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When We Met

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Today’s premiere New Adult authors combine their talents to tell four original stories from inside one house.
When four girls decide to live off campus together as juniors at a college in Michigan, they expect it to be their best year yet. Little do they know, it’s a year that will change the rest of their lives.
Unable to live down her ex-boyfriend’s deception, Misha is determined to avoid betrayal. When, the new guy next door, Darryn starts to get under her skin, her defenses start to crumble. But trusting Darryn seems impossible, especially if he’s not sure he can trust himself.
SAVING ME by Molly McAdams
On the outside, Indy is always ready for a party—but inside she’s breaking. Kier makes a weekly routine of saving the girl next door from herself on Saturday nights… but when will she be ready to remember him on Sunday morning?
FOULING OUT by Tiffany King
Working at a sports bar, Courtney has become a pro at sidestepping propositions from arrogant jocks—which makes her a more elusive catch for campus basketball star Dalton than he expected. But when he falls for the saucy waitress, Dalton will have to rethink his game plan to prove he’s not the jerk Courtney expects.
In order to ace her fashion internship, Chloe must team up with local college dropout and set builder, Blake—much to her chagrin. But after some "hands-on" experience, Chloe will have to ask herself if Blake factors into her carefully laid plans…

400 pages, Paperback

First published November 4, 2014

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About the author

A.L. Jackson

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A.L. Jackson is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance. She writes emotional, sexy, heart-filled stories about boys who usually like to be a little bit bad.

Her bestselling series include THE REGRET SERIES, CLOSER TO YOU, BLEEDING STARS, FIGHT FOR ME, CONFESSIONS OF THE HEART, FALLING STARS, and REDEMPTION HILLS novels. Be on the lookout for her upcoming single dad, fake fiancee romance PROMISE ME ALWAYS, coming January 30th!

If she’s not writing, you can find her hanging out by the pool with her family, sipping cocktails with her friends, or of course with her nose buried in a book.


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November 4, 2014
LIVE... http://www.amazon.com/When-We-Met-L-J...

4.5 *FUN* Stars

[image error]

How lucky am I? I went to a book signing in my area and there sitting on a table was this book for sale. I immediately forked over the cash had it signed by one of the writer’s that was attending and carefully placed it in my bag. Once I got home I jumped right into the lives of the girls’ from Hamilton house.

The idea of this book is so cute and fun. It’s about four college girls who share a house together off their college’s campus. Misha, Indy, Courtney and Chloe’s stories are about how they each find love. Each story has alternating povs and is roughly about one hundred pages a piece.


A.L. Jackson delivered a loveable heroine in Misha. She has been wronged by her former boyfriend Hunter in a humiliating and heartless way. A new guy has moved in next door to the girls’ house and when Misha gets a look at Darryn fixing his car with his shirt off she has to remind herself what happened the last time she trusted a guy.

What I liked about his story was that Misha is studying in school and interning in the field that makes her happy and that she has a personal connection to. Misha stutters, she turns red and fumbles all over herself at the man-boy-god, Darryn. Will their relationship survive when Misha finds out that Darryn knew all along about her past? Will Misha give in and trust the gorgeous, protective guy next door?

”Then tell me what you’re ready for…anything I just want to mean something to you.”



Molly McAdams story is my FAVORITE of this book. Her characters and story could have filled a whole book on their own and I would have read on and on about them because this story was very original. I was hooked on Indy and Kier from page one and had butterflies throughout and I wanted more.

Indy has been dumped by not only her boyfriend but her parents as well. She also carries a ton of guilt over an event that happened in her past. She drowns her sorrows in boys and booze. She attends parties and gets so drunk she doesn’t remember anything or anybody the following day. She has been living this pattern for a while and the quiet guy who lives next door and hangs in his room during the house parties has been taking care of her.

”Kier?” I called before he could switch off my bedroom light. His body stilled, and he looked over his shoulder at me, a soft smile at the corners of his mouth.

“Yeah Indy?”

“Thank you.”


“I swear I’ll remember you tomorrow.”

The smile fell, and a sad look touched his face. “Good night.”

Indy has blocked out what Kier does for her and how he saves her every weekend. Sadly it’s buried under her pain of all her losses. Circumstances force Indy to be with Kier when she’s sober and she finds herself feeling déjà vu and confusion. Kier tells Indy that when she’s ready she’ll remember. In the meantime, the two slowly start getting to know one another.

”I may not know what’s hurting you, I may not know why you’re destroying yourself, but I still fucking see you. I see that you need someone to save you from yourself.”

Kier and Indy become close and he doesn’t push for more till she is truly ready. Molly McAdams doesn’t stop there, she adds the reasons for Kier’s quiet demeanor and the whys to his wanting to save the beautiful red head from next door.

I love patched up broken characters and this couple is unforgettable.

”I’m your safe place, and when you’re ready, you’ll be mine.”



Tiffany King tells the tale of Courtney who works at the local sport’s bar and hates jocks, etc. The college’s best athlete just so happens to be her former childhood BFF, Dalton. Dalton cut ties with her somewhere around middle school and just didn’t realize how much he hurt her by doing so. When Dalton walks into Gruby’s with his teammates and sees Courtney he is taken back by her cold reception.

Dalton works really hard to get to know Courtney again and winning her trust. Dalton’s world has always been basketball but he makes a spot for her and wins both on and off the court.



This is my first time reading a story by Christina Lee and I really did enjoy her writing. Chloe is a planner she has lists and schedules and she takes her life track very seriously so as not to let down her mother and grandmother. Chloe loves fashion and is studying towards her degree and working at a boutique at the same time. When her boss puts her together with her nephew, Blake the college drop-out turned construction worker, both characters are unhappy about it.

Chloe is uptight, shallow and pretty judgmental but Blake happens to be the perfect fix for her. The two slowly realize that they underestimated one another while putting together another store. Through truth and dare questions they get to know one another and the attraction becomes too strong to resist and Chloe starts to question herself.

”Why did I care so much about how I looked or what people thought of me? At what point had my life become so orchestrated?”

Overall, I really enjoyed all the author’s individual stories and the fact that they went together. The book truly feels like one story when you get to the end instead of random shorts thrown together.
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November 7, 2014
4,5 beautiful stars

First of all I would like to say how much I loved the way the authors managed to connect their stories and create this beautiful book!. This is simply brilliant!All the stories were emotional but some were deeper than others but all had a message!I find it sweet,fun and in some parts hot!This is actually my first time reading Tiffany King and Molly McAdams and I can say that immediately I become a big fan of them!!

The story is about four college girls who happen to stay in the same house!!Misha, Indy, Courtney and Chloe. Each book tells the story of one girl and the man who stole her heart.You will not find similarities between the stories...Each one is unique...

Behind Her Eyes: A.L. Jackson 3,5 stars

We all know how amazing is A.L . Jackson's writing!Like all her stories,it grapped my interest from the beginning.Misha has lost her trust in men..due to something that happened in the past with her boyfriend..But when she meets her neighbor...this changes soon..I liked Misha and Darryn,they are cute and sweet.My only complain for this story is that the begining is slow..and then in the end I thought is is too fast but overall I liked it!

"I love that blush,"
"Do you know what I love?"his eyes glimmered.
"I ran my thumb across his bottom lip."This mouth."


Saving Me by Molly McAdams +5 stars

Wow What I just read????This is amazing!!I loved this story so much!!!I didn't want the story to end..This story is intense and sweet.Indy found her boyfriend with another woman and something bad happened in her family..She can't forget it and now whenever she goes at partys she drink a lot and leave with different boys...but always in the end she is home and safe...Kier leaves with Darryn but he isn't talk a lot..He is a mystery..Everytime Indy is with him she feel safe....
These characters are so likeable!!Kier is sweet,cute and sexy!!He cares a lot for Indy and he wants to protect her! I loved how they both confided in one another !!!They are cute together!!

"And I'll still be that guy.I'm still that safe place, and I'll still be there ready to take care of you"...


Fouling Out: Tiffany King 4 stars

The story of Courtney and Dalton is hot!My only complaint is the ending..It wasn't bad..but I wanted something more.However I find the story nice and the characters likeable.Courtney and Dalton used to be friends when they were kids.Dalton spent many hours playing basketball so they lost touch..However they still goes in the same school.When Dalton goes with his friends to eat in the shop Courtney working..he imidiately tries to make things with Courtney like they were in the past...But now he see her different...He wants to be with her...
I loved so much the way he tries to get her attention!It's funny and sweetCourtney is amazing!!!And there is a hot momment between them!!


Beneath Your Layers: Christina Lee 4,5 stars

I love so much Christina's writing!!She is amazing!!This story is one of my favorite!!!I love when there is tention between the characters!!! I enjoyed their dislike for one another at the beginning! Chloe is studying and working at a boutique at the same time. What she didn't expect is that she must cooperate with Blake her boss's nephew. While at first they don't like each other, you can just feel the attraction building in them.I loved both characters a lot!!!

"Truth is-you turn me on so much.It's hard not to think about...touching you again.For whatever that's worth."

"I've...never been kissed like that before.For whatever that's worth."


If you haven't read a book from this authors this is an opportunity to get a sample of their writing!!! I highly recommend it!!
ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review
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May 23, 2015
LIVE http://www.amazon.com/When-We-Met-L-J...

