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Silver Surfer, Vol. 1: New Dawn
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Silver Surfer, Vol. 1: New Dawn

(Silver Surfer (2014) #1)

4.02  ·  Rating details ·  1,651 ratings  ·  241 reviews
The universe is big. Bigger than you could ever imagine. And the Silver Surfer, lone sentinel of the skyways, is about to discover that the best way to see with someone else. Meet Dawn Greenwood, the Earth girl who's challenged the Surfer to go beyond the boundaries of the known universe - into the strange, the new, and the utterly fantastic! Who is the Never Queen ...more
Paperback, 128 pages
Published November 4th 2014 by Marvel Comics (first published October 7th 2014)
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Oct 29, 2014 rated it really liked it
Shelves: comix, buddy-reads

The Silver Surfer has always been an angsty kind of guy – guilt ridden. It comes from once being the herald of Galactus, Devourer of Worlds (it’s printed on his business cards). “Hey everybody on this planet, I’m here to tell you that you’re all doomed. Some big purply guy with a purple antlered helmet is going to eat your planet, so if you lost your car keys or didn’t pay your mortgage last month, no worries. Gotta go, bye.”

Early issues of the Silver Surfer were giant-sized comics depicting th
Dan Schwent
Jan 07, 2016 rated it really liked it
The Silver Surfer, sentinel of the spaceways, finds the Impericon, the city where anything is possible. Why does the Never Queen want it destroyed? And what does an Earth girl named Dawn Greenwood have to do with anything?

Confession time: The Silver Surfer is one of those characters that I was always semi-interested in but never quite understood when I was a lad. When I saw Dan Slott, the man who made Spider-Man interesting again, was helming it with Mike Allred, creator of Madman doing the art,
Sep 12, 2014 rated it it was ok
Recommends it for: Everyone but me
Recommended to Anne by: Jeff
5 stars for Allred's art, 1 star for Slott's stupid-ass story.


I should probably mention that I am all alone hating this story. Every single one of my friends loved it. Loved it!
So, chances are, you will love it, as well.
But, to me, this story had such simplistic dorky dialogue that I was gritting my teeth the entire time I was reading it. It read like a little kid's book!


Wish on a star, and everything will be ok!
Follow your heart to unlock your dreams!
Be a moronically naive girl, and solve wor
Apr 09, 2015 rated it really liked it
This is brilliant. There are some real gems out at the moment but not many of them are marvel based. This however, is a gem.

It's classic Surfer with added adventure and some laugh out loud gags. This kid asks Hulk "how do you pee?" Hulk's response "I have to stand 4 miles away!"

I won't say anything that would give too much away, but it's not a long complex story, well not yet anyway, instead it's more like an adventure book, where surfer gets into trouble and ends up meeting and saving people.
Sep 06, 2014 rated it really liked it
Shelves: comics, superhumans
This was not at the top of my Marvel Now! reading list. Silver Surfer also seemed kind of serious and even dour to me. I get enough angst from Marvel's Merry Marching Mutants, thanks. But the cover just looked so darn cool (Allred for the win!) and the reviews made it sound anything but depressing.

And no, it most certainly is not depressing, in any way. It mixes light-hearted scenes with more serious action, in a way that's tonally similar to the less-than-serious, less-than-comedic episodes of
Sam Quixote
Sep 07, 2014 rated it really liked it
Norrin Radd aka Silver Surfer, the loneliest, most tragic figure in the Marvel Universe. As Galactus the world-eater’s herald, the Surfer travels the cosmos for new worlds for his master to devour. Oh the pain! The misery! The angst!!

Ehhhhh… nope - not anymore! Enter: the new, fun-loving All-New Silver Surfer!

Norrin is no longer Galactus’ herald and spends his time saving planets instead of marking them for death, in order to make up for past transgressions. That’s right, in the same vein as t
May 02, 2015 rated it really liked it
I'm not gonna lie. I didn't think I would like this. I figured I would read it and probably plop down a 3-star rating and qualify that by saying in my review that it was actually a 2.5-star rating.

Then I actually read it.

Yeah - I like to judge things before I even know what they are. It's how I roll.

Lo and behold...4 FREAKING STARS!

This was fun, quirky, Silver Surfer, spacey, goodness! The whole book had a very whimsical feel to it and I actually (for real) LOL'd a few times. The art took a few
Jan 11, 2016 rated it it was ok
The Impericon is a safe place from the threat of Galactus and his heralds. Trying to ensure the safety of the Impericon they bring in the Silver Surfer to protect them from the threat.
They don't give their protectors a choice in the matter as they capture the most important person to them for leverage.

New Dawn did nothing for me. The story while sensible, bored me. The addition of a random woman from Earth makes little sense. I don't see why she should get so much page time. It was all unintere
Callie Rose Tyler
Oct 25, 2014 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: comics, marvel
Oh Dan Slott....

In my humble opinion Slott is the best, his stories are always laced with just the right amount of humor and this series is no exception.

