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Weeia #2

Unelmoija: The Mindshifter

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In book two of the Weeia series, Unelmoija: The Mindshifer, Amy’s courage is put to the test. Will her new found allies, human and Weeia, help her? What of Duncan, her love interest? Who is the half demented man torn between killing and hugging her?

204 pages, Kindle Edition

First published February 21, 2014

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About the author

Elle Boca

10 books69 followers
Elle is the author of two urban fantasy series about superhumans called Weeia, the Unelmoija Series in Miami and the Marshals Series in Paris. Growing up the only child of a monkey mother and a rabbit father she learned to keep herself entertained and spend time reading. Elle makes her home with her king cat husband in South Florida.

Published ebooks and print books include

Weeia books

Unelmoija Series

Unelmoija: The Dreamshifter
Unelmoija: The Mindshifter
Unelmoija: The Spiritshifter
Unelmoija: The Timeshifter
Unelmoija: Paradox

Novella - In the Garden of Weeia

Marshals Series

Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia
Weeia on My Mind
Smells Like Weeia Spirit
An American Weeia in Paris

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6,773 reviews574 followers
July 11, 2015
Not sure who I am most impressed with, Elle Boca, the brains and imagination behind our Amy, or Amy herself! Either way, Elle Boca’s Unelmoija: The Mindshifter takes the baton from The Dreamshifter and ramps up the WOW factor a few more degrees, at least! Amy is off for a fun weekend on the sunny beaches of Miami with two of her best friends. Are they in for fun in the sun or will one night clubbing become a nightmare of danger as her human friend is drugged and kidnapped. Determined to find her Lilly, Amy calls on her abilities to help search out her friend’s whereabouts. Do they call her friend’s parents or do they make an all-out effort on their own? Do they risk involving a human, breaking one of the Weeia's most important rules?

The hunt is on in earnest when their opportunity to nab the kidnapper is interrupted by a group of dark-cloaked vigilantes on a hunt of their own to bring down a group of human slavers and save the girls they have captured. Amy is on a mission and she won’t be stopped, until the leader comes forward and gives Amy another jolt of reality that she NEVER saw coming! If they work together, this gang doesn’t stand a chance, but only the power of the Weeia may find Lilly before it’s too late. Fasten your seatbelts, keep your hands in the car, we are about to head off, full sped into a maze of intrigue and danger as Amy’s true grit is tested and her powers develop. Beware, intrigue and a bumpy ride lay ahead, not the brief vacation the girls wanted, but a frightening journey into the dark and seedy side of life, Miami and human trafficking.

Proof positive that Elle Boca can write and keep it inside the lines of the YA fantasy genre. Again, with great care and surprising twists, this tale comes to life at the hands of this talented author who knows how to place each word in just the “write” order to evoke a sense of urgency, while continuing to breathe life into each of her characters. Great dialogue, action that is nonstop, and new discoveries make Unelmoija: The Mindshifter fabulous reading for ALL ages!

I received this copy from Elle Boca in exchange for my honest review.

Series: Weeia - Book 2
Publication Date: February 21, 2014
Publisher: Poyeen Publishing
Genre: Paranormal & Urban - YA
Print Length: 251 pages
Available from: Amazon
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627 reviews72 followers
July 30, 2015
Thanks to Elle Boca for giving me this book to review.

Amy, along with her college friends Krissa and Lilly, are going to South Beach for a well-deserved girl’s weekend, but everything goes wrong when Lilly goes missing. Amy and Krissa pick up the trail from a nightclub to find out what happened to Lilly and to rescue her, but they had no idea they were entering a world of slavers and trafficking. Amy is helped by a group of people who are trying to stop the slavers but the leader is not someone she was expecting. Time is running out to save Lilly before she disappears and only Amy’s powers might be able to rescue her in time.

Unelmoija: The Mindshifter is the second book in the Weeia series and is a likeable novel. While still fast paced like the first book, it was much darker and has a more serious tone. However, also like the first book I felt Amy’s past was not fully explained and it was talked about like it was normal for you and your mum to be kidnapped and your sister to be missing.

Amy has grown since the first book as she is more sure of herself and comfortable with her powers but is still the same girl. I wish that Duncan was in this book more as he was my favourite character from the last book. The leader of the people fighting against the slavers (cannot say their name because of spoilers) annoyed my as they were just a bit too perfect and was good at everything. Another annoying thing with this book is the dissing of the police as the police, at least in the UK I cannot talk for other countries, try their best and while there are some bad ones, the vast majority want to help people.