4 Stars

This is a super fun read and I loved how it was put together. Misha, Indy, Courtney and Chloe are college students and roommates. The four of them rent a home on Hamilton St. Each author spotlights a girl and how they met their boyfriend and a little journey to finding love and happiness. All of these stories are told in dual POV - which I love. Normally when I read a group of short stories they don't mesh well, they typically just have a common thing. These stories are all connected and it feels like one full book. A great read, I highly recommend.

Misha made the mistake of trusting her first love, and he used that trust to destroy her.

The story begins with Misha returning after summer break. After her ex-boyfriend made a sex tape of her losing her virginity to win a bet, she is humiliated and almost doesn’t return to school. Her roommate and friend Indy convinces her to come back since she is also going through a breakup.

On her first day of classes, Misha meets her sexy new neighbor Darryn. Darryn is the epitome of the kind of guy she should avoid: sexy and arrogant. Darryn knows all about Misha, but when he meets her he realizes all of his assumptions are off. She isn’t the confident, sex kitten in the video, she is an insecure girl who was used and embarrassed.

”We don’t have to rush, Misha, but we can’t ignore this either. Just tell me…tell me you’re mine. That you want to be. Be my girl…and I’ll be satisfied to take whatever comes along with that.”

I really loved this story. The story shows Darryn getting to know the real Misha, and he wants to be a guy worthy of her. I loved how Darryn helped Misha overcome her insecurities and was so protective of her. I loved how there was a great story with heart, but was also a quick read. I didn’t feel like there was any wasted time in this one and I felt like I got a complete story.

Indy just had her heart ripped out. In one day she lost the only family she had left and her boyfriend of two years. All this heartbreak causes her to being spiraling out of control, every weekend she is getting drunk and begins sleeping around. As the weeks go on she begins seeking out Kier, her neighbor who’s housemates are hosting the parties. He takes care of her when she is drunk, listens to her cry, and makes she gets home safely.

Kier is so attracted to his beautiful neighbor, he has been watching for months, taking care of her. He feels like he will never get a real chance with her, since Indy never remembers him when she is sober. As time goes on the two meet when she is sober and begin developing a relationship. Both of them have secrets and guilt that is holding them back.

”You know my name. You just don’t want to remember it right now.”

This story was so unique, I really loved it. This didn’t feel like a novella, the concept could have easily been a full novel. I loved the character development, and seeing the two of them worth through their issues together. My only complaint is I honestly wish there was more story, while it is definitely a complete story I just want more!

Courtney and Dalton were best friends growing up, up until the point he became the basketball star and decided he was too cool for her. That is at least the way Courtney sees things. Dalton didn’t know Courtney was holding a grudge, he thought they just grew apart.

When the two of them meet back up years later in college Dalton decides he wants to get to know the sexy woman his friend grew up to be. Despite the attraction Courtney isn’t interested in Dalton or any other athletes…so she decides to make him work for it.

“Chasing Courtney had become more fun than anything I’d done in a while. It was like playing in a big game. I enjoyed the challenge. I thrived on it.

I liked this story a lot. I like stories of friends to lovers, especially when the guy realizes he made a mistake of friend-zoning a girl and fights to get her back…win! I liked how these two helped each other.

Chloe is a planner, she has everything in her life figured out…a perfect plan to meet all her goals. What she did plan on was being paired up with the college dropout Blake. Chloe makes assumptions about Blake based on his appearance and the fact that he didn’t complete college. Chloe isn’t alone in her assumptions, because Blake immediately begins sizing up the prissy girl he is forced to work with. Neither are happy with the arrangement but decide to call a truce and make the best of it.

The two of them get to know each other by working playing truth or dare. I thought this was cute, especially how the author worked it into their characters. Chloe being a girl who is afraid to live: truth. Blake being a guy who lives life to the fullest: dare. This story was cute and I really enjoyed it. I liked how both characters meshed well and brought out the best in each other.

“I…dare…you…to close your eyes.” “And just feel.”

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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2,101 reviews1,251 followers
November 7, 2014
ARC provided by author/publisher in exchange of honest review

. ☆☆☆☆ 4 When We Met Stars ☆☆☆☆

When We Met is a collection of four stories by A.L Jackson, Molly McAdams, Tiffany King and Christina Lee. In this book, these four amazing authors teamed up together to bring four different stories of these college roommates. Each roommate has a story to be told. And so begins a collections of stories that are intertwined.

Behind Her Eyes- A.L. Jackson


In Behind Her Eyes, we are introduced to the first roommate, Misha. As far as college experiences go, what Misha went through was simply horrible. Her ex-boyfriend literally ruined her. He made a fool out of her. Turned her into a joke after a cruel act. Humiliated by her ex-boyfriend, Misha could not trust guys easily til the new guy next door showed her what true compassion was. Darryn slowly brought Misha out of her shell and showed her that he could trust her. Behind Misha Eyes, for the first time she finally knew what it was to love? Will Darryn finally erase all the painful memories of her ex-boyfriend and show her behind his eyes is love??

Saving Me- Molly McAdams


Saving Me by Molly McAdams was my favorite of the four stories. Indy’s story hooked me right off the beginning. Readers were able to feel her pain, sadness, and brokenness. Indy’s story is truly one heartbreaking tale from experiencing the death of a loved one, lack of love from parents, and having a boyfriend cheat behind your back. Instantly, I was drawn to Indy’s story. I wanted to hug her and tell her everything is going to be alright. And luckily for Indy, she found that one person whom she found her safe place in Kier. Kier has been the guy that was standing in the shadows and was helping Indy when she was at her lowest. He allowed Indy to see the light and sunshine she has inside of her. Kier, too is also dealing with his past. Can Kier and Indy find comfort and healing together?

Fouling Out- Tiffany King


I adored this story by Tiffany King. This was my first time reading from this author and I can happily say that I will definitely be keeping my eyes out for more works from this author. Fouling Out focuses on the third roommate, Courtney. Courtney is reunited with her former childhood BFF, Dalton, who happens to be the star player in the college basketball team. Dalton is known to have these athletic talents that could lead him to the NBA. Fouling Out chronicles two friends reuniting their friendship which happened to lead them to falling in love. Will Dalton score on and off the court and show Courtney she’s the only prize and goal that he wants?

Beneath Your Layers- Christina Lee

Truth or Dare?? Truth...I loved this story by Christina Lee.. It was touching and yet had sexual tension that kept you intrigued with the characters. I loved how Christina Lee was able to showcase emotional growth for her characters. In this final story, Chloe is probably the uptight roommate since she had a mother who wanted perfection from her. When Chloe needs help for a project, she had to ask Blake for help. As Blake and Chloe begins to spend more time together with each other, Chloe finally lets her guards down and begins to lighten up. Blake allows Chloe to live in the moment. With the help of Blake, can Chloe finally let go all these layers and let fun and love in?

Overall, When We Met was an enjoyable New Adult collection of stories that centers on four college roommates from all different walks of life. Together these girls navigates the ups and downs of college, life, romance, the past, and what the future holds for them. And one common thing these ladies realized that along the way, they will meet that one person who will make them feel alive and loved.
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583 reviews1,257 followers
March 14, 2016
Behind Her Eyes by A.L. Jackson
Misha struggles to get over an awful incidence with her ex boyfriend. She becomes withdrawn from everything around her. She just wants to get her life back on track. When she meets her stubborn neighbor Darryn she knows things are never going to be like they were before. Behind Her Eyes started off great. Darryn was probably one of my favorite males of all four stories. Misha however was a bit of a problem for me. Something about her just didn't click well with me. I don't mind "weaker" people but I found her to be a little unbelievable. I actually found the whole thing with her ex a little over the top and made it hard for me to fully into the story. Darryn is such a sweet leading male character and I enjoyed his pov over Misha's. The romance between Darryn and Misha is definitely the highlight of the story.

Saving Me by Molly McAdams
Indy is slowly self-destructing. Going from one low to the next. Kier has a weekly routine of saving the girl next door. Indy however can't seem to remember who Kier is. This is another story that started off really strong then slowly got a little "unrealistic". Indy was comical and I liked that Kier wasn't typical. He isn't like a lot of other NA guys. He is quite, and more reserved. The way these two are introduced was adorable but when the twist happened the story went downhill for me.

Fouling Out by Tiffany King
Courtney is use to dodging passes from jocks who frequent the sports bar she works at. However when her childhood best friends appears in and tries to ask her out she doesn't know what to do. Dalton will have to prove he isn't the person others think he is to win her heart. This is in my opinion where the novel starts getting good. The first two stories were just ok, but I really enjoyed Fouling out. Courtney and Dalton's relationship is adorable. Courtney is hilarious and Dalton matches her so well. The little dare and the quite dates left me wanting more. This was the first time while reading this book that I actually was sad when it ended and wanted more.