Silver Surfer is an often overlooked character and while I've always liked him he isn't exactly the warmest or most charismatic of Marvel's line up.

Okay that's the T-1000 from Terminator 2, but he is shiny and Surfer can come across a bit robotic.

Anyways, my point is that Slott does a great job of retaining Surfer's alien nature while still givi
Feb 22, 2018 rated it really liked it
Wacky, weird and funny at times. Never really read much about the silver surfer so this was a new experience. Hes such an odd character but somehow Slott makes it work. The artwork is pretty cool, I would have liked some more wacky art to compliment the story but it still worked. Basically saves a lady, goes on some wacky adventure with her to stop something. I guess each volume would be similar and I'm keen to learn more about him.
Jonny Campo
Jun 05, 2015 rated it really liked it
Shelves: marvel, mine
Ok so I'm gonna give this a 3.5 which I shall round up because I had such a fun time reading this, it has alot of action it's really different and weird and did i mention fun?
some pros I love the art I think dawn is a cool character I love the cameos through out.
cons I don't really know anything thing about silver sufer or anything else going on so I didn't feel any attachment to the characters at all some times it was a little too weird or didn't make sense to me (like I said I'm not familiar
Scott S.
Apr 22, 2018 rated it really liked it
Volume 1: New Dawn was such an unexpected good time. While it started a little slow and serious, once the plot really gets in motion - Surfer helping an ailing cosmic Queen of Nevers, which leads him to attempting to save / return a kidnapped earthling (the 'Dawn' of the title) - things click with the mixture of offbeat story and colorful images. Surfer's unexpected moments of gentle humor and Dawn's consistent pluckiness make them - whether far, far away or earthbound - quite a team.
Sep 07, 2014 rated it liked it
Shelves: comics
I thought I already read this...turns out it was just the free first issue on Comixology.

The art is from Allred, who did fun work on Faux Four and other things. It's the redeeming quality of the book.

People are right to compare this to a lighthearted Doctor Who episode, but like the latest version, I hate the companion, Dawn, who takes away from the hero. Also, since when does Surfer return to Norrin Radd "Silver Down" form whenever he wants?

There's a reunion with the original Defenders, Surfer,
Sep 01, 2014 rated it really liked it
Shelves: marvel-now
This is terrific. Dan Slott turns a Silver Surfer title into Doctor Who. He's an alien who takes on earth companion on adventures. Everywhere and anywhere. It's Doctor Who. Slott has even said himself that it is. And it's great. It's what I want a Silver Surfer comic to be like, travelling the cosmic marvel universe.

I really love Michael Allreds art, especially when he's on Jack Kirby characters. It has a fun quirkiness to it, and his character designs are often the classic looks of characters.
'kris Pung
Jun 19, 2014 rated it really liked it
4.5 out of 5

This was super fun book a real pleasure to read and just stare at the art. My only gripe is that the handful of villains in the book should have presented more of a challenge to Silver Surfer and his power cosmic (which they mentioned about a zillion times).

Mike Allred's art is always a homerun for me and this book is probably his best work to date.
L. McCoy
So this is the Silver Surfer story everyone seems to love, huh? Well of course I have to be that a**hole that points out the problems again.

What’s it about?
The Silver Surfer is in space and when he has to stop a giant woman made of space stuff (galaxies, stars, planets, all that cool s***) from killing everyone, he discovers he has a strong connection to a human girl named Dawn (who is not a giant or made out of space stuff).

The art while not particularly great, does suit the style of this
Sep 06, 2014 rated it it was amazing
Dan Slott. Wow. This was one great story. I don't have any previous experience with the Silver Surfer but I'm a Whovian and I certainly appreciated the homage to Doctor Who. The adventures in this volume took my breath away. Like watching a Doctor Who episode, the villains had a unique but 'classic' feel to them and I couldn't help but enjoy them as much as the main characters. And then the cast of supporting characters - how did I get so attached to them? Though some of them had little dialogue ...more
Nov 02, 2015 rated it it was amazing
Goodreads should allow you like, five books in which you can unlock the star rating and give a particular title as many stars as you want. I would give this book ten stars. Fourteen stars. I don't know, man. A lotta, lotta lotta stars.

If anyone is ever curious on what I want out of a superhero comic, this is 100% it. Lush colors, clean lines, weird aliens, funny dialogue, with a little bit of brooding and wistfulness. Plus a girl with blue hair.


