect in their friendship, but their love for one another is honest and true.
122 reviews9 followers
July 2, 2021
Storylines and characters rather dated

I love books about book clubs. But this one didn’t talk about the books enough for me. Book Club was merely a very loose pretense for bringing these women together. I also applaud, always, books that present women of a certain age (40s, 50s and beyond) as genuine and interesting characters with decisions to make and lives to live. So I was surprised that I didn’t love this book. The storyline and character descriptions seemed rather dated to me and I didn’t feel a real connection to any of the women. Who knows, perhaps if I were to read this again in a few years I’d be raving about its historical authenticity! But for now, I don’t think the story is strong or memorable.
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December 21, 2013
Had to grab a book in the airport as I'd forgotten mine!

Like Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons and The Jane Austen Book Club, I really liked the female relationships in this book. Of course, revolving around books just made it more fun :)

There were a surprising number of errors in this copy and I'd log them on typoze.com, but I handed this to a flight attendant when I finished it.

Also to note: there's a Tattered Cover store in Concourse B of the Denver International Airport. No need to buy books in a convenience store with only 20 titles to choose from again!
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December 30, 2014
It is a pretty good read about 4 friends who are in a book club together who try to solve each others problems. Definitely check it out.
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