Beneath Your Layers by Christina Lee
Chloe a fashion college student has the biggest final of her life coming up. To pass her internship she must team up with Blake. Blake, a college drop out turned construction worker, only sees Chloe as a well dressed snob. When they start spending time together they start to realize that the two might have more in common than they ever thought. This was my favorite story in the entire bind-up. I wanted this to be a full story. I liked the idea that Blake wasn't in college and really didn't have any links to the other characters in the book. Plus he sounds stunning and super sweet. Chloe was charming, witty, and I couldn't get enough of her.  Blake was fresh and brought something new to New Adult. And the two together was phenomenal. The romance is steamy and the dates are fun. I really do wish this was a series. I wish we could have gotten more of their back stories and way more time with these two. I could take two hundred more pages of this any day.

Southern Bred Southern Read 
Southern Bred Southern Read 
Southern Bred Southern Read 
Southern Bred Southern Read 
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2,735 reviews1,477 followers
November 13, 2014
4 Overall Stars

I’m not a fan of mini-reads, but I’m a fan of all of these authors, so I took a plunge. When We Met are for short stories from four different authors. Mini-reads are great when you just want to get to the heart and meat of the story. If you are in the mood for that, then this novel is perfect for you.

Behind Her Eyes by A.L. Jackson

Poor Misha, her ex videotaped her having sex with him. She is trying to move on, but the girl is messed up. I would be too. Darryn is the guy next door that just wants to get to know Misha, but Misha doesn’t want anything to do with Darryn. Misha’s story is really sad, I don’t blame her for being recluse and very cautious towards men. She has a slight stutter, which I could have done without, but it adds character. There’s always something tragic with Jackson’s reads, but it kind of works.

Saving Me by Molly McAdams

I thought this one was kind of cute. Indy gets really drunk and she never remembers what happens the night before. I’m not a fan of loose Heroines, especially when she doesn’t even remember who she sleeps with, but Kier is really sweet. Each party, he’s there to make sure Indy makes it home safely. You kind of wonder why the guy is so sweet.

It’s hard to believe a girl can’t remember the previous night, but I’ve never been black out drunk, so who am I to say anything. Indy and Kier kind of have this odd ball relationship, but it works because Indy needs someone to save her and Kier is the guy for it.

Fouling Out by Tiffany King

This was a cute one. Courtney is a waitress and Dalton is the star basketball player. Courtney doesn’t want anything to do with the arrogant Dalton, but Dalton makes it hard for her to continually push him away. I like it when the cocky jock goes after the Heroine, she makes him work for it. Of course they both have issues, but the storyline was cute.

Beneath your Layers by Christina Lee

Chloe is probably most like me, a fashionista set out to make it in the world. I didn’t really care for Blake too much, he builds sets, but it’s cute to read how Chloe and Blake interact since they have to work on a project together. It was short and sweet.

Overall, When we Met is great if you are into mini-reads. You get a little bit of story with a punch of steam.

An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review

When We Met by A.L. Jackson AMAZON
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483 reviews376 followers
November 11, 2014
A great collaboration and wonderful shorties ❤️
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283 reviews351 followers
January 16, 2015
BEHIND HER EYES by A.L. Jackson : 2.5 stars *meh!

SAVING ME by Molly McAdams: 4 stars *loved it!

FOULING OUT by Tiffany King : 2 stars *Overused Cliché

BENEATH YOUR LAYERS by Christina Lee : 2.5 stars *not thee best story line.

As an over all it was an okay attempt. I didn't hate it but i'm also not a huge fan. The only story that i liked and wanted to learn more about is the second one.
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464 reviews37 followers
October 30, 2014
All of these novellas have a sweet story to tell and the way the authors combined their stories but made the whole book flow nicely was amazing. Honestly, I have read each of these author's previous works and even without knowing who wrote which character, I would have been able to pick out which author wrote which story.

Each character has their own personality that was different from the others but I loved how they each got along and helped one another out from time to time. The boys in this story are swoony as hell and my panties didn't really stand a chance being around them!! If I wasn't so pregnant, my husband would have been a very lucky man but then again, on the other side, I was left frustrated so there is that ;)...

There really isn't much to say, other than if you love these authors like I do, then pick this story up and experience each novella! If you have not read these authors before and want to get a good glimpse of their writing style, then pick this book up and take a look! You will not be disappointed!! The only thing I wish was that the stories were longer because I didn't feel totally connected to each character and when I was getting a good sense of each of them, their story would end and I would have to get inside a new character...
(I am also a very selfish book trollop so that is a personal opinion)

Overall I give this novella a 4/5 "Can I please have all the boys?" Stars!!!
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Author 8 books909 followers
October 28, 2014
I love AL Jackson and I've read almost all your books! She is one of those authors that I just buy her books without a second thought.

The story in When We Met called Behind Her Eyes is no different. I loved it!

This story is about Misha and Darryn. Misha had a scary childhood and learned to except things that she knew was wrong but she did for reasons that were important to her. This led to falling into a pattern of sorts until she met Darryn. Darryn was everything a girl could want - kind, loving, gentle and of course HOT. They had a connection but it just wasn't in the cards for them. There were just too many outside complications and misunderstandings.
Years later they run into one another and to find out what happens you'll have to read the story. It was awesome!

AJ Jackson always hits a homeroom for me. I totally his this story was longer. I could easily see this being a full length novel. Although it wasn't novel length I didn't think it was rushed at all. I would've loved more backstory or a bit more conflict but still all and all a great story that is a must read.
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Author 3 books244 followers
October 29, 2014
What a great little sampler from some of my favorite New Adult authors.

The book is four novella's and each is one of the roomates from the Hamilton House. All the ladies attend the University of Michigan, and each story is so different, but I love the way they all flowed together.

I don't think I can pick a favorite of the Four, but I will certainly be looking into more from Tiffany King and A.L. Jackson, who I haven't read prior to this book.

If you are looking to try something from either of these four authors, but prefer to get a sample of their writing first, I would definitely grab this one up!!
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1,597 reviews288 followers
May 23, 2015
5/5 stars to all 4 authors. I cannot wait for more books by these authors! great bridge I guess to say into their writing styles! full review to come
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2,404 reviews38 followers
April 4, 2016
Review originally posted at Ramblings From This Chick

I was so excited to read the When We Met Anthology. It has such great authors contributing to it, and I knew it would be a good one! This anthology centers around four roommates with each author telling one of the girls' story.

Behind Her Eyes by A.L. Jackson
Rating: 3 Stars

Behind Her Eyes is Misha's story. She is just returning to school after her former boyfriend hurt her. Misha has a lot of trust issues and is scared that everyone will look at her differently after what Hunter put her through. When she finds out that the boys next door kicked Hunter out and got a new roommate, she is intrigued by him. Misha is instantly attracted to the new neighbor Darryn. But she is also afraid to let anything happen after her trust was destroyed before. But Darryn is determined to show her that things between them can be different and that he is worth taking a chance on. I really liked Darryn and Misha. They were really sweet together and you could feel the attraction between them. Darryn was kind and patient, and he really cared about Misha. He made a few bad choices, but you could tell that he was still a great guy. Misha had been through so much, and I felt really bad for her. But she was also strong and determined, and I thought that she was really brave to go back to school and face the past. Darryn and Misha were great for one another, and I felt like their connection was real and didn't feel rushed at all. I did feel as though this story was a bit slow though and that was the reason that I didn't rate this one higher. This one had a lot of depth for the short length though, and I liked how some tough issues were dealt with.

Saving Me by Molly McAdams
Rating: 5 Stars

This novella was amazing! Molly McAdams once again proved that she is an amazing writer and is able to tackle the tough topics. This one had me feeling so many emotions, and I really felt like these characters were special. Indy had been abandoned in horrible ways. Her brother was killed, her parents kicked her out, and she returned to school only to find her boyfriend of two years sleeping with someone else. Indy ended up drinking to escape and didn't discriminate when it came to hooking up with random guys. But she also knew that she could always go to the one place she felt safe and rely on the guy who helped her out, even if she never remembered him when she was sober. Kier had wanted Indy for awhile, and after seeing what her ex did to her he knew he finally had a chance. But he also knew that she needed time to get over everything and that he wanted her to figure things out on her own without him informing her himself. When Indy finally figures out how much Kier has been a part of her life, she wants nothing more than to get to know him better. But Kier is also suffering and has secrets of his own. I loved Kier and Indy. They were so easy to like and relate to. While I have never experienced anything like they had, I really understood where they were each coming from. They were both vulnerable and looking for a way to move past the guilt and pain they were feeling. They were great for one another, and I loved seeing them help each other heal. Kier was so sweet and protective, he just wanted to take care of Indy in any way he could. Indy was so much stronger than she knew, and had been through more than anyone should have to go through. These two had amazing chemistry and shared a strong emotional connection as well. They could not have been more perfect for one another, and I could have easily read a full length novel featuring these two!

Fouling Out by Tiffany King
Rating: 4 Stars

Fouling Out by Tiffany King is Courtney's story. I was really looking forward to this one because of the history between the characters and because I love me some sports romance stories! Courtney works at a local sports bar as a waitress and refuses to date athletes. She was once best friends with Dalton, the star of her school basketball team. They were inseparable until he suddenly became too cool to hang out with her and started spending all of his time playing basketball and hanging out with the cool kids. When Dalton shows up in her bar one night though, he tries to get her to talk to him only Courtney wants nothing to do with him. Dalton has no idea what has happened to make Courtney so cold, but he is determined to get back their friendship and see if there is something more between them. Dalton was really sweet, and I loved that he was determined. He wasn't afraid to do whatever it took to win Courtney over, and I loved his public declarations for her. I thought that Courtney was great and I loved that she made Dalton work for it. She was funny and I loved the witty banter between these two. I do think that Courtney was a little harsh with Dalton at times, but I was glad that she got over it and was able to give Dalton a second chance. These two were cute together and had a lot of chemistry. I really felt the connection between them, and I think a lot of that was because of the history between them. This one was really cute and I enjoyed it a lot.