Unelmoija: The Mindshifter was an enjoyable book and I would recommend to fans of the first book Unelmoija: The Dreamshifer.

This and my other reviews can be found at Amethyst Bookwyrm
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Author 20 books115 followers
September 2, 2016
Boca continues to weave the threads of her exciting Weeia adventures in Unelmoija: The Mindshifter. Trouble is brewing in Miami, and Amy finds herself caught in the middle of it all. Forced to rescue a friend from a gang of slavers, Amy has to balance her love for her friend with the need to hide from everyone her true nature and abilities. We meet old friends from the past as well as new ones in this well-written, fast-paced adventure.

Once again, Boca manages to take the reader on a wild, suspenseful ride. There are enough twists and surprises to satisfy even the most demanding reader, while the back story of Weeia - one of my favorite parts of the plot - is expanded upon. We get to learn more about their society and its struggles, while we catch hints of what Amy may be capable of.

Boca's writing matures with every book, making me look forward to the next installment in the series.
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1,971 reviews
May 3, 2014
Unelmoija: The Mindshifter (Unelmoija, #2) by Elle Boca

Book two in the Weeia series, Amy is in college her and two friends go on a vacation. What they uncover is despicable. With the aide of her friends and her love interest Duncan she is up for a fight. Will her fellow Weeias' help her or are they alone in this battle?

I really enjoyed this Urban Fantasy. Amy is coming to terms with her abilities and learning more about the Weeias. I found the story interesting and at times very intense. Amy is so likable, the kind of person I would like as a friend. I also have to admit, I loved the cover! I highly recommend to (Urban) fantasy lovers. And also a must read the first book in the series Unelmoija: The Dreamshifter.
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Author 45 books124 followers
May 3, 2014
Unelmoija: The MindShifter: Elle Boca

What would you do if you could read someone’s mind and hear their every thought without their knowledge? What would you do if you could separate from your body and be in two places at once? What would you do if you could touch an object and sense where someone has been, a specific location or surrounding? What would you do if you found out that you were part human and part Weeia and had special abilities that had to remain secret and could not be shared with anyone but another Weeia? What would happen if you accidentally let on who you are or told someone else about your power?

Amy and Krissa are best friends and with their friend Lilly decided to celebrate the end of their classes and have some real fun. Lilly seemed to get friendly with a guy that Amy found odd and began to feel might be trouble. When entering the bar something caught Amy’s eye and from then on the plot takes off and the story will send readers on a roller coaster ride on a hunt for a young girl that was kidnapped and might have been sold to slavers. Seeing something that looked like Lilly’s Amy noticed to be her wrap but no Lilly in sight. As Krissa touches it something happens that would surprise them both. An odd feeling and a split second thought or vision as Krissa felt that she was next to both Lilly and this strange guy for a split second. But, where was Lilly and by touching the material or fabric Krissa sensed her presence but where?

The guy was nothing special and to Amy looked like a real loser and what they decided to do would send them on a hunt for a young girl that seemed to be caught up with this man, placed in a van and then the two of them find themselves face to face with someone that claimed they botched up their plan to catch this man. Slavers: just who were they and how many girls did they have and how did this relate to Lilly?

Human trafficking is the theme of this book but just one theme. Imagine young girls being sold into slavery, bought and paid for and forced to do things that would make you cringe. Often starved, tortured and drugged these young girls are sometimes victims of their own family’s greed, kidnapped or in this case staked out at this bar and taken.

Amy has Weeia abilities that allowed her to figure out that Lilly was drugged and taken by the guy in the nightclub. Her plan along with her friend Charlie and Krissa was to find Lilly. But, how? A plan developed and with Krissa’s help they found themselves facing two men in black clothes, with serious weapons and trying to enter a dark building. But, Amy is quick and sharp but the next face she sees would be a shock facing her missing sister, Kat. The circumstances are quite compelling and the reunion short lived when Amy learns what her sister was doing, what she endured and why. But, first the man who took the young girls from the bar faces more than just those who paid him as Kat and her team extract what they want from him and the end result will surprise you. Human traffickers pay a lot of money for these young girls. Holding up the pictures of young girls that were killed, maimed and tortured to this man nothing seem to phase him but the pain she inflicted on him would be nothing compared to what happened to those missing. Afraid for his own life he gave up some information but not all. But, Krissa used her powers and you won’t believe what she found out.