I agree that Dawn is a little w
Aug 18, 2018 rated it did not like it
Shelves: comics, read-in-2018

The Silver Surfer, now without the purpose of being Galactus’s heavy metal herald of doom, needs a friend. I get this story is meant to humanize a symbol into a character. Gosh, though, we aren’t in Kansas anymore he’s just still so boring. There are three stories in this volume: a) the Surfer meets the new homegrown pixie dream girl named Dawn (ha! ... except she’s an infantilized ladybug and her twin sister is a bee) when they have to figure out what’s going on with a new planet created by a
This is another one of those volumes that I started reading as individual issues but didn't finish until the trade collection came out. This is good stuff, except the humor isn't quite my cup-of-tea.
I did feel like this take on the Surfer was inspired by Doctor Who and the relationship between the Doctor and his companion(s). If you substitute the Surfer's board for the TARDIS it practically slaps you in the face. I mean really ... slaps you in the face with a sledgehammer. And that's kind of h
Apr 17, 2014 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: marvel, borrowed
I didn't think I'd like this as much as I did. Again, never really read anything about Silver Surfer except for Fantastic Four stuff. I forgot how much I liked his character and the weird space stuff of Marvel comics.

This comic was a blast to read though. It was fun an felt like an old Jack Kirby comic. Like the She-Hulk comic, you don't need any previews background information on Silver Surfer. Dan Slott gives you hits of his past, but it doesn't effect the story in prier information.

Michael "M
Javier Muñoz
pues que decir... he oído bastantes cosas buenas de este cómic, pero la verdad es que no me parece nada del otro jueves, el arte me gusta mucho, Mike Allred tiene un estilo propio que me gusta bastante (bastante ayudado por el color de su mujer, Laura Allred) y la verdad es que nos ofrece una serie de viñetas muy imaginativas, con unos toques muy pop que la verdad es que me encantan, pero las historias me parecen mediocres, Dan Slott le ha dado un aire más casual a las aventuras de Norrin Radd, ...more
Jun 12, 2015 rated it it was amazing
Recommends it for: People Who Admire My Brother's Silver Surfer Ankle Tattoo
Shelves: marvel
The Surfer is Back!

Dan Slott does a great job here with one of Marvel's more outlandishly cosmic heroes, embracing the absurdity throughout while at the same time effectively grounding Norrin Radd's high-flying adventures by pairing him up with a perky, relatable human companion (something that untold numbers of reviewers here have already likened to Dr. Who. I'll have to take their word for it, never having seen an episode of said long-running TV show. I'm such a sub-optimal nerd, I know!)

The n
Dec 12, 2014 rated it really liked it
Surprising good story here. The Silver Surfer finds his way into yet another mess involving the Earth and people from Earth, and ends up back on the planet he was hoping to avoid. Dr Strange and the Hulk show up, and the Surfer gets primed for more adventures in space with an Earth girl in two.

The art is by the always fresh Mike Allred, and it's a joy to look at. His wife provides the colors, and they make a great artistic pair.

Dan Slott's story is full of action and nice little humorous anecdot
Aug 27, 2014 rated it really liked it
I bought each issue reprinted in this graphic novel, a rarity for me in these middle aged days of mine, because I am totally charmed by writing of Dan Slott, by Mike Allred as usual, and by the new Allred girl character here, Surfer's new girlfriend Dawn Greenwood. Just finished last part here, in issue #5, and I love this series as much as most projects by artist Mike Allred. Villain in this last bit is Nightmare, not overused, and not Shuma-Gorath, thankfully. The humor is gentle, continuing, ...more
Shannon Appelcline
Sep 07, 2015 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: comics, comics-marvel
I'm often willing to pick up a book illustrated by Mike Allred sight unseen. He's one of the few perfect stylists in comicdom. Having Dan Slott write this sealed this deal, even though this is the first Silver Surfer book in my collection.

The result is totally great. Allred's art has its always-fun pop appeal, and Slott's writing is fun here too, bordering on hilarious; he also plays on Allred's strengths, such as when he invents a new cosmic entity for the first arc. However, I'm equally intrig
Apr 30, 2014 rated it did not like it
Atrocious. I would have preferred a negative star rating.
Aug 31, 2015 rated it really liked it
Exactly what you would expect from a creative team containing Mike Allred. Great, weird and fantastic art. A fun retro story.
Brandon St Mark
If I still used "'currentyear'-favorites" as a shelf title, this would most definitely be on the one for this year. I don't really like many Marvel properties, but I do love the Fantastic Four, and it's mainly because without the FF, there would be no Silver Surfer. I've loved the Silver Surfer ever since I saw the Fantastic Four movie that had him as the "villain" in the mid 2000's. And then after that the Fox kids animated show (I know that came first, but I didn't see it until after). I don't ...more
*Silver Surfer cruises the cosmos and sets out to save a woman who may very well save herself just fine in this quirky and colorful comic. The surfer, aka Norrin Radd, makes an enjoyable Marvel Now debut with bold illustrations, a cheerfully strange storyline, and a new companion, Dawn Greenwood. This first story arc unravels like a strange dream, trippy even, with candy colored depictions of space and subtle humor. Dan Slott's tongue-in-cheek script, matched with Michael and Laura Allred's live ...more
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Dan Slott is an American comic book writer, the current writer on Marvel Comics' The Amazing Spider-Man, and is best known for his work on books such as Arkham Asylum: Living Hell, She-Hulk, Silver Surfer, The Superior Spider-Man, and Ren & Stimpy.

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