Beneath Your Layers by Christina Lee
Rating: 4 Stars

I really enjoyed this novella, and I loved that it was an enemies to lovers story. Christina Lee did a great job with this one and I loved getting Chloe's story. Chloe's goal is to work hard and head to New York after graduation to work in the fashion industry. She is always put together and prefers to wear dresses and heels rather than jeans and sneakers. When her boss offers her the chance to turn her school project into a possible job for the future, Chloe agrees reluctantly because it means working with her boss's nephew Blake. Blake has nothing in common with Chloe and views her as nothing more than an uptight girl with a stick up her butt. But as the two begin working together they quickly realize that they have more in common than they thought and that they have made assumptions about one another. But what will happen when the project is over and they no longer have to spend so much time together? Chloe did come off as uptight at first, but it was clear that she was much more than that after getting to know her better. She was smart and sassy, and I loved that she was comfortable with who she was. She was put together and enjoyed dressing up, and fashion was something that she was really passionate about. But I felt bad for her because of her mother. Blake was really good for her, and I thought that he was exactly what she needed to get her out of her comfort zone a bit. He got her to loosen up and that was good to see. Blake was a good guy and he was dedicated to his family. He sacrificed so much for others, and I liked seeing him have such a good attitude about everything. The chemistry between these two was amazing, and I loved how the tension continued to build. Christina Lee was able to take these two characters through so much in such a short amount of time, and it felt so natural. I really enjoyed Chloe and Blake's story.

Rating: 4 Stars

Overall, this was a really great anthology. The stories all felt real and believable to me, and they didn't have any feelings of insta-love or feel rushed. That is usually one of my complaints about anthologies, but this one was so much better than I ever expected! I am a huge fan of all these authors, and I think that NA and contemporary fans will find this anthology to be a must read!

**ARC Provided by Penguin Group Berkley/Signet**
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November 6, 2014
I hadn't read the full synopsis before I started reading When We Met and I confess I thought myself SO clever for picking up that each author had taken each of the characters from a shared house and crafted independent stories for them while simultaneously weaving the events of the other characters into the periphery of their stories. A fabulous technique used to its full effect within this novel. Each character compelling in their own way while maintaining the dynamic feel of the plot overall.

Behind Her Eyes by AL Jackson
The book kicks off with Misha a beautiful, yet unbelievably shy girl who has overcome some disturbing events in her childhood and a speech impediment.

The third person prologue lays the groundwork for Misha's state of mind at the beginning of the story.

Misha is one of lives optimists even though she experienced a life altering trauma as a child leading to the development of a speech impediment that seriously undermined her confidence. Unfortunately, her faith in people and confidence is seriously shaken following a malicious bet by a total douche. Shades of Deeper by Robin York enter the imagination.

A single awful incident has a lasting effect and drastically alters Misha's ability to trust others. Enter Darryn while hiding secrets of his own, he manages to slowly break down Misha's barriers. I absolutely adored Darryn and while I was annoyed at his 'secret' I could also empathize with him. It's a very delicate situation. You can't help but root for him to win Misha over *swoon*

Amy has such a beautiful writing style. She has an uncanny ability to instill empathy for her characters within the reader; their emotions becoming your own.

SAVING ME by Molly McAdams
In true Molly McAdams style you get something with a lot of grit and raw emotion. Indy has had a really tough time of it; on the surface she's the ultimate party girl but it's really a coping strategy for all the broken pieces she has on the inside.

Various incidents has lead her down a dark path, each revelation adding to the puzzle that is Indy aiding empathy and understanding. Although Keir is a mystery and his connection to Indy an enigma. I loved how this story unfolded even though my heart was in my mouth for most of it. Each revelation breaking my heart a little more. Keir utterly blew me away ♥

The inclusion of Misha and Darryn added to the roundness of the story, tying the friends together.

This is most definitely a story where you can't help but hope that love can conquer all :)

FOULING OUT by Tiffany King

I utterly adore Tiffany's writing and couldn't help but wish this story to be longer with more detail about both of the main characters.

We haven't really got to know Courtney all that well in the previous two stories due to her work commitments she hasn't been present in the house they share. Courtney has a terrific work ethic, she doesn't complain about having to work so hard in order to fund her education. She is quite inspirational in this respect. She also has an amazingly close bond with her mother although her lack of father figure has taken a subconscious toll on her view of relationships.
Courtney and Dalton were very close friends growing up, with a serious case of unrequited love on Courtney's part. However, parental expectation and time commitments put an end to their friendship. Something that Courtney didn't really understand at the time and has held onto the resentment for all of these years.

For all the stereotypical aspects of sportsmen, Dalton is amazingly sweet. Under extreme pressure from his father to preform at sport, his relationship with his father precarious at best. He has spent years trying to fulfill his role in order to gain his father's approval, Dalton finally realizes that he has to live his life for himself. Courtney being the prize ;-)

The chemistry between Courtney and Dalton is undeniable yet they have a relaxed, comfortable vibe between them that serves to strengthen their bond.

Obviously the romance is the main focus, however, I really enjoyed the look at school funding within the narrative (working in a school this holds a special interest for me) especially the part where sports programs provide funding for other programs that may not be able to be offered without it.


This is my first encounter with Christina Lee's writing and it most certainly won't be my last :)

I did find Beneath Your Layers really short and would love to see the characters more. Family plays a huge role within the narrative both in terms of expectations and responsibilities.

Chloe is a talented fashion major while Blake has dropped out of school. Thrown together by Blake's aunt to work on a project together. Assumptions and judgement on both sides place barriers between Chloe and Blake. Although the more time they spend together they soon realize that their preconceived ideas are very, very incorrect and the barriers tumble down. Christina Lee perfectly portrays how misconceptions can twist comments and events within the mind.

I especially liked the way in which both Chloe and Blake develop more confidence via their tentative relationship. Finding strength and support in each other.

Beneath Your Layers emphasizes the point that you should never listen to rumours always go to the source if you want to know the truth. Rumours lead to false impressions, rmember there is aleays more to a story than the rumour would suggest :)
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November 20, 2014
My Thoughts:

When I saw that an anthology was coming out with so many amazing New Adult Romance Authors, I had to read it! I love these authors and have read many of their books! So, I was pretty much guaranteed an amazing anthology! I'm happy to say that they delivered an entertaining, fun, and swoon-worthy anthology!

In When We Met, we meet Misha, Indy, Courtney and Chloe, four college roommates and close friends. They are all attending the same college in Michigan. Misha and Indy are both dealing with broken hearts, humiliation, and angst over two guys that they though cared about them. Misha though Hunter had strong feelings for her, but he took her virginity, and used her in the worst way possible. He recorded them having sex, and showed it off to all of his friends. So when Misha meets Darryn, a gorgeous and arrogant neighbor of hers, she doesn't know if she can trust him. Darryn feels protective of Mish and is determined to prove that he is nothing like Hunter.

Indy was with her boyfriend for two years, until the day she came home early from a visit with her family, and caught him in bed with someone else. To top it off he is now engaged to the other girl, who is pregnant with his child. Indy decides to party her troubles away by drinking herself in to oblivion. Kier, takes care of her and puts her to bed after each drunken episode, but she never remembers him the next day. He's harbored feelings for Indy for a year and a half, but will she ever get over her ex-boyfriend?

Courtney and Chloe work crazy hours at their jobs. Courtney is surprised when she runs in to Dalton, her childhood best friend and crush. He is the head star of their school's basketball team, and will most likely go pro. Courtney thinks he abandoned their friendship many years ago, and that he's arrogant and a womanizer. Dalton doesn't understand Courtney's animosity towards him, and has nothing but great memories of their friendship. He plans on proving to Courtney that he is not what she thinks he is, but will she gave him a chance?

Chloe works hard at her job/internship in a clothing store, and loves her boss Jaclyn. However, she can't say the same for the bosses gorgeous, yet frustrating and rude nephew, Blake. Then Jaclyn pairs Chloe and Blake together for a project. Blake thinks Chloe is uptight, and pretentious, but as these two get to know each other they realize that their perceptions of one another were wrong. Both Chloe and Blake are bogged down with responsibilities. Will their new found understanding of one another lead to something more?

Each of these stories was written with each authors unique writing style, and yet they all blended well to make a great anthology. The first two stories had more angst, and were about healing, finding strength, and new beginnings. The second two stories were lighter, had to do with misunderstanding, and making false judgements and assumptions. All four stories were about coming of age, growing up, learning from mistakes, and becoming your own person. They all had romance, steamy love scenes, and made me swoon!

My Rating:

When We Met was fast-paced and an addicting read. I thoroughly enjoyed all four stories in this romance anthology and would highly recommend it. I give, When We Met, by A.L. Jackson, Molly McAdams, Tiffany King, and Christina Lee, 4.5 Healing from Heartbreak, Strength, Growing Up, and Finding Love Filled Stars!!!