This is where the story takes another turn as Kat, Amy’s sister enlightens her into her life, her goal to close down the human trafficking business and find out who is behind it. Introducing her team and one hot guy that both Amy and Krissa would not mind knowing better, both girls become involved in trying to help find Lilly and hopefully bonding as sisters.

With the police on the take the author brings to light why this secret group of talented young people with extraordinary abilities decided to take on this dangerous task. As Kat reveals that she can often hear what people are thinking and their thoughts both sisters relating how that feels and how that has helped her in the past. So, how do they prevent humans from knowing about them? What is the punishment if they reveal themselves? Who is the enforcer? Kat reveals that not only can she mind read and has object moving abilities. But, not everyone in her team is happy that Krissa and Amy are there and they explain that everyone time they get close to an address that might lead them to these people they give them the slip. But, a plan comes to light and with Krissa’s ability and Ernie’s brilliant technological skills, an address is found and a plan is formed. Weapons decided but not the conventional and decisions as to who would handle what you have to read what happens when they arrive in the van and Kat and Krissa are told to remain inside but things change. Since their actions and whereabouts are supposed to be a secret I can only reveal that you will have to find out what happens when they rescue on girl by reading Chapters 8 and 9 for yourself. But, the danger was far from over and one member named Melanie did not want the girls in on the next phase as they learned where the warehouse was that these people might have Lilly and the end result is horrifying. Flashbacks are told as Amy relates and Kat are reminded about the time during which they were a near captive at Douglas Estate and how she learned the art of dreamshifting and why meditation was vital to her abilities. Imagine being able to undo your bindings, think about getting free and getting free using your mind. Imagine being able to unlock a door and go back to your normal state. The rest remains within the pages of Chapter 11 for readers to learn more about Amy, her powers and the plan that would take them to this warehouse, Melanie’s thoughts about why she wanted Amy out of the way and why Kat agreed to allow her to come if she and Krissa remained in the van. But, not all plans go the way they are supposed to go and what happens that causes them to become more involved just might save some lives. Imagine what happens when so many girls are found drugged, bruised and disoriented. Imagine their fear and learn just how both Krissa and Amy are able to work with them, talk them into seeing the doctor and remaining in the shelter for their own safety. Hear their voices and understand why this issue is very important because it is something that is happening right now and not stopped by many government officials that are paid off, don’t care and police that are corrupt.

The story is far from over as the family reunites and Kat returns home and someone close to both Amy and her mother appears once more. Meet Duncan and learn about his place in the Weeia’s and join both Amy and Kat as they attend Weeia youth meetings, begin to understand their heritage, meet others just like them but don’t think the danger is over. But, first hear Kat’s voice as she relives her captivity, the betrayal of one young girl and her ability to survive as the author shares Kat’s story in Chapter 15. Duncan is colorful and really interesting as you begin to see his connection to Amy and things in their relationship start to change. But, taking her along with him on Youth For Change Meeting helped her grow along with both Kat and Krissa but something happens when they return home and Amy is taken, the reason revenge and the end result might take her life or worse. Hear the voice of her captor and find out his reasons for taking her and what he hopes to accomplish. Will she get away? Will she be able to use her mindshifting? Will she be able to contact Duncan or Kat to save her? Will these people who are running this business make her one of their slaves?

A story quite compelling and issue that is in the news in many countries and often hidden beneath the pages unnoticed. Once again author Elle Boca has penned a novel that brings to light not just human trafficking and the need for laws to protect these young girls and boys from those that take them but loyalty, trust, friendship and an organized criminal activity in which human beings are treated as possessions to be controlled and exploited (as by being forced into prostitution or involuntary labor). ( http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictio...)