*To Read More Book Reviews, Visit A Bookish Escape at http://www.abookishescape.com
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November 4, 2014
3.5 stars

This was a different take on the normal anthology that I am used to - 4 Best Selling Authors working together to give us a complete story of 4 college aged girls who live off campus together looking for love, while learning to trust as they grow into adulthood. Each of these 4 authors have taken a girl and have built upon the story and relationship of each to give the reader a truly amazing reading experience, while keeping the story connected, well written and building upon the story giving us mutli-layers of a complete read rather than bits and pieces.

I have read 2 of the 4 authors previously - A.L Jackson and Christina Lee so it was a treat for me to be able to read short stories by Molly McAdams and Tiffany King.

Without getting too into each story as they are short and I don't want to spoil anything for you, I will tell you what I enjoyed about this anthology:

I loved that each author took a girl and showed how each girl would come full circle to grow into their own person. The college years are tough on everyone and watching their struggles whether it be with trust, self confidence, demanding parents etc was so relatable.

Each story was a fast and fun read as it was based on the simple formula of girl meets boy. There was no real angst or drama - this is just a light and fluffy kind of read.

I enjoyed how it was done together cohesively but I am not surprised as all of these authors have shown time and time again their magic with the written words. Of course the sexual tension was my fave! ;)

So what makes me give this anthology 3.5 stars is that I felt that Yes though this was intended to be short quick stories, often times I thought that things were developed TOO quickly. I am a fan of the slow build up and more depth. I needed more connection to the characters.

This was a great introduction to authors I have never read before and a fun entertaining read. I look forward to more from all of these authors in the future <3
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November 4, 2014
Mini Review of ‘Behind Her Eyes’

If A.L. Jackson writes it then I’m going to read it. Everything she pens is pure beauty. It absolutely amazes me how much emotion she can pack into 100 pages.

BEHIND HIS EYES is A.L. Jackson’s contribution to When We Met (a collection of short stories about four college roomates from four best-selling authors). It’s a short story of how Misha and Darryn meet. It’s basically Misha's story. We get some of her background, her interactions with her three roommates, and the heartbreaking and humiliating past that bring Misha and Darryn together. We do get a little of Darryn’s POV as well.

I would love for the author to expand this short story into a full-length novel. I’m really intrigued by the characters, and I’d love to learn Darryn’s background and see their life unfold.
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November 5, 2014
Behind Her Eyes by A.L. Jackson

Three months after her world was crushed, Misha Crosse came back to the place she swore she wouldn’t. She knew she couldn’t give up her schooling just because of a guy; a guy who ruined her entire life.

“Never again would I allow myself to fall prey to a guy like that. Lesson learned-the hard way.”

Vowing never to let a guy take over her life again, she was going to brave through her school year, and hope no one mentions what happened. Too bad fate didn’t see it that way. She had no idea that the new guy next door was just the thing she didn’t think she needed.

Darryn Wild didn’t expect to be taken by Misha so quickly. Sure, he knew who she was, but he wasn’t ready for those eyes and that pouty mouth. With just a few words spoken between them, he knew he had to protect her from everything. He also knew he had to earn her trust. She had been broken, and he would give anything to fix her.

“God, I wanted her. Wanted to fix her and hold her and promise her I’d never let anyone hurt her. But she wouldn’t give me the chance.”

As they grow closer, Misha is able to let down her walls little by little. Darryn has gotten under her skin, and vice versa. But can they get past what happened to Misha? Can she finally trust another man?

“Maybe my boy-man-god really was my avenging angel. Darryn the Destroyer. Sent to rescue me. To slay all the beasts that had held me captive. I guess I really wanted a fairy tale, after all.”

I really enjoyed Misha and Darryn’s story. I kinda wish I had a picture book just so I could see that boy for myself! Hehe.

Who doesn’t love a story about redeeming your life? One that shows that you shouldn’t be scared to love again.

“I leaned in and placed a kiss, so soft I hope it spoke a thousand words that I wasn’t ready to say. Or maybe it was just three.”

Saving Me by Molly McAdams

“Every time he spoke, I had the craziest sense of déjà vu…Like we’d already had that same conversation before. None of it made sense. He didn’t make sense. But for the life of me I wanted to make sense out of what was pulling me to him.”

Indy hasn’t had it easy the past couple of years. The one thing she thought was going great was just waiting to break her heart. She wasn’t sure how to move on after the world seemed stacked against her. She turned to partying it up every weekend to forget everything. She had no clue that she had someone by her side through it all.

Kier lives next door. He keeps to himself and is very quiet. Not many notice him, but for some reason Indy can’t get him out of her mind. He’s in the back of her mind all the time, and she has no idea why. Reading this story, I wanted to know more about Kier! He was so sweet, yet so mysterious. I had to know his story.

“It is the weirdest feeling to have with someone I only know three things about.”
“Yes. Three things. Your name is Kier, you’re extremely quiet, and you’re the biggest puzzle I’ve ever tried to figure out.”

As their story unfolded, you saw how much these two needed one another. It wasn’t just Kier saving Indy from her troubles, it was them saving each other from the demons of the past. In true Molly form, the emotions everywhere, and I couldn’t help but to weep for these two.

Their past stories hurt me to my core, and I wanted nothing more than to see them rise up from the heartache. I almost wish that this story could continue because I didn’t want to let them go! What Kier does for Indy is heroic in my opinion. Love him!

“If I’m capable, I will save you every time, Indy. Believe that, if nothing else. I don’t need or expect anything in return. I’m doing this because it’s what you deserve and what I want to do for you.”

Fouling Out by Tiffany King

"When I decided to attend the same college as Dalton, I figured I was safe because the chances of us running into each other were pretty slim, and yet here we are."

Courtney Leighton spent her days in class and her nights waitressing at Gruby's. Being around all those rowdy men at night was not what she wanted, but it paid the bills. She also didn't like that that after eight years of being ignored, her past came walking in with a determination to know her again.

"Who would have ever thought she'd grow up to be such a knockout? As a matter of fact, the longer she stood in front of me, the cuter she was getting."

Dalton Thompson lives and breaths basketball. Being scouted by the NBA had him working his butt off. But with the pressure of his father, basketball also led him away from his best friend eight years ago. Seeing Courtney again wasn't in his game plan, but he couldn't turn away from her this time.

"What I didn't admit was that I wanted to be more than friends. Everything about Courtney appealed to me.
I wanted to discover everything I'd missed over the last eight years."

I love stories of lost friendships/love. It's a familiar past, but also it gives the struggle of how to fit that person into the present. Courtney and Dalton were pulled apart when they were young and the loose ends were never mended. I loved the hard time that she gave him. It made the story seem so real and relatable. Dalton's determination was swoonworthy! He would stop at nothing to win her over.

"If I took the plunge, there was a chance it would leave my heart bleeding and broken on the rocks below. The kicker to the situation was that I did want to go out with him."

I really enjoyed their story, and it truly made me laugh with their banter back and forth.
So good!

Beneath Your Layers by Christina Lee

"He frustrated the hell out of me, he also made my stomach do this weird flippy nervous thing. He was easy to dislike from a distance, but up close I felt vulnerable and probably acted like a silly little girl."

Chloe Brighton has a dream to work in the fashion world. She had an eye for design. Chloe worked for a local clothing store and her boss came up with a great idea for her final school project of the year. She asked Chloe to make a pop-up shop for a upcoming event and knew just the guy to help her with the construction...Her nephew, Blake. Problem was, Chloe couldn't stand being around him...Or could she.

"Something about her made me want to dig deep, to find out what she was really made of. There had to be a different person- a decent, compassionate person- under all that restraint."

Blake Davis hasn't had a good past few years. His personal life has really taken a toll and now he has to help the one girl that ironically shares the same distaste for him as he does for her. With her nose stuck in the air and her constant post-it note taking, how he possibly work side by side with her? Maybe he can just work and not be distracted by her, right?

"You're like a canvas that needs to be studied.Your lips and eyes and how you style your hair--even down to those sexy heels you wear. You're like a work of art."

The attraction between these two could be felt through the pages! The more they couldn't stand each other, the more they couldn't stop looking. They were opposites end of a magnet that were meant to be connected.

"Truth is--you turn me on so much. It's hard not to think about...touching you again. For whatever that's worth."
"Blake. I've never been kissed like that before. For whatever that's worth."
"Ah, hell."

Let me just say that the game of "Truth or Dare" could change someone's life. Between the hazelnut coffees, the love of classic movies and theatre, and the sudden change of heart, this story had it all. I truly loved seeing Chole and Blake struggle between what's real and what's expected. Wonderful!

"Close your eyes and stop thinking. Just feel. Don't worry about later or tomorrow. This is me and you. Just here and now."
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November 5, 2014
When We Met is a series of short stories following a group of four girls that rent a house together in Ann Harbor while attending college. The way that A.L Jackson, Molly McAdams, TIffany King and Christina Lee write separate stories that weave together so perfectly is fantastic. The reader is able to see a glimpse of each girls in the later stories by the other authors, helping the separate stories become one. This was a 3.5 star read for me and I would recommend it to all of those who enjoy a love story with a little bit of angst and a happily ever after.