These types of crimes do not require smuggling or movement of the victim. Undocumented migrants can be and are vulnerable to being coerced because they are afraid of the authorities allowing these traffickers as you will learn in this novel to use their ability to exploit these populations, naïve young girls that go to bars and do not realize that men will drug their drinks thinking they find them pretty and forcing minors into prostitution and slavery. Some governments are working hard to stop this crime taking down escort services and suburban mansions and bars. Let’s hope that someday this crime will be permanently stopped and young girls will be more vigilant when going out to bars, talking to strange men and learn to stay in groups and be more careful. This is one powerful novel.
Fran Lewis: reviewer

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Author 9 books36 followers
September 15, 2014
Unelmoija: The MindShifter by Elle Boca is written with a dramatic and suspenseful flair, exposing the darker, grittier underground world of human trafficking in Miami.

Although this second book in the series stands on its own, it is helpful to read the first book before this one. This second book in the Weeia series picks up right where book one leaves off.

Amy is taking it easy in Miami and spending a weekend with two of her friends (Krissa and Lily) to celebrate the end of classes for their latest college term. That is is until Lily is drugged in a bar and is kidnapped by traffickers. With Krissa's help, Amy is determined to find Lily and what is uncovered is more than both Krissa and Amy bargain for in this fast-paced, thrilling drama.

I especially liked the character development of Amy's sister, Kat and the back-story behind what happened to her during the kidnapping and subsequent captivity when Kat and Amy's mother were kidnapped in book one. The author does a great job in filling in the blanks and answering the questions from the first book.

I would recommend this book to those readers who like urban fantasy novels. This one is certainly a good read and perfect to read right after the first one.
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1,949 reviews23 followers
July 6, 2014
This is book two in the Weeia series. Amy is now in college. When she and two friends go on vacation what they uncover is Despicable , with her friends help and Duncan her love interest. She is up for a fight. Will she get help from her fellow Weeia's or do they have to fight this battle alone? I really enjoyed this urban fantasy Amy is coming to terms with her abilities and learning more about the weeias. I found the story intense at times but very interesting. I especially loved the cover art. I highly recommend to (Urban) fantasy lovers.
Profile Image for Cobwebby Eldritch Reading Reindeer .
5,254 reviews296 followers
July 23, 2015
The fast-moving Weeia saga continues! Young Amy continues to balance university studies and Weeia training, while striving to occasionally "have a life" and keeping her human friends unaware. Weeia, if you've not read the first book [and really, why not?] appear human, but aren't: genetically, they are evolutionarily advanced, superior to humans, with powers mere humans can't attain. Of course, with great power comes great responsibility--ideally. Amy must walk a fine line; but many would give much to be given her abilities.
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Author 43 books306 followers
April 9, 2014
The second book in Boca's Unelmoija series shows the darker side of city life while superhuman Amy uses her powers in ways she would never have imagined. I really liked the grittier story line in this book; it took me completely by surprise, yanking the ground out from under me just as I was lulled into a false sense of security by the main character's enthusiastic narration. It feels like the tension has really been built up for the continuing story now. Can't wait for the next book!
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Author 11 books168 followers
January 13, 2018
First sentence: As I woke up in the strange room I remembered I had a free morning without any tests, class assignments or chores.

About the story: Amy’s gone to Miami Beach for a girls’ weekend with her friends Krissa and Lilly. But, when Lilly vanishes, it’s up to Amy and Krissa to find her. In doing so, they stumble upon a slaver’s scheme. During their heroics, they end up meeting an unexpected ally. As they realize the seriousness of Lilly’s fate, Amy and gang race against time before their friend is gone for good.

My thoughts: Unelmoija: The Mindshifter is book number two of the Weeia series, and it’s a pretty good one, story-wise. The writing was fast-paced, like all the other novels I’ve read of Elle Boca. Amy’s character has grown fictional-wise and writing-wise, which is a good thing. However, there were some points in the story where I thought she was being a bit strange. I won’t mention it in case of spoilers.

In the first book, The Dreamshifter, I was curious about the kidnappings of Amy and her sister before the story opened. It was brought to our attention out of the blue, never really discussed, except in passing. This time around, we do get to find out where Amy’s sister has been for the past two years, though I still felt something was missing in the story. My main issue with the kidnapping subplot is that the ordeal was treated as if it were perfectly normal for someone to be kidnapped and show up years later. There weren’t enough tears, especially where Amy was concerned. I also wondered, “why did Kat not attempt to reach out to her family?”

Additionally, when they’re searching for their missing friend, Krissa’s ability suddenly develops and she forgets that something serious is going on and starts acting giddy. Granted, it’s rare for her age for abilities to manifest, but her friend is in danger. If it were me, I wouldn’t be too focused on receiving a special ability until my friend was safe.

I do like how Amy grew from not having a clue about what Weeia is, to a young woman who embraces who she is, and will use her sacred ability to save someone, no matter the cost to her.

This is only Elle Boca’s second book and I believe she’s still getting her feet wet, finding her voice. While I am enjoying learning about Amy and her abilities, I prefer the Weeia Marshalls series the most. I recommend for readers who enjoy urban fantasy and a fun, light read.

*For more reviews, visit: https://angelakaysbooks.com/book-revi...*
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Author 28 books46 followers
February 17, 2017
Boca expands both her magical and mundane worlds in parallel, creating another engaging urban fantasy that is both fresh and immediately accessible.

This novel is the second in the series. As such this review might contain spoilers for Unelmoija: The Dreamshifter.

Amy is the daughter of one of the most feared killers among her people, the Weeia, required to keep her powers hidden from humans under pain of death; but she doesn’t see why that should stop her living an ordinary life. However, when her friend doesn’t come back from a night club, Amy discovers both another part of her past and that humans can be equally brutal as her father.

While it is perhaps somewhat ironic to mention plausibility when discussing fantasy, the Amy’s behaviour following her friend’s disappearance might strike some readers as out of character. Her initial decision to return to the nightclub rather than report the matter feels reasonable: she might have gone home with someone or other innocent reason for not returning, so it might be too soon to make a fuss; however, once there is evidence that something suspicious has happened, deciding to investigate herself with the aid of a Weeia friend rather than involve the authorities – while not utterly without reason – might feel more for the sake of the plot than a natural reaction to circumstance. Once this initial choice has passed, Amy’s continued involvement is, however, driven by entirely plausible motives and reactions.

With the majority of events occurring in human rather than Weeia society, the story is as much about Amy and those Weeia who agree to help her finding ways to use their powers without revealing their existence as it is about recovering her missing friend.

However, the novel also expands the magical world that Boca introduced in the previous book. Amy’s powers have developed in unexpected ways, giving her an unexpected advantage but also attracting the attention of both mysterious forces from her past and those who are concerned over the failure of many young Weeia to develop powers at all.

As with the first volume in the series, the narration has a slight tendency to list people’s clothing and appearance in detail, especially toward the start of the book; as such, the opening might give a false impression of what is a fast-paced story.

Similarly, the reader is presented with the occasional somewhat objective narration of certain past events; but – unlike in the previous book – these are fewer and usually come in direct response to present events, reducing the sense of a narrator providing a history lesson.

Freed of the soliloquies Boca used to set the scene in the first volume, Amy presents as a sympathetic – if somewhat naïve – protagonist. Despite the potential trauma of being a kidnap victim with a hated executioner for the father, she is not prone to fits of moping, making those moments when events do push her hard times readers root for her rather than recall that she has brought it upon herself by becoming a vigilante.

The supporting cast are – as with the previous novel – well-crafted and diverse, with powers and skills seeming parts of a coherent whole rather than bolted on for interest or convenience.

I enjoyed this novel. I recommend it to readers looking for a fresh and engaging take on urban fantasy.

I received a free copy from the author with no obligation to review.
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Author 7 books21 followers
October 13, 2015

It's been a few months since I read the first book in this series and once I started reading it everything began coming back to me. This is such a unique and enjoyable series that anyone that loves a good fantasy read will enjoy. The characters are well developed and very likable, with a magical twist to them.

Amy is apart of a secret magical community called the weeia. When she goes on a girls vacation with her friends Krissa and Lily things don't exactly go as planned. When Lily doesn't return to their hotel after a night at the club it's up to Amy and Krissa to figure out what happened to her. They find help in an unexpected person and commence to retrieve Lily and a cargo ship full of other women from being sold as "slavers." Will Amy be able to get Lily without getting caught herself?

I liked how this book went to a dark place that most people don't like to think about, sex slavery. It's not something that is usually in books so it was cool to see it in this but done in a tasteful way. So it wasn't too intense to read about because things didn't go into detail. Kat's story was dark but it wasn't too much for me to read, I didn't feel uncomfortable while reading it which is always a good thing.