Behind Her Eyes by A.L Jackson

Misha returns to college defeated and scared of what she will be facing. Having been played in the absolute worst way possible by the boy next door, she wants to go to class, keep her head down and not become involved with anyone; especially guys. Worried that everyone she crosses will have seen or even heard about the video that showed her in an extremely intimate situation, all because of a bet is something that plagues her mind non-stop from the moment she steps into the house that she shares with three of her friends off campus. The house next door that is rented by the guys is where all of her innocence was taken and broadcasted to the entire campus. The hottie next door draws her attention, even though a guys is the last thing that she wants. Darryn has seen the video, a video that has been forefront in his mind for sometime now, the object of his fantasies. And he wants the girl; she is nothing like the girl that he watched on the video, she is shy and smart and everything that he needs. Making her believe that he never saw the video and knows nothing about it may not be his smartest move yet but will he get the girl in the end?

Saving Me by Molly McAdams

After being forced from her home during summer break from parents that are disowning her for something that wasn't even her fault. Returning to school to her boyfriend of two years is the only option that she has, an option that turned out to be a wake-up call that she never knew she needed. Finding him in bed with another girl, a girl who wears his engagement ring and is pregnant with his child sends Indy into a tailspin. Drinking away the pain of losing her boyfriend and her brother, she blacks out every Saturday night during the parties that the boys next door throw; often having sex with random guys that she can't remember. Lately though, when she tries to have less random sex but still can't abandon the black out drinking, she finds herself every Friday night with a loaf of bread in front of the same room. She is carried back to her house, placed on her bed with a glass of water and two asprin for the morning. She never remembers his name but it is the same thing every Saturday night. Until the day when her car doesn't start and she is late for class. Asking the quiet roommate Kier for a ride, proves to interesting, because as she talks to him she constantly gets a sense of deja vu. Kier tells her that she will realize why she feels like she knows him, feels like she is safe with him when she is ready. Spending more and more time together, they both try to ignore feelings that are fiercely growing both thinking that the secrets that they hold will make the other leave once revealed. Will they be able to have a relationship once the truth is laid out on the table?

Fouling Out by Tiffany King

Courtney is working hard to make ends meet. She has a rule that she doesn't date athletes, especially the basketball players that are treated as gods in her school. When Dalton walks into Gruby's and is seated in Courtney's section everything she ever thought changes. Coming face to face with the boy who was her best friend as a child and dropped her for basketball still stings even though she thought she had gotten past it. Dalton doesn't remember Courtney looking so good and him being so attracted to her but the last time they actually spoke they were twelve years old. Unsure of why she is giving him the cold shoulder, he is determined to break down the wall that she has put up and once again become part of her life. Forced to go on a double date with Amanda and Collin, Courtney wants nothing to do with the basketball star that gives her butterflies. Making him work for it, she gives him a series of challenges that he happily complies with to show that he is serious about her. Supporting him even when he becomes unsure of whether basketball is his dream or his father's makes her the perfect girlfriend in his eyes.

Beneath Your Layers by Christina Lee

Chloe has a carefully constructed life where everything is on a post-it size list that can be crossed off when completed. She is working hard to make a name for herself in the fashion world, to be able to be the success that her mother wasn't able to achieve. Always found dressed to impress, she doesn't even own a pair of sneakers and she works hard to make sure everything is perfect as it should be. Blake is everything that she doesn't want or need in her life. He dropped out of school to work a construction job and seems to hold the belief that others have, that she needs to lighten up and have more fun. Thrown together to work on a project for her senior design class, Chloe has no choice but to accept his help in order for the project to be a success. Constantly worrying about what her mother will think and if what she is doing will gain her approval, Chloe puts her all into the project, despite Blake's apparent contempt for her. It is only when Blake introduces that game of truth or dare between them that each begins to open up to a friendship that the other didn't think possible. It is through that friendship that they become so much more and both Chloe and Blake achieve everything that they ever wanted and needed.
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November 3, 2014
Four books. Four different stories. Four college roommates who had no luck in love.

Enter our four ladies - Misha, Indy, Courtney and Chloe. All busy with college, part time jobs and planning for their futures.

None had the time nor inclination to go looking for boyfriends and love. That doesn't mean love was waiting for them.

One after the other - and I have to note here that I adored how the stories flowed one after the other in time frame - they all had their time; overcame their issues and insecurities and found their missing pieces to their puzzles.

Misha and Darryn - match made in hell or so you'd think. Misha had been burned badly by her ex and vowed never to fall for some cheesy lines and perfect acting on the man's part. She didn't count on the boy-man-God that moved in next door! AL Jackson wrote the back story to Misha perfectly and I really felt her pain from her childhood dramas to the most recent heartache she had experienced. Darryn was the ideal bad boy and had something about him that, as a reader, just drew you in. His change from arrogant and seemingly withdrawn from humanity changed once he realised his feelings for Misha and once he vowed to protect her from all who wanted to do wrong by her he was a goner.

Indy had never had the perfect upbringing and her life had been on a downhill spiral for two years. Thanksgiving was never going to be a good time for her again. Kier was the quiet neighbour that spoke to no one. Or so Indy thought. When she drank to forget her life and her woes, Kier was the one there to be her safe haven and protect her from anything bad. All he wanted in return was to be remembered. For 18 months he'd been watching her and saving her from herself to be forgotten about subconsciously the next day. A cycle that appeared to never break but Indy eventually woke up and starting moving forward with her life knowing that Kier was her safe place. He wasn't without his own dark and tormented past and once they shared their innermost secrets, fears and doubts the union they forged was unbreakable. And it was beautiful to watch and read. Molly McAdams has done it again!

Courtney and Dalton have a past. One from a very long time ago, from a much different time in their lives. Once the best of friends, parents, goals and dreams (albeit shattered and altered) got in the way. Courtney was struggling to survive but knew her way out was coming once finishing college. Her mom is the most important person in her life alongside her beloved and faithful car, Lucy! She worked hard and kept her head above water scholastically and financially - but only just. Sundays were her day with her mother. Dalton was a jock. Not in the technical sense but he was a huge deal to the university and particularly the basketball team. A star player and one that had been pushed upon him by his controlling father from a very young age. Called a Fairy Boy by his father for having a girl best friend the two young students drifted apart as Dalton's father increased his practices to be the next big thing in basketball.
When they reunited her reception towards him was short of Ice Queen status. He worked hard and fought for her friendship, earned her trust and quite literally jumped through hoops to get to know this girl once again. Naturally, the old friendship bloomed once more and it turned into more. There was such a chemistry between them that the pages, were they paper, would have sizzled!! Tiffany King wrote of their hardships and daily struggles well and despite it all, their love and devotion for one another was beautiful to read.

Lastly, but my no means least we have my favourite of the boys, Blake. There's something about a good boy who looks like a bad boy that makes me tingle all over and Christina Lee nailed that one on the head. (I'm full of the puns today!) A construction worker by day, good nephew by night helping his aunt out by aiding Chloe to create a masterpiece of a pop up shop for a part of her college internship! Chloe, for what first impressions and appearances made, was uptight and acted like she was better than everyone else. Needless to say it was just a front she had to protect herself from douches. And Blake had the appearance of a douche. Their first impressions of one another left no desire to spend time together and work alongside one another to bring this project together. But they smashed down their walls and forged an easy friendship. Chloe was someone for Blake to talk to about his home life in confidence. Blake was someone to help Chloe overcome her fear of things that couldn't be scrupulously planned. Through games of truth and dare their friendship shifted into something more serious and I was jealous of Chloe getting to spend more and more time with Blake. But it appeared their lives were heading in a different direction. After one heck of an evening together (and not the construction and planning kind!) they went their separate ways. No phone numbers had been exchanged. No promises were made. What came next surprised me and made me swoon for Blake all over again! I have a new found love for sticky notes!! And a deep seated envy for Chloe. Blake is mine!!

Four short stories that left me wanting more after each one. I, typically, am not a fan of novellas because once I'm invested in a story I need more, I can't just finish and move on. But in the case of When We Met, I knew I had more stories to turn to which featured the previous couples! Definitely want more Blake though please, Christina!!
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November 4, 2014
4.5/5 stars

I really enjoyed this anthology! All four authors did an awesome job with the college setting and creating a really great atmosphere for these four girls to fall in love. Each story focuses on a different girl and I love how each author kept the stories interconnected but made each their own.

The first story is Misha's, and after being heartbroken and utterly humiliated, she has turned tail and run back home to get away from everything that went down. Her story begins with her return, but she is a shell of a person- hiding from everyone, shutting the world out because she's afraid of being hurt and vulnerable again. She feels shame over what happened, even though it wasn't her fault. Her new, sexy as sin next door neighbor Darryn makes her feel things she knows she shouldn't, because she won't let herself be played a fool again. Out of all the stories, this was probably my least favorite. I found myself irritated by how many times she referred to Darryn as a boy-man-god. I got that he was hot the first time. I didn't need to keep hearing it repeated. I also found Misha to be a difficult character to like. I get her hesitations and hangups, especially after what was done to her, but I just couldn't connect to her. Darryn wasn't my favorite either, as there was a scene that really bothered me, where he was going to follow through on something when Misha was upset and in a really vulnerable place and that rubbed me the wrong way.

I did like Indy and Kier though. Kier is a sweetheart who takes care of Indy night after night when she is too messed up to do so, and she never remembers who it is that is always taking care of her. Like Misha, Indy starts off her story walking into a rather awkward situation, which completely blindsides and hurts her deeply. Ever since, she has been losing herself in endless parties, wanting to numb the pain of not only what happened between her and her ex, but also the pain of her past as well. Kier has his own past that he finally reveals to Indy, explaining why he is so quiet and never the life of the party. He is a good guy and I like how sweet he is to Indy, wanting nothing more than to take care of and protect her from her own self-destruction.

Our third novella is about Courtney, who we don't see much of in the first two novels, as the girl works like crazy. If she's not in school, she works as a waitress at a popular bar near campus. Her love interest is the uber popular star athlete, Dalton, who she once shared a friendship with when they were younger. Forced to concentrate on basketball, he had to made some sacrifices and his friendship with Courtney was one of them. Now, seeing her again at the bar she works at, he finds he wishes she didn't treat him with such disdain. He wants to rekindle not only their friendship, but aim for something more. I love Tiffany's writing style. It is so fun and humorous! I loved that Courtney didn't just fall into bed with the hot basketball player. Instead, she made him work for it and prove she wasn't just another girl to him. Their sexual tension was so great and OMG- I was in full on swoon mode over some HAND HOLDING. Sigh. So great.

Finally, we have Chloe's story and she is another one we really don't see hardly at all up until this point. She is busy working as well and trying to make it through her final years at school so she can abandon ship and head to NYC to pursue a career in fashion. With an overbearing mother concerned about her future, Chloe doesn't have a lot of opportunities to just let her hair down and be spontaneous. She is less than thrilled when her new internship requires the help of Blake, her boss's nephew. There is no love lost between the two and working together is going to prove quite difficult with such underlying tension between them. Chloe and Blake have made a lot of assumptions about one another, so I liked seeing them realize they don't know the other person at all. Their games of Truth or Dare are so cute and fun to watch because it's their way of trying to make things right and get to know one another. Blake is another great guy, who has sacrificed his own dreams to take care of the people closest to him. He finds himself enjoying Chloe's company and looking forward to working together, as it is a welcome escape from what he has to deal with at home.

I really like when authors team up and use the same set of characters and setting to fuel their stories. We also got to see how the other couples were faring in the novellas that followed theirs, which was sweet to see. I did expect to see a stronger friendship between the girls, but for the most part, their romances were the primary focus of these novellas.

*Received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.*
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November 5, 2014
When We Met is a collection of four stories by four different authors that intertwine four college roommates, who all learn lessons in life and love. I really enjoyed reading this anthology. It flowed flawlessly from story to story, and I had a hard time believing that four different people wrote it.

Behind her Eyes by A.L. Jackson

In the first story we meet Misha and Darryn. Misha had a hard time trusting after being burned by an ex-boyfriend. Darryn is the bad boy who moved next door and their chemistry is instant.

“Damn it! He had me hot and bothered in places I didn’t even know existed.”

Their story was one of learning to trust not only each other, but themselves as well.

Saving Me by Molly McAdams

In the second story we meet Indy and Keir. Indy is lost after her past catches up to her and she begins to spiral out of control. Keir is always there to save her. He is the sweetest. Having his own demons to fight, they learn to work through them together.

“I’m your safe place, and when you’re ready, you’ll be mine. If you ask me, that means more than a bullshit label.”

Fouling out by Tiffany King

The third book was my favorite!! Courtney is sassy and sarcastic and gives Dalton, the star basketball player, a run for his money. Childhood friends who grew apart are brought back together in college and friendship is not the only thing on their minds anymore…

“I’m not so sure of that. Dalton is pursing you like you’re holding the golden ticket to Wonka’s Factory. He wants your candy.”

This story had me laughing out loud a lot!

Beneath your Layers by Christina Lee

In the final book in the anthology we meet Chloe, an uptight fashionista who does what her mom wants, and Blake, the college dropout/construction worker. Assuming they are too different to have anything in common they ignore each other, until they are forced to work together. As we all know assuming can lead to all kinds of things and Chloe and Blake soon learn they have more in common than they think.

“Truth is – you turn me on so much. It’s hard not to think about…touching you again. For whatever that’s worth.”

This entire collection was sexy, fun, flirty, and fantastic!! I really loved seeing how all four girls were so different and how they learned to let someone in. I would love to see an extra novella with how all four couples are doing in the future. ~ Tiffany, 4.5 stars


When We Met is an anthology about four roommates/friends that share a house off their college campus. Each one of them get their own story told in this great box set. AL Jackson and Molly McAdams are two favorites of mine. Tiffany King and Christina Lee are new-to-me authors, I'd not yet read any of their previous books, but I sure will be checking them out after reading this set.

Though each story is novella length they're packed full of emotion and sexiness. Sometimes I have a hard time connecting novellas, I tend to like my stories full length and meatier. The way these stories were interconnected, yet told separately, really drew me in and held my attention. We get little peeks in to the lives of Misha, Indy, Chloe and Courtney and their leading men.

All in all this was a fun and sexy anthology, with a little bit of angst thrown in for good measure. I definitely think some of these have some room for expansion and could get a full length novel. A great collection of new adult tales. ~ Erin, 4 stars

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November 22, 2014
I picked up this unique anthology of four inter-connected stories by by four different NA authors so I could enjoy two new to me authors and two I already appreciate.

Because its an antho with assorted authors, I'm going to attempt mini-reviews of each story even though the four heroines are all college roommates and friends. *laughter at the thought of 'mini' and 'review' associated with me*

Behind Her Eyes by A.L. Jackson
This one starts off with a painful, teary-eyed bang. Misha was exploited by the first guy she thinks loves her and her whole world crumbles. She is determined never to trust a guy again even if he takes over her thoughts like the sultry, cocky Darryn Wilde from next door. Darryn knows all about Misha and she is nothing like what he was expecting. He wants to be her one and only if he can coax her into trusting him. I was touched by Misha's pathos and wanted these two together. I wish Darryn's back story had been teased out more so I could get to know the guy behind the bad boy looks.

Saving Me by Molly McAdams
Oh my, another sad one. Indy's pains are deep and her wild behavior makes so much sense when it all comes out, but Kier's past just made me sob like a baby. Amazing little love story here. Guilt and grief and survivor's guilt are strong themes. So glad these two found each other.

Fouling Out by Tiffany King
This one started and I thought, not cool, she's a judgmental Queen B whose holding a mistake a guy made as a kid against him- not even a real mistake, but more like she was making it all on him in her head. Then Courtney got with the program and gave Dalton a chance turning this into a sassy fun, sweet sports romance. Score for Courtney and Dalton!

Beneath Your Layers by Christina Lee
What a poignant story of what happens when two seemingly incompatible people imprisoned by their lives are forced to work together. Chloe learns about the pain and loss that Blake must live with and Blake discovers why Chloe scrambles at full control at all costs. It was amazing watching these two connect and discover how much they needed each other and how plans can change.

Each story was engaging in varying degrees. They all featured first person alternating points of view. I didn't catch it at first, but they also were a string of stories told in order through one school year at college with each girl's story hitting a different quarter in the year.
I think it was a champ idea for different authors to take on each girl's story because it really gave them individual voices.
I also thought it was good that the stories weren't all of the same tone. As much as my heart twisted in the first two stories, I was glad for the lighter fare of the last two. Not that they were without substance; just not full of such deep angst. The variety was nice.

All of them were fab samples of New Adult Contemporary Romance. I look forward to more books by the authors.

My thanks to Penguin Group for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review.
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November 25, 2014
*ARC received in exchange for an honest review and blog tour*

BEHIND HER EYES by A.L. Jackson: ★★★
I couldn’t connect with the main character, Misha. That’s why I couldn’t really get into this story. I liked Darryn a lot though. The chapters in his point of view were the best part of this short story. Otherwise I thoughts this story was way too slow in the beginning and too fast at the ending. It’s like the author rushed everything in the ending to make everything she wanted happen. If this short story would have been written as an actual book, I think it would have been way better. Also, AL Jackson did a lot of repetitions of certain words and phrases. It was a little annoying after a few times…. So this story was not great, but still okay.

SAVING ME by Molly McAdams: ★★★★
I loved this one!! It was funny and so swoon-worthy! Indy is amazing. I liked her a lot. She's completely broken because of the things happened in her life and she's in desperate need for someone to save her. And Kier is just there for her. He takes care of her every week when she's wasted. Indy never remembers him, but that doesn't change his mind about her. He just does it without wanting anything back. And that made me like him even more. Indy and Kier are so good together. They made me laugh and swoon through the whole story.
Molly McAdams is such a good writer! I will definitely read her other books too!

FOULING OUT by Tiffany King: ★★★+0.5
This one was so cute!! I can't describe it otherwise. Both characters were very nice. Dalton even cracked me up a few times with his cheesy pickup lines!
Both were so cute together!