I wished there was more Duncan, he was one of my favorite characters in the first book. And Duncan and Amy are too freaking adorable together. I wanted him to be a bigger part of this book but he wasn't even mentioned until over halfway through. I got worried for a second that he wasn't going to be in this at all but thankfully he got his part. Amy is a great protagonist, she's brave, witty, and will do anything for those she cares about. Everything you want in a hero you get in her which is nice to see.

I thought Krissa was a weird character. She gets her ability suddenly out of no where and then while on a wild goose chase to get her friend, she wants food. Really? You're trying to find your friend that you think could be being sold into sex slavery and you stop for a huge bbq dinner. I know with the abilities they have to eat more it just seemed weird that they wouldn't have gone through a drive-thru instead of sitting down to eat. I don't know, I just thought that was an odd scene.
Profile Image for Lani.
15 reviews
January 15, 2015
Unelmoija The Mindshifter by: Elle Boco

MUST READ to learn the continuing saga of Amy McKnight!!! I'm pleased with the author's introduction of more strong characters, new locations and delving more into Duncan's belief toward following the younger generation of Weeias not manifesting peers or minimal at best. Do the Elders have anything to do with this?

We find Amy just starting a much needed vacation after a semester at college, along with her friend and fellow Weeia and another friend that's human. It doesn't take long for the action to start as Lilly, the human friend, is kidnapped. Trying to thwart another woman from getting kidnapped, the girls learn they have messed up a sting operation. But it isn't the police but a group led by Amy's sister Kat, whom Amy hasn't see or heard from in over a year. What is this group? And what's their purpose?

After a horrendous experience the girls are reunited with their mother. She isn't too pleased with Amy's life in danger again and even less of what Kat has been doing. With Duncan, (Amy's love interest?), helping to lighten the mood mom is resigned to the fact her daughters are risk takers!!! Even though Duncan and Amy are considered polar opposites, their bond is very strong. Is romance in the stars for Amy? Is Amy's new power a help in her most dire situations?

I received a free copy of this book so I could write an honest review.
Profile Image for Danielle Urban.
Author 15 books142 followers
December 12, 2015
Elle Boca's novels get better and better with each new print. I was highly intrigued after the first novel and now even more so. Unelmoija: The Mindshifter is the most suspensful of her series yet.

So much at stake and so little time. Amy and her friends go out for fun only to have bad things happens. One of them is taken and may disappear forever unless they find her quickly. With two left of the fun trio, time is running out and they must act fast. But now, Amy may have done the unthinkable. Using her powers in front of those who she shouldn't have. This may cause more trouble and delay in rescuing her friend. Can they rescue their friend before it's too late or will they loose her forever?

I love suspense and a novel packed with action. There's enough action and dialogue that will keep readers turning the pages. Fast-paced, well-developed, and a stunning new read that will draw in readers from everywhere. I enjoyed reading this new story by Elle Boca and look forward to reading her next one. Overall, I highly recommend this to all. Unellmoija: The Mindshifter is definitely a must read.
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167 reviews35 followers
August 16, 2015
I loved the first book and really enjoyed this one too. The mystery in this one was a lot more grim then the first on because it is about human trafficking/slavery. This left me biting my nails for a happy solution for all parties involved well except the bad guys. The story is fast paced and galvanizing. Amy has better control of her powers in this book and has grown from the first one. However there is still room to grow for her which I like. Duncan, Amy's love interest from the first book, is only in this book a little bit. On the one hand I liked that the plot and Amy's life didn't revolve around a guy. On the other hand I am like GIVE ME MORE DUNCAN. It is one of those things an author can not win on. This is another great paranormal urban fantasy mystery. Yeah this book is so well developed it effortlessly encompasses many genres. I recommend to all who love a great read.
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238 reviews23 followers
April 24, 2016
I was given a copy of this book by the Author for an honest review.

Unelmoija: The Mindshifter (Weeia Book 2) is a great continuation of the story. When a girl's weekend turns into a nightmare, and by using their powers is the only way they can save her. One thing they tell you is, " Never let them see you use your powers!" So, when her friend from college is abducted, Amy and Krissa have to use their powers to locate and rescue Lilly. When in their search they find Krissa's sister and finds out that her and her group of "mercenaries" are rescuing girls from the slave trade. I love this series and urge everyone to try it. I give UNELMOIJA: THE MINDSHIFTER (WEEIA BOOK 2) 5/5 stars.
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