BENEATH YOUR LAYERS by Christina Lee: ★★★★★
This story is definitely my favorite one! Oh man... this was sexy! The sexual tension between Chloe and Blake is just ... wow. I loved everything about it! Those two together is like firework! Both characters had their own struggles, but the way the helped each other in the ending was just perfect.
The way the story developed was amazing. Not too slow, not too fast. I wished it was longer, but only because I want more!
Oh and their little truth-or-dare game? Sexy as hell!

How the 4 stories are connect is very nice! It's the first time I read this kind of book and it definitely won't be the last. Although - like I said before - I think Behind Her Eyes (and maybe even Saving Me) would have be so much better if they were longer. But that's just my personal opinion.
Discovering these 4 different authors this way, was also very nice. I'm definitely going to check their other books (especially Molly McAdams and Christina Lee!!). They have a similar way to write, but not quite yet. I'm very curious about their other works.
Oh and I loved the fact that each story has two point of views. It made each story a little more exciting (Blake was the best one though :D ♥)!

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November 1, 2014
Loved this collection of stories ;) These authors did an awesome job with this :) After I finished reading this, it left me with a smile on my face..

With these 4 stories, we meet 4 ladies : Misha, Indy, Courtney and Chloe who are all friends and roommates going to college.

Behind Her Eyes by: A.L. Jackson featured Misha and Darryn. You feel so bad for her by what happened to her because of a guy she thought she could trust. Because of that she is closed off to people..then she meets Darryn and her defenses start to come down. It was cute to see how they would go back and forth, yet you could sense the attraction they had. Is Darryn too good to be true? There was a point when I was screaming saying aww man are you kidding me? What happens to them? Do they make it? Read it to find out :)

Saving Me by: Molly McAdams featured Indy and Kier. Let me say that this one was my FAVORITE out of all of them. Poor Indy..She has no one. She suffered loss a few times and she drinks to cope with it all. All the times that she gets drunk, she ends up getting "saved" by this guy. He takes care of her and makes sure to get her to her room safely. The thing is she doesn't remember any of this. Or does she? Kier? what a sweetheart. He's very quiet and has had is eye on Indy for a while. He has some issues too that he's dealing with and I just wanted to give the both of them hugs. Do they overcome their issues? Will Indy realize all this time that it was Kier taking care of her? How will it all play out? I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Fouling Out by: Tiffany King featured Courtney and Dalton. She's just a girl trying to make ends meet and one night her former childhood friend and crush Dalton comes into the bar where she works. He's a famous up and coming basketball star. She thinks he's just another guy trying to get with any girl. What happens when he tries to show her that's not who he is? Can they rekindle their friendship and possibly turn it into something more?

Beneath Your Layers by: Christina Lee featured Chloe and Blake. They are total opposites in some ways and it others, they just fit. I liked how they started to get to know eachother realizing they misjudged eachother. There's nothing like playing a game of truth or dare :) He had is issues at home and seeing him open up to her was sweet. He showed her how to have fun since she is always serious all the time trying to live up to her mom's expectation. What they didnt count on was falling for eachother. Loved how it all played out :)

I hope at some point we can revisit these group of friends. It was a great read and I highly recommend it :)
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April 9, 2015
These short stories were actually really fun to read. This is actually my first time reading Tiffany King, Molly McAdams, and Christina Lee. I'm familiar with A.L. Jackson's writing style and storytelling, so it was fun to see her paired with some other authors.

It was even more interesting to see four women write four different stories set in the same world, within the same group of friends. Sounds very challenging, but I personally think these authors nailed it. I never once felt like I was reading four completely unrelated stories. Sure, the writing styles varied -- and they should have -- but it's very hard to find that balance of keeping your writing close to the style of the others that you're writing with. So I commend these ladies for that.

Now onto the stories.

They aren't amazing short stories by any means, but I really enjoyed each one of them. They are cute fluffy reads that, while the characters do carry a lot of baggage (they all have parent/ex-partner issues in some sort of way), the stories are short enough to where the repetition isn't too much. I was nervous that by the third story, I would be tired of the same boy meets girl, girl has issues, boy has issues, together they heal one another kind of cycle... but it wasn't bad at all.

I don't know if it's because that's what I was expecting or if it was just a pleasant surprise, but I enjoyed myself. My favorite story of the four was by Christina Lee, entitled Beneath Your Layers. I really related to that story because, while my mom isn't controlling, I saw myself in Chloe. And Blake was the perfect yin to her yang.

Each othe these stories had very likable characters and there wasn't too much overexaggerated romance, dialogue or plot development. Because the stories are so short, I was worried about how much development the characters would get and how much full progression would the plot have. I am pleased to say that I think that the plots developed at a nice pace and the characters weren't developed too quickly. Of course, the were developed rather quickly in comparison to a full length novel, but you can't really compare the two. But I can compare to various novellas and short stories I've read over the years and I really enjoyed the pacing of this one.

There's not much else to say except that I originally was set to give this book 3.5 stars. But what made me bump it up to 4 stars is how impressed I was at the continuity of the stories, how connected and fluid they were. While I was aware it was four separate stories, it all just flowed so well for me. I just loved that.

Good read. The perfect amount of fluff and drama. I would recommend.
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November 6, 2014
When We Met, features four romantic short stories involving different girls. They all live off campus together in their junior year of college in Michigan. This New Adult anthology features authors A.L. Jackson, Molly McAdams, Tiffany King and Christina Lee. Romances with all of the feels, I enjoyed meeting these girls, and trying a few new to me authors.

Behind Her Eyes by A. L. Jackson- Misha’s sophomore year was the stuff of nightmares, and I truly felt for her. If left to her own devices she may very well have dropped out of school. Thankfully, her friend convinces her to return. She is guarded, but a relationship with her swoon-worthy neighbor proves that time heals all wounds. I adore Jackson’s writing style, she has this way of creating fleshed-out characters that you connect with, complete with all of the “feels,”

Saving Me by Molly McAdams-- McAdams is a new to me author, and I enjoyed the tale she spun with Indy and Kier. Indy is in pain, and loses herself each weekend in a bottle. She does not know this but each week a silent knight named Kier looks out for her. This story was filled with a slow-burning romance and and the author added a twist. I enjoyed their story.

Fouling Out By Tiffany King- is all about second chances and creating your own path. Courtney and Dalton were best friends, and she had a serious crush on him in high school. Pressure from his Dad had Dalton breaking off the friendship and leaving Courtney floundering. Now the two meet again, and Dalton wants a second chance. This was a nice mix of sweet and hot. I found myself caught up in their story and closed the tale smiling.

Beneath Your Layers by Christina Lee- was hot. We see growth, trust and share an exciting game of Truth or Dare as Courtney and Blake discover looks can be deceiving. Lee not only gives us a romance, but also shares Courtney’s story of personal and professional growth. I found myself rooting for them both. This was my favorite of the bunch and I look forward to trying more of Lee's books.

Copy received from publisher.This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Book Reviewer
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November 3, 2014
You are going to love When We Met! It's different than any other we've seen. A positively genius idea! You create 4 uniquely different characters and have them share a house while attending college. Then four of our all time favorite authors each take a roommate and tell us her story. Genius!

The four girls have different pasts, different majors and their own lives. Although each new book takes us to a new housemate and her story, characters from the previous story make appearances. It feels more like reading one novel as opposed to four stories written by different authors. Each book flows into the next.

I thought it was also refreshing that the four girls were friends yet independent. They are all close, but they don't have to be together 24/7. They sometimes don't see each other for days at a time. They each have busy lives and none have a silver spoon permanently attached to their mouths. They aren't whiney, spoiled, or entitled. They are simply four college girls juggling classes, work and relationships.

You are going to love this anthology! I don't think I could pick a favorite character or story if you put a gun to my head. Each new story brought a new writing style (one of my favorite things about anthologies). I just can't recommend this book enough. Each story is as fresh, unique and different than the girl it is about. Get WHEN WE MET as soon as it goes live!

When We Met and the authors that brought it to us all get 5+ Hookers from me! I wanted AL, Molly, Tiff, and Christina to just keep going. They could've written until these girls were in a nursing home together, and I would've kept reading!
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November 4, 2014
So apparently I made the wrong choice during my college picking days and should have went to college in Michigan with these girls.

Where the hell were all these freaking hot, sweet, thoughtful guys where I went to school?!?!?

This anthology is based on four girls attending the same college and all living in one house off campus. Each girl has a completely different story unfold, though they all start off with their 'first encounters'. I am a sucker for a great first encounter, and I totally enjoyed these lighthearted ones.

Each can be read as a stand alone and are short, but definitely not lacking. I liked how each story quickly got to the point, but was detailed and left you wanting more from each of them.

I wasn't expecting some of those hot scenes and wasn't expecting each guy to be so swoon-worthy. If I'd have to pick a favorite though? I'd have to say a close tie between Darryn and Dalton. What. A. Pair. Of. Cuties.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. A quick, sweet, light read I think most would adore.

Favorite quotes-

Behind her eyes:

"He laughed, the sound thick and throaty and arrogant. Part of me wanted to smack him, while the other part wanted to beg him to do it again."

"Tell me you want me, too..Tell me you lie in bed at night and when you close your eyes, you see me. Because all I can see is you."

"I couldn't help the way he made me feel. Couldn't help that his arms were my favorite place. Couldn't help that his mouth was my favorite flavor and his voice was my favorite song."
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